Steamed Sprouts  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Domovoi
Max Level:40
(Average from 11 ratings)
Items Required:Star Orb
Items Granted:Ametrine
Balance Buckler
Black Pearl
Enhancing Earring
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Beastcoin
Guarding Gorget
Mythril Beastcoin
Oak Log
Red Rock
Rosewood Log
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Survival Belt
Translucent Rock
Vile Elixir
This Quest is Repeatable
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Steamed Sprouts.

Your party will be deleveled to 40 when you do this encounter. Your party may consist of 6 members. You have 30 minutes to defeat the Dvorovoi and 7 linked Domovoi.


You will be able to tell immediately which mob is the Dvorovoi because he is the black Mandragora standing in the middle. Most successful strategies include a Bard for Horde Lullaby. All mages and the bard should have several Yagudo Drinks to drink. Stand on the bridge without aggroing and target the Dvorovoi. Your tank(s) should have food that will provide a good defensive boost. When you zone in, buff everyone up and when ready, move to the bridge. Do NOT get too close or you'll aggro the whole lot of them.

Have your puller bring the group to the edge of the bridge. If you have a Black Mage, he/she should try to Elemental Seal/Silence the Dvoirovoi it so that it cannot cast Ancient Magic. The Bard will be focused on keeping all 7 Domovois asleep with the White Mage keeping him/her alive. Once the Dvorovoi is dead, concentrate on killing one Domovoi at a time.

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my expericne with BCNM wasent to fun
# Jun 28 2004 at 6:30 AM Rating: Decent
lol first off i did it with a buddy and like 4 other asian guys... party was Pal Whm Brd Bst Rdm Rng , i read all the posts as what to do and i also watched a video online.. so i was doing what i was supposed to do (im pal) i was flashing the correct monsters and helping my bard out with healing when neccasry.. but i think unorganization or something got us.. we kept killing the black one but my mages ended up running out of mp and leaving me to heal the bard... left me in a weird postion. i dont think my bard was casting Hordes fast enough... kuz he got his *** beat every 45-50 seconds. it was so hard to tell what everyone was doing. i kept trying to tell them to seperate the herd into two seprate piels but they decided to do thier own thing... im not sure what they were doing to be honest.. we tried 3 times... till i downleveled and couldnt wear my level 40 gear. o man it was a mess... unoranization at its best. i couldnt do anything kuz they were all speaking a diffrent language. its still kinda blurry to me lol

i guess experience is key in this kind of battle. if anyone is short a Pal in garuda world for BCNM40 then count me in. i know my roll and will fight with honor.. completly up to date in all my armor and spells.. drop me a line.

We also had an idea to do it 6 times... 1 time for each party member that dropped an orb.. each person getting a BCNM40 drop.. some getting luckier then others of course but we planned on going all week if needed lol.. is that a bad idea?
How I did it.
# Jun 24 2004 at 8:23 PM Rating: Decent
I got into a group of people that were doing it the first time. The only other person who did it was the Bard. We are now doing this staticly. The Pt is DRK, RDM, WHM, RNG, BRD, PLD. The WHM Buffs us before we enter and the RDM refreshes the himself, the PLD, and the WHM. We all line up and the BRD runs in and aggros everything and brings it all to the right side of the room and Horde Lulaby's them, meanwhile the Paladin Provokes the Black Mandy. We beat on the Black Mandy till its dead. Our Skillchain is Dulling Arrow > Nightmare Scythe > Red Lotus Blade. I watch out for flood and stun and weapon bash as nessaccary. The RDM and WHM stand on top of the BRD. The WHM is responsible for the BRD and the RDN for melees. We all drink poison potions to avoid the AOE sleep. After the Black Mandy is dead the PLD goes in a Flashes one of the White Mandy's, I then voke, then he vokes to get the hate. We SC each one, brings em down quick. After all is done we all attack the last one. We are 3/3 on BCNM 40. First one we got 1 Phalanx, 1 Ususemi Ni, and various other things worth a few thousand. Second we got another Utsusemi Ni and more stuff not worht much. Third we Dried out BCNM40 for a bit it seemed, mose expensive item was 6k. Total we all got about 100k. Was very fun to do. We plan on doing it again tomorow all night, then again the next night.

Edit* The Bard also has Mary's Horn, no Monster Signa though. He did fine keeping them asleep.

Edited, Thu Jun 24 21:25:33 2004
bard service for hire
# Jun 24 2004 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
Well, I just completed my first two BCNM40's, both ending in a pretty fast loss. I had a hunch my first two times wouldn't be successful, especially since half of my party also hadn't done it before.

