Start Area: Waughroon Shrine
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Osschaart
Osschaart's Automaton
Osschaart's Avatar
Osschaart's Bat
Osschaart's Wyvern
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Clotho Orb
Items Granted:Adaman Ingot
Attila's Earring
Damascene Cloth
Damascus Ingot
Fuma Sune-Ate
Hoplites Harpe
Mahogany Log
Orichalcum Ingot
Platinum Ore
Sorrowful Harp
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In-Game Text


Take 30 Kindred Seals and trade them to Shami in Port Jeuno and choose a Clotho Orb. To enter the battle field, trade the Clotho Orb to the Burning Circle in Waughroon Shrine and choose the battle Copycat. You can take up to 6 people in and you have 30 minutes to defeat it.

Added by AnimalOnSylph

The NM's name is Osschaart. He is an Ahriman type mob. From the 2 runs that I did, it was a blm and smn type mob. On my first run, I died from Astral Flow Diamond Dust. This mob will do a Draw in, followed immediately by charm on the same player. For us, that wasnt too bad. Sleepgaed the person to wipe shadows, and woke them when it wore. It appears that the mob will only charm one person at a time. So, you wont have 6 against you ever.

The biggest problem we had was the -ga spells. Most were stunned. However, when our blm was charmed, that became hard to do, and would quickly take us out.

I think the best bet for this would either be a pt of smns or blms.


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can a best master party do this ksnm
# Sep 05 2008 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
hey was wondering about this ksnm, some suggested a party of smn or blm and i was courious wether anyone has tried a party of beastmasters yet ?
can a best master party do this ksnm
# Sep 24 2008 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
You need a sleeper because he will charm a party member every 30 seconds. 4 bsts and two sleepers would prolly own this. Have two of the bsts sub whm to focus on curing the slept member once he is uncharmed. Just be careful if you chose a blm sleeper because once he is charmed, he would possible own your party if he casts a -ga. (I am not sure if charmed pt members cast magic or just attack. Ours just attacked but we had sleep on them the minute they got charmed.)

Good Luck if you try this. Let us know how it goes

Easy as all hell
# Jan 15 2008 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
We did this run yesterday and went 5/5 no deaths. This was all our first times too.
Jobs: rdm/blm, rdm/drk, drk/sam (me) Pld/war, mnk/war, and brd/whm.

The only threat we encountered, which was no big deal, was when pld was charmed and I had hate. When pld was uncharmed, it took him 4-5 vokes to get the mob off me. By that time, I was charmed again.

Charm order goes down Leaders list from the person that traded orb on down. If your a DD and you know your charm is coming up, take off weapon. He will cast Poisonga II and Diaga II so if you dont get it erased right away, the brd or rdms wont beable to sleep you causing you to wail away on the pld like I did.

Having two stunners is nice. He will cast -ga III's. One got by and hit me for 500-600. again, not life threating. Stun WS are very useful for when stunner is charmed or recast isnt up.

Biggest threat was Eyes On Me! Hit me for upwards of 900 and pld 500. He did it may be 2-3 times.

Communication is Parimount. We went in unsure the first time but set some guide lines: When your charmed, do /p Charmed <Call> so you can be slept then /p Uncharmed <call> to be woke up to continue wacking away on this ****. It worked better than we thought. He does have tons of HP, but be being only DD, he still wasnt a big deal.(Mnk was 70....and a Taru...) The only two hr we seen him do was Soul Voice....Never called a pet. Fights were a steady 13 mins with this set up. Mana burn pts record was 2 mins 7 secs on Siren.


Coffinmaker (Mine!)
Destroyers *2
Retributer (Mine!)

A. Ingot * 9 ( Two dropped every fight but mine.)
O. Ingot *2
D. Cloth
Fuma feet
Pole strap *2
and some random stuff that sells for about 5k.

Every person walked out 300k richer with no deaths. We all agreed this was the most fun in a bcnm/ksnm we ever had.

