Divine Might  

Start Area: La'Loff Amphitheater
Related Areas:Ro'Maeve
The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Related Mobs:Ark Angel EV
Ark Angel GK
Ark Angel HM
Ark Angel MR
Ark Angel TT
Min Level:65
Max Level:75
(Average from 14 ratings)
Items Required:Illuminink
Items Granted:Abyssal Earring
Beastly Earring
Knight's Earring
This Quest requires Zilart
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Use the Ark Pentasphere at the La'Loff Amphitheater to confront and defeat all five Crystal Warriors simultaneously.


You may either fight each Ark Angel individually or fight them all at once (which is this mission) to complete ZM14.

Talk to NPC Yve'noile in The Shrine of Ru'Avitau. Follow these steps to get into the BC for Divine Might.

1. See an event by examining an unmarked target in the main entrance of The Shrine of Ru'Avitau.

2. Obtain an Ark Pentasphere by trading Illuminink (drop from Cursed Puppet) and Parchment to the fountain in Ro'Maeve (note: Full Moon, 0:00-3:00, and clear weather)

3. Go to La'Loff Amphitheater (any entrance) and use ;Ark Pentasphere to confront and defeat all 5 Ark Angels (AA) simultaneously. 18 people are allowed into this fight.

4. After defeating the AAs, return to the unmarked target to receive your earring.

Warning: You can only collect ONE earring.


AAs and their specials

1. Ark Angel TT (DRK/BLM)
Amon-Drive - area damage + Paralyze + Petrify

Note: attacks in this order Magic -> WS -> teleport

2. Ark Angel MR (BST/THF)
Havoc-Spiral : area damage + Gravity + Sleep
Perfect Dodge

Note: Does Perfect Dodge at low HP; can be gravitied, high evasion.

3. Ark Angel GK (SAM/DRG)

Jump : ranged damage + Bind + Blind
Call Wyvern
Meikyo Shisui

Note: Wyvern sleepable, 2hr blinkable.

4. Ark Angel EV (PLD/WHM)

Dominion-Slash : area damage + Silence
Shield Strike : Stun + hate reset
Resist sleep

Note: Uses Spirits Within. Can be bound/gravitied, do not fight directly.

5. Ark Angel HM (WAR/NIN)

Cross-Reaver : area damage + Stun
Double attack
Resist Bind
Mighty Strikes
Mijin Gakure

Note: At 50% HP or less, tends to use Mijin Gakure.

1. PLD goes to center and gets aggro from all AAs, then taunts TT, everyone kill him.
(a) THF taunts MR runs to Shimmering Circle, RDM sleeps her pet, accompanies THF and they kite.
(b) 2 Blink tanks taunt GK and run to staircase, WHM + BRD accompany them. Fight it there. BRD sleeps GK's Wyvern. Mages stay on top of the staircase inside the corridor.
(c) PLD taunts HM and runs clockwise around the center, RDM accompanies.
(d) NIN taunts EV and runs counterclockwise around center, RDM accompanies.

2. Group runs to shimmering and teams up with THF to kill MR (ignore pet). Person who becomes charmed to be slept immediately.

3. Group runs to staircase and teams up with the blinkers and kills GK (ignore pet).

4. Kill MR's pet, then GK's Wyvern.

5. NIN brings EV near staircase, mages bind/gravity her, BLMs and RNGs use 2hr and kill her with magic and ranged attack.

6. Cast Bar-fire/Fire Carol. Fight HM in the center, but when he is at 50% or lower HP all melee disengage him and run to staircase. All non-runners remain on foot of staircase. PLD continue to kite him in the middle of the ring such that the ones standing on the stairs can cast magic/shoot arrows. PLDs use Invincible when he uses Mighty Strikes. In the event that Mijin Gakure is used, only the runner should be killed. In such an event, one of the remaining runners (preferably PLD) must take over the kiting. In the event more than just a runner is killed, order of priority in raising should be runner, RDM, RNG, BLM, others.

Notes: It's recommended the MR Runner drink a poison potion. You can charge up TP on M14 Ark Angel TT and escape, since it carries over into Divine Might.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Divine Might Spoilers page.

Final Fantasy XI

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Chalk one down for titan
# Sep 01 2009 at 11:36 PM Rating: Good
315 posts
IIEII wrote:
Endless Waltz LS: No we'r not a big HNMLS or anything mostly a socail.
Number of people:17 because one got left out, only 2 blm's.
Date: 10-12-06
Time taken: 26 mins
Record: about 11-12 mins

I put it all together and planed it.
Mostly everything went around useing this web site http://z7.invisionfree.com/Endless_Waltz/index.php?showtopic=207&st=0&#last and Making sure to check it.


