Saintly Invitation  

Start Area: Windurst Woods
Start NPC:Any Gate Guard
Related Areas:Castle Oztroja
Related Mobs:Buu Xolo the Bloodfaced
Chaa Paqa the Profound
Juu Zeni the Poisonmist
Kaa Toru the Just (H - 5)
Nuu Kofu the Gentle
Mission:6 - 2
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:40000
Reward:Rank 7
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Balga Champion Certificate
Holy One's Invitation
Holy One's Oath
Judgment Key
Title Obtained:Victor of the Balga Contest
Items Granted:Ashura Necklace
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: Full Moon Fountain
Next Mission: The Sixth Ministry
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Mission Orders

A mission issued by Heavens Tower. In reply to the Yagudo Holy One's invitation, you are to compete and triumph at the contest held at Balga's Dais deep within Giddeus.


After receiving the mission go see Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower (located in Windurst Walls). She tells you about a competition between the Yagudo and Windurst and gives you an invitation to participate. Your title becomes "Hero on Behalf of Windurst".

Go to the Burning Circle located in Balga's Dais which lies in Giddeus. When ready, enter the burning circle, selecting the battle "Saintly Invitation."

This is a 1 party battle and up to 6 people may enter. You will fight 4 named Yagudo:

After winning the fight you will receive the key item: Balga Champion Certificate. You are then told to go see a Yagudo at the top of Castle Oztroja and receive an Ashura Necklace. Go to the top of Oztroja where the treasure coffer key mobs are found. Fight them until one "Judgment Key" is dropped. You only need one key for your entire alliance.

Continue on to the Brass Door at (F-4). Have one party member collect "passwords" at torches located at (G-7), (G-8), (H-7), and (H-8). The passwords reset each game day. Once you fall through the trap door, you will have to get past a Yagudo High Priest to get to another Brass Door. It may be difficult for your whole alliance to get past safely as the high priest can see through invisible.

Trade the Judgment Key to the Brass Door. The key has only ONE use then will disappear, so make sure everyone is at the door entrance and ready to head through before you open it. This door does NOT stay open long and cannot be opened from the inside. The only thing you can do is have a person die and then be tractored over to the other side.

Speak with Kaa Toru the Just, who stands just inside the door. He will give you a key item: Holy One's Oath and an Ashura Necklace. Return to Windurst and speak to the Star Sibyl to complete the mission. You will be pardoned from your crimes in the previous mission, attain Rank 7, and receive 40000 gil.

To read the spoilers for this mission, please refer to the Saintly Invitation Spoilers page.


As with other multiple mob BC fights, bring a BRD or a BLM to sleep the mobs you are not currently fighting. It is probably best to kill in the order WHM > SMN > SAM > NIN. Be careful of SMN and NIN 2hr attacks as they can hurt everyone badly. Only 1 party up to 6 people can enter at a time. The fight is easier than BCNM60 for any PT of 6 lvl65+. Try to have as balanced a PT as possible. No provokers and lots of mages can succeed but it is difficult. Note that only players who have received the Saintly Invitation mission or completed it (not just fought the BC) can enter the BC. This means that if you fight the BC, you will have to do the second part of the mission in Castle Oztroja and see the final cut scene in Heaven's Tower before you can do the fight again. No immediate turnaround, so don't have people sit out unless they are planning on waiting a hour or more.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Windurst rank series. The complete mission series includes:

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Mob HP
# Dec 21 2004 at 4:55 AM Rating: Excellent
Just did the BC part and had my parser running. Here are their HP for you guys:
NIN: 4100
SAM: 3700
SMN: 5300
Elemental: 150
WHM: 5000*

*He used Benediction just into the fight so that number is close, but approximate.

The yagudo that you have to kill, they are:
Assassin: 3700
Conductor: 3500
Prelate: 3400

We didn't get the chance to kill a flagulant, but I'm assuming they're around 3500 as well.

