Enter the Talekeeper  

Start Area: Port Bastok
Related Mobs:Dervo's Ghost
Drake Fang (H - 6)
Gizerl's Ghost
Gordov's Ghost
Iron Eater (J - 8)
Mission:8 - 2
Min Level:60
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:80000
Reward:Rank 9
(Average from 7 ratings)
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: The Chains That Bind Us
Next Mission: The Salt of the Earth
Last Updated: Mon Nov 22 21:42:39 2004

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You are to investigate the Kuftal Tunnel which connects Zepwell Island with Cape Teriggan. Zeruhn Mines guard Drake Fang will provide you with further details.


Accept the mission from a gate guard. You will need to trade 4-5 stacks of crystals in order for it to be available after finishing the previous mission. Next talk to Drake Fang in Zeruhn Mines for a cut scene.

Next head to Kuftal Tunnel. Near the zone to Western Altepa Desert is a ??? up on a ledge. Everyone in your party who needs the mission must check the ???.

Upon checking the ???, you will receive dialogue saying the piece of wood fell down. The ??? reappears down lower. Check it again to spawn three ghost NMs: Dervo's Ghost, Gizerl's Ghost and Gordov's Ghost.

Note: Sneak the person who will pop the mobs. That person will pop the NMs, then move back to a safe distance. Then, use a ranged action to pull Gordov's Ghost, the largest one. Kill Gordov's Ghost, but don't kill it until the other two ghosts despawn.

After the NMs are dead and/or despawned, have everyone check the ??? for a cutscene and the key item: Old Piece of Wood.

Return to Zeruhn Mines and talk to Drake Fang again for a long cutscene and to finish the mission.

''Note: There are two optional cutscenes with Gumbah and Iron Eater.


To read the transcripts for this mission, see the Enter the Talekeeper Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Republic of Bastok Mission series. The entire mission series includes:

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75 galk rdm/nin soloed
# May 11 2010 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
This fight is easier than last mission (the 3 ants) as sneak pop works here and they are close to zone.

All I did was:
1. Clear the crabs and haunts (u can wait for haunts move away from the path to zone).
2. Sneak up and pop them. No aggro.
3. Pull one back to zone entrance.
4. Silence him and dispel ice-spikes full time and easy fight.
5. Look down from top of cliff and make sure the other 2 ghost depop b4 finish him off.
6. go back to ??? for cs. (I accidentally zoned and need to do again...)

I brought some echo drops and holy water but never used them.
# Mar 13 2009 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
173 posts
No need to talk to Iron Eater at the start .-. Can just go right to Drake Fang then on to Kuftal Tunnel.
Almost soloed it :)
# Apr 17 2008 at 6:52 AM Rating: Good
1,104 posts
Thought I'd throw a little Pld/rdm at Gordov's Ghost to see how I would do. Was pretty sure I was gonna lose 1 on 1 but I was just geeking around. This is me as a casual player with 90% of my gear AH bought and no Merits yet.

I went down, popped Sneak, examined and retreated to a safe distance. Threw Dia II at Gordov's Ghost and ran back to the zone entrance. I unfortunately got aggroed by a crab but another Pld skilling up took it off my hands.

In short it was going well but I knew things would start getting hard once I had to start refreshing my buffs. It likes to cast Waterga III and Stonega III and Blizzaga III I think. They will hurt, even with SS/Phalanx up. I got lucky many times and starting casting SS when it was casting an -ga spell and I still dropped HP. At some point I started getting some Healing help from the Pld and I think a Rdm hence I didn't really solo it as I got help. Not sure how much as I was really focusing on my buffs.

As a Pld and subbing Rdm, save Flash for SS and hope shield procs when recasting Phalanx. Try to keep Barparalyze up and at least one Bar(element) up. I started off with 2hr followed by Sentinel. I probably played that prematurely and should have waited for SS to drop, 2hr, recast SS toward the end, wait for it to drop again and use Sentinel and cast SS toward the end of that. That should give you a solid minute and half of good damage reduction, especially if you throw a Shield Bash to interrupt a -ga spell. I would save Holy Circle when you start having a hard time getting buffs back up. Rampart can be used at your discretion but, obviously, try to use it when it starts casting a -ga spell.

