Trial Size Trial By Wind  

Start Area: Rabao
Start NPC:Rahi Fohlatti (G - 9)
Related Areas:Cape Teriggan
Related Mobs:Garuda Prime
Min Level:20
Max Level:75
(Average from 2 ratings)
Items Required:Mini Tuning Fork of Wind
Last Updated: Thu Jan 6 18:02:33 2005

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Easy fight
# Feb 14 2009 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
All I have to say is use the field manual for Refresh, Regain, shell and protect. Every avatar that I've faced I used it and won.

I just summon carby, let him attack the avatar as I run away. I let carby die, and I'm far enough away to were the avatar has to run to me, so I recast carby and use astral flow. I let carby get hate, and use SL as I'm running away. I get far enough away (carby is still alive) and use a hi-pot and ether, when carby dies and the avatar is comming at you, you have plenty of time to recast carby, and let him get hate again, and use SL again. Depending on how fast you are, you can get a third SL in, but most of the time I didn't get the chance to use SL again, so I just keep summoning carby and beat the hell out of the avatar... :D

Congrats, you can easily get all the avatars with this method, its safe, effective and less time consuming.

2 Hi-pots
2 Ethers
1 Yag drink

Hermit's Wand
Compound eye circlet
Justice badge
valor earrings X2
Baron's Saio
Scentless Armlets
Mist silk cape
Heko Obi +1
Mage's slacks
light soleas

Garuda Strategy!
# Jan 15 2007 at 12:20 PM Rating: Decent
I basically followed the technique used in the Avatar Section of http://www.summoner.info/ … GREAT! site btw I recommend checking it out… its got pics and all… answers a lot of questions and then some…

Instead of me yammering on and on about what I did… just go the site and read the strategy and ur good to go cus that’s the exact strategy I used… Happy Hunting!

If u look like this o.O when battling Ramuh… fell free to read my post about what I did in the “Trial Size Trail by Lightning” section… <found in Quest>By Realm>Other>… made some tweaks but basically same strat as the site given!

Ramuh 1/2
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/2
Leviathan 1/2
Garuda 1/2
Titan 1/1

That site again is http://www.summoner.info/ … make sure u check it out…
Garuda Strategy!
# Jun 20 2007 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
3,005 posts
Viperscythe wrote:
I basically followed the technique used in the Avatar Section of http://www.summoner.info/ … GREAT! site btw I recommend checking it out… its got pics and all… answers a lot of questions and then some…

Instead of me yammering on and on about what I did… just go the site and read the strategy and ur good to go cus that’s the exact strategy I used… Happy Hunting!

If u look like this o.O when battling Ramuh… fell free to read my post about what I did in the “Trial Size Trail by Lightning” section… <found in Quest>By Realm>Other>… made some tweaks but basically same strat as the site given!

Ramuh 1/2
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/2
Leviathan 1/2
Garuda 1/2
Titan 1/1

That site again is http://www.summoner.info/ … make sure u check it out…

Site is now dead...just a domain name camper site. Did it get moved somewhere else?

how much
# Dec 14 2006 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
how much fame do u need in a city and what is it
These Fights Are all very easy
# Dec 04 2006 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
Let me start off by saying anyone who takes MP+ gear into these fights is asking to be beaten. You are using Atral Flow, Yag Drinks and Hi-Ethers (typically cause they are cheaper). So you need NO MP+ Gear. Instead Get:
Hermits Wand (-25%spell interuption), Compound Eye Circlet EVA+5, Silver Earring +1 x2 EVA+2 each, Scentless Armlets EVA+5, Heko Obi +1 or Silver Obi +1 Spell interupt -8%, and Light Soleas EVA+3. the legs, body, neck, and rings just get DEF+ or ELEMENT+ gear. You will need two to three Hi-Ethers, two to three Yagudu Drinks, and five to ten Hi-pots, and any food of your choice for def or whatever, I went with Selbina Milk. You need to make sure that you Macro Everything!
before you trade the Mini Tunning Fork. Cast Protect and Aquaviel on yourself.
enter and walk up to just before the last crack in the ground. Use your chosen food and summon carbuncle. Move forward and Imediatly cast DIA and PARALYZE to keep hate on yourself. Use astral flow >>> Yagudu Drink >>> Searing Light >>> Hi-Ether... all the while while making sure your HP stays up, by using HI-pots. Heres where a lot of people say run and hide and wait for next searing light. I say hell no.. Melee the hell outta the avatar. with this gear on and the amount of Hi-pots you can just summon and chill, yes sometimes it will fail but not nearly what it would be with different gear. After you get off the third searing light the fight is over! and you have new avatar. sometimes it only takes two searing lights and a Seraph Strike from your wand. But hey, I only set the record on every avatar except Shiva on my server. So if ya dont like this strategy then try your own. after all it is just a game and we all learn from our mistakes.
Oh by the way....
# Nov 12 2006 at 6:07 AM Rating: Decent
I only used 3 Hi-pots, 1 ether, 1 Hi-ether, and 3 Yag Drinks, on Garuda.

