The Salt of the Earth  

Submitted by:Cokesplash
Start Area: Bastok Markets
Start NPC:Mission NPC
Related Areas:Metalworks
Related Mobs:Gigaplasm
Mission:9 - 1
Min Level:75
Max Level:75
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This Mission is Not Skippable
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Next Mission: Where Two Paths Converge
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You have been assigned to an investigation in the Vollbow Region. Speak with senator Alois for further details.


Get the mission from a gate guard and then talk to Alois in the president's office for a cutscene. Next, head to Rabao and talk to Dancing Wolf on the far side of the pond.

Then head to Gustav Tunnel and head to G-6 on the second map. You must defeat an NM slime that splits into other NM slimes. Spawn the NM by clicking the ???.

Battle Strategy When spawning the NM, sneak a blm and another person and have them go to the ???. The one person pops the NM by targeting the ??? in the water, and the blm sleeps it right away to avoid aggro from nearby skeletons. After popping the mob, sneak up again if necessary and run back to the camp; H-7 in the tunnel is a safe place to fight.

Once the slime comes to your camp, sleep it, allow the tank to flash and voke it a few times to build hate.

The first NM is a Gigaplasm. Once you kill it, it turns into two Macroplasms. Each one of those turns into two Microplasms and each one of those turn into two Nanoplasms. Be sure to attack just one slime at a time, while having your mages sleep the rest.

After you defeat all the Plasms, everyone needs to sneak up, run to the ??? and touch it to aquire the key item: Miraclesalt. If someone dies on the way to getting the key item, do not tractor this person or he or she will have to fight the NMs again. After you acquire the key item, return to Rabao and talk to Dancing Wolf. There will be a short cutscene. Then return to the president's office in the Metalworks and talk to Alois again to complete the mission.


To read the transcripts for this mission, see The Salt of the Earth Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Republic of Bastok Mission series. The entire mission series includes:

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Failed attempt
# Apr 16 2010 at 9:11 AM Rating: Decent
I gathered a few people from my LS as well as a few personal friends to attempt this mission 2 nights ago. We had roughly 13 people in our alliance. The first thing I noticed is DD is mostly worthless for this fight. I went PLD/DNC hoping I'd have some nice drainage from my sambas to keep me and a few others alive for a bit. WOW! How wrong I was!!! We killed the first Gigaplasm off fairly quickly. When it separated into the two Nanoplasms, our BLM casted Sleep on the other Nano. Someone got confused and attacked it since it was red and woke it up. Our BLM died almost immediately. Soon after, we killed the first Nano, and the other 3 raped our party quickly as none were sleeping at that point. We re-raised, healed up, and set our eyes on round 2. The second round went slightly smoother, as we were able to coordinate an /assist to the main tank (me), and avoid attacking the sleeping plasm. However, as soon as the sleeping plasm woke up, it went after the BLM who put it to sleep. BYE BYE BLM!!! With that plasm still awake and the other two on the loose as well, our party soon fell to another loss. We're going to attempt round 3 soon. I'm thinking that bringing along a few more mages in place of melee DD's will do us a lot of good. For those of you who are attempting to do this as well, I'd recommend bringing a tank who can flash and provoke.. Therefore flashing and provoking the sleeping mob will accumulate some hate so that when it wakes up, it wont go straight after the BLM who put it to sleep. I'll keep you updated when we finally complete this one.
Melee Too Weak
# Feb 24 2009 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
33 posts
Why do peolpe insist in tying to melee this fight when it can be done with just 2 good mages?
# Apr 11 2008 at 6:57 AM Rating: Decent
Did this yesterday with this setup:

RDM/NIN (Garruk)
WHM/BLM (Simonuk) (Me)