Anyway, I know what i have to do now, but the problem is i noticed its hard to get a party where everyone knows what they're doing and has experience. My current LS doesn't have too many people with levels high enough to do bcnm40, or the jobs for a good bcnm make-up. If anyone has any need for level 40 bard for a bcnm party or some kind of bcnm LS, please, i'd love to join. Send me a /tell in the game, or reply back. Thanks!
Make sure your BRD has good equipment
# Jun 23 2004 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
Not sure if this has been said before.. But..

Make sure that your BRD has very high CHR and preferably mary's horn. We tried this last night with someone who was not primarily a BRD player, but had it up to 40, and he had somewhat less than optimal gear (I didn't check it all out but he was using sandorian horn and did not have monster signa). He was completely unable to hold the mandras with his horde lullaby, got absolutely raped, and everyone died. This was the first BCNM i tried and thankfully it was not my orb that we wasted, will try again soon with a more aptly equipped BRD :D
RE: Make sure your BRD has good equipment
# Jul 08 2004 at 3:01 PM Rating: Good
787 posts
Mary's Horn isn't necessary at all. I don't have it yet, and I'm 7-0 on this BCNM40. Mary's Horn doesn't actually help lullaby stick better; rather, it increases the sleep length when it does stick from 25 to 30 seconds, which gives you time to do more stuff between lullabies and means you get hit less.

The Sandorian Horn, on the other hand, *does* help lullaby stick better because of the CHR+3.

Your BRD should absolutely have a Noble's Ribbon, Bird Whistle, 2xPearl Rings (or Hope, or Loyalty), Corsette (preferably +1), and Paper Knife (or Signa).

The most important part of the BRD's job is positioning so that the lullaby hits all of the mandys. Missing one or two on the first round isn't the end of the world, but after that you really need to keep them grouped.
PLD useless
# Jun 19 2004 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
i'm not trying to offend anyone, but i find pld almost useless. he can't do much damage and if anyone else tanks (even a drk) won't take that much dmg! including someone who could deal more dmg (ex: rng) would make things go faster. even though a DRK has low defense and shouldn't ever be a tank, it seems one can tank this just fine. i've been in a party where it had a DRK tanking. nothing went wrong, her health never got to a low point and she wasn't dropping very fast. putting a PLD into this setup would take out a slot of a DD(damage dealer) and replace it with someone that takes damage a little bit better but can't dish it out. a good setup bcnm40 pt is:
the 2 RNGs will unleash a ton of dmg, DRK will be there to tank and stun. BRD-duh. WHM to heal and help healing brd. RDMs sole purpose is to the brd, to make sure he/she doesn't die. if they do, it's over. just run. the setup is not a perfect one but yet efficient. you can include other DDs too.

also, Pies and Yagudo Drinks help out the mages so much. Yagudo drinks may be expensive, but they are very well worth it. Pies also help too. DDs take Meat Mithkabobs and if you include a Paladin, i think it's Fish Mithkabobs. the only hard part for the BRD is the first song, aiming it so that every mandy falls asleep. other than that, it's not too hard as long as the brd does not die. gl to people looking to do this bcnm

EDIT: forgot to mention, i do feel the BLM cannot contribute enough damage as a RNG or DRK would do because of the limit to MP. they would have to rest, while RNGs could keep dishing out the dmg.

by saying that jobs aren't as helpful as others, i'm not saying they are completly terrible at BCNM, just saying they can't contribute as much as some others can. i don't mean anything harmful by this

Edited, Sun Jun 20 00:43:23 2004
RE: PLD useless
# Jun 22 2004 at 11:13 AM Rating: Default
PLD is not useless....

ok listen to me, ive done it a hundred times

PLD doesnt do much, cant do dmg... but has flash

the only point of the pally is to flash the mob to pull one off the BRD. its incredibly hard to get hate off brd without flash... unless a rng does attack+weaponskill+provoke being the rng subbed war

PLD is very helpful in pulls, he DOES NOT TANK

and also, its IMPOSSIBLE to get the drk to tank if there is a RNG

RNG is the tank, he deals so much DMG that hate doesnt get off him, a RNG must unload the entire fight, if ur RNG isnt tanking, hes a bad RNG

DRK is only good to STUN Flood, thats all

but a better way to do this is to have a RNG/NIN use a sword as a main weapon for Flat Blade

PLD is NOT useless, he needs to pull the hate off BRD so that the RNG can take over tanking, pluss, a few cures from the PLD on to the RNG tank never hurts
RE: PLD useless
# Jun 20 2004 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
67 posts
Thanks for being polite, and I hope I don't sound like I'm not, but aren't there enough "so and so job is no good for this BCNM" posts already? Lol. Not trying to flame or anything, but this fight isn't all that hard if you have good players and a good plan. All you need is a good bard, a couple mages who can cure, and 3 melee/rng.

