Nest Coffer - WHM AF  

Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Guslam (H - 8)
Prerequisites:Messenger from Beyond - WHM AF1
Related Areas:Crawlers' Nest
Related Mobs:Helm Beetle
Knight Crawler
Rumble Crawler
Mission:4 - 0
Min Level:50
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Nest Coffer Key
Items Granted:Healer's Pantaloons
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Sun Jul 3 11:42:47 2005

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Trade a Nest coffer key to a treasure coffer in Crawler's Nest to receive your Healer's Pantaloons.


Before starting this quest, you must first activate the quest Borghertz's Healing Hands. You must also have completed Messenger from Beyond - WHM AF1.

First, you must acquire a Nest Coffer Key, which drops from Knight Crawlers, Crawler Hunters and Helm Beetles.

Once you have the key, you must find a treasure coffer. The coffer can spawn in two places in the room north of the wespes (F-6), in three places in the room with rumble crawlers just south of the wespes (G-7 and G-8) and in two places in the tunnel where helm beetles roam (F-9 and G-9).

Trade your key to the coffer and you will receive your Healer's Pantaloons. You will only receive your item if you open the coffer as a white mage.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the white mage artifact gear quest series. The complete series includes:

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I'm not sure about Rumble Crawlers.
# Feb 11 2009 at 8:42 PM Rating: Decent
Seriously i killed like tons of Knight Crawlers no key, killed a Crawlers Hunter 5 times got my drop.
I'm not sure about Rumble Crawlers.
# Feb 11 2009 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
I've been killing Wesps and Rumble Crawlers like crazy with my Rdm70/Nin35 and all i got so far was a Crawlers Nest Chest key. I'll post again if anything drops :D
rumble crawlers
# Jan 27 2008 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
rumble crawlers drop treasure key. Not coffer!
CN fiasco
# Feb 04 2007 at 9:47 AM Rating: Decent
This is coppied directly from my Linkshell's forum, i don't feel like retyping... enjoy.

Okay so here's the story.

The other day I was hanging around in Yuhtunga Jungle and I saw Taviviru and we exchanged greetings and started talking and were planning on partying together later in the week. Well He asked if i needed help on any AF gear. I told him I needed Whm pants, cuz I just dinged 56. So we set out the next day to get me this key and get Oprah some new pants! (seers is just so old) So Vivi and I head to CN and he starts killing the Helm beetles w/ 75 blm, so it's slow, but i'm very very grateful! ( Thanks again)

And after 2 hours or so of that, I asked the Ls if anyone was bored. Just so happened a few people were bored. So Kelsebalt, Darksquall, Snaga, and Feedabeep showed up to aid me in my time of need. Right around this time Vivi invited a friend and we had to form an alliance. Right as I formed, the coffer key dropped and we lost it because alliances are stupid like that. But that's not even the best part.

so another hour or so and we get the drop again. I go to lot on it
"you can only have one of these at a time"
Oprah: WTF?


Oh... hehe.... whoops

Turns out I had it in storage the whole time. Good times in Nightstalkers ^.^

Thanks again everyone !!!!
Locations of mobs for Coffer Keys
# Dec 03 2006 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
This site should make you understand mob drops a little more detailed. Enjoy!

Coffer Mobs
# Oct 11 2006 at 8:22 AM Rating: Decent
166 posts
Here are the CONFIRMED monsters that drop the Coffer Key:

Helm Beetle
Crawler Hunter (scorpion type)
Knight Crawler
Water Elemental

Wespe only drop
    Treasure Chest
keys. As for Rumble Crawlers, I'm honestly not sure. Some people say yes, some say no. I'm just listing the ones I've actually seen drop the coffer key. Hope this helps. =)
# Sep 18 2006 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
175 posts
Crawler Hunters have the best drop rate I've found. If you're having trouble getting the drop, try going after these mobs.
Key Drop
# Jul 28 2005 at 11:53 PM Rating: Decent
488 posts
Spent 3 hours killing Helm Beetles and Rumble Crawlers. No Coffer Key droped but a Coffer Chest spawned near us at F-9.
# Apr 24 2005 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
77 posts

