Wings of Fury  

Start Area: Ghelsba Outpost
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:3
Related Mobs:Colo-Colo
Min Level:20
Max Level:20
(Average from 27 ratings)
Items Required:Cloudy Orb
Items Granted:Astral Ring
Bat Fang
Bat Wing
Mythril Beastcoin
Platoon Axe
Platoon Dagger
Platoon Edge
Platoon Lance
Platoon Pole
Platoon Spatha
Platoon Sword
Purple Rock
Red Rock
Scroll of Deodorize
Scroll of Invisible
Scroll of Sneak
Thunder Spirit Pact
Translucent Rock
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Fri Apr 4 19:37:15 2008

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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Cloudy Orb, which is obtained by trading 20 Beastmen's Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Cloudy Orb to the door of the Ghelsba Outpost hut and choose to enter the battle Wings of Fury.

Up to 3 people may enter and you will all receive a level 20 restriction. You have 15 minutes to win. You will fight three enemies:


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# Aug 12 2004 at 8:54 PM Rating: Default
53 posts
There must have been changes made to this BCNM because a group with 2 BST (BST/WHM and BST/WAR) and a WHM/BRD (i don't know either.) with max charm - signa and tunica got slaughtered.

First of all, I could no longer use 2Hr on the Furies. I tried the macro, typing it out manually, using the menus, NOTHING.

Second, the Furies stay charmed for about 45 seconds, about as long as a VT would.

If tha's the case, then 3 level 20's vs. 2 VT's and an IT is IMPOSSIBLE.

RE: >_<
# Sep 06 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
773 posts
To Use your Bst 2 Hour, you must have a Currently Charmed Pet.

Once you use 2Hr, The Pet is yours Til Death do you Part. Be sure That Colo has less HP then your Pet torward the End of fight, Otherwise, you will be sitting in the Fight w/ a Pet you cannot Kill, and no Win.

Not having Release til 21-23ish, will leave you dead in the Water if the Pet is the Winner :-p
RE: >_<
# Jan 05 2005 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
I know this is old post.... but release is actually called leave and its at lvl 35 not 20-23
# Aug 06 2004 at 7:25 AM Rating: Decent
183 posts
I tried this out with 2 other LS friends, it sounded interesting and we needed money ><

I remember hearding someone in Sandy /shouting "Looking for bst to help with BCNM20" but I thought it was just another idea. I asked one of my friends how hard a BCNM was and all I got from her was "Not too hard, with the right combination"

So we went, a War/Sam, Rng/Thf, and a Blm/Whm...
The idea was to put the furies to sleep while we killed Colo-colo *we saw some others get killed doing BCNM20 while we were waiting to fight Cyranuce earlier*

Soooo, the Furies resisted the spell, dished out a slow death for our blm, and then the 3 kinda jumped us. At least I lived the longest... Xx
and we got Colo-colo to about: |======= | too...

Bah, no riches for me, I even downleveled to Lv.32 (@300, yay). But from that I ended up leveling Whm (to level bst, for an eventual rematch against these things. I still have my orb ^^) oO
RE: Ouch...
# Aug 20 2004 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
82 posts
i'm sure you've figured out by now, but after you use an orb its cracked, when just looking at it you can't tell, but when u go to use it, it tells you. :(
Charm = Yes
# Aug 04 2004 at 2:22 AM Rating: Excellent
773 posts
Rocked this out w/ my LS Buddies

Crayonshank - Whm/Blm
Gupideon - Nin/War
Picout (me) Bst/Whm

Base 26 Chr +14. Rolled in, went for Furies Charm, no Luck on Right Furie after 3 tries. Switched to Left one, got a Charm, and 2hr's the Mob.

Set to Other Furie, Whm and I Healed, as Nin Went to Town on Furie w/ my Pet.

After My pet died, Furie had very Little Hp left, I got up, help Kill it and Colo as Whm healed.

