PM 1-3 The Mothercrystals  

Submitted by:Auiinwhm/Shiva
Start Area: Hall of Transference
Prerequisites:PM 1-2 Below the Arks
Related Areas:Lufaise Meadows
Related Mobs:Nag'molada
Mission:1 - 3
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
(Average from 44 ratings)
Title Obtained:Ancient Flame Follower
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 1-2 Below the Arks
Next Mission: PM 2-1 An Invitation West
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Mission Orders

The first mothercrystal has been tainted with Emptiness. Hurry to the remaining crags to find out if any other stones have met the same fate.


This mission will be activated once you have defeated one of the first three Promyvion bosses. It does not matter which one.

About Promyvion

Promyvion is made up of four areas: Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Holla, Promyvion - Mea, and Promyvion - Vahzl. You need not concern yourself with Promyvion - Vahzl until PM 5-2 Desires of Emptiness. The first three Promyvion areas have a level cap of 30. As of the September 2008 version update[1], you do not have to wear level appropriate gear in a level capped zone, however it may be recommended for optimum performance. To enter a Promyvion zone, enter the Hall of Transference through a shattered telepoint at one of the three crags. Once inside, check the large apparatus to the left. At this point, you will be able to enter that zone.

Note: If you do not complete that Promyvion by defeating the boss at the end, you will need to check the large apparatus again to erase your memory in order to enter a different Promyvion.

The Promyvion zones are broken up into four "floors," each with increasingly tougher mobs called Emptiness. All emptiness are True Sight, so sneak and Invisible are useless. It is commom practice to avoid fighting them as much as possible, especially on the higher levels where they are typically much tougher than anything a normal level 30 party would be able to safely handle. It is advisable to carry with you a Reraise Earring. It also wouldn't hurt to have someone in your party with Tractor, just in case.

Traversing Promyvion

As previously mentioned, Promyvion zones are broken up into 4 "floors." To travel from one floor to the next, you must find and defeat the correct Memory Receptacle. Memory Receptacles are usually surrounded by special Emptiness called Strays. Strays are very easy to defeat, but can quickly become a problem in large numbers. Additionally, Memory Receptacles spawn Strays in regular intervals, so it is advisable to have a member of the party dedicated to killing them while the rest of the part is fighting the Memory Receptacle. Common practice is for someone with ranged attacks, like a Ranger or Samurai, to take care of this. Once the correct Memory Receptacle is defeated, a portal will appear that will take you to the next floor. Occasionally, you will encounter a "fake" Memory Receptacle, which after defeating will not cause a portal to appear. At the end of the fourth floor is the entrance to a spire, in which is the entrance to the battle field where you will fight the boss.

Promyvion Bosses

It is advisable to do the quest Empty Memories to obtain Psychoanima, Hysteroanima, and Terroanima, which will make the fights with the bosses significantly easier.

Promyvion - Dem Boss

Progenerator, a Gorger type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Dem. Progenerator has the following moves:

  • Fission - calls out a pet, Offspring
  • Quadratic Continuum - Standard damage attack
  • Spirit Absorption - Drains 200 HP
    • This attack ignores shadows
  • Stygian Flatus - AoE Paralyze attack
  • Promyvion Barrier - Defense boost
  • Vanity Drive - Directional AoE damage attack
When you defeat Progenerator, you will receive the key item Light of Dem and be warped back outside.

Promyvion - Holla Boss

Wreaker, a Thinker type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Holla. Wreaker has the following moves:

  • Empty Cutter - Single target physical damage attack
  • Negative Whirl - AoE Ice damage attack
  • Shadow Spread - AoE Curse and Sleep attack
  • Stygian Vapor - AoE Plague attack and hate reset
  • Trinary Absorption - HP Drain
  • Trinary Tap - Steals 1-3 status effects or 200 HP from the target if the target has no status effects active
    • Typical strategy against this is to have someone with /whm spam bar- spells
  • Winds of Promyvion - Similar to Erase
When you defeat Wreaker, you will receive the key item Light of Holla and be warped back outside.

Promyvion - Mea Boss

Delver, a Craver type mob, is the boss of Promyvion - Mea. Delver has the following moves:

  • Carousel - AoE physical damage attack with knock back effect
    • Shadows will absorb this move.
  • Empty Thrash - Standard damage attack
  • Impalement - Drops target's HP to 5% and clears target's enmity
    • This move can be avoided by running out of range.
  • Material Fend - Evasion boost.
  • Murk - AoE Slow and Gravity effect
  • Promyvion Brume - AoE damage with Poison effect
When you defeat Delver, you will receive the key item Light of Mea and be warped back outside.

Once you have the Light of Dem, the Light of Holla, and the Light of Mea, this mission will be complete.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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Party set up
# Feb 06 2005 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
331 posts
I just want to say that ANY jobs can do promy easily. It is very misleading to say that you must have a RNG or a NIN. We did every promy without a NIN (or even a tank with a NIN sub), and only did Holla with a RNG. Just get yer anima kids! And go with folks who have at least half a clue(I realize that is often quite challenging).

Good luck to all^^

EDIT: I lied we did have a RNG guide us to the spire each time, so uh yeah widescan is good.

Edited, Sun Feb 6 04:28:42 2005
# Feb 05 2005 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
Just wanted to let everyone know... some of my LS members and I finished all 3 Promys tonight. This was the set-up:

6 People (NO Alliances): WHM/SMN (me), BLM/WHM, DRK/WAR, RNG/NIN, RNG/NIN, PLD/WAR

Only one death the entire time, and the 6 person thing was a lot less confusing than a 12 person PT/Alliance. So it IS possible to do this w/o and Alliance... and in my honest opinion, it was a lot easier.
RE: ......
# Feb 07 2005 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
Nalin... >.>
we only did Promyvion-Dem...we still have to do Mea and Holla...