Iceauron: gimp NIN, is a failure at life� after entering Divine Might BC with us on our 10-06-06 run went afk and didn�t kite HM so� HM went around killing people and is the main reason we failed on our first try.

Danieru: Wasn�t in any of the runs but, gave me the basic plan I needed and advice.
Me, Iel (aka E) : I planed the gathering and lead everyone, I kited EV.
Asadachi: WHM cured DD�s was with me on last run on 10-06-2006.
Owntitan: BLM DD was with me on my last run we had on 10-06-2006 and failed.
Darkhunter NIN kited different AA�s, Was also in the 10-06-2006 run
Aleyne: BLM DD was also with me on the 10-06-2006 run.
Shayra: NIN kited different AA Was the only Member that helped me get an extra Ark Pen.
EpicTaru: RDM was a my kite supporter, went afk right before we all went in and got left out.
Lordterrys: PLD was to help kite EV when she reset hate on me.
�Xana�: he didn�t put his full name on the site so I forgot his full name.
He was a RDM helped a nin kite an AA
Arinn: Ninja Went from helping kite an AA and kiteing pets that woke up.
Caige RNG, DDalso had an extra Ark pen. Which we did need
Caleberiel MNK DD reraised a lot at the end and didn�t bother waiting for weaken to wear.
Gravy RDM helped a nin kite an AA after MR died, started to help me.
Cheeko: SMN/WHM first 2 hour�s TT then went around randomly healing and helping.
Deiren: RDM helped our RDM/NIN kite an AA.
Littleeyes: DRG DD
Athro: RDM/NIN kited AA GK.

Sorry if I spelled anyones name wrong.

The Strat...
5 DD's only two of them were BLM's.
1 WHM to get Petrified off everyone and heal DD's
4 ninjas kiters
1 rdm/nin kiter
4 rdm's to help the kiters
2 PLD tanks one was main tank other was just a back up.
1 SMN/whm going around randomly cureing and helping anywhere needed.

Basicaly have a kiter for all the AA's execpt TT have a tank for TT and have at least 1-2 back up tanks. MR at hall way GK was kept on stairs HM counter clockwise in circle EV was clock wise in the circle.

This quest isn't about asking for a R3 guys...Eat the R1...
a saying started being used alot in our runs "Your EXP < WINNING"

Its not about saving gil... Gawd how many people didn't want to join becaue I made them buy certian items....

Its about being ready to delvl.
Being ready to be poor because of all the meds you had to buy.

Its not about Doing what you do best, its about doing whats best for the team.

Get that though your thick Skull and 17 other peoples and you'll win DM.
It might take a few trys but you'll win.

If anyone wants help with this quest I sure don't mind trying to help as much as I can, but I won't do it for you.

"once you take the first step the rest will natrually follow"


Edited, Oct 13th 2006 at 12:56pm PDT by IIEII
Chalk one down for titan
# Sep 01 2009 at 11:35 PM Rating: Good
315 posts
It was Xanaloss.
Wierd terms
# Apr 04 2009 at 8:22 PM Rating: Decent
173 posts
wow this "guide" here uses some weird terms i have never heard of >.>

"taunt" "runner" ?
# Jan 31 2008 at 9:11 AM Rating: Good
166 posts
This was the fight, as Paladin, I had been looking forward to for a LONG time. Our linkshell, Ifrits Embers, finally decided to take this thing on.

We decided to go the supertank, non-kiting version. I chose to go pld/blu instead of pld/war. After having to make some last second party swaps, our line up was as follows:


75 Pld/Blu Tyreewere (me)
75 Whm/Blm Meowphttphtt
75 Rdm/Blm Skylar
75 Smn/Whm Fireman
75 Whm/Blm Artremis
75 Brd/Whm Technolust


75 Nin/War Azimov
75 Rdm/Whm Nightjinxer
75 Whm/Smn Silentbreeze
75 Rng/Nin Allecia
75 Blm/Rdm Shigaru
75 Sam/War Sesshomaru


72 Pld/War Musashii
75 Blu/Nin Kakashii
75 Drk/War Rakarathh
75 War/Nin Grave
75 Whm/Blm Resipsa
75 Rdm/Blm Estor

We buffed up and entered. DD mages stayed in the room where we 1st entered. The tank and DD's lined up in the 1st hallway to try and cut down on AoE damage to the mages. The ST party and our rng gathered at the top of the stairs. I was fully buffed, activated my powder boots, and ran down to aggro the AA's.

