Steamed Sprouts  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Domovoi
Max Level:40
(Average from 11 ratings)
Items Required:Star Orb
Items Granted:Ametrine
Balance Buckler
Black Pearl
Enhancing Earring
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Beastcoin
Guarding Gorget
Mythril Beastcoin
Oak Log
Red Rock
Rosewood Log
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Survival Belt
Translucent Rock
Vile Elixir
This Quest is Repeatable
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Steamed Sprouts.

Your party will be deleveled to 40 when you do this encounter. Your party may consist of 6 members. You have 30 minutes to defeat the Dvorovoi and 7 linked Domovoi.


You will be able to tell immediately which mob is the Dvorovoi because he is the black Mandragora standing in the middle. Most successful strategies include a Bard for Horde Lullaby. All mages and the bard should have several Yagudo Drinks to drink. Stand on the bridge without aggroing and target the Dvorovoi. Your tank(s) should have food that will provide a good defensive boost. When you zone in, buff everyone up and when ready, move to the bridge. Do NOT get too close or you'll aggro the whole lot of them.

Have your puller bring the group to the edge of the bridge. If you have a Black Mage, he/she should try to Elemental Seal/Silence the Dvoirovoi it so that it cannot cast Ancient Magic. The Bard will be focused on keeping all 7 Domovois asleep with the White Mage keeping him/her alive. Once the Dvorovoi is dead, concentrate on killing one Domovoi at a time.

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Bcnm Static*
# Dec 05 2004 at 10:41 PM Rating: Good
Okie.As Blm I did my first bcnm40.I learned soo much that i feel good enough to start my own party for it and I am going to share how.
I am a blm and most people feel that blm isnt good for bcnm40.Well i tell all you blms forget that, blms are good for bcnm.
The Party
When doing bcnm the 2nd most important thing is the party.
Brd/Whm:Keeps the mandys asleep(make sure brd
has good armor, if not it will put hell of
alot of presure on the rdm)
Whm/Blm:Keeps people fighting mandy alive
Rdm/Whm or /Blm:Keeps Bard alive
Blm/Whm:Deals damage by nuking with FireII
(Blm should make a Escape macro)
Rng/War:Pulls the mandy
Drk/War:Prevents Flood
Brd in Action!
The brds main job in bcnm is to keep the
asleep.Make sure the brd has good armor or his hp will go down fast wich means it is harder for the rdm to cure the brd.
Rdm in Action
The rdms main job in bcnm is to keep the brd alive.If the rdm fails to do this key job just go ahead and and forget doing bcnm in other words if the rdm doesnt keep the brd alive your party will die.
Whm in Action
The whms main job in bcnm is to keep all people fighting the mandy alive.A rdm will work for this job but whm would work alot better.
Blm in Action
The blms main job in bcnm is to nuke the
mandy that the party is attacking atm.The blm
will somtimes have to help the brd sleep the
mandys wich sleepaga.
Rng in Action
The rngs main job in bcnm is to pull the mandy
and of course try to kill it along with the party
Drk in Action
The drks main job in bcnm is to prevent drown
from happening and of course try to kill the
mandy along with the party.

The Plan
The plan in this party would probally start off like this:First off you need to have buffs.Dont let anyone go any further than the bridge until the whole party is ready and has buffs.Then after buffs the party goes to the mandy area.Then the brd sleeps the mandys. The rdm will cure the brd when needed.The rng will first off pull the black mandy and the party will kill it.Then the rng will do the same over and over with the white mandys until all of them are dead.The drk will prevent flood from happening.If the brd needs help sleeping the mandys, they should make a signal of help, i cant sleep the mandys,like if the brd needed to help sleeping them all he would have to say is spt or just a sighn to the blm that he needs help sleeping the mandy.