BTW: i was the Paladin in that party and had no problmes tanking. So NIN main or sub is NOT necessary. I didnt even use any juices either or HP regen items.
RE: ......
# Feb 13 2005 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
78 posts
I honestly think a PLD tank was better in this case. Kll did an awesome job with keeping hate, no one else got hit... like, ever.
# Feb 04 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
just wanna note these battles are rediculously easy with just a few minutes of anima farming beforehand. :P
# Feb 04 2005 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
These Promyvions do not require an alliance at all guys. A well balanced, fully prepared, and quick thinking single group can do all three of these easily. I went with a linkshell group each and every time, our main party setup being..
rdm/whm or mnk/thf

If you mob dodge instead of trying to force your way into the different levels, you will have no problems getting to the NM at the end. The NM itself is rather easy to take with a good group of players who knows what they are doing and how to play their jobs well. So those of you that have lost hope in getting this done because you cannot get an alliance together, fear not, it can be and has been done! Happy hunting and good luck on your Promyvion runs.
# Feb 03 2005 at 2:08 AM Rating: Decent
42 posts
Delver loved to run away from the SUM 2hr!
# Jan 30 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
Just did Holla tonight

Pretty easy fight really. Farming the recollection orbs or whatever to get animas help, we let 5 loose on Boss one after the other, he didn't know what to do. Took about 8 minutes. The record was 4 something.
# Jan 30 2005 at 9:15 AM Rating: Decent
91 posts
After attempting Prom-Holla twice as a RDM (and losing during the boss battle), I wised up & got my SMN to lvl 30.

The winning party was WAR/NIN/WHM/SMN/BLM/RNG and it was basically the SMN's 2hr that won the fight for us.

I agree whole-heartedly here. I'm really surprised that nothing is said in the quest description about how useful a SMN can be in the promyvions. I had heard the rumors, but was pretty psyched when I experienced this for myself last night. We had 4 animas (3 psycho, 1 hyster) and our pty set up was SMN/RDM (me) PLD/WAR, NIN/RNG, BLM/WHM, WHM/BLM, and WAR/THF. I'd have to say the most damage dealt was between me & the BLM. But since we used my 2hr near the end, it was me who killed it off. I didn't need to use Judgement Bolt a 3rd time. First time it caused 425 damage I think. But the last 60 seconds or so were nerve-wracking, considering I was almost peeing my pants waiting for my items to take effect: hi-ether, yag drink, & psychoanima.

Here we were, PLD was dead, NIN, WAR & WHM were near death. And 3 of those offsprings were coming at me & the BLM. I fired off 2nd Judgment Bolt... and KABOOM! "The Progenerator takes 439 points of damage" "The Offspring takes 442 points of damage" (x3) Ramuh defeats the Progenerator. Ramuh defeats the Offspring.


I'm not sure that all of those items are necessary. As for me, I used 2 hi-ethers, 2 yag drinks, 1 psychoanima, and wore full seer's gear. Anyone on Unicorn look me up & I'd be happy to help on promyvions. Still need Mea & Holla myself.

/salutes fellow SMNs

Server: Unicorn
Linkshell/Static: GobbieStyle
RDM 52, SMN 30, WHM 10, BLM 5, RNG 5, BRD 3, BST 1
# Jan 29 2005 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
i did mea, my group was only one out of teh 3 that beat the boss, i was war/ with a lv 10 mnk sub, we also had a blm a whm a smn a pld and then another war, we beat it with all of us dead except blm who was at full health, not difficult at all, there were 2 smn coming up in teh alliance and the mobs werent that hard with the alliance. we didnt have an anima all i can say is we were smart and we didnt go balistic with unnecesarry items liek the guy at top of page says u need we just whooped its *** to half health befor it got it aoe off and killed teh pld then we juggled hate until we died and blm ot easy kill nothing difficult about it if your willing to put your life on the line for teh greater cause.
2 gil
# Jan 28 2005 at 11:50 PM Rating: Good
88 posts
Well I've so far completed DEM and MEA and neither of those were super challenging. 1st time we had a full alliance to tear though whatever aggro, although it was our goal to get none. 2nd time it was a 12 man alliance. I went as a 30RNG/15WAR ...... bad mistake both times I went I died when we started to 2HR it. I got credit for it because we did win, but the boss took out it's frustration on me. So if you go as RNG go as NIN sub with utsusemi. Otherwise not even your LS will sympathize when you die.
Team of 6?
# Jan 28 2005 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
7,106 posts
Wait wait, I know what your saying. Do I REALLY need all this? The answer, yes you do.

I'll re-iterate this, since this mission was just officially added today: you do not need an alliance, or the best food, or the best gear. A well-balanced team of six can make it to the spire (although any links on the 3rd or 4th floor might be lethal), and a pt of naked WHM could beat the bosses if you all have animas.

The mission description is old information; promyvion has been made easier by several patches. A well-organised, average EXP pt at level 30 could beat these if they had some animas.
PromyDem VIDEO
# Jan 24 2005 at 5:42 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Edited this together of our cakewalk promy-dem experience- placed it on the home of a site I'm working on :-) peep it! VIDEO DEM STYLE :-) top right corner on site home page . . .


ratmatic- diabolos
RE: PromyDem VIDEO
# Jan 28 2005 at 4:40 AM Rating: Decent
2,027 posts
Watched the video...was the final fight cut or something? it seems like you guys trashed the thing in 30 seconds or something...was it really that easy (I realise you had 2 smn and stuff...but oh my god...)
anybody will work
# Jan 23 2005 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
i have done dem (war/thf) and holla (pld/war) both succesfully,
you don't need war.nin 2 war/thf or mnk could easily rotate tank the dem boss without nin subbed if i remember the pt for dem was war/thf(me) blm/whm rng/nin war/mnk whm/blm thf/nin

only the war/mnk died but we still won with one anima.

holla was much easier no death. 2 rng/nin pld/war (me) whm/blm brd/whm blm/whm just needed the poison potions and holy waters. i needed afew hi-ethers due to my galka mp pool...but all lived nobody in yellow. 1 anima used. the one that makes it confused. 25 seconds from record. 2 eeys' sealed the deal.

prolly gonna do mea this weekend. wish me luck
Owned at Dem?!
# Jan 20 2005 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
996 posts
My LS has been trying to catch people up on Promyvions (including myself) so that we can all go do 2-3 and 2-5 together. We were all very stressed about Mea and Holla, but in the parties I went with, we were all very calm and level-headed about things, and we never got into a potentially dangerous situation in either boss fight. We managed our anima well, we used our items responsibly (Hi-Pots and Sleep Potions, Eye Drops and Holy Water where needed), and generally kept our heads on.