We Rocked it, pealed out, Scored a thunder scroll Pact, Green Rock, Bat Fang, and Mythral Beastcoin :-)

Holding the Record @ 5 min and 50 Seconds on the Server too ;) Screen Avail

Edited, Mon Oct 25 23:20:56 2004
# Sep 06 2004 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
773 posts
My LS Crew Hit this up for some Thunder Pacts, and we Grabbed a Video of the Fight.

We're About 7/9 on this Fight between our LS. I made this post in the Wrong BCNM Thread the Other Day >.<
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 03 2004 at 11:08 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) stupid we\bsite doesnt tell me crap on how to get the orb or nothing they jus tell u only how to do half the BCNM
# Aug 02 2004 at 6:10 PM Rating: Decent
361 posts
I'm hearing that the Furies are now un-charmable. Can anyone verify/disprove this?
RE: Un-Charmable
# Aug 04 2004 at 2:39 PM Rating: Decent
173 posts
Did this twice on 8/2. Furies are a diffucult charm (i.e. don't attempt it) without white drop or signa, but definitely can be charmed.
RE: Un-Charmable
# Aug 03 2004 at 7:04 AM Rating: Default
I recently did this on 7/30 and I was able to charm the bats so I believe you can still Charm...
# Jul 30 2004 at 6:57 AM Rating: Default
My bro and I duo this all the time with our BST/WHM. It's really simple actually. We both have our own seals and our two hour up. He goes for the lower lvl bat on the left I go for the one on the right. One of us uses our two hour and other one gets back from battle while his bat is on Cola...debuffing or whatever...just get ready to charm again. I would highly recommend you have at least +8 chr if you attempt this. We don't use any food and we've done this about 10 times easily. Got the scroll once which sold for 100k on Fairy. Anywayz, after you kill the Cola it's best for the person who didn't use two hour to simply put pet on "Stay" and get as far back from the bat as possible and the other person has "Fight" ready. Most of the time the uncharmed bat takes out the charmed one so we usually jump in and help out some. But in some cases where the charmed bat owns the uncharmed we usually put the pet on "Heel" and let the uncharmed finish it off so we just have to like one hit the bat :P It's fun to do this if you want to make some decent cash but we just usually do the quest and go farm barricader/wallbreacher and wait for two hour to get back up and head to jeuno for more Cloudy Orbs :P
# Jul 29 2004 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
300 posts
I'm a lvl 24 WAR/ 12 MNK (can sub any other original job if recommended)...and I've got two stacks of seals now from levelling all the basic jobs, so it's about time I try a level 20 BCNM and use up some seals on an orb.

What jobs should I invite for the other two slots?
# Jul 29 2004 at 1:59 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
i am thinking of trying this and it hasn't been cleared up how many members can u have in party i see 3 everywhere but can there only be three or can there be more i'd love it if some one could help me out and in ur on fenrir send me a /t <names rhyus>
2/3 so far. ^^
# Jul 28 2004 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
419 posts
I did this BCNM20 three times over the weekend and was successful twice.

My party was: BST/WAR (20), NIN/WAR (18), WHM/BLM (20)

When we entered, I ate a Flint Caviar (ended up with CHR+9) while the NIN ate a Meat Chiefkabob. Once we were buffed, I ran up and charmed one of the furies and set it on the other. After I used my two hour, I fought the Colo-colo with the NIN. Once my Furie almost had the other dead, I heeled it and let the other Furie kill my pet. By that time, the Colo-colo was dead and we finished off the last Furie.

We got from both: Platoon Axe, a Katana (don't remember the name and it's not on the site), 2 Bat Fangs, A scroll of Sneak, and a Scroll of Deodorize.