The Treasue Split
Most partys have ttrouble with, who gets what so i have some tips on well who gets what.If this is a ls bcnm the easiest way to do it is to give all the items to one person and that person will sell the stuff, then he takes the price of all the stuff he sold added togethor and divides by 6 and your answer you get will be the amount of money each person gets.If you got some strangers in your party(this way isnt all that fair but is better than nothing) just whoever trades the orb gets the item.I dont sugest that though.Another way is to just get the party togethor, go to jeuno and shout saying for example if your party got erase "Erase, do you need it, /tell me if so.Or somthig like that so when it sells the people will get the money right after it sells.Thats way is best in my opinion, sorry that i only had 2 good ideas, because that other one that i said i didnt sugest isnt good.PLus its hard to split a treasure form bcnm fairly

What To Bring
In bcnm you must rely on drinks and fod 1/4 of the way.As blm i would bring a drink that has good mp, but then again i need mp right, so id bring some ethers, sorry but i forgot how to spell it.After black mandy is dead use a drink that does mp if your blm, so your mp will boost up.Use your ethers when fighting the white mandy.If i was a whm, id bring a mp drink, but thats my opinion, then again so is this thread lol.I would highly sugest the blm and whm brings melon pies, and uses them, then when needed mp just use an ether.As brd i wouldnt know what to bring to drink or eat, but dont mind me here in this opinion lol, if i was brd id bring a envasion food,lol ask your ls or sombody that would know what to bring for brd, but i truely sugest forbrd bring a mp drink.As the rdm bring the same thing as blm and whm, a melon pie to use and ether to use when mp needed.If you dont have a blm wich you should have one you need to bring an instant warp scroll juts in case somthing goes wrong......

Im sorry if i didnt help anyone and happy if i did.Thank-You for listening to my opinion
# Dec 05 2004 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
ok! i'm a BRD/WHM
i am perfectly fine at sleeping the mandies. occasionally one or 2 wake up early, but with blink on and my mp and regen song up i live just fine, and i sleep them all again when they wake. i rarely need whm assistance, so mages dont really hang around me so much.
my main problem is that i hold hate. tooo much hate. they cant get the white mandies off of me.
oh and sometimes the black mandy comes in to say hi to me too.
this results in me getting paralyzed, i dont get paralyna fast enough ((yes i have a macro that says when i am paralyzed, and i try to cast paralyna on myself)) anyways.. it results in my horde failing and we all die.
second, the white mandy that the melee are trying to take from me. they dont pull it off of me. no. wait. they cant get the hate off of me. i have had white mandies sleep me in the middle of my horde lullaby 4 times now, which resulted in my death twice.
can anyone help me out with this? cuz i really need the gil and stuff for lvl 50+ gear.
# Dec 08 2004 at 12:07 AM Rating: Good
495 posts
Don't cure yourself. Every cure to yourself = More hate on you. This is why you always want a dedicated bard healer (unless you have 4 rangers). With a dedicated bard healer, you never cure yourself, he stays RIGHT on your butt, and doesn't move. He just cures you, thats his job.

Try this Pt makeup:

Brd/Whm - You
Whm/Smn - Party Healer
Rdm/Whm - Bard Healer
Nin/War - Tank (ya right)
Drk/??? - Stunner
Rng/Nin - Damage (and real tank, lol)

Have the rdm stay right on you and keep you paralyna'd, and cured. Try to limit your songs and spells on others. Keep ballad and Minne (Yes Minne, you need the Def) on you and the mages, maybe a prelude to the ranger here and there, but other than that just horde.
# Dec 04 2004 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
I did this bcnm with me as the brd. The best setup that I've found is...


First off everyone Buffs, Eats food, and heals back to full. Then the whole pt runs up to the ramp leading into the arena. The brd casts minne II and Minne I all of the grp. Then the melee with the highest defense runs halfway into the circle of the mandys he stops. Notice don't run around aimlessly trying not to get hit. Then once they're grped the brd casts horde lullaby on them all. Someone still on the ramp hits the Dvorovoi (the black one) and pulls it back to ramp. The original person that ran in stays with the brd for 1-2 sleep rounds. Then they run back and help kill the black mandy.