And I fought her on Lightsday.

I try and fight my Avatars on Lightsday, and maybe thats why my SL's have never hit for less then 210 points of damage. Mainly cuz I got my butt handed to me by Shiva on Firesday. The only Avatar I fought and won against so far on their weakest day was Titan. And I originally fought him on Lightsday, but he was my very first fight. And I was completely nervous, and didn't do what I was supposed to do. But since then the nerves have calmed and I've got my own fromat for how the fight should go.
Garuda was cake
# Nov 12 2006 at 5:47 AM Rating: Decent
I'd have to say, so far Garuda is the easiest Avatar fight Ive done. Even though she does use Blink.

This is roughly my list for all my Avatar fights:

5-6 Hi-Potions
2 Ethers
1 Hi-Ether
3 Yag Drinks
1 Rolanberry Pie
Heko Obi +1, Holly Staff, MP Ring (I forget it's name) 2 MP Earrings (those too, sorry), Basty Ring, Doublet, Black Slacks, Silver Hairpin, Scentless Armlets, Light Soleas, Cotton Cape, and my trusty Justice Badge.

So I'm waiting to fight Ramuh again, but it's Lightningsday. Which sucks cuz he wooped my butt on Lightsday/Darksday(it turned Darksday in the middle of the match and thats when it started going wrong). But anyways I had to go to work so I said ***** it, headed to Rabao as quickly as I could. got in there and this is how it went.....

I get in there use my pie, cast Protect and Aqauveil on myself(I didnt have time to solicite for Protect 2 and Shellra 2) and wait for my mp to refresh. I run up cast Carby use my Yag Drink and command Carby to attack Garuda. Everything is going fine for the first 3 casts of Carby, Carby attacks I wait til he dies recast him and wait for Garuda to come to my doorstep. But on the 4th recast something goes horribly wrong, she doesnt come all the way up to me and Carby doesnt do his auto-attack like he usually does. So she starts heading back to her spawn area and as Im chasing her I noticed that the 1/3 life Carby has taken away so far, she has just gotten back. And I'm like "F***!" so as she is strolling up the ramp as soon as I get in range I cast Dia on her, then Banish, then Paralyze and quickly get carby to use Poison Nails, to try and make up lost ground.

Needless to say 2 of the attacks got absorbed by her Blink(Paralyze and Poison Nails), but at least I was back on track. But I'm now on my 2nd Yag Drink, which sucks cuz she was at 95% health and I only had one more(I've never needed more than 3 Yag Drinks).

But now that the fight is back on track I start stepping it up cuz I'm about out of my Drinks so every recast when I pass by her I use Dia or Banish to help Carby keep the hate cuz of her Blink Effect.

But by now its getting dangerously close to having to go to work, so I wait til she's a little more than 2/3rds of full life and I said ***** it. I had 90 mp left and just had popped my last Yag Drink so I use Astral Flow and prayed that her Blink didnt absorb Searing Light. And low and behold it didnt, it hit for 210 points of damage. I immediately used an Ether ran down to my side popped a hi-ether and waited for carby to die, by the time Garuda made it back to me my 2nd Searing Light was ready to go and at this time she used her 2 hour at the same exact time I commanded Carby to use Searing Light. Both 2 hours hit at the same time(maybe a split second apart) but SL did another 210 points of damage and hers only did 66 to Carby and 138 to me, which left me at 83 hp, when it was done.

Garuda fell and I got my 4th Avatar in the past week.^^

So far:

Titan 1/2
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/1
Ramuh 0/1
Garuda 1/1

Hope someone gets some insight from this rambling of mine.^^

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Not panicking is worth it!
# Nov 09 2006 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
This was my first fight against an avatar and I did it!
But things did not go smoothly for me... ^^;

My equipement were:
fungus Hat, trader saio, black slack, battle gloves, light solea, some mp rings & earrings I had forgotten to switch for elemental ones, 1 mist silk cape, friar rope, and of course the most useful gear: 1 fishing rod and bait.

I used during the fight:
5x hi-potion
5x ether
1x boiled crab
1x yagudo drink

I used the regular buffs: protect 4 + shell 4 + aquaveil

everything was going smoothly, I was going for the triple searing light method, except that i mistakenly drank an hi-potion instead of an ether after the first searing light. but no harm done at this point.
I did not used any other hi-potion except for when the bad luck happenned below.
I used ethers after the first two searing lights.

But then, when it was time for the third searing light (I was like: omg, this is easy fight!), carby is preparing to searing light but garuda is faster than him and throw a spell. Carby somehow didnt do the searing light and before i could do it again astral flow wore off. Of course, i started panicking since Garuda still had 20% hp!

