Submitted by:atherisch
Start Area: Windurst Woods
Start NPC:Any Gate Guard
Prerequisites:Awakening of the Gods
Related Areas:Davoi
Monastic Cavern
Windurst Waters
Related Mobs:Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk
Moreno-Toeno (L - 6)
Sedal-Godjal (J - 9)
Mission:8 - 1
Min Level:65
Max Level:75
(Average from 2 ratings)
Items Required:Curse Wand
Title Obtained:Fugitive Minister Bounty Hunter
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: Awakening of the Gods
Next Mission: The Jester Who'd Be King
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Mission Orders


The gate guard will direct you to the Aurastery. At the Aurastery, speak to Moreno-Toeno for a cutscene, and receive the key item "Star Seeker" (a magic doll).

There are two parts to this mission - the first part can be done solo. For part one: Go to H-6 in Ro'Maeve and examine Qu'Hau Spring. If you've never been to Ro'Maeve, the area is overrun with everything imaginable that agros to magic, so Silent Oil is an absolute necessity. After examining Qu'Hau Spring, you will get a small cutscene.

Part two (the part that requires an alliance - at least 12 people @ 65+ recommended): Go to Davoi. At H-11, zone into Monastic Cavern. Go through Monastic Cavern - at I-8, zone back into Davoi. You'll see a house up on a hill when you zone back into Davoi - this is where you're headed. To get there, continue north along the path; it will wrap around the house and lead to an elevator. Take the elevator to the top and go inside the house. Inside will be 2-3 assorted Orcs - Champions, Warriors, etc. - which need to be cleared. The NM you must fight is also in the room, so be wary.

The NM is Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk, a level 71 Black Mage. He'll open the fight with a nice area effect damager, so pulling with Elemental Seal + Silence is the way to go. He'll spawn on top of what appears to be a bed against the far wall of the room from the entrance. Once defeated, he'll drop two Curse Wands - every Windurstian on the mission needs one of these, so you'll probably have to fight him several times. Respawn time is 15-20 minutes.

Once you've finished with the NM, head over to J-8 and speak to Sedal-Godjal (the taru from the orb quest for the level 60 cap quest). Speak to him until he asks for a Curse Wand, then trade him the wand for a cutscene.

Return to Moreno-Toeno in the Aurastery to complete the mission.

To read the spoilers for this mission, please refer to the Vain Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Windurst rank series. The complete mission series includes:

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# Jan 18 2005 at 6:29 AM Rating: Decent
1,853 posts
Did This Tonight With 75 NIN 75 THF 75 BRD 64 WHM 66 MNK and 73 PLD/WHM We Killed it the first time, and wasnt expecting sleepga II and then immediately blizzaga III, Needless to say everyone hit red HP and i benedictioned and PLD invincibled shortly after, i was in japanes eparty and they were saying (Benediction) (Thank You.)! ! ! Lol god i hated that NM but personally i wanted that wand more, also, why didnt i get a title from it?
RE: Hmm
# Mar 23 2005 at 9:13 PM Rating: Good
690 posts
The title, Fugitive Minister Bounty Hunter is obtained in the preperation part of the mission, not from completing it, I had my title before I left for Ro'Meave (or whatever the zone is).
Silencing the NM
# Jan 13 2005 at 10:42 AM Rating: Good
1,250 posts
The NM can be silenced, but is extremely hard to do so. It did resist ES+Silence, but the RDM was able to silence after a few try.

Probably good to have a stun order+RDM trying to silence the mob at the same time.