Edited, Fri Jul 30 09:54:27 2004
A fun fight ^^
# Jul 26 2004 at 3:00 AM Rating: Good
^^ me and 2 LS buddies tried this BCNM, it was our first attempt, and after reading about it felt confident. Just to help you guys out ill give the jobs and what we used:

2 Uber Players and BST

Istvan Elvaan RNG / NIN using mithkabob and ready with 3 potions

Kyvonn Elvaan RNG / WAR who forgot to buff lol

Dusklore (myself) BST / WHM who casted Protectra and used some San Dorian Tea (I know there is better stuff out there but I was broke >.<; )

So the plan was:

At the start, we buff, then Rangers 2-hour Colo Colo, then finish it off, while I charm 1 Furrie and have it attack the other Furrie until Colo Colo is dead then we bomb on the Furrie, let my charm wear and kill my pet. Simple and fast.

After reading all the posts we didn't see ourselves doing well as far as time, but felt we would be able to beat it. The 5 min post stuck in our mind. When we zoned in we saw the server record was 4 min 50 sec! lol, we resigned no records would be broken, after all, BCNM hunters have a tried system usually, and have uber gear (usually) which we didn't.

The Fight:
After we buffed I got a little too close trying for a pre-emptive charm, and all the bats rushed me! =( I tried to charm 1 Furrie, but failed, much to my dismay, but thankfully Istvan and Kyvonn went to work on Colo Colo and knocked it down to about 10% health with both of their 2 hours =D, I managed to charm the Furrie as they unleashed the hellish fury that is Ranger on poor Colo Colo, and the battle was raging. I stepped back as my pet was fighting the Furrie and tried to heal, only to lose charm ><; (this with 31 Total CHR), I stood up and re-charmed after a few hits taken and had it fight again. Istvan and Kyvonn finished off Colo Colo and began to rest. My pet finished off the Furrie, then came after me again, but with all the MP I had used healing myself and the rangers, and the damage I had taken, I died and delevel'd ;_;, (it only took 2 hits) and the rangers stood up and went to work on my former pet (I FELT AVENGED!). Istvan had to use his potions, but they had enough damage to take the bat down for good. We laughed about my death and reveled as we got the katana (10 k) and the Thunder Spirit Pact Which sells for 70 k on Titan ^_^. To our surprise Istvan pointed out our time: 4 min 4 sec! w00t we took the server record by 46 seconds! Death meant nothing to me when compared to the record breaking time we got (until someone else beats it lol).

It was a blast, and we are going to do it again ^^

btw, I think 3 rangers would have problems, simply becuase as BST I was able to "distract" the Furries long enough for the Rangers to play target practice on the bats. Without that distraction the Rangers might take too much damage to last the fight. Then again I might just be amusing myself in light of my death just to feel important =S

Dusklore ~ Elvaan Female
46 BLM; 32 WHM; 40 DRK; 20 THF; 20 BST =)
Titan Server

Edited, Mon Jul 26 04:19:34 2004
not planned
# Jul 22 2004 at 3:01 PM Rating: Decent
76 posts
Just did this BCNM setup as SMN/WHM PLD/WAR BST/WAR... Well how should i tell this!
everything started out bad, we got in and we noticed we had to med up cause we hadnt before we went in, we didnt buff up anything at all!
But well we tried anyways!
So first the PLD vokes Colo-Colo and keeps hate!
The BST charms one of the Furies at the first try and uses 2hrs! Well great everything is going great now! So i (the SMN) Jumps in and releases my 2hrs and Searing Light with Carby!
Takes 1/3 of the Furies health and 1/4 of Colo-colos health. i med up and uses a Hi-Ether while carby still at it i release another 2hrs killing off the Furie and get Colo-colo down to 1/4 of his life about now PLD hits 2hrs to since he was low on hp! Finally we beat Colo-colo when we realized "wtf! our charmed Furie is still alive and under 2hrs charm!"
Well what i can say is... time went out and we lost seeing the last bat was charmed... good plan but not everything goes like you planned! Thats all from me =)
not planned
# Jul 22 2004 at 3:01 PM Rating: Excellent
76 posts
Double post >_<

Edited, Thu Jul 22 16:02:53 2004
BST can solo this quest
# Jul 19 2004 at 2:32 PM Rating: Default
1,395 posts
Last night I soloed the Lv20 BCNM Ghelsba as and Elvaan BST/PLD. I tried twice before but missed my first 4 charms on the first of the Furies both times I tried and ended up dead both times. I mighthave been able to pull it off, but there was no sense in wasting my 2hr when there's a good possibility that I might die; best to save the 2hr and try again.