But, then i remeber something good i read once: DO NOT PANIC!
So i stopped panicking.
I let carby fight garuda one on one while i spammed banish and 1 dia. then it happenned: i ran out of ether AND hi-pots! The yag drink had wore off too.

So i decided to kill garuda with my wand since she only had 2% hp left. I start attacking and she did that awesome blast of air that threw my already low hp to 13!
And, 1 sec before she reap the life out of me, I land a regular blow with my hermit wand on her and she dies!!!

the moral of this story: bring a few more hi-pot and ether than expected (5/5) and DO NOT PANIC!

This was my first experience of an avatar and it was fun! :D
I hope this gave courage to the new ones trying this for the first time as well! :3
# Oct 13 2006 at 6:57 AM Rating: Decent
how much fasme is needed have other quest can't get this one
# Oct 13 2006 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
how much fasme is needed have other quest can't get this one
Won barely
# Apr 03 2006 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
I just did this quest yesterday on the Hydra server.

I brought:
3 hi potions (used all 3)
3 ethers (didn't use any)
4 melon juice (used 3)
1 steamed crayfish)
(64 summoning)

I did the safe method. What I did is use my first 2 melon juices to let Carbuncle melee Garuda so it only cost 1mp per tic. Then once I got to 70 mp (Garuda was at about 70% hp as well)I activated Astral Flow and did Searing Light. Then I ran up to the center part and did it again and won. It was pretty easy doing it this way till she did Aerial Blast and leveled Carbuncle and got me down to 10 hp. Then I got a bunch of hate again from using the hi potions and stuff and came out with 64 hp >D Other than getting very unlucky and having Garuda use her 2 hour after first Searing Light (I only did 2) it was very easy.

Edited, Mon Apr 3 16:25:35 2006
*Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare*
# Jan 25 2006 at 9:42 PM Rating: Excellent
78 posts
Thank you to everyone who posted their strategies and experiences with Garuda here. I found them most helpful! That is why I would also like to share my tactics/experience fighting Mini-Garuda Prime.

I'm only a lvl 21smn, so I don't have much experience working with avatars, thus it took me a couple of times (three actually...won on the 4th try) to finally attain victory. That being said, there will be some repeats of strategies that have been posted over and over again. This is more for the benefit of those who don't have much experience playing Summoner.

I won't list all of the macros I used. You can find useful macros in the posts below. I will say that I added /recast "Blood Pact" to the last line ALL of my macros, so that I could see how much time I had left before recasting Searing Light (SL).

Selbina Milk x12 (only used one)
Hi Potion x3 (I brought 6 but only used 3)
Yagudo Drink x2 (Only had to use one, but better safe than sorry!!)
Ether x6 (You can buy these from the Duty Free shop in Port Jeuno... I ended up using three).
Boiled Crab x1

Main: Hermit's Wand Hands: Trader's cuffs
Head: Trader's Chapeau Waist: Heko Obi+1
Body: Trader's Saio Neck: Justice Badge
Back: Mist Cape Feet: Light Soleas
Ear: Onyx Earrings
Rings: Fasting Ring and Astral Ring

Summoning skill: lvl 28 -_-;

I also recommend anything with +evasion (ie: Erudite's Headband, Silver Earrings+1, Scentless Armletts, etc) or bascially anything that's got good defense that summoner can wear. You're not going to have full MP pretty much throughout the entire battle, so your max MP doesn't matter much. You want to be able to survive (or evade) hits and avoid casting interuptions.

So yeah... don't forget to trade the Mini-Tuning Fork to the crystal... Otherwise... well, if you forget, then you'll find out. Like I did. >.>

Before trading to the crystal, cast Protect, Aquaveil (I forgot it on the third time and was interupted x3 = death), and use a Boiled crab. Enter battlefield! /cheer

After the cutscene, run up to the last bend. Be careful that you don't run up too far. You don't want the avatar to come for you before you're ready. Summon Carby, use a Yag Drink and a Selbina Milk. As someone said in an earlier post, inch forward, using your Assault macro until Carby attacks. The avatars should engage near the center of the circular area.

Once you see Carby hit Garuda, immediately activate Astral Flow, followed by SL. Do not move until SL goes off. The avatar will come for you when you use your 2hr, and if you move it will cause SL to miss. Take a hit if you have to. SL will take hate away from you. Now, with Avatar focused on Carbster, you want to [Run Away!] until you can only see Carby's name. I ran back to the bend, stopped and used an ether for safety (for those of us newbie smns, your 2hr makes your avatar cost nothing, so with a Yag drink, Carby won't disappear, but you need to make sure you have enough MP to recast him-and enough for another BP ~40mp), then continued on past the bend until the HP diappeared. Use a Hi-potion if you think you need it.