We are 1/3 on this. So we got to Gustav Tunnel went to the ??? at G-6. waited for the skeles to be out of teh way. I popped it and garr slept it and got sneak and invs up (invs for the dragon) be careful. We ran to the H-7 camp which is a good camp. Buffed up etc, along came the giga. Our tactics was to basicly sleep nuke. My banish III was doing 300+ and garr's blizzard III was doing 400-600. I was the sleeper so we bothed nuked and id Repose. Resting when we he getting low ready for the next two. We killed the giga and i sleepga'd and it stuck. We then sleep nuked 1 of them and along came 2 micros. So at this time we had 3 mobs. The micros take about 3 nukes to kill but dont stay asleep very long. So we did 2 nukes on 1 of them. Garr rested while i was in charge of sleeping. Devotion came in very handy at this point. When garr was full id rest and he would sleep. We both had full MP and killed the micro so along came the Nanos with still a macro and a micro still slept. Garr nuked the hell outta the Nanos with me spamming sleepga. The nanos died from 1 nuke. After the nanos where gone we killed did the same thing over again and when we had 2 nanos left garr chainspelled blizzard 3 and they were dead. A pretty hard fight which took about 1 hour+ but it was fun. After we killed it we ran to the ?? and got teh key item.
rdm and blm duo
# Feb 03 2008 at 3:03 PM Rating: Good
855 posts
I duo'd this using the 2 very good blm and rdm soloing experiences/strategies listed below.

Originally I was going to try to solo it 75 rdm/blm but a 75blm/rdm friend asked me as I was buffing what I was doing in such a random place and I told him and he offered to come down. I went over strategy real quick and we both pulled.

Theres a fish that guards the ??? but he's only DC, your probably going to end up aggroing it no matter what you do. I did :X not due to popping the gigaplasm but because my sneak sucks. We sleepga'd (gravity the giga) the gigaplasm and fish, sneak'd up and ran to the "safe camp" tunnel area at H-7.

The fish came after us and we killed it easy. Then waited for the giga to reach us to resleep it. We decided we hated the H-7 camp..its on a weird hill and there are skeles on both sides. I'm a chicken and didnt want to risk blood aggro so we decided to drag it to the cape terrigan zone. You can read the blm soloing strategy Dragonstrider posted below about zoning...my duo didnt need to do this, it was just nice to have that little sense of security.

Once you get to the tunnel near CT, you can start sleep nuking. None of the plasms have very high hp, they just hit hard. And I didnt see anybody else mention this but, it appeared that the smaller they get, the more they become resistant to sleep.

But I basically let the blm do most of the nuking, while I continued to refresh us both and focused on sleeping and gravity-ing so the blm could rest uninterrupted.

Kill the giga first, that splits into 2 Macros. Sleepga both macros and choose one to kill and this is where it starts getting difficult. You'll suddenly have to be taking care of one macro and 2 micros. A blm can nearly one shot a macro, and he can definately kill the micros and nanos without effort. The hard part is the micros dont sleep long, so you need mp to take them and the 2 nanos out quickly before the other macro wakes up.

Watch your mp, its a fun challenging fight though.

Took us about 45 mins to kill I think, but we also aggro'd everything in the vicinity trying to get to the zone :X
Info needs changing.
# Jan 23 2008 at 9:53 PM Rating: Good
151 posts
The min level above needs updating or retesting. My highest job is 68 and with a full fame bar, I can flag this mission.
dirt nap
# Dec 07 2007 at 8:44 PM Rating: Decent
taking a dirt nap while my party is fight it lol
dirt nap
# Dec 07 2007 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent


me and war voke and blm sleep and nuke
very easy
died first try tho but we got it.

on 2 9-2!
lvl requiremnets
# Nov 12 2007 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
150 posts
ok on the requiremnets it says you need 75 is this true or can i get the quest as 73
Well....Half a victory
# Nov 04 2007 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
802 posts
Tried this twice today. once with 5 people, and we got smoked. I knew we would. More people, but not enough, always leads to mistakes being made. Did a second time with my 75 RDM buddy, and we came away with half a victory. He got the salt, I zoned to avoid death just as he killed off the final Nanoplasm, so I just got another gigaplasm staring me in the face. LOL. Just used the duo strategy a few posts down to handle this, it all went fairly smoothly until the end, and I stupidly panicked ><. We'll be doing it again tomorrow or the next day, once i get my level back(deleveled unfortunately).
EASILY soloed as BLM/RDM
# Jun 18 2007 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Using strategy inspired by Kittyn's post below (thank you ^^) I just soloed this NM very easily as a 75 BLM/RDM. After getting to the bottom with the ???, i pulled it with sneak up to the first spot i could find where the mobs weren't close enough to aggro me. I got a fish with the pull so i tossed a sleepga II. This put both the fish and the NM to sleep. Next i put both sneak and invis up and ran all the way to the zone to Cape Terrigan. You should have both blink and stonesking up by this time and if he breaks through just zone out, buff, and zone back in. Sleep him again as he comes up then hit him with a gravity followed by a nuke of your choice followed by a sleep. Keep this up till he dies but make sure you're standing semi far away for the nuke that kills him and make sure not to kill him directly by the zone.