Anyway, for those of you that are not afraid of dying and would like to try this, here's some info that might help you along:


1. Entered the Hut Door.
2. Ate Flint Caviar and cast Protect.
3. Rested until my 30 MP were full (lol, 30MP)
4. Drank a Yagudo Drink
5. Ran towards the Furies and Colo-Colo and charmed the western-most Furies.
6. Two-houred the pet Furies.
7. Sent the pet Furies to attack Colo-Colo first.
8. Waited 10 seconds and sent the pet Furies to attack the other Furies.
9. Ran far away from the battle and healed myself until HP were full.
10. Waited for pet Furies to die and ran to charm the other Furies.
11. Sent pet Furies to attack Colo-Colo.
12. Let pet Furies die.
13. Charmed the other Furies and sent it to attack Colo-Colo.
14. Drank another Yagudo Drink because refresh-effect ran out.
15. Ran away from the battle and healed until full HP.
16. Recharmed Furies because Charm broke.
17. Sent pet Furies to attack Colo-Colo.
18. Let pet Furies get very little life left and started physically attacking and casting Banish on Colo-Colo.
19. Finished off Colo-Colo once pet Furies were dead.
20. Grabbed my loot and exited.

Detailed description of the events as they unfolded:

Easy enough, eh? Well, not exactly, lol. Things did not and will not go according to plan. To start off, I missed my first 2 charms on the first Furies so I had 2 bats and an NM bat beating on me for 20 seconds. Once I got the Furies charmed, I used Familiar (2hr) and I sent it to attack Colo-Colo since he hit the hardest and was using special attacks and casting Aeroga like a... bat out of hell. (::hides:: Bad pun, sorry). But I still had another bat hitting me for another 10 seconds until I could send my pet to get aggro of the Furies and hold the aggro of Colo-Colo. I healed when necessary but as little as possible because I did not want to grab aggro from the bats while trying to attack it with my pet bat. I stayed away from the battle as much as possible because these bats cast Aeroga and I didn't want to heal more than I had to.

Once Colo-Colo and the Furies defeated my pet, I went to charm the other Furies and I missed. So again, I had 1 bat and an NM bat beating on me for 10 more seconds. I landed the second charm and sent it to fight Colo-Colo. I again ran as far away from the battle as possible and healed myself to full HP. But since I didn't have my 2HR anymore, I knew charm would break before the Furies or Colo-Colo was dead, so I had to be ready.

Charm finally broke and I missed my charm yet again... another 10 seconds of getting pounded by 2 mobs. Once charm landed, I ran away from the battle and healed again and used a Yagudo Drink when refresh ran out. When my pet had about 2 hits of life left in him, I did everything I could to grab the aggro of Colo-Colo. I cast Banish and healed myself multiple times all while physically attacking him. I did this because Colo-Colo still have about 1/2 life left and I realized I was dead if I didn't have a pet helping me. This managed to help me get Colo-Colo down to 1/4 health left before my pet Furies was dead... this is not what I had planned.

Now I have to finish off an NM bat with 1/4 health left. I missed my physical attacks almost every single time I attacked Colo-Colo. This is where I used the Hi-Potions (3 of them) I bought and save my MP for Banish. Banish, surprisingly enough did 21 damage. I had 2 casts of Banish before I had to wait for my MP to regen but with the Yagudo drink still in effect, gaining 15 MP doesn't take long. After 8 minutes and 8 seconds I finish of the BCNM quest.



