Steamed Sprouts  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Domovoi
Max Level:40
(Average from 11 ratings)
Items Required:Star Orb
Items Granted:Ametrine
Balance Buckler
Black Pearl
Enhancing Earring
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Beastcoin
Guarding Gorget
Mythril Beastcoin
Oak Log
Red Rock
Rosewood Log
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Survival Belt
Translucent Rock
Vile Elixir
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Sat Apr 5 19:50:46 2008

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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Steamed Sprouts.

Your party will be deleveled to 40 when you do this encounter. Your party may consist of 6 members. You have 30 minutes to defeat the Dvorovoi and 7 linked Domovoi.


You will be able to tell immediately which mob is the Dvorovoi because he is the black Mandragora standing in the middle. Most successful strategies include a Bard for Horde Lullaby. All mages and the bard should have several Yagudo Drinks to drink. Stand on the bridge without aggroing and target the Dvorovoi. Your tank(s) should have food that will provide a good defensive boost. When you zone in, buff everyone up and when ready, move to the bridge. Do NOT get too close or you'll aggro the whole lot of them.

Have your puller bring the group to the edge of the bridge. If you have a Black Mage, he/she should try to Elemental Seal/Silence the Dvoirovoi it so that it cannot cast Ancient Magic. The Bard will be focused on keeping all 7 Domovois asleep with the White Mage keeping him/her alive. Once the Dvorovoi is dead, concentrate on killing one Domovoi at a time.

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# Jun 11 2005 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
did this twice a few days ago with some ls friends - pt setup was:

BLM/WHM - BRD's Personal Healer
DRK/WAR - Flood Prevention Person (YAY STUN!)
RNG/NIN - Hate Taker
PLD/WAR - Tank

We went in and buffed up - brd went and slept all the mandys, they kill the black one then the rng pulls white mandys one at a time off the brd while the drk and pld chop them to little bits. worked out amazingly well and planning to do it again next sat. RAEKIEN is the bestest brd in the whole world at this bcnm ;D

got about 180k each of stuff from 2 runs (no erases but we got a :ni and some other junk)

btw: on the 2nd fight the pld dc'd right after the black one died and we still won just in time ;D
# Jun 09 2005 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
137 posts
On the Hades server; if anyone wants to help a DRG/WAR or DRG/WHM do this please send me a /tell.
RE: Hades
# Jun 20 2005 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
90 posts
Your not Level 40 yet o.O'
# Jun 09 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
Im on Leviathan Server and would like to do this bcnm send me a /tell Lesco i will prolly be on.
bard needed!
# Jun 07 2005 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
i'm on midgardsormr and we are going to try this tonight, Tuesday June 7, but we need to find a Bard. Any bard's out there that have done this before that want to come along please /tell Multani or leave me a message. We will start around 9pm Pacific, and our party setup so far is:

drk/thf or /war

Any bard's who would be interested would be great. Also, do you think this will work well for this fight? I figure utsusemi:Ni will keep the melee damage taken low, so the blm/rdm could handle healing the melees if necessary. Let me know, thanks!

Edited, Tue Jun 7 11:59:35 2005
Success at a price
# Jun 05 2005 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
307 posts
I did this last night
it was my first time ever doing a BCNM that wasn't mission 2-3 (dunno if you count that as one)

Party was
Drg/war <<< Me

1. If the BRD goes down, everyone does
2. Flood = big trouble. Stun as soon as you see it cast. If you miss the text que, the Black Mandy will cast for like 10-15 seconds, so if you see that stun.
3. keep the 2 whms on the brd. A Pld, Drk, and Drg can handle the NM alone for a good while, and even to its death.
4. the Brd builds plenty of hate the more times it has to sleep them, so the faster you kill the Black Mandy the better. you still need more than a voke to pick off the others though.
5. Keep the mandies as far apart from the Black Mandy as possible. For us they were on the dirt well past the bridge, whilst the Black Mandy was in the centre of the circle where he started. This seems to affect how likely they are to split from the pack.
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY don't expect to win from the onset. Keep the group together and you will succeed. After all being together and experiencing it, you will be able to do it again and again, so its worth the time and effort to stick together.
After reading through these forums it sounded like a cakewalk. It wasnt easy, until everyone knew what they were doing.

