Season's Greetings  

Submitted by:Moosey
Start Area: Balga's Dais
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Clotho Orb
Items Granted:Attila's Earring
Black Beetle Blood
Damascene Cloth
Divine Log
Sorrowful Harp
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009

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It includes 4 Treants, 1 is a WHM, another is a NIN, another a BLM or DRK, and the fourth is unknown. These are VERY tough mobs, the lowest level you could probably go in here and survive is with a very good 70+ party, that might be pushing it though. Gilagoge Tlugvi = White mage Ulagohvsi Tlugvi = Ninja Gola Tlugvi = DRK or BLM (it cast drain so we are unsure) Goga Tlugvi = unknown im guessing all these mobs are 75+. my friend and i got illed in under 5 seconds by Gola Tlugvi, i got hit with 3 500+ critical hits, and my blm friend was done in by 100+ hit and two 300+ hits WITH stoneskin and blink. He cast Thundaga III on them and they took varying damage ranging from 402-851 dmg, and barely took a sliver of life, assuming these things have perhaps tens of thousands of HP.


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# Dec 18 2007 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
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here's a good strat that worked my group;

just pulled some friends together for this, wasn't picky about jobs, but it worked well ^^


order: MNK > NIN > DRK > WHM

make sure only the nin's facing the MNK, so that the MNK doesn't counter anyone else, and have the BLU chain headbutt stun. Whne he pops his 2hr, BLU can Actinic Burst, then the next whm uses Flash, and then the next Whm after that.

Nin is easy, with Headbutt spam, there was a bunch of times he died before using 2hr at all.

DRK and WHM both go down very fast; MNK is easily the worst one to deal with, followed by Nin

Repose works very well to sleep the Trees as they wake ^^

Best Time: 6:19 3 times the Nin never managed to get his 2hr off

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winning strategy
# Jan 10 2007 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
i have played with strats on this n have finnally got a good reliable setup.

blm/rdm(me), blm/rdm, rdm/blm, whm/blm, nin/war, sam/nin(open slot for any job[sam was mostly just leeching lol])

order: MNK, NIN, DRK, WHM

me n the blm would open with burstII on the mnk (droping it to about 65%), followed by a stun, rdm stood with us and casted gravity and sleepII (we pretty much manaburned the mnk) the mnk would use hundred fist n rdm would sleep it.
(the MNK will die in 3 nukes AM-IIs/IV and 1 -III spell(always at like 6%)

the nin would auto link from the 2h and our nin would come in n voke it pulling him near the BC exit where the whm was, nin would stall it with help from whm n sam's tachi: hoboku[sp] (Stun WS) n they would trio this till the mnk was dead.
by that time the nin should be around 50-60% (it wont mijin till -50%) the sam n nin did darkness n the 2blms would burst blizzgaIII/freezeII dropping it to 1-10% if your lucky he wont mijin at all.

after mijin, the drk will come out(keep camp in the tunnel) sam n nin were doin darkness and we'd just MB, repeat till dies and when it 2hrs n next mob inc, we just had rdm sleep till we finished the 1 we were fighting. should be smooth sailing after nin trent. if theres ne trouble just have blms stun or ws stun.

we are 7/7 0 deaths[12mins on the clock] except on the SAMs orb nin mijin took us all out except whm n sam. sam killed the nin(it was at 1% from MB, what a jip) whm ES sleepga the inc drk n we all just got up n stalled it rotating ES sleepIIs from the blms n rdm till weaken wore. still won the fight @ 24mins ^^;

hope this helps all of you guys trying to do this without a full manaburn,
no 2hrs were used just some good o fashion but kickin. Any questions let me know
btw the mob link order was always the same mnk>nin>drk>whm. depending on what you pull first its a set order.

Beaten without burning
# Jun 17 2006 at 8:33 PM Rating: Excellent
We beat it fairly easily and without use of 2hrs with BLM, RDM, WHM, BRD, WAR, NIN.

We pulled them one at a time, DRK > WHM > MNK > NIN. We fought the first 2 normally, with the rdm and blm sleeping the adds when they came in (after the one we were fighting 2 houred). ES was not needed to stick the initial sleeps.

