The Heir to the Light  

Realm:San d'Oria
Start Area: Northern San d'Oria
Start NPC:Any Gate Guard
Related Areas:Chateau d'Oraguille
Qu'Bia Arena
Related Mobs:Rojgnoj's Left Hand
Rojgnoj's Right Hand
Warlord Rojgnoj
Mission:9 - 2
Min Level:70
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:100000
Reward:Rank 10
(Average from 17 ratings)
Items Granted:San d'Orian Flag
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: Breaking Barriers
Last Updated: Fri Dec 2 14:38:00 2005

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Mission Orders

The Rites of Succession will be held at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria. You are to report there for guard duty.


First, talk to any gate guard to accept the mission. Once you have accepted the mission, head to Chateau d'Oraguille to receive a cutscene.

Now, form a party and head to Fei'Yin. Upon your arrival, you will receive a cutscene. Once you have finished the cutscene, make your way to Qu'Bia Arena. Buff, and enter the shimmering circle. The battle is divided in to two parts:

Part 1: In the first part, there are 11 enemies -- 10 orcs and 1 Orcish Warmachine.

Upon first entering, the PLD will need to round up all the enemies so that the BRD, BLMs, and RDMs can sleep them. Because there are 15 enemies, there is a good chance that AoE sleeps will miss one or two, so it is important to have backup sleepers. The orcs all go down quickly, so our strategy was to kill them first, and work on the Orcish Warmachine last.

IMPORTANT: leave one of the weak orcs alive and slept. Once there is only that orc left, the mages should cure everyone and rest to full. Once everyone is rested, kill the last orc--that will trigger the transition to part 2.

Part 2:

For part 2, Prince Trion will come to fight along side you. The fight is against 3 tougher orcs ...

If Trion dies, then you lose the fight, so the WHM's primary responsibility will be to keep Prince Trion alive. Each Orc will use his respective 2-hour. The general order that you want to kill in is BLM >> DRK >> PLD. Unfortunately, Trion will choose whatever he wants to choose, so if he goes off to attack another orc, everyone must immediately drop what they are doing and focus on the one that he chooses to fight. He likes to spam Savage Blade, so the only real challenge here is keeping him alive.

Once you have finished the battle, head to Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene, then head to the door in King Ranperre's Tomb for another cutscene, then finally back to Chateau d'Oraguille to complete the mission and receive Rank 10, 100,000 gil, and a San d'Orian Flag (furnishing).

Once you have completed the mission, head back to Northern San d'Oria to receive one last cutscene.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see The Heir to the Light Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the San d'Oria nation mission series. The complete series includes:

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# Dec 08 2009 at 3:04 AM Rating: Decent
4,638 posts
Just trioed this


I ran in and supertanked them all as rdm/blu. Had 656 def with tav taco, pro IV and cocoon. wasn't really wearing anything special. stoneskin hardly ever broke. They hit me for 0's with it down most of the time too. Stage 1 was really easy we kind just laughed our way through it.

stage 2 got a little rough...I got down to red once and all three of us had to convert but I was only in any real danger once when I got knocked down to red. All 3 of us just ran in about 30secs after the cutscene and all melee'd the blm to death. After that is when I got knocked into red. We ignored who trion went after and just healed him when he took damage. We did blm->drk->pld. I have over 290 enhancing in gear and my stoneskin got inturupted every once and a while. I chainspell -> converted after I lost hate when the pld fight started, cure IV'd 3 times, put up a fresh stoneskin and spammed blink until chainspell wore off. The only real danger was the blm he got me good with stonega3 a few times. If I put up Barstone pre-fight i'm sure it would've been easier. Even with 656 def they were still hitting me between 70-100.

In all it's not very hard to do with 3 rdm's if one rdm/blu supertanks it.
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Retired since February 2011.
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not hard
# Aug 26 2008 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
341 posts
Just did this with 5


sleep strategy.

really easy. just make sure your blm keeps stoneskin up, kill the warmachine first.