Edited, Nov 4th 2008 1:15pm by Locrotien
Updated the Wiki
# Jan 11 2008 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
457 posts
Since I could not find any info on this, I decided to give some detail to it. Here is what I added to the wiki, since I dont know if people will be looking there for the info or not.

The NM's name is Osschaart. He is an Ahriman type mob. From the 2 runs that I did, it was a blm and smn type mob. On my first run, I died from Astral Flow Diamond Dust. This mob will do a Draw in, followed immediately by charm on the same player. For us, that wasnt too bad. Sleepgaed the person to wipe shadows, and woke them when it wore. It appears that the mob will only charm one person at a time. So, you wont have 6 against you ever.

The biggest problem we had was the -ga spells. Most were stunned. However, when our blm was charmed, that became hard to do, and would quickly take us out.

I think the best bet for this would either be a pt of smns or blms.
lolgaxe wrote:
Thinking outside the box is fine, but the owner's manual is on the inside.
crappy writeup
# May 29 2007 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
wow, throw an orb in and win the fight. what a phenominal writeup. Did anyone even go DO this before preparing this information???

doesn't even name the friggin Mob.. good thing I'm not paying for this "information" - good thing the players sed some stuff...

and your lame system won't even let me rate this as awful... peh.
Improper Listing
# Feb 15 2007 at 5:27 AM Rating: Decent
185 posts
This has been improperly listed as a BCNM. It is a KSNM. I was looking for it in the KSNM link and couldn't find it. Had to look up destroyers to find this KSNM lol.
So much fun
# Feb 08 2007 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
This has to be the most fun KS I have done in ages...myself and 4 blms from our LS setup a LS only run for ks30 ODS and some ppl wanted to do PP but there were 3 ppl that had the CC orb so we read about it and well...if you want fun you gotta try this thing we went all 3 times 5 blms 1 whm weird how only whms had this orb.

So we all run in and line up and whm throws a barthundra on use just in case and wel all Cast our Thunder 4's we tryed AM2 on first run but ppl ran out of mp to fast so we stuck to tier 4 for the last to runs, so we all do our first nukes and then all spread out around him...one blm was /rdm and did ES Gravity and if anyone got charmed it was a quick sleep1 till they are back....we never ran out of stuns for his Ga 3's.

So if you go Blm x5 whm x1 you can beat this np and its to much fun :)
# Jan 13 2007 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
As it has been said before, this gets much easier as your party gets more familiar with what to do. There is one bit of interesting info I have, though, later on.

Setup was:
COR/RNG (me)

First few rounds I tried to deal damage to speed things up, but I ended up giving the mob too much TP with Joyeuse, and at times I'd be using a WS with both stuns down and the BRD charmed, and an -aga would go off. So, for the remaining few rounds, I didn't engage the mob, and stayed on buff/sleep duty. Light Shot was very useful for when the PLD was charmed and the mob went around terrorizing the mages, and not surprisingly, not meleeing it actually made the fight much quicker, as the BLMs had more MP to nuke near the end. We ended up winning all 6 rounds, and these were the drops:

Damascus Ingot
Damascene Clothx2
Fuma Sune-atex4
Hoplites Harpex2
Adaman Ingotx4
Gold Thread
Attila's Earring
... and some more unimportant drops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but on my orb, Osschaart copied Soul Voice at around 75% and his job CHANGED to BRD for the rest of the fight. I.e., he never casted another nuke from that point. He just kept casting songs. Made the fight incredibly easy.
# Jan 13 2007 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
Oh, I should also add our killing method.

PLD went in first, followed shortly by BRD. BRD slept the first -aga or AM he casted, and the BLMs were then in charge of stuns, and alternated. The BRD wasn't kept in the stun order because he builds resistance to sleep quickly. However, he doesn't seem to build a resistance to Light Shot at all, so I was mainly there for backup when both stuns were down. If a BLM's stun was down, he'd nuke until his stun was up or he got charmed. He copied Wild Card three times, Soul Voice, and Manafont once. Manafont was met with a quick Light Shot until it wore off. The final fight, we blew all of our two-hours at about 25%, and he didn't use any 2hr. Even though I reset everyone's two-hour, he still didn't use any of them, which was strange. Maybe it was too far in? In every fight, we'd have the BLMs start spamming magic on him to finish him, while I was on Light Shot duty.

