Creeping Doom  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:3
Related Mobs:Bitoso
Min Level:30
Max Level:30
(Average from 33 ratings)
Items Required:Sky Orb
Items Granted:Ashigaru Earring
Bast Parchment
Beater's Earring
Darksteel Ore
Elm Log
Esquire's Earring
Genin Earring
Healer's Earring
Iron Ingot
Iron Ore
Killer Earring
Light Opal
Magician's Earring
Mercenary's Earring
Mythril Ingot
Pilferer's Earring
Scroll of Dispel
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Scroll: Magic Finale
Silk Thread
Silver Ingot
Silver Ore
Singer's Earring
Steel Ingot
Trimmer's Earring
Warlock's Earring
Wizard's Earring
Wrestler's Earring
Wyvern Earring
This Quest is Repeatable
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Sky Orb, which is obtained by trading 30 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Sky Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Creeping Doom.

Up to 3 people may enter and you will all receive a level 30 restriction. You have 15 minutes to win. You will face one opponent: A giant Crawler named Bitoso. He can cure himself, uses Paralyzga, all the regular crawler abilities, and has lots of HP. If you can bring him down you get a treasure crate filled with assorted rewards.



Make sure than the Black Mage's have /WHM and have Paralyna as the Crawler has an Area of Effect (AoE) Paralyze spell. You will also need Aspir/Sleep and a maxed Dark Magic skill level for this fight. Sleep and Aspir Bitoso until he has 0 MP and then nuke him until dead. He is resistant to Silence and casts Cure III on himself so it is important to drain all of his mana.


The Ranger will need to bring Sleep Bolts. Sleep and Paralyze Bitoso at the start of the fight. The Black Mages should then coordinate their nukes by casting together and the Ranger should sleep Bitoso with the bolts just after the spells hit. With repeated successful cycles, this battle should be easy.


Pretty easy BCNM. Went in with Utsusmei: Ichi up and some food buffs on and just traded taunt. The 2 dancers healed to trade taunt. Just played through the paralyze and cures and slows. Not a dangerous tactic but we got pretty close on the 15 minute period.

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# Jul 03 2004 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
Where do i go to get the sky orb? this has been completely left out by what everyone has said and what the guide has said
RE: hmmm
# Jul 19 2004 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
do NOT know if you question has been answered.. but ..

you can find all the different types of orbs in here http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?realm=&fquest=330

if somehow i linked it wrong, click the left menu like so:
-Quest & Missions...
-By Type...
-BCNM Orbs (R)

hope that helped. good luck, good hunting...
2/3 Tonight
# Jul 03 2004 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
358 posts
We killed it 2 times after our initial failure, but we were disorganized and had few problems after that.

Galkan 30 MNK/WAR <- me
Hume 30 RNG/NIN
Taru 30 BLM/RDM

WHM = good idea, but not necessary apparently.

I used a fishkabob, the ranger used a meat, and the taru used an apple pie and yagudo drinks. Both the ranger and I had Hi-Potions, but didn't use any the third time around.

It uses Cure 3 randomly after it's taken over 150 damage (which is how much it cured), and the Paralyzega seemed to have more of an effect than normal paralyze, it was interrupting my Boost and Provokes for the entire duration.

We got in, used our buffs, ran at it, started swinging. The Taru used Aspir every minute as soon as he got in range, which is VERY important. Not only does it help run Bitoso out of MP, but it keeps the mage running for a LONG time. It basically became a battle of attrition, we kept pounding (and Aspiring) on him for a while until it seemed like it wasn't curing anymore, then I used Berserk and Hundred fists, the Mage Manafonted and started throwing more Cure 2's, and the ranger used Sharpshot, Barrage and Eagle Eye Shot. The BLM had over 100 MP left when Bitoso finally dropped, he didn't even need the Font.

8 minutes, 35 seconds.

If our Taru ran out of MP, we were going to have him shout a bit, then have someone disengage and let him sleep it. It slept the one time we tried it, but I didn't know it was asleep and accidentally moved back in. >_<

If I'd change anything, it'd be to make the Taru a BLM/WHM for Paralyna, because Bitoso's Paralyzega sucks.