The two Macroplasms will pop but won't aggro you (apparantly they have a fairly small aggro range). If they do aggro you, then you were too close when you killed it and you should zone out and back in. The place you killed the gigaplasm will count as the spawn point for the macroplasms and anytime you zone both will return to where it died and sit there. At this point a threw a sleep I on one of the macroplasms and zoned after the other chased me a little ways. Zone out and back in and the one that chased you should still be distant from the other. Sleep II it and keep it that way till the other depops in 5 minutes. Treat this one just like you treated the Gigaplasm.

After the macroplasm divides into the microplasms, ideally you should do the same depop technique. I attempted to do this but nuked the one i grabbed to try and weaken it not realizing one Thunder IV would kill it. I was close enough that the nanoplasms attacked me so i zoned out and back in, then one shotted both nanoplasms individually (-aga might have hit the other microplasm).

Now all that was left was a Microplasm. I took it out with a Thunder IV, zoned out, and zoned back in. A used a Blizzard IV to take out one of the nanoplasms that it spawned. At this point a friend who also needed 9-1 sent me a tell so i kept this nanoplasm asleep for about 25 minutes while he got his cutscenes and made his way to the tunnel.

Once he arrived i put a fresh sleep on the nanoplasm and we both put up sneak and invis and ran down to the tunnel H-7 near the ???. Once the nanoplasm caught up i blasted it and we both ran and got our miraclesalt.

The key to this fight is keeping gravity on the plasm that you're fighting and keeping blink and stoneskin up to date (even if that means cancelling a partially used stoneskin to put up a fresh one). A helpful note, after killing a plasm and it divides, you can fully rest since they won't depop for 5 minutes. This is also true anytime you have to zone out and back in. If the plasm ever broke through both my blink and stoneskin, i would hit it with a stun and run for the zone. I never once dropped into yellow hp and the entire fight was rather simple.

Edited, Jun 19th 2007 2:29pm by Dragonstrider
EASILY soloed as BLM/RDM
# Jul 25 2007 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
confirmed this does work.
soloed as rdm/blm for a couple friends, took less than a game day.

thx for posting this strategy ^^
# Oct 18 2006 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
just a lil info on this NM.

easy win w/ enough ppl.
i wouldn't recommend splitin the mobs down so that you have 8 nanos at one time.
yes they can all be killed with -ga, but you have minimal if any time to sleepga them.
i'd recommend sleepga the nanos always.
i was thinking when the micro split i could just nuke the nanos real quick w/o having to sleep them.
they hit hard and fast; harder than the giga, macro, and micro for sure.
they will kill you!

giga, takes a few nukes to kill
macro, a few less nukes to kill
micro, 2 nukes to kill
nano, one tier3 nuke to kill

to pull the giga, have 2 ppl go down to ???
have one person sneak pop and run away from pond right away so that the fish wont aggro. slime aggros automatically and will atk whoever spawns it.
sleep slime, sneak, run to camp, very easy.

we never engaged the mob, easy fight if you stay focused.
sleep, bind, gravity, u should be fine.

RDM solo strat!!
# Aug 25 2006 at 3:57 PM Rating: Good
264 posts
This is a great solo for RDM/BLM... pretty easy to pull off with good planning and a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Here's some more info:

- For this whole fight I used decent mage gear... nothing spectular like abjuration stuff, but errant and torques. Well, I had AF2 feet and legs, but could have done without. I used a Marron Glace for MP pool, but a good pie would have worked. The H7 camp is pretty safe, but use RR anyway.

