The Talekeeper's Gift - WAR AF3  

Start Area: Bastok Mines
Start NPC:Deidogg (H - 6)
Prerequisites:The Doorman - WAR AF1
The Talekeeper's Truth - WAR AF2
Related Areas:Behemoth's Dominion
Related Mobs:Detzo (I - 6)
Doglix Muttsnout
Moxnix Nightgoggle
Picklix Longindex
Mission:6 - 0
Min Level:50
Max Level:75
(Average from 5 ratings)
Items Required:Ginger Cookie
Title Obtained:Paragon of Warrior Excellence
Items Granted:Fighter's Lorica
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Tue Aug 30 18:43:04 2005

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Raogrimm's gift to the San d'Orians was stolen by a band of Goblin thieves from the Behemoth's Dominion. The Musketeers are in search of the item, but Deidogg wants you to take it for yourself.


Note: You must have completed The Doorman - WAR AF1 and The Talekeeper's Truth - WAR AF2 to activate this quest.

In Bastok Mines, talk to Deidogg at H-6. Then, go to I-6 in the mines and talk to Detzo. Then, craft a Ginger Cookie and give it to Deidogg.

After that, head to Behemoth's Dominion. Investigate a ??? around K-9 to spawn three notorious monster goblins, Doglix Muttsnout, Moxnix Nightgoggle and Picklix Longindex.

After you kill the three goblins, check the ???, then zone back to Qufim Isle for a cutscene and your Fighter's Lorica.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the artifact gear quest series for Warrior. The quest series includes:

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# May 13 2011 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
I am having a terrible time with this. I can not get the mobs to spawn. I've tried everything, asked everyone and no one can figure it out. I have followed the steps to the walkthrough to a T (except I didn't craft the ginger cookie) but I can not get them to spawn. I just check the ??? and it says it's blurry and I can't read it. I have waited game days and real days now so that's not it and I have spoken to the NPCs again too. Please, if you know what I'm doing wrong or have a suggestion, please let me know.

Waiting Time
# Mar 13 2009 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
Looks like you gotta wait until next game day to flag this, after completng AF2.
# Sep 04 2008 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
I Soloed this today as WAR75/DNC37, took a while,

Got 300TP from bats in the area before popping the 3 Gobs, i only got below 100TP and 50% health when i was attacking the 3rd gob, the Ranger.

Still a fairly easy fight.
war af body
# Jul 10 2008 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
orr form shiva rdm/blu soloed this pawned all 3 nms too weak coccon + phal when stoneskin is down alot of times i got hit for 0 dmg gob landed ws for 9 points of dmg lmfao. if u a war on shiva sever send me a tell i would be more than happy to help u with this fight solo too easy

Edited, Jul 10th 2008 7:39am by orrsphantom
Solo as MNK/NIN
# Mar 20 2008 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Just soloed this fight as 75 MNK/NIN with some assistance from my lvl 55 soothing healer npc. I was using gear with a total of +45 evasion for this fight. Summoned npc with tactics pearl, used dodge and focus, then popped the NMs. Used Hundred Fists on the WHM, which was almost dead by the time it wore off (even after Bene). After taking the WHM out, the fight was quite a bit easier, though my npc was completely out of mp. I was out of the range of the RNG so he was just shooting at me while i was working on the THF. The only time i took damage during this part was when the THF would use Bomb toss or Goblin Rush. The gobs hit for very small damage, but things got a little more dangerous when the RNG landed an acid bolt on me for -def ; ;. When i started on the THF i had around 1k hp, when he died i had around 400 left. Not wanting to chance getting hit by EES, i kited the RNG around quite easily till the 2 minutes left on my Tactics pearl were up. I disbanded with my npc and resummoned her, who immediately cured me to full hp ^^. Then it was just a matter of taking out the single RNG. All in all it wasn't a bad fight but i definitely couldn't have done it without Hundred Fists or my npc. Fight took about 12 minutes.
Very Soloable for High Levels
# Aug 09 2007 at 8:39 AM Rating: Decent
101 posts
This worked for me, but it would be nice if someone could confirm.

Spawn the NM's and run them to zone. Zone back in and single an NM out and kill it. The other gobs will return to the spawn point and despawn, but that is ok.

