Undying Promise  

Start Area: Qu'Bia Arena
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:3
Related Mobs:Ghul-I-Beaban (BLM)
Ghul-I-Beaban (DRK)
Min Level:40
Max Level:40
Grants Gil:1666
(Average from 8 ratings)
Items Granted:Behourd Lance
Bone Chip
Calveley's Dagger
Elegant Shield
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Ingot
Jennet Shield
Jongleur's Dagger
Mahogany Log
Mythril Beastcoin
Mythril Ingot
Platinum Ingot
Platinum Ore
Ram Skin
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Tourney Patas
Wyvern Scales
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Zilart
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami at (H-8) in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Qu'Bia Arena and choose to enter the battle Undying Promise.

Up to 3 people may enter and you will all receive a level 40 restriction. You have 15 minutes to win. You will fight Ghul-I-Beaban, but you're really fighting five monsters, not one. He will resurrect himself 4 times throughout the battle. Each incarnation of Ghul-I-Beaban is stronger then the last. His first three forms will be DRKs, using Absorb spells and low-level magic and obviously hitting pretty hard. After that, he will revive himself as a Black Mage two times. They might not hit as hard, but spells like Blizzard II will bring a lot of pain to make up for it, ESPECIALLY considering you've just fought three DRKs that, while decently easy on their own, have probably whittled away at your party's HP and MP.


Party setup used in this guide:

  • 1 NIN/WAR
  • 1 MNK/THF or MNK/WAR
  • 1 WHM/BLM

When ready, enter the battlefield. Once inside, eat your food and buff up. The party runs towards the arena. Before the doorway, the WHM kneels to rest and will remain resting until the 3rd form, unless there is an emergency. Fight in the center of the room, as you don't want your WHM to get hit by Ghul-I-Beaban's Drain spell.

The NIN should only use Provoke twice for each form, once as soon as the form appears and again when Provoke is ready again. This way, Provoke will be ready for the next form. The NIN should use elemental ninjitsu as they do a lot of damage against this monster. Skillchain is Blade: To ==>> SA/Combo.

If the NIN keeps shadows up, the WHM should not be needed at this point except in emergencies, or in the case of AOE blind move. If this happens, Blindna the NIN and the MNK uses Chakra. By the end of the 3rd form, the NIN will also need to be re-hasted. It is very important that the monster stay in the center of the arena. Good times to cast Cure are after a form is killed or right after the second provoke.

When he changes into his fourth form (BLM), the WHM should Elemental Seal/Silence him immediately.

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will it be working?
# Jan 13 2005 at 10:26 PM Rating: Decent
I have a limited choice of friends helping me, so i would be thankfull for comments whether one of these setups would have good chances.



RE: will it be working?
# Jun 20 2005 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
90 posts
The only problem with each setup I see is that there is no DD except the Sam. I would recommend you use Whm, Sam(or Pld), and Blm or Mnk.

With a 15 minute mark for this BCNM, you need to kill it quick. I went as Pld/War along with a Mnk/War and Whm/Blm and we did it in 12 minutes. Mnk and I did 2hour though, so had to wait to do it again. It still is a good setup, between Pld's intimidation, Holy Circle, and Elemental Seal + Silence the sack of bones didnt stand a chance. I did forget to bring a Yag Drink though, so he was wailing on me pretty hard and I was in the red by the time we finished. That was after {Invincible} was used.

Gonna do it again. Think we found a few things to improve on.
RE: will it be working?
# Mar 19 2005 at 1:24 AM Rating: Default
Personally, I would go with the WHM/SMN party

it is the best choice hands down
RE: will it be working?
# Jul 13 2005 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
111 posts
I've done this BCNM a lot of times with NIN/WAR, MNK/WAR and myself as RDM/BLM.
If you wanna use a WHM as main healer, which isnt a bad choice, make sure his enfeebling is capped. As RDM is mostly just Paralyzed, Slowed and Silenced Ghul-boy resulting in me ending the BCNM with 8 minutes, without converting and over half MP cuz enfeebles took him out real bad. NIN tanked it mostly, sometimes the MNK would shortterm tank it. I didnt nuke tho.
A few hipots for both tanks, mithkabobs, pie and yagdrink for the rdm is enough. As RDM i went in with my RSE and some BLM stuff i had lying around. NIN had good gear, MNK basic gear. We took him out fast, made about 300k a person each time.
too easy
# Jan 13 2005 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
548 posts
me and my 2 lclosest friends did this BCNM finished in about 7 mins =P
the setup was:
43MNK/THF <me>

they had never done this BCNM and neither did i but i have done many others
but we went tp fei'yen and had trouble finding Qui bean Arena but eventually found it xD
so we rested up then entered the arena
so we were buffing up and everthing we get out there to see a lone skelton =P
we knew we had to fight 5 after the other
first off take out the 2 of the skeletons after each other wthout much healing then the 3rd i used my 2 (hundred fists) and whooped the bone chips outa that skeleton
=P so on the 4th skelton the PLD used his 2 hour to let out WHM heal up for a bit then we beat that one wth no problem
heres come a litttle bit of the problem tho =(
on the 5th skeleton we all had little health from there damned AOE that sucks our hp ; ;
so our WHM hits her 2 hour totally full health and then the skeleton uses that AOE again >.< so then we find ourselves at half health and we still beating it so then i hit SA+backhand blow and kill it w00t ^^ firs BCNM 40 killed but we open the chest to find:
Tourny Pataas
Calvely's dagger
scroll of Refresh
and a bone chip