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O and BTW
# Mar 17 2008 at 9:14 PM Rating: Default
O and BTW I trioed this

75WAR/NIN (me)

stage 1

wasnt hard at all all we did is have RDM sleepga them all while we took out RNG orc then we took out the war machine. did in this order because warmachine sleeps easier then the RNG but his curaga woke them all so its a trade off. RDM kept them slept while we EASILY and extremly fast were able to kill the RNG then war machine. after that we would solo our own normal orc while group was slept. we left 1 orc up and slept and rested to full.

TRION will act first!!!!!!!

after we killed the last orc we got cool CS and the last 3 mobs were up and ready to die. we had the strategy hope TRION goes for the middle PLD king orc and sleep other 2 >_< well we waited about 2-3 minutes and trion all of a sudden made his move....... zigzagged down to the mobs and took the one on the right >_<! well our back up plan was DRG and Trion duo w/e he takes if its not PLD and i solo the PLD til they kill that 1.

THIS WAS CLOSE lol. i was able to keep my shadows up like a champ all the way til they got about half way through their mob but when my timers on Utsusemi Ichi and Ni were both down it got rough. i had on my DD/Haste gear and had rune axe+refresh giving me 21% haste with my kirins osode and walhalaawdasfa w/e lol turban giving me 60 MP. kept slapping fast and kept hate while RDM kept me alive between shadow spells. trion and DRG pwnt theirs helped me and it was cake all the way to finish after that.

this mission CAN be trioed if you have a savy RDM who can keep the group slept when the war machine uses curaga to wake them. Just make sure that you kill the warmachine and the RNG mob first because they wont sleep long/easily and make sure u have a tank on the Gold PLD Orc from the start in stage 2. Not the easiest aproach but if ur good it can be done and is fun ;) GOOD LUCK and i hope this helps. LET TRION PICK HIS ENEMY IN SECOND STAGE. JUST SIT AND WAIT FOR HIM TO DO SO!
1 extra CS!
# Mar 17 2008 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
Hey for all you who have completed this and for all you who have yet to... Make sure you check the door at the top of the church after you get the final CS in north sandy. Your in for a little treat ;). O and i have rank 10, the flag, 100,000 gil and got all CS but still cant view any rank 10 items from gate guard......... do i need to fill my who rank bar by tradeing crystals/missions? or maybe my country is in last place? does any of this matter? leme know because i know i got all the rewards then the CS in north sandy and at the church :/
Sleepga nice, but not required
# Feb 04 2008 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
444 posts
Completed this yesterday with the following setup:

We weren't really expecting to win, but decided to try after completing 9-1 and finding no other help available, or willing, to head up to Fei'Yin. We kicked around a few strategies on the way but decided the best plan was to have the RDM/BLU superkite the Orcs while we three DDs rushed the Warmachine. Once it was out, the plan was to have the RDM & DRK sleep whatever mobs they could while the WHM and SAM picked off the remaining awake Orcs. The plan worked well except for two minor hiccoughs...

1) The warmachine has a fairly high amount of HP. Rushing in with one or two Weapon Skills isn't going to bring it down. This wasn't a problem, per se, but it made our RDM panic a bit as he was kiting everything else in the BCNM.

2) The unsleepable RNG orc (Yukvok of Clan Death) can and will use Eagle Eye Shot, which dropped our taru DRK quite unexpectedly.

The other orcs aren't even worth mentioning- they dropped after 3-4 hits and connected (when they connected) for about 15-30 on our DDs. We left one awake, healed up, and went on to the next part. Everyone had their two-hours up, so the plan was to have the SAM rush the BLM, DRK take the DRK, with the WHM & RDM tying up Rojgnoj and healing Trion when needed. Trion rushed with the BLM with the SAM and almost died when the BLM used Manafont followed quickly by Sleepga. Interestingly, both Tachi: Gekko and Silence couldn't stick on the BLM, so I wouldn't count on trying to silence him to avoid nuking. Once the RDM woke the SAM woke up, Meikyo Shisui dropped the BLM and the rest of the fight finished up rather quickly.

I can see why Horde Lullaby and/or Sleepga would be nice for the first round, but don't feel discouraged to try if your party doesn't have access to either. The orcs from San d'Oria 7-1 were much tougher than the 9 random ones in this BCNM, which can be easily kited and dispatched by 70+ DDs.

