Steamed Sprouts  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Domovoi
Max Level:40
(Average from 11 ratings)
Items Required:Star Orb
Items Granted:Ametrine
Balance Buckler
Black Pearl
Enhancing Earring
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Beastcoin
Guarding Gorget
Mythril Beastcoin
Oak Log
Red Rock
Rosewood Log
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Survival Belt
Translucent Rock
Vile Elixir
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Sat Apr 5 19:50:46 2008

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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Steamed Sprouts.

Your party will be deleveled to 40 when you do this encounter. Your party may consist of 6 members. You have 30 minutes to defeat the Dvorovoi and 7 linked Domovoi.


You will be able to tell immediately which mob is the Dvorovoi because he is the black Mandragora standing in the middle. Most successful strategies include a Bard for Horde Lullaby. All mages and the bard should have several Yagudo Drinks to drink. Stand on the bridge without aggroing and target the Dvorovoi. Your tank(s) should have food that will provide a good defensive boost. When you zone in, buff everyone up and when ready, move to the bridge. Do NOT get too close or you'll aggro the whole lot of them.

Have your puller bring the group to the edge of the bridge. If you have a Black Mage, he/she should try to Elemental Seal/Silence the Dvoirovoi it so that it cannot cast Ancient Magic. The Bard will be focused on keeping all 7 Domovois asleep with the White Mage keeping him/her alive. Once the Dvorovoi is dead, concentrate on killing one Domovoi at a time.

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# Oct 14 2006 at 4:38 AM Rating: Decent
After reading most of these post, im left wondering if there's room for a blu in a situation like this?
I mean the obviouse set up would go something like this
PLD (or NIN)
(Preferably a BLM but just about anything would do)

or for the sixth spot, you could find another DD for a second SC.
Because the BLU Self SC ability would probably give you a slight advantage if time is a factor in this.

Just wondering if anyones tried. ^.^
Massive Casualties
# Jun 28 2006 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
Wow, this a tough one. Ok, so we did this the other day and it was a complete nightmare. Here was the scenerio:
Atempt #1
BRD, RDM(me),DRK,MNK,WHM, and cant remember the other guy NIN or WAR I think.
We all /random to see who's orb goes first (of course I'm last >.<)
We go in buff up and BRD runs ahead and starts casting horde lullaby all mandis. Barely got if off due to all the mandis hit the crap out of him. Myself and the WHM struggle to keep the BRD alive. DD's rush in and start smashing the black mandi. White mandis wake up after about 10 or 20 sec and begin ripping the BRD apart. We manage to keep BRD alive and he is able to sleep them again only this time not all mandis get slept. The black mandi is still alive and refuses to go down, despite repeated attempts by the BRD to cast lullaby mandis defeat him and everyone else after that.

Atempt #2
This went much worse than the first. Before the BRD was able to fully sleep all the mandis they did their AoE sleep attack and AoE paralyze attack. Me and WHM were both slept and paralyzed and unable to heal the BRD so he died fairly quickly hence we were ???ed after that.

Rough BCNM. I plan to try it again, but the BRD is key here so BRD gear must be up to par with plenty of CHR+ stuff to make lullabys stick. Good luck everyone. Tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks.
Massive Casualties
# Nov 30 2007 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
584 posts
I wonder if something changed on this one. My ls used to do this one all the time, and then after a hiatus we tried it again, and despite having marys horn and pretty much the same setup, the brd couldn't keep the mandys slept, and we wiped every time
ZeroRyoko Formerly Titan Server R.I.P. Now Phoenix
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A Question
# Jun 08 2006 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Hi guys, I've never ever done BCNM before. My main is lvl 41 DRK, and I've got lvl 30 WAR and lvl 20 THF. Just wondering if I'm qualified for any bcnm at all? My LS friend told me that only selected jobs are suitable for bcnm (he named RDM, WHM, BLM, WAR/NIN, BRD, BST), so I was a bit discouraged on hearing that. After looking at this post however, I became even more confused lol cause some of you went into the battle as DRK.

Besides the qualification question, I'm just also wondering what sub is good if my main is DRK, and what food to bring? (I'm never into food before, but I guess a lot of you think they're crucial).

So yeah, I'd appreciate any advice ^^. Thanks, all!


Character: Toha (Asura server)

Edited, Thu Jun 8 09:45:29 2006
A Question
# Jun 01 2007 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
DRK can work in quite a few BCNM's. People are just jealous of our awesome power. They don't understand us is all.