/aner >={}
well im dissapointed but hopefully in a couple of days we will be going back to get erase and utsuseni: Ni for my NIN ^_~
# Jan 13 2005 at 10:18 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Thu Jan 13 22:23:10 2005
Wooped it
# Nov 30 2004 at 4:25 PM Rating: Excellent
I just did this, and we wooped this BCNM.
Got a party of three, and two of us had never done ANY BCNMs before...total newbs at it. Here's how we didn't die:

we had:
41Whm/Blm (taru, me)
41Mnk/War (galka)
51Drk/War (hume)

The drk was the only one who'd done a BCNM before, and he knew where we were going. Took an hour and a half to walk from Sandy to Fei'Yin, but we got lost along the way. Once you've found it (you need someone with sneak at the very least), you zone into Qu'Bai.

for fighting this 3 times, we brought:
Whm= 4 yag drinks (used 3)
2 Hi-Ethers (used both)
1 Hi-Potion (didn't use)
4 Apple pies (used 2)

Mnk= Meat Mithkabob
Pear Au Lait

Drk= Boiled Crab
Pear Au Lait

I can't say how many they used, but i know we all had food left over by the end of it. This is all according to the guide found here:
His guide is very good, as are most in this discussion board!

By the third fight, here's what we did.
Considering i wasn't a rdm, i tried to conserve as much mp as possible. i held off on taking the Yag Drink until i felt i was far enough down on my mp (say around 200mp left, out of almost 500). i sat down as much as possible, and wore a Seers Tunic for this fight.

First things first. Whm casts protectra and shellra 2; rests to full. Ninja casts Utsusemi. Mnk uses Focus, Beserk, and Dodge. the beating begins. Ninja spammed what seemed like every ninja magic he had, whcih i think helped him hold the hate.

I'd cast Silence, Paralyze, Haste on the Ninja (not the mnk...don't want him to get too much hate). and sat down.
Every new spawn of this guy (he has 5 forms...you should know this by reading everyone elses posts... drk-drk-drk-blm-blm), repeat the Silence, Paralyze, and Haste if needed.

Anytime the Ninja or Mnk needed Regen or Cure2, i'd hop up and cast, then sit right back down. Anytime Silence wore off, i'd hop up and cast, and sit down. This kept my MP up. the Only time i was low on mp, enough to use a Hi-Ether (around 100mp was as low as i let myself go), was when the mnk would get too much hate, and i'd have to toss cure3s at him.

During the last form, i'd elemental seal + Silence. his -ga spells HURT. keep him silenced as much as possible. the last one is a doozy, takes forever to go down. You really want to have as much MP as possible for his last (and definately deadliest) form.

This guy went down with no problem by doing this. We didn't come near to beating any records, but we also didn't come near to dying. a rdm would be useful, because of convert, but obviously not necessary. as well, i'm sure a pld could sit in for the ninja, but then i'd almost insist on a rdm instead of a whm. the blink tanking (the fact that he takes virtually NO damage) is, if not essential, highly important.

OH, and of course, the loot ^^
we did it 3 times, and killed him 3 times.
the total of all 3 drops was 189k (in total).
and we didn't get any super expensive drops (like erase). the most expensive thing dropped sold for around 40k on jeuno AH. So we weren't terribly lucky, but you can bet we'll be doing this one again soon.

Edited, Tue Nov 30 16:51:17 2004
RE: Wooped it
# Dec 09 2004 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
So your drk magically became a nin?
# Nov 24 2004 at 10:03 PM Rating: Decent
"9 mins. 4 seconds (which set the record as of Saturday on Alexander).
not ne more, i just did it:

Edited, Wed Nov 24 22:05:46 2004
# Nov 23 2004 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
1,056 posts
A few LS members and I are thinking about this one soon. Setup will be WHM/BLM, PLD/WAR, and DRK/WAR (me). I've read the posts here and they all say have a MNK in the pt. Will this setup work very well? We're planning on this strategy:

Fish Mithkabobs and Yag Drinks for the PLD
Meat Mithkabobs and Yag Drinks for the DRK
Apple Pies and Yag Drinks for the WHM

Buff up before the fight (obviously) and run in. Let the PLD build hate while the WHM gets MP back up. DRK uses LR + SE to start off the fight and alternates that with berserk when each is ready and nukes between hits. WHM debuffs the mob whenever necessary and the PLD focuses on healing himself. If the DRK draws too much hate use drain/blood weapon to get HP back up.

