Divine Punishers  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Balga's Dais
Related Mobs:Aa Nawu the Thunderblade
Cuu Doko the Blizzard
Gii Jaha the Raucous
Voo Tolu the Ghostfist
Yoo Mihi the Haze
Zuu Xowu the Darksmoke
Min Level:60
Max Level:60
(From 1 rating)
Items Required:Moon Orb
Items Granted:Aramis's Rapier
Dominion Mace
Enhancing Mantle
Forseti's Axe
Master Belt
Ochiudo's Kote
Peace Ring
Spartan Cesti
This Quest is Repeatable
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Moon Orb, which is obtained by trading 60 Beastmen's Seals to Shami at (H-8) in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Moon Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Divine Punishers.

You will be deleveled to level 60 for this encounter. You can take 6 people into the battlefield and you have 30 minutes to defeat your enemies. Once there, you will be confronted with 6 named Yagudo.


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# Jan 03 2008 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
Just did this fight 3 times. 2 were my orbs and 1 was a friend's.
I would just like to say, Spiro the MNK on Valefor is one hella DD, he was tanking half the time.
Buffed with Earthen Ward and Noctoshield. Buffing process took about 3min with resting. First BLM ES+Sleepga II at start, PLD vokes/Flash Cuu (WHM), it ended up buffing with stoneskin, so we had to smack it a few times and stack a bunch of DoTs to wake it up and pull it away from the rest. Also buffed a few other yags, everything was dispelled though.
Pulled WHM to the end of the black stone material to start area, beat him down, naturally used Benediction between 20-50% (Almost killed it once without it using it ><) and it was about when Benediction was used that some of the mobs would wake up, they weren't even near Benediction too. BLMs switched off Sleeping. One would stun BLM when it woke up and casting stuff.
BLMs Aspir'd Zuu (BLM) for mp, RDM did too. Next was Gii (BRD) which we also pulled from the others in case of song AoE buffs. BRD would actually 2hr very early, at like 80% or even higher. Killed without much trouble.
Moved onto SAM as opposed to BLM so the BLM and RDM could continue casting Aspir. SAM would 2hr high up too, at about 65-75%. Wasn't much trouble because it would use Yag WS which are pretty weak.
Moved onto BLM, stunned -ga spells and AM, sometimes slept too. Died quick, Manafonted at about 40%, didn't matter much since it would just Bio II or something. It did have a habit of using Sleepga spells though, only saw after Manafont.
We moved onto MNK, we didn't DoT MNK. DD were unlocked vs. MNK, and MNK was Stun > Bound > Slept and we all took the time to rest, PLD could Flash/Voke and still rest to near full. After that it was simple, SMN would buff again.
Moved onto NIN, once it didn't even use 2hr. However, even with Barfira it did 1009 DMG to PLD. Only had 1 death in first run because SMN was too close, and BLM last run dropped to 11 HP, though third run it did 700-ish to PLD. Point is: Mijin Gakure is deadly, if you have a BRD, Fire Carol the NIN. However, Mijin Gakure actually kills the NIN, unlike most NIN 2hr mobs (yay!).
BC over, ****** drops all around.
Hope this helps someone.
Ochiudo's Kote
# Jun 03 2007 at 8:46 AM Rating: Good
139 posts
Ochiudo's Kote now drops here (replacing Ochimusha Kote R/E now droped by Mee Deggi the Punisher Level: 35 - 36 in Castle Oztroja spawns at H-8)

Edited, Jun 3rd 2007 12:47pm by Gropitou
fun stuff
# Jul 24 2006 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
Did this tonight and it was really easy 4/4 best time: 15:35

I got the spartan cesti, master belt, enhancing mantle on my run, doesnt look like the belt will be selling any time soon though:(

The party setup we used was "brd, mnk, pld, rdm, rng, blm"

kill them in this order, blm, brd, sam, whm, mnk, nin
Strategy confirmed
# May 24 2006 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
Wanted to confirm the kill order and ease of this BC.
Went in last night PLD MNK RNG WHM BLM BRD.

4/4, slowest time right at 21 mins, fastest 18.
ES+Sleepga2, then the BLM and BRD kept them slept while the RNG pulled one at a time back to the entrance.

Best advice for handling the MNKs 2hr, disengage and sleep it. If you have a PLD they can Invincible but no reason to waste a 2hr if you don't have to.

Only problem we had was a crazy Mijin Gakure on the 4th run that hit me for over 800 and laid our BLM out.

Got 3 Cesti's and maybe 1.5-2m? in other misc. drops.

