Shattering Stars (Limit Break 5)  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Maat (H - 5)
Type:Limit Break
Min Level:66
Max Level:70
Reward:Raises level cap to 75
(Average from 26 ratings)
Items Required:Bard's Testimony
Beastmaster's Testimony
Black Mage's Testimony
Dark Knight's Testimony
Dragoon's Testimony
Monk's Testimony
Ninja's Testimony
Paladin's Testimony
Ranger's Testimony
Red Mage's Testimony
Samurai's Testimony
Summoner's Testimony
Thief's Testimony
Warrior's Testimony
White Mage's Testimony
Title Obtained:Maat Masher >> Star Breaker
This Quest is Repeatable
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Maat has issued a final challenge to test your limits. Return with the items he has requested and the trial will begin.


Talk to Maat at level 66 or higher to receive this final test. He will ask you to bring him a testimony of your job. These are Rare/Ex items that are dropped by various mobs depending on job.

Prior to a March 26, 2012 software update, a job Testimony was only good for one attempt and had to be manually dropped by the player after the attempt was over. After the software update, each testimony possessed will grant players three attempts at the corresponding battlefield: Shattering Stars / The Beast Within / Breaking the Bonds of Fate / Achieving True Power / A Furious Finale / Survival of the Wisest. The item will disappear upon trading it for the third time.

After you win the fight, make sure you go back and talk to Maat one last time for a cut scene, after which your level cap will be lifted to 75.



  • Ancient Quadav (Level: 62 - 66) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Antican Consul (Level: 75) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Antican Triarius (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Blood Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Goblin Mercenary (Level: 64 - 69) (Cape Teriggan, Gustav Tunnel, Ifrit's Cauldron, ...)
  • Jotunn Gatekeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Dreadnought (Level: 63 - 67) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Jotunn Hallkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Champion (Level: 64 - 68) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)
  • Shore Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo Flagellant (Level: 62 - 66) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Goblin Bandit (Level: 66 - 69) (Ifrit's Cauldron, King Ranperre's Tomb, Kuftal Tunnel, ...)
  • Platinum Quadav (Level: 64 - 71) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Tonberry Pursuer (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Tonberry Trailer (Level: 62 - 65) (Den of Rancor)

Red Mage

  • Aura Pot (Level: 75 - 80) (Shrine of Ru'Avitau)
  • Dustbuster (Level: 73 - 76) (Ve'Lugannon Palace)
  • Hover Tank (Level: 64 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Magic Pot (Level: 68 - 70) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Ruby Quadav (Level: 69 - 70) (Qulun Dome)
  • Sprinkler (Level: 70 - 73) (Ru'Aun Gardens)

White Mage

  • Coral Sahagin (Level: 72 - 74) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Diamond Quadav (Level: 75) (Qulun Dome)
  • Goblin Alchemist (Level: 65 - 69) (King Ranperre's Tomb, Kuftal Tunnel, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ...)
  • Lagoon Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo High Priest (Level: 72 - 74) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)
  • Yarr the Pearleyed (Level: 0) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Za'Dha Adamantking (Level: 85) (Qulun Dome)

Black Mage

  • Antican Quaestor (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Doom Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Dread Demon (Level: 71 - 73) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Orcish Hexspinner (Level: 72 - 74) (Monastic Cavern)
  • Sapphire Quadav (Level: 65 - 69) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Tonberry Imprecator (Level: 62 - 64) (Den of Rancor)
  • Tonberry Jinxer (Level: 61 - 69) (Den of Rancor, Yhoator Jungle)
  • Tonberry Maledictor (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Prelate (Level: 65 - 69) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Abyss Sahagin (Level: 72 - 74) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Coastal Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Denn the Orcavoiced (Level: 64 - 65) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo Conductor (Level: 63 - 67) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Goblin Shepherd (Level: 64 - 69) (Ifrit's Cauldron, King Ranperre's Tomb, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ...)
  • Goblin Tamer (Level: 66 - 69) (Kuftal Tunnel)
  • Jotunn Wildkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)

Dark Knight

  • Adaman Quadav (Level: 74) (Qulun Dome)
  • Antican Legatus (Level: 72 - 74) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Arch Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Doom Guard (Level: 75 - 77) (Gustav Tunnel)
  • Doom Soldier (Level: 65 - 70) (Cape Teriggan, Gustav Tunnel, Toraimarai Canal, ...)
  • Orcish Warlord (Level: 72 - 74) (Monastic Cavern)


  • Delta Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Ocean Sahagin (Level: 75) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Orcish Dragoon (Level: 65 - 69) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Tonberry Slasher (Level: 67 - 69) (Den of Rancor)
  • Tonberry Stabber (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Assassin (Level: 64 - 72) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Antican Antesignanus (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Antican Legatus (Level: 72 - 74) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Darksteel Quadav (Level: 63 - 71) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Orcish Protector (Level: 69 - 72) (Monastic Cavern)


  • Antican Aedilis (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Jotunn Wallkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Farkiller (Level: 62 - 66) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Blood Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Yagudo Templar (Level: 72 - 74) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)


  • Abyssal Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Tonberry Dismayer (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Avatar (Level: 75) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)

You'll likely need a party to beat these mobs efficiently as the drop rate, as for any required quest item, leaves much to be desired. (getting flashbacks of sub job or genkai 1 yet?)

Once you bring Maat the testimony, he will challenge you to a fight to prove once and for all you have ultimate mastery over your job.

Maat assumes your job and has all the abilities of it including your 2hr. Regardless of job however, he fights with his fists and can use asuran fists which could snuff out your hopes of winning in one fell swoop if you don't play your cards right, not to mention he hits pretty hard. Oh yes, your sub job is disabled for this fight so you can expect no help from that. You have 10 minutes to beat Maat and prove yourself to him. Watch out because the old man is WAY tougher than he looks!

Some general tips

-Maat does not attack until you do. Use this to your advantage by buffing yourself and resting to full before fighting.

-melees, buy an opo-opo necklace (TP regen when sleeping) and some sleeping potions. Put yourself to sleep with the necklace on to build up TP to 100% or so.

-Maat is not to be underestimated! Make sure you have any piece of equipment you think could help, use food, carry some medicine supply and have a battle strategy planned out. Do nothing but your very best!

-I'm not 100% sure on this but I'm told that Maat has the same stats as you do when you ENTER the fight. meaning, if you strip yourself (or maybe even equip stuff that lowers your important stats) and then equip your regular gear before fight him, it will give you a statistical advantage on him. Since Maat doesn't attack until you do, there's no real harm in trying this. Can anyone confirm?

