As Thick as Thieves - THF AF2  

Submitted by:ZephirDiabolos
Start Area: Windurst Woods
Start NPC:Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3)
Related Areas:Dangruf Wadi
Lower Jeuno
North Gustaberg
Sauromugue Champaign
Related Mobs:Climbpix Highrise
Eggvix (F - 11)
Gambilox Wanderling
Grasslix (F - 4)
Saltnix (F - 7)
Mission:2 - 0
Min Level:50
Max Level:75
(Average from 19 ratings)
Items Required:Gausebit Wildgrass
Lizard Egg
Regal Die
Rock Salt
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Rogue's Bonnet
This Quest is Repeatable
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Follow the "gang whereabouts note" to find the two remaining members of Atarefaunet's band of thieves. Hand each one of them a "counterfeit envelope" and have them sign the forged documents inside.


Start this quest by talking to Nanaa Mihgo at J-3 in Windurst Woods. After a cutscene, you will receive three key items: Gang Whereabouts Note, First Forged Envelope and Second Forged Envelope.

Then, talk to Nanaa Mihgo's henchmithra, Cha Lebagta and Bopa Greso, who are just south at J-4. They will tell you to go find some thieves.

Part I: Sauromugue Champaign

Find the first thief atop a tower in Sauromugue Champaign.

To reach the thief, you must first find and kill a notorious monster at the base of one of six towers. To find the NM, search for a ??? at the base of a tower at G-6, G/H-8, I/J-7, J/K-8, K-9 or I-10 (the final point can only be reached by traveling through Banishing Gate no.3 inside Garlaige Citadel). Examine the ??? and the NM, Climbpix Highrise, will appear. Kill the NM to obtain a Grapnel.

Next, go to the tower at I/J7 and remove all of your gear. Then, trade your Grapnel to the ??? for a cutscene to get your first letter signed.

Part II: Gambling with Goblins

Head to Lower Jeuno and talk to Sniggnix in the back hallway of Muckvix's Junk Shop. The goblin will challenge you to a game of dice. Continue playing until you beat him. Sniggnix then asks you to travel to Dangruf Wadi to gamble against the Dangruf Trio for the Regal Die.

Head to Dangruf Wadi, and bring a Rock Salt, Gausebit Grass and Lizard Eggs. You will need to trade these items to each member of the Dangruf Trio to gamble with them.

The Dangruf Trio is scattered at three locations in the zone. You must beat them in a dice game with 50/50 odds, all in row. If you lose, you must try again to beat all three of them, and you will need to get new items to trade to them.

They are at:


  • Item: Rock Salt (drops from Wadi Crab)
  • Directions: Trade the Rock Salt to the ??? at the eastern part of F-7


  • Item: Gaussbit Grass (drops from Wadi Hare)
  • Directions: Trade the Gaussbit Grass to the ??? at F-4, near the entrance to the tunnel.


  • Item: Lizard Egg (drops from Steam Lizard)
  • Directions: You will first need to go through a false wall at F-11/G-11. There is a hole right before a cermet door in this hallway. Drop down the hole and head south. In the corner right before you will be a ???. Trade your Lizard Egg to it and hope you win.

After you defeat the Dangruf Trio in their dice games, it's time to get serious with their sister, Gambilox Wanderling. Head to J-3 of Dangruf Wadi and exit into Drachenfall Ravine in North Gustaberg. Stay on the south side of the river and head towards the waterfall. Near the base of the waterfall is another ???. Examine the ??? and Gambilox Wanderling spawns. Kill the goblin and examine the ??? again for a cutscene and your Regal Die.

Return to Lower Jeuno and trade your Regal Die to Sniggnix to get your second letter signed.


Now head back to Windurst Woods and speak to Nanaa Mihgo for a cutscene and your Rogue's Bonnet.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the thief Artifact Gear quest series:

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RE: Confirm?
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woops..didn't mean to hit enter...i find it odd that the 2nd thief item is a head piece when all of the other AF2 items are feet....can anyone confirm that this isn't thief AF3 or 4?

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No clue why the hell they attached a max level to this, I sure as hell didn't send it in with a max level, only the 50 min you need. o_O
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