Overall, this was a very fun fight and I certainly wouldn't mind helping out other friends with it in the future ^^
# Feb 01 2008 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
Done as 75Rdm/Blm, 59Whm/Blm, and 75War/Nin. 1st thing done was the Rdm aggro'd all of the mobs then slept them all. I killed the warmachine 1st, then the ranger as he kept resleeping the mobs as they woke up. The ranger is definitely the worst of the 1st wave of mobs. He is the toughest and he used eagle eye shot. It wasn't really hard, just the hardest. After the warmachine and ranger were down, I continued killing until 2 were left. I got one down to about 10% life then switched. He was slept. Then I killed the other. We rested to full. As a joke we had the 59Whm try and sleep the mob just to see if it worked, and it worked like a charm. Then killed it, Trion came. Killed whichever mob he went after. The Blm was the 1st because he casted alot of tier 4 spells and large -ga spells. He didn't hurt me, but Trion apparently isn't as tough as I was. But we made it with no problems.
# Jan 28 2008 at 3:13 AM Rating: Decent
Fairly easy fight with RDM75, PLD75 (me), BLU75 SAM75 and WHM52. First I aggroed all the orcs in the room and rdm put them to sleep. We focused on the rng and silenced warmachine meanwhile and killed both easily.

For second fight BLU and SAM focused on the mob engaged by Trion, and I tanked the main boss, which hits hard. He used Invincible and I used mine, and when 2H wore of the other 2 orcs were down, so all engaged with the big one and killed him without problems at all.
Too Weak
# Oct 22 2007 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
75war piston tank
75rdm eli
75sam aki
69drg jammer
68thf foxxy(me)
66drg vas

This was unbelivable easy fight. We went in and rdm es sleepga which sleep about 5 of them and he kited the rest while we killed the warmachine once it died the rest of them woke up and chased after the rdm...it seemed a bit crazy w/ so many mobs running around...i was bound so i couldnt cyclone like planed and the sam and 66drg died..then i cycloned and perfect dodge and tanked 7 or so while the rest preceded to pick them off...we left the rng alive which we couldnt sleep for the life of us so the rdm raised and rested and switched off kiting w/ the war...once every one was full hp, mp, and unweakend the drg jumped the rng to finish it off.

Part 2
We let Trion pick which mob to fight first. He picked the right hand mob so sam 2 houred and it went down in a few seconds. Then we proceaded to the left hand mob which went down fairly quick. Then we got the pld down to about half and he invicable which seemed to last forever but it was only like 30 sec. I landed the killing blow with SA.

Over all even with deaths it was a lot easyer then we excecpted it to be it lasted 22 min, the second part was maybe 2 min at most.
# Aug 01 2007 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
268 posts
Just did this last night with my rdm friend, took 5 tries to get it sorted, 2 npc deaths, 1 out of time and 1 **** up right at the start.

Go in buff up, rdm ES sleepga. I pull the war machine into the tunnel and solo that while rdm kills the rng and keeps the orcs asleep.

Once the rng is dead the rdm starts on the orcs as I finish off the warmachine with its curga2 spam >.<

After warmachine goes down I take over sleeping the orcs and ballad the rdm whos mp is getting lowish by now. Proceed to masacar the orcs.

With 2-3 orcs left the rdm rests while I finish them off.

On to stage 2.

I buff Trion with 2x paeon, and the rdm ES sleepga. Trion takes off after the blm which I assist with, we dual tank it as Trion gets hit for much more than I do.

The rdm is busy kiting the unsleepable pld and resleeping the drk as and when it wakes up.

Once the blm is down the pld is next, we all beat on the pld each tanking as needed. Takes a long time but we manage to kill it without any problems.

Drk is last, this gets kind of nasty when it uses blood weapon but we manage to pull hate of Trion and he lives, just.

By this time we are getting low on health and mp but the drk is almost dead. We keep fighting hoping that it will die before we're out of time or Trion gets killed.

Finally Trion puts in the killing blow and it goes to CS.

Battle field clear time of 28mins 52.