Repeat the spawning, zoning, killing until you have killed a total of 3 NMs. It can be the same NM, in my case whm x2 and thf x1. After your third kill, the ??? shouldn't spawn NMs anymore, and you can zone to collect your AF.

To explain how this worked for me, i was trying to single out an nm, kill it, then run back to the spawn points before the gobs despawned to take out the remaining whm or thf while the rng would shoot at me from afar. However i failed to catch them before they despawned 3 times in a row. The fourth try didn't spawn any NMs, so i zoned and was suprised to get my AF. I also dc'd once between each downtime for spawning the nm. Could someone confirm this please?

Edited, Aug 9th 2007 12:46pm by Eljahaisabum
Ginger cookie 1
# May 30 2007 at 4:27 PM Rating: Decent
ginger cookie..... 2 dolla



i'll find you..............................
The Easy Way
# May 21 2007 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
166 posts
My good friend stopped leveling warrior a while back, but wanted to get the body to complete the set and NPC store it for possible future use. (Not to mention freeing up 4 spots in his mog house :p)

Our setup was this:

75 Galka Pld/War Tyreewere (me)
75 Mithra Whm/Blm Meowphttphtt
75 Hume Rdm/Blm
75 Taru Bst/Nin Fireman (Person who needed the quest)

We all buffed up, did our food thing, etc. I had no special gear, just my normal tank things. Fireman spawned the 3 gobbies and we each picked a target. He {SIC}ed his Carrie pet on the Whm type while we started on the thf. (I flashed the rng just to keep him on me) This fight was a joke. Our red mage kept them enfeebled, while Meow kept us buffed and healed. The thf went down fast, despite using Perfect Dodge at 50%. We switched to the Rng and took him out quickly as well. He hit me with his 2 hr Eagle Eye Shot for a whole 175 dmg. :p

I was taking so little damage at this point that Meow hadn't thrown a cure my way through 2 NM's. O.o (Can you say Regen III ftw?) We all switched focus to the Whm type, which by now was over 1/2 down thanks to Carrie. Needless to say, down went the last NM. I realize we were all lvl 75, but I kinda expected this fight to be a bit tougher. After all, the doll fight for the red mage AF body is a REAL ***** even for a full party of 75.

Anyway, Fireman is now the proud owner of his full set of Warrior AF {Congratulations} my friend :)

**On a side note, the Warrior AF Body has +8 enmity?? WTH?? The entire set has more enmity than Paladin AF. What a bogus deal. lol**

The Easy Way
# Jan 15 2008 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
the reason why war af has more enmity than pld af is because warrior was the games ORIGIONAL tank. that is why there is so much enmity with the af. now im not saying warrior is the best tank by any means, because it isnt.. pld ftw.... warrior happens to be my main job so i took the liberty to look at the history of the role of warrior in the past of the game and low and behold warrior tanked endgame in the beginning... <modern day whm>"OH NOEZ!". yea.
The Easy Way
# Sep 15 2007 at 8:42 AM Rating: Good
390 posts
Tyreewere wrote:

**On a side note, the Warrior AF Body has +8 enmity?? WTH?? The entire set has more enmity than Paladin AF. What a bogus deal. lol**

That's because War is one of the jobs originally made to tank. It's primary purpose was not as a DD. It formed into this when people started to place NIN as a tank instead of a DD. One of the reasons why most of the WAR AF is unusable in parties, they already pull enough hate as it is. Also, they have less job abilities/magic to pull hate, (i.e. Cure or Flash, Sentinel or Rampart) so they need the additional Enmity.

If you want to get technical you could even make PLD a decent DD with the right gear and sub, but then if PLD became classified like this then their AF won't be as great. If WAR was used for its original purpose then their AF would be very nice.
# Dec 27 2006 at 4:30 PM Rating: Decent
2,472 posts
Just did this with


75blm me The NIN went to work on the WHM first. Fight took a bit Both BLMs nuked but not for much, and Yes those things are not sleepable. so dont waste the MP to try. The NIN got down in the yellow once but that was it. The fight can be done with 3 people, just get you a good tank and go to town.
# Jan 04 2007 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
627 posts
nicely done, i saw you there :P

having trouble with this quest myself, the guy won't give me the quest <.< he just says thankyou >.>
# Oct 30 2006 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
1,181 posts
It should be noted if one of the mobs despawns it will NOT count as a win.