Hope that helps.
# Dec 16 2004 at 3:32 PM Rating: Decent
452 posts
well last night i was helping a good friend get his bard testimony and he pulled a flagellant as a link. Killed the ******* and got the key. Now, im bastokan, can a bastokan who is holding the key help a windustrian with this mission?
Final Fantasy 11{Retired, might come back tho}
Chacham (hume F)Bastok Rank 10 (Windy Rank 4) siren server
Whm 75 blm 41
smn 40 bard 75
Chachypoo(mithra)(on hold)
Final Fantasy 14{No Longer Exists}
Chacham Fromsiren (Seeker if the Sun Miqo'te) Ul'dah Rabanastre server
Weaver / Archer / Botanist /Leather
RE: >_<
# Dec 21 2004 at 4:49 AM Rating: Decent
You can be in the party and be the one to open the door for them, but unless you do the mission you can't go do the BC part.
Simple question
# Dec 15 2004 at 10:26 PM Rating: Decent
[deleted] I found the answer

Edited, Thu Dec 16 18:07:58 2004
Not as hard as you think.
# Nov 30 2004 at 2:14 AM Rating: Excellent
176 posts
Well, tonight was my LS's "Rank event night", so we did 6-1 and 6-2 for Sandy, Bastok, and Windy. First off we headed to Altepa for Sandy and Bastok 6-1... fought those NMs which were a joke (the 2 NM manticores were harder than the cactuar that spamming 1000 Needles). Once those were done we headed over to Outer Horutoto Ruins for Windy 6-1... after waiting about an hour for everyone to showed up, I finally was told to pop the NMs. Our plan was that our BLM would ES+Sleepga and go in the order Coin >> Cup >> Baton >> Sword. So, I popped, the 4 NMs wailed on me for a bit until Sleepga landed. The only thing was that there was no Sleepga cast until I was... dead. ; ; Our BLM had "macro lag", so I was killed and raised... whatever. Killed those cardian NMs, and our alliance split up into 3 parties. Those 3 parties were respectively for Bastok, Sandy, and Windy 6-2. Our party consisted of: RDM62 (me), WHM61, RNG69, PLD60, PLD70, and THF67. Yes, two PLDs. Don't ask why... we just chose what was available.

So, since we all knew what was going to happen for Windy 6-2, we all headed over to Balga's Dias. When we got there, we went over the order of death for the yagudos (up there works perfect). I go in first, and the rest of the party follows until we realise our PLD70 spamming that he cannot enter for some reason or another (even though he has done this BC 3 times). So we're all in there thinking... "oh ****, our highest level member can't get in, and we're going to have to tank with our lowest level member." Whatever, we were there, why not give it a shot. So us 5 brave souls buffed, ate food, rested to full. I was the one to run in and ES+Sleepga this time since we had no BLM. They were asleep and we started to pick off the yags one by one. Every single enfeeb I casted stuck (all sleepgas/sleep/sleep II, silence/paralyze/slow), so that was definitely a bonus. Every thing went pretty damn smooth except when the SMN used his damn 2 hour. ; ; He just HAPPENED to summon Ifrit on firesday and use Inferno. Our PLD took 611 which knocked him down to 21 HP (obviously he was damaged from the other yags). The rest of us took anywhere from 150-450, so no deaths. The WHM casted a quick DS+Curaga II (PLD didn't lose hate O_O;;) and from there it was all gravy. I was on sleep control, which isn't that hard. I'm considering leveling BRD to 40 so I can be of use in BC40 runs, but that's another story. Anyways, we killed Poisonmist last, and the cutscene ensued... we won.

Victorious, and moral extremely high, we marched back to Windy and changed some subs for the invis we'd need in Castle Oztroja. Once we arrived there, the THF (who knew the floor plan very good... I wonder why?) led us right to the big Brass Door on the top floor. We stood at the door while he lit the torch and Flee'd in. I can crack the 3-password board, which took me about ~5 minutes. Once we dropped, we invis'd, and ran up to the High Priest area. There he was in all his glory. ; ; Luckily he was facing completely away from the middle of the platform so we didn't even stop and ran right on down to the door. I traded my Judgment Key (which I had received when coffer key hunting for my AF body piece), and we talked to the NPC there.