Sure paladin isn't absolutely necessary, but all the slots can be filled by different jobs, except the bard (unless you have a different strategy)

Black mage doesn't need to compete with rng and drk slots in this BCNM, since will have a hard time with mana if they nuke like in experience parties. A blm/whm can cast cure, elemental seal + silence, paralyna, blindna, curaga to wake lots of ppl up quickly. They can magic burst with leftover mana (that's pretty much what I do).

Sorry if I am repeating myself, I just feel like too many posts on this page are shooting one job or another, whether it's nin, pld, blm, whatever. If someone is a good player, and you have the right mix of jobs in the party, they aren't going to be dead weight because they are one class instead of the other. I can understand if you're going for a speed record, you might want a couple good rng. However, I doubt most people care much about speed records, or a few minutes, when they only have a couple orbs and they want to win safely.

Anyways, thanks for the tips. I will have to level my drk some more so I can convince my linkshell to let me try tanking the black mandy. ;]
# Jun 14 2004 at 2:17 PM Rating: Excellent
easy, way to easy... Kujata server record time is 10min 29seconds 00:10:29

best party for this...


Bard and Pld walk in, by themselevs, flash the Black manD, huddle them together, Brd Lullaby's, pld pulls black one out, party kills....

WHM heals BRD and only BRD
RDM heals Melee's and does not Fight
BRD tanks the mandys with Lullaby constantly casting
PLD does what he can, he wont have much hate
DRK watches for Flood, and stuns if he sees it
RNG tanks pretty much, and just unloads

its easy to do, we did it in 10 minutes obviously, usually takes 15-20, you shouldnt run out of time

Erase-Phalanx-Utsusemi:ni are best drops
what we do is the orb trader takes all drops and sells all, then divides money evenly 6 ways, we each make 50k+ a fight, easy gil for 15 minutes

it dont take much, and party shouldnt die, just watch for Flood and Paralyzga from the black manD, and ur fine... (paralyzga keeps brd from casting lullaby so watch out)

Brd dies, then whole party dies... weve done it without the Pally be4

RE: Easy...
# Jun 27 2004 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
"BRD tanks the mandys with Lullaby constantly casting"

Be more specific on "constantly casting". I tried constantly casting Horde on the linking mandys and I just woke them up, getting the party killed in seconds.

I think want you mean is keep them asleep. They dont wake up at the same time (in my tragic case). But you must either wake them up or wait until they're all woken up before the Bard recasts Horde.
My First
# Jun 11 2004 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
915 posts
I did my first BCNM (this one) two days ago. We had a rather strange party. RDM/BLM (me), DRK/WAR, WHM/SMN (leader), BRD/WHM, WHM/BLM, and BLM/WHM.

Our plan was:
1) BRD does Sleepga
2) Melees (DRK and RDM in our case) attack the boss Mandgragora
a) Save up TP for using Flat Blade (or other stunning WS) when boss begins to cast Flood
3) Once boss dead, select a new Mandy, try your hardest to get it off BRD, and move to the center of the ring. Then kill it
4) Repeat step 3
5) Split the mulah!

We played 4 times and won 4 times. On our second round, the Mandy managed to use Flood and killed the DRK. We still managed to survive. On our 4th round, both the DRK and BLM got killed, and we STILL survived (although we only had 13 seconds left before time ran out).

We got 2 Erases and 2 Phalanxes. We decided that on whatever round that you use your orb, you get to keep the drops (except for the expensive scrolls, which are sold and gil is split). I got a Scroll of Ice Spikes (which I used), a Guarding Gorget (sold), a Survival Belt (sold), and some random cheap stuff. The most valuable thing I got was the Ice Spikes, but I just had to use it.
Very easy fights
# Jun 05 2004 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Thisīs a very easy fight for me, cuz i have a very good PT, usually we won between 60k to 200k per ppl (we usually fight between 3-6 fights, and won a 2-3 erase scroll, 2-4 utsumeni, 1-3 phalanx).