Ironically enough, we took one party up through Dem last time, and got owned thrice by Progenerator. Possibly overconfidence the first time, definitely the second and third attempts (fewer anima, fewer 2HRs available).

The first time, we had the battle reasonably managed, but we started tossing anima too early, and so we didn't have the critical animas to stop him from popping Offspring and performing Spirit Absorption. We probably hit the thing for 150% damage, but he healed too much during the fight and we couldn't ever take him to zero, even with the MNK using his 2HR.

And that was probably the biggest problem - we went in with a party that wasn't ideally suited for it at all. PLD/WAR, WAR/NIN, MNK/WAR, THF/NIN, WHM/BLM, and an Elvaan BLM/RDM. We just didn't have enough damage. The MNK's 2HR didn't connect much at all, and when it did, the boss had Promyvion Barrier up, so the damage varied from 0-3 per hit.

If we had dropped one of the melees (preferably not the THF ;) ) and subbed in a SMN or RNG, I think we could have pulled it off, but not with this arrangement.

We'll be going again this weekend, hopefully with more animas and a better expectation of what to do. I think our team could have worked if we had brought more anima and managed them better, but it goes to show you that any party can do it if you handle yourselves smartly, and an ideal party can do it without a problem at all.
holla 1 team
# Jan 19 2005 at 5:53 PM Rating: Default
to do Holla as a single team when faced with the grave yard and fences is to take your time!

one) wanderers are by far the easiest mobs on any floor as well as the upper floors take the time to pull and kill a few to help clear the path through the fenced areas if needed.

same can be said at any point along your way a team capable of beating the boss should even with a bit of a beating take these out pretty easily.

your team must be prepared to move on a moments notice theres times two mobs will move and face away from your intended path at which time the whole team must hurry past to the next relatively safe area anyone lagging behind can jepardize the whole team.

the key to sneaking a single team up is moving as one not necesarily packed tightly together but definitly not spread across the field take the time to alow a rng or your most acomplished puller to scout a little ahead to determin the safest route to your objective.

most floors the teleport you want is not miles away when scaning with no map be sure to set a direction you face in. then look at all the recepticals noteing what direction they face acording to the direction you do when you drop the map screne you will have a better idea of which receptical is actualy on your floor.also take note of how the mobs on your floor are grouped sometimes the shortest route wont be passable if the mobs are too thick along the way.

the boss floor) this is when a single party can not be complacent they must avoid agro even if it means taking an extra 5 minutes to wait out some mobs to move away from your chosen path if its a bottleneck area and theres no way the mob will leave it. you may have to try a different route.

once your well within site of the zone to the spire in all the promyvs you'll notice that the mobs become congested on your path this is where you can decide to use the zone everything in a dash aproach with a 2 tank set up always have one tank be the rear guard to voke off of any teammate who's in trouble the first tank is the guard for the rng who's the guinea pig to start the train in motion althogh try not to go out of your path to pick up more mobs.

do not use the tanks as the first to agro save the vokes as a means to reduce any one player taking alot of damage in the run mages do not stand and heal their job is to get in the zone as fast as they can the rng who started should'nt be hurt too much with shadows to begin with and a shadowed tank voking off as they reach the zone.
Promyvions - Organiser's Guide
# Jan 16 2005 at 9:58 AM Rating: Excellent
187 posts
There's a lot of good information here already about how to do the Promyvions, but what there doesn't seem to be is a guide to actually organising a Promyvion run. Hopefully this post should help with this.

I managed to "miss the boat" a bit on Promyvions. I wasn't able to play much for several weeks after Chains of Promathia came out. To make matters worse, my main job was Paladin. As soon as I managed to get back into the game, it became clear that I wasn't going to find it easy to do the Promyvions as Paladin, as this wasn't one of the "good" jobs for them (more on this later). By the time I'd levelled Ranger/Ninja up to 30, almost everybody in my linkshell had already done the Promyvions and, as the risk of death while doing them is so high, most of them weren't willing to help other people get through them. Therefore, I've had to organise all of my own Promyvion runs, mostly using people I didn't know. I beat the last of them last night and thought it might be useful to offer some thoughts on how other people can do this. I'll try to cover the usual stuff about preliminaries and tactics, but I'll focus more on organisation.

--- What You Yourself Need To Have ---

First of all, you need to do the set-up for the Promyvions. This basically means installing Chains of Promathia and then zoning into Lower Delkfutt's Tower and Upper Jeuno, which will give cutscenes. There's a further cutscene in the infirmary in Upper Jeuno. Once you've seen these three cutscenes and gained a key item, you can enter the shattered telepoints at the crags.

You will also need a suitable job to at least level 30, with a suitable subjob to at least level 15. There's a lot of rubbish said about which jobs can and cannot do Promyvions. Ultimately, ANY job can make a contribution in a Promyvion, so long as the overall balance of the party is right. However, certain jobs are undoubtedly more useful and more sought after than others, so you will find it easier organising a run with the right job. Warrior (with NIN sub), Ninja (with WAR sub), Ranger (again, with NIN sub), Summoner, White Mage and perhaps Black Mage are all among the most popular jobs for Promyvions. Getting one of these to level 30 would certainly be a good idea and shouldn't take too long. Paladin, Red Mage and Samurai can also work and any competent leader will at least consider these for inclusion in a party. Other jobs don't quite fit so neatly, but there's no reason why they can't go along.