Wait. Carby's name will disappear. Immediately resummon, then turn around and run back up the hill towards Garuda, while "mashing" you assault macro (if you add a /recast "Blood Pact" to your macro, you will see the Blood Pact counter count-down and you'll know how much time you have- this helped me out ALOT). Once Carby engages, run past Garuda so that you are above her.

With Carby engaged, you will still be getting hit. But don't panic. Use a Hi-potion and wait for BP timer. Get ready to make a run for it. This is the point where it can get tricky. Use SL again the second it is ready. Again, don't run away until you see SL hit. Ok, here's the scary part. Avatars like to use their 2hr at 1/2-1/3hp, so...after the 2nd SL you should just expect Garuda to pop Aerial Blast. I got leveled with this twice right after the second SL. So when you see SL hit, BOOK IT!

If you get hit and live, use a Hi-potion (or two if you can) and get ready to recast Carby because after the 2hr he's not gonna last long. ><;

If all goes well, Garuda will hate Carby, and you'll make your escape towards the crystal. Run until you can't see his HP bar again. Then, use an ether, Hi-potion, etc, and wait. Once Carby dies, recast and assault. Run past Garuda so that you're on the down-hill side and stand still. Use Hi-potions to keep yourself alive ('cause Garuda will still hate you). When I got to this point, I just mashed the SL macro until it went off. BAM! [Garuda Prime] [death] [you can have this]!

New record Clear time: 4 minutes 3 seconds (at least for now ^^)

/sigh of relief

I couldn't believe it went so smoothly... after 3 times of just bad luck or lame skillz. orz

Couple things I did wrong the other times...
1) Too close to Avatar @ start of battle
2) didn't have my hat on .... >.>
3) Forgot to use my boiled crab... ><;
4) Forgot Aquaveil (I got a ProIII, ShellIII Blink and Stoneskin... which made me forget I needed to cast this... It makes a big difference. W/out it I got interuppted 3x in a row and died after 2nd SL)
5) Freaked out when I was getting hit by Garuda... I asked my lvl 75 smn brother Lunais what I should do and he said to just keep running, because Carby will still hit Garuda and eventually she'll turn away from you. I actually found this to be most helpful. I realized (after several defeats by Ifrit and Leviathan) that if I'm running and the Avatar is chasing me, Carby isn't getting hit, hence he lasts longer-- allowing the 30 seconds recast to reset. When your BP timer is up, just stop, hit SL and then take off running again when you see it land.

[Um...]Sorry this post is so long... but I hope you're able to find some useful information in here somewhere. XD

Good luck! "Never give up! Never surrender!" (*^_^)b

Edited, Thu Feb 2 11:54:00 2006
# Dec 22 2005 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
I thought the lv cap was 20
RE: Huh
# Mar 02 2006 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
It is with the mini-fork
# Dec 22 2005 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
269 posts
Beat him today on my first try. lol fought him on Windsday of all days. Had Stoneskin, protect and shell III, and baraero. Went as smooth as could be, avoided his astral flow while running the second time. Leveled him with 3 210dmg Searing Lights.

Have the record now on Leviathan: 3 min 45 sec.
just a tip
# Nov 07 2005 at 8:01 PM Rating: Decent
you've heard strategies over and over again so i won't wright the whole thing ^^. plainly put a courageous man is a man that succeeds. Aerial armor is a big problem unless you just blow right through it :)! confused? well its simple Searling Light will take off all shadows but will hit for less. Let carby die once then when garuda gets back down astral flow! do not panic when searing light hits for about 101. this will happen but all shadows will be removed. use your ethers and hit garuda with two more SL and it should have about 3 hp left. (assumeing your two others will hit for 210) make sure to launch your 2nd SL only after Aerial Blast has been launched. with shadows removed and mp tapped out garuda will die from dia or banish or just a carby attack. alot of ppl fight the avatar for a while just normal carby. don't. be bold and strike quickly to end it! just my advice :D (you can trust me i'm 1/1 with garuda and i fought it one fire days so no boost or weakness for either side)
# Oct 29 2005 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
how much fame is needed for garuda fight? i've already beat shiva trial size trial by ice so i figured i could get this but can't. i cant even get the desert venom quest...
# Oct 24 2005 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
Finally beat this sucka! Third try. My second try I should have gotten it but my second Searing Light did not happen... I didnt move or anything but "Carbuncle readies Searing Light" then Carbuncle apparently decides not to use it >< This time was cake tho. went wit the smn/nin approach and that helped since carby died too fast from Aero II so I had to take some hits while recasting. Beat the previous record of 14 min on Fairy (my time was 5min =P). Did it on lightsday... my summoning magic is NOT capped, but I still did 210 with two of my Searing Lights and 230 with the other, so maybe I got lucky but it certainly is possible. Good luck to all!
mini fights
# Aug 29 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
Mini Avatar Fights

What you need: level 20 SMN/WHM

Tuning Fork for Avatar

1 stack of Mulsum

6 Hi-Potions

1 Yagudo Drink

1 Boiled Crab

All equipment that helps with spell interruption

Good Timing

Attention: This is a very different approach to the normal “Cast Carby...wait to die ...Recast Carby” method. This is a very “Guns-A-Blazen” technique.