COR can work very well in this KSNM as a backup stunner. I had over +30AGI macroed in for Quick Draw, so Light Shot was only resisted once in all six runs. I had an intentional bust at the beginning of the fight, since I was only putting Evoker's and Warlock's Roll on the entire party, and it'd be easier to refresh rolls that way. RDM roll was just a safety, to ensure Stun and Lullaby landed.

In all, it was fun and just plain easy once everyone knew what to do.
Copycat Manaburn
# Nov 19 2006 at 4:22 PM Rating: Decent
397 posts
This KSNM also drops Damascus Ingot.

My experience with this KSNM was as follows: We did four runs, and of course it gets increasingly easy as everyone becomes more comfortable with the fight. Our setup for the first three runs was BRD BRD BLM BLM BLM RDM. Our last run we swapped a BRD for a MNK (who needed Destroyers of course). Our strategy was simple manaburn style: Timed tier IV nuke, Sleep, repeat. First three sleeps we had the BRD (which was, by the way, me) Lullaby it and it usually slept until next nuke. By the third/fourth nuke he built up a big resistance to sleep so we ES+Sleep2'ed it, rested a bit for BLM MP. By this point he is at about 50% health. After most MP is regained, timed nukes start again, now followed by a ES+Sleep2 and at 25% or so we just did free nukes since it's pretty pointless to even try to land a Sleep on it.

When it charms someone, just land a quick Lullaby/Sleep on them and Cure them when they're no longer charmed. We had absolutely no problem with two hour abilities as neither Soul Voice nor Manafont are an issue, due to it being slept or nuked to death. He never used Chainspell, but I guess he could have.

On the 4 runs we did and won, we got:

Coffin Maker
Fuma Sune-Ate x2
Damascus Ingot
Orihalcum Ingot x2
A. Ingot x3 or x4
Vile Elixir
And some other lesser items.

Very fun fight, quite challenging even with a manaburn setup, but easy to control when everybody knew what to do.
Copycat Manaburn
# Nov 26 2006 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
What is he does Magic Shield the moment he awakes?
Copycat Manaburn
# Nov 26 2006 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
What if he does Magic Shield the moment he awakes?
Strat for Fall '06
# Oct 10 2006 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
121 posts
Here are some things to consider with the new tweaks implemented to the game as of Oct. 06:

In general, the fight starts off with first charm going either the person who first agro's the NM or has hate at that time. Watch the order in which you get charmed because he will stick to that order.

There's a rumor that his 2hr ability will be depending on who's next on the charm order when he's at either 20 or 25% HP mark, I will test this soon to verify. But if that's the case, you can literally control the flow of the battle easily.

Worst 2hr to face by far is Manafont because he will spam the strongest Ga's everywhere and honestly there's not much you can do at that point except for the person with hate to run out of the arena and all the way into the BC entrance. When he has you cornered, stun him and run past him (preferrably stun him twice) and back to arena to wait for manafont to wear off.

You do not need an official healer such as WHM but RDM is very crucial to the fight as silence and /DRK stun is excellent counters. Caution that silence might not land effectively...

Since there's no official tank in this fight either due to the charm rotation and hate lose rotation, jobs subbing DRK is very useful. NIN/DRK, PLD/DRK, etc etc. PLD/NIN is good too just for pure damage as you can sort of hold hate with Flash and then tank with shadows. Some jobs have stun WS such as Flat Blade, Shoulder Tackle and Leg Sweep, VERY VERY useful.

BRING MEDS. With the new HiPotion Tanks dropping like crazy in Assault you can definitely bring 2 tanks and dispense about 5-10 pots per person before every orb and use that.

Good luck.