Long story short, we went back to Windy, got our Rank 7, 40k, and parted ways. So, just to reassure everyone out there who's yet to do this BCNM... do not be worried. As long as you have a RDM or BLM with Sleepga (WHM won't work I don't think... not enough INT. I had 71+25 as Taru RDM62/BLM31) you'll be just fine. The yagudos actually have surprisingly low HP. It could've been the fact that our Heavy Shot >> Shark Bite = Light SC did insanely massive damage, but I believe they actually have lower HP than normal IT exp mobs. =O

Regardless, best of luck...
Woohoo! Unconventional parties are fun!
# Nov 13 2004 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
I had a great time with this one. I've been Rank6 for at least 3 months now, as my LS did 6-1 and 6-2 for all countries a long time ago. However, since the BCNM part of Windurst 6-2 is only completable by Windurstians, I'd been stuck on it for a while, as there are very few Windurstians in my LS, let alone Windurstian tanks. A good friend set me up with help, and we managed to knock the BCNM over extremely well. Our group was 3 level 75 BLMs, 1 level 70 BLM (myself), and a level 75 WHM. We weren't able to find a Windurstian tank, but it really didn't matter in the end, as we beat it with just us 5. We entered the BC, and one of the BLM75's started off with Elemental Seal+Sleepga2, sleeping all 4 Yagudos in their original clustered position. We all moved in, standing in the center of all 4, nuking the WHM-type Yagudo until it used it's Benediction, then continued to nuke it after it had refilled it's HP entirely. It doesn't take long for 4 BLMs to destroy a single mob, and as soon as it was dead, we changed tactics and used -GA spells to nuke the 3 remaining Yagudo NMs simultaneously. 3/4 BLMs used Manafont towards the end, but it wasn't long before we were all standing victoriously above their corpses :) One of the 75 BLMs had subbed RDM for Phalanx/etc, to act as a pseudo-tank, which helped tremendously. Another one of our BLMs got down to 150~ HP or so (because of SMN and/or NIN 2-hour by the NMs), but that was quickly remedied by our fast-acting WHM. Overall, this experience was a great success, and I'm kicking myself for not doing a video capture of it >< The mobs did quickly recover from the Sleepga2's, but with enough others to cast Sleep, the confusion was quickly removed as soon as another one of our fast-minded casters reacted in their pre-established casting order.

The second part, in Oztroja, was a total breeze due to luck. Our same group made our way to the Yagudo High Priest NM spawn area, Invis'd up, and headed in. The door (which is directly towards the back) was relatively unguarded; the Yagudo High Priest was sticking to the West side of the platform as we all walked by, no danger of aggro. I dropped Invis and used my Judgement Key, opened the door, and we all walked in safely (surprisingly, as there were 2 Yagudos directly to the right of the door, down a short vertical drop).

I never could have gotten through this mission without the help of my friends -- BIG BIG KUDOS to Diane, Queenkatie, Yingling, Wololo, and Molo, you all rock =D TARU POWER!!!
# Nov 05 2004 at 2:27 AM Rating: Decent
45 posts
the smn 2 hour is an instant. we thought we would be able to help resist with a fast bar spell by seeing which summon was out. it had a fire elemental so we had barfira, however, i saw garuda for 2 seconds then i saw everyone's hp in red. when this happens a pld should invincible so that the mages can DS curaga without dying.

for the castle part, instead of looking up the statues for the names, look up here:


there are lists of names that the passwords come from and the order does not matter. so if you type in one of the three correct names then you'll be asked for the next word. i found my 3 words easy
# Nov 02 2004 at 1:05 PM Rating: Decent
Note that only players who have received the Saintly Invitation mission or completed it can enter the BC.

REMEMBER!! Completed can enter the BC!!
# Nov 04 2004 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
171 posts
yeah... just a little addition to this...
ok, so i did 6-1 and was about to do this mission with 8 ppl, the plan was to swap out two of us for this mission... ~BUT~ apparenly, you can't just complete the fight and participate again. you MUST finish the entire mission before helping others. So i'm still stuck as a lowly rank6 without 40k in my pocket ;_;
Woot! Broke the Gilgamesh Record!
# Nov 01 2004 at 6:35 PM Rating: Good
133 posts
Wanted to share my experiences since we just did it yesterday and broke the record:

6-2 Part A BCNM

We all had to donate about 4 stacks of crystals to get this mission ¡V Saintly invitation. By this point we also had Chey 66 BRD and Ayamiko join us, they only needed the 6-2 part.

Travelling to Giddeus was pretty straightforward, although a few of us that have never done BCNMs here got lost a bit finding the Burning Circle.

We had about 17 people in our alliance at this point, major problem is only 1 tank after Orophin left. I asked Stamp 65 PLD if he could maybe fight all 3 BCNM, he wasn¡¦t sure because it was Halloween and he had to go out. Luckily someone else that I was in contact with, Croy was also a PLD that needed this, so I sent him a tell to come on over.