We got a Healer's and a Singer's earring, among other random stuff.
# Jul 01 2004 at 9:11 AM Rating: Decent
76 posts
We fought this thing the same day it was released...

Our Setup was like this Whm/blm(me) (Thf/nin) (Drk/sam)
We managed to kill this thing without any potions or other items just our happy faces and the 2hrs... Bitso is a pain in the *** with Cure III and Paralyze in AoE form... but its doable =)
we got some earrings worth 100k all to all
Iron sheetx2 and some Silks and 1000 gil each =)
# Jun 30 2004 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
The best tactic would probly be 1 tank and 2 Blm that sleep aspir and heal the tank. I tried it once with:

It didnt go well...Well, we dropped his life to 1/2 way down but rdm ran out of mp and my cure II got interupted by the paralyze.The ranger died. The bad luck didnt stop there lol. I ran away and started casting escape.Went casting was about to 70% , manafont ran out and the spell got canceled.So if you want to do this or any other bcnm, here's my tip: Be prepared! Lol... (am laughing and it aint funny -_-)

P.N: If you're planning doing the 3 blm tactic and you are in Bismarck send me a /tell (Name:Mythias)

Good luck to all of you.

Edited, Wed Jun 30 22:09:42 2004
Scroll of Erase
# Jun 27 2004 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
Has anyone ever gotten the WHM scroll Erase as a drop on this BCNM? Being a level 32 WHM I'd like to quest it instead of spend the 350k it goes for on Diabolos.
Monk Pride
# Jun 27 2004 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
I posted this on the MONK bord...

Friday night Me and 2 other LS mates took on BCNM 30.

This was my first BCNM. (not counting Dragon)

This was our set up:

Monk/THF (me)

Items used:

1 meat kabob
1 Chief kabob
2 pear latia >>>sp
Maybe a Yahoo drink (not sure if Sum used it)

The game plan:

Pulled with carby. MNK/WAR voked I got behind and hit a SA. (after a few pre fight boosts)
Carby was dismissed. Then we slugged it out for a bit.
I would SA when MNK/War got ˝ hp. This would give me hate. I would then hold hate and chew on a few hits till he was healed up. Then he would voke.
We did this a few times letting TP build.
The SUM/whm was kept busy dispensing cures and removing para and poison.
It got to the point where we gave up on the para for me and the other MNK. Bitiso would just use the AOE over and over. Healing the poison was not a priority due to our regen drinks. (but it did help)
During all this Mr. Bitiso would use Cure III. Some times he would use 3-4 in a row. No biggy we just waited for our moment…
MNK/war took a crit hit putting him in red. SUM/whm was down to 107 mp.
At this point I unloaded “SA+Boost+Combo”. This gave me hate in a big way. I got hit with the slow affect as well. Mnk/war fired off a shoulder tackle.
Bitiso was about 1/3 hp.
MNK/war triggers 100 fists… I wait about 6 seconds and trigger mine. (this covers the initial delay that you get with 100)
Bitiso was SOL. He tried to cure but couldn’t really get any off. We just watched his HP drop, trigger on our WS for when the 100 wore off. Never had to use it. One squished bug.
Time: 7:21

Now will not say it was an easy fight, but we stayed calm and followed our game plan. I’m very confident that we could do this again and break the record. (6:45) We easily wasted 30+ sec just gawking at it and running over plan one more time.

The Drops:
Silk thread
Some bard scroll (sold for a few 1,000 gil)
Healer’s earring
1k gil
We sold every thing but the ether. Split 3 ways.

I just wanted to post this to inspire other Monks. After this battle we swelled with Monk Pride! Even our Sum was proud! (has a 31 Monk sub)
We will be trying some other BCNM with this set up. I look forward to reporting our tale of success!!