Both rngs use barrage on this mandy. Go all out ws, etc. 2Hrs aren't needed because hopefuly you'll be doing this thing multiple times. Drk make sure it doesen't cast flood. Keep ready to stun but don't stun when its not flooding. You don't want to be waitin for recast when it hits your rng for 750dmg. The whm keeps the melee grp alive and can occasionaly throw a cure to the brd.

Once the black mandy is dead one rng choose a mandy voke and hit it with a arrow or a ws if you have it. Once the other rng sees it voke one hit that Same one. Don't hit a different one. Once you get hate from the brd pull back to ramp. Make sure that the mandy cannot sleep the brd. Then just kill that one till it is dead. Then pull another one.

Ok now back to what the brd and rdm are doing. Brd stand in the center of them and try to get them as grped around you as possible. Keep up ballad on you and the rdm. Also keep up minne/ mambo its really your prefereance. Once they wake up just immediately re sleep. DO NOT be caught casting a song when they wake up. Be careful you can get 2songs in between sleeps if you have a Mary's Horn. The rdm keeps the brd healed. Conserve mp heal when you don't have to be curing the brd. use Convert if you have to.

Slowly all the mandys should be picked off one by one.

Side Notes
*Rdm Stick Right next to the brd at the beginning.
*Both healers can help the other if things go bad.
*Melee should eat kabobs. Brd Boiled Crab/ Fish mithkabobs. healers should drink juices and eat pies.
*Most jobs can be switched out for another job. If you aren't able to get a drk you can just run out of range of flood it takes close to 18seconds to cast.
# Dec 04 2004 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
Do u get lvl cap or Delvl to 40
RE: ??
# Dec 08 2004 at 12:19 AM Rating: Good
495 posts
Level Cap to 40.
# Dec 03 2004 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
just a question to see what you all think. i've done this a few times a brd/whm and since the point of me is not to die, i was wondering if it would work going out as a brd/nin so i could use utesmi and then still have a whm or rdm there dedicated to healing me when i do take damage.

a few friends i've talked to in game have said both yes thats a great idea and another says its lame since i need whm to heal myself as well.
RE: brd/nin???
# Dec 08 2004 at 12:25 AM Rating: Excellent
495 posts
Bad idea 3 reasons:

1: as /whm you have blink anyway
2: You have 8 mandys attacking you twice (double-attack just like yhoat mandys) each time they wake up (unless you get them in that sleepy sweet spot where they dont attack at all... ::Drool::) Thats 16 hits in about 2 seconds... well your blink went away 13 hits ago.
3: Cure Yourself, Blink Yourself, Protect Yourself... You might as well be casting flash on em, You will have so much hate the melees won't be able to get em off of you.

Bard/Whm is the best. just because just in case you do need to cure yourself (out of MP etc), you can. You can paralyna yourself, and you can keep all your pt members in range free of paralyze and sleep.

Bard/Ninja = <Death> and no point to it.
Bard/Whm = Keep your mages awake, Keep paralyze off you and your mages. Keep yourself alive if worst comes to worst.
RE: brd/nin???
# Dec 30 2004 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
thats a good point. at the time when i posted that i hadn't even unlocked the NIN job yet, so i wasnt even qualified as a NIN noob yet. lol.

one thing i started to realize is that i might want to try food, and like someone above suggested, use boiled crab.

maybe i'll give it ago again sometime soon.

thanks for the input
# Dec 03 2004 at 12:27 AM Rating: Default
OK were you tired of reading successes? I was too.