Step 1 Acquire Tuning fork and accept warp to crystal location.

Use Boiled Crab and cast Protect. (No need to regain MP)

Step 2 Trade Tuning fork to crystal and enter battle field.

Step 3 Run up the path till you are a small distance outside of agro range from Avatar

Summon Carbuncle and use Yagudo Drink.

Step 4 Move close enough to have Carby assault the Avatar. As soon as Carby hits (or misses) the Avatar hit Astral Flow, immediately followed by Searing Light 2hr.

Important!! Never move while using 2hr wait for Carby to hit before moving again.

Step 5 This is where a little luck comes into play. After using Searing Light your mp will drop to zero. As soon as that happens use a Mulsum other wise Carby will disappear and the Avatar will come after you. Be aware of the Avatar’s 2hr, it can kill you in 1 hit. If you see the Avatar ready its 2hr do whatever it takes to get out of range. If you get hit and live through a 2hr use 2 Hi-Potions and you will be in good shape.

Step 6 Time to prepare for the next Searing Light. Carbuncle needs at least 40 mp to use Searing Light again, so use as many Mulsums as needed. Wait for the recast timer to run out and use Searing Light again. Remember do not move till Searing Light is done. I have defeated Avatars in 2 Searing Lights but not all fall that easy. If need be use Mulsum, avoid 2hr (if Avatar hasn’t used it already) and prepare for another Searing light same as before. No Avatars have lived through 3 Searing Lights.

Note: If at any time carbuncle dies or disappears simply summon him again. If Avatar hits you and interrupts your cast use Hi-Potions as needed and try again. This is why the Spell interruption gears are needed, and believe me it helps a lot.


Mulsum- /item “Mulsum” <me>

Hi-Potion- /item “Hi-Potion” <me>

Yagudo Drink- /item “Yagudo Drink” <me>

Astral Flow- /ja “Astral Flow” <me>

Carbuncle- /ma “Carbuncle” <me>

Assault- /pet “Assault” <bt>

Searing Light- /pet “Searing Light” <bt>

Banish- /ma “Banish” <bt>

Best Day to fight Avatar:

Shiva- Firesday

Ifrit- Watersday

Ramuh- Earthsday

Leviathan- Lightningday

Garuda- Iceday

Titan- Windsday

Lightday is Carbuncles day. Fight any one on that day.

Hope this helps and Good Luck ^^

Iceiss, Titan server.

RE: mini fights
# Nov 18 2005 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
Ifrit lived through 3 Searing Lights for me and it was Watersday... needless to say i died ;;
and my summoning magic is capped at 20...

Edited, Fri Nov 18 12:20:12 2005
# Jul 02 2005 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
anyone know what good this mini tuning fork is once you beat it... i've destroyed all the battles so far cept for shiva and garuda due to not really going to rabao much till tonight to beat it and i have all the forks still but don't wanna throw them away if i'm gonna need em still...
RE: ....
# Jul 25 2005 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
posted in another thread http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?fquest=371
quoted from Eldelphia of Alexander

OK. To get Fenrir you need to obtain a key item from the NPC in windy called a 'Moon Bauble'. To get this you need a full set of whispers gained from defeating the full avatars.

Whispers can be traded in to the NPC that gave you the fork for the prime battle for the ability to summon that avatar (a pact), an item or some cash. Once you have traded the whisper, the next real life day you can get another tuning fork and fight the prime avatar again for another whisper.

To get the moon bauble you need a set of all the whispers. So you do not trade them to the NPC who gave you the quest. You save them and go to the NPC in Windy when you have a full setfor the Fenrir cutscenes and the moon bauble.

So most people either do the mini fights for the ability to summon the avatars as a lv 20 smn or they fight all of the prime avatars twice. Once for the pacts and once for the extra whispers to get their moon bauble and hence a chance at Fenrir.

Above is the reason you may want the fork. To get fenrir you have to beat each other avatar 2x once for the avatar and once for the whisker key item so you can eventually get fenrir. now you can either do the solo lvl 20 and the prime avatar or do the prime avatar twice. to get both your avatar and whisker for fenrir. you can skip the mini fight altogether if you so desire, but the mini fight may end up being less work (looking for members and actually traveling to the protocrystal)
Need help?
# Apr 13 2005 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Okay, there's no doubt about it... these fights are UNBELIEVABLY annoying. Don't worry though you WILL eventually get throught them, and the reward is worth the effort =)

Okay so after getting my butt kicked numerous times when I first started out, I've developped what has become an almost 100% successful method for these battles.