- Also, let me go over buffs up front: When a giga/macro/micro plasm dies is the most dangerous part of this fight, as the plasms all hit for near 100 a pop and have double attack, so 2 of them can easily rip through a Stoneskin in a few seconds. If you already have a plasm sleeping on the screen other than the 1 you are about to kill, make sure the Sleep 2 on it is fresh. Have Stoneskin and Blink up and fresh as well before killing a major plasm, and throw Sleepga ASAP as the new plasms are popping.

- Moving along... the G6 to H7 pull is very easy for RDM. I think if you have sneak on when popping the Gigaplasm, you can move away from the fish that seems to camp the ???, then Sleep the mob. Unless I was too close, the spell aggroed the giga, so be sure to have stoneskin up and re-sneak after sleeping it. If you do aggro the fish, just sleep it as well, then go to the safe camp at H7 and sleep/nuke the fish while keeping the giga asleep.

- Sleep/nuke vs giga is extremely easy. Be sure to take advantage of that fact and rest MP to nearly full before putting away the giga. Don't Convert.

- Sleep/nuke vs 1 macro while keeping Sleep 2 on the other macro is also very easy. Again, rest after nukes while keeping Sleep 2 on both mobs to keep MP high and don't Convert. There is a science to this... if Blink, Stoneskin, and Refresh are down, Sleep 1 the mob attacking you, then renew them all and Sleep 2 it. If the other mob wakes up right away, it gets a 1 then a 2 as well. For resting MP, you want Sleep 2 on both mobs.

- Once the first Macroplasm dies is when you enter time attack mode. ;) Before we proceed, let me say this... the weaker plasms have weaker magic resistance. I repeat! The weaker plasms have weaker magic resistance! What this means to RDM is you can 2-shot a Microplasm, and 1-shot a Nanoplasm! That's what makes this fight so great! ^^ To be more specific, I was taking down Micros with Thunder 3 followed by Aero 3, and Nanos with either Thunder 3 or Blizzard 3. I bet that the Nanos might be 1-shotted with even weaker spells, but unfortunately I was having orgasms doing 1200-damage nukes with RDM so I didn't try anything weaker than Blizzard 3 on Nanoplasms. :P Someone of a more serious mien than yours truly will have to research that. :P

- Now, back to the walkthru, after the Micros pop, MP is high, there are 2 sleepga-d Micros on the screen, and 1 Macro with Sleep 2 on it. What you want now is sleep 2 the second Micro, then nuke, sleep, nuke to kill the first Micro, then sleepga, nuke 1-hit kill first Nano, nuke 1-hit kill second Nano. The main idea is that you have taken out 1 Micro and 2 Nanos before either the Macro or the other Micro wake up, because having this many mobs on the screen is dangerous. Convert as necessary here, but try to take out the mobs before Converting. You do not want stuff waking up when you are down life, not the way these mobs hit.

- After your Convert cycle, you will have a slept Macro and a slept Micro. The fight from here on out is pretty easy. Renew Sleep 2 on the Macro, then you should have enough MP available to 2-hit kill the Micro with nukes, then Sleepga and 1-hit both Nanos. All of that leaves you with a single slept Macro. At that point, rest MP to full while renewing Sleep 2 as necessary and nuking the Macro to near death. The Convert timer will probably get close to resetting which is good also.

- You take out the Macro only with nearly full MP, of course. At that point, you Sleepga, Sleep 2 the 2nd Micro, wait for Sleepga to reset, and fast kill the 1st Micro, Sleepga, fast kill the 2 Nanos. You can rest as much as you want on the 2nd Micro, not that you'll need to if Convert is up, and then finish the fight off. Remember to Sneak up when you are done, don't aggro on the way back to the ??? after all that effort! I guess invis also, but I didn't see Wyverns get anywhere near the right side of the room.