I would like to share my experience for other BCNM noobies,
Party setup: BRD, RDM, WHM, PLD (me), DRK, MNK

Everything went well for the first few minutes- BRD Horde Lullaby all the Domovoi, and we ran in to get the Dovorvoi. One voke was all i got off til the BRD started taking dmg (which is not supposed to happen), as did the whm (not a good sign either). Before long BRD couldnt cast his Lullaby and died, WHM followed soon after. Once BRD dies, it is over, so I Invincibled and Instant Warped outta there.

Tips: 1) PLD can Shield Bash too, dont forget, but it has less chance to stun depending on ur skill. 2) Make sure your BRD is informed on how Horde Lullaby works and how effectively he can cast it (most of em should sleep, WHM should back up BRD without fear of taking damage). 3) I personally find a PLD useful as tank in case a couple more mandys wake up, then PLD can Invinc and spam Cure 2s or just use Sentinel to draw hate. 4) MNK was useless...should have taken RNG or any Real DD (sorry guys).

Either we got really unlucky or there was some lack of communication. I guess if this were so easy, Phalanx would be worthless...

# Dec 02 2004 at 8:27 AM Rating: Decent
I died the first two times trying to do this, but won the second two times. Here is the proper setup you should have, that we beat it with: DRK, DRK, WHM, BRD/WHM, RDM (which can be replaced with another whm), and WAR. What we did is we all buffed ourselves, food, protect, etc. Then the bard goes in FIRST aggroing everything. While the rdm or second whm heals the bard, the drk's and war go after the Dovorvoi INSIDE THE ARENA CIRCLE. While the melee's kill the dvorovoi, the brd continues to use his AOE sleep song on the Domovoi, and if they wake up the rdm or second whm heals him. DO NOT LET BARD GET INTO YELLOW! If the dvorovoi tries to use flood, which he will, and it's usually on the bard, STUN AND SHIELD BASH A.S.A.P. or you'll all die. After the melee's kill the dvorovoi, they will take ONE AND ONLY ONE of the domovoi from the bard. Using weapon skills or provoking should get aggro back from bard. Kill them one at a time using this method, and when you get to the last one, everyone can just attack it. IMPORTANT: BARD MUST ALWAYS CAST BALLAD ON THE MAGES, AND ALWAYS CAST MINNE ON THE MELEE'S. Also, mages can use cure III whenever they want to, they will never get aggroed, just the melee and bard. HERE IS THE LOCATION OF EVERYONE, (the 0 is the circle or arena, and the X is the character):
----X--0 x is bard, -----X-0 is red mage (or second whm), ------X0 is white mage, -------X is the drk, drk, and war.

Edited, Thu Dec 2 08:32:20 2004
Pet Pulling
# Dec 01 2004 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
252 posts
I just wanted to say as a warning that pulling using a disposable pet (such as having carbuncle or a jug pet suicide bomb one of the targets to pull only that specific mob) apparently DOES NOT work with these mandras. I tried it today, executed a flawless attack on one of the lesser mandys...and when carby bit the dust they all came running at me.

I really can't explain it as this method does work on every other mob I've ever tried it on, including aggro/linking mobs and NM mobs. Oh well, it seems that the only viable solution to this BCNM is to use a bard, which doesn't sound right to me. My logs say I did it perfectly but maybe I screwed up somehow...had sneak up and I was well out of range by the time carby died....weird.
the "right" pt
# Nov 30 2004 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
Regarding to the "right" pt for this BCNM, there are four MUST HAVE jobs, and 2 filler jobs.

-Brd: sleeps the mandies, mages ballad
-Rdm: heal brd, help use Cure for sleepga
-Drk: flood prevention, DD
-Whm: heal melee, help rdm if needed

that leaves room for 2 open slot!
-(some kinda tank is preferred)
-(any job that can dish out some dmg)