BST way
# Jun 22 2004 at 5:08 AM Rating: Decent

Victoriously did it yesterday with 2 Bst/whm 1 Bst/rdm (me). We went for the brute-force strategy, leaving our pets (CourieCarrie) doing the bad jobs. When they got enough aggro we helped them (AXE) spamming smashing-axe, sic (pet abilities) and rewards whetever possible. We got Pet epsilon food, some antitode. "Bitonto"(?) did cast 27 CURE III, and lots of paralyga. Our pets lasted till the end and we got Dispel and an earring. But that was the lucky attempt, second time we lose (but bitonto had no more mp and just few HP ;_;) cause we got too much aggro from the pets ! So take care BST out there: dont be too strong with you melee skills or he will just ignore the pets to kick your ***.

Ramir on Fairy

Edited, Tue Jun 22 06:10:04 2004
a question.lol
# Jun 21 2004 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
what is BCNM?what for?do i have to do them?
# Jun 19 2004 at 7:03 PM Rating: Excellent
734 posts
I hate it when strategys say you must use allof this job or that job. What about the people who dont have /want to level those jobs, are they just screwed from ever being able to do these?

fyi, I saw a video of a 3 people taking this crawler down, one mnk/whm, one rng/??? and a mage that cured and silenced from what I could tell. When the crawlers started curing, the mnk used 100 fists and beat it down.
# Jun 16 2004 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
Three things need to be added to the posted strat:

1. A DRK/WAR is as good as a BLM/WHM in this plan, at least 1 DRK subbed for 1 BLM. I did this with DRK-BLM-BLM, and it went better once we stopped the Sleep/Aspir chain, since the DRK/WAR would tank and the 2 BLM/WHM's could heal.

2. YOU HAVE TO HURRY! Our DRK-BLM-BLM was hamstrung by a moron BLM who:

a) Didn't enter the battle for two minutes while he tried to wrap his head around clicking the burning circle

b) Didn't Apir more than half as much as he should and could have

c) Didn't nuke after we started attacking. just sat there with his thumb up his a$$.

All this conspired to waste about 10 man-minutes out of the 45 man-minutes you have for this battle, (3 guys, 15 minutes each,) and made it impossible to kill the crawler. We had completely run it outta MP, and it was getting pounded, but we ran outta time with it at ~45% health.

3. Don't Max your MP!!! This is the most important: If you cast Aspir when you have full MP, you will only drain the 10 MP it takes to cast Aspir in the first place. If you cast it when you're at 50% MP, you will prolly drain about 35 MP, (if dark skill is capped at 30) per shot. Given that Aspir has a 30 second recast time, this is critical. I cannot stress this enough: You need to be LOW on your mp when you start this battle, around 60-80 MP below your max, otherwise the battle will take forever and you'll run outta time.

There is an easy way to ensure that if you walk in with full MP or if your MP begins to get near max, you will still Aspir for alot of MP:


Don't pass the Sleep responsibility along between 2-3 guys. Everybody cast it the minute he wakes. Saving MP is not a good thing in the beginning of the battle. When Bitoso wakes up, EVERYONE cast sleep, and with 3 incoming sleeps, at least one of them is likely to stick. This way, the extra 19 MP it costs to cast sleep will get recouped with the Aspir, and you drain more from Bitoso. I cannot emphasize this enough:

If you are 10 MP from max after you cast Aspir, the most MP you can drain is 10, and THE MOST BITOSO CAN LOSE IS 10 MP.

Between the moron BLM who had his head up his a$$ and missing that obvious strategy, we ran outta time last night. :(
# Jun 13 2004 at 3:58 PM Rating: Default
Pardon my ignorance, as I have never tried any of these battles, but I was wondering: At level 20 summoners use Yag drinks and Astral Flow to pull off 3 Searling lights and beat Avatars. Can this same strategy be used with THREE summoners to kill Bitoso? Is this enough damage?Does the curing and/or paralyze render this strategy ineffective? Just wondering if anyone has tried it!
RE: Summoners?
# Jun 14 2004 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
I can tell you that this will definately work. It is also good to know your which days your avatar is strongest. Of all the jobs, the summoners with astral flow are the ones who are able to do the most dmg in one shot.
# Jun 13 2004 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
Why not sub the drk that is being asked for in this with a pally that has shield bash? Its a one shot thing, but if you save it for when it has low hp, you can keep it from doing ANYTHING until it bites the big one... Just a thought. Of course, the bash doesnt always land, but hey, a bonus is a bonus... Just use a gs until its hp get around 2/5 and then switch to 1hs and shield then bash it when it tries to cure... You will at least interrupt the first cure3... Just a thought... Lemme know how it works.
RE: Stunning
# Jun 16 2004 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
DRK/PLD for Shield Bash, hrm?