What I'm wondering about (I had originally thought this would be fine until I started hearing the words 'bone chip') is if this mob is UNDEAD because in that case drain/aspir would be useless meaning DRK wouldn't be able to pseudo-self heal. Advice would be awesome for this because we're going to be doing a bunch of these next week and I'd rather not find out that I'm practically useless >< in which case we'll find another BCNM that'll be more suited to our party setup. Thanks ahead of time for any responses.
Hmmm....Bard....is it possible?
# Nov 22 2004 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
I would be wondering if it was possible for a bard to go on this BCNM. I know it seems pointless to take one since there aren't multiple enemies like in the sapling BCNM, but i would be wondering if it is possible.
Beware: Only 15 min
# Nov 12 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Good
363 posts
Ok, so far I've done this 3 times. The party configuration was as follows: WHM/SMN (me), PLD/WAR and MNK/WAR. This is no surprise to everyone if you've read any of the previous threads.

Now the first time we did it, we got killed because we weren't properly prepared. Second time we won no problem and third time we ran out of time at the end even tho he was virtually dead anyway. Do not attempt to do this without the basics. Here's what you should all at least bring:

WHM- 1.Hi-ethers, I have used anywheres from 3-5 hi-ethers in the fight.
2. Yagudo drinks. I personally used 3-4 per fight. This helps a lot especially around the last couple of forms when MP starts to run low.
3. Food. I like rice cakes cause it gives me an extra 17mp. only need one of these
4. Hi-potions. These are optional and only for emergency purposes really. I haven't used any in the last 2 fights. You shouldn't have to worry about hate if you use this strategy.

PLD- 1.Hi-Potions. 3-4 will do per fight
2.Hi-Ethers, 3 is enough here
3.Yagudo drink. Bring at least 2
4.Fish Mithkabob. for obvious DEF purposes

MNK 1. Hi-potions. 3-4. You will only really need 1-2 in fight but bring an extra few to make sure you're safe
2. Meat mithkabob or whatever makes you stronger. You're the main DD here.

Both PLD and MNK should have good equip. WHM should have +MP equip.

Now as far as the fight, when you first enter the arena, the first thing you do is buff up. Once that's done, Start attacking right away, do not wait for WHM to heal to full. Everyone run up. PLD 'vokes, WHM, keep the bugger SILENCED at all times. This is key for a lot less headaches. Once you've started to fight and you've silenced him, WHM rest. You won't need to do much healing at the beginning of the fight, so use the opportunity. having the rice cakes (+3 MP regeneration i think) and the Yagudo drink will bring you back to full mp or close enough. Let the PLD cure himself most of the time. Throw in a cure 3 every once and a while. You're main job here will be to keep him silenced and remove statuses (erase is a nice bonus here I found but not necessary). You're big debuff will be Blindna since he loves to do this a lot. I found that Haste-ing both of the melee is no real biggie and you want to save that 80 MP. One more thing about the WHM, stay out of range of AoE stuff.

MNK and PLD,
PLD should heal himself as much as possible. Do not let him wander around because the WHM took hate from healing too much.
MNK. You your Chakra whenever it becomes avail. Otherwise wail on him.
MNK and PLD discuss when to use WS. We found near the end of a form is when to use it.

On the odd chance MNK gets hate, your WHM should have lots of MP to pop a cure 3.

Ok, so you've survived thru the first 3 forms (most do). Next comes the BLM forms. SURVIVE THE FORTH FORM AND YOU'VE PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEED YOURSELF A VICTORY. Do the obvious. Silence him at all times. His AoE are much nastier than the previous forms. Usually at this time the PLD and MNK will pop a hi-potion or 2. Ok..you've survived the 4th form...Break out the 2hr's now

On the 5th and final form, RIGHT off the bat, have your MNK pop 100 fists. This will obviously take some hate. give the bones a few hits on the MNK and then have PLD hit 'invincible'. Hate goes right back to PLD. Now, a side note here. If for some chance your HP is running low, have WHM activate Bene...THEN have PLD activate Invincible. Once he hits invincible..hit him to death. One more note here...WHM: CURE 3 the bones to death. use up the rest of your MP.

On our 3rd try at this (having won the second no problem) he had (no exaggeration) MAYBE 1 or 2 hits left in him (i am sure 1 cure 3 would have killed him off) when we get the message: you're time has expired, now exiting etc.. suffice to say, we we're PRETTY pissed. Our fatal mistake was to let me rest to full MP at the beginning after buffs (that and me waiting too long on the last form to pop cure 3's)

So to avoid the time expiring, do NOT let your WHM rest to full UNTIL you've engaged (and Silenced) the bones at the beginning of the fight. You've got plenty of time to do so on the first form anyway. AND once you've reached the 5th form, SPAM cure 3's on the BONES

I'm sure people have other ways of doing this fight but this is the way I found works best. Hope it helps.

Note: Being an Elvaan WHM, I have the MP-disability. I'm sure being a Taru would make life a lot easier. This means you would need less hi-ethers.