Job strategies


You'll need the opo-opo necklace, 4 sleep potions, a meat mithkabob and an icarus wing to do this. Be a good idea to macro your warrior abilities along with using the icarus wing as you must do this very smoothly. Enter the arena, eat your food, and put yourself to sleep until you have 100% TP. Once you're all ready, head over to meet and stand right in position. Now, turn on Aggressor, Berserk, Warcry and Mighty Strikes and pull out your weapon. Hit Maat once or twice and then use Raging Rush, immediatly use your icarus wing and then another Raging Rush. If all goes well, you'll do a fragmentation SC (who says only samurai can do one man SC's?). Maat won't know what hit him! If it doesn't quite kill Maat, start praying you finish him off fast as he will whip out his big guns right away which could quickly finish you.


When you enter the arena, eat a meat mithkabob and then do the usual sleep to 100% TP trick described above. Similar to warrior, engage Maat, use your best weapon skill, icarus wing and then use it again for mega damage. This will prompt Maat to use Hundred Fists, use yours as well. Pound away at Maat until you're at 100% TP again and then quickly use another WS which should take him down.


Thieves have another option if the player has not already beaten Maat while on another job. Instead of full out assault (described below), you can win by using your Job Ability to Steal a Scroll of Instant Warp from him.

>>> Steal Strategy <<<

  • A Scroll of Instant Warp is a Rare/Ex item, which you can only have one at a time. Be sure that you do not have one anywhere in your inventory when you face Maat (including your Mog House) otherwise you will not be able to Steal the item from Maat.

  • There is a 10 minute limit to this fight, and Steal has a five minute job ability timer, so the first Steal attempt needs to occur immediately upon entering the arena if there is any hope for there to be enough time for a second chance if Steal fails (which it often will).

  • If Steal is attempted without alternate preparation for a full melee fight, this is an all-or-nothing shot and the player should not expect to survive through the job ability timer. Plan on using some form of re-raiser (Scroll, Potion, Earring, or Hairpin), rest until the job ability timer expires and reattempt immediately before the event timer expires.

  • Maximize your stealing skill (Steal+) and equip quested Artifact (AF) gear (Rogue's Armlets -- +1, Rogue's Bonnet -- +1, Rogue's Culottes -- +1, Rogue's Poulaines -- +2) along with anything else you can find that improves stealing like Thief's Kote -- +3 (replaces Rogue's Armlets), Rabbit Charm -- +1, Rogue's Ring -- +3 (effect active when HP is 75% or lower) and Key Ring Belt -- +1 (all of these items are available at 70 or lower).

  • Only items that modify Steal will influence the chance of success or failure of the Job Ability ... the results are not affected by frequency of use (cannot be "skilled up") nor by any other modifier (STR, DEX, INT, and so on). While there are items above Level 70 that modify Steal, the player cannot wear them without having previously beaten Maat and broken the level limit. (A successful Steal will not end the fight if the player has previously beaten Maat on another job).

>>> Melee Fight <<<

  • Cap your skills for your level, particularly Dagger and Evasion and consider capping Parrying and Shield.
  • Use food -- Squid Sushi (HP +20, Accuracy +15%) and Persikos Au Lait (Regen 4 hp/tick and effect lasts 10 minutes = 800 HP)
  • Use equipment -- Opo-Opo Necklace, Blink Band, Spartan Hoplon (optional - casts Phalanx), Bomb Core / Fire Bomblet / Viking Shield (Attack+)
  • Stock up on medicines - Icarus Wing and Potions -- Vile Elixir (restores 25% HP), Vile Elixir +1 (restores 55% HP), Max-Potion, X-Potion, Hi Potion, Potion (consider using the NQ, +1, +2 or +3 versions). Carry as many potions as you feel you need and macro their use.
  • Equip as much Accuracy+ and Strength+ gear you can find. Macro in any gear that will increase Sneak Attack effectiveness.

>>> Battle Plan <<<

  • Equip your weapon(s) and the Opo-Opo Necklace, Sleep Potion x 4 (or Mary's Milk x 2) for 100% TP (do not change weapons or you will lose your TP).
  • Use Reraise, Blink, Phalanx, Squid Sushi and Persikos Au Lait.
  • Approach, use Sneak Attack, and then attack Maat from behind
  • After the first hit, immediately use Dancing Edge
  • Consume Icarus Wing (to regain 100% TP). This will give a Medicated Status Effect for two hours.
  • After gaining 100% TP, immediately use Dancing Edge. If this is done rapidly enough, it will cause a self skill chain resulting in additional damage from a Detonation effect.
  • Evaluate the situation ... If the player is in the yellow for HP, attempt Steal for best effect (Rogue's Ring is active under 75% HP) and then use a HP+ Potion.
  • After the second Dancing Edge, Maat should have used either Perfect Dodge or Asuran Fists. If Asuran Fists, use Perfect Dodge and then Flee until his Perfect Dodge wears off.
  • Re-engage Maat and build TP to 100% and use the third and final Dancing Edge.
  • At this point Maat should give up if he hasn't already.

  • An alternate strategy is to skill up Marksmanship and use Ranged Attack and land Sleep Bolts, particularly while Maat is under the effect of Perfect Dodge. This will give the player the chance to execute one or more additional Sneak Attack(s) while Maat is asleep. (Note: If you equip the Bomb Core or Fire Bomblet in the ammo slot for Attack+, be sure to macro in a safety to unequip the item before executing the Ranged Attack to avoid actually throwing the hard-to-get / expensive Attack+ item at Maat and losing it permanently.)

  • Be sure not to change weapons until after the second Dancing Edge otherwise you will waste the benefits of the Opo-Opo Necklace and the Icarus Wing.

