Oztroja Coffer - BRD AF  

Start Area: Castle Oztroja
Prerequisites:Painful Memory - BRD AF1
Mission:4 - 0
Min Level:50
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Oztroja Coffer Key
Items Granted:Choral Cannions
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Thu May 5 05:19:41 2011


Obtain your Choral Cannions from a treasure coffer in Castle Oztroja.


Before starting this quest, you must first activate the quest Borghertz's Harmonious Hands. You must also have completed Painful Memory - BRD AF1.

Obtain a coffer key by killing yagudos on the top floor of Castle Oztroja. Mobs that drop coffers include the Yagudo Assassin, Yagudo Flagellant, Yagudo Prelate and Yagudo Conductor.

Once you have the key you will need to find the treasure coffer. The coffer can spawn in five places in the corridor leading up to the top floor, at I-10, H-9, G-8, F-9 and F-8. On the top floor, the coffer can spawn at four points at H-9, H-8, G-7 and H-7.

Trade your key to the treasure coffer to receive your Choral Cannions. You will only receive your item if you open the coffer as a bard.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Bard artifact armor series. See the list below to find out which quest comes next.

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I can't believe I stayed dead so long.
# Feb 16 2007 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
Ran in with a 75RNG, 56BRD (hey that's me!), 56THF, and 60-something WHM. The THF is waiting at the entrance of the castle for the WHM so they know where to go and to wait for the BLU that's coming. The RNG and I head on up the way to kill some birds, I invisible myself, not a big deal. Hit the top, camp at the stairs where it's fairly mob free. RNG hits a MNK-type bird and a mage-type links. The AoE poison slaughters us as I fight to Lullaby him (which I did, but he spammed Poisonga like a wench when he woke up), Silence him, we take down the MNK with the RNG mortally wounded and... get a Coffer Key drop! I lot it, the mage-bird wakes up and Aeroga's us one. The RNG goes down as I sleep the bird from previous poison (I was out of MP for poisonga). Bird wakes up, slaughters me. I'm still level 56, and with a Raise I'll still have a level buffer...

So now the WHM and THF are like "okay we're coming!" I'm all happy because we're in a decent dead place (if that's possible). I mean, you know, all things considered. I would have HP'd and come back, but there were only two other places we hadn't checked for the coffer and we were RIGHT there. So 15 minutes pass, and the THF and WHM are getting aggro out the wazzo. I'm like "WTF? Just use invisible." 30 minutes later the BLU is arriving but I can't invite him because, well, I'm dead. A random NIN comes by and shouts for a raise for the RNG and myself, but it's not much use. The WHM and THF both die twice and 55 minutes after dying I HP. I no longer have a level buffer (800 into the level, -1100 if I die), but I can probably solo find the coffer. :) All in all it wasn't too bad, considering we got the coffer key on the first drop.
# Nov 19 2005 at 2:26 AM Rating: Decent
haham got it on 2rd kill, only TH1 :P
# Sep 04 2005 at 6:22 AM Rating: Good
LOL... gee, i needed gold capriccio for my bard and i didnt see any on AH so i said what the hell. went by myself as a 75RNG/37NIN and my Obow with 2 stacks of bloody bolts and 2 stacks of holys and a stack o' shihie.
i zoned in and ran up 1 floor looked down at the gillsellers and waved cause ... thats always fun too me ^^, then on too the 3rd floor. The second yag chanter i kill drops the spell that i came for. but because so many others drop off the higher yags i thought id head up to the tipy top floor.
once up, i barraged a conductor and started working on it keeping shadows up as i went.... when out of no where came a yagudo flagellant a'knocken. once u get linked (especialy by the monk yagudos) all hope for blink tanking goes "poof". (( just on a side note being attacked by the monk was one of the most instantly aggrivating things i'v ever had happen to me. lol wow .. it hits maybe 3-7 times in a row each time... and thats just not cool. imagine a child with a finger made of solid steel poking u in the head A LOT... thats about how annoying it is.))
BUT.. on to the awsome part. I DO need a coffer here for my bard AF. the monk killed me BUT not before i killed the conductor which droped warding rounds and a coffer key.

*castle oztroja coffer key: proven solo'able. ^^

not to say that im anything special but im sure having seriyu's kote, and obow prolly helped alot. -- woaw im not bragin, just saying. dont want people to be like "oh hey il take my rng af and hellfire and go solo all my coffer keys"-- ^^.
# Jun 29 2006 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
I solo all coffer keys as RDM. Not much of a challenge.