# Sep 10 2006 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
ya so is this a BCNM or a KSNM?

(Yes I know KSNM but why does alla have it listed as a BCNM then say you need KS's for it? fix? or am I totally confused lol
Copy Cat Ksnm
# Sep 08 2006 at 1:19 AM Rating: Decent
i manaburned this KS 10 times today and never got my coffee maker ; ; anyone know the drop rate on coffinmaker?
5/6 not to bad
# Jan 21 2006 at 3:28 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Ok so, we go in pt set up was 75mnk/thf, 71pld/war, blm/rdm, blm/whm, rdm/drk, blm/whm <mages all 75+ mind ya>. we get in buff and stuff and me(pally) equips my trusty Terra staff. gos in and basically holds hate as best as i can with a impossible to gauge mnk. (who was after destroyers)can't spell, anyway, basically everthing gos smothly pld(me) gets chramed, blms sleep me, and mnk kites eye until i come to, then get back hate, and keep up the work. Its good to have a few potions in hand when things don't go right, when mob gets off a few extra spells by accident. Fun fight i do say. like the drops and we went 1/5 on destroyers, got fuma twice and D-ignot twice as well!

Edited, Sat Jan 21 02:29:39 2006
RE: 5/6 not to bad
# Apr 07 2006 at 4:49 AM Rating: Decent
All mages 75+, eh? lol ><
RE: 5/6 not to bad
# Jan 03 2007 at 1:00 PM Rating: Good
597 posts
maybe they have merits >_>
but see... that's what I'm talking about! Now Venture will send Sampson after the rest of us and he'll go totally sickhouse on our ********

...and I like my ***** gentlemen.
RE: 5/6 not to bad
# Nov 28 2006 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
don't you hate those lvl 80 blms in ballista?
# Jan 14 2006 at 1:05 AM Rating: Decent
111 posts
also drops petrified log, adaman ingot, phoenix feather, and durandal

did this just now with 6 smn. was a fun fight nm gets more resists as he goes but diabolos works well on him as always. got 2x a.ingot, phoenix feather, durandal, p.log, ahriman wing, and retributor
RE: fun
# Jan 14 2006 at 7:40 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Hi, I wanted to know how difficult this was for 6 SMNs to do, I wanted to see if I could pay 6 SMNs to do this for me since I'm like 2/5 on wins with normal pt and 0/2 on retributor.

Basicly, can you get charmed with avatar out is what i was worrying about, and if not, was it really difficult to win?
# Dec 19 2005 at 2:57 AM Rating: Default
anyone have any video of this fight id like to see one if anyone has 1,ive been in a desert swarm pt, just wanna c how this 1 goes.
Rather Smooth Fight
# Oct 24 2005 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
180 posts
Just did this the other day for a friend who needed destroyers - 1/1, 1st time trying, dropped Fuma, Destroyers, Adaman Ingot :)

PT setup was this:


Whenever he charms someone, we'd sleep the person - actually u can just don't bother sleeping if he charms the BRD, BLM or WHM (we can't hit anyone inside to be a threat).

The bad thing was that he copied the NIN's 2hr, and nearly everyone died. Nothing a DS Curaga 3 didn't help though, we proceeded to pound the thing down. Overall, only danger is from the copying of the 2hr. Other than that, its relatively easy.
Stun and charm
# Sep 25 2005 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
i was capable of stunning my charm (rdm/drk). I managed to do it almost everytime even, just gotta be ready for it.
Did with x5 BLM's
# Sep 14 2005 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, so i did this KSNM with Garuda's "Kaboom Service". some BLM's that do 30 KS fights, you keep drops, and they get 40% of earnings. Hardly a bad deal when KS's collect dust in Mog House.

At any rate, i read up on the drops, and being 74WAR, i wanted the Retributor. i never bothered to read up on the strategy... so we go in to the fight, they are buffed up, and they ask me to strip naked. being a hot mithra (and chick in RL), and also knowing some of the BLM's, i thought they just wanted a show. i had NO clue they were concerned with me being charmed and killing them...