(I'll admit, I was so nervous I couldn't find the stairs back up for a few seconds lol)

As I started to climb the stairs, the rng pulled the Elvaan and ran back to the DD party. I got into the 1st bend of the hallway and turned so that I had my back to the wall and the remaining AA's facing me. (This was to maximize my shield blocks, as I elected not to go with an Earth staff) Things were going good, despite our Ninja being wiped by the Elvaan's Spirits Within. Firing off Cocoon was a challenge at times, but wasn't too big of an issue.

Once the Elvaan was dead, our rng came to pull the Galka. That's when things went wrong. ALL of the AA's went for the DD party. I immediately ordered everyone to stop healing and wipe fully. Once everyone was dead, we waited for the AA's to move back to the circle and reraised as fast as possible. After going over the chat log, we discovered that our whm/smn had casted an avatar. This was completely my fault. I had discussed not using pets with our smn, but forgot to mention it to our whm. My screwup, not hers.

Anyway, we got buffed back up and reset. Thankfully, we had one less AA to deal with, but we were running short on time. I tore down the stairs, aggroed, and took my spot in the hall. The Galka was pulled and taken down. Next was the Mithra. She managed to charm our rng, but our blm slept her until the Mithra was dead. Then the 2 pets (tiger and wyvern) were killed quickly. All that was left was the Hume. Between me and the blu casting Head Butt and the drk and blm casting Stun, he never got off his 2 hr. This left the Taru...

We hauled *** down the stairs and threw everything we had at the Taru. Our mages were right on the ball keeping us from staying Petrified. Our ninja got the killing blow. We'd won!

It was then that we all looked at our time. O.o 29:59! We had exactly ONE second left. O.O We couldn't have cut it any closer if we wanted to.

So, Congratulations to all 16 new holders of ZM earrings. Fantastic job by all!

75 Galka Paladin
Ifrit Server
# Jan 17 2008 at 6:21 PM Rating: Decent
88 posts
i could have sworn i read that you can now get more than one earring. but i cant find where i saw it. can someone confirm if you can have more than one? i thought they updated it so you can get multiples now. lemme know. bushino kicks *** on sam. but war could really use suppi when i get high enough level.
# Jun 04 2008 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent
405 posts

Check that guide if you want to get a new ring, I know it's old but might be useful having it here.
Back to back DM Wins
# Nov 12 2007 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
487 posts
LS did this last night after doing the 4 lesser Gods. LS is fairly regularly in god fights as of about 2 months ago, and we have done 2 non-winning Dynamis runs; as a result, individuals tend to have good but not godly armor or weapons. Lots of 75s, some 70+ for DM. This was an anti-manaburn strategy, since we did not have a single Blm/xxx in the alliance.

Where: La'Loff Ampitheater, first island to the left on Ru'Aun map. Use RED telepads.

Note that for us, the most difficult AA by far was the Elvaan whm.

We wiped 2x on dry runs getting it all together, and waiting for member to get back with stacks of echo drops, other remedies that had been used up in the earlier God fights. After that, we had our strategy, tactics and timing together... as follows:

--- A "kill party" (75 war/nin, 4x 75 thf/nin, 75 rdm/whm, 75 brd/xxx, and a few others) stayed in the room where you enter the bcnm, at the end of the hall. Included 75 drk/nin on stun duty.

--- In the hallway, we had 3 groups of 75 Pld/nin, accompanied by rdm/blm and whm/xxx or smn/xxx ("tank parties"), spaced out and on the same side of the hallway.

--- Senior thief approaches circle, flee pulls the hume, with mithra, elvaan and galka following; Taru stays in the circle. Each of the Pld in the tank parties has to flash/para/slow/blind an assigned AA, and keep it occupied, while the mages in the tank party concentrated on keeping the tank alive. Tanks do NOT engage the AAs they are keeping busy, not giving them any TP.

--- War75 vokes the hume as it enters the killing grounds, and all the thfs and other dd use /assist and /attack, rdm and brd doing their thing. Hume goes down very quickly. War is the "caller" and announces hume dead.