The MNK types are not bad for RDM because they don't hit particularly hard (Stoneskin stays up for a good while) and they take dmg every hit when spikes are up ^^
6 hours for a single Key!
# Mar 21 2005 at 11:33 PM Rating: Decent
1,978 posts
Well, we started this at 7 am this morning, 3/21/2005. First, I told my level 54 PLD buddy, we could do his PLD AF, for his boots. And, afterwards, get my Coffer Key, which should be easier. Well, it took us around an hour just to get a group together, of 6 people. Then, spent 2 hours just to do PLD AF. (Never let a PLD do that quest with only 1 single bait, and when he doesn't even know how to /fish, but, this is another story).

Ok, so, we start to hunt for my Key, which drops in the highest part of Castle Oztroja. Sadly, the quest description doesn't even mention a fourth Yagudo Class in this top floor. It's a NIN-type Yagudo Assassin. And, after killing hundreds of the other 3 Yagudos, we just moved close to the Brass Door and fight this Yagudo Assassin to clear room. Guess what, after 6 hours of hard fighting, this particular Yag dropped my key. We could have saved long hours, if it had been posted that these guys also drop said key.

After we got key, it took me about 2 minutes to find a Coffer!!! (Thanks SE for making Astrals BCNM-only). Finished at 4 pm.... Was too tired, but, having my AF pants before next level is worth it!

The only death happened when a moronic RDM used Convert while meleeing the Yagudo Assassin solo. She had about 50 mp at the moment. >.<

Alliance Configuration was:

54 THF/NIN <<< Was a 53 PLD/WAR when we did the PLD AF quest in Oztroja earlier. He also leveled THF from 53 to 54 while doing my Key.

After 6 hours of fighting, the drops we got where:

2 X BLM Testimony (BLM was very happy!!)
2 X MNK Testimony (No MNK in Alliance, they got dropped).
1 X BRD Testimony (Lol, I immediately lotted it, since I was only BRD in group).
1 X NIN Testimony
1 X Raptor Pants. <<< ???? (I got these)
Several BRD songs, Virelai, etc...
Several pieces of Cuir armor.
Lots of Crystals
And my Coffer Key!!

In all, everyone got around 10,000 to 30,000 gil in items to sell at AH. No one was unhappy.

We even got ~1000 xp total, go figure.
# Feb 11 2005 at 7:39 AM Rating: Good
64 posts
Wow, finally got a skill up / key party together for this ,only one other member needed key..

Finally, at 2 am, before we disband (we started at 10 pm), we get a drop, and the other person who needed it seemed to have fallen asleep at the keyboard.

I get the key, and log out for the night, hoping the coffer will be behind the statue in the room with no yag spawn.

Its not, so i go exploring, only to find it in a room with 2 yags.

I wait til they turn around, take off invis, get my Choral Cannions, and see "The yagudo prelate starts casting Thundaga III".

Needless to say i try to run, thundaga takes off half my health, and than i make it all the way to the leech room before falling.

I got my AF though :D
damn coffer
# Nov 19 2004 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
So, I think everyone that camps these coffers for rings on Fairy Server knows who I am now... Been camping it for like 3 days.. finally see one.. loose invis on the way to it.. get up next to it.. trade key, get "You must be closer to the chest to open it", die, level down. I HATE this coffer! >_<
My Castle Oztroja Coffer hunting guide
# Oct 26 2004 at 4:32 PM Rating: Excellent
219 posts
Just thought this might be helpful to anybody trying to hunt the coffer in Castle Oztroja:


It's also in my sig.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 26 2004 at 12:32 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hey, i work just as hard to find those coffers as you do, if not harder. We are all opening those coffers for a reason, for you its AF, for me its a ton of money. If i get those coffers i deserve the money. Just be glad that after camping the coffer for 5 hours you dont get a Mimic. ;)
damn thfs
# Oct 25 2004 at 11:38 PM Rating: Excellent
63 posts
all i have to say about this coffer is that i came to a whole new perspective about thiefs. i hate them caus there were 2 coffers i found in 5 hours but the thfs beat me to it. one of them however got a mimic so they deserved it. :) anyway be prepared when u do this caus it can take a while for u to find a coffer.
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