Undying Promise  

Start Area: Qu'Bia Arena
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:3
Related Mobs:Ghul-I-Beaban (BLM)
Ghul-I-Beaban (DRK)
Min Level:40
Max Level:40
Grants Gil:1666
(Average from 8 ratings)
Items Granted:Behourd Lance
Bone Chip
Calveley's Dagger
Elegant Shield
Fire Spirit Pact
Gold Ingot
Jennet Shield
Jongleur's Dagger
Mahogany Log
Mythril Beastcoin
Mythril Ingot
Platinum Ingot
Platinum Ore
Ram Skin
Scroll of Absorb-STR
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Phalanx
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Tourney Patas
Wyvern Scales
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Zilart
Last Updated: Sat May 31 21:17:25 2008

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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Star Orb, which is obtained by trading 40 Beastmen's Seals to Shami at (H-8) in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Star Orb to the Burning Circle inside Qu'Bia Arena and choose to enter the battle Undying Promise.

Up to 3 people may enter and you will all receive a level 40 restriction. You have 15 minutes to win. You will fight Ghul-I-Beaban, but you're really fighting five monsters, not one. He will resurrect himself 4 times throughout the battle. Each incarnation of Ghul-I-Beaban is stronger then the last. His first three forms will be DRKs, using Absorb spells and low-level magic and obviously hitting pretty hard. After that, he will revive himself as a Black Mage two times. They might not hit as hard, but spells like Blizzard II will bring a lot of pain to make up for it, ESPECIALLY considering you've just fought three DRKs that, while decently easy on their own, have probably whittled away at your party's HP and MP.


Party setup used in this guide:

  • 1 NIN/WAR
  • 1 MNK/THF or MNK/WAR
  • 1 WHM/BLM

When ready, enter the battlefield. Once inside, eat your food and buff up. The party runs towards the arena. Before the doorway, the WHM kneels to rest and will remain resting until the 3rd form, unless there is an emergency. Fight in the center of the room, as you don't want your WHM to get hit by Ghul-I-Beaban's Drain spell.

The NIN should only use Provoke twice for each form, once as soon as the form appears and again when Provoke is ready again. This way, Provoke will be ready for the next form. The NIN should use elemental ninjitsu as they do a lot of damage against this monster. Skillchain is Blade: To ==>> SA/Combo.

If the NIN keeps shadows up, the WHM should not be needed at this point except in emergencies, or in the case of AOE blind move. If this happens, Blindna the NIN and the MNK uses Chakra. By the end of the 3rd form, the NIN will also need to be re-hasted. It is very important that the monster stay in the center of the arena. Good times to cast Cure are after a form is killed or right after the second provoke.

When he changes into his fourth form (BLM), the WHM should Elemental Seal/Silence him immediately.

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Here's BLU setup,
# Jul 03 2007 at 12:29 AM Rating: Decent
132 posts
1 WHM and BLU/NINx2
Items needed: 2 yags each preferred.

The other BLU and I each had about 300 MP max, we ate sushi for acc.
Went in and WHM buffed us, I rushed the battlefield before WHM could heal so WHM started with only about half 70% MP, we used just bludgeon and headbutt mostly during battle, each bludgeon hitting for 100-150 damage, and headbutt hitting for about 30-70 damage each, occasionally I used sprout smack but this isn't neccessary. our SC went for about 300-400 damage each without MBs taking off roughly 25% of his health each time. at the end of the battle I think we stopped watching our shadows as the last mob nearly wiped us if wasn't for the WHM 2hring. We took hate back after the WHM got down to 200 HP and I finished the battle with Bludgeon. We each had under 30 MP but the battle wasn't really difficult. spells set were Bludgeon headbutt, sproutsmack, jet stream, wild carrot, and smite of rage. Intimidate went off roughly 3-5 times with each battle so that helped greatly. Crap drops but atleast I found another BCNM that was BLU friendly. GL to all.