Now it costs a lot (depending on your server, for me this method can cost from 15k to 22k PER fight on Asura).
Here's what you need:

Potion X 5
Hi-Potion X 2
Ether X 5
Yagudo Drink X 3
Selbina Milk X 12 (just a clump of em will last for a loong time, and they're cheap too, only about 200G for 12)

Okay so very simple strategy. Get your hand on a Hermit's Wand and ANY other equipment that lowers spell interuption rates (like Heko Obi +1 for example), the rest of your equipment try to find things that raise your EVAsion stats, otherwise anything with the highest defense.

Now, when you enter the battlefield IMMEDIATELY cast Protect and Aquaveil (if using a SMN/WHM, I haven't tried any other combo), or you can try to get a Protect II or III from some nice player before entering the battle. Now having macros set for these fights helps a lot (I will post my macro list right after this).

Run up the ramp until you can see the avatar in the distance and cast Carbuncle right away. Use a Yagudo Drink RIGHT AWAY after summoning (it restores MP).

Use assault of the avatar where you summoned Carby (MAKE SURE that the avatar if busy with Carbuncle before moving) now run to the top and hide beside the crystal. Try to run far enough away so you no longer target the avatar and you can no longer see Carbuncle's health, only his name, you know then you are at a safe distance.
Now that you have a chance, use the Selbina Milk (it gradually restores HP). Be very alert during these battles, and restore anything that wears off if you feel you are safe to do so.

After a minute or so Carbuncle will be defeated by the avatar. DO NOT PANIC, this will happen MANY times during the fight, so get used to it. When you see Carbuncles name dissapear from the bottom of the screen summon him again RIGHT AWAY, DO NOT WASTE TIME. Once he pops out again, mash the Assault macro, and once the avatar has targeted Carby again, run back to the place you summoned Carby for the first time (a lot of people say to run back down to where you enetered the battlefield, personally I found this a waste of time, and it actually caused me MORE difficulty, so just do what you feel comfortable with).

Keep letting Carby get wooped until you either:

A) Have the avatar's health down to about 3/4's
B) Have less that 70 MP remaining.

Now's when you break out the 2-Hour.
Once Carbuncle has been freshly summoned, let the avatar come close to you and use Astral Flow, it WILL come after you, but don't worry. Now hit the Searing Light macro, and WAIT until Carby hit it before running away, otherwise you'll completely miss the target. This is EXTREMELY important!!! USE at LEAST 2 or 3 ethers IMMEDIATELY!!! Otherwise Carbuncle will dissapear due to lack of MP, and you will most likely DIE! After using the Ethers run to a safe spot (as mentioned before by viewing only Carby's name nd the bottom) and use potions as needed (Hi-potions if in the yellow and regular potions if you are below 75%HP).

Make sure you have at least 40MP remaining and continue the "Carby dies, you re-summon" method until you can re-use Searing Light. Follow the same directons as before, stay CLOSE to the avatar and wait for Carby to use it.

Using this method, the second Searing Light should do the avatar in. If for some reason it doesn't, then follow the same directions as before, and pray you have enough time to get another Searing Light in before the 2-Hour wears off.

And there you have it! This method has worked for me 90% of the time. Why 90%? Because I once continued hitting the wrong macro thinking there was some glitch with the game rather than using Searing Light, which lead my 2-hour to expire and Shiva to kick my bum. Other than that extremely stupid mishap, I've won every other time.

Don't worry you CAN do it! It just takes practice, it's very rare that anyone can get an avatar on their first try. Good luck!

RE: Need help?
# Apr 13 2005 at 10:55 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Here's the Macro list I promised:

1. Carby (/ma "Carbuncle" <me>)
2. Astral Flow (/ja "Astral Flow" <me>)
3. Searing Light (/pet "Searing Light" <bt>
4. Potion (/item "Potion" <me>)
5. Hi-potion (/item "Hipotion" <me>)
6. Ether (/item "Ether" <me>)
7. Milk (/item "Selbina Milk" <me>)
8. Assault (/pet "Assault" <bt>)

Now in case you're wondering <bt> isn't a typo... it target the closest mob, so you don't have to target the avatar all the time.

One thing I forgot to mention before...
Sometimes Carby dies too quickly, and you cannot summon him again from a safe distance. The avatar WILL come after you and WILL interupt your summoning. Here's where the Hermit's Wand and the Heko Obi+ 1 come in handy, as well as any equipment that raises evasion (like Scentless armlets or Compound Eye Circlet). Raising your SMN Magic skill will also help with this situation, you'll want to try to get it to at least 40 before attempting these battles, it doesn't take too long, and it helps quite a bit.