That's all! ^^

Here's something that some of you may find mildly interesting... before the RDM/BLM victory, I lost this fight on RDM/NIN. While I guessed correctly that shadows+stoneskin could take out the AoE that everyone is saying destroys melee, I didn't expect that only 2 sleep spells would be so overtaxed vs all of the mobs. I took out giga and 1 macro with RDM/NIN easily, but once there were 3 mobs on the screen, I had to keep 2 slept while keeping the 3rd debuffed while keeping shadows up while keeping stoneskin up while keeping refresh up while... etc. Safe to say that the machine could break down at any second and this method is too easy to lose. I had a single Sleep resisted (using melee gear) and that was all she wrote.

Edited, Aug 25th 2006 at 11:53pm EDT by Neolirian
Easy Prey
# Jun 28 2006 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
Beat this one last night with BLM67 BLM75 BLM75 WHM64 RDM70. It was easy, with a couple tricky parts. RDM kept the mobs slept, BLMs recasted sleepga 2 over the mobs. Pick one target, split it down, sleeping between timed nukes. By the time you get down to the nanos, you can one-shot them with thunder 3. Easy. Once one branch is dead, move on to the next. The rdm got hurt pretty bad a couple times, but nothing serious. It was a long, tricky battle, but it was pretty secure the whole time. We had a couple bystanders, and they proved that you don't want to melee XD. We saved a nano for our RNG75, and he got splatted faster than you can imagine XD (we followed up with a one-shot kill with thunder 2.... EASY kills for a blm). My thunder 4s were doing 2200+ damage per cast. My sleeps weren't resisted at all, but our BLM67 was resisted here and there.
Enought people?
# Jun 27 2006 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
My LS doesn't have that much people. Would 6-8 lv.70 be able to do this? We have 2 blm, 1 rdm, 2 ninja, 1 pld, 1 sam and 1 mnk.
easy prey
# Apr 25 2006 at 5:54 AM Rating: Decent
This mission was pretty simple. The hardest part is the pull. Once you get it back to camp if you got a Blm to sleep and 1-2 to nuke it will be a joke.
pt was 74 BLM 75 blm 75 blm 75 nin 70 whm 70 thf 75 rng and a couple of rdms. the thf popped flee and sneak ran over from hill side and spawned the mob and ran back with out agro. and the blms killed the gigasplasm with a couple of fire IV's and other spells the macro plasms were easier and we only slept one micro and oneshoted the nanos. we rested up finished off the other micro and repeated on the other macroplasm.
Over all this fight is completely overexaggerated, go into it with a level head and a good strat and you'll take the mobs with out a problem.
BEAT MISSION WITH 2!!!!!!!!!! and this is how
# Feb 15 2006 at 5:43 AM Rating: Excellent
1,622 posts
Party setup was:


As soon as I read about this mission, I theorized the possibilities of a ninja being able to conquer this mission.

1. Zone for safety
2. Mobs despawn if agro is lost.
3. All slime attacks are blinkable.

Analysis of the Environment:
Of course the first problem was bringing the slime all the way back to the zone. The southern Gustav Tunnel zone was perfect since hardly anyone uses that zone. We waited until nighttime so I could kite. One concern was we were going to lose hate on the slime & have to repull it which would be a major pain w/ all the agro. We made sure to shout every couple minutes to let people know there would be a fearsome NM running about & to run away.

Pulling to the zone:
I told the thief to sneak pop the slime. What I didn't know was the thief would get agro right after the pop. Thief quickly fled & was able to dodge the majority of agro with some quick maneuvers then cast sneak & invis w/ a horde of mobs coming after him. Since this battle was post-MPK patch all the mobs chasing the thief left after zoning. Even more surprisinly the Gigoplasm went all the way to the zone w/o losing hate. :)

The Battle:
I was surprised at how much damage we were doing. The Gigaplasm died in 5 to 10 minutes & we zoned after it split. Then we went back in were able to pull 1 Macroplasm w/o linking. We killed that and the other Macroplasm wandered off back to its original spawn point. We zoned the 2 Microplasms. These started posing a problem because they never moved & always stuck together. The thief agroed one & fled all the way to the north zone while I provoked the other. I was able to take down a Macroplasm & it split into Nanoplasms. The thief zoned the Macroplasm up north & made sure no one got agro until it despawned. I was keeping the 2 Nanoplasms at bay by agroing & zoning out. Finally thief came back & did the same thing. I killed the Nanoplasm quickly, and I told the thief to come back. I pulled the second Nanoplasm off him & told him to head to the ???. I took down the 2nd Nanoplasm... moment of truth....