Edited, Wed May 24 10:34:51 2006
Double check your Blm for PWN status.
# Jan 29 2006 at 3:36 PM Rating: Default
2,448 posts
Okay so last night I didnt have any seals but got a random /tell for help with this bcnm on my pld. Figured why the hell not, i was bored. Got there, BLM was 70 and didnt have sleepga2, which I -guess?- is acceptable. Complained it was 2 mil.

Anyway. So we decided ele seal + sleepga1 will take care of the initial sleep, and then the RDM and blm can alternate sleep2's as they start waking up. NOPE. Lol The first yag woke up and started running down the narrow hallway to the exit where we were all camped within the first 30 seconds, and 2 more followed him after 60 seconds, the others came shortly after. Needless to say we all Wiped.

Upon asking the blm WTH has he been doing since 51 with his money, (besides staves collection) He had no excuse. Damn manaburn PTs ppl level too fast and dont even bother to skillup, etc. Anyway. His enfeebling was only in the 130s!! Wtf! No wonder sleep blew NUTS.

Sorry for the rant but make sure your BLM has one of two things: Capped enfeebling, or atleast 20 points close to cap!!
And Sleepga2. This fight is not won without sleepga2.

four Spartan Cesti
# Dec 23 2005 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
283 posts
I did this the other Night with PLD WHM RDM RNG MNK(me) and BLM. We went in 6 times and won 6 times.

*The first try went a little rough, cause it was all our fist time. Finnished it in abot 23 min.

*The second time went worst because the blackmage died, and the PLD had to 2hr. But we still managed to get them all asleep so we could recover.

*On the third to sixth try it went smooth apart from the last yag useing the nin 2hr. and killing our RNG in one run and our BLM in another.

*On the third run a ls member got the spartan cesis. He let me try them on :p, GREAT!!!

*The thing that won it for us was the RDM sleep2ing the individual yags that would wake up.

*And another thing, though it was a mistake, i subed thf. I think that helped us more then hurt, cause i was still doing good dmg and i could trick hate on the PLD.

*We did a Reveberation(idk) SC that did about 300. It wasnt organized, it just happened when both of us had tp at the same time.

*Oh yea, we also got three more Casis on the 4th 5th and 6th.

*Id like to thank posts below this one for the tips and the order of mobs to kill, i dont think we couldve won without it.

* Our best time was somewere around 16min.

*Definatly the most fun ive had in a long time.

Edited, Fri Dec 23 19:45:19 2005
BCNM is NP for experienced groups
# Jul 07 2005 at 2:35 PM Rating: Decent
OMG you guys make this BCNM sound like it is impossible .... really its simple just gotta get people that know how to play their jobs correctly and you gotta stay focused my pt setup was mnk(me) whm rdm blm war and pld we didnt win the first one bat did very well considering a blm died first off and we lased about 20minutes XD but the 2nd we owned i suggest killing BLM first then sam then mnk then brd then whm and then nin WARNING: nin can rock your world with his 2hr keep the mages up against the walls and as far away as possible to just catch the tail end of his dmg an no he doesnt die when he 2hrs he gets back up XD just to let you guys know the whm NM had about 4k HP cuz we got it down to about half health and he 2hrd and healed himself for like 2653 HP .. somewhere around 2.6k so with that in mind id say the mnk one has about 6k maybe even 8k XD this sounds hard but just keep a good sleep routine goin and it will be a breeze we finished in 24minutes our 2nd go around and we are gonna finish the rest of them tonight hoope all goes well ... thats my take on the BCNM GL to you all later /wave XD (one last thing none of us had ever done thi one before and our highest job was 67 war so heh )
# May 24 2005 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
60 posts
FOr the party set-up I had BLM, WHM, RDM, MNK, NIN and RNG. Did notdo any skillchains whatsoever (no time). Just on killing them in the order I suggested and you'll be fine. Make sure you protect your party's BLM and he does not get overwhelmed. Having a backup sleeper is good.
# May 21 2005 at 4:54 PM Rating: Decent
81 posts
You guys make this sound extremely hard XD surprised any Spartans are ever on AH x.x
# May 11 2005 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
Hey KanostheGreat,
Can you tell us more of how you won?
Like party setup and strategy?
Btw, how many items does it give you for each run?
Owned and Got Owned
# Apr 23 2005 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
60 posts
Did 2 runs of this yesterday. First time we beat the whole lot in 16 mins and set the record! When I opened the chest, I got my Spartan Cesti /cheer

The order in which we killed them:

1. Zuu Xowu
2. Gil Dohu
3. Aa Nawu
4. Cuu Doko
5. Voo Tolu
6. Yoo Mihi

Trick is to let BLM cast Sleepga 2 first and RDM silence the BLM. Then you pound him to death. If the MNK activates his Hundred Fists just sleep him to make it wear off.