If somebody wanna earn a lot of gil, in 1-2 hrs, send me tell, im Cabsha in Valeforīs Server, the condition is simple: u must have a Star Orb, if u wanna participate with ous.

Good luck :D
My BCNM 40 experience.
# Jun 04 2004 at 11:40 PM Rating: Good
Ok all, I hope this will be at least mildly helpful ^_^

I was recently invited to a LS which was formed solely for BCNM/Genkai/AF/whatever related stuff, and we decided to get a PT together and give the Balga's Dais BCNM 40 a go. We had a reasonably good PT, though not by any means perfect. Ended up being: Drk, Sam, Drg, Blm, Whm, Brd. Once everyone was together, we took all the necessary steps; buffing, food, etc., got together a plan and went to it.

Lesson #1: Never, EVER let someone talk the blm(me) into pulling with silence. I admit that it was a horrifyingly bad idea, hehe.
Needless to say, I died. Very, very quickly. After that, there was no healer paying attention to the Brd, our whm ran out of MP, and we went kapput. (sp?)

Now, before I go any further, let me assert that we KNEW that our PT was not optimal. To me, it seems that the best PT would be Drk, Drk, Rng, Whm, Whm, (or Blm, I ended up keeping up just fine on healing, and nuked 3 of the baddies to death in a pinch) and finally.... BARD. Do NOT expect to win this one without one. Unless there is some breakthrough strategy that I don't know of, having a Brd is THE key.

One may ask "But who is going to tank? Dark's can't!" I say this: That is untrue. The nasty black mandy was hitting him for a fair amount, but nothing mind-boggling. The little ones were hitting him for 20 or less on the pull, to boot. This all adds up to putting more damage dealing ability in a PT, thus ending the battle faster.

We ended up doing a string of 6, winning 4, losing 2. Why did we have this record, one may ask? I can answer that fairly easily.

We had to replace our bard with another. This new bard either did not have a high enough Chr, bot as much bard-type gear... I'm not really sure. Maybe there is a skill for bardsongs? I've never played one, and don't claim to know anything about them. Anyhoo, his horde Lullaby's were NOT keeping the white mandy's asleep long, and were even occasionally resisted. this caused me to run out of MP horrendously fast... eventually drying me up while he innefectually tried to sleep the horde of mandy's around him. the whm then had to split her heals between melee's and brd, running her out of MP in the process. Once that happened... night night PT.

Anyway, on to how we won. ^_^

Our strategy, which worked very, very well, went like this. Buff, eat food, whatever, outside the circle, that almost goes without saying. Anyway, once we got in, the PT ran to near the end of the black bridge thing. Our puller then went just a bit ahead of the PT and pulled the black mandy, causing them all to link. At this point, the puller runs BACK, just a bit, towards the rest of the PT. Why? Because this causes the mob of them to bunch up quite a bit more, making them easier to hit with horde lullaby. Once they were asleep, I elem-seal/silenced the Black mandy. This actually landed with startling regularity, and stopped him from casting flood not once, but twice. Now that the black mandy is silenced, he is voke by the tank and pulled far away from the brd and his healer, this prevents him from dream flowering and putting them to sleep. (happened once, almost blew the whole deal for us.) The 2 healers need to pretty constantly have mages ballad on, and should be resting as often as possible, this usually does not happen until the black mandy is dead mind you. This *should* be fairly often. If you find yourself not having time to rest between horde lullaby's, something is probably seriously wrong.

Anyhoo, make sure the Drk's have enough MP to cast Stun on the black mandy if he starts to cast flood. If he gets it off and kills someone, things could get ugly... if not impossible. Weapon skills with Stun effects don't seem to be very effective on him, I've never seen one work. However, if someone HAS seen one work, please please tell me, i'd like to know whats effective. ^_^ Also, a mage should be trying to cast silence on him if he starts flood, this seems to work occasionally.

Once the black mandy is dead, its pretty much a cakewalk as long as a good rythm is kept. Pull the white mandy's, one at a time, to the middle, killing them off one by one. Just be sure to save the one with it's name in red for last, that is the Brd's horde lullaby target. The mages should have more time to rest at this point, since the white mandy's don't hit nearly as hard. If you've gotten this far, you should pretty much be ok!

In closing, make absolutely SURE that all mages and melee's in the PT have all necessary skills capped, ESPECIALLY enfeebling and dark, (and bard skills, if there are any, hehe) this ensures that all spells will indeed stick when they need to. and having enhancing capped helps too, protect and such will last lots longer, hehe. OH, and make sure that if the brd has time between sleeps (which he should) that he casts blink on himself, this helps the cause immensly.