-- Starfox
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  |   |  \  SAM75 - NIN75 - SMN75 
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    ¨ヽ  /          DRG7? 
  Z__/// | Fox stuck in a Mithra's body! ^^ 
# Dec 29 2004 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
140 posts
I'm not sure how anyone is saying they were able to silence him. Maybe it was changed in a patch, but with a 75rdm/blm with ES and maxed enfeebling of 300ish he would not silence, despite repeated tries on multiple battles. As a result he's quite hard, because he can spam firaga3 and 4 level spells. A blm would help for stuns, but don't go up thinking he's a pushover.
# Dec 24 2004 at 8:56 AM Rating: Default
just killed him with 6 peeps
4 BLM : 70-72-74-75
1 NIN : 68
1 BST : 70

no major problem
It CAN be silenced!
# Dec 20 2004 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Silenced it for most of the fight it in the beginning. Just be sure to have a stunner in case he starts casting.
75 rdm/blm, used ES.
# Nov 09 2004 at 6:35 PM Rating: Excellent
99 posts
Ive done this mission a few time with my LS on two separate days. He's quite hard and the hut he pops in is a death trap for getting aggros that you dont see.

I carefully studied the pops in the area and heres the situation form what i see. Inside the hut you have the NM in the back, and three other orcs: Champion (MNK, lvl 64-68), and two warcheifs (PLD, 55-59). Outside the hut in various places there are something like 2 Dragoons (lvl 65-69) near the doors at the north end, and a few Dreadnoughts (WAR, lvl 63-67) and Farkillers (RNG, lvl 62-66) which hang out on lower levels and to the sides of the hut. The thing that makes this area so bad is that though the walls block sight aggro/link, the doors do not. You can get aggro from mobs striaght through the doors, so if you are standing in the middle of the inside of the hut and then a DRG pops outside and looks in the direction of the door, he will see through both sets of doors and then aggro you, and then if his buddy is there or there is any other Orc (even down a level) looking at him that Orc will link by sight and start attacking you too. And since Orcs link by sight, if you are not in front of the door, but the orc you are fighting is, then the orcs can see through the door, see that orc that is fighting you and link and start attacking you. Now you have an orc outside the hut attacking you that orther orcs can see and can link to, possibly drawing in more orcs that cant see inside the hut normally. Also, as noted by others, if you cast any AE spells at all you will likely hit orcs that are just outside the hut but on the other side form the door, so you absolutely cant cast any AE offensive spells at all.

By direct experience i can say that the best thing thing to do is to carefully clear the area right outside the door to the hut by fighting the Dragoons in front of the door (make sure to quickly pull them away from the door and fight on the side of the hut so that the 3 orcs inside the room dont link and come out. Taking out these Dragoons usually links a few farkillers or dreadnoughts from nearby or the lower level so you want to have your party ready to fight up to 2-5 orcs all at once. What i did was have enough BLMs and RDMs to Sleep 2 all the adds and then direct the party as to exactly which orc to be fighting at evey step (Im the PLD tank), trying to take out the most dangerous (and hardest therefore to sleep) orcs first. Basically very similar to a BCNM60 fight.

Once you clear the outside area, depending on how long this took (hopefully less than 10 minutes cause the orc repop is 16 or so), you can try and open both sets of doors into the hut and pull out the three orcs and fight them (champion much more dangerous than the warcheifs cause the warcheifs are relatively low level). If you can get only one or two thats great. The thing to be careful about is that you have to be inside the hut before the DRGs repop or those guys are going to link to you while you fight this battle.

Inside the hut, Ive noticed that the BLM NM stays in the back and never moves (he wont even chase you if you back off). Also when hes spawned butnot aggroed on you he seems to almost always be staring at the SE corner of the room, away from the doors, and Ive never seen him turn. **This is crucial information**. Ive never seen him link to the three orcs in the room (fought him 5 times so far), and i suspect taht based on the very narrow sightline he has (basically staring into a wall), that youd have to intentionally get right in front of him or draw an orc over there to get him to aggro you.