Thief obtains Miracle Salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited, Wed Feb 15 04:55:11 2006
RE: BEAT MISSION WITH 2!!!!!!!!!! and this is how
# Mar 20 2006 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
212 posts
Great data, Kittyn. Using this info, we tried it with 3 people (nin, whm, drk). Ultimately succesful, but in retrospect, we did a TON of things wrong that we could have done a lot better. Since it's usually preferable to learn from other's mistakes than your own, I'll post here what we did that wasn't good.

Here's what we did wrong on the pull:
[li]agro'd a wyvern on first pull (puller died -- in raiseable spot, thankfully)
[li]whm decided to rebuff prot/shell during 2nd pull right as puller ran past (got agro from train, died).

Here's what we did wrong fighting:
[li]picked fight spot too close to zone and on the return path -- the trained off splits would reagro before they despawned.
[li]trained the wrong zone once -- slime MPK'd the xp'ers. ; ;

Here's some stuff we learned:
[li]sneak-spawning the slime won't agro it
[li]return speed for trained slimes (non-agro) is quite slow.
[li]return path for trained slimes (non-agro) is to try to reach their spawn point.
[li]splits trained to bune-side zone will slowly path back towards wyvern poacher tunnel and despawn a short distance inside the tunnel (this was our fight spot ><)
[li]splits trained near people will MPK everyone in sight. ; ;
[li]splits that agro on the path back, take A LOT longer to despawn; ie. any agro resets the despawn timer.
[li]they don't seem to link or their link-distance is very small.
[li]they don't seem to agro sneak (trainer said he ran right past one, but I didn't see it so I can't confirm if he was really in agro range and thus that sneak really worked).
[li]successive slimes attack faster and double attack more -- HP seems to be about the same for all of them, but I could be misremembering this.
[li]most slime moves are blinkable, but they have an AOE that bypasses blinks.
[li]win-condition seems to be "killed the only nano-plasm alive in the zone" (everything before this doesn't seem to count).

Hindsight is wonderful. This is what I'd use for another 3-man attempt if I ever do this again:

General strategy: pull it up, kill one, train split to zone, let split depop, kill next, rinse, repeat.

Pre fight:
[li]healer+tank duo works for fight group.
[li]trainer that can self-heal is ideal, but not required.
[li]trainer requires fast agro ability (melee isn't quick enough -- use JA or Spell)
[li]pick a spot OFF the return path so trained things will despawn rather than re-add to your fight.
[li]make sure healer can sit safely without things agro'ing (like small goblins and leaches).
[li]warn anyone at bune zone and wyvern poacher xp spot of potential NMs roaming back. Bune-side zone will definitely get trained. Wyvern poacher XP'ers should be safe, but they will see the pull and might become alarmed. Travelers to the lower xp spots or replacements for wyvernpoacher xp are at risk.

On the pull:
[li]patience -- don't try to zoom past the wyvern and hope it won't flip and see you. Let it roam off a bit first.
[li]click flee (or powder boots), click OFF sneak, click spawn. Auto-agro gives more flee time than pause to target and voke.
[li]re-oil before goblins (& re-invis if time).
[li]non-pullers should do NOTHING during pull (this means STAND UP, NO FOOD, NO SPELLS, NO JAs). Better still, non-pullers should wait at the fight spot. Fight spot is far from pull/return path, isnt it?

