PM 1-3 The Mothercrystals  

Submitted by:Auiinwhm/Shiva
Start Area: Hall of Transference
Prerequisites:PM 1-2 Below the Arks
Related Areas:Lufaise Meadows
Related Mobs:Nag'molada
Mission:1 - 3
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
(Average from 44 ratings)
Title Obtained:Ancient Flame Follower
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 1-2 Below the Arks
Next Mission: PM 2-1 An Invitation West
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Mission Orders

The first mothercrystal has been tainted with Emptiness. Hurry to the remaining crags to find out if any other stones have met the same fate.


This mission will be activated once you have defeated one of the first three Promyvion bosses. It does not matter which one.

About Promyvion

Promyvion is made up of four areas: Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Holla, Promyvion - Mea, and Promyvion - Vahzl. You need not concern yourself with Promyvion - Vahzl until PM 5-2 Desires of Emptiness. The first three Promyvion areas have a level cap of 30. As of the September 2008 version update[1], you do not have to wear level appropriate gear in a level capped zone, however it may be recommended for optimum performance. To enter a Promyvion zone, enter the Hall of Transference through a shattered telepoint at one of the three crags. Once inside, check the large apparatus to the left. At this point, you will be able to enter that zone.

Note: If you do not complete that Promyvion by defeating the boss at the end, you will need to check the large apparatus again to erase your memory in order to enter a different Promyvion.

The Promyvion zones are broken up into four "floors," each with increasingly tougher mobs called Emptiness. All emptiness are True Sight, so sneak and Invisible are useless. It is commom practice to avoid fighting them as much as possible, especially on the higher levels where they are typically much tougher than anything a normal level 30 party would be able to safely handle. It is advisable to carry with you a Reraise Earring. It also wouldn't hurt to have someone in your party with Tractor, just in case.

Traversing Promyvion

As previously mentioned, Promyvion zones are broken up into 4 "floors." To travel from one floor to the next, you must find and defeat the correct Memory Receptacle. Memory Receptacles are usually surrounded by special Emptiness called Strays. Strays are very easy to defeat, but can quickly become a problem in large numbers. Additionally, Memory Receptacles spawn Strays in regular intervals, so it is advisable to have a member of the party dedicated to killing them while the rest of the part is fighting the Memory Receptacle. Common practice is for someone with ranged attacks, like a Ranger or Samurai, to take care of this. Once the correct Memory Receptacle is defeated, a portal will appear that will take you to the next floor. Occasionally, you will encounter a "fake" Memory Receptacle, which after defeating will not cause a portal to appear. At the end of the fourth floor is the entrance to a spire, in which is the entrance to the battle field where you will fight the boss.

Promyvion Bosses

It is advisable to do the quest Empty Memories to obtain Psychoanima, Hysteroanima, and Terroanima, which will make the fights with the bosses significantly easier.

Promyvion - Dem Boss

Progenerator, a Gorger type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Dem. Progenerator has the following moves:

  • Fission - calls out a pet, Offspring
  • Quadratic Continuum - Standard damage attack
  • Spirit Absorption - Drains 200 HP
    • This attack ignores shadows
  • Stygian Flatus - AoE Paralyze attack
  • Promyvion Barrier - Defense boost
  • Vanity Drive - Directional AoE damage attack
When you defeat Progenerator, you will receive the key item Light of Dem and be warped back outside.

Promyvion - Holla Boss

Wreaker, a Thinker type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Holla. Wreaker has the following moves:

  • Empty Cutter - Single target physical damage attack
  • Negative Whirl - AoE Ice damage attack
  • Shadow Spread - AoE Curse and Sleep attack
  • Stygian Vapor - AoE Plague attack and hate reset
  • Trinary Absorption - HP Drain
  • Trinary Tap - Steals 1-3 status effects or 200 HP from the target if the target has no status effects active
    • Typical strategy against this is to have someone with /whm spam bar- spells
  • Winds of Promyvion - Similar to Erase
When you defeat Wreaker, you will receive the key item Light of Holla and be warped back outside.

Promyvion - Mea Boss

Delver, a Craver type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Mea. Delver has the following moves:

  • Carousel - AoE physical damage attack with knock back effect
    • Shadows will absorb this move.
  • Empty Thrash - Standard damage attack
  • Impalement - Drops target's HP to 5% and clears target's enmity
    • This move can be avoided by running out of range.
  • Material Fend - Evasion boost.
  • Murk - AoE Slow and Gravity effect
  • Promyvion Brume - AoE damage with Poison effect
When you defeat Delver, you will receive the key item Light of Mea and be warped back outside.

Once you have the Light of Dem, the Light of Holla, and the Light of Mea, this mission will be complete.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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12-18 people.. not needed...
# Oct 16 2004 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
2,204 posts
I have went up all three Promys with a 6-man party and was able to easily beat each one. PLD, RNG, RNG, BLM, SMN, and a WHM.
We even set the record (for now) on Mea on Carbuncle... a little over 5 minutes...

You can easily beat each level of each Promy just by having people LISTEN to one person and not running off.
When SE made the memory stream a 3 minute duration instead of 60sec-90sec it made the 6-man party's climb so much easier.