White Mage

White mage? Solo a tough guy like Maat? Well, fortunately, White Mages don't have to actually beat Maat either. You must simply take a certain amount of damage from him and survive. (how much? It appears to be random from what I've seen, best hope you get the low end of the range). Some re-equipping will be in order here. Now you must equip yourself for defense. Some items of note are phalanx rings, earth staff (Ask your paladin friend if you can borrow his. ^^), and bat earrings. Drink a blind potion to give yourself +30 evasion from the bat earrings (you won't be actually attacking so being blinded makes no difference). Bring along a couple bottles of Yagudo drink, plenty of healing potions, some echo drops and a fish chiefkabob (heh, eating tank food. Never thought you'd see the day?) Now, when you enter, cast all your buffs. Protect, Shell, Stoneskin, Aquaveil and Blink and then rest back to full. (you need all your MP for healing so don't waste it recasting these if they wear off). Eat your food and blind yourself then use Yagudo drink and Regen III on yourself. Now cast Paralyze on Maat to get his attention (if it actually sticks, great! But don't fret if it doesn't) Maat should be hitting you for two digit damage so you should have no trouble keeping your HP up. Don't actually attack him, that gives him more TP which is not good. Don't spam lower cures, wait for HP to get somewhat low and use high end cures. More HP for your MP. Basically, you're doing what a paladin would do. But if you're a taru, mind you don't use cures that heal for more HP than you have either. Don't try to enfeeble Maat and only Cure, Silence, or Paralyze if they are cast on you. If all goes smoothly, you likely won't need Benediction but it's good to keep in mind if Maat gets lucky shots in and you need healing NOW. Just keep taking hits and healing them and Maat will eventually give up.

Black Mage

Do this right, you'll win easy. For good measure, get your INT as high as possible with food and equips. Enter Area, cast your favourite ancient spell, quickly use elemental seal-sleep II on Maat before he can retaliate. Now get him with another ancient spell while he's asleep. Now, bind him so he can't smack you around for nuking him and fire off a regular elemental spell (best one you have). That should finish him off. If all goes well, Maat will never get a shot off at you. ^^

Red Mage

Very commonly considered the hardest of all the Maat fights and for good reason. Chainspell in the hands of an enemy is never a good thing and this time, you don't have the chainspell-stun solution to fall back on. I guess the best defense against a master of cheatery is another master of cheatery. ^^; What's a red mage to do? Luck plays a big role in this fight so say your prayers before doing this. First and foremost, get a wind staff. You'll need it. Get your INT as high as you possibly can, every last point counts. Enter, dash towards Maat, dispel and sleep him immediately. While he's asleep, cast your own buffs, and dispel any and all he has on himself. Nuke Maat with Aero III until you're out of MP, convert, heal youself back up with hi-potions. Now the big guns. Chainspell aero III as fast as you can, Maat will do the same. Chainspell should finish him off. If it doesn't, continue to nuke and hope it's enough. Good luck!


Time to show Maat who's the real defender of truth and justice! Mwa ha ha!! (Yes, I'm a paladin. How'd you guess?) Like white mage, some changes in equipment is in order here. You'll want damage dealing equipment instead of tanking but keep the sword and shield, you'll need them. Bring along an Opo-opo necklace, sleep potions, hi-potions, vile elixer or two, yagudo drink and meat mithkabob. Now, when you enter the arena, do the usual routine. Sleep yourself to 100% TP, drink your drink, eat your eats, cast your buffs and move in. Use Sentinel as soon as you engage Maat and then use Rampart when that runs out. Like warrior and monk, use your best WS right off the bat, use the icarus wing and then immediatly hit Maat again with another WS to get some good early damage. But watch out! If he flashes you right away, hold off the WS until the blindness wears off. Now, duel Maat, healing yourself along the way and shield bashing him if he tries to cast Banish III. Maat will eventually use invincible, flash him and kite him when he does this. (don't disengage, that takes too long. Just push L3 to break targeting and run around the room) Just try to stall until Maat's Invincible runs out. If you get a chance to nuke him, do so but watch your MP. When his invincible runs out, now it's your turn! Activate your own invincible and fearlessly charge back in! Attack Maat mercilessly and take this chance to heal yourself up with items. (wouldn't it just rock if Maat used Asuran fists right now? Heh heh!) By the time invincible runs out, you should have another WS ready. Use it and hopefully it will finish him off. If it doesn't, hopefully you brought enough medicine to hold your ground until another WS is ready.

Dark Knight

This is a pretty straightforeward fight actually but it's very important to carry lots of hi-potions and macro them. You'll be using a lot. Like the other melees, use an Opo-opo necklace, sleep yourself to 100% TP, use ws, icarus wing, ws right away. Use def or atk food, your choice. Most of your spells won't be very effective against Maat so don't bother. Just focus on hacking Maat up good. (but always hope he wastes turns using stupid spells like Absorb-CHR) Drain might come in handy but I wouldn't bank on it. Use your hi-potions to keep up your HP as you fight and your attack up skills should be done at your own discretion. The biggest threat is Blood Weapon. When Maat activates it, push L3 to break target lock and run around the room to reduce the number of times he attacks you. You DON'T want him regaining lost HP. once his blood weapon runs out, activate your own take back some of the punishment he's dealt you. (if your HP are still in good shape, this wouldnt' be a bad time to use souleater too) Use WS when they're ready and you should be okay as long as you are ready for anything Maat throws at you. Just beware not to use Guillotine when soul eater is activated or you could very well end up digging your own grave.


Another fairly straightforward fight. Only thing to take note of is that Maat will either use Eagle Eye Shot right away or in retaliation to a WS. Moral: if he hasn't used Eagle Eye Shot yet, be careful not to use a ws if you haven't got the HP to take it. Your best bet is to try and tempt him to use it right away while you're still at full HP. Use Shadowbind so he can't melee attack you (and thus possibly use Asuran Fists). Other than that, do the usual Opo-opo necklace sleep to 100% TP, icarus wings and stock up on hi-potions. Fill him up full of firepower and be done with it. A Tracker's Earring helps.


Not too hard. Bring along a Panzer Ghalad for this fight along with the usual Opo-opo necklace, sleep potions, hi-potions and some def up food (I personally like fish chiefkabobs as a dedicated tank but it's up to you). Okay, sleep yourself to 100% TP, summon your pet and sic it on Maat while you fight Maat's pet but don't use your WS on Maat's pet, that's for Maat himself. once you kill Maat's pet, run out of range, heal yourself back up with hi-potions and let your pet fight Maat to the death. Now run in and hit Maat with rampage. That should send him packing. (as for your 2hr, I suspect using it will prompt Maat to use his as well which could give you trouble. If you don't need to use it, then don't. No need to risk it)


Max out your sword level for this as Spirits Within will be your best friend here. Bring along the usual melee stuff, Opo-necklace, sleep potions, hi potions along with def food and a stack of Selbina milk. When you enter the arena, watch Maat and see what he's buffing himself with. Eat your food, sleep yourself to 100% Tp and then use your icarus wing which should bring you up to 200% (yeah, little different set up this time). Now, drink your Selbina milk. This is your "finale blocker." If Maat finales you, it will remove the milk effect instead of your songs. Drink another milk if Maat finales you. Use soul voice along with your best songs. Now, use finale on Maat if he has any potentially threatening buffs on (that's why I said to watch what he does when you enter.) and debuff him. Now, hit him with Spirits Within for a strong early hit. Now it's just a matter of fighting him, using WS as they come up. Finale any buffs Maat puts up and drink milk if he finales you.