So i dont get flamed, let me say that i still think that everyone did their best and im happy we stuck together through the tough times. Don't discredit anyone in BCNM party because without them there would be no party. least that is my attitude.

We failed the first 3 runs of 4.

THe first time the Bard was unable to sleep straight of the bat. fair enough cause i don't know too many bards who have experience sleeping 7 enemies at once, unless they've done some BCNMs. We all died, and i was a complete tard and did not dismiss my wyvern, so i was wyvern less for the rest of the time. Though it can still be done without it, as a drg i was doing like 3/5 of the damage i should've been doing.

Second time through i think there was some whm trouble cause the brd died again. Once the bard is gone ppl forget it and run for the exit. There is no 2 ways about it, unless there are like 2 guys left.

3rd time in the Bard had it down. The mandies didn't move at all, and me the drk and the pld were fighting the Black Mandy. He starting casting FLood but the drk didn't see it, to be fair i didnt see the message of him starting to cast it either. I think though that flood takes about 10-15 seconds at least to get off, so if you miss the que and you can see the little bugger casting something for awhile, stun his ***** Anyway it still worked out well cause me and the drk bounced off voking the little guy for as long as we could. Had him down to about 5% and we died. At the time one of the whms was raising the pld, when i think they should've cured me cause we would've made it. Neway, something important happened, so its all good. Once i was dead and the dark was at like 200 hp he starts casting Flood. The newly revived pld used 2hr and provoke and he did not move. Im not sure if hate got wiped when he and I died, leaving the drk with a battle load of hate, but either way he wanted the drk dead! so maybe Flood won't switch off the to someone with more hate if they grab the attention. Dunno, but keep it in mind.

4th run through was a success, though we cut it close. I still didn't have my wyvern (IDIOT!!!) so we could've done this noticably faster. Bard, like round 3, had it to an art. We assigned BOTH whms to him, cause the pld(elvaan), drg(Galka) and Drk(elvaan) can fight this dude without whms. As long as flood is cut down. Once he was down, we picked off the remaining chumps. keep in mind though that during the Black Mandy fight, the Brd has built alot of hate up on the others, so it takes a fair bit to get their attention. THe pld had to voke, shield bash, flash then use a weaponskill to get it over. Once over though the PLD pretty much had the hate for that guy. I got one once with some jumps, and a weaponskill cept there was no loosing its attention to the pld.

We finished it in 29 minutes and 33 seconds. Very close. as i said though, i had no wyvern and things kept getting better each run through.
Ive put the important tips at the top of this post, but i look forward to running it again.
# Jun 05 2005 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
I want the Phalanx scroll, so if anyone wants to do this with me on Asura, /tell Kennetorb.

See my jobs in my sig.
# Jun 03 2005 at 7:57 PM Rating: Decent
i've been trying to get a bcnm group together for some time, but nobody wants to ever do it. so any one out there in shiva server want to do a bcnm, 20-40, please contact me.
# Jun 03 2005 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
Way back in the day (20 levels back) I did this bcnm. (not succesfully) the party set up was pld (me), drk, rng, whm, brd, rdm. Well slept the white ones. black one came after me drk and rng pelted away. Then it started to cast flood. Drk was a **** and didnt stun it so i got destroyed. i got raised and tanked it some more while weakend not smart i died again and everything all fell to peices. long story short drk needs to stun or pld needs to have enough room to run out of flood distance. Sheild bash doesent work as well on this mob as it should. if this helps any of you rate me up plz.
# May 22 2005 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
Me and a party, setup was PLD, WAR, WHM, BLM (me) BRD, and MNK just tried this. It started off good. BRD slept all the white ones and we started to kill the black one... everything was going good till the black one died, then the white ones woke up and started to spread out. the BRD managed to resleep 3 of them, but then got raped by the others... then the whm, then me... it was sad, but we got 5 more orbs and are trying it again... wish us luck!