--- Pld/nin with the mithra brings her into the killing ground, with Pld/nin and accompanying mages following as dd/melee mages etc. adding to the kill party. When mithra goes into Perfect Dodge, all the DDs with ranged weapons immediately switch to bolts, arrows, flying camel dung (we used +1 version, "petrified camel dung"-- :)), whatever might slow her down a bit. Drk spams stuns.

--- Rdm and brd mainly have sleep duty on the pets during the /bst and /drg fights. Mithra down, Galka called for. Same procedure, and galka finally drops.

--- By this time, only about 7-8/18 left standing. Those standing all attack the Elvaan WHM with the choice of trying to kill or all wiping (it was the latter). We had one person near the top of the stairs deliberately wipe there, so he could check on progress of Elvaan back to circle. As soon as Elvaan in the circle, RR used, 10 minutes to go.

--- Heal to full, RR up again, get ready. This time we fight the Elvaan halfway thru the hall after thf flee pull. Everybody piles on and only 5 or 6 go down, RR to add to damage if possible. Elvaan finally down.

___ The remaining mass of people all run to the circle and engage the Taru (evil looking Taru if there ever was one!), with Whms throwing Silence, Rdms throwing (?) Thunder III, and melee DDs just unleashing everything they got. Taru lasted about 20 seconds, maximum. No joke.

Strategy was tested when DM was rerun for about another 5 people that could not get into the first fight. They used the same strategy and won more easily that the first group.

Keys to the way we finally won:

1. Echo drops by the ton (actually, maybe 6 per person), at least a couple of Hi Potions for DDs, Yags or ethers for Plds and mages. We did not have, but certainly could have used, opu-opu necklaces/sleep potions, and/or ic wings. Every member has to have RR item and use it (probably 2 or 3 times); RR can get debuffed. If you go down, you only get R1.

2. Raise TP using the Opu necklace/sleep method OUTSIDE the BC (before the timer starts ticking) and the TP buildup will carry into the BC, making the first fight very quick. If quick fight, Hume will hopefully not blow himself up (our experience at least in both successful fights; in first fight, where we tried to take the mithra first, by the time we got to hume, he blew up nin style, doing avg of about 700 hp to the 75 thfs).

3. All fighting should take place, one AA at a time, in the entry (first) room. Remember that a lot of parties wipe because they are in range of the Taru spells, BUT the Taru cannot leave the circle.

4. Do not fight or have anybody in/near the AA circle or on the stairs, until the very end of the fight. Only person that should ever be down the stairs is a fleeing puller; pull at max distance with ranged.

5. Have any fighters, mages, etc. not in the kill team stay on ONE side of the hallway, so the fleeing puller can get back to the killing grounds without obstruction.

6. Have persons with very good sleep ability assigned to the pets (the tiger wiped a lot of us out on the first and second dry runs), and try to stun any attempt by mithra to charm a pt member. Note that there is a double issue here: a) you lose a party member -- charmed member, unless slept, will probably kill a couple of the other members, and then finally end up dying in the AA circle, making a raise impossible; and b) the charm lasts a long time and charmed member will stay alive until charm wears off, completely throwing off the timing for the fight/wipe/fight strategy. Remember: pets and wyvern will remain active after their owners are dead, and are really deadly; they will despawn when there is an alliance wipe after Galka down.

7. Kill order: Hume, Mithra (sleep pets), Galka (sleep drg). Wipe. Elvaan, Taru.

Hope that helps. Gotta go level my blm a bit more to use my new Abyssal earring, and still wondering if I should have taken the Suppa....

Edited, Nov 12th 2007 5:24pm by CRJR
Zaub of Bastok/Cerberus:
Taru, 17/20@90
Bone 100+3+Sign/Leather 60+1
Alch/Wood/Cook/Cloth/Smith/Goldsmith 60
GS 51/Smith 53/Fishing 29
# Oct 26 2007 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
Any DM going on in Valefor?
# Oct 21 2007 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
Valefor server DM run?
I am a PLD 75 with a friend RDM 75 want to get DM done. Wondering anyone planning any in the near future? Please let me know! We are in GMT timezone, around EST+7, most wkends are ok.

I am thinking of using the SuperTank approach as I went for 2 runs of kite, any of the kiter die or TT wasnt kill fast enough proves deadly. Any PLD/BLU out there would be much appreciated ^^.

im confused!
# Sep 29 2007 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
anyone on garuda need this?

