Further Founts  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Anastase (G - 9)
Prerequisites:Middle Lands Investigation
Related Areas:Beadeaux
Castle Oztroja
Castle Zvahl Keep
Oldton Movalpolos
Quicksand Caves
Riverne - Site #B01
Sea Serpent Grotto
Temple of Uggalepih
The Boyahda Tree
Min Level:1
Max Level:99
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Trail Cookie
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Quest Summary

More geomagnetic founts have been discovered throughout the Middle Lands. Record any relevant data and report back to Anastase.

Quest Walkthrough

After zoning following the completion of Middle Lands Investigation, speak to Anastase at (G-9) in Ru'lude Gardens again, and select the option "Must have more warp destinations!"

Anastase will give you an additional ten clues to the locations of Geomagnetic Founts.

  • Davoi
    • Abandoned Village: A church standing in an abandoned village.
    • (I-8) before reaching the broken bridge leading west.
    • Reward - 600 Experience Points

  • Beadeaux
    • Malediction: Beyond a hall wrapped in curses.
    • (G-7) on the second map - Found behind the first Mute in the basement.
    • Reward - 600 Experience Points

  • Castle Oztroja
    • Faeries: An abode of faeries worshipping a living god
    • (G-8) behind the statue near the entrance.
    • Reward - 600 Experience Points

  • Quicksand Caves
    • City Ruins: A city swallowed by the land
    • (F-7) behind two pressure plate-triggered doors - Requires entering from the (D-12) entrance in Western Altepa Desert
    • Reward - 750 Experience Points

  • Sea Serpent Grotto
    • Grotto: An eroded cave where space twists and turns
    • (J-5) on the third map - Requires passing through the Mythril Door at (H-11) on the first map.
    • Reward - 750 Experience Points

  • Temple of Uggalepih
    • Shrine: A temple where those who have lost darkness reside
    • (H-8) on the third map - Found within the hidden room in the area.
    • Reward - 750 Experience Points

  • The Boyahda Tree
    • Forest: Moss that glistens deep with a gigantic tree
    • (D-4) on the first map - Found on a ledge north of the northern tree.
    • Reward - 900 Experience Points

  • Oldton Movalpolos
    • Urban Locale: A city constructed by nomadic beastmen
    • (K-11) - Requires traveling to (E-13) in Oldton Movalpolos and talking to Twinkbrix to be warped to Mine Shaft #2716, then exiting into Newton Movalpolos to (E-9) to exit back into Oldton Movalpolos. The fount is found near the opening of the tunnel.
    • Reward - 750 Experience Points

  • Riverne - Site #B01
    • Belfry: Another beautiful ring of a bell
    • (C-10) - Requires two Giant Scales to pass through two unavoidable Unstable Displacements.
    • Reward - 900 Experience Points

  • Castle Zvahl Keep
    • Darkness: The farthest reaches of the blackest depths
    • (H-8) found in the middle of the first room.
    • Reward - 900 Experience Points

After attuning yourself to all ten Geomagnetic Founts, return to Anastase, who will give you 3,000 Conquest Points and 12 Trail Cookies as a reward.

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