You will also need decent level-30-friendly equipment for your character. As Ranger, I had 2x Hawkers Knives, Emperor Hairpin, Leaping Boots and Noct +1 gear. This is perhaps a little overkill, but the better your equipment, the better things will go. Just do some reading on the best equipment for your job at level 30.

Finally, you will need time. Organising and doing a Promyvion is not a quick and easy task. You should generally allow 6 hours, possibly even more, for putting together a party, farming anima and actually doing the Promyvion. Make sure everybody in your party can stay for long enough.

--- What You Need To Get From Your Party ---

First of all, I should point out that since the November patch, you do NOT need an alliance to do a Promyvion run. A single party is more than enough to make your way up the Promyvion to reach the Spire. Having an alliance can confuse matters and, more dangerous still, can persuade people to make compromises on the set-up of individual parties.

Getting your party right is the most important part of doing a Promyvion run. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN win Promyvions with parties you've /shout-ed for in Jeuno. I've done this myself for Mea and Dem. So long as you prepare properly and co-ordinate effectively, your party does not need to contain amazingly good rank 10 players. Newbies with the right jobs and ok equipment who are willing to listen to instructions will work just as well.

As with any party, your Promyvion party should be a blend of Tanks, Damage Dealers and Healers. Conventional wisdom is that blink-tanks are the only effective tanks in Promyvions. This isn't actually completely true and, particularly for Promyvion-Mea, having a Paladin along can be a real asset. WAR is perhaps slightly better than NIN for blink-tanking, as the extra damage will allow him to hold hate better, but NIN can work just fine. For safety, you should have two tanks for Mea and Holla, at least one of which should be a blink-tank. However, Dem can be done quite easily with a single tank. At least one White Mage will be important, for curing. Ideally, you will have a White Mage and a Summoner, as the Summoner's 2hr can be vital, but I've won Holla and Dem with two White Mages. For Damage, Ranger is still the best job and you will want at least one. Black Mage is also very good and Samurai is adequate when its 2hr is taken into account. I've not tried a Promyvion with Monk or Dark Knight, but I can see no reason why these shouldn't work, if the rest of the set-up is right.

When you have a party (which may take some time), make sure everybody has the mission flagged properly. Then make sure everybody has the right medicine. You don't need ridiculous amounts of medicine for this, but you will need a bit:

Dem - nothing out of the ordinary.
Holla - holy waters, poison potions and (for melees and DDs) eye drops.
Mea - poison potions, maybe some ethers and potions.

Make everybody check that their equipment is usable at level 30. Check whether anybody needs to clear their memories at any of the other Promyvions and give them time to do so if they do. Then get your White Mage to teleport you to the crag you want to attack.

--- Preparing for the Run ---

On your first visit to the Promyvion, you are not here to fight the boss. You are here to farm for recollections to trade for animas. I've done all three Promyvions now and I've done some of them multiple times. I have never lost a boss fight when the party had animas and I have never won one when the party did not. Since the November patch, the drop rate on recollections is not so bad.

I think I've noticed a pattern to how often each type of recollection drops in each Promyvion (although this may be wrong). I'll explain why this is important later.

Dem - Recollections of Pain drop frequently, Recollections of Guilt drop rarely, Recollections of Fear drop almost never.

Holla - Recollections of Fear drop frequently, Recollections of Pain drop rarely, Recollections of Guilt drop almost never.

Mea - Recollections of Guilt drop frequently, Recollections of Fear drop rarely, Recollections of Pain drop almost never.

Each of the recollections can be traded to an NPC in Ru'Lude Gardens (in the house behind Maat), along with 2k gil, for an anima.

Recollection of Fear - Psychoanima. This blocks all of the boss's "normal" attacks for 30 seconds. However, it does not block specials. This is arguably the best of the animas and is useful in all of the fights.

Recollection of Pain - Hysteroanima. This blocks special attacks, but not normal attacks, for 30 seconds. Particularly useful in Dem and Mea.

Recollection of Guilt - Terroanima. This makes the boss run around in circles for 30 seconds. However, it can still attack anybody who gets in its way and can still use specials. Useful in Mea, but only really useful to buy yourself some breathing room in the others.

The best way to get recollections is by farming the Easy Prey mobs on the first floor of the Promyvion you want to do. As a Ranger, I could solo these mobs safely, but slowly. It's best to go as a party and kill lots of them quickly, as the drop rate isn't great. Try to make sure that everybody has at least one recollection/anima (they're rare/ex) and that for Mea and Holla, you have at least 2 or 3 Psychoanimas. This should take about 2 hours. When you have enough, return to Jeuno and trade the recollections in for animas. Remind everybody to buy any equipment they need for the boss fight and then teleport back to the crag.

--- Getting up the Promyvion ---

Once you arrive at the target crag, you need to run everybody through the tactics you'll be using to get to the top. You need to do this EVEN IF EVERYBODY IN YOUR PARTY HAS DONE A PROMYVION BEFORE! You need to make sure everybody is working to the exact same plan and that everybody knows their own role.

There are four floors of "dungeon" in each Promyvion. On the first three floors, you have to find a memory receptacle and fight it to progress to the next floor. These receptacles can produce weak mobs called strays at a rapid rate and also have a ranged attack that knocks back your party. Tell your Rangers that their job is to target the receptacle. Tell your melees that their job is to take out the strays. Remind your Rangers that they can use Wide Scan to locate the Receptacle on each floor. Insist that the party rests at the start of each floor and, if there is room, before each receptacle fight. Do not allow yourself to be hurried. Insist that when moving your party remains tightly bunched. From the second floor upwards, aggro can be dangerous. On the fourth floor, aggro can very easily result in deaths. The mobs in Promyvions aggro on sight and sound and can see through sneak and invisible.