Good luck with your climbs!
i completely disagree
# Oct 16 2004 at 8:48 AM Rating: Default
I was in a party in Promyvion, i didnt have whm sub for blm so i put rdm since its my highest job.
We did Promyvion-Dem first, hes right it was the easiest we had no deaths didnt even use two hours.
Next was Promyvion-Mea omg this guy is a joke really. I started the battle my doing Elemental Seal + Paralyze. he stayed paralyzed for about half the fight, and then Anima him afterwards. The WAR 2 hred and then MNK. Shortly after the RNG and SMN did as well. the MNK and WAR died and then the RNG and the WHM. i used Manafont and started casting Water II no interrupts (i love manafont cuz of that) and then i shot a stone II right away, for the kill.
We then went for Holla......took us 3 hrs to get to the top (damn Thinkers) we started BCNM same way we did Mea but at halfway WAR and MNK 2 hred and the WAR got hit with Empty Cutter and died. 1 astral flow gave the SMN hate and got hit with empty cutter my 2 hr got me hate i got hit with a double attack. the WHM ran out when only the RNG was left.....
Point is my experience Holla is evil, and Dem is easiest. Mea is ez if u know what your doing.
RE: i completely disagree
# Oct 16 2004 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
went up and did mea with a party setup= war/nin war/nin<me> rng/nin blm/whm whm/blm and yes.......... thf/nin....First battle: thf taed one of the wars making it impossible to get hate off him and so unable to cast utsusmi... 2cd battle we were unprpared for the AOE sleep as we all sttod there for literaly 4min... and whm was acting funny... he used 2 hour when he had 200 mp lol...
experienced party
# Oct 16 2004 at 2:45 AM Rating: Decent
If you have a party of experienced players you can beat the bcnms without the most optimal parties. We beat holla and mea taking only 12 people to the top and once in the bcnm we kited the nm up the steps and off the side forcing the nm into the pillar where it'd get stuck for a second or two meanwhile it's unable to attack you so just run to the other side and repeat. Best to have 2 kiters though so you can switch off if you make a mistake or if your rng or blm etc pull hate.
RE: experienced party
# Feb 17 2005 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
18? 12? too many people just makes it more complicated and harder to stay together, I did dem and mea yesterday both with only 1 party of 6 people. Mea was done entirely with my LS using the set up MNK, MNK, RNG, WAR/NIN, WHM, and BLM (me), made it all the way to the spire with no deaths, myself and the RNG were the only survivors of the boss battle but we won and that is what counts. for Dem I went with a random shout party in jeuno... sorta, right after getting back to jeuno from mea I saw a shout saying "(Promyvion-Dem) (Do you need it?) @3 RNG, RNG, WHM" and figured I might as well, ended up using the WAR/NIN and the RNG from my LS to fill the last 2 slots after I joined so that made it RNG, RNG, RNG, WAR/NIN, WHM, and BLM (still me). had a couple accidents on the way down that resulted in 4 deaths the first time, and 3 the second, but the WHM lived both times to raise so we kept going, when we made it to the spire the boss dropped in record time from 3 eagle eye shots. while here we also found the NM Satiator and managed to take it down because it was in our way.

No one brought any of the items listed in the description on here... all we had were yagudo drinks for the mages and we were fine. someone should really update this description because there is no need to spend money on all those items and one party is enough to get it done, a full alliance just makes it harder, not to mention that when the boss fight comes only 6 may enter at a time. gonna try holla tonight with my LS, hopefully it will go as well as the other 2 have.

<edit> forgot to put WHM in the party setup for dem, whoops.

Edited, Thu Feb 17 14:40:56 2005
Real way to win.
# Oct 16 2004 at 2:00 AM Rating: Excellent
Ok kids, here's the REAL way they want you to beat it:

These party-restrictive setups work, but the easiest way to win is to get anima. Three recollections can drop from mobs killed in Promyvion, and each yield different anima. Trade the recollection to a man in the Ducal Residence (past Maat, looking at paintings) with 2000 gil, and the next game day you'll get an anima.

Recollection of Fear - Psychoanima - Intimadates for 30 secs (no physical attacks)
Recollection of Pain - Hysteroanima - Interrupts all specials for 30 secs (no special attacks)
Recollection of Guilt - Terroanima - mob does nothing but run around for 30 secs (no actions, great with Bind)

These anima and recollections are rare/ex, and a party well-equipped with these gets a lot more leeway. I like to loose Hysteroanima after 50% life, using the War's vokes as a timer for the next person to use it.
RE: Real way to win.
# Oct 17 2004 at 8:29 AM Rating: Excellent
80 posts
An emphatic second for this. I'm flabbergasted that the main description of this mission here leaves out this important aspect.

Anima are precisely what the game provides to make up for the difficulty of the Promyvion boss battles. To win, just take some time in advance, go to any Promyvion area, and farm some recollections. You can do this solo on the 1st level, but it's a little slow. If you can take a buddy or two with you, you can get them in fairly short order.

Once you've got an anima or two to use on the bosses, the battles become quite manageable. If you go whole hog and bring more than two into a fight, it becomes a cake walk.

All the stuff in the main mission description here about required items, party composition, etc. are all just to make up for the fact that the author either didn't know about anima, or didn't understand their importance.

A small addition on turning the recollections into anima... after farming your recollections, don't erase your memory when leaving the Promathia area. If you do, Harith won't talk to you when you get back to Jeuno.

Edited, Sun Oct 17 09:34:36 2004
Umm, Alliance?
# Oct 16 2004 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
2,047 posts
We beat the final dem boss, war/monk, monk/war, rng/nin, whm/blm, blm/whm, blm/whm. We also got up to the top without any more than our party of 6. You just have to be careful.
# Oct 16 2004 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
149 posts
MY GOD.....it seams inpossible. My ls is just FINALY getting together this weekend to do ZM4. At this rate it will be another year till we get to CoP stuff.

One question...what do you mean by "1D Echo Drops"? Only 1 echo drop, or 1 stack of drops?
RE: MY.....GOD!!!
# Oct 16 2004 at 8:41 AM Rating: Default
1D = 1 dozen or one stack
# Oct 15 2004 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
210 posts
I wanna do Promyvion... /cry
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