hope this helps ^^
# Nov 30 2004 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
138 posts
Is there any place here for mnks?
RE: Monks?
# Jan 14 2005 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
Yes ther is! I'm a 49 MNK and I've been doing a great deal of damage. I borrowed my friends Jujitsu Gi Fuhma Kyahan and Brown Belt, and with eating Meat Cheifkabobs I was doing about 60+ damage each turn, sometimes over 100. Even without her gear I was doing some good damage, my LS asks me to come along with that one now haha. I was beating the PLD and keeping up with the RNG. Id say definetly bring a monk to this. Our party we did it with consisted of RDM WHM BRD RNG PLD MNK. Won 2/4 cuz first Malflood owned the PLD, second I couldnt get in for some reason( but the 5 of them almost won, they just ran out of time). The ones we did win we got 1 Erase and 2 Utsusemi:Ni's along with other stuff. But those were the big sellers.
My party
# Nov 29 2004 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
I know the standard party for this seems to be somethin like BRD DRK PLD WHM RDM RNG, but I need to make some changes.

Would BLM BRD NIN WHM RDM DRG work? We are all level 40 with above average equipment.
RE: My party
# Dec 03 2004 at 7:08 PM Rating: Decent
no u NEED a drk...if u cant find a dark then u cant win.

RE: My party
# Dec 08 2004 at 12:30 AM Rating: Good
495 posts
Don't need a dark knight.

a) Flood is blinkable
b) Dvorovoi is somewhat silenceable
With a blm, whm, and rdm, one should be able to land silence.
c) There are WSs that stun a mob, and Sams that can get 100% TP semi-instantly.
Is this okay?
# Nov 28 2004 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
Me and my friends need to do BCNM because we need them scrolls XD. Im a whm and on Midgard erase cost 500k @[email protected] So we are planing to do this

will a pt of: BRD,BLM,WHM,RDM,DRK, and any tank like war,pld, or nin work? this will be our first time actually doing this so im cluless ^^;

i know forsure the the BRD needs mary's horn and mages need to have their yag drink and food for MP but thats it lol

any advice will be appricated ^^.
First try
# Nov 21 2004 at 6:26 PM Rating: Decent
i did this with 6 times in a row the other day.

brd/rdm (me), rng/nin, whm/blm, rdm/blm, drk/war, bst/whm

the plan was for the rng to pull all the mandys to me for lullaby. halfway down the bridge, the bst got hate and died. i slept the white mandys, but one was still on the rng so one stayed away. i tried to sleep him, but doing that created a chain reaction of mandys waking up like 1 minute apart. a flood later, we all died.

bst went to pull mandys this time. when he came back, he didnt even run near me. he ran around the bridge. most escaped, but being the brd, i died.

everything went well, but me being the bcnm40 noob that i am, casted foe lullaby on a mandy that woke up early. bad move. couldnt control all of them. i died, result in pt escaping when i told them to.

worked as planned. whm to melees and rdm to me.
Ni dropped.

whm decided to heal me this time. rdm ran out of mp and couldnt heal fast enough, whm left me to help rdm and one mandy missed AoE somehow and i got killed.

no more mistakes. perfect run. crappy drops tho :( i even got to kill the last mandy due to 300% TP
a Blm role~
# Nov 16 2004 at 5:41 PM Rating: Excellent
Hi this is my first post ever and I hope at least some of you find it useful ^^

Goal: To share my experience as a blm, since it is NOT a required job thus there weren't useful posts that I could find regarding doing Steamed Sprouts as a Blm.

Motivation: I was sketchy and unsure since most PTs listed, who had done this BCNM successfully, did not have Blms. I want to share my exp with all other, especially blms, and hopefully get some usefull feedbacks as well. So here it is...my 25cents >.<

The Setup:
Brd >>> Sleeps W.Mandy, Mages Ballad
Rdm >>> Brd's guardian angel
Whm >>> Melee's guardian angel
Drk >>> Flood Control
War >>> Pulling, Tanking
Blm >>> Nuke, Enfeeb