Get ready to amaze even yourself with some fancy WSing. Bring along a few pear au lait, meat mithkabob and some hi-potions. Enter the burning circle and use meditate, making sure to wait for it to recharge before you enter to confront Maat. When you enter, use third eye and use your food and drink. Now, use the following skills: Tachi: Yukikaze > Meikyo Shisui > Tachi: Gekko (Fragmentation) > Meditate > Tachi: Yukikaze > Tachi: Gekko (Fragmentation) > Tachi: Gekko. After the smoke clears, simply continue to duel Maat, drinking potions to keep health up and drink another pear au lait when the first one runs out.


Cast Utsusemi: Ni, sleep yourself to 100% and eat your food as normal. The biggest threat is Maat's 2hr for which you must keep your HP above 700 in preparation for. Enter the arena. Maat will have Utsusemi: Ni on so don't unleash your WS until you've killed his shadows. Hit Maat with Blade: Chi or ten then proceed to Paralyze, Slow and Blind Maat. At all times, keep your HP above 700 so Maat's 2hr doesn't kill you. Once that's past, it's straightforward from there on.


Bring along a fish chiefkabob, a stack of hi potions,sleep potions and some Selbina milk. Use the sleep potions and Opo-necklace to get your TP up like always. Summon your wyvern and use your food and drink. Now, engage Maat and hit him five times or so and he will summon his wyvern. By this time, you should have 100% TP. Penta thrust Maat's wyvern but don't change targets, this will prompt your wyvern to breath on Maat. Jump and high jump, hit Maat a few times then use super jump and then immediatly break target and turn away from Maat (so you're engaged still but not attacking Maat). Maat and your wyvern will be locked in battle and with some luck, your wyvern will finish him off for you. If it doesn't, turn around and take him out yourself. He should be near death by now.


Short fight but it's all or nothing. When you enter, use Earthen Ward and Aerial Armor on yourself and get your MP back to full before confronting Maat and drink a Yagudo drink. Bring out whichever avatar is strongest on the current day (or Fenrir if you have him) and immediately use Astral Flow, refill your MP with ethers quickly and use Astral Flow again as soon as it's ready. That should take out Maat. If Maat uses Astral Flow himself, you will not survive. You simply have to be quicker at the draw, nothing more to it.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Limit Break quest series. The complete series includes:

Final Fantasy XI

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pld vs. maat fight
# Feb 21 2005 at 12:13 PM Rating: Excellent
95 posts
can anyone please put up the sites where i can view the videos of pld vs. maat fight?
# Feb 15 2005 at 3:10 AM Rating: Decent
72 posts
Maat was a rather simple battle really. I had watched multiple videos of PLD's fighting Maat, (i am a Paladin obviously <Lvl 70 Elvaan PLD>), and in each video, the PLD lived with less than 50 HP, so i was rather scared.
Let me tell you how I did it, perhaps it'll help, but in the end, you need to choose a style that fits you. Some say load up on STR and ATT, others say for VIT and DEF...w/e

Pre-fight equip:
>Weapon: Rusty GreatSword >Body & Gloves: Lvl 1 RSE >Legs: Rusty Subligar >Feet: Stumbling Sandles >Rings: Malflame Ring & Maldust Ring

Maat Battle equip:
>Weapon: Glutony Sword >Shield: Diamond Shield >Range: Lightning Bow >Head: AF >Neck: Iron Musketeer's Gorget >Earrings: Hades Earring & Knightly Earring >Body: AF >Gloves: AF >Rings: Hercules Ring & Vigor Ring >Back: Knightly Mantle >Waist: Warrior's Belt +1 >Legs: AF >Feet: AF

Items Carried:
Hi-Potion x5 Yagudo Drink x3 Persikos au Lait x2 Icarus Wing x1 Soul Sushi x1 Vile Elixer x1 Vile Elixer+1 x1

K, now here is what i did.
I began by wearing my "Pre-Fight equip", i gave Maat the testimony and began the battle. I then engaged Maat, ran up and hit him once (still wearing my Pre-fight equip i hit him for 13 LOL)
After my first attack, i immediately used Flash and hit the 3 macros it took to change my equip into my "Maat Battle Equip". <the logic here is that Maat is given your same stats at the begining of the battle, could be true, could be false, it didnt hurt to try>

After fixing my equip via macros, i used a yagudo drink and a persikos au lait. During this time Maat got of a decent hit or two, so i threw down a quick Cure IV, followed by Protect IV. <again, i didnt boost my defence earlier per not wanting to give Maat a defence boost prior to starting the fight.>

After i got my Protect IV off, i used my Soul Sushi. (at some point Maat got off a Banish III that i could not Shield Bash per using items -.-) I threw down another cure (cure III if i remember correctly), shortly there-after i had gained 100TP and used Swift Blade, used my Icarus Wing, and used Swift Blade a second time.

By this time i had used one of my Hi-Potions because my HP and MP were slightly low, but i didnt want to use a Vile Elixer because my yagudo drink was still in effect.<honestly..that makes no sence now..but w/e>

After Maat and i traded blows for a short time, he used Invincible. I immediately used Flash, tapped L3 and began running circles around the room <this sounded retarded at first..but was rather effective> as i ran, Maat got me with Sheild Bash, followed by a nice Critical Hit. As soon as i was no longer stunned, i used Sentinel and Rampart both, followed by a Vile Elixer to med my suffering HP and MP.

After what i had judged to be 30 secs, i ran back towards Maat, we traded blows and i cured as needed, and got off another Swift Blade. (somewhere around here my Yagudo Drink wore off and i used another)
As i was trying to build up enough TP for a final Swift Blade, my HP and MP started looking grim, so i used my Vile Elixer+1. Used another cure IV, got my 100TP and used Swift Blade....
and BAM, battle over.<looking back, had i used Invincible rather than my Vile Elixer+1..i prolly would have been fine and could have sold my Elixer back and saved some gil...o well>

So, there you have it. I beat Maat in 5 min 30 sec with 1216 HP 24 MP. you'll also notice i didnt mention Maat using his WS's such as Howling Fist or Asuran Fist, that is because he never did. So i was obviously rather fortunate, had he used his WS's it would have been a much different battle near the end.