Other buffs to try and keep up are Enfire, Blaze Spikee, Regen and maybe Aquaveil if you can get it in. The only thing I would throw onto Gordov's Ghost would be Bio II as it seemed to stick each time. I was hitting it for about 50 with +14 from Enfire so hitting and damaging it shouldn't be a worry. Your goal is, again, to take the least amount of damage as possible and outlast it.

Gordov's Ghost tried casting Burst on me twice. You can easily run out of range or hope to interrupt it. It isn't his physical attacks that will beat you, it will of course be -ga spells. They just hurt and having to use a Cure III or IV really takes away from your MP and limits casting more effective damage mitigation spells like SS/Phalanx.

A Pld with a Joytoy and a Haste build with some Merits and Chivalry and some of the nice endgame equip should be able to truly solo this. My Enhancing Magic skill is about 190, so pretty good but not capped. Fun battle never the less. I ate Bream Sushi for food.

In the end, I did win but with help from a couple others healing me.

Edited, Apr 17th 2008 10:09am by Stucco
Wow, this was a fun battle!
# Nov 02 2007 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
802 posts
Well, me(75 mnk/nin) and my buddy(75 rdm/nin) Just got done duoing this(we did 7-2, and 8-1 earlier, also duo), and I have to say, this was an incredible Challenge. First off, this guy can't be slept. I did the usual sneak pop, then chi-blasted Gordov(the only one that needs to be killed). On the way back to our camp, a Haunt aggroed me, so I had to zone it. Friend tried to sleep Gordov, failed, ele-sealed Sleep II, failed, sleep again, Failed. By the time I zoned back in, he was down to about 600 life, and by the time I got hate off of him he was 250ish life.

After the rocky start, we settled into our normal routine, he Paralyzed II, dia2, slowed, and dispeled Ice spikes. I popped formless strikes, dodge, focus, CS, and my two hour on this guy, and as soon as I did, he put up ice spikes again. So about half of my two hour was negated(he only was down to maybe 65% by the end of it). Gordov LOVES Ice spikes, friend had to dispel it half a dozen times. All was going great until about 30% when he sleepgaed us, leaving me to tank without any curing/dispelling back-up. Naturally he put up Ice spikes again, leaving me paralyzed trying to get shadows back up. Ecto-smashed me for 500 dmg, then Aeroga III both of us, me for 700, friend for about 350(thats after stoneskin). Actually a blessing in disguise, since if he hadn't woken the RDM up, I probably would have died. As it was, it was a close fight, I ended up with 450 life, and friend had 18 MP left.

I'd say over-all, this is a great fight, fun and challenging for duo, but it does require some planning(where to camp, what to do if Haunt aggroes, how to not die while waiting for puller to come back in after zoning). Also you have to be patient and keep a careful eye on your shadows. He was hitting me for 200-250 a pop, so you have to keep your shadows up at all time.
Hard fight
# Feb 20 2007 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
Phew, this was probably my hardest fight yet funnest fight ever...

went in blu 75/nin rdm 75/blm and whm 64/smn we didnt think about goin up top so we just killed some haunts at bottom of room and sneak spawned, this mob is not nice when im tankin 200 dmga nd double attack not to mention the spikes which every hit i swear i got paralysis the fight was lasted about 20 mins in total which mean haunts repoped... 3 midbattle all casting AM rdm (awesome sleeper) and whm dunno how but kept me alive i think we used everything 6 hipotions food drinks etc 2hrs benediction with me on 11 hp :D i pulled off about 5 light skillchains b4 it fell but we were so low on hp and mp at end that haunts killed over 2 i got cs quickly and wansted 2 hide in it lol, died after CS o well rank 9 ^^
# Jan 14 2007 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
oye, just tried duoing this with a 75 rdm (me 70 whm) and we were doing okay. had him down to 40% and started kiting so i could regain some mp. well the ghost starts casting am on the rdm whos kiting and comes unclaimed. since kuftal is like the nest of rmt filfth there was an rmt passing by who thought maybe this nm dropped something they could sell, and they took the claim. stupid rmt!!! well ding round two...
Rdm/Ninx2 Rdm/Drk Blm/Rdm
# Oct 17 2006 at 12:25 PM Rating: Good
just a little clarification and info on nm.