Edit: Tryed again, but the same thing happened... any tips?

Edited, Sun May 22 17:59:35 2005
Looking for Party: Ramuh
# May 17 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone on Ramuh want to do this one? 57BRD ready to go ;) /tell in game
RE: Looking for Party: Ramuh
# May 19 2005 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
So far done 12 runs with this bcnm with a brd friend of mine. We have gone with brd, rdm, and whm as usuals. We took 3 rng/nin the first 6 times and had no troubles at all in fact we set a new record for our server at just over 14 minutes. The second run we made same mage and brd setup but 2 rng/nin and a war/nin. No deaths, when the black mandie started to cast Flood we just threw up shadows and proceeded killing it. Only 2 times have we not gotten ni or erase and on some we have gotten both so it more than makes up for it. People suggest taking a drk and pld and that's fine but to me just a waste of time. We were doing skillchains with the war/nin which allowed us to kill the white mandies in less than a minute sometimes. Just how we do things on Caitsith. Good luck to those who want to win this, it's uber easy.
BCNM 40 Steamed Sprouts
# May 10 2005 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
My LS mate Frogtooth and I have recently become very familiar with the BCNM 40 fight Steamed Sprouts. Last weekend we led a string of 11 straight runs, and 15 total runs, with no faliures in times ranging from 14-20 mins depending on the setup. Currently we will be offering our services to individuals who would like to make runs. A sliding fee will be applied depending on the financial status of said individuals but never exceeding 10% of the cost of the most valuable drop in any such run. If you are on Bismark and you have some Beastman's Seals burning a hole in your mogsafe give us a tell and we will set up a party to help you out.
GiveMeYourTots LS 8 out of 9 Steamed Sprouts= Record Breaker
# Apr 30 2005 at 2:21 AM Rating: Good
GiveMeYourTots LS BCNM!!!

This weekend Tots plus a couple non-Tots did this BCNM. We were 9/9!!! All I have to say is Bard is crucial! They need to sleep everything and cast Mage's Ballad after every Horde Lullaby for the Mages' regen.

Our recipe for sucess is:
1 competent Bard
1 ?/? Tank

Bard go first and pulls all mandy except Black one back across the bridge. Then casts Horde Lullaby and Mage's Ballad. Rinse Repeat. While this is happening WHM stands near BRD and pays close attention to BRD's hp. Meanwhile everyone else takes down the black one. Then the MNK comes back and pulls one of the white ones off of BRD, taking it back towards circle away from BRD. rinse repeat. The whole time RDM debuffs the flanked mob and heals two tanks, while BLM nukes and serves as 3rd healer. This all works well so long as everyone understands their job and sticks to it everytime.

BTW: our best time so far is 17 min 9 sec. I think this is quite good. This round, our MNK used Hundred Fists. That saved us a good minute of fighting I think.

I am tired and lazy. If you have any questions send a /tell.

Good Luck
RE: GiveMeYourTots LS 8 out of 9 Steamed Sprouts= Record Bre
# May 08 2005 at 8:27 PM Rating: Decent
w00t Juggswat = Incredibly Tough Blackmage ++