Just to touch on my choice of Equip and Items:
I used the same equip in my "Maat Battle equip" as i do in EXP parties. I did this because i was just to damn lazy to buy anything else. I did have a Life Belt in my inventory, just in case i found my accuracy to be a problem, but i never had to equip it.

As far as the items go, one Persikos au Lait is enuf, they last 10 minutes (i didnt know that when i bought them). I recomend 3 yagudo drinks even though i only used 2, had the battle continued i would have needed to use the third. And the Hi-potions, those are just for peace of mind really, nice to have but not really needed. The Icarus Wing is a no-brainer, take one. I chose the Soul Sushi for its Strength, Dexterity and Accuracy, i figured i had enough Vitality on my equip, that this food would help me deal some damage to Maat, rather than just out-last him with straight Defence.

Well, there you go. Hopefully this helps.
Good Luck to all you PLD's out there! Go get 'em.

Edited, Tue Feb 15 03:35:41 2005
# Feb 14 2005 at 2:02 PM Rating: Excellent
95 posts
I tried this at lvl 69. i messed up bad. i forgot to bring along sleeping potions. so i was only able to sleep till 50% tp. so from the beginning i knew i was screwed. i went in and maat said something like oh so u decided to come. i attacked and he did banish 3. 200+ dmg. i did cure 3. and kept dueling till 100 tp then swift blade. he did 2 or 3 maat bashes throughout which also do 200+ dmg... when i got him to half hp he used invincible. i kited him but forgot to flash b4 started the kite. then when his wore i did invincible. and kept dueling... used vile elixir cause hp was like 50 and mp was 0. after that a cure 4. and then kept using swift blade when i got chance. he had about 1/10th of his health left when he used asuran fists on me and i died... only if i used another swift blade. didnt have enough tp.

Can anyone please confirm if the dragon's chronicles trick really works? i wanna try that next time.

PLD http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?87594

Edited, Mon Feb 14 14:06:20 2005
Bard experience
# Feb 09 2005 at 3:51 PM Rating: Good
787 posts
I slept to 100 and winged to 200tp as above, then meleed up to 300tp before using Spirits Within. In retrospect, this probably wasn't a great idea, as I only hit him 50% of the time (with sword skill 200 and a acc+8 from the gleeman's belt), so I didn't have full tp until around the 7 minute mark, and I needed to chug potions to get back up to full hp because he had just hit me with Howling Fist.

I also wore a borrowed Emperor's Hairpin even though I was using double Paeon, but he only missed me twice (19%) so perhaps the AF hat or Carapace would have been a better choice.

I did a total of 959 damage directly to Maat (515 melee + 444 Spirits). I think I had SV Requiem on him for about 2 minutes * 20 ticks/min * (6+2)*2 damage per tick = ~640 damage from Requiem. So BRD needs to do about 1600 damage to make Maat give up.

Edited, Thu Jul 7 15:53:26 2005
Cheap Maat strategy
# Feb 08 2005 at 3:58 PM Rating: Decent
186 posts
ok, I take no credit for this strategy, but a LS mate of mine found it on another webboard and I figured I'd pass it along to everyone here.

Basically, follow the outlines above for your specific job, but go in to the fight as level 69 with under 500 tnl. Carry a dragon chronicles page (don't we all love Eco-Warriors) and you now have an emergency level-up / free HP+MP max at any point during the fight.

Also, if thr rumor of Maat being equal to your character stats when entering are true, this gives you another edge over him.

Again, this was an idea that a LS mate of mine brought to our attention and I have yet to try it (only about 275k exp and I'll let everyone know how it worked out)

Good luck on beating up the elderly!
RE: Cheap Maat strategy
# Mar 10 2005 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
This does work. I was lvl 67 and 73 tnl when I went to fight Maat and brought Dragon Chronicles with me. I used it when I was down to about 250 hp/200 mp and I leveled bringing me back up to max hp/mp.

Edited, Tue Mar 15 18:54:34 2005
Mrbrown - Sylph Server
RE: Cheap Maat strategy
# Feb 19 2005 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
188 posts
AWOSME! i nva thought of doing that, thats proberly cause im only a 43 rdm :P but that would rock... b good for other bosses as well ^^ thx ^^

ill definatly use it on my rdm, sounds incredible hard with rdm ><

i cant wait 2 do maat though ^^
# Feb 05 2005 at 5:58 AM Rating: Decent
437 posts
I did everything that I saw Enterdestiny did in the video he posted, and now I too beat Maat without taking any damage :P, I fumbled once and forgot to use 2nd AM before manafont, but he was asleep so I got manafont and Burst out on him anyways.

Did mine at BLM 70, cleared in 2 min 50 seconds, record is 1 min 53 seconds on Bismarck
Mnk maat.
# Jan 25 2005 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
Ok first of all dont listen to Britishbadfish @.@ First thing you should do is pop a bison steak (stupid patch) then equip opo-opo necklace and sleep to 100% TP (300% TP will you get Asuran Fists right off the bat by maat which means death). Next boost 10x Activate Dodge,Focus and Hundred Fists. Engage with your back turned, Chi Blast, use raging Fists, pop in icarus wing (during this fight i was spamming everything till the effect happened XD), Raging Fists again and pop a Vile Elixir or Vile Elixir +1 if you are low on HP by now. After this all you can really do is pray and use raging fists when TP allows.
# Jan 24 2005 at 3:55 PM Rating: Excellent
22 posts
Here ia a video of my BLM limit 5 victory

If the below link does not work just copy the link to you web browsers address link and hit enter key then chosse save file to your comper after download is complete extract the file from the zip archiev and play movie.