Thanks to Mataljan(rdm), Dreauce(tank) and Damarius (blm and pld) for your help with all the tough missions I couldn't solo and finally rank 10, time to move to Bastok :D
New Phoenix Record
# Jul 05 2007 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
Two LS mates and I are now Rank 10 ^_^


All 75 except me (Whitemage 71)

Very easy fight, Trion didn't even get hit during the second part.
We shattered the previous record of about 16 minutes with ours of 11 minutes 56 seconds.

We didn't sleep any orcs except one at the end of round 1 just to see if the Drk could land the sleep. The Monks 2hour'd the second part to speed things up a little more, those were the only two hours used.

Only buffs that we used were Protectra4/Shellra4 and Haste on the Pld.
I didn't go below 50% MP at all during the entire fight. No items were used, and normal exp food was used.

Very,very,very easy~

# May 25 2007 at 8:01 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
{Too Weak}

I think 1 Rdm/Blm can solo this mission.

When I beated this mission, I duo'ed it with War/Nin and Rdm/Blm.

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Very doable.
# Apr 05 2007 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
I did this tonight with the following party:

Fauss, 75WAR/37NIN
Keniix, 75PLD/37WAR
Mikei, 63RNG/30NIN
Leeramond, 75DRK/37WAR
Esthalos, 75BRD/37WHM

Despite the awkwardness of the setup and the total lack of real mages, we found it very doable.

After almost two hours of searching for a WHM or RDM to come along to heal Trion, we finally found a WHM, and headed out to Fei'Yin. Halfway there our WHM disconnected and never returned. We got to the arena, decided we'd best try it, anyway, since we'd come so far already, and went in.

Make no mistake, for us the first battle was much harder than the second. Sure, the orcs are weak, but since it was required that I sleep as many of them as possible, I got pounded into the ground faster than the PLD could activate Invincible. I feel this could have been avoided if one of our melees had simply watched as I slept the mob of orcs and provoked strays, but c'est la vie. I reraised, got Blink and Stoneskin up, healed myself, and returned to the task of keeping our PLD alive under the onslaught. One by one the orcs fell (the warmachine was long dead at this point) until only a RNG was left. We ignored him while we rested up, our WAR eating his attacks with Utsusemi, then killed him with our fingers crossed. Surely the next fight would be harder. WRAONG.

Of the three orcs in the second battle, Rojgnoj is the only one that poses any threat.

My plan had been to walk in, wait for the melees to engage the mobs, 2 hour, put double paeons on them to keep their HP up without going broke on MP, then stand back a bit while I sing ballads and commence healing Trion. Of course, you lose if he dies.

What I didn't know was that Trion behaves as though he's in your party, at least as far as BRD songs are concerned. He got the Soul Voiced double paeons, and that kept the whole group at nearly full health without my intervention. I just stood there.

Overall this is a *fairly* easy mission. A balanced party of 65-70 would have no trouble at all. I used cheap pie for greater MP, and a couple of Yagudo Drinks during the first fight. No one died but me, and even that can be avoided by having melees who are aware of what goes on around them and/or having a WHM or RDM to heal.

My thanks to Fauss, Keniix, Mikei, and Leeramond of Fairy for their good work and patience.

I hope this helps someone.

Good luck!
Be warned can be easy can be hard
# May 23 2007 at 8:18 PM Rating: Excellent
1,439 posts
Did this last night with the following setup

BST/NIN X2 75/37
WHM/BLM X1 75/37
SAM/NIN X1 75/37
THF/NIN X1 63? [i think]
NIN/WAR X1 73/36

It was a pickup party and after we all arrived we went in and BST's popped jugs and started cooling timers. Party got buffed. NIN went in got hate from RNG and WHM proceeded to sleepga all. One BST on RNG, One BST on Warmachine. Easy fight , left one easy prey Orc left and slept while we heeled.

Finished it off and 3 NM's popped. Trion went for BLM and both BST went after BLM too. Main NM started hitting very hard and very soon one of the BST's was down + the NIN. Needless to say party wiped soon after.

Went back in after reraise and did the same thing although WHM accidentaly went into room first and got hate and didnt get much chance to sleep all the orcs. Panic ensued and we got an embarrasing party wipe from the first round.