I watched my bro and friend do 7+ consecutive runs last night without a sinlge problem. whereas i've farmed and camped for most of my gil, my bro has made roughly 2 million gil from this BCNM in only 3 runs. Paedrig (brother) is a top-notch MNK tank and Frogtooth (friend) is a BCNM most valuable player BRD on Bismark server, so if you ever need help/advice pertaining to this quest you'd be wise to send either of them a /tell. and I think their new record is 14 minutes and some seconds (don't remember exactly).
RE: GiveMeYourTots LS 8 out of 9 Steamed Sprouts= Record Bre
# May 07 2005 at 4:27 PM Rating: Default
189 posts
YES! Competent Bard is definetely the KEY to doing this BCNM this way, i tried this last night with PLD(me) BLM RDM WHM DRK and Silly BRD Silly Silly BRD!! 0/2 first time we ran in the bard jumped in front me >.< took aggro died in 5 seconds then everyone else died with in 1 minute... so we figure Honest Mistake we HPed and tried again... this time i ran in pulled mandies back to the bridge and BRD slept em YaY!, so we get the black mandy to about 90% Life, i start wondering when the other mandies would wake up.. as soon as i did that they awoke... i dont see BRD starts casting Lullaby Horde(spelling) or nething like that i blink and next thing i see BRD is dead >.< so i say F this and i run back to the bcnm still trying to keep hate so everyone else can exit then WHM fell then DRK then RDM then BLM and im like sh*t! i target the BC and everytime i try to escape it says Action Canceled cause im getting raped by beauxcoup mandies and we fail again, this time i wrote /p go practice ur songs BRD, i quit.. and disband but i still have my orb so if anyone on Asra wants to try this i have PLD and i can do it any time saturday night or all day sunday... send me a /t in Game Aweida/Asura server.... btw i love bards, but just the good ones ^^

Edited, Thu May 12 17:30:05 2005
As the brd...
# Apr 17 2005 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
I did this bcnm the other day w/ rng,rng, pld, whm, brd, and rdm (im pretty sure that was the setup). 0/2

First fight: Someone lagged...hit the wrong mandy and i(brd) got hit with flood for about 600damage or so

Second fight: started off right, about 80-90% into my 2nd or 3rd horde i got paralyzed...now im not sure if thats just common knowledge that the mandys do that or if its just not posted anywhere.

so i guess my question is...as brd, what food/spell should i have before the fight

Edited, Sun Apr 17 13:41:56 2005
RE: As the brd...
# Apr 27 2005 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
I personally use Flint Caviar. Adds a few (6 I think) points to CHR if your songs get some resists or pre-maturly end. Other than that, I'd say something that raises def or VIT, depending on how good at timing you are.

Those Taco's are looking pretty good too..

Edited, Wed Apr 27 17:06:15 2005
Thf doable
# Apr 06 2005 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone know if a thf could join in on the fun. I have capped markmanship 2 archers daggers andd other rng accu gear. I could range attack and throw in some SA's and TA's as needed. Anyone ever done this with a thf... or know if id be able to d o it.
RE: Thf doable
# Apr 13 2005 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
you could sub in as a DD but it would still be hard for you and you would have to get a lil lucky. good luck
You all won't believe this!
# Apr 01 2005 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
Hi I am on Ifrit server and guess what... we just did this thing in 25 min. 23 sec....... with FIVE people. NOT JOKING! NO DEATHS EITHER! Our tank d/c right as we started fighting the black mandy so we were left with brd/whm, whm/blm, rdm/whm, drk/thf, rng/nin (me). I tanked 9/10's of the rest of the fight once I removed the mandy from the bard eventually. Drops were the usual... no ni or erase- BUT honestly I don't care. I now have a cool story worth sharing.... And unless you go in with nothing but bst's or smns and a brd would you even think you could do this with 5 people. Ravenrose, Bigdawg, Matthias, and Thebooz you are all AWESOME! And thanks for keepin me alive lol.
RE: You all won't believe this!
# Apr 03 2005 at 12:08 PM Rating: Default
Guys the party should look something like


At least thats the pt combo on all of midgardsormr, usually are done in 10-15mins
RE: You all won't believe this!
# Apr 15 2005 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
Wow, no, all this "RNGS R T3H 1337 G0D5 0F FFXI" crap is really annoying.

I just went 4/4 on this bcnm with pld, mnk (me), drk, whm, rdm, brd.