Charisma value:


Items used:

Yagudo Drink x3
Hi-Potion x3
Flint Caviar x1


Weapon: Platoon Axe
Shield: Decurion's Shield
Head: Kingdom Bandana > Noble's Ribbon
Neck: Bird Whistle
Body: Kingdom Vest
Legs: Royal Footman's Trousers
Feet: Kingdom Boots
Hands: Kingdom Gloves
Earrings: Tourmaline Earrings x2
Ring1: Stamina Ring > Hope Ring
Ring2: San d'Orian Ring > Hope Ring

Note: When I use the ">" it means that I toggled between the two items using /equip macros. I put the Charisma items /equip'd on my Charm macro and attacking and defensive items /equip'd on my "Fight" macro; this allows you to switch between a Charisma based character and a melee character by using a simple macro.

I did this on Earthsday and probably picked the 2nd worst possible day of the week to do this on because Wind > Earth. I honestly don't know if that really matters, but I do know that you should avoid doing this on Windsday at all costs. Iceday would've probably been the idea day to do this on.

I would also like to say that I think the Tourmaline Earrings are a must. These have Wind resistences and these bats cast Aero and Aeroga non-stop. Anything you can buy to raise Wind resitence without neglecting Charisma and Vitality/Defense would be a definate plus.

Hope this helps some of you out and good luck.

*I'm going to post this in the BST forums as well.
# Jul 15 2004 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
Me and 2 friends in my ls just did this, and we took the bats to school. We did it w/ a rng, whm, and ME, a drg for the time being...anyways, we did as everyone said, 300% tp, and buffs before, but when we entered we lost all the spells and also our tp, so we were like ****...so we rebuff and begin. I ran forward and they all came towards me, then the rng uses his 2hr and blasts one of the furies to hell, while i tank the colo-colo, me and my wyvern that is. The whm was REALLY low on mp and he was using drinks to fill him mp back, and so he uses Benediction and the 2 remaining bats start attacking him, so i voke and the rng vokes and we both take back the hate, and the whm is like WOW, but the rng kept pummeling the remaining furies while i finish off the colo-colo. Then we were done w/ the bats, and what a relief but we schoole those bats.
The drop was a platoon sword, edge, invis scroll, 2 bat fangs and a wing, not the BEST stuff but hey we just killed the bats, and we also beat the previous record, and reset it @ 5 minutes and 5 seconds
i was quite happy w/ the results, but i wish the lance would have dropped or even the thunder spirit pact, but we are gonna do it again tomorrow and SLAUGHTER the bats again
# Jul 15 2004 at 1:21 AM Rating: Default
Sam/War (me)

Eagle Eye Shot = 1 fury, dead.
Samurai 2-hour = 1 fury, dead.
Paladin tanks/cures while rng and sam beat on Colo-colo and then invincible. Got Gunromaru and two scrolls, sneak and invis. Needless to say i didn't pay the 30k for my lvl 20 sam sword.
The right DD holds hate
# Jul 14 2004 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
OK, we tried this tonight, 2 LS mates and I. The setup we had was

DRG/WAR (me)

Me and the PLD were strapped up to our necks with armor, full set of bone for me (except Battle Gloves, which DRG should live by below 30) and full set of lizard for him. We prepped in advance for a tough battle: WHM was lacking Protectra II (for beforehand), Blink, and was only BLM 5 on sub, so no bind. Luckily the WHM had some +MND gear already giving him a +8 bonus to it, and he would nead it.

Fight opens, DRG and PLD pop Mithkabobs, WHM pops a Witch Kabob, and we draw weapons. Not waiting for the bats to aggro on the WHM (standing way too close), the DRG engages melee immediately. 2 hits in, the bats are swarming the DRG. The PLD drops a cure on me and vokes, but my third spear hit and a Jump pull hate back on. (I noted afterwards that i didn't miss ONCE during the entire fight.) Drg and Pld pound away at a furie, and a Double Thrust and Frost Breath drop it.