Ok, we went in third time and were a little more organised. First round went very smooth. Everyone did their job very well. Second round one BST went to DRK and one went to BLM and the others concentrated on main NM and keeping Trion alive [Trion went for BLM again].

Before we knew it all NM's were dead. A surprise really that they all went down so fast in the second attempt. I remember [as I was fighting the DRK solo] that my CC got wiped very quickly at one point and I had to pop another CC - but I didnt get hit and my shadows all stayed up.

Overall an easy fight third time through.

This does not need an alliance as some people would say.
Esuna Forums

# Mar 24 2007 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
I cant believe I put this off so long... After leveling 12 jobs past 50, and 3 @75, I finally finished this :) I have to say, the fight was a LOT easier than I expected... I went as 75 war/nin... I realize there were a LOT of mobs in this fight, but their hit points seemed RIDICULOUSLY low for such a fight... My Rampage could nearly instantly kill a full health mob on the first phase @.@ I was expecting the second phase to be MUCH harder, but actually, it was MUCH easier... we slept all but the Mega boss, and took him out first... He hits like a truck, but just like all the other mobs here, has SO few hit points compared to most NM's - My rampage took off nearly half his health! He went down fast and easy... And once he was dead, the other two were a joke... ANyway, I have to say, the Mega Boss was the coolest looking orc I've ever seen in the game! :) And the storyline plot and conclusion are excellent... I'm really glad I did this, not to say "Hey, I'm rank 10", but to finally have seen all there is to see in the Sandy storyline, and remember that theres a LOT more to this game than just exp parties non-stop... Have fun, and enjoy what is fun to you, not what you feel you "should or need to do". ^^
wow... are you serious?
# Mar 22 2007 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
this was a helluva lot easier than the previous fights....
we had 75 brd(me), 75 whm, 75 blm, 75 thf(tank) and 63 nin (ummm.... just there to prove lvl 70 not required... (and yes, thats right... 5 people)
took us about 20 minutes, but i was the only one who even got close to dying. i kept double mambo and double balld up the whole time and black mage helped me keep everyone slept. killed war machine first then moved to the smaller orcs. kept a warrior type orc alive and i lullaby-kited him around until mages were full. trion went straight for blm type and the warlord chased me around until after he was dead (/cry he wouldn't go to sleep and nothing anyone did would pull him off of me >.<). remember, trion won't attack any of them until you get aggro then he'll pick... make sure the tank gets aggro, not an impatient brd >.<
as for trion, he used savage blade once and then spammed red lotus blade -.-;

congrats to those who went w/ me and to everyone else who has/has gotten sandy rank 10

btw, i want ranperre's armor >.>;
What's after Rank 10
# Feb 25 2007 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
I've had Rank 10 Sandy for a long time. My tradition is...when ever I outpost to Sandy, I trade my crystals to the guard. Well, my rank bar was full and I traded some crystals to homedude and I got this weird message, something like "you have proved your loyalty to the nation of San d'Oria. I'll accept your crystals this time and count them toward your conquest points. You no longer need to donate your crystals." So just for fun...I tried to trade some more. And homedude was right--he won't take them. Says something along the line of "You no longer need to donate crystals. Please see the gatehouse for more information."
So here's my question....where the freak is the gatehouse I need to report to? I know...it sounds like a very simple question, but it is soooooo not. Any info is appreciated.

*P.S. I know this is posted further down. It was sorta buried. >.>*
# Feb 21 2007 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
OK pt set up was this:
75PLD/37WAR (me)
75DRG/37RDM (Jefrolia)
75RDM/37BLM (Miphio)
75WHM/37SMN (Ironman {Rank 10, was just helping})
71THF/35NIN (Nojoke)

For having 5/6 members for this mission it went very smoothly. The 1st wave isn't that difficult at all, our rdm did a wonderful job sleeping everyone and helping cure and haste. After we got to the last one, we as the guide says let it live (slept) while the party rested up for the nm fight.

After we where all rested up, we killed the last orc and awaited the 3 nm orc's. Trion wanders some so do watch out for that (we lost 1st go due to that, but won 2nd). The Orc's also go after him randomly also. Went in order as post said and went pretty smoothly. After we got our battle plan straightened out this was pretty much cake.