I think I'd rather take the BLM approach. The guide seems very good, and your macro for Shield Bash would have a /wait 1 in it.

I heard he spams Cure III. Now cancelling one Cure III is nice, but when it's going to get cast again in a few seconds, I'd rather sub something that will help with beating him, than counter a single cure.

It's a smart idea, but not worth the loss you get by subbing PLD.
Some observations
# Jun 09 2004 at 11:53 PM Rating: Decent
Bitiso can be very frustrating. I still see many people being frustrated by it, so I thought I'd post some info to help people when they are deciding strategies.

Although Bitiso does have a finite amount of MP, that finite amount actually seems infinite. It is very difficult to make Bitiso use all its MP, and the fight will drag on to over 10 minutes if you try to drain it's MP and outlast it.

Since the limit is 15 minutes to defeat the monster, you cannot just sit there forever with Ninja tanks bouncing it back and forth for example. You need to do dmg to it somehow.

Early on in the fight, Bitiso uses Cure III very randomly and intermittently. It does not spam it. Bitiso only spams Cure III as a latent effect, like Cure III > Cure III > Cure III. This latent effect is activated when Bitiso has very low health, around 1/4-2/3 HP I believe.

However, if you have some type of dmg combo that can be done quickly to take away Bitiso's last 1/4 life without giving it a chance to Spam Cure III, then you are in good shape.

I always try to approach this monster with that in mind. I just make sure that the 3 of us all have some Job Ability or SkillChain we can all do at the same time to take away 1/4 of Bitiso's life.

For example, you can do Astral Flow > Barrage, or Astral > Eagle Eye, or Barrage > Piercing Arrow > SATA > Fast Blade > off the Mage with a Distortion MB. There are many combinations to take away 1/4 of his life, and I think this is the best way to approach it when planning your strategy. Get it's HP low, and kill it fast when it's HP is low.

Once Bitiso spams Cure III it becomes very difficult and forces your tanks to use up a lot of items, whether that by powders or potions, and that makes the fight expensive, especially if you get bad drops or worse, all die.

PS - if things look bad, not sure if everyone knows this b/c I didn't when I first fought BCNMs, you can zone out and not lose exp from the fight.

I also have my video of the record breaking fight online again finally to show just when my party actually used the "damage combo." If you want to see it please email me at [email protected], it's a huge 215 mb download of a 2 minute fight /sigh. If anyone knows how to make AVI files smaller, I can post a direct link on this forum to it.

Edited, Thu Jun 10 00:56:47 2004
Works for me
# Jun 08 2004 at 4:36 PM Rating: Default
I am sorry it did not work for you. I have never had to use Ele-Seal or anything and my sleep always sticks. Perhaps the magic skill level was not adequate? Anyway I'm glad you found a way that works for you, but I never had your problem
Death, Death, Victory!
# Jun 07 2004 at 9:50 PM Rating: Good
39 posts
The new strategy up there is awful. It's damned near impossible to keep the thing asleep long enough to aspir any decent amount of MP out of it. Both the BLM and I (DRK/WHM with extra MND/INT gear) tried sleeping it after the inital elemental seal+sleep and failed.

We lost two, then won the last when I switched to WAR/NIN. At this point, the party was WAR/NIN, NIN/RNG, BLM/WHM. The RNG was regularly pulling hate off me, so her utsusemi took some hits while I recasted, then I voked back (if possible), rinse, repeat. The trick is to get him down and make him SPEND all his MP. He will use it all up fast enough, then it's a matter of beating him down like a regular crawler. The BLM/WHM just heals until the worm's MP is gone, then he can start nuking.