Drops: Jennet shield, Elegant Shield, Erase, Gold Beastcoin and 2 bone chips and 1,666 gil each.
Anything can take this BCNM
# Dec 27 2006 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
Did this easy as PLD(me) MNK and WHM. We didnt really need the WHM as we did it the first time with just PLD and MNK but it was alot easier with WHM as well lol
Puppetry bcnm
# Nov 22 2006 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
2,007 posts
I need to try this one sometime. apparently it can even be duo'ed by 2 pups. 3 should make it easy as pi.
Pup ftw
# Nov 06 2006 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
156 posts
Beat this with Pld Rdm and Pup.
# Aug 22 2006 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
If you wanna win this, WAR/NIN, NIN/WAR, RDM/WHM. Beat it the first time for the recond, 12 min some seconds. Beat it a second time to beat our own record for 10 min some seconds. Third time 9:58. So easy.

Edited, Aug 22nd 2006 at 5:17am EDT by XXLargeEpeen
5/5 Victories
# Jun 07 2006 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
Did this last night and won every attempt.


Every battle was fairly smooth, although we would win with only 1> minute on the clock left.

PLD used Tavnazian tacos, yagudo drinks, pamama au laits, and eye drops

MNK used sole sushi, pamama au leits, and eye drops

BLM used melon pies, yagudo drinks

PLD self protects and shells, BLM protectra/shellra the remaining members, and casts blink

While waiting for MP to regen MNK boosts and uses Sneak attack

BLM begins by silencing th mob, afterward PLD gets aggro and pulls away from BLM

MNK lines up behind and should land SA, at this time the timer for SA should be up again so the MNK can SA once more.

MNK uses Focus at beginning of battle so it can be used again later on

PLD uses Holy Circle in beginning battle so it can be used again

Skillchain used was Burning Blade > Combo

MAKE SURE to always use SA when doing combo for maximum damage

If monk gets too much aggro allow the PLD to cover him

BLM never MBs, only debuffs the boss and cures PT members

We won total: Utsusemi Ni, Erase, Phalanx, Refresh, Jennet Shield X4, Tourney Patas, Mutilator X2, Kagehide, Platinum Ingot, Mithril Ingot, Mithril Beastcoin, Fire Spirit Pact, Raifu, Demon Horn, Petrified Log, Elegant Shield and numerous bone chips.

I think this would go more smoothly if the BLM was switched out for a RDM because convert adds a second mana pool, and RDM are less prone to debuff resists (although our BLM rarely got resisted).

Edited, Wed Jun 7 18:25:17 2006
easy win
# Jun 05 2006 at 3:59 AM Rating: Decent
I won this 3/3 with this setup:

NIN/WAR (me)

we enter and buff then i go to the mob with the WAR while WHM recover MPs that are useless against the DRK forms.I pull the first mob with Jubaku just to let the fight be safer.WHM have to cast blindna, haste me and the war and silence the BLM forms.The war have to hit the mob (it's his damned easy job XD) and voke away from me when i rarely be hit or when the last form do those ******* AOEs that kills my shadows.
Anyway it's not hard to win,the first run we won for 9 secs cause we lost time in buff and full mp rest of WHM but after it we understood how to beat this and we'll do it again cause it drops decent moneys
# Mar 09 2006 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
63 posts
This BCNM drops a shiled that's concidered... pretty good i must say... to a brd that can't afford that damned signa... so i was wondering, is there any room in this BCNM for a bard? or should a bard just stick with trying to find ppl wou'll do the Mandy's /sigh to make the money for the shield... my only problem is i'm on the 360 server so i can't buy one (no1 selling) and it'll prolly be even harder finding ppl capable of the mandys. so any room for a brd in this one?
RE: Bard...
# Jun 05 2006 at 4:03 AM Rating: Decent
i'm a BRD75 so don't think i hate the job cause it's my main even if i'm smn75 too now,but i think BRD has no place in 90% of the BCNMs of the game ;_;
# Feb 06 2006 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
Iv'e done this one about 10 times and have only lost once.

RDM buffs everyone and rests up for mp while MNK boosts. Everyone run in and MNK chi bombs, PLD vokes. Put MNK behind the PLD for cover and RDM behind the mob.
Beat the hell out of it using as little mp as possible. After you kill the third dark, RDM silences the 4th mob and PLD uses holy circle.
This is when it starts to get hairy. RDM runs out of the way of AoE and uses convert. From there just WS when tp is up everyone is fine. Fusion works well on this mob, but im assuming impaction is way better.
Eye drops for the MNK, yag drinks and a rolanberry for the RDM, and an x-potion for the PLD. Probably wont need it but better to just have it.
RE: freebit
# Feb 14 2006 at 6:11 PM Rating: Decent
158 posts
MNK chi bombs