If you have a Black Mage and/or Summoner along, make sure he knows that you can tell the element of each enemy in the Promyvion by looking at the colour of their glow. This is true even for the bosses, so it's important.

On the fourth floor of the Promyvion, there is no receptacle fight at the end. You simply have to find the zone to the Spire. This can be seen from some distance away, as the Spire is a prominent part of the scenery. It's tempting to say that you should zone any aggro on the fourth floor, as the mobs are all IT+. However, unless you are actually within easy sight of the zone, this is risky. You don't want to have your mages picked off in the flight, so make sure your tanks know they will have to do their jobs.

Don't bother discussing boss tactics until you get to the Spire. Your party won't remember the details, as they'll have to fight up the Promyvion first.

--- The Boss Fight ---

Ok, this is it. The big one. When you go into the Spire, your level cap is temporarily removed. This area is completely safe, so feel free to rest up. This is also the best place to discuss tactics for the boss fight.

Each of the boss fights is different and I'll give some specific advice on each in a moment, however, there are some good general principles you can apply. Make sure that everybody in your party understands all of the following.

When you enter the boss fight, do not run straight forwards to the boss. Instead, use food, cast your buffs and allow the casters to rest for full mp. Once everybody is ready (and has confirmed that they are ready), the tank(s) should run forwards and pull the boss to the left hand side of the arena. The Rangers then run to the right hand side of the arena and start their attacks. The mages position themselves on the steps near the entrance to the arena, so they can cure both the melees and the rangers (who will get hate occasionally).

The bosses all get harder once they drop below 50% hp. They do their special attacks much more often. You should wear the boss down to 50% hp using normal methods. Once it dips below 50%, you should start using animas on it. Let your party know before the fight that YOU will make the call as to when everybody should use their animas. If you need to, make a list on some paper of who has which animas. Then in battle, you need to do signals like "Player1 use your Psychoanima now!!! <call2>". Don't hit the boss with more than 1 anima at a time... any 1 of the animas is usually enough on its own to buy you some breathing room. When the boss drops below about 30% hp, have any Warriors, Summoners, Black Mages, Rangers or Samurais in your party use their 2 hour abilities. This should help you to finish off the boss safely. Again, do a <call> when you want people to use their abilities. Also, if the battle is going badly, be prepared to be flexible and use 2hrs and animas earlier. This saved us in the Mea fight.

Ok, some specific guidance on each boss:

Dem - This guy is far and away the easiest. My setup for this fight was WAR/RNG/RNG/WHM/WHM/BLM and the fight was completely effortless. He has an AOE paralyze attack, which your mages need to be ready for. WHen he gets below 50% hp, he can spawn miniature versions of himself. Designate a Ranger to take care of these... 2 or 3 arrows each will kill them. Hysteroanima is good because it blocks both of these abilities. His physical attacks are fairly slow and not all that accurate. Designate one healer to ALWAYS heal the Tank and one to heal other people when and if needed.

Holla - I've heard it said that this is the hardest of the three bosses, but I strongly disagree. The Holla boss should be fine so long as your melees and healers have poison potions to resist sleep and holy waters in case of curse. Hit him with Psychoanimas as often as you can. His physicals hit pretty hard, but his specials didn't cause us too much trouble. Don't use buffs other than blink and food vs him, as he can absorb these. We had WAR/NIN/RNG/WHM/SMN/BLM and he was easy. The SMN didn't even have to use his 2hr.

Mea - This is the hard part. This guy gets fast, accurate and hard physical attacks as well as some utterly evil AOE specials. If there's ever a case for using a psychoanima and a hysteroanima at the same time, this boss is it. Everybody should use poison potions, to prevent his 15-per-tick poison AOE attack from landing. Use animas as often as you can. I failed this twice before winning it. The winning party was WAR/NIN/WHM/SMN/BLM/RNG and it was basically the SMN's 2hr that won the fight for us.

--- General Pointers ---

Organising a Promyvion is one of the few occasions when a party leader in FFXI actually needs to lead. Organising a successful run requires you to be firm with your party members, extremely organised and willing to put up with a lot of questions.

If your party members ask questions, don't snap at them or chew them out. It's better that they go into the fight knowing the answers than that they go in unprepared. If arrogance and pride have a place, it's not in a Promyvion party.

Hope this helps

PLD 57, Odin Server

Edited, Sun Jan 16 10:20:12 2005
RE: Promyvions - Organiser's Guide
# Jan 28 2005 at 8:58 AM Rating: Decent
Your guide pretty much sums up how I did all 3. I felt that it was easiest to beat them with a single party. Also as kurono said there are parts where you have to fight the mobs, but a single party should be able to take out any any single mob (except the last floor). Its just a lot easier to avoid them, but you can pull to clear a path if needed. Also if you get multiple aggros, don't panic, you should be able to keep any adds slept if you have a decent blm.
RE: Promyvions - Organiser's Guide
# Jan 19 2005 at 3:02 PM Rating: Decent
189 posts
Great guide.

Want to mention that even though you do NOT need a full alliance to make it up the spire (my LS made it with only 1 party in Dem & Holla), I would recommend at least 2 parties especially for Holla because there are places enroute that you'll HAVE to fight. Remember those fences in La Theine? They become maze-like hinderances inside that you have to fight through 1 Empty at a time, {fun}.