Edited, Fri Nov 12 11:17:56 2004
Undying Promise
# Oct 21 2004 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
200 posts
We did this one 3 times last night with the following. RDM/WHM(me), NIN/WAR, MNK/WAR.

Went smooth as can be. RDM silence and paralyze, NIN does his thing and MNK just pounds him to dust.

The reason for a RDM is cus after casting sinence, paralyze and cures, even with food and drinks, after the 1st 3 forms your MP is very low. This is where Convert brings you back up to full to battle the last 2 BLM forms.

We noticed that the BLM forms the silence wore off or resisted more than the 1st 3 forms. So you will burn thru MP taking care of this.

Normaly on the last for it my NIN and MNK were fully healed then i was casting Cures on him as fast as i could to speed up the finish!

We did decent on drops, did not get Phalanx tho >.<

Personaly i was strapped for cash so i bought Yag Drinks and Pumpkin Pies, no ethers or anything else.
RE: Undying Promise
# Oct 24 2004 at 5:13 AM Rating: Decent
370 posts
Just did this again. Man is this fun... Well didnt beat the record like i though we would but came really close. 8mins 6 seconds record being 8mins 5secs. grrr.

Our stragity was go in buff up
sum/whm casts buffs
sam/nin me mediate then blink then pear drink
monk/war pear drink, dodge etc.

I run in first hit it once then use tachi enpi to try and keep hate for a while. save all tp from the first one for the second(both monk and sam). Sum just keeps enffebbles up and heals when needed.

Second guy at half life both use ws. Sum does the same thing.

Third one sam/nin medtates and 2 hours. while monk builds tp

4th one monk does ws then 2 hour when mob is at half life. 2hour carries over 2 the 5th one.

5th one sum uses 2 hour and does major damage. ws from both monk and sam. mob dead ;;

That was our stragity worked well but monk did die in the last 3 seconds or so cuz he had 2 voke it off of sum and had 2 much hate for carby 2 become tank. If he hadnt died i think we would of beat the record. Next time no voking. : )

Thanks Dapplehorn and Kildaman for rocking this with me.

Edited, Sun Oct 24 06:16:59 2004
Undying Promise
# Oct 23 2004 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
370 posts
Just did this. It is very easy as everyone says. i was worry about time cuz people have posted that they ran out but we beat it in 8mins 50 seconds(we will get the record next time ;). Jobs were sam/nin(me) monk/war sum/whm first time bcnm for all of us. We all had very good equipment. It was a fun fight. Getting there suxed though :P Now that we know the way it should make it much eaiser.
Thanks for the post from everyone it was very helpfull.

Edited, Sat Oct 23 21:17:13 2004
# Oct 20 2004 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
so far the only person who's actually given a POS for this is CaraZeltina (thankyou!)

"Qu'Bia is at K-8 in Fei'Yin, first floor"

now, i'm a 39whm (blm or smn sub) who's done her very best at avoiding Fei'Yin because it scares me. so i know nothing about it, but i'm looking forward to hitting 40 so i can try this BCNM

my question is, how the hell do you find it?? Is it the same BC that Shiva is found at, and if so can i re-use my Tuning Fork from the Shiva fight to warp my party straight to this BC (i've already beat shiva...stupid avatar killed me 6 times).

If anyone could answer this, i'd be bloody grateful!
RE: where?
# Nov 20 2004 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
1,567 posts
Not exactly a good answer on this, since I've only been there once, but the burning circle should be the same one for the mission 5-1, not the Shiva one, as Shiva is a Crystal, not a Burning Circle. Its blackish-purplish and evil looking. As for where... I followed someone on that mission, sorry >_<
easy as apple pie+1
# Oct 18 2004 at 5:16 AM Rating: Decent
111 posts
I do this BCNM everytime I get low on cash with a (capped atm) 40 mnk/war (Mardock) and a 40 nin/war (Marek).

We have more problems getting to Fei'yin and resisting the urge to farm the whole area than doing the BCNM. We usually bring an orb each and go away with at least 200k each. As rdm all i do is enfeeble Ghul and heal the mnk (and the nin when utsumi:ni gets disrupted).

I do have to state we have got top notch equip for level 40, and bring several chief mithkabobs, melon pies and yag drinks each time. Since i can craft these we just put away money for my crafting costs and go to Qu'bia to make $$.

Tactic is easy RDM (me) keep Ghul silenced and para all the time and Gravity during DRK form.
MNK and NIN switch hatred and kick undead butt...

We even got away with an erase scroll when the NIN dc during battling 3rd form. MNK used 2H, kicked 4th form @$$, i 2H 5th form after convert/blink/stoneskin.