So some ls folks and i went down to hunt down a coffer key, and after killing around 15 wespes we get a Nest CHEST key to pop...

i've never seen one mob who drops both coffer and chest keys before, so i am wondering if SE has made some changes? Has anyone actually gotten a Coffer Key drop off of a Wespe?
# Mar 14 2005 at 3:17 PM Rating: Decent
i wonder when they're gonna put maps up for these coffer spawns like they do with the NM's....
RE: Hmmm
# Mar 29 2005 at 3:20 AM Rating: Good
137 posts
This should help in that aspect.


I'm helping! I'm helping!
RE: Hmmm
# Oct 10 2005 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
147 posts
that site is the most useful coffer/treasure location site i've seen yet. thanks a ton
# Feb 28 2005 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
145 posts
Got my Key from a Hornfly in an EXP Party...
RE: Hornfly
# Mar 02 2005 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
I may be mistaken, but I believe the Hornfly drops the treasure chest key, and not the Coffer key. These are two different types of keys. I would double check this before I tried to hunt down a coffer in CN. The only key I ever received from a Hornfly was the Treasure Chest Key.
omg what luck <_<
# Feb 13 2005 at 10:32 PM Rating: Decent
We have a saying in Germany, "Luck is with the fools"
I think this applies to me. I was in a xp pt down in CN the other day. We killed Helm Beatles. I soo thought i didnt needed the CN key, dunno why. I just had in my mind GC key and Beadauxe key you have to get. (I got the GC coffer key also at the same day in xp pt from a skeleton)
So suddenly I see, Kruemel receives a Coffer Key, in the chat window. (didnt even notice Beatle droped it)
I thought:" Oh well keep that key, you never know what other job you might level later on."
Suddenly this Treasure Coffer pops in front of us....i was in a full JP PT. So they told me go open it. I thought...errrrr when i dont have an AF quest activated it would be empty right? Anyway they kept on pointing on the Coffer, so i finally go and open it. >.<"
I almost fainted dead away as my level 56 AF poped. (laughes)
As i said "Luck is with the fools".
What do I learn from this? BETTER research missions and quests in the future. <_<
Good luck for everyone who still needs to do it!
crawlers nest chest
# Feb 08 2005 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
omg does any1 know where the spawn location for the treasure chest is ive been running around crawlers nest for 2 hours now and no chest
weee! fun
# Nov 20 2004 at 11:55 AM Rating: Decent
I had a fun time with this one. I recently hit 70BLM and have been taking joy from trying to solo things, as BLMs usually can't solo your grandma and her Walker+1. My WHM54 friend needed his Crawler's Nest Coffer Key and Coffer for his WHM AF leggings, so I jumped up to the challenge, assuming these mobs would be (Too Weak) -> (Easy Prey). Thankfully enough, Helm Beetles were EP+ and the Scorpions who also dropped the Coffer Keys in the area were also EP+. Using Stoneskin+Blink+Aquaveil+Protect+Shell, I took on 2 Beetles in a row, also using Bind and Aspir, with no drop but still draining MP with these 2 mobs. After resting and regaining my 900~ MP, we decided to try a Scorpion, which took quite a bit of punishing by Bind and nuke. It died rather quickly after I threw my strongest spells at it, and left us a Nest Coffer Key and me at ~150MP lol. It took us another 20 minutes or so to check out all the Coffer spawns in the Nest, and we found it after checking 5 spots or so. He got his WHM AF leggings, and I gained a little bit of confidence as a soloable job class =p Well, at least when I'm way above the required level >< BLMs rock but we're nothing against powerful mobs and no tank ; ; sadly enough, such is the balance of this game >< either way, BLMs kick butt, especially the Taru variety =p
# Oct 02 2004 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
Strange, I didn't have any quest except the feet quest activated, and I got it...I was level 51 too, I hear that you need a certain level to open it...
RE: Strange
# Oct 04 2004 at 10:14 AM Rating: Decent
457 posts
as long as you have activated the AF hands quest, you can get your coffer AFs. you dont have to complete the Hands AF, just activate it.
lolgaxe wrote:
Thinking outside the box is fine, but the owner's manual is on the inside.
RE: Strange
# May 18 2005 at 1:23 AM Rating: Good
787 posts
You don't need the hands quest activated to get coffer AF. You only need the AF2 quest activated.