Edited, Sep 29th 2007 9:36pm by SpencerG
Divine Might
# Oct 31 2007 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I sure do!
Supertank strat
# Aug 25 2007 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
We also used supertank strat. Wiped first two times due to slow kill on the first AA, got down to 7 and 4% but then ended up getting destroyed. We did EV > GK > MT > pets > HM > TT, Elvaan is the hardest by far since she has the highest defense, Benediction, can Silence, Spirits, etc. Anyhow, winning run was pretty easy. We had to change our PT around, this is pretty much the setup as I remember:

PLD, WHMx2, RDMx3, BLUx4, WARx3, DRKx1, NINx1, BRDx1, THFx1, SAMx1

Orignally had 4 WHMS, 1 COR, and one SAM/RNG. One WHM switched to WAR, COR to WAR, SAM/DRG subbed in for other SAM. Then we nailed it, extra damage and dropping Elvaan is key. With supertank strategy, it's very easy if you can kill Elvaan first.

After 14 times between two characters, I have my second Suppa :)
# Aug 25 2007 at 8:18 PM Rating: Decent
Just wanted to post a comment about this strat. We tried it tonight and won with it but we come to realize that if a drg has its wyvern out and it dies then the others will leave the supertank to come back and wipe your other partys. If your a drg i would recommend not bring your wyvern out till after you have taken out the elvaan and probably the mithra as well. GL to everyone and i wish all of you wins.
# Aug 09 2007 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
Just did DM last night, we used the Supertank method that worked extremely well. At first we had some slight problems but after the first try, we came back in and had no problems. The Supertank was extremely ez to keep alive with out the elvaan hitting him and after the elvaan was killed it just got ezer. We did it the way Forgottonone posted. I would recommend the Supertank way. I have been in DM when ppl were kiting, it just gets to crazy if a kiter gets killed and you don't kill TT. The way with a Supertank, you don't even have to mess with TT the whole fight until all the AA's are dead,(he just stands down in the circle while all the other AA's are getting killed) then your whole alliance can just wipe TT with ez and no problems. I have done this fight four times with kiters and no wins, did it once with a Supertank and won. Pretty much the same pt set up for both kiting and Supertanking. Just wanted to post and back up the Supertanking method, it worked so well I still can't believe this isn't the main way to beat this fight. We only had one BLM and the rest was healers or DD's.

Edited, Aug 9th 2007 11:43am by Sactown
Super Tank Method
# Jun 24 2007 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
498 posts
Figured I'd make the Super Tank method more readily accesable from this forum, so thought I'd link it in and add my own 2 cents to it.
Here are the original links:
Video of it
Strategy in Text

And to add a few personal notes to it:
TT comes last, by pulling the other mobs out of the circle, you dont need to mess w. him until everyone else is dead. His aoe petrify isnt so bad when 4 other AA's and 2 pets arent hitting u.

Good order is Mithra>Elvaan>Galka>Hume>TT, reason Elvaan is bumped up in the order is due to Spirits within, which can easily drop the Super tank.

A solid Super tank party should have SuperTank,Brd,whm,rdm,rdm,random DD normally. This way pld gets Minne and phalanxII on top of Cocoon for def migitation. Whm also will get ballad and refresh, to keep mp rolling in. Rdm can also Convert in a pinch.

Rdm in super tank pt can sleep pets on the super tank, but do not use sleepaga. If the AA's on super tank are hit, hate rules apply and things will go sour.

Dont forget about melees and their healing needs. 1 designated healer and a back-up healer should be in each pt. (i.e. a whm and a rdm. or a smn and a blu or something to that nature)

When Supertank first pulls AA's, pop sentinel. After Sentinel wears, if 3 AA and pets are still on you, now is a good time to pop invincible. This helps alot, because mages can easily get behind on curing you with so many mobs on you. Hopefully by the time invicible wears, the mithra is dead (or close to it) so the Elvaan can be pulled off you and the whm can more easily keep your hp high.

Use shield! In the vid, the pld has E-staff. But when u pull the AAs into the hallway to tank, they will follow u in a straight line. Just turn around and all of them will be withing your shield blocking range. Shield helps migitate dmg as well as recast cocoon.

Have Bard SV knights minne at beginning of battle. This should cap Def off at 999.

Good idea to have more than one trigger. You will most likely fail first time around. But second time is normally a breeze.

Make sure super tank mages are out of aoe range from both AAs on super tank, and the AA being fought by the melee group.