During the Fight:
[li]just before split during fight, trainer and healer should stand off and do nothing. Why? So the trainer can be the FIRST and only agro on the fresh splits. Tank vokes after trainer agros so the trained slime has no agro on fighters at all.
[li]Have healer stand outside AOE. The AOE is pretty small with barwater, but if it doubles up on AOE, taru might panic.
[li]Make SURE trainer knows his role is to train, not to do big damage quickly. SLOW kills are important.
[li]Have trainer baby sit the trained slime on it's (non-agro) path back. He needs to follow it until it depops.
[li]Be ready to STOP killing and tank or kite for a long time. The slimes have low HP and die rapidly to just one NIN. Trainer has to report trained slimed depopped and then rejoin fight group before next kill so he can train next split.
[li]Be ready to all zone out. If trained slime has agro on fighters (eg. trainer pulled split too slow), all should just zone. They despawn slowly and every agro resets their despawn timer. Come back, tag one out, restart at the fight spot.
[li]Did I say be ready to STOP killing? This goes double for the final nanoplasm. If you kill that before the rest depop, *then* the trained slime depops, you loose. Nano must be last slime standing when you kill it for the win.
RE: BEAT MISSION WITH 2!!!!!!!!!! and this is how
# May 14 2006 at 6:53 AM Rating: Decent
Great strategy, gonne try your hindsight strategy tomorrow or the next day, we have 3 tanks (2 of them nin) in a semistatic grouping (semi bc half of them are sandorian and thus couldn't get into the bcnm) that ranges from 66 (me) to a 75 mnk with a well rounded assortment of mages too. Thanks so much for your post.

not very fun
# Jan 25 2006 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
428 posts
I was part of a group that did this last night. We had I think 11 people. Two Ninja tanks, 3 black mages, one red mage, one white mage, one bard, one dark knight (me) and one samurai. The first try we had a total wipe. We were casting on the slimes one at a time, but I guess one of the ninja's was using his ninja tools and giving them TP somehow. So yeah, death.

Re-raised and tried again after they despawned. Went a lot smoother that time. All I did was cast Drain and some Absorbs every so often. The samurai must have been bored just sittin there.
here's what we did
# Jan 12 2006 at 11:56 AM Rating: Good
146 posts
Party setup was:

Smn popped the slime and brought it back to the little hill before the room the slime pops in. Once it reached the party, We all engaged and beat it down to split it to macroplasms as quickly as possible.

Once we had split it into macroplasms, smn Carbie kited the first plasm up to an area w/ no aggro and kited it until later on.
Thief engaged second macroplasm and held it solo for a minute or two for everyone else to heal mp, regen shadows, get a new pet, w/e. Once we had caught our breath the war, nin, and bst pet split the macro plasm into 2 micro plasms.

The bst pet took one of the microplasms and the warrior and thf beat the remaining micro plasm into nanoplasms. Blms finished with a tier 3 aga spell.

we then cut down the remaining microplasm into nanos and again blms finished with aga spells.

We then sent the signal to our smn to come back to the party. It took about a minute or so for him to make it back to us, and we took the opportunity to rest mp/hp put up shadows, etc.

Once the second macroplasm made it back to camp the party beat the macro into micros, thf tanked one while the rest of the pt beat the first micro into nanos, blms finished again with aga spells.

the last micro went down in the same fashion shortly thereafter.

As soon as the last nanos had been exploded We snuck up and grabbed our sand. We had maybe one death.

This strategy worked well for us, and we had minimal man power.

We had attempted a different strategy before, but the slimes didn't respond as well to sleepga2 as we had hoped and i think we all died a minimum of 3 times.

Cheers and Good luck ^^/
# Nov 28 2005 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
147 posts
this fight was massive chaos for me.

first, the party set up was 2 blm, 2 rdm, a whm, a smn, a bst, and the rest were melee. we had 16 people, all of them were 70+ except for 65 smn and 69 sam.

we started out by buffing up and sneaking me and a pld to go pop it. we popped it, i slept it and snuck myself quickly. i avoided aggro but the pld didn't and we had to tractor her back to camp and raise her.

the gigaplasm stays asleep for like 5 seconds, so that was quite difficult, but we had no further casualties.

we decided to kill the gigaplasm before the pld rested to full. we kept the macroplasms asleep while pld rested. then we killed one macroplasm and slept a microplasm, while killing the other. then we took out the nanoplasms ASAP as they seemed to have the fastest attacks.