So, i'm naked. armor and weapons off. about half way through the fight, i equip one of my Axes, just checking out different damage and whatnot. you know, tinkering around, waiting for fight to finish. just as i do that, i get Drawn Into the Battlefield... and i get charmed.... lol yeah, right after i equip an axe.

I then, against my own will, proceed to demolish this 75 BLM taru with my axe... critical... critical.. critical... it was disgusting. If we were in balista, i'd have been laughing... not so much were we, though. So he dies, even after like 4 stuns from the other BLM's. I then proceed to the next BLM, but luckily we win after i hit him like 2-3 times. VERY VERY nasty business... we all kinda laugh, and i offer my tanking services if they ever need me, but they didn't care. they knew potential for death before entering.

Morale of the story... if you're leeching off someone else just for the drops, equip a patheticly (spelling?) low weapon, or go in there with no weapon at all.

-Bohica of Garuda
blm power
# Jun 09 2005 at 1:25 AM Rating: Decent
belive it or not hmmm 4 blm 1 whm 1 smn won, got fuma sorrowful harp adaman ingot and raxa. hehe yep blm pt won this fight.

we were doing scorpions but smn got the wrong orb -.- <3 neo, after scorp runs we decieded to give it a try knowing it is like almost impossible a wasted orb anywhere, and raise 3 is always nice hehe and blms are used to suicide dying. go in buff and blah blah, smn sends in garuda but got owned by firaga or something first 5 sec didnt even get astral flow off, smn got charmed, WTH Nukes away thundaga 3 thunder 4, everthing we got and keeps running around trying to kill charmed team mates for fun knowing we gonna loose. after all mp run out we saw his hp is like 40%, his highly resistant to nukes. A slightest chance in wining exists, blms 2 hred eventually all died out. me and whm left (i was busy sleeping, nuking teammates so not much hate ~.^), whm got chamed >.> hitting me with a stick and i had like 40 mp left picked the closest nuke on my list think it was a water 2 >.> boom won the fight hehe. hehe funnest fight eva so moral of the story is kids, BLMs own u !!

arent u glade u have a heavily gimped staff skill :)? rehont hits hard -.- elvaan whm >.<
blm power
# Oct 21 2008 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
This has to be one of the coolest stories I've read in quite some time. :) It made me smile to read that a party killed each other for fun and won a KSNM doing it. I wish I could rate this story up. Classic! :)
6 BSTs^^
# May 05 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Excellent
2,063 posts
Did this last night 5 times with 6 BSTs. We did 3/5 fights on Darksday cause we were idiots, but still won all 5 runs. Best thing about BSTs is that all he does is charm or call a bat, no other 2 hrs to worry about. Just run in with jugs and recast cooled down and send pets at it. The key is to macro a unequip weapon for whenever you are drawn in and hit if before you are charmed. Then all you do is recall jugs when you can and scatter when it -ga's.

Really fun BC, good drops too. Need to add Addy Ingot and orch Ingot to the list.
all NIN?
# Apr 24 2005 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
5,684 posts
keep in mind that i am not a NIN... but what would happen if you just had an entire NIN party keeping utsusemi up the entire time.. until it charms one of them and then uses Mijin, killing itself in the process? the only problem i can see is keeping utsusemi up.. depending on how fast it casts and attacks
RE: all NIN?
# May 21 2005 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent
1,433 posts
Generally speaking when a mob uses Mijin Gaukure:
1. It's AOE, which is annoying and
2. The mob doesn't actually die.

So in all liklihood, this wouldn't work too well.
# Apr 10 2005 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
Just thought you'd like to know you can't really interrupt casting with Stun while manafont is active. As a matter of fact interruption during font is nearly impossible. Even if you put are put to sleep and stuned, if you wake up or become unstunned before your casting is completed you will successfully finish the spell. About the only thing that can reliably interrupt you is a knockback attack or silence. I'm not sure if you will be able to complete casting after being silenced if someone removes it for you. I've never been silenced in mid cast during font. I have used this tactic many times to shove -ga3's down the throats of those unfortunate enough to interrupt my casting the first time I attempt to vaporize them. It really works. If you doubt me, fight Maat as a blm, he'll prove it to you easily (hence the -when Maat fonts bind and run the **** away unless you can finish him before he can complete a spell- strategy {btw, good luck landing bind anyway, I suggest you just plain run{).