The Fight as a Blm:
Stats: Capped at 40, +23INT, 5'11, 155lbs, dark hair, likes long walks on the beach...jk!
Food/Drinks (per fight): 2 Yagudo Drinks (1 for emergency), 3 Melon Drinks (1 for back up), and 1 Pumpkin Pie.
Suggested Enfeebs to use: Blind, Slow, Paralyze.
If you have a bit more MP such as a Taru, possibly Drown and Frost
*NOTE: MP will not matter since in no point during the fight, will you ever be able to rest to MAX MP*

To begin the battle, once the Brd sleeps the w.mandies, help the melees pull the b.mandy. One FireII (200+dmg) will suffice.
Drink your yag drink.
Wait for the melees to grab hate then enfeeb the b.mandy.
*NOTE: B.mandy will agro very easily, becareful if you are a Taru blm with a quick trigger. I had been knocked to about 300Hp one fight and thats with 600ish MAX Hp and Elvaan muscles of steel :p*
Nuke with FireII and AeroII (180+dmg). You want to make sure you stand far away to avoid the sleepga spell. This may require some running around b/c you grab a lot of hate off the bat nuking. Now once the mandy has about half its life left, if you have Manafont, use it. Just keep nuking the crap out of it and it should almost be dead or dead.
If no 2hr is available, drink the melon drink and make sure to rest by the brd for ballad. If the drk stuns the b.mandy for flood prevention, there shouldn't be any problems.
Drink another melon after b.mandy is dead. If you have some MP left at this point, don't rest yet. Run up to the brd and rdm, the tank should be trying to pull a white mandy off the Brd at this point. Go and enfeeb the w.mandy while the tank is pulling. Once you've casted, rest by the brd for ballad. I find it best to rest to about 200MP but 150 should work. While resting the white mandy should be down to around half of its life. Nuke it a 3-4 times, FireII/AeroII/FireII and the manyd should be pretty much dead. (this is also important b/c if you nuke it right away, you will grab hate away from the tank and cause the mandy to start running around, so let the tank grab some hate, then nuke it)
*help unsleep anyone at this stage with cure, always make sure you are far enuff from the mandy to avoid sleepga*
If this part goes well, you won't need to drink another drink. The ballad should be sufficient to help recharge. You'll find a steady rythm/pace.
*You should have 1 yag drink and 1 melon drink at desposal so use those as see fit.*
Emergencies are played by ear, so I have no real stratedgy to offer, cept use your best judgement.
What happens is almost every case that I've heard is that the mages run out of MP to keep the brd alive. Other than that, I have yet to see Flood go off, in which I hear is death anyways...But i have read that running to the edge of the opposite wall might save you. So the only way I see around this is to have ethers for real dire emergency.

Thats it for me.

This may or may not have helped anyone and I welcome all input. If anything, thanks for taking your time to ready my babble.

Edited, Tue Nov 16 17:48:01 2004
# Nov 15 2004 at 3:40 PM Rating: Good
50 posts
Considering this as my first BCNM40... I was surprised how easy it was. Thanks to Durandal for setting it up and picking the right people/job to do it!


1. Buffed at the bridge.
2. RDM pulls all the white mandy to the bridge.
3. DRG, DRK, RNG takes out the Black mandy in the middle while BRD puts white mandy to sleep (in the bridge).
4. After Black mandy is down, RNG start picking white mandy one by one to the middle away from BRD's AoE sleep.

It's all down hill from there.

out of 4 runs, we got defeated once due to the black mandy put us to sleep preventing me to cast stun, then casted flood on our RNG right after which killed him. Few survived and we HP'd then came back for another run.

we had some good drops, including erase & phalanx

hope this helped.