Poison potions are no longer needed after mithra falls, as no-other AA uses aoe sleep.

Lastly, keep everyone out of the circle! If you die in the circle you cannot respawn to try again as AA will kill you the moment you pop. The only time anyone other than super tank gets into circle is after all AAs besides TT are dead.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<If Super Tank Falls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Have designated tanks for each AA should the supertank fall. This way they can voke their respective AA's, and the mages formally healing the super tank can now keep the new tanks alive.

If super tank falls early (i.e. no AA's have been killed), wiping may be best idea. Unless your current AA is close to death (<25%), it would be best mages stop healing, and melee just save tp to respawn with. Dont waste time fighting if you are not going to be able to drop an AA, as its hp will re-fill when they return to center of BC. So, if close to killing AA, fight till its dead and wipe so you can RR faster. If not close, just wipe and RR soon as possible.

If at least one AA is dead, wiping may not be needed if solid tanks/kiters are in group. Have the melee group attack the next AA on attack list, and two previously designate tanks/kiters grab their AA. Hopefully they can be kept alive until the melee group moves onto their group.

If wiping, it' a good idea to have someone die on the steps within view of where the AAs will reset to. Otherwise you risk raising to fast and having them rush back up the steps at you.

Edited, Jun 24th 2007 11:28am by ForgottenOne

Edited, Jun 24th 2007 11:31am by ForgottenOne
# Jun 07 2007 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
only 1 person need to have the item for a whole alli to enter.
anyone here knows how you re-do the quest since you can change your earring now with dropping it? >.<
Ark Pentasphere
# Apr 27 2007 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
Does everyone in the alliance need one who needs to complete the mission? Someone is shouting and I want to join but havent done the Ark Pentasphere part and its a while for full moon >.>
Why not?
# Apr 06 2007 at 7:39 AM Rating: Decent
2,750 posts
it takes about 20 seconds (depending on whether you get lucky on spells/TP attacks) to kill TT and doing so frees up the large circle for kiting up to 2 other AAs in it...why wouldn't you kill him? Seems like kiting 3 AAs in that narrow hallway would be way more dangerous than it's worth.

I always did: Kite HM in the hallway (carby kiting works really well here if you have SMN lol), fight GK on stairs, kite EV and MR in circle, chase and kill TT.

TT > MR > GK > EV > HM

I hear lots of HM > EV is better stuff but trying to kill EV after Mijin doesn't strike me as being as easy as killing HM after EV's aoes (if your healers are on the ball at least). And I only saw one Spirits Within during the time it took us to kill her so I don't see the big deal with the whole DON'T FIGHT HER DIRECTLY thing
Why not?
# Apr 24 2007 at 5:35 AM Rating: Decent
This strategy DOES use the big circle, with EV and HM kiting.
# Apr 03 2007 at 7:00 AM Rating: Decent
600 posts
Ok check out my strategy for this:

Party 1

Blu/Nin or Thf (whatever I choose lol "it's me")

Party 2

Drk/Nin or Sam (can Be maybe anything, but looking at his stun capabilities)

Party 3


  • Strategy
  • :

    Have the Melee use an Icurus wing or so (optional)and everyone buff before entering this will save time for fight. Head into the BC and everyone get ready for a Blast! MAKE SURE TO HAVE RERAISE ON! EVERYONE!

    Ok order will be as such:
    5 Blm's target the TT and 5 Blm's target the Galka, At a certain time on the clock (predetermined before fight) the blm's take aim and use a Tier 4 Nuke on thier targets. After the Nuke has landed The three Nin's then voke the other CW's and the Rdm's will assist the Nin's the Nin's with the Elvaan and the Hume CW's Kite them while the other Nin with the Mithra brings it to the staircase and the Nin, Rdm, Blu, Drk take it on. One thing of importance is to have the rdm with the Mithra sleep its pet.. and on of the other Rdm sleep the Galka's wyvern before assisting his kiter. By this time the Blm's should be about done nuking the crap outta the TT and the Galka making sure that they have one blm for each CW stun after the first Nuke then follow up with another.

    Once the TT and Glk are dead.. the Blm all start to Nuke the Mithra and if needed the Rdm that is with the Mithra can Use Chainspell Stun to keep it at bay (I doubt he will even need to).

    After this I suggest that everyone then Go ahead and WIPE! Even if u do get the TT GLK & Mithra down easy, the pld will pose a problem with his Dispelling effect, SO every Just WIPE!