And for you second question, THF or WAR would be good, and probably either Meat Mithkabobs or Sole sushi would be good food.

GL! :)

Edited, Jun 1st 2007 11:22am by Gundamw
4/5 so far
# Feb 21 2006 at 6:11 PM Rating: Decent
806 posts
Started doing this way back when for Phalanx for my RDM, eventually formed a static in the LS to repeat. Formation: BRD, WHM, RDM (me), PLD, RNG, RNG.

Typical routine, the Bard would sleep the entire mob, PLD would pull a whitey and keep the hate (dunno his secret, but he keeps it good) while the RNG would tear the thing apart. WHM took care of any problems and I kept the BRD alive. For the last one, WHM and I would spam spells while everyone tears it a new one. Done and done.

The one time we died was the Bard D/C, which was one of those "Oh no...." straight out of the movie moments as every mandy woke up and went ballistic on everyone.

Better than shelling out the dough for Phalanx, and have made some pretty sweet cash from other drops. Probably my fave BCNM.
To Lost But Not To Die
# Feb 11 2006 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
I just did this run, nobody died but we did not win, our party included a drk/rdm/whm/brd/pld/blm, ok so the rdm would heal the brd, and the brd would sleep the white mandys while the drk and pld kill the black mandy. We killed the black guy and went for the white ones, unfortunatly for some reason we had take too long, we got down to 3 mandies left and we were kicked out lol, the Mandy would not follow the PLD cuz of the hate on the brd, and that was the problem i believe. because we took too long trying to have it follow the PLD then kill it. so we learn from out mistakes of course though lol everyone except me gets pissed off and leaves anyway this is Sylador from Odin - 58drk - Rank 6 - Sandorian - Take Care and learn from our mistakes
# Jan 05 2006 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
170 posts
So myself and 5 members of my LS did this 6 times yesterday. We had a Nin (Shizume), Drk (me), Smn (Lyshell), Whm (Setesh), Blm (Gabrielle), and Brd (Darion).

We went 6/6 with the main drops of 5 survival belts, 5 utsu ni's, and 2 erase's.

The keys are this. By having the Brd single sleep the black mandy, the 7 regulars will aggro the brd. At this point the Nin and Drk headed to attack the black mandy as the brd mass slept the whites. Now I must give props to the Brd, even when the suckers refused to sleep on the 2nd run, he STILL managed to get them to hit the hay and let us do our jobs. So all in all, have a good Brd for this else you're effed.

The key for damage was the Nin and Drk was making a SC (We did Blade: To to Shadow of Death for a Fragmentation). On top of that we had the Smn MBing with Thunderspark for 250-300 damage fairly steadily. The Blm would MB with Thundaga for a good 260-330 on average.

After we got down to 2 or 3 mandies, we would just start AoE blasting them as they stood by the brd. All in all it was an amaazing set of runs, so you can do it.
Got thf?
# Nov 18 2005 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
Has anyone brought a thf along on this run?
It would be my slot as DD.
Already have brd, rdm, whm, pld, and drk.
I can go as war or thf and I was thinking that thf might synchronize better with the pld and drk.

Also, TH is in there (maybe TH2 since my thf is 47 outside bcnm ^^)
what went wrong?!?!?
# Nov 06 2005 at 8:40 PM Rating: Decent
tried this 3 times tonight all failed! party was pld(me) brd/whm whm/blm drk/war and 2 mnk/war. first 2 times we buffed and ate then brd went up cast foe lullaby on main mob other minions linked on her and she ran they followed and she didnt have enough time to cast horde lullaby on the minions they took her down quickly and then whm(who was trying to heal her) then they came and joined in on us at the main mob. 3rd time she tried horde at the start and it only lasted like 4 seconds. before she started to get creamed again. what are we doing wrong or was there a better way? tried to do it like above posting suggested but didnt work? im on Leviathan so give me a tell or post a reply thanks :)
what went wrong?!?!?
# Nov 06 2005 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
Dont panic.
# Oct 24 2005 at 9:50 PM Rating: Decent
178 posts
Some general notes to a bard looking to do this BCNM for the first time:

1. You are going to get hit. Don't panic when at the start you have to control 7 mandies. Just do what you are supposed to do (cast Horde Lullaby on the littlies), then Blink up again, then mages ballad if needed, then repeat. You will get hit. Do not panic. That is why you need someone with you (ie rdm) to keep you alive. RDM friend is good because they can sleep the odd one that wakes up early, and they have convert for emergency mp.

