Researchers from the West  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Anastase (G - 9)
Related Areas:Mhaura
Related Mobs:Jillia (G - 10)
Quwi Orihbhe (G - 8)
Wistful Bison (G - 7)
Zurko-Bazurko (I - 8)
Min Level:1
Max Level:99
(From 1 rating)
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Trail Cookie
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Quest Summary

A research expedition from the Sacred City of Adoulin is seeking collaborators. They require information about geomagnetic founts in various areas to assist in the testing of their mystical devices.

Quest Walkthrough

Speak to Anastase at (G-9) in Ru'lude Gardens, who will give you the option to partake in his research. Upon accepting his request, he will give you the key item Prototype Attuner and give you four clues to areas around Vana'diel to find Proto-Waypoints.

Talk to the NPC assigned to the Proto-Waypoint to attune yourself to it, giving you access to warp to and from it to any other Proto-Waypoint unlocked, as well as to any Geomagnetic Fount unlocked.

  • Selbina
    • Port: Pure white beaches... Clay... Disembowelment...
    • Jillia at (G-10)

  • Mhaura
    • Dwelling: A long-necked beast... A chef in search of meat from the beast... "The Old Lady"...
    • Zurko-Bazurko at (I-8)

  • Rabao
    • Spring: A windmill... A large lake... An island where sand stretches to the sky...
    • Quwi Orihbhe at (G-8)

After talking to all four NPCs and attuning yourself to the Proto-Waypoint associated with them, return to Anastase, who will give you 400 Conquest Points and 3 Trail Cookies as a reward.

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