the piece of wood is located in kuftal tunnel.
it is the 1st ??? that you see.
you click on it, gives you the option to dig for wood, if you do, it falls down.(have everyone do this) from there head to the ??? directly below the first ???.
clear a path, a few haunts and crabs in the way, to a safe camp.
apply sneak, spawn the nm, get out of range and cast a spell on the main ghost(gordy).
run to camp and fight the nm.

he wasn't hard for my pt.
stunned w/e -ga spells he tried to cast with Flat Blade.
waited til the other 2 ghosts despawned before we killed him.
he did curse us, he did use ice spikes, he tried to tier3 -ga a few times.
try to stun him and you'll be okay.
he seemed pretty easy to interupt w/ weapons as well.
to get an idea of how simple this guy can be,
our Blm, Vizier, use Burst2 on him and it took nearly half his life down.

we overestimated him, and we were happy with end result.

barparalyze, shadows, stun ws, holy water, a few ppls = easy win.


Edited, Oct 17th 2006 at 2:09pm PDT by lgq
Correction to the instructions
# Oct 06 2006 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
Talking to Iron Eater closes BM8-1. After this step go to a gate guard and choose BM8-2 "Enter the Talekeeper". Now go to Drake Fang to start the mission. The remaining parts of the walk-through are correct.

# Aug 22 2006 at 5:34 PM Rating: Good
264 posts
I just came back from beating this fight with RDM/NIN. It wasn't a clean solo because some passers-by threw Cure on me, but I made it between Converts more than once with no one assisting. Notes on soloing this mission with RDM/NIN:

First, the pull is half the fight. I tried casting Cure on Gordov's Ghost from up top, but couldn't get a clean angle. From down below, I was able to get a clear path to the safe ramp back to the entrance by killing 3 mobs. After doing that, I decided (correctly) to pull Gordov's at half MP rather than risk them re-popping. Needless to say, if you aggro on the way back to the ramp, just zone... you probably won't win solo with an add on you. Also, be sure to pull far enough up the ramp that you won't aggro the ghost room with red/yellow HP (ie while Converting).

Now, the fight:
- Silence and Dispel weren't working with my melee setup. This NM loves Ice Spikes, so prepare for some serious Paralyze. I recommend putting Barparalyze up before the fight and keeping it up.

- Paralyze resistance builds over the course of the fight, so the NM is easier to put away than it is at the beginning of the fight. You might want to take a remedy or 2 along for the 1st couple Paras.

- The NM usually uses tier IV spells and ancient magic which are taken out by Utsusemi, but it can -aga. As usual, after eating an -aga your priorities are Utsu, then Stoneskin, then self-cure. If I had this fight to do over, I'd have created a macro screen with every Barspell macroed so I could cast them on reaction before being hit with an -aga. That would waste a little MP, but I'm betting it would save MP vs what it costs to self-heal. If the mob -agas too much, I can see it winning by forcing you to use too much MP between Converts.

- Depending on how many -agas you see, going between Converts is the challenge that determines whether you win or lose. Don't try this without RR up. The following will really help:
1. Convert merits and MP merits
2. +eva gear, especially +eva skill, and +eva skill merits
3. +eva food
I was using Eva Torque, MC Mitts, Genbu's Shield, and AF2 boots. No Boxer Mantle though, I only have Corse in that slot (for now, hehe). I had Martial Anelace as well for Spirits Within which helps as this mob has high defense and only takes ~40 damage + enspell per hit.

- As usual, keep Haste up even though it's an MP hog to avoid being caught shadowless. For that reason, I was using a Swift Belt instead of an +eva item like the Scouter's Rope. I was using Slow II also. It's tough to say whether that spell helped by slowing down shadow consumption, or hurt by eating a lot more MP than Slow. I think it helped simply because it gave me more time to react in tight spots.

- Other subs?
RDM/WHM might be possible and even preferable. I was being hit for nearly 100 with Stoneskin down, but that was without Phalanx. Take away Utsu, add Phalanx, add Banish to debuff the ghost, and add self-Paralyna and you have some advantages. The big problem I see with RDM/WHM is tier IV nukes... you can Blink on reaction to take out ancient magic, but tier IV I think are fast enough to beat Blink. Perhaps if you skip the eva build entirely and use stuff like Lamia Mantle +1, this combo becomes workable.