I just opened a nest coffer with my WHM49 (deleveled while searching for it) and got the pants, after getting the AF2 boots but without ever activating the gloves quest.

Previously as BRD I did coffer AF without completing the AF2 quest.

So it seems that neither completing AF2 nor starting the gloves quest is necessary, only starting AF2.
# Sep 11 2004 at 4:07 AM Rating: Decent
Ok, I'm confused. Got my key, triggered the gloves quest, but every time I talk to guslam, he talks about the gloves. I'm not ready to attempt beadeaux, can I get the pants without triggering quest? and.. trade key? not use it?
RE: help?
# Sep 13 2004 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
457 posts
If you have activated the Gloves quest, then you should be able to get the pants from this coffer. Make sure that you are going as the job that needs the AF, otherwise, you will not get the AF.

"use" the key or trade it. as long as you are by the coffer, it doesnt really matter.

do be careful, though, because you must drop invis to open the coffer. annd some mobs in the area will aggro to sight, causing your sneak to fail as well. :(

Sorry for typos. im typing from a school computer annd the keyboard is much more sensitive tthan the one I use at home with the game.

Good luck with your quest ^^
lolgaxe wrote:
Thinking outside the box is fine, but the owner's manual is on the inside.
# Aug 20 2004 at 12:07 AM Rating: Decent
I had the easiest time getting this AF. at lvl 50, i was in an exp pt fighting helm beetles. a coffer spawns right next to the pt, and shortly after we get a key. i only wish the brialt was this simple...
Warrior AF Mask
# Aug 19 2004 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
this is also used to get the Warrior AF Headgear:

Fighter Mask
Lv 56
Def 24
HP +15
DEX +3
INT +1
Enmity +1
# Jul 26 2004 at 11:51 PM Rating: Decent
Just got this piece of wonderful AF gear at LVL 51. Solo'd finding the chest, happened to get the key while lvling with a party. Only died twice trying to find the coffer cause of stupid aggros that I forgot. The second death was after I opened the chest right in front of a Rumble Crawler. Damn thing kept cancelling my Warp. Oh well it was a wonderful EXP losing night, but well worth the 2700 EXP loss. Now to get the Healer's Cap next with my LS when we start our Coffer Hunt. ;-) After that on to Beadeaux for the coffer key to start up the gloves quest. Eventually I'll get the Healer's Briault, just gotta worry about that when I can get the quest. :-) Peace out and good luck to all my fellow WHM's.
# Jun 14 2004 at 12:50 PM Rating: Decent
Do Rumble Crawlers also drop chest keys? This isnt chest right..?
key drops
# May 27 2004 at 5:45 PM Rating: Decent
481 posts
Crawler Hunters (Scorpion) also drop them, more so, they bleed coffer keys. Our party all had one in about as many Scorpions we fought.
# Mar 01 2004 at 3:06 AM Rating: Default
Coffer locations?
# Mar 01 2004 at 1:27 AM Rating: Default
Anyone knows the possible spawn locations of the treasure coffer? Preferably a link like this:

This link is take from Healer's Cap quest.
# Feb 27 2004 at 3:02 PM Rating: Default
also dropped by Crawler Hunters
# Feb 27 2004 at 3:31 AM Rating: Default
Key also dropped by labryth lizards
RE: reply
# Feb 27 2004 at 3:23 PM Rating: Good
Mistress of Gardening
14,661 posts
Are you sure the lizards don't drop the normal chest key? There is a difference.
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RE: reply
# Mar 02 2006 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
awwwwww adoriable baby^^ how did you get the picture on there?
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