With the mnk, we had the rdm stick grav and the blm sleep nuked it to death. The monk was very weak to magic. It took 1450ish thunder IVs for about 15% of it's health. When we tried sleep nuking the monk on one attempt, we got 6-10 resisted sleeps in a row. It was earth day, and the mnk had just used its 2hr when the resists started. In subsequent runs it wasn't earthday, and we didn't have problems sticking sleep even after the 2hr. I would recommend always having grav on, and being ready with bind.

We did the nin last, as mijin is the most dangerous 2hr. Once the nin got low on health (20%), we had everyone but the nin run back so he was the only one hit by mijin.

We won 6/8 attempts using this strategy, and it took an average of 10-15 minutes per kill. 5/6 drops got a d. ingot, a d. cloth, or a d. log. We also scored 2 morgensterns.

Edited, Mon Jun 19 12:52:54 2006
# Sep 30 2005 at 5:57 PM Rating: Default
we really actually won with 4blm, brd and rdm.

you pull one by one. rdm and brd sleep the mob youre nuking. 1st blm gets rdy to ES sleep2 the next mob after it wakes.
aspir, 2 ballads and refresh give good mp back to nuke.
when you killed the drk, and the whm uses benediction just watch out to make sure after you slept the mnk with ES sleep2 the first time, another blm has to ES sleep2 again afterwards, since you cant kill the full hp whm with one round of nuking. the mnk *has* to be slept since it hurts *alot*
after the whm is down and you nuke the mnk, the rdm uses ES sleep2 on the mnk tree. then nuke again and pray it dies quickly.
after using its 2hrs the last mob will be slept by the next blm in line with ES.
this time the rdm goes far away to avoid Mijin Gakure death. everyone needs RR up just in case.
it does its 2hrs at around 10-20%HP
it is possible to avoid the 2hr by nuking right on time and killing it before it can use 2hr. if not just rr, let rdm sleep it and gravity it until ppl are up. then nuke it to death.
# Sep 03 2005 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent
ok ive done this BCNM 3 times now bc ive heard its rarely been beaten. im not calling anyone a liar but i do find it hard to believe that 4 BLMs, RDM, and BRD could win this. the monk hits for 350 a pop on a fully buffed, pimped out PLD, and hit me (RNG) for 550 on average. if u really did, then kudos to u. anyways, heres our strat:

(the names are confusing as they are similar to each other. make sure u double check the names before you initiate combat with one. the names are correctly listed at the top of this page, plz refer to them there.)

prior to entering, drink your drinks and eat your eats. get up pro/shell, RR, SS, utsu/blink, etc. DRK, PLD, and RNG sleep up to 300tp. this is an uncapped BCNM so u will not lose buffs when u enter. (the WHM tree has somekind of dispel move. so keep an eye on your buffs. he doesnt use it often tho.)