So, in other words, the secret to this BCNM is PATIENCE. You must stay alive long enough for him to spend all his MP then you can kill him no prob. 2hrs are not necessary and usually end up wasted.

Anyways off to do a couple more rounds :)
Tried it yet?
# Jun 04 2004 at 5:38 PM Rating: Default
Any one tried my strategy yet? I hope it worked as marveously for you as it did for me!
# Jun 03 2004 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
plain and simple with nothing else to say, "I got my *** owned so bad."
# Jun 03 2004 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
1,059 posts
Well, finaly killed it. Got the record on Garuda too. Though I would post how we did it.

First two times.... Well let's just say that loosing 1/3 of your party to D/C at the start of the fight did not help..... at all.

Here is the party setup:

RNG/??? (sorry rek I forgot what your sub was - my bad)
RNG/MNK (remember fey, ctrl-esc is NOT your friend)
RDM/BLM (me)

Third time was the charm, as we did learn from the first two doomed attempts and refined our tactics. Prety straight forward:

Now we only had one of our 2h in this fight as a) fey had used hers and b) no real use for chainspell in this fight as I wanted the mp to last.

so I cast my bufs, get my mp back and get ready to enter with regen and refresh on. Rek eats something, in we go, pause at the bottom and wait for fey to boost up 3 times and charge.

I start with debufs as soon as I am within range, chage up and hack away with en-blizarded sword as the rangers fire away. once I'm stuck in cast a few heals thru paralysis to make sure the rng's never get into trouble. By this point in the fight the mob is down to less than 1/4 hp and my Paralyze has had it's effect and interfered with it's ability to spam cure III's, with the rng's fairly toped up, half my mp left I decide to go for it and go int alternating nuke mode (good bye mp) and that does it with the 3 of us in all out assault mode and it handicaped by occasional paralysis, that last part of it's hp drains like water and it's down.


Now I'm fairly certain rek's 2h got used in the taking down of it's hp to the 1/4 point, I wasn't paying too much attention to that as I know they rangers knew their job, so I was concentrated on keeping them alive after I got my debufs off. And we wern't going for any particular record. This is just the way that seemd to work best with the party structure that we had. Beeting the old mark by over a minute was nice, means we weren't far off the mark in our initial tactics - remember d/c is not your friend.

Sweet revenge for getting killed the first two times :)

Some post battle thoughs:

The 2nd doomed battle, we tried Silence and as has been observed in other places, this mob is REAL RESISTANT to silence, so forget silence. Go for the other debufs. Paralysis worked real well since it interfered with it's ability to spam cure III's. Also 2 rangers can keep pace with the cure III's but barely. We noticed a destinct slowdown in the rate at which we could whittle it down once it starts spamming those cure III's towards the end of the fight. I had observd this from the first fight (before the d/c doomed us). This is why once we hit 1/4 or so hp on the mob I went into nuke mode. This mob also does not seem to spam the Cure III's early in the fight (so you can get it's hp down fairly fast). In retrospect I'm not sure that 3 rangers is the absolute best combo if the mob gets some good paralysis off. since even 2 rangers can barely keep pace with it's curing. and one of the rangers was in the orange when I got arround to the mid fight cures. So without some form of curing you could loose a ranger before killing the mob, and once you loose one of the 3 rangers, the other two are in deep trouble.

and that's my 2 cents worth.
easy (if you know trust your team-mates)
# Jun 02 2004 at 10:01 PM Rating: Decent
798 posts
(edits was a few grammar mistakes, and adding headers to sections... notice the bad grammar in the subject line ^^)

me and two of my linkshell friends tried this morning and was 4 out of 4. this NM is simple since there isn't much set-up, but i've noticed that many people post their strategies are mostly about using their 2 hours or using expensive foods and drinks to beat the crawler.

mithran drg/war as tank equipped with emperor's hairpin, leaping boots, and other equipment to help vit (like warriors belt) and evasion. the good thing about drg as tank is it's doing two jobs at once: damage dealer and tank and with the help of the wyvern, it's almost like 3 damage dealers and since there's no AoE, there is no need to worry if your pet will die.