    Ok, wait for the CW Hume and Elvaan to go back, Everyone Raises and rests, do a full Buff and Now this is the FUN part. This could be done two ways, First:
    all 10 blm take aim at the Hume and after countdown Nuke the CRAP outta the Sucker... this should kill, if not then the next few spells should. After the First Nuke has landed the Nin's take turn Voking the pld and bringing it away from the Blm's once the Hume is dead you should now still have at least Two Rdm's with Chainspell still, have one use it and keep the pld stunned while the blm's Nuke it and all others go after it.. the Nin's and Blu and Drk. Needless to say after the one Rdm has lost Chainspell, have the other Go at it.

    So there You have it! The Only problem i forsee is getting that many Blm's But if you can get them... This I feel is a Sure win! GL! ^^
    # Aug 21 2007 at 4:27 PM Rating: Decent
    Awesome Strategy, worked flawlessly Did with the following Set up

    Pt. 1

    Pt. 2

    Pt. 3

    Went in, Pt. 1 thunder IV'd the TT and pt. 2 Thunder IV'd The Galka,
    Tarutaru almost one shotted
    Plds and Nin grabbed Selected AA and provoked it while the rdms gravity'd and helped the tanks kite
    Blms Killed TT and Galka w/ no deaths anywhere, followed it up by Killing Mithra
    Once Mithra was dead people were dropping like flies so we Wiped, Got up and rested to full
    Went in after full rest, blms just did Thundaga III (at this point it was only hume and elvaan), after Thundaga III followed it with a blizzaga III, only elv left standing so 18 v 1 who do you think owned?

    Beat it with 10 min 23 seconds left
    # Mar 18 2007 at 2:36 PM Rating: Decent
    i don't think these can be sacpulled...they'll aggro anyone from across the map (if they get hate somehow) after anyone in your alliance engages them...make sure that after a wipe, nobody gets up until they're back to their original positions or they'll come lookin for ya >.>

    Edited, Mar 18th 2007 10:49pm by Feluu
    reduce the ratio
    # Mar 06 2007 at 6:45 PM Rating: Default
    1,025 posts
    18 vs 7 can be reduced to 14 vs 2.

    TT doesnt leave the arena. If the other 4 are pulled to the hallway/entrance, this will become 18 vs 6.

    NIN and WHM or RDM can duo the galka. the mage keeps the wyvern slept and the NIN solo the galka. with haste, paralyze, slow and blind, it should be easy. it becomes 16 vs 4. Take the GK all the way back to the entrance.

    THF/NIN and WHM or RDM can solo eva the MR. the mage keeps the pet slept and the THF just stands there recasting utsusemi. with haste and full eva gear, it shouldnt be a problem. dont attack the MR. do it near the entrance just outside the GKs AoE range. it becomes 14 vs 2.

    then take 3 people (2 kiters and 1 rdm) to trio-kite the elvaan along the hallway while 11 people gang up on the hume (fight him near the arena just outside the taru's casting range). use 2 hour early on this one so when he use mijin gakure, he wouldnt do much damage. after that kill the elvaan. she has benediction and invincible but with the other 3 not posing any problem, why not? after that just kill whichever you want.
    The best part of Final Fantasy XI is its rich storyline. It separates this game from other MMORPGs. I chose to give my character a storyline that goes along with the game's storyline. I find that this is a more fun way to play the game. Playing the game just to fight in the endgame and collect elite equipment is very boring and is totally missing the main objective of the game, which is to guide your character through the storyline which is to save the world.
    Divine Might Super Tank!
    # Feb 21 2007 at 1:46 AM Rating: Good
    My LS on Bismarck did this last week with a possibly new and radical strategy - Using the Super-Tank method. No need for 2HRs nor for a wipe.

    I posted the details on the main forum hoping to share it with as many people as possible. Link below.

    Click me!

    Edited, Feb 21st 2007 6:43am by mrseatbelt
    # Feb 18 2007 at 12:34 PM Rating: Decent
    Won this fight 1/3 yesterday with some friends and other random people.