A few jobs you need, but the other spots can be switched up for random jobs.
# Mar 18 2005 at 11:51 AM Rating: Excellent
502 posts
did this last night... 5/5, 3 utsusemi:ni's, a few belts, and random junk. with utsusemi going for 450k atm on odin... that's still a considerable sum of money :D

it went very well, especially since most of us had no previous (succesful) BCNM experience.

our setup was BST/WHM (me!), BRD/PLD, DRK/WAR, WAR/NIN, WHM/BLM, and RDM/(BLM?).

we followed pretty much the 'usual' procedures, except for one thing. instead of having the BRD pull (>.>) i would call beast a crabby friend and use fight on the black mandy. at this point, all the white mandies would come running towards me. (aggro? iuno) melees would then run over to the black one, wupping his {fun} {hole}, while i would run over to the brd so he could horde lullaby 'em.

after the black one dies (or just before), i would run back to the bard, leave my jug and charm a mandy, while the WAR was trying to steal hate from BRD... charm success rate was about 65-70% or so. (CHR 45+29 with songs & food) and if charm failed, bard would have so much hate that i could go back and melee while my charm timer reset, without taking a mandy with me.

a few tips however: doing BCNM runs is LONG. our battle would usually last 17-21 mins, and you have to factor in the time to run back to balga's dais. (another 10ish mins?) so doing 6 runs could very well take 3 hours... yes. that's if people don't go afk all the time, etc.

and brds, tavnazian tacos will be your best friends :D vit, def, mp, hp, chr... what else do you need? too bad they are kinda expensive :( (i also ate them as bst) anyways, looking forward to doing more of these! (still have way too many seals for my liking >.>)
RE: {fun}
# Mar 19 2005 at 10:47 PM Rating: Excellent
1,298 posts

RE: {fun}
# Mar 20 2005 at 1:14 AM Rating: Excellent
502 posts
no, you were the tank...
RE: {fun}
# Mar 20 2005 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
1,298 posts
Bards can tank, n00b!
<fun> <fun>
# Mar 14 2005 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
120 posts
heh did this today figured id post my results...
as for the pt setup was

and me as drk/war

you know i could do into blah blah what is best pt setup etc... or how to avoid flood but here is what we did and it worked average time being around 18 min or so....

buff up, melee go to left side of entrance mages to right.. brd cast mages ballad on mages, comes to melee cast armys paeon and sword madgrigal.. then does the defense song (march?) on himself and other mages.... goes up horde lulabyes the black mandy .. runs back down entrance a lil ways...gets all hate sleeps all the smaller mandies...
me ,pld, rng, and rdm go in wdm stays back... i sit there and wait for stun dont cast any other spells until i see flood (dont want to see flood pop up then not be able to stun possibly destroying all the melee)... if he does cast flood i stun him immediately, sometimes it didnt even work so me and pld shield/weapon bash it and hopefully stops it (always seemed to work) then rng pulled mandies one by one until there was none... whm kept brd healed... rdm kept melee healed (ocasionally ran down to heal brd if whm mp low or in trouble)... basically whm and rdm are interchangeable at this part rdm might be better for healing brd as they have convert incase of super low mp and need for some major cures... but everything went great only thing close to bad happening was rng acidentally 2 hr after doing barrage and we couldnt pull hate i had to voke, bash, last resort, berserk, souleater and spam diff magic to pull hate off (rng was smashed down to 2 hp) but he lived and all went well :)

drops were 2x erase 1x phalanx and utsusemi:ni made about 400k each im happy :)

oh btw the whms bf was the pld and he had no seals and in such offered to not take any money cuz he was helpin his gf out ... anyays <sic> <fun>

Edited, Mon Mar 14 01:14:09 2005
R.I.P Dimebag Darrell (8/20/66-12/8/04)

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Gorger-80 Tauren Deathknight (Medivh)
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Donkeylips-71 Dwarf Paladin (Medivh)
and many more alts

http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?68018 -beyond outdated, but amusing to reminisce :)
Counter Flood
# Mar 12 2005 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Heh I learned this awhile back but never posted\shared with anyone else but the group I was in. We did like 50 bcnm 40's over the course of a few weeks.

Anyways, the easiest way to counter flood is to run. I'm not sure if they changed it since I haven't played in 6 months, if they have then disregard this entire post, if not. . .