Soloed it on SMN, managed to get the THF to despawn and kill the other 2 but... ._.; no luck.
Not a problem
# Jan 16 2006 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
Well me( 75MNK) and a 75 ninja and a 75 whm beat this no problem. Not to say it is easy but we used this method.

First I subbed /nin and we all bought some icarus wings. I had some potions just in case, never used them tho.

Built TP to 300 poped the mobs. We targted the RNG and unloaded TP, his 2hr was absorbed by shadows. Then we all poped an icarus wing and finished him off.

Next we moved on to the thf and picked away at him until he 2hred. 2hr finally went off I used hundred fists, and made quick work of him, and continued the 2hr on the whm. He used benny at about 45% by that time we had tp and unloaded brought him back down to about 45%.

I had the hate blink tanked it, only thing to take shadows was gob rush and he really couldn't even hit me. Got TP and finished him off.

Most of our WS were taking 700+ even the whm. So it can be done with low numbers at high lvs. Just take out the rng his 2hr is the biggest threat.

Edited, Mon Jan 16 03:26:58 2006
# Oct 22 2005 at 10:14 PM Rating: Default
RAWR!!! just solo'd this as 75 NIN/WHM.

i didnt know if id even stand a chance so i didnt really come prepared on 1st try. but i got WHM past 2hr, and almost dead with just 2 yag drinks before i had to Mijin Gakure to avert a death.

anyways, went back (at nighttime for +20evasion with stone/AFpants) and brought 5 yag drinks, and 5 pear au laits, as well as all my ninja tools.

used pro2/shell2, SS, AQV, and barfira before fight, and got 300 tp. o, and i ate a jack-o-lantern instead of sushi.

when u pop them, make sure to pull whm and thf to the side so u arent close to the rng. the rng wont engage u, he will just shoot from a distance. it took me 15 minutes to kill the WHM. just focus on keeping barfira and SS up, and your shadows of course. always have your HP/MP regen drinks on too. (they do stack, i didnt know this until i tried it.) i never went below 700HP the whole time. its a pain in the butt at first bc u have a thf doin alot of triple attacks, and the whm does diaga alot. but once u finally kill the whm, its easy really.

im sure plenty of other ninjas have solo'd this as well, but i gotta admit it was a good challenge. i reccommend trying it, but come prepared.

o, and when i killed the last one (rng) i had 1155/1155HP and 17/167MP. the whole fight took 25 minutes.
RE: Solo
# Jun 13 2006 at 6:43 AM Rating: Decent
Just soloed this as RDM/NIN, It can be done!! no super uber equips needed. fanciest i had were genbus shield and o hat. take out the whm first, and you end up killing him 1.5 times since he will bene on you. its a little hectic with the 3 mobs pounding on you all at once, i used Ni for a little breathing room to recast stoneskin. phalanx is a must of course, and shock spikes seem to help a bit with the short stun they sometimes give to your assailants. once you get the rhythym down its just stretching your mp out till the next convert. this took me about 45 min, so i guess it takes some patience too. i lost on my first attempt because i didn't enfeeble that much and ended up going through my mp too fast. keep em all blinded, para helps but wears fast, and don't bother slowing the ranger, since he just sits and shoots and haste/slow doesn't seem to affect rng attack. no real need to solo this i guess, be easy with a partner, but it is a nice challenge if you don't mind a 45 min fight.
WAR AF body
# Oct 12 2005 at 2:58 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
I did this easily with a 4 person pty just the other day.

PTY setup.

First clear pop area, then person needing quest touch the ???. MNK pulls the whm gob "Muttsnot". The MNK/NIN and WHM fight the one gob. The 2 WAR/NIN each voke one of the other gobs and run them to the zone.