- Final note: After taking out Gordov's Ghost, I Sneaked up, went back to the ???, and got the CS. His buddies were long gone of course... no one ever said that solo RDMs get fast kills. :P

Edited, Aug 22nd 2006 at 6:57pm EDT by Neolirian
# Aug 21 2006 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
1,713 posts
Just duo'd this BRD/NIN (me) and my wife, Chalumeau, WHM/SMN. We had some trouble the first two tries due mostly to a large group of RMT BLMs lagging me. When we zoned several of them ended up dead so meh.

Finally when we were ready we TP'd up to 300 on a crab. She used Staff to have 300 TP ready for Spirit Taker. It was pretty simple as long as I kept myself from getting paralyzed by turning around when he was casting Ice Spikes. Just kept up March and Mambo the whole time. It was about a 5 minute fight and not all that difficult. We ended with her having 600 MP in reserve (1106 max).
# May 18 2006 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
we tried this today...

first pop...

everything run smootly we kill the big ghost wait for other two to despawn, sneaked all run to ??? axemined it and... nothing... everyone was just saying "nothing to ordinary here" >.<

ok wait a bit pop then again...

second pop...

i poped again... right on pop and hunt and crab pop middle of us ><
till we killed them the ghost despawned :(

so third try...

i go pop and of suden i got the ******* CS... i was like WTF???
everyone runs to ??? examine it some ppl got CS and others pop NMs... while ppl in CS got aggro from haunts and we got wiped on last ghost >.<

after we raised examined again and nothing again >< so i guess im just a lucky one... huh? -_-

this NMs totaly suck -_-

greetzz Visu
# May 18 2006 at 6:39 PM Rating: Default
yeah that fight did total sucked, i went up to it and got ****....i dont know if i poped it or what happen, that fight has some issues
# Feb 26 2006 at 9:09 PM Rating: Decent
i gathered up a few ppl and did this mission about a week ago. i decided to bring my lvl 44 WHM instead of my 74 THF for this mission. we checked ??? and spawned NM and killed it. and then i ran downstairs with yellow hp so i got aggro by Haunt. then i zoned and i went back downstairs and check ???. Instead of a CS i get the message "there's nothing out of ordinary here." so my team stayed for a few minutes and i went to rabao to change my job back to 74 THF. I popped NM again, we killed it, i didn't zone, i went down and got the same message....i don't know what's wrong. is it because i checked the ??? upstairs with a lvl 44 instead of lvl 60+ like the "minimum level" stated in Allakhazam? and i got the message of "the piece of wood fell down" before i checked the ??? downstairs....any ideas?
# Mar 20 2006 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
212 posts
Couple guesses: either you waited too long after the kill to check it (and the win-condition ???-marker changed back to a spawn ???-marker), or you didn't check the upper wood-falls ???-marker before the kill. The win-condition usually lasts a good long time. Not long enough to run out to Rabao and back, but zone, med, run back should have worked. I'm unsure on the zoning out/back aspect. Could be the factor, but I think least likely.

All the win-markers seem to have a set time under which you can tag them and they just check to see if you meet their condition (usually just "at the right spot in the quest").
# Dec 06 2005 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Just did this mission quite easily.
Was fishing when a friend of mine on ls was showing us she had nin lvled for rdm, and was asking if anyone needed help with anything. I jokingly said "Solo bastok 8-2 for me" then another 75 rdm/nin in my ls said he was bored and would duo it for me, so the 2 rdm/nins and me (62rdm/whm) went to kuftal tunnel. We sneak pulled gordov's and killed fairly easily. The closest we came to dying was the beginning when he was casting -ga II and III spells fairly often. We started saving tp for flat blade and stopped most of his spells. The only other problem was ice spikes, so I just quit fighting him and spammed paralyna, now I'm rank 9 ^^. Thanks again Aluria and Seta!
I did this mission earlier today
# Sep 27 2005 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
2,227 posts
I did this earlier it was a 75PLD, 72WHM, 75BLM, 70BLM (me), and 66BLM. We just barely lost the first run. Neither my nor the other BLM had our 2hrs up. I zoned out with 24 HP while Rasp'd. Everyone else died. WHM reraised and R3'd everyone.

The 75BLM wasn't there the first fight.

Our WHM got the 75BLM to come down and we tried again. The second fight both my and the 66 BLM's Manafonts were up, and we killed the ghost rather easily.