The easiest way to avoid the flood spell is to run. Have everyone pay attention and the moment it starts prepping flood, have the tank or whatever it was targeting just run down to the other end of the tunnel. It can't move while prepping and once you get out of range it stops. This method worked 100% for us, we never had to worry about flood. Just have your other PT members let you know when it stops prepping and that's when you can come running back and start attacking again, or. . .if you've built up enough hate, it will come running for you heh. I hope this info helps alot with their BCNM40 endeavors.
Party Setup
# Mar 06 2005 at 6:20 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a level 54 war and i wunna do this BCNM. Whats a good pt setup for my war? Also i'm lvling my thf to lvl 40 and subbibg nin. Any pt ideas for that one?
# Mar 01 2005 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
If all of you continue to state how "tanks are over rated", I am going to be out of a BCNM40 occupation! So, remain silent noone else needs to hear this! .^^
# Feb 27 2005 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
639 posts
How would you guys rate the necessity of RDMs in this? I just hit 40 and am looking to do a few of these, but am not sure if I am wanted.
# Mar 09 2005 at 4:36 PM Rating: Good
488 posts
Hi i did this BCNM for the very first time with my ls and we won so we did it 6 more times and won it all Wohoo! ^_^
As a RDM yes we are REQUIRED IMO for the healer of the bard. Then again WHM would do fine too with proper equip and items. Your role is just that HEAL the bard.

Reccomended job combo IMO is RDM/WHM the reason is simple to remove random paralyze,blind,poison from melee, and curaga to wake everyone up FAST, all while keeping the bard alive. Keep an eye on the bards HP cureI or cureII depending on situation and cureIII if its real bad also make sure you have Regen cast on bard at all times.
Watch your MP and have some ethers or yag drinks ready incase it really goes bad.

The #1 reason why RDM/WHM simply cause of CONVERT you have to keep the bard alive right? what better way then Divine Seal>Convert>Cure III yourself. More MP + More Cures for bard = Chance of successful BCNM win!
# Feb 25 2005 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
This is the first time I've done this BCNM since the update a few days ago. Normaly with 5-6 orbs, depending on the party size, we would come out of the bcnm about 400k richer on the average. This time however we go in there and come out with our best item being a survival belt and the avergage total per person was around 65k. The average chest would contain the following;
red rock
Scroll of Absorb Str
Fire Spirit
Enhancing Earring
Scroll of Refresh
So pretty much we got junk and that trip was really a waste of seals since were used to seeing atleast a few of the big name scrolls. But no Erase, Utsusemi, or Phyalanx. Just wondering if anyone has done this bcnm since the update and if there luck was much less then expected as well.
Am I useless?!
# Feb 17 2005 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent
GAH! I always ask people how to make some quick money and all they can say is, "Oh man, your BLM. You can just do BCNM 40 a bunch of times. Everyone wants a BLM..." blah blah blah. Everyone always tells me that BLMs are very good for BCNM, but when I read these posts, no one ever uses them T_T. I've never done a BCNM before, trying to convince my LS to do 40, they're stuck on doing 20 a bunch of times ...meh....Am I really good for these, or am I useless?
RE: Am I useless?!
# Mar 02 2005 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
Your great for the BCNM20 with the crawler. You may not wanna do it, but its good money. Most of them are good money. I noticed that most ppl do the 40s and up because they actually need the scroll. Personally I like the 20 and 30 bc they are much easier and don't always require a full party.
RE: Am I useless?!
# Feb 19 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
291 posts
BLM is necessary if you don't have rangers. :\
RE: Am I useless?!
# Feb 19 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Default
291 posts
double poooost

Edited, Sat Feb 19 10:59:45 2005
WAR/NIN as Tank?
# Feb 12 2005 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
291 posts
Could a 40 WAR/NIN substitute for the PLD/WHM if it had the correct gear [+enmity and +evasion i'm assuming]?
RE: WAR/NIN as Tank?
# Feb 12 2005 at 11:04 PM Rating: Decent
I have seen several parties with RNG/NIN tank, so I guess its posible
# Feb 12 2005 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
I just did this BCNM 6 times yesterday - party was:

BRD (me)

Each fight was like 20 min, but no death and 3 Erase and 3 Utsusemi scrolls. DRK D/C once, but lucky the Dvorovoi one was dead by then.
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