All in all, just have a dedicated mage to Trion and players that know what they are doing and everything should work out just fine. Also we beat the record with 13 Minutes and like 2 seconds! This was a really fun mission and always nice to see that San'd'Orian flag hanging in my Mog House! Good luck to all that are about to do this and thank you to the four great players that helped me!

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very easy
# Jan 14 2007 at 10:45 AM Rating: Decent
went PLD BLM WHM RDM took 10 minutes
More like 4 Members ftw
# Jun 25 2006 at 3:47 PM Rating: Good
163 posts
Just completed this mission with the following set up:

75RDM/37NIN (me)

We went in anticipating death, just about every other post on this mission had went in wih a full party of 75s, and in some cases lost. However, we did every sandy mission before this using this combo. Our plan was to sleepga all the Orcs, then pick off the Warmachine right away to avoid Curaga. Our DRG rounded them all up, and our WHM successfully slept them all. About 2 of the orcs required me to sleep them.

Once the Warmachine was about 1/2 health, all hell started to break loose as the orcs began to wake up and kill our WHM. I tried to sleep as many as I could but she eventually was killed. She kited them long enough for us to destroy the Warmachine, and we began working on the Orcs. They were all aggroed to the MNK, I was tossing him Cure IVs, and sleeping the Orcs as I could. Eventually, our WHM got up using RR3, and we began to split our numbers to defeat the Orcs.

The Orcs are very weak. The DRG type will only hit for 30-40 damage on a buffed RDM, and the MNK will do in the single digits, if not zero. Thus, I was able to tank 3-4 of them at once without much difficulty. They also have low HP so the fight was getting incredibly easy by the time we were left with about 3. Once we hit 1 Orc remaining, we slept it and rested to full as advised.

After we killed the last Orc we began our battle with Trion. Trion will not immediately engage any enemy until a certain amount of time, unless you attack a mob instead. I had pulled the main PLD Orc with slow, while Trion went after the BLM type. Our WHM was strictly assigned to support Trion. I've lost too many Rank 9-2 battles due to the NPC falling in combat. The MNK and DRG supported Trion while I tanked the PLD and DRK. The PLD does not hit incredibly hard. 80~100 a hit, but the DRK was hitting me for 160+, beware! To avoid dying I chainspelled Utsusemi and Stoneskin, this bought me enough time for the BLM to be killed, and my team to focus on killing the DRK.

1v1 the PLD was not too difficult. He can in fact be silenced, and enfeebled completely, so tanking him was a breeze. After the DRK went down, everyone toppled onto the PLD. With Trion doing constant 120 damage sword attacks, and everyone hitting on it, the battle was sure to be won. Invincible was used, but Trion was actually smart and did a 'Royal Shield Bash' which stunned the Orc for 5-6 seconds!

I was going to finish the Orc off at 5% with my Savage Blade, but Trion stole the honors with his own Savage Blade, winning us the battle.

Overall, this battle is not as difficult as I had anticipated. The first round of Orcs are very weak in attack power and HP and are not that difficult. The second round is the 'real' battle, but my team actually did surprisingly better on Round 2 than our starting of Round 1.

With that being said, I claimed my San d'Oria Rank 10, giving me Rank 10 in all nations.



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BCNM Implications
# Nov 30 2006 at 7:43 AM Rating: Decent
351 posts
Something the guide and the posts (or at least the most recent posts) don't really clarify is that this is a bcnm fight. All players must either be on Sandy 9-2 or have completed it. We had a good party setup for this last night, but entry was refused to our pally and our blm, so we hadda exit. If we can find the right people we'll try again tonite.

All the best,
5 members ftw!!
# Jun 14 2006 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
Woot, just finished this mission.
We failed the first time, 75 whm, 2x75 mnk, 75 sam, 62 mnk, and 67 pld.

We beat the first round easily. The second round everyone kinda went about doing their own thing. One of our mnks also d/c'ed in the middle. PLD 2hr'ed to get hate and and attempt to add some cover for 30 seconds, but the blm just owned him with ga spells. Killed, the main orc, than the pld one, but we were down to Trion and whm. Trion got em to halfway before dying.