For the fight the WHM popped the NMs, then I sleepga II'd them all and zoned. The needed one wouldn't sleep (even with ES the second time), so go with the one you can't sleep when you're going for to kill one. The end result was something like Crawler's nest on a bad day.
# Sep 15 2005 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
899 posts
Ok. Disregard the info at the top. Due to a recent patch to this mission, you must kill all 3 NM ghosts. We tried to let the ghosts despawn tonight two seperate times, and we did not get the cutscene. You must fight and kill all 3. Wasn't that hard either.
RE: Patch
# Sep 26 2005 at 5:33 PM Rating: Good
Disregard your post.
You probably pulled the wrong ghost.
Ours just despawned and we still got CS.
RE: Patch
# Oct 05 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
221 posts
Correct... as I have stated before

You cannot kill the Ghost before the other mobs despawn. If you do this the despawn is voided.. Kite the mob around until the others despawn, then kill him, check the ??? and I am 99.9% sure you'll get your CS.
# Sep 10 2005 at 3:52 PM Rating: Decent
715 posts
Did this twice.

Gordov's Ghost is apparently immune to all debuffs. Resisted Stun, resisted Dispel (Ice Spikes, ugh), resisted Silence.

Gizerl's and Dervo's Ghosts ARE Sleepable using Sleep and Sleep II, even without Elemental Seal (WHM using no enfeeblement gear other than MND+ also successfully Sleepga'd them). Dunno why, they're just freaks of the undead kingdom.

I soloed Dervo's because our RNG was thinking that Sleep Bolts worked on them (which apparently they don't since Dervo's was in my face the entire time after I saw the first Sleep Bolt macro) and it had maybe 3500-3700HP.
# Aug 25 2005 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
ok so me and 3 other pt members go into kuftal tunnel to get the first ??? and it says a piece of wood has fallen. we go down, clear the zone, pop the 3 NMs. pulled devros ghost first, killed it no problem, then after awhile the ghosts despawned. this was about a minute after devro ghost killed. went to ??? all it says is 'nothing out of the ordinary here' so we try again, we rezone and go to the first ??? .... nothing. go to the ??? below... nothing... now we're stuck and cant figure out what to do.
RE: wtf?
# Aug 31 2005 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
221 posts
A common mistake when letting the mobs despawn is.. as you pointed out:

pulled devros ghost first, killed it no problem, then after awhile the ghosts despawned. this was about a minute after devro ghost killed.

You cannot kill the Ghost before the other mobs despawn; It's how SE set up the flags to keep people from letting all three Mobs despawn and getting the flag. When you kill the first Ghost it sets the "Script flag" to go, then the other two mobs despawn it sets the flag to void, allowing for the flag to be reset. When the other two Mobs despawn first it sets the "script flag" to void, however when the Ghost is afterwords killed it sets the flag to go because it has no arguing statements to condredict it :) Hope this helped.

Edit: Spelling

Edited, Wed Aug 31 19:09:01 2005
# May 22 2005 at 3:27 PM Rating: Decent
229 posts
i did it again today, i helped an allaince out with carby pull...

i pulled devros ghost and it worked, so you dont ahve to fight the big one.
RE: confrimed
# May 24 2005 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
1,074 posts
I'll also double that confirmation. We pulled the Devro one and finished the mission.

They are also sleepable with lullaby. Didn't try ES Sleep.

He had very low HP, and I'm willing to bet he is easily soloed by a 75 BLM/RDM with gravity. Fire III took a significant chunk of life from him.

Edit: Tried it for someone else today, and pulling the lone ghost didn't work. So we all zoned, popped them again, and retried it. Worked the second time. I think it might be because we killed the ghost too fast the first time, so maybe the other were still out and depopped after we killed ours.

Edited, Sat May 28 04:52:52 2005
Best Mission I Ever Did
# Apr 11 2005 at 3:47 AM Rating: Decent
229 posts
Well... This is the craziest mission i ever did.
It was so easy.
After my party needed several hours for 8-1 cause we found some NMs in Quicksands what we had to kill befor and then couldnt spawn the Quest NMs due to there was a party befor some member had to leave.