I hope that people find use in this, it took me quite a while to write. If there are ANY questions, comments or suggestions, please don't be afraid to speak your minds. ^_^

Good luck, and stay safe!
Drop %
# Jun 02 2004 at 8:52 PM Rating: Default
i hear that the drop is
4 rare
2 un-rare (gold beastcoin, etc.)
is this true? plz respond soon ^^
# May 19 2004 at 7:46 PM Rating: Default
Ninja would work. Thats why you bring the brd for horde lullaby ya know. Horde lullaby the pack then take out the black one. Have a mage keep the brd alive. The ninja just has to be able to count shadows. Ninja would work great in this ppl just like pld more.
WTF is going on
# May 19 2004 at 5:33 AM Rating: Good
94 posts
i ahve done this BCNM 7 times(only lost the first 2) and our party has never gottena decent drop. the most expensive thing i think we've gotten so far was a peridot that went for 18k. how come everyone always gets these awesome drops constantly but my party doesnt get anything decent for drops.

Edited, Wed May 19 06:34:36 2004
RE: WTF is going on
# May 26 2004 at 3:55 PM Rating: Default
Im not sure arm, but next time you do, give me the peridot! jk...see u on the ls!
Level Question
# May 18 2004 at 5:39 PM Rating: Decent
I'd really like to do this BCNM for the Scroll of Erase at level 32, seeing as Erase is a lvl 32 WHM spell. HOWEVER, is it even possible to do this BCNM40 at level 32?

Edited, Tue May 18 18:45:40 2004
RE: Level Question
# May 19 2004 at 10:12 AM Rating: Default
135 posts
You can't even do in there until level for so it's irrelevant.
For BCNM's (say BCNM40) the Min lvl is 40 to get and and you are capped at 40 if you are over 40 so.....
Min Lvl = Max Lvl = 40 in this case

So erase is Def a buy it spell and I've been with quite a few high lvl 40 WHM's and some in the low 50's that still wish they had Erase so don't expect to get it anytime soon unless you LOVE TO FARM...hope this helps, good luck
RE: Level Question
# Nov 13 2004 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
147 posts
I don't have any idea where you might have gotten the idea that there is a minimum=maximum level for this but it's absolutely not true.

As with most any level-capped battle in the game, your maximum level is 40 from the cap but you can go in under that if you want.

You'll get totally spanked if you try to do this under 40. You'll probably get spanked at 40. ^^ Good luck though.

RE: Level Question
# May 21 2004 at 1:46 AM Rating: Decent
Went in with a 37RNG. Min Lvl, no such thing. Max Lvl, yes, 40.
RE: Level Question
# May 19 2004 at 7:56 AM Rating: Good
806 posts
You hear people fail it all the time at lvl 40. Personally I was humiliated twice at the Palborough BCNM40 (w/o BRD), with full lvl 40 party.

If you go in with a lvl 32 party you will be badly beaten. Carnage.
# May 18 2004 at 7:24 AM Rating: Good
22 posts
In the fight there are actually 7 of the white onions not six. It is important to note the difference because that hinders 6 BSTs a bit cause one would need brd SJ or blm SJ.
# May 15 2004 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
218 posts
could a nin do justice in this?
RE: nin
# Jun 20 2004 at 6:24 PM Rating: Decent
67 posts
Yes, a good ninja can tank in this BCNM. I have a nin buddy in my linkshell that does it all the time, and rarely loses. The 3 or 4 times I did BCNM with him we won. When I played with him, we had a backup tank (war/thf with damage equipment)that may have voked while he recasted.

There are a couple really nice things about nin tank in this BCNM. First is that Utsusemi will absorb the Flood spell. Also, a nin tank saves a bunch of MP, and that is very useful in such a long fight.
# May 10 2004 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
173 posts
Bleh, stoopid BCNM...

Edited, Wed May 19 12:34:53 2004
# May 04 2004 at 3:35 AM Rating: Excellent
Did it today with the following party members


We had it set up perfectly cuz the WHM & BRD knew exactly what to do becuz they done it several times before. The PLD went in and cast voke on the Black Mandy then all the little ones followed - I preceeded to just continuously attack the Black one will casting Stun when it used Flood. The BRD Put all the White ones to sleep with "Horde Lullaby" the RDM & WHM cast continous healing spells and the RNG just pumped him up! Got a bunch of stuff including Erase & Refresh! BoNG! Can't wait to do it again! I Hope this helps fellow players as wellfor a strat! Lemme know if it helps! Thanks!
# Apr 24 2004 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
1,059 posts
I read it posted earlier about white mages taking poison potion, however I wanted to confirm. Since I have auto-regen, when I take a poison potion I will essentially be cancelling out the effect of the regen. And since my HP won't be going down from the poison, will it still keep me awake?