tarutaru rng/nin with emperor's hairpin, leaping boots, dual archer's knives, great bow+1, and more equipment to boost ranged accuracy and attack. why rng? because of the great damage that it can whip out. of course utsusemi works very well if he does pull hate off of drg which is good because the shadows help from the damage taken.

rdm/whm (me) with about mnd+13 and an added 20 mp with some equipment (so actually poorly equipped, not maxed out). why rdm? well, it's the only mage i have leveled over 30 ;) but also enfeeblement is rdm's primary job, so it helps.

for foods drg ate one boiled crab, rng ate one meat mithkabob, and i ate one apple pie. if you compare melon pie to apple, you only gain +1 int, the mp boost of 25 is the same. and as of drinks, all i drank was 2 pineapple juice throughout the fight. no we aren't cheap, but we are used to buying these food for leveling parties and if we don't spend too much on buffs, the treasure will be greater :) and not to mention the rng's arrows and shihei used to attack (plus we get 1000 gil after the fight to compensate what we spent).

The Fight
our strategy was pretty easy, casted protect 2 on both rng and drg and shellra before going into the arena, rested and then went in. i run in first about half way to the arena and cast regen on drg and then just drink one pineapple juice. they just run in and attack while i cast paralyze and blind on the crawler. after the 1st provoke, rng would barrage and hit it pretty hard. i would only cast regen when it lasted and cure 1 not constatnly but kept drg around 400+/520 hp and don't waste your MP on cure 2 or 3 until later. the rnd will eventually pull off hate but most of the attacks will be absorbed by his utsusemi shadows. of course it will it will cast paralyzga in which we countered with paralyze. so although he will get away with casting it, many of it's attacks either was miss and the crawler was paralyzed as well. don't bother trying to silence it.

the skillchain was only flaming arrow > raiden thrust for a fusion skillchain. now although they performed a skillchain, don't go magic bursting, it's not worth the MP spent to only hit it for around 100 since it cures itself, you might as well save that MP to cure your friends. not to mention the added wyvern breath after the skillchain as well to compensate not magic bursting.

the only time i casted paralyna was on the rng when he wanted to cast barrage again. other than that, there isn't much to do. both of melee should have almost full hp. so what i did was drink my juice after 4 minutes and then rest (for a long time). i was around 120 mp and rested until about 320/384 mp while watching drgs hp go down about 180/520. then i divine seal cure 3 drg. this did not bring hate to me because i only casted cure 1 throughout the fight and only regen. and that's why i subbed whm since divine doubles the effectiveness of the next spell, cure 3 costs around 46 mp, but heals for over 320 hp (well worth it).

after that, the crawler's HP was around 1/3 and this is when it kept curing it self and casting paralyzga. pretty much just weaken it until it's dead. overall the average time it took was around 11 minutes and 20 seconds. the last time we did the battle, rng did eagle eye shot and the fight lasted for 9 minutes.

so we were 4/4 (i had my homepoint in jeuno, so i ran to windurst, changed to blm and warped then took the airship back) in around 3-4 hours ( we had to prepare with gear and actually meeting up). the total treasure we gained was 12k (1k per person after each try) + a total of around 150k loot (3 different earrings a few logs and silk). we did great and plan to do more tonight. so yes 2 hour is helpful, but we didn't use ours other than drgs wyvern, but he casted the wyvern long time ago so if anything fails, drg could just call him out again. if you look at it in the big picture, doing this every 2 hours is a waste, you can farm more in 2 hours than what this BCNM offers. but if you do it up to 3 times in a possible 1 1/2 hours, you can gain a lot.

pretty much don't waste your money on juices. take this as if it's a regular fight, just a long annoying one. the more you spend on juices like that, the less treasure you get after the fight. i hope this helps anyone there who wants to do BCNMs instead of wasting time trying to hunt NM's or farm the old fashioned way since this is more fun and finally you can use your beastman seals for something useful.

btw, who cares about the time record, it's a waste of your 2 hour ability.

deaner - rdm/whm
pongyu - rng/nin
mindjunky - drg/war
Linkshell: GOOCHIE
server - sylph

Edited, Wed Jun 2 23:20:39 2004
RE: easy (if you know trust your team-mates)
# Jun 09 2004 at 3:08 AM Rating: Excellent
358 posts
me and two of my linkshell friends tried this morning and was 4 out of 4. this NM is simple since there isn't much set-up, but i've noticed that many people post their strategies are mostly about using their 2 hours or using expensive foods and drinks to beat the crawler.

