Save My Sister  

Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Baudin (G - 8)
Prerequisites:Magicite (Bastok)
Min Level:25
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:3000
(Average from 9 ratings)
Title Obtained:Exorcist in Training
Items Granted:Holy Mace
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This quest is very exciting for those who wish to venture deep into the Eldieme Necropolis inhabited by monsters that are level 40 and over. Before you even consider doing this quest, you MUST be Rank 4 and attempting to start the first Jeuno Mission, Magicite Confusion. Part of Magicite Confusion has you speak with Baudin, a small elvaan boy in Upper Jeuno. He requests you to get some coeurl meat for his sister. After you give him the coeurl meat, he tells you exactly why he requested it. His sister, Audia, has become cursed by some unknown force and craves the bloody raw meat of coeurl. Baudin is very concerned with his sister's well being and wishes he could do something to help. He mentions that Audia's fiance, Albrecht, prays at the Cathedral everyday for her well being. Head over to the Cathedral in Upper Jeuno and speak with the minster Mailloquetat. A cutscene appears and you see Albrecht enter. Albrecht says that none of his prayers have been answered and that his fiancee is still cursed. Albrecht's sister, Alista appears at the Cathedral momentarily and then rushes off quickly. After the cut scene is completed, Mailloquetat says that you should pray just as Albrecht has been doing. Return to Baudin and speak to him again. He asks you if you have any news of his sister's condition. After you say "no, nothing" Albrecht appears and inquiries if there were any changes. She is still cursed and the mystery continues. At this point in time, travel to Ru'Lude Gardens in Jeuno and seek the aid of Neraf-Najiruf. He can be found in the Jeuno guard's room, location G-7. Neraf-Najiruf speaks of a similiar problem of a cursed soul who was cured by a magical torch. He says the torch must be ignited again for the cure to be effective and hands you "Ducal Guard's latern." In order to ignite the latern, you must travel to Eldieme Necropolis and activate it in the correct order. He also asks that you return the latern after you are completed. Exit to Batallia Downs from Upper Jeuno and navigate to the bunker of location I-10. White mages and red mages, be sure you have sneak and invisible spells. Any other player, purchase some sneak oil, and a few invisible oils (or seek the assistance of a white or red mage). A map is duly NEEDED so be sure to purchase one or make sure someone in the group has it. Before preceeding any further down the steps of the dungeon, put markers on the map at the following positions. First Torch: Southwest, Location F-9 Second Torch: Northeast, Location H-7 Third Torch: Northwest, Location F-7 Fourth Torch: Southeast, Location H-9 You must travel to these torches in order, first through fourth, and light them. Sneak will be the only spell you need for the majority of the travel. It is effective in hiding you from ghosts, skeletons, wolves, and any of the undead elvaan. Should you need to switch a lever and there is a bomb blocking your way, this is when invisible comes in handy. If a rock wall is blocking your way to the torch, ie, Odin's Gate, Leviathan's Gate, etc. try to go around another way, and if all else fails, open a switch in the central room. There will be four paths leading to the room, and each switch will open one of the gates blocking your path. You may not need to hit any switches, but prepare to explore and find them, which isn't difficult. You will get the feel for how the switches work with some patience. You must be EXTREMELY patient with this quest. Don't try to rush things. There are plenty of places to re-cast sneak and regain mana if you need to. After touching the first torch in F-9, you will receive a message saying, "The Ducal Guard's latern lights dimly." Find your way to the second torch in H-7 and after lighting it, the message will say, "The light of Ducal Guard's latern has intensified." Head to the third torch at F-7 and you will receive the same message as the second torch. Finally, the fourth and last torch in H-9 you will get the message, "The Ducal Guard's latern is fully lit!" You've done it! Get yourself to the exit and head back to Upper Jeuno. Speak with Baudin and he will accept the fully lit torch and try to revive his sister with it. At that moment, Albrecht and Alista walk in and say the torch will only make her worse. Alista knew how to cure her all along and confesses her hatred of Audia. They have medicine ready and luckily she snaps out of the curse. You receive 3,000 gil and a Holy Mace as your reward. You are granted the title, "Exorsist in Training." After all this, return to Neraf-Najiruf in Ru'Lude Gardens and give his latern back and inform them that it was not the cure to her sickness.


