Toraimarai Coffer - SMN AF  

Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Guslam (H - 8)
Prerequisites:The Puppet Master - SMN AF1
Related Areas:Toraimarai Canal
Min Level:50
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Toraimarai Coffer Key
Items Granted:Evoker's Pigaches
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Zilart
Last Updated: Sun Jul 3 11:54:42 2005

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A piece of summoner artifact gear lays hidden in a coffer in Toraimarai Canal.


In order to do this "quest" you must first talk to the Guslam, a Galka in the armor shop in Upper Jeuno, to start Borghertz's Warring Hands. You must also have completed the SMN AF1 for the Kukulcan's Staff.

You will need to acquire a Toraimarai Coffer Key, which is dropped by Bouncing Balls, Canal Pugils, Scavenger Crabs, Dire Bats, Doom Mages, Doom Soldiers, Fleshcravers, Girtab, Mindcravers, and Starmites.

Once you have the key you will need to find the Treasure Coffer. Once you find the Treasure Coffer, trade the Coffer Key and you will receive the Evoker's Pigaches.

Quest Series

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wtf warring hands?
# Nov 04 2008 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
okay, uh i did the boghartz quest thinger. and i talk to guslam and no CS no information of anything. Uhh does this mean i can't do the quest or that i can go straight to farming the coffer key or do i talk to someone else. Help please thank you =D
# Apr 10 2006 at 2:22 PM Rating: Decent
fun quest lol
# Jan 06 2006 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
96 posts
I got my key goofing off with Aizenmyou's BST on my Whm. He told me to save it in case one day I became a Smn. (Yeah right, wasn't even unlocked!)

Less than two months later...

I came as a 50 Smn. I've completed AF1, AF2, and AF3 (and I have no idea if any of these are required). I was told by my linkshell that you cannot get any coffer items until you have the quest with the Galka, Guslam. THIS IS INCORRECT.

I had started the White Mage hands quest with Guslam already, but I today obtained my Summoner pigaches. Also, I wasn't able to start AF2 or AF3 on Whm, but needed to be a Smn. I was however able to do the rest of the NPC cutscenes once I'd started each of the quests on any job. I have screenshots of me in my AF WHM hat in cutscene with Koru-Moru.

So, and this is just a guess, you probably don't need any hand's quests at all. I do believe however that these coffer require you to do them on Smn as main job.

Also, if you're looking for a coffer map, I highly recommend cannotlinkto and http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/zonedb/52 (click Chests)
Impish Bats
# Jul 27 2005 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
1,447 posts
Wow, I can't believe it, I solo'd my coffer key and got it! I was a lvl 60 summoner, fighting Impish Bats near the Windurst Waters zone. I hit an Even Match bat and it was the one that dropped it. The other bats I tended to fight there were decent challenges.

Time to go coffer hunting!
Impish Bats
# Apr 11 2005 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
Just got my key off an impish bat while clearing the way to the mindcravers/fleshcravers at the zone near windy. So, I guess they can be added to list of key droppers. I had TH2 in pt. Thanks to everyone that helped me with that^^
wtf warring hands?
# Mar 11 2005 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
whats up with this "Warring Hands" quest that it says up there? Is that a bad *** Translation? Is it talking about Calling Hands for af3? I spoke to Guslam again and he just talks about becoming a better blacksmith and doesn't give me any more info yet :/
I just want to make sure I don't get out there, get key, then get gil instead of af XD Thnx!

Edited, Fri Mar 11 13:44:19 2005
wtf warring hands?
# Nov 04 2008 at 8:45 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah i'm getting the same thing. I got Boghartz calling hands or whatever it's called. And i go to talk to Guslam and he says like good job for doing this quest or whatever. Does this mean i can't do the quest? or that i can go straight to the coffer. or talk to someone else. Someone help me please
wtf warring hands?
# Dec 29 2007 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
91 posts
I also do not get the quest from Guslam. He gives me a high five for completeing the hands of Borg quest, and then says someday he will be a legendary craftsman.
Obviously since I did the mitts quest I have completed stage 1.
What am i doing wrong that I am not getting the quest? Any help would be great. Thanks.
RockFisch, Tarutaru
San d'Oria Rank 10
99 Smn,56 Whm,20 Rng,25 Blm,25 Thf,11 Nin
Gilgamesh Server
Playtime EST
RE: wtf warring hands?
# Oct 02 2005 at 8:54 PM Rating: Good
2,225 posts
whats up with this "Warring Hands" quest that it says up there? Is that a bad *** Translation? Is it talking about Calling Hands for af3?

Naw, someone was just lazy when they wrote the quest up, and copy/pasted the Warrior part, I guess. The quest is essentially the same, just the coffer is different, and the name of the hands specifically.