Doesn't that kind of get weighed out by the fact that two of your characters had gear well over 300K each?
# Jun 07 2004 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
798 posts
we did it 3 times again and were now total of 6/7.
we lost once because we tried it on lightsday. and the crawler cured it self many times.

however the two other times we won, we gained dispel scroll, more silk, more bast parchment, and 3 more earrings worth 80k. so out of three tries, we gained around 160k proving this strategy is good because you can do it multiple times, with not much food or the use of 2 hour abilities.

Edited, Mon Jun 7 14:26:34 2004
Day to fight
# Jun 02 2004 at 6:58 PM Rating: Default
Btw, it would seem logical that the best day to fight this BCNM is on Darksday: reduced Cures for the crawler, increased Sleep & Aspir for Blms. Anyone see a flaw in this reasoning?
# May 21 2004 at 9:53 PM Rating: Decent
108 posts
Darkred LS beat it today.
was a fun fight.

We went in as:
PLD/WAR - ShadowFax
RNG/NIN - Redrowen - Gun Ranger
DRK/THF - Darkcloak

Each of us had 5-6 Hi-Potions, and the PLD had tons of Juice & Eithers.

Since I have high Alch I was able to cut the cost down some, so the potions wern't that bad.

We started it PLD tanking, me shooting and the DRK just chopping away. We skillchained it twice getting it downt to ~35%. I EES knocking it to ~5%, this is where everything went crazy.

He chained Cure III like nuts pushing him back up to ~50% health. After another 2-3 minutes of almost stagnent HP we prepped for another 'big' skillchain.

RNG Barrage + Split shot
DRK Last Resort + Soul Eater + Sneak Attack + Slice.

The skillchain took him to ~5% HP, and as he was cure III my Barrage finished him.

Dispel Scroll
Silk Thread
Steel Ingot
Esquire's Earring

Going back now for round 2.


We went 4/4 on Him.

Total loot dropped:
Scroll of Dispel
Esquire's Earring
Killer Earring
Steel Ingot x 2
Mythril Ingot x 1
Elm Log
Light Opal x 2

Edited, Sat May 22 02:38:35 2004
RE: won
# Jun 02 2004 at 7:03 PM Rating: Default
Wtf you guys did it w/o the big Z. O.O i'm in shock red. YOU *******.
Fool for Day
# May 18 2004 at 3:01 AM Rating: Decent
Well guys I must say I'm feeling pretty foolish, just took on Bitso for the first time. Read this for a good laugh and also a good strategy. My party was a BLM/whm, pld/war, rng/nin(without blink) and honestly i think this is one of the best parties for this nm. Here was our battle plane

1) Open battle as normal, ranger build tp while pld holds aggro, i act as healer while pld heals himself as needed.
2) when ranger has sufficient tp he lets load with barrage (yes i know its a job abil, read on) for massive damage, immediately afterwards pld uses invincible
3) for the 30 secs of invince i nuke the hell out of it while the rng uses his accumulated tp in a massive ws, then builds more tp.
4) after invince wears off go back to step 1 until he starts spamming cure 3, at which time ill counteract with nukes.
5) when it is near dead rng unloads with ws and finsihes it with 2 hr (insane damage)
Sidenote: blm also dispells paralize as needed and pld uses shield bash for a cure 3 or two to speed things up. also the blm will need juices for enough mp and when/if he runs out he'll bust out manafont so he can cast without usin mp while mp is being regened.