I reshuffled the groups to go in 3 waves, in retrospect, that wasn¡¦t as organized as I could have made it. The strategy was to sleepga them off the bat, and fight in order of WHM ¡V SAM ¡V NIN ¡V SMN, or N ¡V J ¡V B ¡V C as their first initials.

Wave 1: Benediction ¡V 72 WHM, Yahwey ¡V 61 RDM, Stamp ¡V 65 PLD, Alxandria ¡V 61 RNG, Varinthe ¡V 65/67? MNK, Slinger ¡V 67 BLM. The SC was Howling Fist -> Sidewinder I think. Buffed up, I popped a Rolanberry pie, went in and the battle went really smoothly. Only death was our RNG who died to the astral flow. We even broken the record with 5 min 42 seconds, the previous record for this BCNM was 6 minutes. Woot!

Wave 2: Zerokio ¡V 62 WHM, Chey ¡V 66 BRD, Croy ¡V 61 PLD, Marz ¡V 75 SAM, ??? MNK, Mkay¡V 65(?) BLM. Unfortunately this one failed. Not sure exactly what happened, if one of you that was there could post to this thread to add your perspective, I would appreciate it as I¡¦d like to understand so we can avoid it in the future. From what I could see just based on HP and MP bars from alliance view, Mkay got killed pretty much in the beginning, so I¡¦m guessing the mobs weren¡¦t slept, or maybe got slept by Zerokio. The whm mp depleted pretty quickly, in retrospect, we didn¡¦t have a RDM in this party so that was a flaw. Zero got killed 2nd, he reraised but unfortunately die again. Then the tank went down, and the last guys got killed on the 3rd and fourth mobs, supposedly the SMN mob was down to not much life at the end.

With the team wiped out and inside the stadium, we couldn¡¦t raise III them. So Alxandria suggested everyone alt-tab to DC and they¡¦ll be booted to the entrance area. They tried a couple of times, and it finallyworked. Benedication ran over and raised everyone.

Wave 3: Zerokio ¡V 62 WHM, Chey ¡V 66 BRD, Croy ¡V 61 PLD, Marz ¡V 75 SAM, Cyrus ¡V 65(?) BLM? MNK, Rudo ¡V ??? Bene and Stamp were supposed to help out in this wave, but we found out Bene couldn¡¦t enter because we hadn¡¦t finished 6-2 yet. And Stamp had to go. So we reshuffled and brought in parts of the 2nd team.. They succeeded in taking the mob down, with Zerokio dying to Astral Flow.

Wave 4: Some other RDM that was there, Alphavision ¡V 70 RDM, Orophin ¡V 75 PLD, Laraquan ¡V 61(?) RNG, Cordana ¡V 65/67(?) THF, ??? Not sure how this went since they dissolved from the alliance, but it was a success I hear. Orophin came back online and was able to join this one, thanks!

6-2 Part B Oztroja

Having been to Oztroja quite a few times for my RDM AF, both key and coffer, this part wasn¡¦t hard for me at all. I also had a judgement key from that coffer key hunt, Chey also had a key.

We all made our way over via Tele or straight Choco. Everyone took care of their own invis which made it pretty easy. Marz was a show off and didn¡¦t invis the whole time, lol. The advantages of being lvl 75, /sigh.

Alx and Bene got there early. Alx ran around and got passwords from Statues 1 and 3. Bene lit the torch to let Alx inside the door. Unfortunately he died to some yags while doing it, ƒ¼ By this point, the Wave 3 team made it over and we killed the yags in the torch room so Zerokio could successfully raise II Bene. Thanks to both!

Alx tried the passwords and we got in no problem. At the bottom, invis up and we inched towards the altar area. Luckily the High Priest with true sight was way over on the left hand side and had his back towards us. So I ran up, told everyone to get to the door and opened it. The problem is it¡¦s tough to figure out who¡¦s there will everyone invised, so Chey and Rudo didn¡¦t make it in. Chey died to agro, I tractored him in, and lo and behold the Yags went through the door to come after us. We buffed up and killed the 2 yags, a sentinel and a templar(?). Bene (thanks again!) graciously raised Chey, his 7 or 8th raise III of the day I think, and Chey used his key to let Rudo in.