Squint from Seraph

Edited, Mon Nov 15 15:48:25 2004
I have no idea how we didnt die
# Nov 14 2004 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
My party was a RNG/war->Me, RDM/blm, WHM/blm, THF/nin, DRK/war, BRD/whm
First time we had a blm over the RDM and we died since the bard forgot to use mary's horn so the blm left. Second try we won, thf used Utsusemi and flee to drag the mandy's back and the drk and I voked the black mandy. Just ranged till mid fight when i did Berserk, sharpshot, barrage to 2 hour, then started next mandy. I ended up uses 70 arrows in this fight, with barrage and everything, sad thing was i ended up killing half of each mandy.
I think the best party would be, PLD or NIN, RNG, RNG, BRD, WHM, BLM since the RNG's and tank could attack the black mandy and the blm could silence the mandy and heal the melee, while the brd, whm kept the rest at bay.
# Nov 13 2004 at 6:57 AM Rating: Decent
I've done this BCNM a total of 14 times now. PT setup for every fight was WAR/MNK, DRK/WAR, WHM/BLM, BLM/WHM, BRD/WHM, and RDM/BLM. Died 3 times mostly due to bad luck (lord knows I stunned that Flood every time), but the orbs I used gave me exceptional drops :D First orb I used I got Ni, second was Erase and Ni, and third was Erase and Ni again!

I won't bore you with the strategy, but it's a good time for all! Up the BCNM!
1st Attempt
# Nov 12 2004 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
I tried my first BCNM the other night here, and with the help of an awesome team, went 5/5. Our setup was: RNG, DRK, DRK, WHM, RDM, BRD. Our bard went to the edge of the circle and slept the boss mandy, causing the others to aggro him at the edge of the circle. Horde lullaby and they went to sleep too... The DRKs and RNG(me) would then run into the circle and engage the black mandy and pull him away from the mages. Using stun every time he would start flood, and weapon skills as TP permitted, we would take him down relatively quick. Then I would pull individual mandies over to us using barrage or piercing arrow to get hate from bard, and we killed one at a time. WHM was charged with keepin melee alive, and parlyna as needed, RDM concentrated on keeping BRD alive. The Bard of course kept the horde asleep, but after boss was dead was free to buff the melees. Kudos to Hursty, Valura, Jeyre, Iculkn and Sparki.
invite me
# Nov 09 2004 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
I am intrested in doing this anytime. 47DRK/WAR Ive got lvl 40 equipment so no need to worry. I play on the weekends send me a /tell im a veteran at this although all the times ive done it the BRD or mage has messed up big time.

1st time WHM disconnected during the first 5 mins
2nd time BRD went straight into the arena and kept the white mandys around the melees
3rd time NIN tank was a noobie and didnt know he needed an item to cast utsusemi

Well just my experiences I wish I could get a good pt and play this please send me a /tell ive got stun XD
The way to win :D
# Nov 09 2004 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
This is actually ver easy.... I am 23/25 on it... Group setup.... Dragoon/Ranger/Blm/redmage/whm/bard...