The paln seemed foolproof, well that was before u saw this fool. (Let me say I'm some wut knew to the healing bizz before hand) In retrospect we realized that for the first 1/3 of the battle i was actually curing bitso...and also since i had my eye on the pld's hp so i somehow mistaked his mp as my own. so as u can imagine i thought i was out of mp when actually i was near full for the entire battle, and my manafont macro wasnt working so we went a good 30 secs with no heals. with all this we still managed to get it down to half life, thank you and goodnight.

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i have the record breaking video ^^ don't have the bandwidth tho. If you want you can email [email protected] for a link and password if you wish to see it but please don't give out to anyone else thanks ^^. Don't want server to crash ; ;
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My linkshell set the server record on Odin for this BCNM fight without using the rng rng rng combo mentioned below, which I think is the best configuration for this battles.

Party was

rng/war (me)

We were cautious at first, making all these plans to shoot it down little by little until our aerial armor and utsusemi ran out. Then the summoner used Astral Flow and did 400 dmg to Bitiso. War/nin did Mighty Strikes with dual wield axes and did about 200 dmg. I ended the thing with Berserk > Sharpshot > barrage 290 dmg + eagle Eye shot 250 dmg and it died.

Fight took little over 2 minutes for us. A Summoner and Ranger could do this with just 2 people. Bitiso has about 1000-1500 HP. The key is to somehow get him down to 1/2 life, and then unload all your best dmg stuff on him. If you don't kill him after he reaches 1/4 life and you have no more dmg combos, then he will spam cure III within 5 seconds of each cure as a latent effect.

I will take a video as we hope to set another record now that we know how to fight it. I do not recommend samaurai for this job, even with the 2 hr skillchains. It does very little dmg to Bitiso.

3 summoners can kill it in 5 seconds. 3 rangers can kill it in 10.
RE: Bitiso
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I was wondering if the technique of whittling him down close to his Cure spam HP, and then just unloading on him would work. Good to see that it does.
Two different ways to beat it.
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So far me and my firends have fought, and beat, Bitsoto twice. We consist of me, PLD/WAR,a DRG/WAR(very well equiped I might add: winged boots, hairpin, and archer rings), and a SMN/WHM(only has carbuncle and iffrit.). Food wise, I ate boiled crab and drank a Persikos au Lait(4 hp every 3 sec for about 10 minutes, never wore off during each fight), the drg ate a mithkabob and the smn downed a yagudo drink and a few hi eithers for astral flows beyond the first. We are all acutally level 30 right now so we had no higher level buffs on.

During the first fight we basically just wore it down untill we thought we would be able to finish it with astral flow. The first one did not kill it but one minute later the second one killed it. As a side note, I had enough hate on the crawler that it didn't even so much as blink at iffrit after the first inferno.;).

During the second fight I drank a yagudo drink as well as the stuff listed above, and I definately needed it. The SMN infernoed 3 times, none of which finished it off. We actually killed it because it ran out of mana and the DRG did a double thrust for a large amount of damage. I could tell it ran out because it didn't even do it's usual cure IIIs let alone its emergency ones for quite a bit. This was a very long fight. So long that I sentineled twice.

Helpfull Notes:
Bitsoto cure III's itself every so often when above a fraction of life, when its at a fraction of life it starts to really spam cure III untill it's back up to safe levels(about 1/4-1/3 its life total).

Bitsoto also seems to start with aqua viel since after about 5 minutes or so it started to actually get interupted by our basic attacks quite a bit.

I went back and counted 28 sucessful casts of Cure III for 168 by bitsoto. It also casted paralaga about twice, maybe 3 times(didn't count that one). Giving it 46X28=1288 mp from the cures and I would estimate, to account for the paralagas which is unique to this mob, that it has 1350-1500 mp.

I parsed the second fight and found out that we did about 6.5k damage to it(the DRG+wyvern counted for over half of that), Minus all the curing, this gives it about 1800 hp give or take ~100.

He hit me for about 35 at most and averaged about 29 damage on me a hit and had an 82.2% accuracy rate. In case you're curious he did about 2k to me during the second fight and yes, I did use invincable.

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