All in all however, 1 [competent] party will be enough, IMO the more people you bring (especiallly if it's strangers in Jeuno/inside), the harder it is to manage. Try getting 18 people to all stay away from aggro /rolleyes
RE: Promyvions - Organiser's Guide
# Jan 18 2005 at 12:34 AM Rating: Decent
I didnt want to cover ur post its a great guide. i just wanted to say me (PLD), DRK, and BLM did these together each with 2 pt alliances flawlessly. We won 3/3 Holla, Mea, then Dem. funny how the blm died on the way to dem tho, ppl say its easy. word of advice stay together and have a guide and it will all be easy.
# Jan 16 2005 at 1:59 AM Rating: Decent
829 posts
Dem is extreamly easy to get to the spire. We went with 1 party thats all 1 whm 2 blm, drg and war. We didn't really have a tank so we died twice fighting the guy but still made it up easy. When we fought MR to avoid AoE blm would just cast, me drg and mnk fought stray till had enough tp ran up did ws and run like hell sometimes he did his AoE but we lived each time easyly
dem & mea
# Jan 10 2005 at 1:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Just took a group last night for dem and mea, thought i'd share our winning strategy.

dem: our setup was 2 war/nin, 2 rng/nin, smn/whm, whm/blm. this guy was really rather easy, we didn't need to use any anima, and no one died. he only uses single attacks, and has no aoe, so the 2 war/nin's can tank him pretty easily. only problem with him is he spawns little minions, who almost killed our rangers, but if u just keep focusing on the boss and kill him, the minions disapear. really not too hard of a fight.

mea: i had heard that this was the hardest of the promyvions, and i had already lost against this guy 3 times. we had the same setup as dem. We happened to get insanely lucky, because the boss happened to be water elemental, and it was lightningday, lol. Our 2 war/nin's ran in first on the right and started tanking it while the rangers started firing from the left. At about 75% health I used a psychoanima, and both war's, both rng's and the smn all 2hr'd at once. We completely decimated him, because the summoner summoned Ramuh and did judgement bolts for 460 damage each! However, living up to his reputation for being really nasty, Delver started spamming his AoE immediately and killed both our rng's and our whm, and the other war/nin was at 17 hp. I hadn't been paying attention to his health bar, so when I saw 3 of our members drop and our other war/nin at 17 hp, I thought we were done, but then I looked at his bar and he only had a sliver left. At this point, our other war/nin used a hysteroanima on him to stop his AoE's, which probably won the fight for us cause we then both melee'd away that last sliver.

suggestions: It took me 4 times to beat mea with various party setups, and I really think my end setup was the best. I definitely recommend having a smn instead of a blm for this guy cause Astral Flow is incredible if u use the summon that's strong against Delver's element. having 2 rng/nin and 2 war/nin's is also key because utsusemi is so incredible vital in this fight, as it keeps the rng's alive longer for them to use their 2hr and keep firing. Every time I tried this before I had a blm with me, and it never went well because he would usually stand near the whm and smn and get hate when Delver started doing his AoE's, killing the mages in a hit or two. While u probably won't need anima for dem, it's so vital for mea, we wouldn't have won without it. psychoanima is the best, in my opinion, and hysteroanima is very key for when Delver gets low on health. Terroanima is ok for buying the mages some time to heal or war's time to recast utsusemi, but really only the rng's can keep attacking while he's running around. It also seemed to me from previous fights that the animas cancel each other out if u use one while the same anima is already in effect, but I can't say for sure.

Thanks to Pandele for puttin our pt's together, and thanks to SE for making it so you don't need an alliance anymore, lol. We're doin holla tonight, so everyone wish me luck, and I might post anything I noticed from that fight later.
RE: dem & mea
# Jan 14 2005 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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We just took a group to holla, here's some important tips:

Everyone needs to have poison potions on at all times, you'll probably need 3 for the fight. At about 75% health he starts with his sleep/blind/curse special, so you can choose to start using hysteroanima at this point if you have enough, or you can just heal the maladies with medicines. At about 50% he starts doing his draining attack, which you need to stop him from doing. My party used about 3 hysteroanima, so try to have at least 3 of them if u want to have a pretty good chance of winning. Just make sure to reapply poison potions when they run out and you should be set, he wasn't as hard as mea.

btw: Tavnazia is awesome ^^
Its not impossible
# Jan 09 2005 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
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My LS(EternalSlumber) in Lakshmi performed a coup d'etat on the promyvion BCNMs.

Followed basically all recomendations posted.

Rng/nin x 2
Whm/blm x 2

Cant stress enough the use of Hysteroanima specifically. All others are not as beneficial. The blocking of TP attacs from mobs by this anima is the most advantageous. we used 1-2 per battle. Reraise scroll for Whm!!(if at first u dont succeed try again!) U will be amazed.

As Thf I pulled hate w Sneak Attack and blinked. The CoP expansion gives Thf alot of ranged attack bonuses(armor), use them to advantage, Cap your archery or marksmanship at ~ 86 (lvl 30). It will help. (hey i know were no rangers but it will help!)

Dem- Died x2 w inadequate pt. 3rd time we regrouped as described above and used the above anima. Please note that none of us had 2hr or medicine/food left.

Holla- Died x0. Posion potion x 2 per battle. I saw many dead pt because they forgot that poison potion doesnt last forever and forgot to reapply in the middle of battle. Holy Water indispensable. A tank must! Whm arent fast enough to counteract Curse. we used at least 6 per battle per tank. As thf i didnt get hit so i gave my waters around. All anima and Attack 2hr skills were available and used at 50% HP

Mea- 1 Whm(elvaan) died. Its damage aoe is deadly. Whm 2hr was very useful. Wouldnt have lived w/o it. All Anima and attack 2hr skills were available and used at 50% HP

Many people find it discouraging but the rewards are worth the pain.
Random tips...
# Jan 07 2005 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I did my first Promy run yesterday, and I've got a few tips...

First, farm anima! If possible, get everyone to the spire ahead of time to farm it. With the new patch, the recollections are turned into anima instantly, so you can just have everyone Warp out (best if you've got a BLM with Warp 2), get Anima, and Tele-???? back.