Great way of getting cash.
will this work?
# Oct 14 2004 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
196 posts
I have just reach level 40 and wanted to try this BCNM with a few LS members. My question is will this party setup work? Drk/war (me), Pld/War, and Whm/Blm. figured its better to get opinions here first, then to try it and lose exp.
RE: will this work?
# Oct 15 2004 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
i did this today, setup was
me MNK 40 NIN 40 WHM 40 (with best possible equip we could get, whm has erase awell :P)

this BCNM is the will be the easiest BCNM u have ever faought if u do it with that setup....we used no drinks, potions, save a yagudo drink once out of 3 turns.

we failed first time 'cos we wer to cautcious, and didnt relise the time limet was just 15 secs, we ran out of time lol ^_^

next to times we broke the record, 10 mins 24 secs

got 100k worth in drops, no utsemi or erase tho, we;re going to hopefully make this static hunt. its simple!!! (NIN took 100 dmg out of 5 skele's out last round, whm was only there to silence,erase!)
will this work?
# Oct 14 2004 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
196 posts
sorry for the double post

Edited, Thu Oct 14 16:15:50 2004
3rd time's the charm
# Oct 13 2004 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Finally got this guy in 11 min 31 sec after two failed attempts before. Almost the same setup each time: WAR/NIN, RDM/DRK(Me), and WHM/SMN(BLM first two times). First time, bugger had 1/5 of his life left on the final form when we ran out of time.

Second try, we're a little pressed for time IRL, so we try to get there and kill him asap. SCs were agreed on and we were doing well into the final form. Everything hits the fan then: a bunch of close calls on the WAR's life and mine, followed by the WAR not using 2hr right away on the last form because she was waiting for my WS which wasn't coming, and we just couldn't deal enough damage in the end. It had half life when the last of us went down.

Third try, plenty of time to prepare. New gear all around. I make a macro set solely for this fight, finally. Everything goes right: I open with Silence and shut him up whenever he starts casting, WHM keeps the WAR's life around 3/4 most of the time, WAR uses WS's whenever she can and uses three X-Potions during the fight. WHM stops to heal during the 3rd form, and I 2hr/Convert after the 3rd dies. All three of us used 2hr, and keeping him Silenced at the end was keeping my MP at nothing, but we made it.

Got Mutilator, Kagehide, Utsusemi: Ni, Coral Fragment, and 2x Bone Chip.

Now, I have a question. When we finished the fight and ported back to Jeuno my friend told me I can't use the orb again for the same BCNM, but it can be used on the other Star Orb BCNMs, one time each. He also told me that the orb is supposed to get a crack each time it's used and when it's used a third time it shatters. The thing is, my orb still says it's "a very solid-looking" orb. No mention of cracks anywhere, though he says that his Star Orb has cracks in it (his was the first used when we ran out of time). So, what's going on? Is my friend thinking wrong and it isn't supposed to get cracks, it's just can't be used again? Or should there actually be cracks in my orb?

RE: 3rd time's the charm
# Jan 08 2005 at 5:25 PM Rating: Decent
754 posts
Did you ever trade your Orb to the Burning circle? I noticed that you said you where only there twice. If ya didn't, it didn't get used which is why it isn't cracked. If some traded theirs to the circle in your party before you did, yours didn't get used.

The re-usable orb thingy is hokey pocus.
RE: 3rd time's the charm
# Oct 19 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
I've never heard anything like that, and I'm going to say that most likely your friend is full of it or just done'st know what he's talking about. Having said that, if it were true, that would kick so much ***. Soooo, just to be safe, I'm goign to try it.
# Oct 11 2004 at 10:22 AM Rating: Decent
335 posts
I did this (for the FIRST time) 3 times yesterday ... it was the first time for all 3 of us.

Here's the setup:

MNK / WAR (Galka)
NIN / WAR (Mithra)
WHM / BLM (Tarutaru)

All decked out of course!

We did it 3 times ... and won 2 / 3 (lost the first time).

Here's my suggestions to winning this:

First off -- do at least 2 gobbie-bag quests ... AND uload everything that you don't need. You'll NEED the room!

Drinks / Food / Potions:

MNK -- Pear au Laits (2 per fight), Chiefkabob (1 per fight), Hi-Potions (2 per fight)

NIN -- Pear au Laits (2 per fight), Steamed Crab (1 per fight), Hi-Potions (2 per fight)

WHM -- Yagudo Drinks (2 per fight), Apple Pie +1 (1 per fight), Hi-Ethers (2 per fight)

NOTE: You will NOT need any more than this, in fact you'll use less than this ... this is just for insurance. It's much better to invest money into food / drinks / potions and guarantee success than die and waste those valuable seals! As far as the food goes (Chiefkabob, Steamed Crab and Apple Pie +1), you should only have to eat one per 3 fights (UNLESS you die -- this nullifying the food ... that's why you should bring 3, just in case).

Before you enter the Burning Circle -- eat the food and rest full.

As soon as you enter the Burning Circle gather for Protectra II and Shellra II (WHM could also cast Reraise on himself / herself), then rest back to full MP.

Alright -- now the fight begins!

Drink your drinks (Pear au Laits and Yagudo Drinks).

Head in and commence the fight following Shinwei's instructions for both the MNK and NIN.