Second attempt, our other mnk decided to leave us high and dry without a replacement. We muscled up the couraged and charged for a second round. This time, it was a bit more difficult since oddly enough, one orc hid inside of the warmachine and was hitting us with ranged attacks as high as 700 pts of dmg.

For the second round, we switched stragies and had pld switch to RSE gear for bonus mp as well as some marron glace. Sam took the main orc, and everyone else focused on the blm. Whm healed trion, and pld healed the DDers. We lost both mnks as we got to the last orc, where the pld ran out of mp and switched back to AF after getting hate and engaged.
Help Me!
# Jun 07 2006 at 1:26 PM Rating: Default
It's thadrizzle again from fairy! I have been stuck trying to get a party for this for months I just want to get it done but everytime there is a shout they need whm or tank so as 69 thf/nin it is tough. If you can help me I have Cordial Invite from going to Fan Fest it allows you to go up against any or all three leaders of the nations havn't used it yet but imagine the drops....
Help Me!
# Sep 13 2006 at 1:46 PM Rating: Default
Ok I got it done RANK 10 woot!!! My next question is what is the point of filling your rank point bar up again @ Rank 10 I mean I get some for trading crystals and doing quest to where it is close to being full again. Is there something I can do after the bar is full on Rank 10 a nother Cs or something?
Help Me!
# Sep 13 2006 at 1:46 PM Rating: Default
Ok I fot it done RANK 10 woot!!! My next question is what is the point of filling your rank point bar up again @ Rank 10 I mean I get some for trading crystals and doing quest to where it is close to being full again. Is there something I can do after the bar is full on Rank 10 a nother Cs or something?
Help Me!
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When your rank bar is filled, you can continue to contribute crystals and earn conquest points. This happened to me while I was pumping the NPC full of crystals between missions 9-1 and 9-2.

I don't know how many conquest points I had before then, though, nor do I know how many crystals over the maximum I went. So I have no idea if turning in crystals with max rank is worth the cost and effort. Based on general game experience, my guess is you're better off earning CP in a party. It is good to know, however, that the excess isn't just dumped and wasted.

If there are other reasons to max rank, I'm not aware of them.
Help Me!
# Feb 24 2007 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
I've had Rank 10 Sandy for a long time. My tradition is...when ever I outpost to Sandy, I trade my crystals to the guard. Well, my rank bar was full and I traded some crystals to homedude and I got this weird message, something like "you have proved your loyalty to the nation of San d'Oria. I'll accept your crystals this time and count them toward your conquest points. You no longer need to donate your crystals." So just for fun...I tried to trade some more. And homedude was right--he won't take them. Says something along the line of "You no longer need to donate crystals. Please see the gatehouse for more information."
So here's my question....where the freak is the gatehouse I need to report to? I know...it sounds like a very simple question, but it is soooooo not. Any info is appreciated.
Almost had record.
# Apr 11 2006 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
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OK, almost had record if you consider 40 seconds to be "close." Did this with all 75 pt:
75 DRK (me)
75 WHM
75 NIN
75 PLD
75 SMN
75 BLM

PLD runs in and agros all orcs, BLM elemental seal and sleepga II's everything. The warmachine will not sleep, and since it's WHM anyway and will cure the orcs and wake them up, we kill that first. It goes down, then we pick off orcs one by one, starting with RNG. I was able as 75 DRK to almost solo each orc I fought.

We left one alive, rested mp, then popped Rojnoj and his wimps. SMN 2hrs Astral Flow Leviathan (orcs HATE water). We kill left hand first, after trying unsuccessfully to sleep him. BLM dies, Trion goes after PLD, so WHM sticks on him like glue and cure bombs him. Then it's all like TIDAL WAVE, GOOOOOOSH, dead. Additional TIDAL WAVE, GOOOOSH, boom Rojnoj is dead, The End.

Total time: 10 mins, 54 seconds.