Rest of the party was:

70 Nin
75 Whm
62 Blm
62 Smn

We thought, well lets just try it, even if we dont stand a chance.
So did we, touched the ???, me (smn) went down and got a ghost with carby pull.

Only thing what is confusing me now is, that when i read the names, im 95% sure i pulled Devro's Ghost.
Well... may im wrong...
Hardest spell he casted was Aeroga III, wasent a real problem. went down pretty fast, 2 minutes maybe.
We all went down to the ??? and got our cutscene.
But im really courious now, can somone doing that mission may pull Devros ghost and try to get the CS?
I'm really damn sure is did.
# Mar 18 2005 at 10:18 PM Rating: Good
163 posts
I just did this only killing 1 main NM, the other 2 despawned when we went to get them.

The NM resists Stun.
Patch Change?
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:31 AM Rating: Good
497 posts
Something must have changed in one of the patches, I did this with a 2 party alliance last night and we were unable to get the item until we killed all three of the ghosts.

We followed the method here 3 time's, sneak pulling Gordov's ghost, killing it, and then waiting for the other 3 to despawn. We all zoned between each fight, but were still unable to get the CS.

Finally, at 4am, we decided to do it one more time and just kill all 3 ghosts. So we sneak pulled the first one as before, killed it, then pulled one of the others. As a 66 RDM, I was able to sleep one of the smaller ghosts, so we killed the second, then the third, checked the ??? and got the CS.

The second two aren't that hard to kill anyway, so I would suggest just killing all three. We cleared the area of crabs and haunts right in front of the spawn, and just fought there. We only had to deal with one pop during the fight. Alliance consisted of 2 parties of 65-70, with about 3 +70 players.
# Dec 28 2004 at 2:50 PM Rating: Excellent
63 posts
something odd happened when my alliance tried to do this mission

did everything as suggested in the walkthrough, but after beating Gordov's Ghost and waiting for the other two to despawn, nothing happened upon checking the ??? again. Just got a message saying something along the lines of you finding nothing out of the ordinary here. Went to check the first ??? as well, same message

standing there dumbfounded for a few minutes, alliance decides to zone and try it again, seeing as its an easy mission anyways

upon the first member zoning, the ghosts automatically respawn?!

so we go down and kill him again and wait for the others to despawn, this time we were able to get the cutscene

really odd
RE: glitch?
# Feb 07 2005 at 11:54 PM Rating: Good
1,453 posts
EVERYONE needs to view the event with the wood falling into the middle of all the haunts.

HOWEVER, if you are in the alliance that killed Gordov's Ghost and you failed to theck the initial ???, you can still go up to it, check it for the wood event, then come back down after the Ghosts have been killed and get the needed cutscene anyway.

In other words, Gordov's ghost need only die once for the entire alliance. Things just go faster if everyone remembers to view the event with the piece of wood falling first.
Bastok easter egg
# Dec 16 2004 at 7:30 PM Rating: Good
After heading back to Zeruhn and talking to Drake Fang, visit Gumbah for a bonus cutscene.
# Nov 15 2004 at 3:32 PM Rating: Good
3,571 posts
1. Get the mission from a guard, and then talk to Drake Fang.

2. Make your way out to Kuftal Tunnel

3. Examine the ??? in the left corner on the top ledge. The dialogue should end with it saying the piece of wood fell down.

4. Send two people to pull. Sneak the person who will pop the mob. That person will then pop them, and move back to a safe distance, and use some sort of ranged action to pull Gordov's Ghost, the largest one. Directly afterwords, have the second person resneak the puller.

5. Bring Gordov's Ghost back up to the top. The fight is quite simple, but the ghost will cast ancient magic - Be ready for it. Our attempts to stun it failed, and I'm not sure if it's possible to interupt it a all. We had a few seconds of sweat while everyone was slept, and he was casting Flood on our RNG... The RNG lived with 70 HP right as the tank woke and provoked. It died shortly after.

6. Send everyone down to the ???, and wait for the two smaller ghosts to despawn. Then, have everyone check the ??? for a cutscene
tarutaru eater
# Nov 04 2004 at 9:12 AM Rating: Default
i'd like to add i did not have to talk to iron eater..

i donated crystals.. filled up my rank bar.. and was given the mission by the gate guard...

went to iron eater as this guide said, and he said nothing to me.. so i went on my merry way to drake fang in zeruhn...
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