Important -- WHM stay AWAY from Ghul-I-Beaban ... Stay back in the hallway at max cast range.

WHM -- Cast Haste on the NIN (first), rest for a tick (if no Cure is needed), and cast Haste on the MNK (second). REST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! You want to be near full MP for both the BLM forms (ESPECIALLY the last!!). On the first 3 (DRK) forms, just mainly rest and Cure when needed. You have to be watching for the Absorb-??? spells. Cast Erase ASAP if either the NIN or MNK receive any Absorb-DEX, STR, VIT or AGI -- don't bother if it's an Absorb-INT or MND. Main thing is to try and maintain MP by resting. The first 3 forms go down REALLY quick!

You will have to pop another round of drinks sometime around the last DRK form or the 1st BLM form.

Alright ... now the final 2 (BLM) forms. SILENCE it ASAP!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Save your Elemental Seal for the final form to make sure it sticks. You will have to pay extra attention and recast if it doesn't stick or once it wears -- which can be instantly ... lol

Again, rest if at all possible. You won't be able to rest much the last two forms -- particularly the LAST form. The last form seems to be the hardest ... and it is important to have close to MAX MP if possible. So this is the time that you'll have to drink those Hi-Ethers (if you need to).

SUMMARY: WHM only needs to cast Protectra II, Shellra II, Erase (MAYBE), Haste, Silence and Cures.

If both the MNK and NIN die for some reason (and WHM doesn't have Reraise casted), the WHM should turn around and run to the exit ... or there's a good chance you'll be blood-warping to your Home Point.

That's it!

Just follow Shinwei's MNK and NIN strategies and my WHM strategy and you shouldn't have any problems!

Oh ... the results for the 3 times we did it were the following:

First time -- lost on the last form (9/10 or more of the way dead), chalk it up as the first time "learning" misfortune. Lost because the MNK voked some and NIN couldn't get hate ... so the MNK died and then the NIN, etc. (Lucky for us another party came to the Burning Circle and we got a raise ... otherwise -- we would have been S.O.L).

So MNK's -- PLEASE DON'T VOKE!! (and follow Shinwei's MNK and NIN strategies to help control hate).

Second time -- 11 minutes, 4 seconds // got Erase, Tourney Patas, Calveley's Dagger, Mythril Beastcoin, Bone Chips (x2)

Third time -- 10 minutes, 50 seconds // got Jennet Shield, Jongleur's Dagger, Mythril Ingot, Mythril Beastcoin, Bone Chips (x2)

Good Luck!
# Oct 18 2004 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
335 posts
Did this 3 more times ... won all 3.

Same setup -- NIN/WAR, MNK/WAR, WHM/BLM

1st -- Jennet Shield, Absorb-STR Scroll, Platinum Ingot, Tourney Patas and Bone Chips x2

2nd -- Jennet Shield, Raifu, Wyvern Scales, Mythril Ingot and Bone Chips x2

3rd -- Jennet Shield, Absorb-STR Scroll, Ice Spikes Scroll, Elegant Shield and Bone Chips x2

Food / Drinks used (TOTAL for all 3):

MNK -- 1 Chiefkabob, 3 Pear au Laits

NIN -- 1 Steamed Crab, 3 Pear au Laits

WHM -- 1 Apple Pie +1, 3 Yagudo Drinks


11 mins. 2 seconds

10 mins. 1 second

9 mins. 4 seconds (which set the record as of Saturday on Alexander).

It was incredibly easy and we all finished with almost full HP / MP EVERY time.

No one ever got into the red, in fact, only got barely into the yellow a few times.
# Oct 11 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
335 posts
Oh -- if anyone is interested in doing this on the Alexander server ... I am the Tarutaru WHM (Soldja) and I would love to do this anytime!

I can also get the Galka MNK (Shugendo) to do this with us too ... no problem!

We plan on doing it again this weekend (Saturday and / or Sunday).

If you're on Alexander and interested -- send me a /tell ... I'm on every day (usually in the evenings / nights).
Results and Strategy
# Oct 08 2004 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
1,689 posts
Here are my results from 10 successful runs along with my strategy. All our runs were under 10 minutes.

new setup
# Oct 07 2004 at 3:30 AM Rating: Decent
Tried with DRK/nin, MNK/war, WHM/blm.

3 games 3 wins

DRK use swords with Red Lotus and MNK tank pretty well.
WHM popped 4 Hi-Ether + Non-stop Yagudo Drink.

MNK used 3 Hi-Potion.

DRK used 1 Hi-Potion.

Got Erase x 2 ^^
pretty well drop.
new setup
# Oct 07 2004 at 3:30 AM Rating: Decent
Tried with DRK/nin, MNK/war, WHM/blm.

3 games 3 wins

DRK use swords with Red Lotus and MNK tank pretty well.
WHM popped 4 Hi-Ether + Non-stop Yagudo Drink.

MNK used 3 Hi-Potion.

DRK used 1 Hi-Potion.