# Mar 30 2006 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
New Link
# Jun 23 2005 at 1:21 AM Rating: Good
dude your vid rocks, where did it go? my friend is doing blm maat now and he can't watch it. >< is it at all possible you could recover this vid? it was very helpful for me, and others could greatly benefit from the ocasional useful post on this site. thank you.
# Feb 17 2005 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
instead of Flare > Burst .. is it better to Freeze into Flare , Considering that freeze debuffs Fire .. Any ways enterdesinty that movie was great , What Songs are those played in your Movie? Anybody know ?
# Jan 21 2005 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
if your a thf DONT CARRY A WARP SCROLL.. i think thats why many of us fail.. i tried 8 times b4 i dropped it and next steal i got it.. DONT BRING 1 tats what your trying to steal.. its rare/ex
Sam Vs Maat
# Jan 16 2005 at 2:24 AM Rating: Decent
I would just like to say some stuff about SAM strategy. I have not beaten maat yet, as the last guide i read on this was an outdated one that told me i should 3rd eye his second ws, but being his second ws is spinning attack it doesn't work and it hits you anyway. But anyway on to the more helpful information. In my personal opinion it would be wise to bring an icarus wing into the fight. YourSC should be

Yukikaze >meikyo shisui> Gekko >meditate> gekko >>> yukikaze >>> gekko >icarus wing> gekko

the reason for this is yukikaze >>> gekko = fragmentation... ya ok we all knew that, but what a find that many people do not know is that fragmentation >>> gekko = good ol' faithful distorion (i have tested this on many occasions it does work) Well thats just what i have to say about it... wish me luck on my next attempt^^

Edit: oh and on another note... something i was thinking of just for some fun. A way to pull off a darkness skillchain on maat... fun fun fun.
here it is

Jinpu >switch to plm and use icarus wing> penta thrust >switch to gk and use meikyo shisui> gekko

jinpu >>> penta = gravitation... gravitation>>> gekko = darkness. that was just something i though of the other day so i thought i'd add it^^

Edited, Sun Jan 16 02:28:01 2005
Paladin Cleared
# Jan 12 2005 at 1:20 PM Rating: Excellent
263 posts
Hey everyone. I just wanted to give a post on what I did as a Galka PLD to beat down Maat.

I was very scared, simply because in the areas where my SP partied, we never fought Paladin-testimony dropping mobs. As such, I enlisted the help of my new LS (SoT) to acquire a test. As such, I really did not want to fail and ask for more help to get another test. Therefore, I spent about 40k in items (in retrospect, if i wasn't so damned nervous, i would not have had to do this).

First of all I'll Galka, which leads to MP issues from the start. My gear was as follows:
Weapon: Espadon+1, Shield: General's Shield, Ammo: Happy Egg, Armor: All AF gear except RSE gloves (for MP), Neck: Republican Gold Medal (to enter BC), Earrings: Drone and Coral, Ring: Chrysoberyl, Back: Beak Mantle +1, Waist: Lifebelt.
Upon entering BCNM with full HP and MP, I immediately cast Protect 4 and Shell 3. I ate a Meat Cheifkabob, drank a Yagudo drink. Then I switched to a Opo-Opo Necklace and downed 4 Sleeping Potions to 100% TP. I ran up to Maat and engaged.

I hit him once and immediately Vorpal Bladed him (better damage I am told than Swift). He cast Flash and I used Eye Drops. He tried to cast Banish and I Shield Bashed. I then worked my way up to 100% TP again. Once there, I Vorpal Blade. Then I ate an Icarus Wing and Vorpal'd again. By this point he Invincible'd. What I should have done to minimize damage was immed. flash and then kite. I did this poorly and took an extra 300 damage. Also to note, once I was building up to 100% after first WS, I used Sentinel and Rampart back-to-back.
Maat is very easy to kite. While kiting, I was down to about 150 hit points and 0 magic points. At this point I used my emergency Vile Elixir +1 (35k). I really didnt want to die. As soon as his Inv. was up, I used mine and healed up with about 4 HiPotions. By this point, I simple Bash'd another Banish 3, got up to 100% tp (for a 4th WS), and Vorpal'd. He was defeated.

Some stats on the fight. I did 992 damage on 21 regular hits to Maat (I missed 4 swings). On 4 Vorpal Blades, I did 1007 damage. I hit him for 20 on a Shield Bash. He did to me 2064 damage on 21 hits (no misses except while I Inv.). On two WS (Combo and Spinning) he did 255 damage to me. He Shield Bashed me 3 times for 252 damage and cast Banish 3 twice for 336. In the end I did 2019 damage to Maat and he did 2907 damage to me.

All in all, it cost me about 45k in used items to beat him down, a price I was fine with to be done with Genkais forever.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me on Cerberus, name = Requil. Good luck and God bless.

-frank out-
Rdm Taru
# Jan 10 2005 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent

Edited, Mon Jan 10 02:56:19 2005
Taru Rdm
# Jan 10 2005 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
taru rdm... the stratagy that worked really well for me: i ate melon pie and filled up, entered bc, refresh,protect,shell,rested up... stand, yagdrink,aquavale,blink,stoneskin,phalanxe,super ether...
run just to maximum casting distance from maat as you activate chainspell>>>
>>>bind,grav,paralyze,dispell,dipell again ...(use your judgement)... aero3...aero3..aero3...aero3..aero3... sleep1.. (yes one) pop another super ether >> bind,grav,aero3,aero3...sleep2 ..
blink,stoneskin,(cure <me> if needed)..convert.. use X-potions to fill up hp >> now chainspell will be gone so i used, bind,grav,aero3,water3 .. dead.
being that i am taru i had plenty of mp. also, binding,grav...sleep1 once.. then sleep2 next, and keeping maximum distance from him are the key. when sleep one sticks you have him. this is a hard fight and took me some practice. i take my hat off to all rdm because some jobs arent near as hard to defeate maat.
RE: Taru Rdm
# Mar 10 2005 at 12:21 PM Rating: Decent
Did you go in with full AF on or did you enter bcnm with no gear and then equiped everything? because I heard that would help me >>>> 68 RDM in preperation
# Jan 08 2005 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
829 posts
I obviously havn't gotten to this fight yet but i hear rumors about if you enter the battle with bad equipment such as Stumbling sandle (might be spelled wrong) he gets the same stats... i know thats just a rumor but what would happen if you went into battle feild weakend would he become weakend too?
mnks have it easy ^_^
# Jan 06 2005 at 8:07 PM Rating: Default
104 posts
k, even though i'm nowhere near this quest yet, i've thought about how to beat it fastest as a monk:

before you engage, use an opo-opo necklace and several sleep potions to sleep to 300%TP. use counterstance, dodge, and focus before entering, and use a meat mith/chief-kabob and a flask of persikos au lait. now you can enter to start the fight. when you fight, remember to boost every 15 seconds if you can.

engage him, use asuran fists (the H2H cap at 70 is 251 so yes you can use it), then use an icarus wing. use asuran fists one more time, then immediately use hundred fists (he's pretty much guaranteed to use it by now). when you reach 200%TP or when hundred fists wears off (whichever comes first), asuran fists one more time. this should kill him, but if not use chi blast and fight him regularly until he dies (remembering to use boost every time you can and using asuran fists every time you get 100%TP).
RE: mnks have it easy ^_^
# Jan 19 2005 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
You can't use Asuran fists here. Why? The quest to gain asuran fists requires you to remove the latent effect on a weapon. The weapon in question happens to be lv.71 so you're out of luck there I'm afraid.
potions myass
# Jan 04 2005 at 9:45 PM Rating: Default

Edited, Wed Jan 5 02:57:40 2005
RDM vs. Maat
# Dec 31 2004 at 2:43 AM Rating: Decent
476 posts
I was talking witha a fellow rdm friend (him 63, to my 58) about G5 strats. The questions turned to "maximum damage output". How does one increase the damage of 'said spell'?