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Can't get Key Item?
# May 15 2009 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
I just ran into the same problem as a poster below me. It was never addressed. I got every scene and bit of dialogue up to the taru gaurd who will tell me about crystals and then tell me vaguely about an old soldier who got stuck in the necropolis. No key item. Nothing else. Spoke with him multiple times. I'm rank 5 in Windy and JUST got enough fame in Jeuno to do gobbag 1. Level 36.

Oh, and I even checked my key items just now to see if he snuck the item in my pocket while I wasn't looking.
Can't get Key Item?
# Feb 26 2010 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
Yep. Same problem...
# Nov 03 2008 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
288 posts
/em was defeated by the wall of text.
Gate settings
# Sep 11 2007 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
I solo'ed this as 48 sam with about 5 silent oils. Best to take more though, so you can take your time.

Entered the necropolis at I-10 as said, then I set the switch at H-8 to the UP position, this leaves an open ring through the corridors that connects all four torches together, the 'horizontal' (east and west facing) gates were all open, and I didn't have any other gates blocking my way.

If you're attempting this without a map, I'd suggest looking up an online map, failing that, directions are as follows:

---To the switch---
1. Enter Necropolis and follow the path.
2. Small room, you can only go straight on (north)
3. First room, go left (south)
4. At I-9 there is a fork, go right (north)
5. You'll enter a large hall. Avoid the white piles of bones. Go left (west)
6. There will be a small room with a grave in it. There's a bomb here, which probably detects by sight, so beware. Go past it and you'll find the switch in front of a broken gate. Ensure it's in the UP position.

---The ring---
7. Go back to the large hall. This is the east side of the ring. Go right (south).
8. At the fork, go right (west).
9. H-9. This is the SOUTH-EAST torch (Number 4). Go straight on to continue (west).
10. F-9. This is the SOUTH-WEST torch (Number 1). Go straight on to continue (west).
11. You will enter another large hall. This is the west side of the ring. Go straight on (north).
12. F-7. This is the NORTH-WEST torch (Number 3). Go straight on to continue (east).
13. H-7. This is the NORTH-EAST torch (Number 2). Go straight on to continue (east).
14. At the fork, turn right (south) to get back to the first hall.
15. At the hall, go straight on (south).
16. You are now at the first fork again. Turn left (east) to exit the ring and go back to the first room (step 3), and then right (east) to exit the necropolis. Or turn right (west) to go round the ring again.

Then is was simply a matter of running round and round to each torch, and renewing Silent now and then. I's perfectly safe to use the Braziers with sneak on while the skeletons are there.

If you're not getting this ring of open horizontal gates, it could be that someone else is throwing switches to get to the middle chamber or something. You'll have to shout and check if someone else is around, and ask them to change the switches for you.

I managed to do it alone though.

Edited, Sep 11th 2007 4:49pm by Nethesem
# Nov 07 2006 at 10:50 PM Rating: Decent
So I panicked initially when I fell down a hole, came back and without reading any further (like an idiot) thought it would be a good idea to touch the first torch again, since I had zoned to batallia.

When I did this, I got a message saying "Unexpectedly, the Ducal Guard Lantern won't light" I attempted rezoning, and doing it again, same message. Went back to see if I could reset it with the guard, or the kid... no dice.

Anyone had this problem and found a way to fix it?
My next best guess is to wait til next JP midnight, if this fixes it I'll let you know.
Need help
# Mar 21 2005 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
I got up to the point where I need to talk to Neraf-Najiruf, but he just says about a rookie who got cursed and won't give me the quest. What gives??
RE: Need help
# Jun 03 2005 at 12:55 AM Rating: Decent
I had to talk to him twice. First time, he talked about the shattered teleport crystals. The second time he gave me the key item.
RE: Need help
# Apr 23 2005 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
Check your key items if you are actually ready to talk to him he will give you the Key item "Ducal Lantern" or something like that. I did this quest from start to finish last night as a 37NIN/18WAR. Utsusemi: Ni, Tonko: Ni, and Pot of Silent oil. Very very easy to do.
# Oct 23 2004 at 9:31 PM Rating: Good
726 posts
No need to go talk to the guard again aftwerwards. This is an easy quest if you've read which braziers to use in which order beforehand, you don't even need to flip any levers.