Dragoon goes in and vokes the black mandy..... and groups em all up... Bard sleeps em all. Then dragoon takes black mandy away.... For the first many(black one) have blm do nothing but cure both the dragoon and the bard.... Redmage cures only bard whm cures dragoon as well... IF it starts casting flood.. Just simply freaking run... It takes too long to cast flood.. and you will get out of range LONG before it can even come close to casting it therefore canceling the spell.. Also have the blm and the whm constantly trying ot silence the black mandy.. it will stick eventually :D. Also dragoon outdamages drk at this level.. so really no point for a drk. ONCE the black mandy is dead.. it is EASY.. the blm switches to DD. This way you can have 3 healers and 3 dd and 1 bard :P Yes he cant constantly hit.. BUT he can do it more then enough.. You also dont need marys horn or any of that fancy stuff.. In fact the best bard i had, had ALL evasion stuff on.. so he didnt get hit as much.. But he was taru...
what a F'ed up night
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/sigh. Alright 2 days ago i was doing a bcnm with my mostly my ls. Setup= 2 rng drk rdm whm and a non ls brd. We all go to balgas dais and start our first one. buff up brd goes in gets aggro cuz she went into deep. 0/1 death #1. we do it again same brd seems promising black mandy was one arrow away from death. bam brd eats Sh#t. 0/2 death #2. I delevel. brd ditches us we go to onzonzo get me 36 exp (3-5exp per kill with a 62 rdm) get a new brd our drk lends a complete stranger 85k for marys horn. We go brd foe's the black and instead of hordeing the rest he cast minne. 0/3 death #3. i delevel decide to use CB cuz too lazy to relvl. Go in again seems promising but but the brd has low life for about 10 sec. i see the black mandy is 50% dead and the brd has 25 life. say to myself...NOT AGAIn and i disengage run my @$$ off to BC and make it. 0/4 death still 3. SO waste of time getting a brd that flaked on us before for this weekend.
moral= get good brd ...DUH...
P.S. everyone did their job but the brd's
p.s.s. mobs hate me! i was the farthest away from the mandies when the brd died and i get aggroed...except the 4th time... was gone before they could notice
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my record for this BCNM is 8-2 the only reason we lost is because of a gimp drk that didnt stun on time
My Attempt
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When I did this with a few people for my first time, I had found it fairly easy, and fun. Our setup was pretty basic, Rdm/Whm<me>, Brd/Whm, Whm/Blm, Rng/Nin, Drk/War, and War/Nin.

After entering and buffing, the Brd would run in with whm and gather all the mandys to sleep them. The Rng would then pull blacky to the edge of the circle, while the brd kept them all asleep. My job was simple, silence blacky and cure meleers. The Drk, Rng, and War would crush the mandys one by one as we killed them. Never seen flood land out of any of the times he tried to cast it, I'd either land silence before it finishes, or the Drk would stun it. Food is also important here, speeds things up some, Juices and Pies/Kabobs can make a difference (and came cheap since 3 of the people could make most of the food). I just wish Refresh was level 40, lol.

We went 5/5 after, no problems at all throught it. First two attempt we got nothing, 3rd we got Ni, 4th was Phalnax, and 5th was Ni and Erase.

Overall it was fun and we made 150k each, which I used to buy my Dark Staff :p

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My LS has done this a few times. Our PT everytime has been: DRK/THF(me), BRD/WHM, NIN/WAR, DRG/WAR, RDM/???, and WHM/BLM. We're 3/4, beccause the last time it was different people. But the first 3 times it went perfectly. I stunned when needed, and we always beat it within like 18-25 minutes. We all knew what we were doing. No erase, Utsusemi, Phalanax, nothing...We had such crap drops all 3 times...Makes me sad...
PT Set ups
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Hello, My linkshell did this lastnight. We had a couple of different setups, using Monks, Thfs, Plds, Blm, Whms, Rdms, Rngs, ect.... I just wanted to dispel the fact that you only need certain jobs to do this. There is a setup you should stick to, but it is flexible:

Bard: Sleeps white mandies, not replacable, don't even think about it.

Healer: 2 Red Mages actually work better than a whm/rdm or whm/whm combo, but you must have 2 healers.

Tank: Some people say you dont need a tank. The best reason to get a pld, war, Sam would be for a stun ws. Any stun ws will work, even a monk we did it with worked. However, sam has the best stun ws, and gets tp faster. In case stun isnt ready, best thing to do is have mage silence it. If that doesnt work, <Run Away!>. Getting out of the Black mandy's AOE will cancel the spell. Drk is the most effective at this because of no need to wait for 100%, but Sam comes in close second.

Damge Dealer:Any job can fill this spot. the best would be ranger followed by blm. other than that, anything will work. Remeber, kill FAST

All in all, best thing to do is this:

Bard, Healer, Healer, Tank, DD, DD

I won't eloberate on our strategy, thats been on here enough. Feel free to send me a /tell anytime for more info.

Oh, by the way, we went 11/12 ( bard's first time) and erase dropped 6 times, utsusemi: ni dropped 3 phalanx dropped 1 :)

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