2 words. Magic Burst!

Since Red Mage is the blend of both melee and mage... why not use that to our advantage?

Run in, watch Maat, and sleep to 100% (or so). Once you are set, sleep II maat, and drop all your trusty enfeebles, and Dispel that mutha. Since Aero III is going to be the stongest spell at 70, you can create either Fragmentation (Skullbreaker [club] > Brainshaker [club]) or Detonation (Fast Blade ([sword] > cyclone [dagger]). (Using an icarus wing, of course)

Once you drop the Skillchain (albiet, it might just be a weak one, dmg wise) you then unleash the gates of Hell with a Chainspell > Aero III Magic Burst Spree. Unresisted, and Good MB can effectivly double (or tripple) the dmg of a normal spell. With a large enough Mana pool, you may run out of MB time before its time to convert. Thus, your free to Sleep him again, if needed, or just simply re-buff yourself.

To be honest, i would be suprized if hes still standing after 4-6 Aero III MB's, even off a Lvl 1 skillchain (detonation).

Any responce from someone who thought of this, or maybe even tried it once?

note: I do realize that this tactic eliminates the ability to swap in your Dark Staff for Sleep II, but i guess thats where some trusty +INT rings, earrings, and Neck come in play. On that same note, you can even go as far as Fang (Spike) earrings, or anything else to +ATK or +ACC for the WS side of it. Just be sure to re-swap all that +INT and Wind Staff for the Chainspell MB ^^
RE: RDM vs. Maat
# Jan 15 2005 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
329 posts
To be specific, a MB is a straight 1/3 boost to damage. I wish it were double, my BlizzIII would be bursting for 1100 damage. :D

Nevertheless, using Chainspell to squeeze in that many magic bursts would be a nice leg up on him. At least equal to a free Aero III, more if all unresisted. You'd want to dress like a BLM to pull that off, though. INT to the max, Moldavite Earring's a must.

I too would love to hear any stories about someone trying this. As a BLM, the thought of that many Magic Bursts off a single skillchain..... significantly piques my interest, even if it turns out to be ineffective as a Maat strat. :)
Damn you Maat!!!
# Dec 30 2004 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
I'm atm 0/12 on maat... god i hate him so much! The way i do it is really easy and heard it works:
eat food then rest
enter BCNM and run to maat and cast blink and stoneskin
cast diaga and dispel
chainspell and aeroIII till it runs out
between all that i cast blink or stoneskin if i need to
convert, cureIV, and nuke
use vile of elixir+1 keep nuking

The only problem i had was that i kept running out of mp or my aero III wasnt doing enough dmg...
anyone know a better way to beat him?
I use the wind staff, fencer's earring, and moldavite earring too...

Edited, Thu Dec 30 09:27:18 2004
RE: Damn you Maat!!!
# Feb 25 2005 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
488 posts
Dude... lol you can't be serious?

Diaga? There's no way you can beat him out sleep to pause some of his attacks. You're giving him way too much room to kill you. Sleep then recast or use ethers/elixirs. Trying to use those while he can nuke and asuran fists you won't work.

We don't have the shear destructive power of a BLM. So we can't go in and spam all our highest spells until out of MP and hope to win.
bst tips
# Dec 28 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
has anyone ever beat him as a bst and how I am 0/8 and ready to throw this game straight in the trash
# Dec 22 2004 at 8:23 PM Rating: Decent
63 posts
I finally defeated Maat for Genkai5 at level 69 (on second try). I have failed on five previous attempts: lvl. 66 x 2, lvl. 67, lvl. 68, and lvl. 69. Using these "trial and error" fights, I came up with the following startegy which I used and defeated Maat in 3minutes, 9seconds, with the new record on Hades (Dec. 23, 2004).

Note: I am a Hume Male and this may need minor adjustments for the different races.

Main: Kazaridachi
Sub: none
Ranged: Lightning Bow +1
Ammo: Horn Arrow
Head: Myochin Kabuto
Neck: Royal Guard's Collar
Ear1: Merman's Earring
Ear2: Merman's Earring
Body: Haubergeon
Hands: Myochin Kote
Ring1: Sniper's Ring
Ring2: Sniper's Ring
Back: Amemit Mantle
Waist: Life Belt
Legs: Myochin Haidate
Fett: Myochin Sune-Ate

Vile Elixir +1
Vile Elixir
Hi-Potion +1
Hi-Potion x 5
Icarus Wing
Pear au Lait
Tonosama Riceball

I over compensated with the purchase of all the meds I listed above as I didn't even have to use one potion for healing. However, it's safe to at least carry a few Hi-Potions as the fight can turn for the worst at any second. I say it's best to come fully prepared as the Samurai Testimonies aren't easy to get as all Samurai know. Also, I bought a Blink Band for Blink which I believe made the fight a success. Here's what I did:

I entered the BCNM by trading the Samurai Testimony. Once inside, I Meditated and gained 140tp and used an Icarus Wing to boost my tp to a total of 240tp. I switched from Myochin Kabuto to Blink Band and casted Blink on me then re-equiped the Myochin Kabuto. Here, I have heard from many that you should wait for Meditate to cool down. This is an option you may want to do for extra precaution. However, it is not mandatory as I didn't wait. I ran passed through the Cermet Door into the arena and used a Tonosama Riceball and drank a Pear au Lait. I then engaged Maat and got 2 hits in before unleashing Tachi: Yukikaze. This is when Maat did the famous Samurai Meikyo Shisui and released his 3 WS attack: Combo >>> Spinning Attack >>> Tackle. Blink wore away after the Combo and I got hit with Spinning Attack for 131 points damage. I then used Third Eye (which you should have already Macro'd) and Maat missed his Tackle. With the hard part of the way, it was time for me to unleash the wrath of my Meikyo Shisui and let the weaponskills fly: Tachi: Gekko >>> Tachi: Yukikaze >>> Tachi: Gekko. Fight over with just 600hp left, Maat says,"Hm. That was a mighty fine display of skill there, Azynhito. You've come a long way..."