2. Bring food. Flint caviar is nice, a little extra mp and CHR. Yagudo drink when you need it.

3. Check your internet connection. If you d/c, it's pretty much gonna turn to custard. (Unless there's like, only one mandy left)

4. Wait until they wake up before you resleep them, unless you are really really good at counting seconds. Or you could do a macro. Safest is to just wait until you see the log stack up with a whole load of "is no longer asleep messages". You cannot afford to cast sleep when they are sleeping and waste it. 30 seconds is a long time to be hit for ~30HP from 7 mandies.

5. Don't panic. Probably the most important one.


General strategy:

Enter BCNM, food on, buff: blink and aquaveil is quite handy - whm buff, wait for mp, then bard approach bcnm - get into maximum range for foe lullaby onto central bad mandy, cast - with any luck it will sleep and the other 7 will race after you. stay still. Keep the mandies together. other four people (tank, 2x dd, whm) should then go off and attack big mandy. when 7 mandies are gathered around you, horde lullaby. while they are sleeping, re-blink, mage ballad, and then wait for horde lullaby recast. keep doing this until the other four have killed the big mandy, then they can steal one mandy from you while you keep the rest asleep. Eventually you will be left with one mandy and you can just kill it.


I speak from a pained first experience in which the rest of the members probably hate me for now. But I learn! And hopefully you won't have to learn the hard way like I did. >< There's probably lots of other ways to win but we were doing good until I d/cd...so check your connection and keep those mandys in line and you'll do fine :)
<3 Sprouts
# Oct 18 2005 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
584 posts
my ls does this one frequently. Survival belt drops almost every time, haven't checked it recently, but it was going for a million for a bit. Key is to have a good brd with a marys horn. I think the only time we have ever failed was the first time. We usually have a war/nin tank but a good stunner we can have a pld do it. We have used just about any combination of mages and melee (except maybe smn and bst) keeping the mandys slept is the major part. I go as pld/war and melee/backup heal. Fun and easy BCNM with a good reward. The drops I have seen most often are Balance Buckler (almost every time) Enhancing Earring (almost every time) Guarding Gorget (quite often) Scroll: Erase (kind of rare) Scroll: Ice Spikes (often) Scroll: Utsusemi: Ni (kind of rare) Survival Belt (almost every time) Have seen a few phalanx drop, and erase. Don't think I have ever seen any logs drop, and very few jewels

Edited, Tue Oct 18 17:36:10 2005
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"If some wayward tit makes fun of you for doing it your way. Tell him he needs to loosen the straps on his subligar, cause it's making him loopy" Gutspraygore
# Oct 13 2005 at 8:35 PM Rating: Decent
I'm wondering if you get a pair of BLMs to use thier highest -ga spell on the 7 mandys after the big one is dead and time it to where just after the -ga spell goes off the bard finishes his lullaby, could that work? It would require a group that REALLY knows each other and has good timing macros, but I would think it would save the BRD a lot of damage.
easy as pie
# Sep 02 2005 at 2:29 PM Rating: Decent
Did this one for the first time last night, and we were 3/4. We had the following:


Strategy was simple: Brd would give buffs after we enter, then run into the circle and lure all the mnk mandys to the path and use Horde Lullabye. Pld gets the black mandy on him, we attack the crap out of it. The damn thing only used Flood once, and it was easy to stop with Stun. Rdm kept the black mandy silenced for most of it. After it died, pld pulled them monks one by one and we killed em off easy. Each one was about 20-22 mins.

The time that we lost was from sheer bad luck. The mandy brd was targeting for Lullabye moved away from the rest of them, so it misseed 6 of them...brd died and the rest followed.