If you go inside the hut, and stand in the NE or NW corner then you should be far enough away from the doors that any orcs outside the room should not aggro you because they do not have a sightline throgh both sets of doors to you. This is the place to fight the NM from (back line at least). If you stand just inside the doors or in the middle of the room, you WILL get aggro from the DRG, and possibly other orcs that link from the initial aggro but who normally would not have a sight-line to aggro you. This is especially true if you wait in the small ante-chamber room, anyone standing right by the inner or outer door can easily draw aggro from either inside the hut or outside. The ante-chamber room is highly not recommended as a fighting place (I know this from previous bad experience).

So basically if you cant pull the three orcs in the room out to you, you can go inside the hut and stand in the corner, and pull the orcs quickly to whichever corner you are using (an orc in center of room engaged to you will draw links as surely as a PC standing there would draw aggro), and be fairly safe from NM aggro. I fought all three orcs with my party on two separeate occasions and we managed to not get aggro from either outside orcs or the NM. Once the room is clear you want to take out the NM before the room orcs are going to repop.

The NM always opens with a level 2 -ga spell it seems, Ive seen poisonga 2 twice, aeroga 2, stonega 2, and sleepga 2. He cannot be silenced, as noted before. The best thing to do to pull him is to have everybody standing in the corner, and have only the tank run up next to him from behind (you could probably use invisi here, but i didnt need to cause he was alwas facing the wall), and voke him from right next to him. Then the tank is the only one to take this -ga opener. Then the melees run up quickly and engage, while the mages stay far back. Not a bad idea to save up to 300% TP on the room orcs in the previoud step, and unload a strong renkei + MB right at the start. watch out for the middle of the room, as noted before. If the mages stay in the far corner, and the tank stays right on top of the NM, then only the melee line shoudl get hit by the -gas he casts during the fight, assuming he holds hate. If the tank loses hate you wont necessarily know right away as the NM never moved that ive seen (even if you stand away from him). The BLM uses Manafont, which although it seems sort of useless, Ive noticed when used by a mob seems to mean that the BLM will keep casting spells with no break between them, and *maybe* casting higher level spells. (Note im not saying that the casting time goes down like Chainspell or anything, im saying that once one spell finishes casting he immediately starts casting another, rather than getting a swing or two in). He uses -ga 3 spells (ive seen firega 3, waterga 3), some level 4 spells (Stone 4 and Water 4 ive seen), and he likes to cast poisonga 2, sleepga 2, and Bio 3. If BLMs in your PT are really alert it is possible to block the -ga 3 spells and the lvl 4 spells by using STUN as soon as he starts casting, but dont count on it. Firaga 3 is particularly brutal, it did 1k damage to myself and the THF (only two melees in our PT), and put us both in under 200 HP. The difficulty can be attenuated by luck factors, as in one fight when he used manafont he started casting mostly "useless" spells liek Bio'ing me when it was already up, "Sleep", "Bind", "Stun", etc. Ive seen him use manafont and unload with the nasty spells as well so its a toss-up. For my PT what i had was one person whos job it was to start casting a curaga 2 or 3 as soon as the BLM started casting any strong -ga spell, and you want to have a totally separate person who is in charge of main healing after such a spell as your tank can die from a melee hit if the AE took him low ebough while the WHM is getting the curaga off so the other melees dont die. Fromt he PLD tnak perspective, as soon as i saw the BLM chrage up a lvl 4 ele spell, i started casting cure 4 on myself since stone 4 and water 4 hti me for about 800-1000 each.

Once the NM is dead what you can do is wait in the corners and stay away from the doors and then fight hte three room orcs again, engaging the NM once they are dead. The NM has a somewhat longer pop time than the regular orcs. I only was able to get a reliable timer on him twice (some of the other times we had to escape etc due to links so we werent there to see the pop), and the times i got were like ~20 minutes and somewhere in the 24-27 minute range. But its very possible that he could maybe pop as fast as 15 mintues too. If you stick to the corner the whole time and carefully fight the room orcs in the corner (and cast no AE spells) you *should* (at least it worked for my PT when we finalyl worked it out as a strat) be able to avoid links from outside the hut or from the NM.