Are you refering to Chi Blast? If so, it is a lvl 41 ability... Un-useable in a 40 cap BCNM.
RE: freebit
# Mar 19 2006 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
133 posts

Are you refering to Chi Blast? If so, it is a lvl 41 ability... Un-useable in a 40 cap BCNM.

couldnt you use this if you used merits? I dont know cuz i'm not doing merits yet.
RE: freebit
# Apr 02 2006 at 5:58 PM Rating: Decent
It's a JA...
# Feb 06 2006 at 12:09 PM Rating: Default
never done a BCNM b4
# Jan 15 2006 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
ive never done a BCNM before, i can go was war/nin from reading posts. ive been reading around and it seems like WAR/ doesnt have much place in BCNMS thats why i want to try this one. one question tho, should i take evasion-based or def-based armor. good or bad idea to bring emporers hairpin or the iron musk. helmet??
BCNM-40 Undying Promise
# Jan 11 2006 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Did this BC twice last night. Won the first, Lost the second, although we gave it a great effort.



1)first round went pretty smooth. PLD voked and kept aggro well. WHM buffed and kept silence on Ghul-I-Bean, or whatever. MNK pounded him flat with H2H.

2)second round we underestimated our food and potion supply...just not quite enuff to last , got to last incarnation...GA spells slammed PLD and after he fell, the dominoes kept falling.

Got a platinum ingot=400k on shiva...and a rare NIN katana, goes for 1.2m on shiva. Had a good time and learned a little about the importance of "Loading UP!!" on supplies. I think MNK/NIN would have been a little better, because when he grabbed aggro after WS it wouldn't have been so devastating, and WHM could have conserved a lil more MP for last incarnation.

Edited, Wed Jan 11 11:39:10 2006
party set up
# Nov 23 2005 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
Stupid computer.

Well this is the third time I get to type this.

I'll make it short and sweet.(The other ones I wrote are way better but I'm tired of typing and it's late.)

whm/blm me
First time. I ran out of mp. I nuked to much, they died, I ran out.
second time. I rest the whole time and just heal and haste. Worked great had over 80 % mp the whole time. On the last one we run out of time. BOOO. This set-up would have worked if I would have helped a little more.

Payback 2 nights later.
wh/blm me

Brought about 6 melon drinks and some ginger cookies.(Had them the first time too.)

1. Enter and buff. Run to fight to save time while Whm rest up.
2. WHm gets to the fight, silence dia 2, banish2(only on first one), Haste and Cure/regen. Eat, drink and rest.
3. Repeat for next 2 with out the banish.
4. 4th mob is blm, keep him silenced and you are looking good. Save as much mp as you can for the last one.
5. 5th mob, silence right away. Then dia2, banish2, and throw some nukes at him too. Make sure you keep enough mp to cure your friends.
Didn't use any 2hr's.
Last 2 fights we won. Poor drops tho.
Couple of shields
petrified log
some mnk hand-to-hand weapon lvl40 3k in ah
scroll of ice spikes

Had a few drinks left over too. Just pace yourself and you should be fine. 11mins 20secs both times.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Edited, Wed Nov 23 01:47:53 2005
party set up
# Nov 23 2005 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
party set up
# Nov 23 2005 at 1:06 AM Rating: Default
Good fun
# Oct 10 2005 at 6:11 AM Rating: Good
221 posts
First time I tried this we went as whm (me), blm and pld. Tried it 3 times with set-up, got wiped out twice I think and then ran out of time on one attempt. Blm just had to keep stopping to heal and we weren't killing the forms quick enough. So, once my boyfriend got his nin to 41, we went back and tried again, and instead of him being blm, he was nin/rdm. So set-up was whm/smn, pld/war, nin/rdm. We kicked *** ^^. Basically we enter the arena, I buff, and we run straight up to the mob. I regen pld and haste nin, DiaII the skele and then pop a wizard cookie and heal back my mp. Pld tries to tank it, but he was competing with a spam of Ni spells, and the added damage of en-spells from the nin rdm sub^^ So he would only voke if nin was dropping low on health or struggling with shadows. For the first 2 forms, I keep spell casting to a bare minimum, and before the second form is dead I'll use a yag drink. On the final 2 forms, if I have mp to spare, I'll silence the mob first, then use Banish II to help finish him off^^ Silencing the last 2 forms is pretty important because his -ga spells arent too nice. When we did this we didnt get anny major drops like utsusemi:Ni or Erase, but we made almost 200k each from 3 or 4 runs, so it wasnt a total loss^^ And we had fun, which is the important part :P Good luck to anyone else who trys ^^
(I hope this post gives hope to anyone who thought you *needed* a monk for this bcnm... clearly you dont^^)
...Not too tough
# Jul 31 2005 at 11:25 PM Rating: Decent
1,505 posts
I do this every once in awhile with a setup as follows (same people both runs so far)