Why we lost the 2nd time around: We starting pulling before BLM did Sleepga 2 so the Yagudos got too close. While they slept, once they woke up they started attacking us right away and we had to zone out. 2/6 survived the 2nd fight. So make sure your BLM Sleepga2 them before anyone starts attacking/pulling.
Baby Maat Fight
# Apr 03 2005 at 7:28 AM Rating: Decent
68 posts
Do you think it would work if I got 5 other ppl and had them treat this like a pre Maat fight?
Questing for Spartan Cesti
# Mar 29 2005 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
The moon orb require 60 beastmen seals? I've never been able to figure out what Kindreds seals are for...are the BCNMs? I'm a lvl 55 MNK atm and I think I'm gonan get to 60 and try the BCNM for Spartan Cesti.
RE: Questing for Spartan Cesti
# Apr 15 2005 at 12:16 AM Rating: Good
387 posts
there are kindred seal matches that require you to trade 30 kindred seals in for a lachesis, clothos, or... can't remember the name of the last orb.

the battles are uncapped, and you get very good items from them, ie. Peacock charm, Venomous claw, etc.
# Mar 26 2005 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
Err sorry for the multiple posts ><;
# Mar 26 2005 at 5:39 PM Rating: Default
Can anyone tell me what is the best job set up to try and beat this BCNM?

Edited, Sat Mar 26 17:41:52 2005
# Mar 26 2005 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me what is the best job set up to try and beat this BCNM?
# Mar 26 2005 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me what is the best job set up to try and beat this BCNM?
# Mar 26 2005 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me what is the best job set up to try and beat this BCNM?
BCNM sux
# Sep 14 2004 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
527 posts
BCNM= impossible to inguage
Dont do it if you are new on this
# Aug 15 2004 at 11:46 PM Rating: Excellent
161 posts
Did this just today.

we got owned horribly.
The NIN 2 hours is as nasty as ever. It simply killed us all, the range was huge.
You better kill this guy until the end, once you get all healed and your MP up, cause this guy its a hard enough mob by its own. #5

You need to kill the BLM first since it doenst stop casting ancient magic and AoE II stuff. the blm is nasty smart too, cause we did Barfire before the fight, and instead it WaterIII me.
It wont stop casting magic, you better get Stunners all over, or get ready to be beaten by this mob only #1

The NIN yagudo has utsusemi casted on it all the time, it cannot be sleeped, it will stay there throwing ninja stars to the brd or the WHM... but since it doenst make much dmg, you better leave this guy and take the SAM or the MNK #2

the SAM makes nasty dmg... get ready some MP for you to live this guy, and of course, SAM 2 hours can make SC lvl3 light stuff, which will totally own, anyone.
Leave this guy as #3

PLD needs to Invincible just as when the MNK goes hundred fists, cause you wont be able to land a cure on yourself while that 2 hours is up.

The WHM has a nasty use of Paralyze, and since the whm is busy keeping the brd alive, you wont get any paralyna. You better get a potion with you.
I didnt, I end up wasting 2 vokes and 1 sentinel while it.#4
The WHM doenst cure the other yagudos, the only thing it does its nuke with banish and holy. it doenst do much, so its better if you leave this guy after the sam and the mnk
The WHM has benediction which is real annoying.

MP goes down horribly fast, you need to have drinks and potions for it, the whm and blm should have some too.
Having a RDM and a BRD on the pt may sound good, but you need to have some dmg on your pt too, better get a RNG with u.

Make SURE that BLM has Sleepga2 and Sleep 2 before anything else.... a blm without those 2 its useless.
the order you could use is: BLM/MNK/SAM/WHM/NIN

EDIT: oh yeah, I forgot about the yagudo BRD. hes kinda useless, it sings Paeon and dispel sometimes, this mob is not really important, doenst do much dmg, I say you kill it right before the whm

Edited, Mon Aug 16 00:49:25 2004
RE: Dont do it if you are new on this
# Apr 06 2005 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, just did this one about...15 minutes ago.
--; First battle, we killed the blm, then all hell broke loose, we had to leave the area before we all died.
Our Pal, Whm, Mnk, and Blm all died. Only me (RDM) and the other blm lived. So we waited untill it wasnt Winsday...went back in.
Was going good, got the blm yag killed, onto the mnk. Whm yag woke up, casted silence on the blms and whm. In the time the whm yag was awake casted blink, so when i tried to sleep, its shadows absorbed them.
We all TRIED to zone out, me, blm and pal died. This bcnm sucks, BAD. I suggest either doing little bcnm's for the cestis, or farming your *** off, lol.
# Jun 13 2004 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
How hard is this one? I've had bad luck with BCNM in past just wanna know how hard this one is ^^;
Ow....shoulsnt have tried this at home..
# May 30 2004 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent
Make the hurting stop....

nuff said
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