    1- brd = me
    2- rdm = Vvolfy
    3- nin = Abandoned
    4- sam = Bludock
    5- smn = Cleggy
    6- rdm = Pyromaniax

    1- thf = Ritcher
    2- brd = Selos
    3- rdm = Teabag
    4- nin = Noyayuker
    5- whm = Efnisien
    6- smn = Ember

    1- rdm = Enterprisemmx
    2- pld = Aldas
    3- mnk = Madigan
    4- rdm = Ellinaura
    5- nin = Kamugi
    6- smn = Clyde

    What we did:
    thf pulls the GK and trio him midway of tunnel with rdm and brd. nin vokes
    the HM and takes him back to the shimmering light, trio it with a brd
    and rdm. a pld and nin and a rdm trio-kite the EV on the buttom of
    arena clockwise while another nin kites the MT there too, and others 2hr
    the TT and kil him fast then the MT and her pet, then run to kill the HM
    (he had like 60% HP left) he blowed us at like 20% of his HP so we kinda
    were lucky. we all gathered on the GK and wiped him fast, was funny to
    see him spamming WS's and killing members, finally EV left with 3
    members trio-kited him well, all went crazy and took her down fast, victory! :D

    Edited, Feb 18th 2007 11:39pm by Esuhu
    HP regen?
    # Feb 11 2007 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
    One important question.
    Do they regen their lost HP by standing back again in the arena after full alliance wipe? x.x

    Edited, Feb 11th 2007 8:02pm by Esuhu
    HP regen?
    # Mar 17 2007 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
    Not too bad.
    # Feb 11 2007 at 12:35 AM Rating: Decent
    So this was my alliance setup for my 3 pts:

    75BLU Skitch (Me)
    75NIN Isan
    75RNG Altius
    75RDM Elyvrian
    75NIN Lastingcomet
    75MNK Shagoa

    75MNK Godswarrior
    68WHM Amazinlarry
    75WAR Syphron (LS Mate)
    75WAR Colossuss
    75MNK Haunted
    75PLD Pyrofury

    75BLM Bubbles (LS Mate)
    75BLM Pyagonrogon
    75BLM Mihoro
    75BLM Meanstreak
    75BLM Spiceyyy
    75RDM Torpedogawd

    The BLM were all /RDM.
    The RDM were all /WHM.
    The WAR were all /NIN.
    The MNK were all /WAR.

    We went in and had the BLMs all time nuke Lightning4 the taru.
    As this happened we had the RNG shadow bind the galka.
    Party 2 attacked (besides the PLD) the taru while Party 3 continued to nuke.
    PLD grabbed hate on the Mithra.
    While this was happening the NINs in Party 1 kited the Hume and Elvaan.
    We killed the taru and than everyone attacked the Mithra.
    After we killed the Mithra we got the Galka to about 14% before we wiped.
    We all RR and rest and start again.
    We time nuke the galka.
    RNG SB the elvaan while DD moves in on the galka.
    Had the NINs kite other 2 while we killed galka.
    Next killed the Elvaan.
    Than we killed Hume.

    The biggest thing I wanna express about this is the importance of RR items. If everybody has a RR item you dont have to wait that extra time for the WHM or RDM to raise people. Its possible to wipe twice and still beat it if everyone has RR.

    The next thing is don't forget your basic items. Need meds, drinks, and a poison potion for sleep.

    Congratulations to everyone.

    2x win
    # Feb 02 2007 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
    121 posts
    One good tips for who is doing the Divine Might.
    The black mage TT doesn't leave the arena any time, so when every one is ready to fight the Ark Angels gather together at the stairs. DO NOT enter in the blue circle arena. ONLY one tanker get inside and pull them and fast go back to the stairs. the Ark Angel MR, GK, HM, EV and the pets will chase the puller. The Black Mage TT will stay inside the arena so don't worry to kill it first.
    All DD stay on the stair and fight the MR first. the others tank should pull the others AA to the Hallway. by the time you get the first wipe, the MR, GK and pets will be dead. wait the AA go back inside the arena and reraise.
    after get full HP, do it again the same steps. ONLY 1 puller go inside the arena, now all DD fight the EV on the stairs, and 1 tanker pull the HM to the Hallway. After the Ark Angel EV is deafeted, all DD get inside the arena and kill the black mage TT, by this time the Tanker for the HM should bring him to the arena. The HM WIL use mijin garuke at 50% of hp so whatch his hp bar.
    and Congratulation you will win!

    ..... the tanker needs help from rdm and whm!!!!

    Edited, Apr 25th 2007 3:45pm by Landao
    # Jan 28 2007 at 7:54 PM Rating: Default
    Just PWNED the **** outta this January 28th 2007 10:46 PM EST Finally -.-
    Fairy Server 27min clear...

    Old fashion way baby
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