Also, MR tips: if you've got a SMN, have them summon an avatar to solo fight the MR. It has no attacks other than Empty Seed (AoE damage and large knockback), and you can then let the RNGs pick off the strays from a distance. And if the avatar dies while fighting the MR, you can just resummon it and pick up where you left off.
# Dec 29 2004 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
I have completed the Dem Mea and Holla Promyvions without dying once. Some members of my party have died on the way to the boss and a few along the way. The trip to the boss is nervewracking but fun. You can easily get to the spire with only one party although the Memory Receptacles you must fight might prove to be a challenge for one party. I suggest no more than 2 parties ally to make the trip. Any more people will draw aggro from everything and slow the trip to a crawl. While moving through the promyvion, I suggest you unequip your linkshells. Melee need to bring Hi-potions and curative items like holy water and poison potions to stave off curse and sleep AoE attacks that some of the bosses use. Casters should bring one or two of the above as well as a stack of echo drops, about five Hi-ethers and about six or seven Yagudo drinks. (These quantites are for all three Promyvions) Each Promyvion takes less than an hour and a half. So if you time it right, you can run all three in about 4-6 hours. The NM in Dem is a sissy and should go down very easy. The Holla run involves a little fence that you need to go around in order to reach the spire. The Holla NM is no pushover, you should use the recollections you got in the Dem run to make anima for this boss. Keep him doped up on anima and waste him. He spams AoE sleep, curse and blind. I was informed that this NM absorbs protect and shell and thus makes himself stronger. I cannot confirm this. However, we did not use those buffs and still won. The Mea run has a really nasty area right before the spire. I call it the minefield. It has lots of tree like objects and a ton of nasty critters all over the place. Your best bet is to attempt to run through singularly. If the entire party or alliance tries to wade through this area, you'll most likely regret it. One simple solution is blink, stoneskin and haul butt. A little prayer doesn't hurt if you decide to make a break for it. The Mea NM was by far the nastiest. It doesn't really do any AoE status effect attacks. It does hit HARD on physical attacks. We lost both of our tanks fighting this one at the end of the battle. Its AoE range is freaking FAR! I was almost in the hallway when I got hammered by it. Knocked me the hell around. The SMN finished it off and we were strolling around Lufaise Meadows last night. Very cool!
Tips for success part 2
# Dec 27 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Tried Holla recently, and that boss is as nasty as they say. Lost unfortunatly, but learned some more about the affects of anima that I'll share with everyone:

Phychoanima: As I stated below, this causes the boss to be intimidated for thirty seconds. HOWEVER, this does NOT include TP attacks. Not knowing this cost us the battle. you'll want to combine this with Hystoanima to truely seal the boss's attacks.

Also, Holla is the boss with the drain attack. I thought that they all had it, but so far only seen Holla's do it. Just wanted to make that correction. Also, the boss won't use it until it gets low on hp, then he spams this and his aoe curse/sleep like no tomorrow. Trinity Drain can take up to 200hp, and be careful of the aoe sleep. We thought his abilities were sealed with Phycoanima, forgot to restore our poison potions, and proceeded to get sleeped and drained.

I'm planning on revising our parties strategy for this guy. Namely, holding off our two hours for a bit longer then normal. You really want this guy dead asap! I'm thinking 50%, then I two hour (and we all check our posion), then when that runs out, use Hysto and Phyco animas. I'll prolly make a timer so the next person knows when it runs out. Hopefully at that point, one minute of stunned boss (done correctly this time) is enough to finish him.

I also heard from some people that if you have any buff on you, then trinity drain only removes the buff and not hp. Not sure if thats true or not, but it would be nice if a simple barstonra could save us alot of trouble.
RE: Tips for success part 2
# Dec 28 2004 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Finished Holla! Congrats to everyone in our party who stuck with us for a second victorious attempt. Special thanks to Rebornfenyx and Arutha for sticking together for all three. Party was PLD/WAR(me), WAR/NIN, RNG/NIN, RNG/NIN, SMN/WHM, WHM/BLM. Anyways, here how our battle went:

Entered battlefield. We ate food, used rerasie scroll, and when mages were ready, we began the assault. WAR led first, and I voked off when shadows were out. The first AOE sleep came, and a few forgot their posion. Fortunatly, enough could still do a wake up cure and once awake, and they promptly took their poison. At about 25% health taken off however, things started to almost go bad. I was getting ready to voke back hate from ninja, and was doing a cure while I was still free from interruption. Unfortuanly, during this time he took a bad couple of hits and went down a second before I could voke. Curse + Taru Tank didn't help. Fortuantly, we had all used reraise, and since we didn't have any damaging AOE's to worry about (like Mea's boss), he was able to revive and continue DDing. Of cource, now I was the lone tank. The damage started mounting up on me, and at about 60% HP left on the boss, I two houred earlier then I wanted to. As we start passing the 50% mark as my two hour wears off, I see a trinity absorb, and decide its now or never with the anima. Using a double dose of Hystero and Phycho anima, the boss is now just a big puching bag. We keep on the damage, and I watch the timing so I can give the shout out to the whm to use anima. He sneaks in a few aoe sleeps when it wears off, but we were ready with posion. Second set of anima is applied, and we get him down to 30%. Now the two hours are pulled out, and before our SMN can even use his, the boss goes down, and a few cutscenes later, us Dem and Mea vets are waking up in the beutiful Lufaise Meadows. Managed to all survive (with one reraise). Well used anima saved the day for us again. 4 of us farmed it ealier so we were all prepared. Also, despite all the items that were needed for each boss attempt, I ended up with a small profit from the memory drops while farming, and came out ahead xp-wise, dispite numerous deaths, (our SMN even gained a level.)