Also, poison + regen will keep someone awake as well?

We're 0/3 with BCNM40 now, however we've never tried the poison potion approach. Attempting it tomorrow, so I hope someone posts before then. ^^
RE: Confirm?
# Jun 30 2004 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
Everyone should take poison potion.
BCNM Nerf?
# Apr 23 2004 at 9:13 PM Rating: Default
The April patch nerfed (at least the level 40 Balga's Dias) BCNM - I have a permanent BCNM group, and ive done many BCNM's and usually we get an erase or phalanx (the good drops) 2/3 to 3/4 rounds.. today we did it (after the patch) and after 5 rounds we got only 1 phalanX ! SE - WTF?

for anyone interested in our party setup, which never loses (or hasn't since our first day when we lost 2/7) - its BRD WHM BLM RNG DRG DRK 90% of the time, our ranger usually tanks with utsusemi, and the drk does backup tanking. the blm heals the bard (and does a little nuking, but less than you would think), who constantly (with mary's horn) casts foe lullaby. i, the WHM, heal everyone else, and cast haste, regen, and silence. the drk uses stun when the black onion casts flood. NOTES; we dont have a pally, pally's are a waste of time and slow down battle time. Also be sure to bring lots of juice (2-4 per fight per person) ! hope i helped out

Edited, Fri Apr 23 23:26:28 2004
RE: BCNM Nerf?
# Jun 04 2004 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
NOTES; we dont have a pally, pally's are a waste of time and slow down battle time.

Nice to know.
Funny how I have heard alot of people say White Mage is a waste of time... doesn't feel so good does it?
How about leaving unnecesary job bashing like this out of the forums.

Different parties have different configurations, no job is worthless.

Besides, Paladins of all jobs have an upperhand here for resist sleep. Not to mention that if everyone falls asleep but the Paladin, he/she can cure mage and get everyone back in action.

Good luck to all of those who are trying this, drops did seem to get nerfed in last update. If you don't do this 6 times with no deaths, I don't really think it is worth it... you could almost farm or craft more gil in the time it takes to get this all situated, then fight and [hopefully] win, and then divide the winnings 6 ways...
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 30 2004 at 9:24 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) With all respect... PLD pretty much are useless... People shouldn't have problems with being asleep because they should have taken poison or venom potions before hand. Also, if you want a tank you should take a ninja. They can blink though A-Magic... PLD may have a lot of defence, sure... but where they lack in HP they make up in MP... Most A-Magic will kill a PLD or damn near kill the PLD. They don't hit very hard at all... Only reason they make good tanks is because they get Def. Job traits... Helps a lot. Not much against the magic...
RE: BCNM Nerf?
# Aug 11 2004 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
With all respect... PLD pretty much are useless...

Respect? Do you even know what that means?
PLD may not be the best pick in a BCNM for whatever reason but I tell you right here and now PLD are not useless.
I pity you if you honestly think you will get to 75 without NEEDing the help of a PLD alony the way. You NEED a PLD in dynamis, I'd like to see nin blink tankers kiting or tanking mobs, that would be interesting.
You NEED a PLD to fight HNMs/Gods... several of them acually. I am so damn sick of ninja only sub being war and tanking you guys KILL the NIN job. I'm a ninja too, and I hate blink tanking mainly because its overated. I have done it, i can't stand it.
So rate me down and continue to live in your safe little anonymous world while you degrade peoples jobs. Have a nice day.
# Apr 22 2004 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
Decided to do this, finally, at level 41 as a ranger. I was dying to, as my LS friends made over 100k (or so they had said). Party consisted of a thf, bard, rng (me), another rng, whm, blm. We died so many times I de-leveled. >_> BUT, as we died we warmed up to each other as we started talking in /party. :D Guess it's different for everyone.