Cut scene, key item and thanks to Slinger for D2s all around, ding Rank 7!

RDM 61
RE: Woot! Broke the Gilgamesh Record!
# Nov 02 2004 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
Lv. 60s and still didn't do BCNM
BCNM fight
# Oct 31 2004 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
81 posts
So this fight took us 2 tries. The first time we went it, there was just 2 of us.

We killed the WHM first, no problem, then we made the mistake of taking on the SMN next. he decided to Astral Flow and Aeroga II me fairly quickly, so I ended up dieing, and then my SMN friend died just as fast. So we decide to regroup and try again.

After getting raised, we got a 75blm/whm to join us. This made things a cake walk. The extra damage dealer, plus another person that could cast Sleepga made this fight a breaze. Just make sure you do WHM first, and SMN last. The other 2 don't matter what order.

Edited, Sun Oct 31 14:35:17 2004
-- Active Wow --
70 Tauren Warrior on Detheroc
60 Human Warlock on ShadowMoon (7/8 Tier 1, 6/8 Tier 2)
-- Retired FFXI --
Tarutaru 75 RDM/BLM on Garuda
Mage Party
# Oct 26 2004 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
772 posts
I've had {Windurst} {Mission} 6-1 in my comment search for over a month. Only one other LS member is from Windurst and Rank6. Got a /tell in Jeuno about a party forming. Party setup:

74 Rdm/War
68 Brd/Whm
?? ??/??
61 Whm/Blm
60 Rdm/Blm (me)
?? Blm/Whm

The ?? ??/?? person dropped out. They were Rank 6, but had accepted the repeatable Written in the Stars mission.

So, our group of mages set out to conquer Rank 7. We set out for 6-2's BCNM fite in Giddeus. We got to the BC and buffed up. Tried to enter and couldn't ><. Too many groups in already. So, we waited. Rebuffed and went in. Got C/S. Engaged the Yags and our Brd D/C-ed ;.; . We ran for the BC and left the battle field. After a few mins the Brd popped outside the BC (I was worried she'd still be inside). Re-buffed and went in.

We went for SAM first, then SUM, then NIN, and finally WHM Yags. NIN was a ????-er to sleep. I didn't melee against the first three Yags. I wanted to stay back to heal, rest, individually target Yags, and kite if needed. Elemental woke up when SAM was just about dead. Sum must've woke up too. We all were on the receving end of Astral Flow + Ifrit T.T. Wiped out my Stoneskin and over half my Elvaan HP. Blm died immediately. We all began curing each other. SAM died. We went for SUM next for some revenge. He went down pretty quickly. Nin was tough. My silence wasn't lasting long and he kept using utsemis. When he was nearly dead, he did Mijin Gakure which messed us up a bit, but no one died (it was odd, cuz he disappeared and respawned). After the Nin was dead the Whm was toast. I joined in melee, we all had full HP, and I was the only one low on MP. Whm raise II-ed the Blm. We unloaded on the Whm Yag. Right when he was about to die he Benedictioned, filling his HP bar to the top. We smacked him down again and won!

The trip to Castle O was pretty straight forward. Similar to anyone who's been their for a coffer key party. Blm got aggro on the way up and died again ;.; . Brd hit the torch for the door and got aggro. 74 Rdm was able to get to her to help out, Whm joined too. I had door duty while the Blm tried out passwords. They defeated the Yags and we all got in the Throne Room. Blm got all the passwords and we dropped.

We were pretty fortunate. The High Priest was of to the left side when we got in. We all invised to the door, Brd used her key, and we all got in safely. Talked to the Yag NPC and got our necklace and key item. Went back to Windy for Rank 7!
Windurst 6-2
# Oct 26 2004 at 1:27 PM Rating: Decent
Giveing a shout out to anyone on Caitsith that needs this mission windurst mission 6-2 we are going to be doing soon if you get this and are on caitsith send me /tell to Soulsucker or Sever with job lvls and to see if we have done it yet.
Fight Order
# Oct 15 2004 at 1:56 PM Rating: Good
99 posts
"It is probably best to kill in the order WHM > SMN > SAM > NIN"