MNK/WAR (me)

It's pretty easy; I just punch Beaban's bones out of their tendons (...I'm not too good at biology, so I really don't know what that means...XD) While the NIN enfeebs and tanks. First three forms are easy, just gotta do some damage. After it changes to BLM, now may be the time for the RDM to use Convert. Now it gets a bit tough with the -GA spells and higher eva/def (can't remember about DEF... but almost posotive he gets high eva.) The monk might have to tank a bit.

I'm currently 4/6 on this BCNM, first fail: RDM consumes MP too fast (this was our first try) and second: He DS + Curaga'd and got hate.
# Jun 22 2005 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
287 posts
Ok, here's the deal.


My party setup was as follows:

Our strategy was to run and and pound this beanbag back into the grave. I'd provoke and whack it with my axes, MNK would donkey punch it good, and RDM would enfeeb/heal. We went 4/5, and the oly reason for that was we got lazy and wiped out of compalcency.

Once we entered the area, we used food(sushi for meele, pie for RDM), buffed, and ran in. I would hold hate while blinking as best I could. When I couldn't get a recast off, I would let the MNK grab hate, and he did, and then recast.

The RDM healed when needed, cast slow and paralyze, and in the first fight cast silence. Since he's the ebst RDM ever, it stuck each time, but then we learned something nasty; Beanbag loves Blood Saber. So for the next fights we nixed silence as he casts mostly worthless spells, and just hammered him down.

We only used out two hours on the last fight to have fun, other than that they weren't needed. I used eye drops to cure blind, there was nothing we could do about slow, and the RDM used a yag drink. Cost to earning ration was awesome.

Our times were under 8 minutes each time, and we did all five in the stretch of two hours. He dropped decently and overall we made about a mil each.

Easy, no? Even you can do it.
# Jun 07 2005 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
166 posts
A couple LS mates and I have done this one 3 times in the past week or so.

We're 2/3 right now.

Setup is War/Nin, Mnk/War, Whm/Blm

Since I cannot blink tank the whole fight, we do need potions and hi-potions to help. First time we died because we weren't entirely sure what to expect. Second time the Mnk and I died, but the Whm got a lucky swing in and killed him with her staff. Third time we wasted him. I don't remember completion times, but second time was about 14 minutes.

Drops so far:
2x Elegant Shield (40k, sells slow), 1x Kagehide (20k), 1x Jennet Shield (6k), 1x Refresh (2.5k), 1x Ram Skin (900), 5x Bone Chip
stipid question ; ;
# May 06 2005 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
where exactly in fei'yin do u go to zone into the burning circle for this BCNM.
i kno its a stupid question but i cant seem to be able to find out lol..
RE: stipid question ; ;
# Jun 20 2005 at 7:03 AM Rating: Decent
90 posts

You should see a few dolls roaming in the corridor just outside a giant door. Open the door and go inside, and zone to the BC
# Apr 04 2005 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
Hello, this is Spartan on Bismarck, not Aphrasia. He lent me his account to post this. I just did this a few weeks ago with:
61/30 NIN/WAR
40/19 MNK/WAR (me)
56/28 RDM/BLM

First off: You do NOT need Hi-Potions. You do NOT need Pear au-Laits. You do NOT need Hi-Ethers. Monks do NOT need Ochiudo's Kote. I have incredibly crappy gear, yet we beat this BCNM in 12 minutes every time, and no 2-hours were used. Me and the Ninja only used cheap Meat Mithkabobs. RDM used Apple Pie (I think). Please stop posting that you absolutely need all this stuff. We got it 3/3 with time to spare each time. And we do NOT have a WHM/SMN. I got a Gold Ingot, Jennet Shield, Ohaguro, and a Scroll: Ice Spikes, totalling to 310k in drops.