Our strategy was more or less like everyone elses, except we had no main tank. So, the bard acted as tank and everyone else waited in the hallway while the bard let all the mandragoras circle around her. (thf lent bard a monster signa, she gave it back afterwards)

Slept them, whm healed her, two rangers pulled the black mandragora (me and another girl) and started bombing on it. Blm helped out with heals and nukes, while the thf sneak attacked it like mad. I used two hour at the end when it was almost dead to save time. Bard continued sleeping them, we pulled one at a time back to the hallway, until they were all dead.

The other times we actually had a main tank, but it was his first time, and he didn't really know what to do, despite the instructions we gave him. Ž_Ž Eh, it was okay, 400 xp only. ^_^

29k for everyone in the party. Phalanx scroll was our biggest drop, I believe, and we now have a perm. party for BCNM's, if any of us are actually on at the same time now. ^-^
after research...
# Apr 19 2004 at 4:29 AM Rating: Decent
I foundt that doing BCNMs are best if you do them with your ls or maybe with a static party you made... that way there's nothing going on behind your back...
RE: after research...
# Jun 11 2004 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, I did BCNM the other day, and am a little worried about getting my share of the money. I'm not too concerned, though, because I asked my LS and the guy I did it with has a good reputation. But still, it's been 2 days and I see that he has sold the scrolls that we won (although the ones he sold might have been from a different BCNM). It probably just seems like a long time because I really want that money ^_^
Bard's point of view.
# Apr 17 2004 at 12:35 AM Rating: Excellent
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I was with a party last night that successfully did this one 4 times in a row and we got lucky enough to get 3 scrolls of erase out of it. One inital loss. But we learned from it.

Our setup:

another thing to note that I didnt see in the other posts here is that you'll need 3-4 poison potions per person that needs it. (It will wear off! You need to drink more during the battle.)

basically We used each class as they were meant to be used.

WAR - tank and puller. he selected the target the drk and blm would attack.

DRK - uses DMG dealer and has the ability to cast stun to stop flood

BLM - nuker. nuff said.

RDM - Enfeebles whatever the WAR chooses with all his spells and proceeds to keep the BRD alive.

WHM - keeps the whole party alive and chief in removing sleep and paralysis from party members.

BRD - I basically keep the white onions asleep. and I casted Ballad and Minuet/Paeon inbetween sleeps and with my sub white I could remove my own paralysis.

Our strategy was the opposite of most other startegies I've heard. The mages were having trouble with mp so we kept the entire party with in range of my songs. If you think about it with ballad you'll get 40 mp every 90 secs. That adds up during a 15-20 min fight. This was used in addition to the mages taking their food for mp regen. If you time it just right BRDs can keep the white onions alseep without taking too much damage (maybe 0-4 hits instead of 14 hits) if you keep your eye on the log screen.

You wait till you see a chain of statements saying that Dvorovoi is no longer asleep. then start playing your horde. (I also have mary's horn)

Complications that arose during our fights:
-Mages need to learn to conserve their mana. Keep in mind when you are poisoned you cannot rest. You have to rely on your food and my pt relied on my ballad to help with that. BLM didnt use poison.

-Paralysis. A good way to cause panic among your pt when all you see is "X is paralyzed" the RDM, WHM, and myself could all cast paralyna. Make sure you have that handy.

-Sleepga. If you are poisoned this is not a problem. BUT since the battle was 15-20 mins for us. The people that need poison potions had to have several potions cause it will wear off during the fight and you will need to drink more.

-Stray onions. Once in a while one or 2 onions would either wake up early or just not be in the area of the horde and goes out to beat on something other than the BRD.

Possible Solutions:
- If your bard times it correctly, he/she will take a lot less damage during that critical time when all the white onions wake up. This translates to less healing for the casters.

-I honestly think the RDM casting all those debuffs helps in several ways. One, you'll notice that "Dvorovoi is paralyzed" a lot saving your pt mp and them possibly casting a spell.

-Keeping the party close made it easier for me to catch stray onions cause everyone would just run to me and I would catch them on the next horde.

I hope this provides you with some new information about this BCNM.

50 BRD/ 25 WHM - Asura
RE: Bard's point of view.
# Apr 19 2004 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
do you think that the DRK instead can be a DRG or what? cuz we dont do as much damage but we do damage.
Here's my question...
# Apr 12 2004 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
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Everyone says, "2 RDMs over 1 WHM"...

What about me? I'm a WHM. If I want to do BCNM, am I just going to get rejected because I'm not a RDM? o.o
RE: Here's my question...
# Jun 20 2004 at 6:08 PM Rating: Decent
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If you're a good mage, you can be useful in BCNM, you don't have to be a rdm.