I exchanged the mace for GP, heh.
# Oct 18 2004 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
To get the correct dialog from the NPC talk to him again... He will change the conversation from Promyvion mission to Save my Sister quest again.

Hope this help
emptiness NOT a conflict
# Oct 06 2004 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
292 posts
actually, i got the shattered telepoint talk from him too, talkd to every other guard in teh room, talked to him again at a different angle, and he gave me the talk about teh lantern and I got the key item. Not sure exactly how, but it is indeed possible to get the lantern with the promvyion missions underway.
Chains conflict?
# Sep 30 2004 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
435 posts
I have recently started this quest and got all the way to the point where you have to talk to Neraf-Najiruf in the guard post, but he will only say something about the Shattered Telepoints. I suppose I will have to complete the Promyvion mission to continue this quest...Looks like it will be a while.
# Apr 06 2004 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
4,221 posts
did this last night. it's very easy and straightforward if you have a map.

couple of things that weren't mentioned:
1. On the west side, there's this big room w/ Doppledangers and Ghosts. This room has holes in it, so stay on the concrete floor. If you fall down, you will end up in a lower (lower lvl mobs: easy-decent to 47) zone. It's one of the areas for Teleport-Mea quest.
2. You do not have to light the lantern at one time. If you have to zone, just rezone and continue where you left off.
3. The quest completed sound is heard when the lantern is fully lit.

I found out about the holes the hard way and ended up exiting Eldieme to Batallia around G-6. I only had 1 more light to use, and when I got back, I lit it and got the quest completed sound.
Having the same problem
# Jan 14 2004 at 8:54 AM Rating: Default
"I got up to the point where I need to talk to Neraf-Najiruf, but he just says about a rookie who got cursed and won't give me the quest. I am 41, Rank 4 and have started the Rank 5 mission. What gives? "

Im stuck here too, whats up with the NPC?

~Akaryu [Siren Server]
RDM Lv. 38
RNG Lv. 23
DRG Lv. 21
[Leader of the Black Dragon Guild] www.ffxiblackdragon.tk
RE: Having the same problem
# Jan 14 2004 at 11:51 AM Rating: Excellent
Make sure you go to the cathedral and get the cut scene with Albrecht then return to Baudin to get the next cut scene.

If you cannot get the next step, then I guess it is an issue with fame. I have quite a few quests done (180) so I can't make an accurate guess at how much fame you need. So if you aren't able to unlock this quest at Neraf-Najiruf, all I can say is do more quests in Jeuno and the surrounding nations.
# Jan 13 2004 at 9:25 PM Rating: Default
I got up to the point where I need to talk to Neraf-Najiruf, but he just says about a rookie who got cursed and won't give me the quest. I am 41, Rank 4 and have started the Rank 5 mission. What gives?
# Jan 09 2004 at 3:36 AM Rating: Default
The rewards/work involved aren't worth the reward

But it's still fun
RE: d
# Mar 09 2004 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
Be careful NOT to cross any "graves", stay on the paths. The "graves" are those gravel-like covered squares in the big areas. These have holes that drop you to another part of Necropolis. The obviously open tombs I stayed away from, though I am sure they do the same.

Happy Hunting
RE: d
# Jan 10 2004 at 4:34 AM Rating: Default
did this quest as a whitemage with sneak, it was cake
3000 gil and i sold the mace to an npc for around 3400 gil for a total reward of ~6400 gil

very worth it
RE: d
# Jan 09 2004 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
360 posts
Not worth it?

With Sneak, this is pretty much a cake walk. If you've got a map (and the cash reward alone exactly covers the cost of a map) you can easily find your way around the dungeon. I've been down in this area a few times (including once to do the quest) and from what I've seen, its always possible to make the circuit around this section of Eldieme on a path that includes the torchs no matter which doors are closed. The monsters are spaced out enough that you should generally have plenty of time to find a spot to reapply Sneak when it starts to wear off.

The only real downside is getting a weapon that isn't useable until the same time that the AF weapons become available. The WHM AF Hammer is better in just about every way, including as a weapon (and from what I've heard isn't that hard to get). But WAR and PAL who are interested in raising Club might be interested in getting the Mace.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 08 2004 at 9:18 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) YOU RULE!!1one
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