Spartan, 42/21 MNK/WAR.
RNG instead of MNK?
# Mar 17 2005 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
1,257 posts
Unfortunately, I don't really know any MNKs.

However, I do know several good RNGs. Since I figure the MNK's job in this BCNM is to do lots and lots of damage to it, I was wondering if a RNG with squid sushi (for the increased ACC) would work?

The other two members would be me as RDM/WHM healer (the instant MP refill is quite helpful), and either an Elvaan PLD/WAR or Mithra NIN/WAR.
RE: RNG instead of MNK?
# Oct 04 2005 at 6:32 PM Rating: Decent
No way. Monks do something like 150% normal damage against bones. Rangers (Dragoon, Thieves, etc.) and other who use piercing weapons deal something like 75% damage to bones. It's not good. This is speculation, but the difference in damage is there. That's why you have Monk bones parties, and not Ranger Bones parties. ^^
RE: RNG instead of MNK?
# Aug 19 2005 at 9:56 PM Rating: Decent
1,353 posts
AHHHHH You can't throw a Rng at a problem and solve it! Noooo.
RE: RNG instead of MNK?
# May 11 2005 at 6:07 PM Rating: Decent
a ranger could replace a monk in this bcnm, howeveer the monks advantage is that h2h is considered blunt dmg, which bones are weak to
RE: RNG instead of MNK?
# May 25 2005 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
87 posts
Yea, but arrows are extra crappy against bones. (I mean if you think about it in reality, what's shooting arrows at a skeleton gonna do? O.o)

I wouldn't reccommend ranger for this, although I guess it's possible.
RE: RNG instead of MNK?
# Apr 14 2006 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
If I thought REALLY hard about it in reality, and I was staring down an ANIMATED SKELETON casting magic spells at me, I'd likely not be thinking much about whether I've got a bow or a claw.

I'd be thinking very hard about running away, and perhaps wetting myself. ^^
# Jan 31 2005 at 3:36 AM Rating: Decent
1,047 posts
The record for this on my server was 3 minutes, dont ask me how.

We did it with
WHM/SMN (me)

We died first time because I got half DC on last skeleton and used Yag drink too late.

The first 3 is cake, 4th is a little harder because he sometimes uses an AOE that takes out the NINs shadows.
On the 5th form he sucks, he is spamming AOE so this is where you will need a yagudo drink to keep up healing.

As whm everytime the skeleton reraised I cast slow on it and hasted and regened the nin then rest for the rest of the fight then repeat the next time he reraised.
It is very important to hold skeleton slowed and pld hasted all the time. and on the last 2 skeles silence if possible, I completely forgot that.
# Jan 18 2005 at 2:00 PM Rating: Default
237 posts
Easy BCNM...here was my setup:

PLD/WAR (me)

I stocked up on +emnity and +vit gear such as grudge sword, I.M. Amemet, eisen gloves, legs, and feet. I also quested a Memento Muffler that has 20 charges for +7 VIT. Combined with boiled crab I had +24 VIT, and the mob was only doing around 24-45 damage, easily curable with cure I and II. I bought a few Yagudo Drinks for refresh effect (5k each). PLD worked particularly well because I was intimidating the mob throughout the fight.

BST/NIN used jug pets (funguar on this one). He was our main damage dealer. We used Red Lotus Blade ====> Rampaging Axe.

RDM/WHM didn't even need armor for this. He just stood off to the side and healed us. He brought juices, but if his MP ever got low he just used Convert.

We went 2/3 on this (ran out of time on the first run because the BST dc'd immediately after we zoned into the BCNM) ... another 30 seconds and we would have won.

We made about 200k each. The BST/NIN was a good addition, and an acceptable replacement to MNK. Next time instead of Funguar he's thinking of bringing a jug Mandy, who is a monk.
# Jan 17 2005 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
186 posts
My only question is whether anyone can tell me the grid position of the BCNM here. I don't have the map for Fei'yin and I know the maps don't exactly put up a sign that says "BCNM Here" with an arrow, so if anyone has that information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
RE: Position?
# Jun 20 2005 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
90 posts
I am seeing your time when you posted this. Hopefully you have the answer by now. Still, just in case you dont, it is K-8 inside the corridor to the north part of that sector. There are a few dolls outside, so be sure you dont miss the door. Coming from the south enterance to the corridor, it will be on your right. Open door and zone to BC.

Hope this helps.
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