WHM is healing like crazy and PLD alternates healing himself and DRG as much as he can get away with as we engage 2nd furie. DRG in red, WHM in red (again, too close as AOE hit) and PLD in yellow, still voking but can't pull hate off DRG (who is doing entirely too much damage, and not missing, where the PLD is). Drg drops another Double and WHM pops Benediction, all the life recovers and the bats don't even FLINCH. They stay on the DRG as I drop another 2 hits and a jump to drop 2nd furie.

Colo-colo is the only one left and both melees go head on. WHM pops melon juice and starts dropping Cure II's, right as PLD gets hate (for the first time all fight). Colo bolts for the WHM, DRG vokes and we keep slugging. For some reason, WHM decides to heal PLD (even though DRG is in red and PLD is in orange) with the last pf his MP, and DRG falls 1 hit away from another Double Thrust. PLD lets go a Red Lotus Blade, WHM engages, 3 hits later Colo drops.

1 man down, 3 bats down. Battle time: 5:37. Rewards: Bat Fang (PLD won), Mitril Beastcoin (DRG won but gave to WHM), Green Rock (DRG won), and Invisible Scroll (PLD won). Crapola.

-DRG (and I would imagine DRK) are excellent in this, but you need to put hate on a tank early: they will do so much damage that even Benediction could't pull hate off them.
-The food helped immensely. I can't imagine our performace without it.
-The Furies drop faster than Colo. While it's tempting to take the big threat out, the sooner you reduce their numbers, the easier a time you will have.

When I do this again, I will make sure WHM has proper spells, lvl'd sub, and PLD grabs hate early, cause while the DRG had good gear and took hits well, he is not a tank.
# Jul 11 2004 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
ok just did this one 4 times today

party 1:



we walk in both rng eagle eye a furies while pld tanks (boiled crab for def and chugging yag drinks to keep mp up) the rng 2 hour CRUSHED each furie bringing one down to about 20 hp and the other to about 130 we both attempt to spam arrows but....... our macros are set for <bt> which means ..... we try to target colo instead, arrows dont work suddenly we both get creamed and pld falls after bout 3 more minutes of pounding


same group :D we walk in and do the same, this time eagle eye kills one furie and the macro was fixed so we crushed the second one, we turn to colo-colo we start pounding on him, we both do sharpshot and use piercing giving sc (reverberation?) its down to almost half and pld uses invincible, we pound and pound and finally kill it, plt axe white rock and manneqeun piece


we got our asses handed to us, i had no 2 hr, pld had no 2hr, the furies crushed me, then the whm, then ate the pld alive


this time with 2hrs we almost got it but still didnt get it

well im now 1/4 :D
# Jul 09 2004 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
Don't try 2 SMNs, and a WHM...
We got owned :(
Drop some money into it cause BCNM's are an investment
# Jul 09 2004 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
First off i want to say Thank you to everyone who said use Beastmaster. 1st two times we tried this it didnt go over well at all. Why? because we didn't realize how tough this is but this time it worked. WE went in this time as fully raised and trained Pal/War (Galka) Whm/Blm (Taru) and me Bst/War (Elvaan). First let me say my Bst was fully decked out. monster signa, noble ribbon, 2 hope rings, and a bird whistle. That all = +18 to Chr and for a special treat i used a flint caviar for +4 more. So with +22 to Chr it took some time but i got one. (Ater the signa i couldnt afford the garrison body piece) I was able to charm a furrie on the fourth attempt and used my 2 hour. (After that i had it until the other one killed it) Once I charmed it i immediately set it on the other furrie while the paly and i worked over Colo-colo. No big problem after that. We finished Colo-colo and turned to wait for one of the other furries to die (my pet) then killed the remaining one in 4 hits. So preparation is in order. Paly used pineapple juice to keep mp up and food was a fish chiefkabob. Whm used a rolanberry pie and yagudo drink. And i used Flint caviar and selbina milk to keep mine up. Fight lasted 6 minutes but hey we won. A litle expensive yes but now we have an understanding ofhow to work those bats over and get the Gunromaru and thunder spirit pact. OH and this is after the update so we couldnt buff before going in. Gonna try this on the new BCNM 20's against the leeches next. Try for the mannequin pieces.