From there WAR/NIN's keep zoning in and out keeping the other 2 gobs at the zone till your MNK calls for another. Simply bring one while keeping the other at the zone. etc etc.... No one died doing it this way, and you could prob substitute the WAR/NIN for 2 NIN mains to make the zone less painfull. Try it, it works.
# Sep 10 2005 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
191 posts
Just did this with 63WAR/NIN, 75WAR/NIN and me as 75RDM/WHM. Me and the ninja hadn't read up on it, but the warrior's friend had told him that the NMs are sleepable. Well, we get there and pop them only to find out that no way can you sleep them. So instead I grabbed hate, gravited the THF and kited that and the RNG until the WHM was dead. Then brought them back and NIN grabbed RNG off me and we killed THF last.

I'd definitely recommend killing them off one at a time while kiting others unless you're there with a near-full alliance to kill them off fast. The RNG is super easy to kite since it always stops for ranged attacks, and THF just needs gravity/bind. Also, since we just had the WAR and NIN meleeing them the mobs didn't get much TP and I honestly didn't see more than a couple of bombs go off. Both guys were still at full health after the first gob and by the end of the three fights the 63WAR had barely dipped into yellow. Overall just a really fun and easy fight for us. =)
Other jobs
# Aug 13 2005 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
468 posts
I just did this with my DRG. Had no problem popping them and getting the cutscene as DRG. So no, you don't NEED to be WAR for the NM's fight.
About To
# Jul 10 2005 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
94 posts
About to Try this out and I hope We win XD Any Tips?
This stuff is fun
# Jun 23 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
161 posts
As a 60 WHM I don't do this to achieve any AFs, but I do participate in AF3 runs with my linkshell. I've done a few of these fights... and this is what I personally have observed.

These guys aren't very hard at all, but WHMs should be prepared to deal with bomb tosses, because they WILL happen.

We usually have a full alliance taking on these, one pt on each goblin. Pretty easy with an alliance as long as you keep Birfira up and the gobs seperated so that you don't take more than 1 bomb toss at any given time.

As everyone should know the WHM one should be killed first so it can't use Benediction. I've seen it and I don't think anyone wants to see a mob recover 3,000+ HP in one move, lol.
Quest error...
# Jun 21 2005 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
Ok, I just defeated the 3 NMs 5 minutes ago... and nothing happened. I checked the ??? again, nothing. What's going on here?

Edit: I figured out that I get the cutscene when I zone to Qufim. I was freaking out there for a minute lol, didn't want to go through that fight again.

Edited, Wed Jun 22 00:54:34 2005
Can't Start Quest
# May 19 2005 at 3:08 PM Rating: Default
93 posts

Edited, Thu May 19 21:20:25 2005
Did this tonight
# May 07 2005 at 1:41 AM Rating: Decent
Just beat this for my war with 71PLD/War(me), 75 MNK/NIN, 74 BRD/WHM, even with the soul voice gobs would not sleep so it took some doing. I grabbed all aggro and me and the monk killed the whm, then he went to rng and I kept thf busy. EES killed monk while blink was down and it got hairy after that but we finally beat it. Another person or two and it would have been a ton easier, reccomened at least 4 high 70+ to make this easy.
can't get quest
# Apr 24 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
153 posts
Is there anything else I have to do? I got my Fighter's Calligae, but when I talk to Detzo he just asks if I've seen Gumbah. Then I tried trading the cookie to Deidogg, but nothing happens.

EDIT: Had to wait until the next game day to receive this quest.

Edited, Mon Apr 25 01:17:29 2005
As Drk
# Apr 17 2005 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry this stupid Alla messing up ending up doing double post,,,

Anyone know about my ?

Edited, Sun Apr 17 18:19:11 2005
As Drk
# Apr 17 2005 at 5:13 PM Rating: Decent
Can I flag this with my War and then Whoop on them with my 74 Drk and other 70+ Friends or do I have to be WAR?
# Feb 28 2005 at 3:29 AM Rating: Decent
dose it HAVE to be a crafted ginger cookie or can you just buy one
We did this with FOUR
# Feb 14 2005 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
Did this today with only 4 ppl (on Leviathan):

68 NIN/THF - Pinkninja
75 THF/NIN - Deseree
60 RDM/WHM - Kady
58 WAR/THF - Taltos (Me)

Took a little while, but with minimal help from me (a few sneaked Sturmwinds and Keen Edges) and a few heals from Kady, Pink and Des beat them. I had to see it to believe it. Major credit to those two!

Now I have my halter top. Too bad the Hauby is so much better!
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