As far as difficulty, I took on the NM the first time with a party of 66PLD (me), 66THF, 66BRD, 66BLM, 63BLM, 60WHM, 61RDM, 59RDM, and we barely beat him one time before having to escape due to a nasty firaga 3 that took out the tank. We came back with a party of all the same people plus another 63BLM and a 66RDM and we were shored up a little better and managed to take him out a few times with only a death of the THF due to the -ga 3 spells, and some deaths during the huge link fights against the regular orcs when people aho were holding sleeps were not getting cured all that well.

Definitely a very challenging fight, and the goemoetry of the room and the unseen aggro links through doors in the middle of other fights really sucks, but if you are smart and bring enough healing power you can squeak through it even at a lowish level.

Edited, Tue Nov 9 18:36:37 2004
RE: Tips
# Nov 19 2004 at 7:32 PM Rating: Good
99 posts
Another idea that i just tried and used successfully for engaging this guy while drawing a minumum of nearby orcs, was when approaching the hut to have the whole party hold invisi up, then one person is in charge of operating the elevator lever and casting invisi right away. If you do it when no orcs are looking at you then you can avoid getting agroed. Then when openign the double set of doors into the hut everybody stands at them ready to go in, and when the orcs outside the hut are looking away the tank drops invisibility and opens up both sets of doors and runs in and everybody convenes at one of the near corners of the room (pre-agreed in advance). This will usually get aggro from 1-3 of the orcs in the room whom you then fight while standing in the corner. Once the room orcs are clear, everybody re-invisi's and rests up. Now the tank walks over to teh BLM and grabs hate, the melees then walk over after the first -ga goes off and engage. You want to use invisi when going through the room to the NM to avoid getting aggro from an orc outside that you dont see. I used this strategy successfully to clear the room and then kill the NM without ever drawing attention from the Orcs outside the hut. The only caveat is taht there is something funny about the back wall as twice before i have seen an orc aggro somebody who was standing in the back corners of the room (or maybe the sides) and the orc carged through the back wall to fight the PT. I dont think this happens with people standing at the spot where the NM is, the two times i saw it it was after the NM died and people didnt re-invisi and were wandering in the back end of the room or something like that.
# Oct 01 2004 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
I can confirm it cant be silenced. In my case he opened his fight with firaga3 which killed our summoner instantly. This left us with no stoneskin for the fight and things went downhill.

The NM's HP and Defense is really low for an NM. But you just need a way to prepare for his -ga spells. We had no blm or drks, maybe Stun may work.

This mission is also hard before getting thing will aggro you inside out. There is one mob inside the house with the NM. If you can pull it ouside and kill it before entering the house it'll be ideal. Careful though, they link VERY easily.

Remeber NO AoE spells. However bad it may look, do not use horde lullaby or whatever.

Edited, Fri Oct 1 09:44:41 2004
some corrections
# Sep 28 2004 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
Did this last week, some corrections here:

The BLM orc NM Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk can NOT be Silenced. If a 75 rdm, used Seal + Silence still can't silence a mob, then that mob can't be silenced at all. :P He was very easy(for a 10 people of 70-75), 1 Light skillchain + 3 MB wiped it clean.

The NM respawn time is NOT 10-30 mins, it spawns a bit(1-2 mins) later than regular mobs in the room.
AOE spells
# Sep 23 2004 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
Did this one last night. If you are camping the hut, do not use any -aga spells. Our blm was casting Sleepaga II to control and pops during the the fights. Everytime he did it seem to add a few Orc from the outside. Two orcs turn to four which them turn to six. Had to escape three times before we figured out where all the links came from.
# Sep 14 2004 at 3:27 PM Rating: Decent
did you really need up to 12 people to complete it?
RE: alliance
# Jun 06 2005 at 5:20 PM Rating: Good
38 posts
absolutly not, I did it with 5 ppl 69+
# Jul 06 2004 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
75 posts
NM respawn time can be 10-30 minutes, so be prepared
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