(ok plz forgive me if i misquote mage spells. my blm is only 21 and my rdm is 1)
anyways, the trees are all bunched up at the start, so RDM runs in and ES + Sleepga. or BRD does lullaby. (as i said, i dont remember if our rdm initially put them to sleep. im not sure rdm has sleepga, but u get the point.)
PLD will flash the DRK. have PLD drag it all the way to the end of the bridge, close to the BCNM zone/exit. line up for a SATA SC immediately. normally RNG and DRK would use AA >> SpinSlash for light, but since we did not use a BLM, we did SW >> Guillotine to make a crappy induration. both of us hit our WS for well over 1k damage so its worth it. that will lock hate down on PLD for awhile. keep in mind the PLD is /nin bc each of these trees hits like crazy. if uve ever fought fenrir with a PLD/nin u know how well this works. u should be able to kill the DRK within 2-3 minutes.
NOTE---when one tree dies, another will automatically awaken and engage. the 4 trees are linked to the 4 seasons. they wake in the natural order of the seasons, that being, spring>summer>fall>winter. forgive me for not remembering which tree is associated with which season, but it will be pretty obvious when one wakes up lol.
RDMs only job is to keep the NIN and MNK asleep during all of this. the original sleep will hold thruout the length of the DRK fight. somewhere during the course of the WHM fight, one, or both, of the trees is likely to wake up. RDM needs to be on his/her game for this. RDM needs to be sure to keep gravity, bind, etc on MNK or it will slaughter the RDM when it wakes.
ok so... handle the WHM the same way as the DRK. i reccommend hitting your SCs as soon as u have 100tp. this is a timed battle, and the NIN and MNK both require alot of time to fight. WHM will use benediction at 50% which will give him back about 4500 HP. just stay on him and he will drop in roughly 5-8 minutes. it is imperative that u keep the WHM at the far end of the bridge as u did the DRK. if he wakes up the others with benediction, the BCNM is definitely over.
onto the NIN: we fought the NIN inside the main battle area while the RDM kept bind/grav/sleep the MNK. the ninja isnt hard at all. but at 10-15% he will use mijin gakure. have WHM cast barfira and BRD cast fire carol. PLD better remove his bombqueen ring for this. RNG wear wyvern helm, triumph/ruby rings, and suzakus sune-ate for added fire resistance. DRK and BRD wear as much as possible too. WHM needs to back far out of 2hr range around 15%. THIS IS THE KEY TO THIS BATTLE. surviving mijin gakure means you are home free. at 15% do your SC, and PLD use spirits within and u may get lucky and kill it before he uses 2hr. if not, pray u have enough fire resistance and HP to survive. WHM run in and use benediction. kill the NIN off. NIN should take 5 minutes.
and now you are home free. fighting the MNK is exactly the same as fighting King Behemoth. RNG will own the MNK. RNG will also pull mad hate bc PLD is /nin and has no voke. PLD needs to use invinceable to lock hate when RNG is in truoble. otherwise his job consists of flash, cure, and lots of running. RDM needs to stick pzn, bio, blind, and especially gravity. WHM keep PLD alive and watch RNG health. BRD do what u can to enfeeble, keep ballad on mages, and make that RNG pwn. do not attempt to to do SCs. just let RNG go nutts. DRK do what u can when u can.

ok, a few notes now. should someone die from mijin gakure, have them full heal far away from the MNK fight. our DRK died several times bc of this. the MNK will randomly use a JA called Pinecomb Bomb which does 500-700 AoE and has a big range. ive heard that all 4 trees can use this move but in our 3 fights, only the MNK used it.
RNG needs to be careful. without voke, PLD will have trouble keeping hate off you. however, as long as grav sticks, u can kite easily as u would KB. but..., you will likely only have 10 minutes to beat the MNK, so everytime u have to kite, u waste precious time.
100 fists can be easily avoided by sleep/shadowbind.

i cant reiterate enough how much of a beast this MNK is. keeping gravity and other enfeebs on him is crucial.
also, RDM needs to convert only when he is out of AoE range. if RDM falls, it will be bad news for u.

edit---forgot to add that PLD, RNG, DRK, RDM, and even BRD should bring an icarus wing to use on MNK. every bit of damage helps in this fight.
also, i want to believe that a MNK/THF would be better for this BCNM than a DRK/THF. however i only think this would be true if u have a BLM so u can do AA >> SATA + DragKick for light. additionally, a MNK can use chi-blast on the MNK while he is kited.

Edited, Sat Sep 3 07:41:24 2005
# Aug 30 2005 at 9:00 PM Rating: Default
its a lie that divine log is 100% drop -.-

anyway we did it with: 4BLM, RDM, BRD

fought drk > whm > mnk > nin
fight one at a time. ES sleep the next when it wakes up. easy
# Feb 23 2005 at 6:33 AM Rating: Good
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Which orb do you need for this battle? Or is it a Themis Orb?
99 BLM / 99 BRD / 99 MNK / 99 WAR / 95 NPC
RE: Orb
# Nov 06 2005 at 4:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Season's Greetings
# Feb 15 2005 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Nice writeup Vorpal. I've been looking everywhere for the Rare/EX "Stone Gorget" since it was added last patch. I wonder if it comes from this BC. It's quite a tastey item.
Hm... I wonder if 6 SMN could blast this BC...
RE: Season's Greetings
# Jul 29 2005 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
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The Stone Gorget is obtained by killing one of the NM's in one of the Prom's...(Mea I think~) and taking that drop to Prom Vahzl to spawn yet another NM. Take that drop to an NPC (I think) in Jeuno and you get it as a reward. ^^