Drops were good, id say.
Utsusemi: Ni x2
Survival Belt x2

There were some other stuff, of course...but i cant offhand remember what they all were. It was my first time doing a BCNM and it was pretty damn fun. Lookin' forward to more in the future
# Aug 03 2005 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry... double post.
Unorthadox Group
# Aug 03 2005 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
Okay, we've done this enough, i think it's okay to let the strategy lose. about a week ago, my LS decided to try and do this BCNM so that my whm can get erase. nothing wrong there. here is the kicker.....we went as BRD/WHM, RDM/WHM, DRK/RDM, PLD/WAR, DRG/WHM(me), DRG/BLM. notice not whm or blm anywhere there except for sub? too much melee? not enough healing? yeah, we thought so too, but we knew eachother well enough and knew our abilities enough as well, so we were willing to give it a shot.

we stand at 8-4 currently, and do at least 2-3 a night. just did 3 lastnight in less than an hour and a half. we even have the current record on fairy server. here's how we did it:

everyone eats food before going in, normal. buff up inside, normal. everyone targets black and brd targets her main horde mandy. brd does blink and then runs all the way to the right as the pld vokes the black mandy. rdm heals up brd as she takes damage while melee take out black, normal so far.

here is where it changes up. as damage is being dealt, the two drgs let their wyverns do all the healing, the /whm only healing in dire situations. everyone uses poison potions on the black mandy but if put to sleep, the rdm is out of range and can wake up, as can pld when hit. SCMB goes as Double Thrust >> Slice >> Distortion >> Blizzard x2 >> Red Lotus Blade >> Raiden Thrust >> Fire x2 >> Flash >> Banish and that right there will almost completely decimate the black mandy. we usually have him down in about 2 minutes or less. drk has stun always at ready for flood, normal.

after the black mandy is down, we don't worry about poison pots anymore, because everytime a drg does ws, the poison is dropped do to wyvern's healing ability. now, if tp is ready, we pull the mandy 1 at a time with sc and pld voke/flashes. usually this gets them fast. each time we are there to pull a mandy, brd is doing balad to help out. along with juices, mp is never an issue. when we are down to about 4 mandys, we don't bother to pull away and just fight right there. rdm stays far enough away that he is never slept. by the last mandy, everyone just attacks and one person disengages just before to ensure fast time in getting chest.

the first three times we did this, we failed, but not horribly. only two of us had any experience in this BCNM before, myself and the brd. the 4th and 5th time, we owned. the sixth time was a fluke and a mandy slept at the very beginning, killing everyone. however, ever since then, nothing but wins. the last three we did lastnight, the rdm never even needed to convert and had almost full mp each time, so last one, he decided to nuke a bit to go faster. during one of the times that we did win, we did have one death, which was odd. healing breath went off at least 7 times, but was going on the wrong person and not the one in the red, and the cure II from three different people didn't make it in time to realize the HB wasn't working. however, rdm chainspell>>raise him and he got back into the fray, even while weakened and we game back and kicked sprout.

rewards so far have been:
Ni x2
Erase x1 (thanks guys for letting me have that for whm)
Phalanxe x4
Survival Belt x4
Various other minor scrolls and equipment

everytime we do this now, it takes no longer than 17 minutes, and i believe our record is at 16 minutes 53 seconds. i'm not saying this is the best, or that you should go out and try this. we have all known each other for a very long time, some of us since we started the game more than a year and a half ago. we trust each other 200% and have practically since the beginning. also helped that we are all 50+ with these jobs, and they are our mains, so we know what we are doing.

Congratulations to:
Bladehawke - 52DRG
Aysel - 52DRK
Halleck - 53PLD
Vorien - 60RDM
Dauphina - 62BRD
Gralul - 62DRG (not congratuling myself, but just putting myself up into the line-up :P )

okay, i've had my rant. enjoy.

P.S. - we did this again 5 times tonight, 5 more wins for record of 13-4. two more ni dropped but no more erase. we broke our previous record twice. got it at 14 minutes and 26 seconds, then again on the last one being 14 mintues and 11 seconds.

Edited, Fri Aug 5 01:59:47 2005
Unorthodox Group
# Aug 03 2005 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
# Jul 16 2005 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
Could 4 BST, BRD, and SMN own this thing like we can in the Tails of Woe? We didn't get good drops from 6 or 7 orbs on Tails of Woe and wonder if this would have better drops, thanks :D
Carby Pull
# Jul 12 2005 at 6:13 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, went for my first two attempts at this last night. Failed both times. All the mandy's seem to be waking up at different times for some reason. Even with Mary's Horn they just won't stay asleep for very long, but I've maxed out on CHR gear and am going to try again soon.

Now, someone asked about the Carby pull, and a friend and I tested the idea today. My friend was RDM/SMN, and I was Bard, along just in case the carby pull didn't work.