Don't worry, it'll happen at one point with at least one of the avatars you fight. Don't lose it, just keep trying to summon and eventually (hopefully) Carby will pop out.

I wish you the best, any questions feel free to contact me at lion_heart3050@pol.com or just send a message online to Svalitz (Asura server)

Good luck!
Elvaans CAN do it
# Apr 06 2005 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
I posted my results to the Titan fight in the Trial size Trial by earth forum. I thought I'd say that the same method has worked for Garuda, Shiva and Ramuh so far, just need to get Ifrit and Leviathan now. I went into each fight almost naked, with the exception of some earrings, a hermit's wand, and a silver hairpin. (Oh, and now I'm using field gear just for fun). Each fight went completely smooth, was able to do the three searing light method easily. The only one that gave me trouble was Ramuh because he used his 2 hour and killed carbuncle RIGHT before the last searing light. I was able to summon him one more time while I was getting smacked around. 3rd Searing light and he died.

Oh and then I went for Ifrit, STUPIDLY without realizing that my 2 hr wasn't ready. DUMB!!! I hadn't been defeated yet, and I made the dumbest mistake ever. Oh well, I will have my revenge. So far most of the fights have required:

2 Hi-Ethers
1 Hi-Potion (Sometimes don't even need to use)
1 Yagudo Drink

It isn't really that hard, I think I used one extra Hi-Potion on the Ramuh fight, but other than that, it is all pretty easy.

Oh and I said on the Titan board that I'd never use Hi-Ethers again, but I have changed my mind on that. 50 MP is very good, and the cast time isn't THAT long. So I take back my earlier sentiments.

I think that being Elvaan actually HELPED in this fight cause I could take major hits with ease.

Good luck to anyone who tries these fights!

(BTW I'm posting on the Garuda board because she is the 2nd one that I fought. Sorry if the post doesn't follow the subject, but all the Trial size fights are basically the same strategy anyway!)
# Jan 04 2005 at 9:48 PM Rating: Decent
I used the Ninja sub method and used 2 Searing Lights . I used 2 decurion's daggers this time instead of 2 Hermit's wands and won . My 2 hour wore off , so I could not do a third searing light . The first couple of times she beat me , I think it was wrong day . I read somehere to fight on Lights day or Winds day , so I kept losing . I tried this time on Ice day and won and thank you to the mage that just happened to be in rabao and casted protect 4 and shell 4 on me when I asked . That helped a great deal . I got to 14 Hp and I said oh well , its over , she still had a good amount of Hp left . Then all of a sudden the battle ended and I was still standing !!!! I won !!! The text read "Carbuncle defeats Garuda" . I thought I was a gonner , lol.
# May 12 2005 at 4:58 AM Rating: Decent
723 posts
Yeah o.o. Windsday isn't just the wrong day for Garuda... it's the WORST DAY. She is an Air type avatar, she is strongest on Windsday. Ice day is Garuda's weak day ^^. just incase anyone is wondering about what Elemental days to fight on.

Element here -> beats Element here
E.G. Iceday -> Garuda ^^.

Ice -> Wind -> Earth -> Lightning -> Water -> Fire -> Ice
# Jul 25 2005 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
Owned Garuda Prime last night on windsday. we had one death, managed to raise before garuda died. Her hp ticks away very slow, so be sure to take your time killing her. my duties baraera, barsilencera, frost, silence, dia II, and the occasional cure (damage both was was really slow). Think the death was caused by a double slap(cause he went from near full to dead very quickly) had no time to raise right-away with the new tank taking over but I managed to down a couple of hi ethers and raise him before the fight was over. We had the casters on the ledge above with the melee below. the party set up was 50rdm 60whm(me) 66 drk(I think) 66 monk 75 pld and anon smn. Rdm had issues getting to the fight but nothing else. I died once taking wrong turn on the way to the fight. (got stuck in tunnel to the east with the gobs and no mp) was expecting a spanking since we entered on watersday near mignight and pretty much fought the whole fight on windsday. If your on fenrir and looking for other avatars feel free to find me.
Hardest one yet
# Nov 24 2004 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
I've gotten Titan, Ifrit, Shiva, and now Garuda, and i must say, this was def. the hardest one so far. The fact that she does blink is uber-annoying. I got buffed before the fight with protect and shell 4 and still had trouble. I had to use the slower method and let carby melee for a while to weaken her so as two searing lights would kill her...which didn't happen of course. i ended up having to melee again at the end and got lucky with her claw attack missing me. I won on my third try although i really shouldn't count my second try cuz i made the mistkae of going in on windsday :( I used 2 yag. drinks, 2 hi-ethers, and 3 hi-potions, smn magic lev-56, subbing whm. remeber not to waste mp on healing, use your potions for that. Also, i highly recomend hacking the game and changing carbuncle to an old man. It doesn't make carby better or anything, but it makes the game infinitly times funnier. when you do a blood pact it is the funniest thing ever, the old man jumps in the air and has contortions, lol!1!!!1. heres the website for it http://www.rpgexpert.com/1351.html -well, hope this helps.