*edit next time i subded Bard got 2 more chr out of it after all im not taking the damage so i dont need war. Plus i was able to use 1 song. Helped out big time.

**edit uhhh if your party ends up killing the other bat before yours dies trust them to survive and log to play-online real fast. Hope its works!

Edited, Wed Jul 28 22:58:23 2004
3 Attempts, 3 Failures, Lessons to be learned.
# Jul 09 2004 at 10:42 AM Rating: Excellent
1st time:

BST/MNK (me)

At this point my charisma bonuses for BST at level 20 are CAPPED out save for the very expensive Signa/Garrison Tunica. I have 25 bas CHR +4 for the rings, +3 for the whistle, +3 for the ribbon, and +2 for San d'Orian Tea. In total, I brought 37 charisma to the table. We go in, buff up, DRK uses a kabob, I use the tea, WHM uses a (deathball?).

DRK provokes Colo while I move to charm the leftmost Furies, and it goes down hill from there. That and the following FOUR charms fail outright, and I take alot of abuse, our WHM runs out of MP, and the DRK is at half life. Finally the 6th charm works, and I pop my 2 hour to lock it in. Siccing the Furies on Colo, I move in to help as well, but its a downhill battle, with no healing, the DRK dies quickly EVEN AFTER a benediction, and I follow in suit (drain is a harsh spell, and ALL the bats practically spam it). Lessons sort of learned, the DRK goes back to Jueno to get another orb, and in the mean time we try it with someone else.

2nd time:


The thought here was blink tanking, and it worked out very well, in fact. After entering, eating, and buffing, the NIN vokes Colo AND the WHM immediatly binds the rightmost Fury. I goto to charm the bats, and get them this time! Note that niether the WHM nor I have our two hours this time, but I took a guess on the nature of charms and was right (explaination below).

Turning all attention to Colo, we begin doing some serious damage to him (Im wielding a sycthe, not an axe, and I have boost), eventually killing him (after a recharm of the furies, also sucessful) Our NIN, turns to the uncharmed Furies and provokes them, and is immediatly rewarded with a fatal dose of Jet Stream to the face.

Our NIN down, I turn the one furies on the other and join in, eventually killing it. Running to the other side of the arena, I tell my pet (who still has 3/4 life) to stay, and run back to our resting healer to wait. In a short while the bats uncharm and come after me.

BST can't really fight, this is a fact, and even doing 30-35 damage a hit, it was a slow battle, with many drains and recharming it so the WHM could rest. But I was winning, it just turns out God hates me for not believing in Him.

Fighting the furies, I finally get it down to lethal range, and move to take the final swing and collect the prize...and the event times out. Needless to say, the local fauna were feeling my frustration for a while. The NIN logged and the DRK had returned from Jueno:

3rd time:


Almost a repeat of the first scenario, without the two hours, much better charms, and maybe a minute extra fighting time, but we killed no bats again. Admitably, I didnt think we would, I was just testing something.


Without Sleep/Bind tactics, Damage dealers are secondary to tanks that can actually take a hit. A Mithra Blink Tank, or a Galka Paladin Tank work great here.

The WHM is almost VITAL as a main, as a sub, it doesnt have cure 2, and that's not good for anyone. SMN might be a better sub for them as well, for a gracious amount of extra MP, but then they get no bind.


Many posts in here tell you to take a BST, charm one and its gets much easier, but what they dont mention is, and this is from my personal studies, with a 37 CHR, your charm rate on the furies is 50-60%. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The last 2 pieces of CHR equipment that you can get if you're loaded are:

(Cerberus Jueno Prices)
Garrison Tunica 120K-150K Def: 15, +1 Dex, +1 Chr
Monster Signa (Staff) 400K-450K Dmg: 12, Delay 366, +8 Chr, -5 Vit, +5 Hp, +5 Mp

Garrison Tunica: A nice, lifetime investment, as ALL jobs at level 18 can equip it, and it isnt bad at all. For the BCNM, it adds one precious CHR (which even though it may only shift the % rate of charm up by 5, thats still important to do), but it also adds a DEX, which will help you land Sytche blows on those Evasion heavy bats.