Carby pull does NOT work. Carby was sent in and upon attacking, was immediately linked on, obviously. Carby died almost instantly, and seconds later, an army of raddishes was angrily marching single file toward us like we were preaching the advantages of an all vegetable diet or something. I slept them, and we ran out.

I am not sure if having carby retreat, then releasing would have made a difference, but I don't think so. It's my theory that after carby dies or is released, the mobs that were engaged upon him enter a sort of "cooldown" period, in which they just sit idle and do not link. For normal mobs, this is enough time for the mob that carby attacked to run after you and out of link range, but I am guessing that the mandy's cooldown time is extremely short. I am trying to think of a way around this, but can't.
SMN pull?
# Jul 11 2005 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
I am a Bard and I have won this BCNM over 30 times, but have anybody ever tried if Carby pull works and you can take 1 at a time? Would b fun to know =)
RE: SMN pull?
# Nov 29 2005 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
1,034 posts
I doubt that would work, I think all mobs link in that bcnm, u'll end up having 7 mob chasing the smn right after carby died.
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# Jul 10 2005 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
I am wanting to try this bcnm. I have a 73rd level monk who has done this many times and he says this is very interesting and rewarding. I am a 42 lv Galka whm. I know I have that NOT on my side there but I use pies and other foods. So I will be the whm/blm in the party. It really looks interesting after all of the posts that I read, but sadly I dont have a LS. I get offered them all the time, but I just dont want to join one just to join.

ps. If anyone would like a really really good galka whm in a party or LS msg me and we can talk ^^
The BladesOfHeaven Way
# Jun 23 2005 at 7:54 AM Rating: Good
23 posts
OK me and my LS members and a BRD friend have this down cold....

First, your BRD (or BLM) has to be very calm and be damn good at his/her job. I can't stress this enough... Second, you need 2 mages, preferrably a WHM and RDM, WHM to Erase any status effects from DD and to help keep an eye on party's HP, while the RDM keeps the BRD alive. I've done this BCNM over 30 times and found out that using a good tank (the best damn Taru PLD in Vanadiel in our case) helps conserve the mages' MP. I've done it with a variety of DD jobs so those two spots in the pt are of least importance. As long as the mages and BRD have their **** together, you should be fine. After NM drops, one DD should go pull a single mandy to the middle away from mages (who should be at the entrance's edge of the circle) to avoid having mages put to sleep. Takes us 20 minutes on average to finish off these mandies.

Mages should bring Pies and Yagudo Drinks, the more the better... DD should bring their best food possible. I found that my SAM works really well in this BCNM because of fast TP building and the added Stun effect of Tachi: Hobaku helps Stun the NM mandy when it starts to cast Flood. DRK works very well too, as does RNG DRG MNK and THF. Just make sure to have one DD who can Stun, because Shield Bash doesn't always work... trust me. So on to our strategy...

Our pt setup is as follows:
Panamanian (PLD/WAR)
Cheetahhra (RDM/WHM) and sometimes Marauder (RDM/BLM) if Cheet's sleepy
Kuda (WHM/BLM)
Hellscream <me> (SAM/WAR)
Janzeeno (BRD/WHM)
6th member is another DD, usually a different person each time. (Thanks to Zythe, Zella, Hyolee, Varucard, Nianiel, and all those who have helped us)

We enter and I Meditate, WHM buffs us and everyone uses food (pies, kabobs, etc.) We rest full MP and the BRD runs up to the edge of the circle and does Foe Lullaby on the NM mandy putting it to sleep and aggro'ing the other 7 mandys. He then does Horde Lullaby and the mages start to cure BRD. In the mean time, the DD runs in and engages the NM mandy keeping it in the middle of the circle. Pan does his tanking while me and the other DD do our thing... Kuda keeps Paralyze and Darkness off us since he got Erase ^_^. Stun on the NM while it's casting Flood is important, because at level 40, you usually end up dying if you get hit. It takes forever for it to cast Flood, so you should see it coming... After the NM drops, I run back and pull a mandy off (which is usually hard because BRD accumulates tons of Hate) and pull it back to the middle. Watch the mandys drop one by one, ocassionally pissing everyone off by doing AoE sleep while we're trying to pull one off the BRD.

We've used this method a ton of times and have made millions of gil. The only times we've failed is when the BRD lags or we have connection problems, and the two times we've had deaths because of missed Stuns (I died once and got raised but we ran out of time, and Zythe died too, but he got raised and we made one hell of a comeback to win). Good luck to all who attempt this BCNM.