Edited, Thu Dec 9 01:57:51 2004
Good Stradegy
# Nov 02 2004 at 2:56 PM Rating: Excellent
31 posts
ok here's how i did most my avatar fights....
/ma "Carbuncle" <me>
/pet "Assault" <bt>
/pet "Searing Light" <bt>
/ja "Astral Flow" <me>
/item "Yagudo Drink" <me>
/item "Ether" <me>
/item "Hi-Potion" <me>

4 Yagudo Drinks (YD)
3 Ethers
3 Hi-Potions
{REASON}(dual weild) 2 Hermits wands 50% chance of getting carby back out if something goes wrong.
enter battle feild and go a little past bend and use YD, then summon carby and make way to avatar stay out of aggro range and inch ur way to avatar while mashing assault macro. carby should go straight to him without u getting aggro. run back past the bend a lil bit... while waiting there mash ur carby macro til carby gets summoned after carby comes out wait for him to engage then run back behind crystal as far as u can go and mash carby macro. after he gets summoned wait for him to engage and run past bend a lil bit...use YD when it runs out and do this over and over til ur 2nd yagudo drink runs out {REASON} to wittle his life down so u can use 2 Searing lights instead of three. NOW his life should be at 5/6; when ur second yagudo drink runs out... wait for carby to die. when u summon him pop a yagudo drink and use astral flow right away {REASON} cause u get all hate right now....then when carby hits avatar he takes all hate in 1 to 2 hits. Now run up to avatar make sure ur 'close' hit searing light macro( you dont have to target avatar /pet "Searing Light" <bt> automatically tagets the "partys" mob)...bam carby has all hate take off running to other side of map {REASON} need time for Blood Pact to come back. carby dies u summon him... pop ether and follow carby to avatar Searing light should be ready... and hit searing light macro to kill him.

I've only lost to leviathan and ramuh all others took me 1 try with this method. Hope this works for all u smns out there!

Edited, Tue Nov 2 14:57:53 2004
# Oct 16 2004 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
I lost to Garuda <cry>.... well I wan't to know why I lost! well it wen't like this "Oh look its Ice Dau I'll got fight garuda" Doriant said. so I accept the quest..... use a fish mirthkobob. I enter battle, cut sceane occurs I run up to the bend use yagudo drink, summon carby, attack Prime Garuda (lvl 20 Garuda) she cast blink and I let carby attack it it wears off then I use searing light .......115 Damage....I was starting to panic but I said to myslef it will be ok. I run to bend use ether (MP=34) and run it it says carby no more, resummon carby he attacks Garuda (mp=51) I use searing light 215 Damage...... I use ether and run up to pit till carby no more resummon carby, (MP=45) I use searing light 115 Damage.........Garude as 5% heath and my Yagudo drink wears off..... and I have no mp so I say "Commakozy" I melle her down and she 2he me = I F***ing dead. Why did my carby only did 115 damage twice but 215 Damage once? It makes no F***ing sense! Does anyone know why?
RE: Why?
# Jan 07 2005 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
545 posts
well.. if u play blm... for sure you would know why....

spells INCLUDING ANY SPELL BASED BLOOD PACT can get resisted...

resistance is based on your (if BLM) Elemental Magic Skill or (if SMN) Summoning Magic Skill compared to the enemy's MND, lvl, the corresponding skill amd equipment...

examples of your blood pacts being resisted can be say Shiva's Blizzard II or Ramuh's Thunder II, they get resisted alot...

it is not uncommon for a lv say 50 BLM to have his spell to get resisted to an Easy Prey even with capped magic skill...

BTW, you are fighting a lv 25+ mob (cuz Garuda is using Aerial Armour which is lv 25 blood pact), so resists do happen for Astral Flow BP's occasionally
RE: Why?
# Oct 17 2004 at 2:11 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Carby somtimes does only half of his potential damage. It's just a random thing, like a critical hit. Unfortunately for you, it happend twice in a short amount of time. Honestly, Garuda seems to have low physical defense, so once you penetrate the Aerial Armor, you can melee her pretty well. Just try once more :)

Edited, Sun Oct 17 03:12:09 2004
Beating Blink
# Oct 14 2004 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
It took me 3 tries to defeat Gaurda, but I did it. I found that the best way to get past the blink problem is to attack her yourself. This way, both you and Carbuncle are getting rid of the shadows, thus getting rid of them faster. Once they are gone, you can Searing Light her with no worries. Good luck ^_^
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