Hopefully this helps you out and when you see Maat, tell him: "{Death}? {Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass}." (*^^)b

Edited, Wed Dec 22 20:29:32 2004
# Dec 21 2004 at 6:05 PM Rating: Default
Do how many Testimonies do we need 1 or all that are listed for our Job?
RE: Question
# Feb 21 2005 at 5:22 PM Rating: Good
634 posts
You need one testimony of whatever your first lev 66+ job is.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that once Limit 5 is broken, it is broken for all jobs.
RDM = not as hard
# Dec 20 2004 at 11:37 PM Rating: Decent
This fight isnt as hard as people think, maybe i just got lucky but i beat maat on my first try with my rdm.
Here is was i did, maat is reckless so you need to beat him at that.
1. I went up to him, buffed up = blink, shell, protect, stoneskin, didnt do anything else since you need to be fast.
2. DONT SLEEP MAAT AT beginning. Its a stupid idea if you ask me, you dont need to dispel him unless he has shell, blink or stoneskin, but i buffed up so fast he didnt get a chance to.
3. Once i was done with buff, I used one of my expensive ethers for 200+mp. Then i went straight into chainspell, i used a mythic wand and had INT+24 overrall. I didnt get resisted once.
4. Once you run out of mp use your ethers, i used the rest of the expensive ethers, got all my mp back and still had chainspell on. kept on nuking until i saw i was running out of mp.
5. once you see yourselve with low mp use sleep. You should still have chainspell on, so you can be sure to sleep him.
6. Once he is asleep he should be about 1/4 life left, convert and use hi potions to get hp back, then nuke him until he is dead. I beat him right away with 700hp/400mp left.

You need to just need to think about offence as the best defence, the faster you kill the better, that why i started with chainspell right of the bat. Also, remeber that i didnt get resisted at all in the Aero III, it was a Darks day, so maybe thats why.

Maybe i need to fix up this plan a little bit and there maybe some mistakes, but im just telling you how i did it, and it was easy.
RE: RDM = not as hard
# Jan 12 2005 at 8:52 PM Rating: Decent
Save time and thus your *** in this fight, use super ethers and potions.
# Dec 20 2004 at 8:14 AM Rating: Decent
dont use the strategy! too risky to use astral flow. ANd it doesnt matter what avatar he uses, use leviathan with lvl 70 spinning dive!

(cast stoneskin and blinka on yourself), rest to full mp,drink yagudo then cast levi, run up to him, aim Maat assault and spinning dive
right after spinning dive, run back to bc and leave levi fight with him.
if levi die, recast immidiately, and there is a chance levi might go for Maat's pet you need to assault Maat again. If levi not dead, after one min you run back and spinning dive again.
and run the the other end and wait repeat this method. 3-4 spinning dives should finish him, he odesnt have a lot of hp.
You have broken the time record for Shattering Stars!
# Dec 17 2004 at 8:45 PM Rating: Good
31 posts
Wow. Just, wow. I'm still shaking from this fight.. since it's just you vs HIM.. with no outside help, and I've heard so much about how RDM battle is the hardest.. etc.

First time, I take the foolish advice of others and rush in immediately after entering the BC to Sleep II Maat. He resists. Great.. and since I listened to that bad advice, I have no buffs to save me. Equipment swap. Gravity.. resist.. Bind.. resist. Maat begins casting Aero III.. death.

So, I say ***** that, and decide to stick to my guns, and my trusty Pluto's Staff, which has yet to fail me in anything. After a few hours, I get another Rdm.Testimony and go at it again. For good luck, I stay in my LS party, but turn off the linkshell itself to avoid distractions. Here's how the fight went..

* Melon Pie+1, then enter BC.
* Protect IV, Shell IV, Refresh, Stoneskin, Phalanx.
* I run up to Maat and cast Sleep II on him with Pluto's Staff equipped. It works.
* I Dispel the following spells off the old man; Aquaveil, Haste and Enwater. The 4th Dispel does nothing.
* I try Gravity on him while he's still asleep, but it fails. Instead, I Bind him while he's asleep and it works. For a very long time I might add. I do this inbetween the Dispels above, so as not to waste any time.
* I cast Aero III (347 damage), Water III (314 damage) and Stone III (290 damage) on him. He gets off a Water III which hits me for 0, and was beginning to cast Stone III, but I Sleep II him again before he can finish.
* Convert!
* Pamama au Lait, Yagudo Drink, and Hi-Potion x 5 put me at not-quite full, but full enough. Note that I converted when I was NOT at super-low MP.. but where I had about 150ish MP left. This is because I wanted to make sure I had enough HP..
* Chainspell!
* Aero III five times for (347 damage) each time, except once when it got resisted. Maat loses. He used his Chainspell and hit me with Water III, Fire II, Thunder II, used Haste on himself, and Stone III. Most of them were absorbed by the Stoneskin; and he was far away from me the whole time.

(New) time record for Seraph: 3 minutes, 54 seconds.

He only punched me once at the very end for about 94 damage, and I went into the fight with the equipment you see on my status screen here. The only thing I changed was that I tossed on some lv10 +2 INT rings I borrowed. All in all, it was an intense fight, and I think it really was both luck and the virtue of being a Tarutaru that I was able to avoid the excessive prices of Ethers and Elixirs to still win the battle. I concluded the battle with 354 HP and 178 MP left. I kept my Pluto's Staff equipped the entire time, and didn't do any equipment changes at all.

That's.. it in a nutshell. Do the fight your own way. If you're able to land nukes and enfeebles consistently on EXP mobs without having to do much/any equipment swapping, then you'll be fine to take down Maat the same way. You might be missing your SJ, but having actually done the fight now myself, I realize it's actually not as needed as you may think.
# Dec 15 2004 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
Im just curious, being I havent seen it anywhere. If you fight maat and lose the first try, do you lose your Testimony paper and have to get a new one each time you attempt to beat him? Or, can you come out of the fight, and turn around and go right back in with the same testimony? I havent seen an answer to this question and would like some clarification.
RE: Testimony
# Dec 16 2004 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
A testimony is like the Burning Circle orbs. If you use it and lose, you will still have it. However, it will be useless. You have to throw it away and get another one.

Edited, Thu Dec 16 08:38:23 2004
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