# Jan 14 2005 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
got key in 2nd drop from scavenging crab this morning. and found my coffer just where oni pops :)
# Dec 08 2004 at 12:01 PM Rating: Default
65 posts
Cutlass Scorpion dropped this coffer key for me
# Dec 08 2004 at 11:49 AM Rating: Default
65 posts
Cutlass Scorpion dropped this coffer key for me
coffer key
# Dec 08 2004 at 11:48 AM Rating: Default
65 posts
Cutlass Scorpion dropped this coffer key for me
Door Question
# Oct 27 2004 at 4:05 AM Rating: Decent
To get to the Mindcravers though windurst walls, does only one person need this key or key item to open the gate. so that all members can go though? Or does everybody have to have it to gain access this way. thank you
Coffer Key Mobs/Area
# Aug 27 2004 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
I can confirm that Mindcravers also drop the Toraimarai Coffer key. They are found with the Fleshcravers, and are, for the most part, a few levels lower, thus making them the easiest mobs in the area to fight.

Also, i would suggest heavily that anyone attempting to get a coffer go the extra mile and get the windurst walls entrance to this area. If you do, as soon as you enter through that area, you find yourself a hallway away from two rooms packed with Fleshcravers and Mindcravers. (I was so lucky and had key drop after the 3rd skeleton, unfortunately, and this is where it becomes a real horror story, I was running from a mob that a BST released right on top of me (he might have been angry he had competition), and as i was zoning to windurst walls to prevent myself from dying, i saw the text come up 'You find a Toraimarai Coffer Key' on the Mindcraver'....needless to say, it was too late and the key got passed to the 75 smn that was helping me out....took a good hour+ to get another one, but it went quick as soon as his bro (lvl 75 thf) showed up. Shout outs to my team of Chinese brothers that helped me out ^^ saved me tons of aggrivation and /shout'ing in jeuno :P)

So, the moral of the story is, Mindcravers are easy and drop the coffer key, and it is definitely worth the extra effort to get the windurst entrance to the canal (if not for the convenience, then for the fact that if you get in trouble, zoning is only a few steps away, and preventing death is always a good thing).
AF Boots Obtained
# Aug 25 2004 at 8:31 AM Rating: Decent
288 posts
Yay on my third attempt, and this time at lv 61 with a 70+ ranger, 55+ summoner and a 60+ nin and pld, we managed to get two keys and our coffers with min. deaths. We camped right ontop of one coffer at a room in G-9 is was a room ful of 3 bouncing balls, and we could also pull crabs to there when needed.

Sadly, just as I said to my party, we manged to get a carbuncles ruby before a key drop >< lol, that was kinda dertering as you know how the drop rate on that is......

My coffer was in the first room we camped in.


The second one was in a room full of some slime type creature, so what we did was have the nin attempt to train them out, while the other smn opend the coffer, sadly, they came back. So, I Whipped Shiva out and Sleepga'd them and instant warped outta there.

Needless to say, I'm loving my new boots ^^.

Edited, Wed Aug 25 09:35:24 2004
Coffer Key Hunting
# Aug 18 2004 at 4:19 AM Rating: Excellent
178 posts
Highly sudgest getting a map for this area (Mhaura Chef quests - Rycharde NPC).

Out of all the mobs that drop the coffer key it's the Scavenger Crabs at G-9 on the second map that are the easiest to kill. The crabs are only between lvl 60-62. Also Fleshcraver (skeleton) are lvl 60-62 also. The other mobs that drop the key have a range of 60-65, 62-70, 65-71, etc. So unless you have 70+ help with you I would stick to the crabs. Make sure your tank is at least lvl 65+ so they don't draw too much agro via pulling. You'll be needing sneak because everything in this zone agro's by sound with the exception for Starmite beetles which agro by sight. The hallways inbetween the rooms offer small, but safe spots to camp as you pull one at a time. Luckly the chest hunting is the easier part since you can hunt it solo with just sneak on. Just have a warp scroll ready so you can get the heck outta there after you get your AF boots.

Edited, Wed Aug 18 05:20:24 2004
Please tell more ^^
# Aug 01 2004 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
288 posts
umm can you tell me how to get to the "second part of the map"?

We got lost, and died tryign to find that place..... I think someone didn't get resneaked before a leech agrod, and a bad train formed. cause we were in what appeared to be "sewers" on the lower floor (having gone south at the J-8 Junction on the map) from the "first part of the map".
A good location to farm Coffer Key
# Jul 16 2004 at 9:59 PM Rating: Decent
A good location to farm coffer keys is in the hallway before the room where the Windurst Tree roots grow; you can find this room in the center of the 2nd map. The hallway is located at G-9 and you can pull dire bats that pop once every 3-5 minutes in the hallway or pull starmites in the center room. A level 51 whm, 75 war sub nin and myself, 55 smn was able to defeat both the beetles and the bats without trouble. I hope that this will help any aspiring summoner find their keys easier. Good luck!
Coffer Key Drop List
# Jun 01 2004 at 12:38 AM Rating: Excellent
1,453 posts
List of mobs that drop the Toraimarai Coffer Key.

Bouncing Ball
Dire Bat
Doom Mage
Scavenger Crab
Stygian Pugil
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