A whm/blm or blm/whm can do elemental seal+silence, and paralyna/blindna. A rdm has to pick either elemental seal from blm sub, or paralyna/blindna from whm sub. Convert saves a rdm from drinking as much juice.
RE: Here's my question...
# Apr 16 2004 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
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Just be glad you're not a thief :)
RE: Here's my question...
# Apr 23 2004 at 10:33 PM Rating: Default
theives are useful in bcnm! oh wait.. nope.. can't back that up.. yep theives are totally useless.
RE: Here's my question...
# May 19 2004 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
I've done this as THF with 2 RDM, a DRK, a PLD, and a BRD, and we were very successful. Against the first madragora (the black one) I wasn't able to do much (the PLD had aggro, and I didn't want to SATA onto the DRK) but for all the small guys, the DRK would pick one, then I would SATA onto the PLD, doing a pretty good amount of damage and helping to keep the hate on the PLD.
# Apr 07 2004 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
Just to name a few additional items:

Rosemary Log
Mythril Beastcoin
this sucks
# Mar 31 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Default
ok my name on the game is DAvio play on quezgottol server. Me and a buddy Stones went after the BCNM. we bought food and drinks etc. ok so we enter the battle area . Drk is wat we was usin 4 tank. we gets all arrgo then brd sleeps them all. boom this is where it goes wrong. NO one pulls the black one? its just sitting there and no one does anything. The Rng was the puller but nothing... so the sam was liek ok screew this and hits the black one the battle starts me as BLM i nuke it ok so we kill the black one. and then something goes terribly wrong WHM no MP
i have no Mp... from nukin the black one the mandy wakes the brd is paralized and we all die? can some one please tell us wat we did wrong...
jobs we had were
WHM , BLM, BRD , Drk , Sam , RNG
RE: this sucks
# Apr 06 2004 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Pretty simple, actually. You had no tank.

The DRK is a decent tank in a pinch, but SHOULD NOT be main tank. His def was probably very low, and therefore he lost a lot of HPs. With all those HP's droppin, your WHM was pumping his MP into the DRK like crazy and was quickly drained. Hence, the WHM with no mp.

As a BLM, your mana will go quickly. This is to be expected, so you nuke during the hard fights, and rest during the easier ones. As a chaining technique, most BLM's hold back a lot on exp chain 1-3, rest 4, and explode on 5&6.

I would say either drop the DRK or SAM and pick up a PLD or a NIN, but would lean towards PLD because you have 2 high end damage dealers there - RNG and BLM. PLD can keep the hate off of them, whereas the NIN would need time for voke to recharge.
RE: this sucks
# Apr 07 2004 at 3:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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Yup, I would suggest no BLM.

PT last night beat this 5 times in a row, with the last time clocking in at 17 minutes total.


Why RDM instead of WHM? Convert! Seriously that one ability alone saves the trouble of using too many juices.

One RDM's job was to only heal the Bard. Bard and RDM stood at the entrance. The rest of us went to the walkway. Ranger targets the Black Mandagora, I move up and Flash it, running back to the Bard and RDM. As soon as I flash the Black Mandy, the Ranger Shadowbinds it. Bard Sleeps all of them (I REALLY recommend having Mary's Horn to make this BCNM dirt easy), I run back and engage the bound Black Manda.

As for Flood, Karg pointed out the best ways to stop it.

As for treasure, we ended up with 3 Erases, 2 Utsesemi:Ni and a Phalanx (plus misc. stuff, of course). Not too shabby.
RE: this sucks
# Jun 08 2004 at 9:28 PM Rating: Decent
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So, according to this person here, I (a high lv blm) will never get BCNM pt. That aint right. I'm sure a blm can find some way to be useful.
RE: this sucks
# Jun 20 2004 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
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A blm with a whm sub can do well as the backup healer. I have backup healed as blm/whm 7 times and we won each one. The primary healer in 3 of those battles was whm/blm, in the other 4 it was a rdm/blm.

A blm/whm can elemental seal + silence, cast paralyna and blindna, and magic burst some. The thing is you have to watch your mana in BCNM, so you won't be nuking like in experience parties.

Convert is great, but a rdm can't have both elemental seal + silence, and at the same time paralyna/blindna, since they have to pick either whm or blm sub. A rdm might be comfortable with 0 or 1 juice since they can convert, but they will lack the ability to either ES+silence or paralyna/blindna.

whm/blm, blm/whm, rdm/whm and rdm/blm can all be useful in BCNM.
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