we then went to the other microplasm and did the same. at this point barwatera fell and it did its AoE killing about 3 or 4 people. but we quickly killed the nanoplasms leaving only one macroplasm while i tractored the dead bodies to the "ER" behind the camp where the whm was giving out R3.

we kept that macroplasm asleep for about 10 minutes, except for when one rdm was being a jack *** and kept kiting it, almost killing it and giving us 2 slimes to deal with.

once everyone was on their feet again we proceeded to kill the macroplasm and had no further casualties.

really the only reason 4 people died is because the nanoplasms killed me so quick after the appeared and no one else was sleeping them >.<

but in the end we won, hurray for us
# Oct 14 2005 at 1:29 AM Rating: Good
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I honestly don't see what's so hard about this fight.

I had a set party for all the Bastok missions, from Mission 1 to the end - we did all of them in two days.

Set up for this fight was:

Alauce - Red Mage
Corpse - Monk
Darksire - Thief
Deima - White Mage
Nimla - Ninja
Rejmar - Black Mage

As you can see, melee-heavy. And all three melee did melee, and we did have fluid spreads and fluid tosses. Barwater stayed up. The key to this is one simple thing: BOTH fluid spread and fluid toss are blinkable.

Corpse and Nimla tanked. Rejmar slept the plasms when they split and we killed them off one-by-one. If you pull the jellies into the tunnel before the pop area, you'll have no trouble with killing them, even if you get into the yellow. We only had one death in the entire battle, and that was because of a fluid toss on Rejmar that happened whilst Deima was casting Banish III.

Overall a pretty easy fight. Regardless of what people say, you do NOT need a full alliance full of black mages, bards, white mages, what-have-you. You CAN melee, as long as everybody has shadows or stays out of AoE range.
Fluid Spread..
# May 11 2005 at 3:10 AM Rating: Decent
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its water element. so. if you casted barwatera.. wouldnt it reduce the damage to 100-200? anyone try this?
Manaburn setup.
# May 05 2005 at 6:24 AM Rating: Decent
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We did this mission with 9 people:

BLM7(2?) Not sure exactly.

Nobody got into the yellow. This is just one method, but of the 3 times Ive done this mission this was the easiest. All melee's subbed war, they were there for provoke alone. NOONE ENGAGE.

After pulling to the hill camp, RDM sleeps the Giga. The 2 BLMs nuke, bard lullaby. Nuke Lullaby, etc. Once it splits, follow the same pattern down the chain as the picture. RDM and BRD just keep spamming sleeps as the blms nuke. When the blms need to rest, they throw on a sleepga2, and wait it out. The plasms never got off a single TP attack, and the last 2 "stages" of plasms can be wiped with 1 tier 3 ga spell.
RE: Manaburn setup.
# Jul 18 2005 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah this is hands down the easiest way to beat it. I've done this mission quite a few times with a similar strat and it always goes off without a hitch.

The only yucky move these guys have is fluid toss, so the easy solution is to not engage them so they don't build tp. Have everyone who isn't a mage come with warrior sub if possible and tell them to just stand there (don't engage) and provoke random slimes to help keep them off the mages.

Have all your mages concentrate on one at a time so you aren't waking them all up and having a huge cluster you-know-what where your blms end up dieing. When you kill off a slime and it splits, throw out a sleepga/sleepga II/horde lullaby and just choose a new target. They sleep really easily.

Makes it almost too easy ^^
# May 01 2005 at 12:15 PM Rating: Good
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Btw, Dancing Wolf is G-7 next to windmill and tent by pond like post says.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 06 2005 at 7:54 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Bastok was so dissappointing. I soloed 6-1 and 6-2 as black mage, and did this mission with just 5 people..it was sad.
# Feb 23 2005 at 4:51 PM Rating: Excellent
Yes, you don't have to all be 75s. My alliance was not this high at all. We had a few 75s but I was 63(?) at the time.

As for not getting the key item, did you die during the fight? And how long did it take you to get to the ???.

Otherwise I don't know. Has my mission info above helped anyone? Any complaints? Like my plasm image? :P
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