Edited, Thu Jun 23 08:58:51 2005
RE: The BladesOfHeaven Way
# Jun 24 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
190 posts
Nice writeup Hellscream ^^

I'd just like to add a little bit about the strategy for the BRD and his/her healer. So this is how Janzeeno and I work together.

First Janz casts Minne and Ballad, and I Regen him... this is all before he sleeps the black mandy. Once he has all the little mandys slept, he re-casts Minne, Ballad, and Horde Lullaby as needed. I keep him Regened and Cure II him as needed. If I need to rest, he Cure II's himself and I get up when his MP is getting low. Subbing /WHM is helpful too, for when the BRD gets Paralyzed. Doing it this way, if we have a PLD tank, I never even have to Convert. With no tank and 3 DDs, we can win, but I usually have to Convert because the DDs use a lot of MP (as Hell said).

Also, the positioning goes like this:

Tank/DD/DD ---> WHM ---> BRD/Healer

This way the WHM gets Ballad and Minne too.

Oh BTW, I've never done this with a BLM instead of a BRD, but I don't really think it would work because Sleepga could easily (if not for sure) get interrupted with 7 mandys hitting all at once. Horde Lullaby doesn't get interrupted.

Edit: Forgot to mention that Janzeeno's Lullaby hardly EVER gets resisted, if at all. He doesn't use Mary's Horn, so it's not necessary for this BCNM. I don't think a signa is either. What's important is that the BRD's singing/instrument skills are capped. He's Elvaan though, so races with lower CHR might need to eat CHR food or have extra CHR gear.

Edited, Fri Jun 24 11:43:25 2005
RE: The BladesOfHeaven Way
# Jun 30 2005 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
hmm nice. BRD 55 and i use a slighly different methode. Most of the time the damn mages dont bring drinks (stupid healers :P ). So I sub WAR for extra HP and VIT(would sub NIN if i had it) and equip EVA+ and VIT+ gear, I got +19 EVA in gear and I use tavnazian tacos, which decrease dmg %, add hp, add mp, add +4 VIT, add +4 CHR. This combo makes me able to dodge 50-60% of attacks (wish I had an emporers hairpin ;; )Have the tank run into the center to agro everything, then when they all nice and bunched up, AoE sleep. Saves some mp cuz tank dont take as much dmg. Wait till they wake up, sleep them again, then ballad, wait till they wake, sleep them, then mambo (even more EVA), wake, sleep, repeat. Last mandy I shadow stitch (I used to get 300% tp, but now with the EVA gear i barley get 100 ^^ )and walk out off range while the mages nuke the best they can and the DD just rip it apart. Sheath my weapon, sit down, and /em smokes his victory cigar. =) Best time was 12 minutes, 50 seconds

Edited, Thu Jun 30 21:10:48 2005
Easy Method
# Jun 17 2005 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
Here is a TIP. Do NOT try this on darksday. It will result in a less chance of sleeping mandies. Avoid earthsday as well since the mandies will be stronger.
8/8. Never failed.
RDM/BLM - Elemental Seal+Silence=Black Mandy will stfu.


# Jun 17 2005 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
Ok we did this last night. Two times, group looked like this...


We failed 2 times. Both times my sleep was not sticking...(I was the bard). I do not have monster signa, but my CHR is +22. I've talked to a friend of mine who is bard and said everytime he does it w/out signa and w/out mary's horn and they do just fine. Horde would stick, but only for a few seconds, and by the time I was individually sleeping one of them they all would wake up. I don't understand why my songs aren't sticking? Anyone have any ideas? Either way i'm done with this BCNM forever until i get signa and mary's horn. After last night i'm thinking of just switching back to my 52 samurai for good. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a bard =\
Ask a stupid question....
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Okay, dumb question, I know.
I'm thinking of getting my LS together to do this BCNM, however we do not have a BRD in our LS. My question is this: "Can a BLM replace the BRD using Sleep/sleepga in place of Foe Lullaby/Horde Lullaby? And if not, why not?"

I would greatly appriciate some clarification on this to help things go smoothly when we do this BCNM.
Thank you ^^
RE: Ask a stupid question....
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No, a blm can't replace the brd because sleepga can be interrupted when the mandys hit, unlike Horde Lullaby, which can't be interrupted.
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