Edited, Sun Apr 10 01:42:42 2005
RE: Manafont
# Jul 10 2005 at 11:02 AM Rating: Decent
Stun WILL interrupt casting as long as its not resisted manafont or not. Sleep will NOT interrupt casting if target wakes before when the cast was to finish.
# Apr 09 2005 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
99 posts
So .. what about those summons?
Or was that info wrong?
2nd try
# Mar 21 2005 at 11:08 AM Rating: Decent
Ok I did it again, won 3/3

This time we proved the rumor/hypothesis false, I went in with chainspell used up yet 3/3 it charmed me and used chainspell lol. Fortuneately when it uses chainspell it doesnt cause too much problem becuase it casts useless spells like bind, burn etc.... Just stun a few time and kite it for that duration.

Manafont causes more problem imo, becuase it will spam it's -ga magic (magic that theortically uses alot of mp). Benediction needless to say sucks ><, but for reference whm are not really needed for this BC, nor blm or brd. Only thing you need are stunners for its -ga spells.

Nin tanks pretty well, although you can kite as well becuase I don't remember my gravity ever get resisted. It does a move called eyes on me that goes through blink (doesnt rid blink just ignore it) and causes 300-600 dmg, mages need some care there.

A few ex/rare weapon dropped, destroyers, coffinmaker, expunger. Fuma Sune ate seems to be a common drop, so is Durandel (sp?). A few adamon ingots and damascene cloth/ingot drops seen once or twice.

Edited, Mon Mar 21 11:15:12 2005
draw in
# Mar 19 2005 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
Ok did this today.

We had 3 stunners, rdm/drk(me) and 2 blm. Its easy to kite because I never failed to land a gravity on it. Silence is possible but very hard to land, 1 in 10 maybe and doesnt last long.

Yes it does charm someone every 30sec, and everytime it's gonna charm it draws that person in. So everytime you get draw in you have about 1-2second to act. I tried stun in that time, but no luck (rdm/drk stuns are fast), then again I have slow reaction. And yes having a macro to change weapon during that time is recommended although in my case non of us had damaging weapons anyway.

Don't bother sleeping the charmed people, you are complicating stuff. Charm only lasts 20-30 sec so not worth it. The charmed person will chase and melee a random person, all you need to do is run away from them. Btw, when someone is charmed you cant cure them, but dont worry since the AoE spells from mob won't hit them either.

It spams -ga spell, those need to be stunned. Don't waste stun on anything else, just use it for the -ga emergencies. If it does ancient magic let it do it on blink tanks, they can absorb it anyway. It does various shields, defense shield, magic shield (which like pots will resist dispel), and surprisingly arrow shield, none of these lasts very long and all you need to do is spam dispel.

The main problem with this BCNM is the random 2 hr. Yes I can confirm it uses the same 2hr as the person it has charmed at the moment. It can do it at any stage of its HP so hard to prevent. On my fights we experienced manafont and benediction, surprisingly manafont caused huge problem becuase we didnt see it use it and it spammed -ga spell non-stop, our 3 stunners simply wasn't enough. The only way I think I could have counteracted was Chainspell Stun.

I cannot confirm that it doesnt use 2 hour if the person it charms havent got 2hr available. What I can say is on my fights everytime it used 2hr the person it charmed has 2hr available, and some of us did use our 2hour already, yet it has to pick someone that hasnt used it..... Coincidence? Please supply more info of your fights^^
Mob charm
# Mar 02 2005 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
42 posts
How long does it take to cast a mob charm? 1) can you stun it if you're fast enough? 2) Can you set a macro to un-equip your weapons to gimp the damge you might do whilst charmed before it affects you?
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