Many thanks to Xylus, Annubis, Collette, Valkyriesin and Kartamer (I think that's his name) for helping me finish this off.
# Apr 05 2006 at 5:19 AM Rating: Decent
PWNERAGE!!! Did 8-2 to 9-2 with a good group today we did this fight with
Rdm 67/blm 33
Rdm 70/blm 35
Whm 68/blm 34
Rdm 70/blm 35
Rng 70/nin 35
Blm 75/whm 37

omg it was so easy we owned the smaller orcs using sleepga roundup strat and slept one while we recovered mp from first round. Then whm babysat Trion while we pwned blm, pld, then drk. The second fight went smoother than first with 3 rdms tanking the overlord and blm with Trion duoing blm mob. Countered invincible with Manafont killga spells and slaughtered the emo drk mob with whatever we had left. Overall a fun fight, with the strangest combination i've ever taken into a rank 9-2 bcnm. It works is all I know.
Much more fun with just 3
# Feb 20 2006 at 8:33 AM Rating: Decent
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To make this fight more exciting we decided to do it with just 3 of us. 74 nin, 74 thf, 75 rdm.

We failed on our first attempt. We managed to kill the warmachine and 10 orcs with ease, but we didn't know quite what to expect in the 2nd part. Trion went right after the blm and the gimpy rdm failed to sleep the other two orcs multiple times. He ended up dying to the drk as I was only able to get the pld off him. Our thf finished off the blm but by that time it had done several ga spells and trion was hurting. I was on the pld and trion went after the drk, the thf was bound and we couldn't save get the drk off him in time.

Attempt #2 almost ended in disaster when we didn't pull the orcs far enough back. Everytime the warmachine cast curaga it woke up half the orcs, which was very problematic for the rdm as half would be awake and half asleep messing up his sleepga timer. We killed the warmachine and rng (the thf got hit with EES for about 700 as his shadows were down) but then the rdm died. The thf and I managed to take out 8 of the orcs just barely, I had 80hp left and the thf had less than 200. The last we kept alive to give the rdm time to reraise, rebuff and let weakness fall. Once we were all full again we killed it, and easily beat the 2nd part. Knowing that sleep would be unreliable, I voked the pld upon going in, the thf and I skillchained the blm (trion went after the blm first again) basically killing it, and the thf and rdm took the drk while I soloed the pld.

I can't remember having that much fun in a long time, it was an awesome fight. A nice reward at the end too, as we are all rank 10.

Edited, Mon Feb 20 07:32:17 2006
omg the SHIELD!!!!!
# Feb 01 2006 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Trion has the nicest shield EVER!!! i want it. well anyway, did this mission today, so incredibly easy. Party was 73PLD, 71PLD, 72DRG, 67DRG, 73RDM, 75RDM. the RDMs kept sleeping the 11 orcs, the rest took the warmachine and 1 orc at a time after. then we went into the 3 orc fight. they hit me and the other PLD for about the same a party mob would, but less accurate. luckily Trion decided to fight with us so we had no trouble keeping him alive. we slept the BLM and DRK, took the PLD. the BLM came next then the DRK. couldnt have gone much easier. i reccomend killing the PLD first because the DRK and BLM can be slept easily. o ya, OMG THE SHIELD!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!

im a PLD on the Sylph server, if you need help with something give me a /tell, i dont do capped missions unless i need them though.

Edited, Wed Feb 1 13:00:49 2006
please read
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before you leave to fei yin, MAKE SURE YOU REZONE INTO THE CHATEAU. the stupid guide did not mention that and added roughly 40 minutes to this damn mission.

if you need to scale the difficulty, i went in as a 60 war. the 10 orc/1 machine is roughly on par with fighting robber crabs. the final 3 orcs are on par with fighting something around level 70 (a level 70ish mob). hitting was not a problem for any mob (i barely had like 20 acc in gear, and used sushi). granted i was not doing as much as the level 75 blm, i was still holding my own even after they gave me this BS about not belonging in this BCNM.

this bcnm seems to be aimed at a party in the 60s. the final 3 NM orcs are slightly tougher, but the 67 pld had no trouble (he dropped to orange once, got up immediately)

i hope this helps all you skeptics out there, it does not require a full 75 party, it just makes it easier
RE: please read
# Jun 07 2006 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
well, the king does rather blantently tell you to go to the chateau...
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