# Dec 18 2004 at 1:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Has anybody beaten this BCNM yet?
RE: Beaten?
# Dec 20 2004 at 9:00 AM Rating: Good
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As no items have been added, I quess not, though it is possible nobody is gonna send the items in for abit..
RE: Beaten?
# Dec 26 2004 at 1:30 PM Rating: Excellent
Tried this 6 times, just going in blindly. This is perhaps the hardest Kindred/Beastmen orb battle I've ever participated in.

We went in as blm, brd, whm, nin, rng, drg. So basically an "exp" party setup, I thought we'd be prepared for anything.

Anyhow, there are 4 treant type mobs, the names of which I've shortened to "Gila" (whm), "Ula" (nin), "Gola" (drk), and "Goga" (N/A). We usually fight Gola first, because he poses almost zero threat to the party, and will make BLM/BRD sleep-duty easier with less treants to kill. Next we would kill Gila, the white mage, because he is also little threat. You must lure him away from the sleeping treants, so that he doesn't wake them up during Benediction. Other than that Gila isn't hard. Next is Ula, the ninja. He will actually make an effort to blink-tank, even better than the Hume Ark Angel does. We could get Ula down to about 10% health, but then Mijin Gakure almost whiped us out, I got hit for ~760 with stoneskin and barfire on. We never actually fought Goga, the "unknown job" treant. We would always save him last because he is a DEMON, to kill him you will want to kite him around, I don't think Goga can be tanked. He attacks without delay, almost like a perpetual Hundred Fists, and 50% of the time will hit you with additional effect: stun which will last in upwards of 10 seconds. A Ninja can only withstand that onslaught for a very brief period.

So after 6 failures, I think I now know what the "perfect" party setup would be for this battle. 1 Blm, 1 Rdm, 1 tank, 1 Drk, 1 Whm, 1 Brd. Blm will go in, Elemental Seal + Sleepga II (the trees are already bunched up at the beginning). Then the Ninja and Drk would go in and start killing Gola. The Red Mage's job is to keep an eye on the strongest treant, Goga, who is very problematic (would sometimes resist my sleep as 75 blm with 267 enfeebling). Once Goga wakes up after the Elemental Seal + Sleepga, Red Mage will take over as a dedicated sleeper for Goga, and the Blm will focus on sleeping the other two, and maybe helping nuke with the melees (you can aspir Gila and Gola for mp). Gila and Gola should go down without much trouble. Once it is time to fight Ula, the bard's primary purpose for this battle will be to keep Fire Carol on everyone, and whm to Barfira. And basically just pray that Mijin Gakure won't cripple you. With luck, you'll still be alive, and the Red Mage will have Goga slept. Have the tank start developing hate, but dont engage. This thing must be kited. Red Mage will Gravity once Goga wakes up (if Blm subs rdm, he can help, since gravity has long recast time). Now its up to the Rdm and Blm to nuke Goga while the tank kites it. Drk can follow along and get some swings in I guess, stunning all the while. If everything goes smoothly, you'll probably still have 15-20 minutes left to kill Goga which I think is ok. This is my theoretical party setup for this BCNM. I don't really plan on trying it soon though, I am thoroughly sick of treants.

Other misc stuff to watch out for. Treants have an AoE Sleep ability, I think called Pincecomb Bomb or something. Also Leaf Storm will do about 600 damage to everyone, but this only happened once in 6 battles and I think can be stunned. Also, I have no clue what Goga's 2 hour will be, we never got that far :(
RE: Beaten?
# Feb 07 2005 at 4:49 AM Rating: Default
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personally i detest the idea of using two hours to beat BCNMs as they should all be beatable with enough skill but hundredfists +stun ........

only thing i could think of was ye olde RDM/DRK Stun fest. thats a gaurenteed amount of time to beat up on it but iono
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