Done the BC fight twice already, and I think a far superior order is: WHM > SAM > NIN > SMN, at least assuming that you have enough people with Sleep 2 or Sleepga 2 to be able to reliably keep slept all but the mob you are fighting at the time (I find BLM/WHM and RDM/BLM is plenty though it never hurts to have a WHM/BLM or BRD to apply emergency sleep or lullaby if one mage is getting pounded and cant get the sleep 2 off). The hardest thing is going to be the 2 hours of the NIN and the SMN (and astral flow >> ninja SD), and the key thing there is that you dont want any other yagudos around at the time who might cheese-kill a mage or somebody taken to very low HP. So you want to save those two for the end. What we did is took a break before both NIN and SMN (while holding the mobs slept) to regain MP, then you just make sure that everybody is held at full HP during the fights, and expecially before the mob is goign to use the 2 hour (they usually do it at <50% hp or so). If you unleash a strong enough renkei right before the mob gets low enough to trigger the 2hour you can sometimes kill NIN NMs before they use it. (Didnt manage it in either of these fights, but I did do it versus the NIN in a BCNM60 fight). The SMN seems to use the 2hour no matter what.

Other tips:
* Barfire i think cuts down on NIN SD damage, but im not sure about it
* The range for Astral Flow (SMN 2h) seems to be infinite, so everybody will get hit with it no matter what (thats what ive noticed through about 5 SMN 2hours in various fights in BCs)
* BLM and sjBLM can aspir the elementals for pretty good MP without waking it.
* It pays to get everybody to stand in range of curaga when you go to fight the NIN and the SMN, and to designate beforehand somebody whos job its going ot be to start casting a good curaga spell (minimum ds+curaga but higher levels even better) as soon as they see the 2 hour animation start.
* When the NIN uses 2 hour he does not die, it waits about 2 seconds then he repops (i think in original spawn spot) and charges whoever he has teh aggro on from before he used it. Usually by this point (especially if you triggered teh 2 hour by using a big renkei) hes close ot dead anyways, but it can ***** up the unprepared as he may get a few hits in on somebody who is already severely weakened by the explosion.
* When chain sleeping you can sleep the mobs initially with Sleep or lullaby (both of which tend to have short durations on mobs like this) and later layer Sleep 2 on top of that to increase the sleep time when the recast timer on S2 is reset. (or so i hear from the mages, personally im a PLD so im not directly involed with that aspect)

Edited, Fri Oct 15 14:59:20 2004
Help me please
# Sep 29 2004 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
Well I tried to do this part of the mission with the same people I did it with before. For some reason our BLM didn't sleepga II them when our BRD was getting overunned. Anyway, we where suppose to get together later, but we never did. Am having a hard time finding any Rank 6 people to help.

So my question is, can I get Rank 7+ people to help me with the fight, if they are from Windurst?
RE: Help me please
# Sep 30 2004 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
46 posts
Can I get Rank 7+ people to help me with the fight, if they are from Windurst?

"Note that only players who have received the Saintly Invitation mission or completed it can enter the BC."

Since acheiving Rank 7+ as a Windurstian requires you to have completed this mission, Yes.
# Aug 15 2004 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
Nothing big. Just wanted to correct the "Title Granted." The title you get from this is, "Victor of the Balga Contest" not competition.
beat it
# Aug 11 2004 at 12:21 AM Rating: Decent
Just did this today with 62 PLD, 60 whm (me), 66 WHM, 60 SAM, 72 RDM, and a 69 BLM. Suffice to say everything was going quite well until the SMN Mob used his 2 hour... Dropped 4 of us instantly... The other 2 (me and other whm got as far as we could before dying) died near the circle. Well me and the other whm used reraise... raised everyone else and beat the battle with 53 seconds to spare =P

Only advice I give is watch out for the Summoner's 2 hour : its deadly...
not that hard
# May 14 2004 at 1:44 AM Rating: Decent
finished this with 61DRK/THF 64WHM/BLM 62RDM/BLM 72THF/WAR and 64THF/WAR 60PLD/WAR
start with PLD provke Nuu and when all monster attack PLD, sj BLM use sleepga. However, the SNM NM called Tiatan and used 2 hour and 1 hit put everyone in 20%HP, it was scary but we manage the downhill without use WHM 2 hours. after that the rest was easy.
huh O.o?
# Apr 25 2004 at 5:33 PM Rating: Default
97 posts
Why is'nt this under missions then???
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