Once again good luck to any who try this. I hope my strategies and information can help in some way.
Tips for success
# Dec 25 2004 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
Finished Dem and Mea as a PLD/WAR and am 2/2 on the bosses. The most important thing for doing promys is being prepared. That means Hi-Ethers for mages, refresh drinks for anyone with an MP pool, and a Hi-Potion or two for the tanks. However, most important to sucess is to bring lots of the rare/ex anima. You can get them from the recollections that drop in Promy. All you need is one or two people to farm effectivly on the easy preys on the first floors of a Promy area. There are three types or recollections, Fear, Pain, and Guilt. They can be traded along with 2000 gil to an NPC in RuLude Gardens in Jueno for the corresponding anima.

Guilt=Terroanima which causes the boss to run around in a panic doing nothing for 30 seconds.

Fear=Phychoanima which causes the boss to be intimidated on all attacks for 30 seconds, and

Pain=Hysteroanima, which blocks all of the bosses TP attacks for 30 seconds.

All of these are of cource, extremely useful, especially Phychoanima, and with enough of these ANY party should be able to beat the bosses. Of coruce, you first need to get up to the boss. Fortunatly with the new patches, this has been made much easier. You should be able to take out the memory recepticals without much trouble, Melees should no longer shy away from attacking it directly. Of cource, melees still need to put priority on the strays, but they should certainly not have to worry about damage from the aoe "empty seed" anymore. The biggest tip on getting up is avoiding massive aggro, especially on 3rd and 4th floors. Try to avoid dangerous routes, and don't be afraid to take out empties from a safe place to clear a path, although at the foruth floor, you should really avoid anything stronger then a Weeper, and once you can see the spire zone, make a run for it! SMN's should use aeirial armor, and use carby as a shield. If things go bad on the earlier floors, the best advice is to make sure as many people (but especially the whm) has a reraise scroll, and to hitail to a safe place near the MR. Twice we had to stop our climb on the third floor because of dying in a bad place, so use caution. Whatever you do, save your two hours for the boss. You WILL need them.

Once at the spire, heal up, but don't buff. When you first enter the battlefield, don't move and use all your buffs. When ready, start the fight as normal until the boss is at about 50% health. Then you may wish to pull out the animas and two hours. Other then animas, big damage two hours (SMN's, RNG's, MNK's) are your best friend. Any decent party should be able to do this with enough anima, but big damage dealers will allow you to conserve some anima by finishing the battle quickly. Just make sure after 50% health that you finish the boss quickly, or have anima active so they can't drain you and restore health.

Dem's boss can sprout clones, but if you attack fast, he'll be dead before you even see one. For Mea's boss I'd reccomend two tanks since it has really strong attacks, including an aoe that can potentially one shot a mage. Me and a WAR/NIN traded off hits and it worked quite well, neither of us died. Did lose one of our smns when I used Terroanima too early, and the boss moved out of range of the smn's two hour. When the anima wore out, the boss gave him a taste of his aoe, so be careful with that Terroanima, the boss can and will move all over the place, and a two hour could be wasted!

Still have yet to do Holla's boss, but if I learned anything from doing Prommy, its that being prepared is everything, and I'm sure Holla's boss is no exception, especially after what I heard about him (aoe sleep and curse = Holy water and Posion Potions). Good luck to anyone who tries this. And remember, if you really want a HUGE advantage, then stock up on the three types of anima!

Also, to all those fellow PLD's out there, yes, provided you aren't totally incompetent and can work with your party, you can do this just as well as a WAR/NIN. Extra evasion from your shield, healing magic, and 30 seconds of invicibilty are very very helpful.
# Dec 22 2004 at 5:35 PM Rating: Decent
So we ran Dem on Bismarck server last night. It was my 1st promyvion. We had one pt. I don't even know the majority of the pt makeup because it doesnt really matter. I was the WHM/BLM, we had a BLM/WHM a SMN and i am afraid I don't know the SMN's sub and a DRK/WAR. I have no idea what the tanks were nor do I care. As a WHM I can tell you that all kinds of tanks have different advantages. PLDs take less dmg and are hit more often, NINs take more dmg but are hit less and WARs have a nice little bit of def and att but in my opinion do not make suitable main tanks for heavily challenging fights or at high lvls. They're just not specialized enough. Enough on that. We, as one party, ran through DEM in about an hour and made some dumb mistakes on the way. Raises were involved. However we got to the spire with very little real trouble and freaking owned the boss. No anima. No wild equipment. Just some serious butt kicking. Mea is next because I hear HOLLA is absolutely ridiculous. Saving HOLLA for the weekend.
New Promy
# Dec 20 2004 at 12:13 AM Rating: Decent
All of the level 30 Promyvions are a joke now. You can run through with 1 party if you're good at being sneaky and the bosses were hit by the nerf bat almost as bad as fishing. Bring 1 or 2 animas itno each fight and you're set.
Oh, adn if you thought Promy was a ranger's playground before, now it's a ranger wet-dream.
Completed Mea last night
# Dec 11 2004 at 11:08 AM Rating: Decent
659 posts
I completed Promyvion - Mea last night, Promyvion - Dem a few weeks ago. My party setup for mea was BLM BLM WHM/NIN WAR/NIN RNG/NIN and RDM (me). Basically what we did was took it slow and I cast gravity on the thing while the WAR/NIN kited it and the BLMs cast spells and the RNG shot it, fight took 14 minutes lol, which is a long time, but it made it quite easy. Our strategy worked very well and there was only one point where our tank got seriously (12 hp left, but a quick Cure III from yours truely remedied that situation :P). We used an anima when it started doing AOE (spinning slash or something like that was the name of it) and after that it couldn't do anything, tried to use a special attack a few times but it was a wasted effort lol. At 10% our rng used Barrage, then Eagle Eye shot and it was dead ^^. Now all I gotta do is finish Holla and I have access to Lufaise Meadows!
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