Got Erase x 2 ^^
pretty well drop.
Make sure you open the chest in time!
# Oct 06 2004 at 1:21 PM Rating: Default
169 posts
Did this last night with a PLD/WAR, MNK/NIN, and RDM/WHM. We've lost three times and actually finished this one. He dies, the chest pops, we stand there looking for "drops" and the timer runs out.

We get kicked out and stand there in disbelief knowing that we won and didn't open the stupid chest!

Well - back to farming to make up for the 50K we spent on food, potions, etc.

Good luck to everyone else!
# Oct 05 2004 at 6:44 AM Rating: Decent
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This mob also drops Darksteel Ingots. Beat him 3 times last night. Party makeup was Whm\Blm, Blm\Whm, and Mnk\War. Not a problem, keep up the silence and paralyze enfeebling. Keep monk free of blind and slow. And have the mages rotate duties, one working while the other resting. Works great, 3 for 3. Unstoppable. No Phalanx, Erase, or Utsusemi though damn it.
More Drops
# Oct 04 2004 at 10:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Demon Horn and Wyvern Scales also drop from this BCNM.
did 5 times tonight again
# Sep 30 2004 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
I did 7 times so far and GTK never dropped

did 5 times again tonight continuely, our setting is PLD/war, MNK/war, and WHM/blm

now we can completed this BCNM without using 2 hrs. But some items and Equipement is required.
MNK must need Ochuido Kote, WHM must need to boost as many Mana as possible, best is 2 Astral Rings, Electrum Hairpin, 2 Electrum Rings work good too. RSE for WHM is a must for Non Taru to Boost MP. PLD best to have 2 Electrum Rings too.

so here is the list of items we used to lower the cost for this BCNM.

PLD - 6 melon Juices, 2 Hi-Potion, 1 Boiled Crab, 4 eye drops.
MNK - 1 Meat Mithkabob, 2 Hi-Potion, 4 eye drops, 1 Pear au lait.
WHM - 5-8 Hi-Ether, 7 Melon Juice, 1 Roast Mushroom, 1 Hi-Potion.

Drop not too good, no Erase, Phalanx and Utsusemi : Ni. Got 2 x Multilator, 2 x Elegrand shield, 1 x Jongleur's Dagger, 2 x Jennet Shield, 2 x Fire Spirit Pact, 2 x Refresh, 2 x absort-Str, 1 x Calveley's dagger, 1 x Ohagoru, 1 x Tourney Patas, Gold beastcoin x 2, 1 x Vile Elixir, Mythril Beastcoin x 1, 1 x Mahogany Log. T_T

Hope can have better drop tonight.
# Sep 29 2004 at 2:24 PM Rating: Default
64 posts
I'm about to hit 40 with my SAM/WAR, and i want to do this for the GKT. Does it allways drop for Samurai's?
# Sep 29 2004 at 9:23 AM Rating: Decent
Did this with friends today twice, our setting is (PLD/war Elvaan, MNK/war Galka, WHM/blm<me> Taru)
very easy one. Got Erase, Jennet shield, Mutilator, Gold beastcoin in first fight.
Got Elegant Shield, Jennet Shield, Absort-Str, Mythril Beastcoin from 2nd fight.

we used totally 7 yagudo drinks (PLD used 4, and I used 3) 3 Hi-Ether(PLD used 1, and I used 2), 1 Meat Mithkabob(MNK), 1 Steamed Crab(PLD), and 1 Boiled Crab(WHM).(au lait is optional, if WHM isnt taru maybe melee need it, Eye drop might required if whm wanna save mana on Erase or Blindna.)

PLD got around 770 HP with 150 MP after deleveled.
MNK got around 900 HP after deleveled.
WHM got around 420 HP and 550 MP after deleveled.

so, once we got into the BC, i used Protectra II and Shellra II, and one yagudo drink right after buff. First and second form is pretty easy, I just keep doing Haste, Regen, and Erase maybe throw some cure II too on both melees and staying away from the battle becoz of blood saber. I even got time to sit and heal mana from both first and second form.

At the third form, I was sitting from beginning to heal for mana until PLD mana down to 50ish and HP become red, then I stood up and get back my healing and buffing job. PLD popped one Hi-Ether at that period of time. Both Melee saved thier TP at that round. This round Skeleton did a lot more dmg and absort spell then the first two forms.

At forth form, PLD and MNK used Fusion at the beginning and NM HP went to half right away, I used Banishga II MB to get Skeleton's HP down to 1/4. But after that, it became high evasion, both PLD and MNK keep missing their hit, so I keep using Cure II to nuke it death. I popped 2nd Hi-Ether at that period of time.

Last form, MNK used his 2hrs ability right away, I went forward and buffed Barfira, Barwatera, Barthundera, and Barblizzagra asap, and let PLD to heal our MNK. After MNK's 2hrs gone, both melee did one more time Fusion and I used my last mana to do Banishga II, the NM hp down to 2%, I used 2hrs and MNK PLD finished the fight with 80%+ HP.