Monster Signa: Hahaha...heheehr *snort*. If you have this, you shouldn't ever lose.

Subjob: At the time, I was using MNK over other things for Boost and Counter Attack. When I go back, there's no doubt in my mind that I'm going as BST/BRD for the extra CHR (Which is either +1 or +2, I dont know yet, im only level 8 with it) My extra abilities may mount to one, low potenncy song that doesnt last long and raises everyone's defense by maybe 4, AND a Requiem, but that important thing is it probably moves the charm rate to 65-75% or so, which is MUCH better.

2 Hour: Nice, but not needed. The Furies are level 20. Though the game made them difficult to charm intentially, they STAY charmed as long as any other given EM monster, which is to say a good amount of time.

Essential Equipment:

(Cerberus Bastok Prices)
2x Hope Rings: +2 CHR +4 Light, 12K-14K
Bird Whistle: +3 CHR +5 HP, 5K
Noble's Ribbon: +3 CHR +3 ALL Elements, 15K-20K
San d'Orian Tea: +2 CHR, 600

That's the report, hope it helps, Ill be back to talk about how well BRD works.
RE: 3 Attempts, 3 Failures, Lessons to be learned.
# Jul 12 2004 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
Flint Caviar +4 chr 1000
# Jul 08 2004 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
What are the coordinates of the hut? I'm a 20 Samurai and would really like to try and get the GK that is dropped here.
Kill the Cloudies
# Jul 06 2004 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
If any one on in the Garuda Realm wishes to get together to do the battle let me know, I have this orb. Sounds like fun.
Can a RDM do it?
# Jul 06 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
So can i do this as a RDM20/BLM10 the only guy that posted a RDM died :(

If so what would be the ideal party for me??


Can a RDM do it?
# Jul 06 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
sorry for the double post i dont know how to delete it

Edited, Tue Jul 6 13:08:08 2004
# Jul 03 2004 at 10:48 AM Rating: Excellent
40 posts
This thing is easy. We had:

Pal used Fish Chiefkabob. I, the Sam/War used a Meat Chiefkabob. No clue what the Whm/Blm used if anything. Pal stepped in and voked the Colo-Colo and then turned and attacked the Furie on the left. I voked the Furie on the right, then turned and attacked the Furie he was fighting. After a little struggle first Furie went down. Then we turned to the other Furie. Paladin voked it. At this point Whm/Blm had got to much aggro and Colo-colo went for him. No worries though. I turned from Furie and voked it. Now my attention back to Furie. I used samurai, 2-Hour, and slung 3x Tachi: Enpi in to it and it dropped. By this time we were all banged up a lil but we still had two, 2 hours if we needed them. Paladin voked Colo-colo off of me. Whm/Blm used some sort of item and rested while me and Pal backed aggro back and forth. Whm/Blm got a lil mp back cured Pal, he voked again. We got TP back up Tachi: Enpi + Red Lotus Blade. Battle over. We ended up doing this two more times. Each time one of using a 2-Hour, but it was definetely not worth it. Although very, very fun. The loot for these lvl 20 BCNM sucks, but if your just in it for the fun then go ahead cause it is.
# Jul 04 2004 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
this is how ares went...
pld/war <me>
bst/whm kimodo
whm/blm bigscarymonster
we started off i tanked the colo <main bat> while bst tried to charm one of the batz after second charm and his 2hr he got control while he help me with colo the other bat killed it then help finish off colo... we finished off the last bat easy <we didnt use any potions during fight>
we finished 8:20 pretty good time droped was
platoon sword:white rock:scroll of sneak
asura server
beran <current job> sam8/4war>

Edited, Sun Jul 4 04:35:59 2004
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