This BCNM 40 is unexpect easy. just need to make sure MNK have good gears to deal more dmg. PLD should use some of RSE gears if they are elvaan, hume and mithra for Mana Boost.

so far, we got 430k from the first fight and 140k from the 2nd fight. Not too bad. And we will do it again tonight and see how's work. ^^

Enjoy and have fun.

Edited, Thu Sep 30 23:00:12 2004
Killed this guy tonight ^^
# Sep 23 2004 at 2:02 AM Rating: Good
352 posts
So, some friends and I (Mithra PLD/WAR, Taru WHM/BLM, Elvaan MNK/WAR) kicked Ghul-I-Beaban's bony ***. Five times.

The fight really wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. The PLD held the hate *wonderfully,* and our Fusion chain did some nice damage to the undead ******* while the WHM stood back and threw Cures and Erases and Hastes and such. It was actually kind of a snooze, until near the end of the last form. The WHM was low on MP by then, and the PLD was low on life. Then suddenly the PLD was *really* low on life. I popped Hundred Fists, but not soon enough, and our valiant PLD dropped. ; ; I continued smashing bones, and they started smashing back. Hard. I was quite near death, as was the undead *******. I quickly popped the two Hi-Potions I had with me, and they gave me enough life back to beat the thing to death for the last time.

We got: a scroll of Erase (yay!), an Elegant Shield (blm/brd/smn usable, and sold almost instantly for 90k), a Kagehide (lv40 great katana, put up on auction for 50k), a handful of wyvern scales (~4k or so?), and two bone chips. ^^ All prices listed are Midgardsormr, so ymmv.

For anyone who wants to try this in the future with MNK/WHM/PLD, I suggest bringing the following items to the battle. This list is per run, so multiply if you're doing more than one. (Gobbiebags will be very useful, as most of this crap doesn't stack.)

WHM: 5 yagudo drinks, mage food of your choice and 2-10 hi-ethers depending on race and how paranoid you are. Non-taru will need more, as having a bottomless mana pool is very important. You won't really have time to rest during this battle. Alternatively, you could be a RDM and use Convert. The healer shouldn't be getting hit much if at all.

PLD: 1 steamed crab, 1 Persikos au lait, 1 pear au lait, 5 yagudo drinks, 1 hi-ether in case of emergency (an elvaan or galka pld might need more), and 2-5 hi-potions. Yeah, it sucks to be the PLD because you need both HP and MP drinks/meds, and that can get expensive.

MNK: 1 meat chiefkabob (I used fish in case I inadvertently ended up tanking. It didn't happen, because our PLD is just too good, and the extra damage from meat would've been better.), 1 persikos au lait, 1 pear au lait, and some hi-potions in case of emergency. Also, if you're insane or a blind elvaan, pop an antacid and an eyeball soup for the fourth and fifth forms. The accuracy+ will probably help. I know, I know...this crap is expensive, but when that Erase drops and you only have to split it 3 ways, you'll dance happily. I spent about 50k on food for the entire party, and we were lucky and got ~550k in drops (because Erase is so insanely priced on Midgard), so I'd say the money was well spent. ^^

I suggested HQ foods, but the normal ones will probably be fine. The au laits, yag drinks, and potions are much more important for surviving this battle.

As far as battle strategy, there really isn't much. Just keep whacking the thing and using your drinks/medicine as needed, and you're sure to win. The ******* casts Absorb spells, so Erase is useful to take them off, but not really necessary. Keeping everyone Hasted is nice, too. And we were finding that Silence and Paralyze worked, but not for very long. (Our WHM is a taru, but has like +23 MND on his gear) Also, the 4th and 5th forms of the skeleton have insanely high evasion. I had on approximately +13 DEX and +7 acc and was still missing like crazy. (I wish I had more purple drops...I'll bring eyeball soup next time >.>)

So there you have it. Look me up if you're on Midgard and need a MNK for this BCNM; I'm happy to do it again any time. ^^
Tough little skelly!
# Sep 22 2004 at 11:38 AM Rating: Decent
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The problem with this fight is that once he gets to the blm levels, he starts dropping second tier spells, both normal, and -ga spells. While the first can be cured, the second hit the party over and over again. AoE blindness is also painful, as is Bloodsaber. This is not an easy fight. It took us a couple tries, but at this time my static party for this guy are 7/10. There was a point though that were were 3/6, and it was depressing.

Basicly, silence it, constantly. Every time it tries to cast a spell, put silence on it again. Keep your life up, and try to remove blindness as often as possible.

Incidently, with maxed healing skill for that level, cure nukes are quite effective. He is VERY resistant to blm spells, as far as I know.

Edit: Just a little edit, my static consists of me, whm/blm, pld/war, and sam/mnk. Maybe not the best party, but it does work for us. The sam skillchains with both the paladin, AND me. I melee with a holy maul, and do fairly serious damange. Everyone needs to have thier skills up, and everyone needs to help damage him.

Edited, Wed Sep 22 12:57:19 2004
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