Wild Wild Whiskers  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Related Mobs:Macan Gadangan
Min Level:60
Max Level:60
(Average from 3 ratings)
Items Granted:Adaman Ore
Darksteel Ingot
Gleeman's Belt
Hermes Quencher
High-Quality Coeurl Hide
Icarus Wing
Mythril Ingot
Penitent's Rope
Steel Ingot
Teleport Ring: Mea
Teleport Ring: Yhoat
Translucent Rock
Vile Elixir +1
Walkure Mask
This Quest is Repeatable
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Battle Notes

In order to enter the battlefield you will need to bring a Moon Orb, which is obtained by trading 60 Beastmen's Seals to Shami at (H-8) in Port Jeuno. When you are ready, trade the Moon Orb to the Burning Circle inside Balga's Dais and choose to enter the battle Wild Wild Whiskers.

Your party will be deleveled to 60 when you do this encounter. Your party may consist of 3 members. You have 15 minutes to defeat your enemy. You will be fighting a coeurl called Macan Gadangan that casts Thundaga, Thundaga II, and Burst, and uses all the normal Coeurl weaponskills. However, it has a few new WS. Macan Gadangan has an ability called Frenzied Rage, which seems to be something like a Meditate skill, as it would follow up with a WS almost instantly after. Usually, after Frenzied Rage, it would follow up with a WS called Charged Whisker that is AOE, and does lightning damage that did 480 damage on average to Courier Carrie. It also can use a WS called Pounce that is single target and seems to be physical damage. That WS did 400 damage to Courier Carrie. As a 60 BST with something like 220 defense and 50 VIT, Macan Gadangan did 120 damage a swing to me on average.


The best party for this BCNM is Nin, Whm, and a DD preferably with /THF.

Buff up and first thing the Whm does is Silence once and when it wears don't silence again now all that Macan Gadangan will do is cast Burst and melee which makes this bcnm a cakewalk for this trio

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Sure-fire way to win
# Mar 07 2005 at 2:46 PM Rating: Excellent
4,229 posts
I've used this strategy at least 20 times, probably more like 30. It does not lose unless someone screws up (NIN messes up Utsusemi recast or something like that).

The optimum party setup is NIN/WHM/???. The ??? can be any job, literally. It doesn't matter as long as you stick to the strategy I give. I've won this BCNM with NIN60/WHM60/RDM44. I also won when we had NIN60/WHM60/PLD60 and the PLD died almost immediately and we didn't Raise him because I needed every drop of my MP.

The BCNM is against a single Coeurl type mob. He has the normal Coeurl attacks: Blaster (Paralyze) and Chaotic Eye (Silence). He also has Petrificative Breath (Petrify) which he uses very often (95% of the time), and Charged Whisker which deals a lot of AOE lightning damage. He usually uses Charged Whisker once per battle, although I've seen him use it twice in a battle before. Usually Charged Whisker happens near the beginning of the battle. Make sure your WHM has a macro for casting Stona, Silena, and Paralyna on the NIN.

He casts Thundaga, Thundaga II, Thunder II, Thunder III, and Burst. Before he casts, you will see the message "Macan Gadangan's whiskers begin to twitch violently" that means he is going to cast. He chooses one spell to cast each fight, and sticks to that spell for the rest of the fight. He is easy to Silence, and once Silenced he will switch the spell he casts to Burst (although you'll have to wait for Silence to wear off first). This is a good thing if you have a NIN tank because Burst is not AOE and it takes forever to cast.

That being said, this is the key strategy to winning the BCNM. Enter the battle and buff up. Have the NIN engage and have everyone else stand back because AOE can be very nasty. This is usually the point where he uses Charged Whisker very early on and it eats through Utsusemi so have your WHM ready to heal him and possibly Flash the mob so the NIN can recast.

Once his whiskers twitch and he starts casting, see what spell he casts. If he's not casting Burst, Silence him and let the melees move in. He may still do a Charged Whisker at this point so keep the mages back for now. Once he is casting Burst, it's safe for even the mages to move in and melee. In fact it's encouraged and more fun. :D

Once you get him in Burst mode the fight is a breeze. It goes like this.

He casts Burst. DO NOT INTERRUPT HIM. Don't Stun, don't Silence. Let him cast while you wack at him. (Attacks will not interrupt him.) Immediately after casting Burst, he will do Petrificative Breath and petrify your tank, so make sure the WHM has Stona ready. He will then melee a few times and go back to casting Burst again. Rinse and repeat. That's all there is to it. The only tough part of the battle is in the beginning when he isn't doing his Burst cycle and is rather unpredictable. Also, every once in a while (every few battles) he will throw a Chaotic Eye or Blaster into the mix right after Burst, instead of doing Petrify. Odds are he will just stick to Petrify though.

His behavior is so predictable that you can even have the WHM start resting after casting Stona. The mob will go into its Burst cycle and the WHM can regain 1 or 2 ticks of MP. Once the cast is complete make sure the WHM gets up fast to cast another Stona. That's it. Easy huh?

Odds for getting Penitent's Rope seem to be about 50/50 if you don't get the rope, you'll get Gleeman's Belt instead.

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Pergatory (Asura, Kupo LS) WHM99 ~ SMN99 ~ DRK99
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Sure-fire way to win
# Jan 05 2007 at 7:15 PM Rating: Good
233 posts
Thanks for the tips, they worked Perfectly! My wife and I have duo'd this now, 2/2 on wins, but no belt yet. Goin back for a third time right now. Oh and as far as time goes, first time, won at 13 mins, and 2nd time won at 12. So close to the 15 timer, but not to close to freak out.

Thanks again for your great Strategy.
RE: Sure-fire way to win
# Sep 14 2005 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
75 posts
I would like to add my deepest thanks to the write-up you had made for this BCNM fight. With your assistance I was able to complete this BCNM fight on the very first try, full-well knowing what was coming at me, and how to deal with it. It provided enough knowledge for me to lead a fight I had not seen the like of before. It made it incredibly simple.

To sum it up, the silence on this NM is like a lightswitch. It starts by casting some random thunder-based spell. Then you silence it, and that flips the switch to casting AM burst only. With a NIN to take the damage with shadow (and dish it back out while waiting for the attack), and a WHM, this is very possible.

Stoneskin and distance are of particular help in this fight. The charged whisker attack is AoE, and does not assist your WHM in conserving MP if they have to heal you. I would not advise being in melee range if you are not a melee. Charged Whisker can happen anytime. And more than once.

As a BLM, I was able to add a lot to this fight as well. Stone-based damage spells were going for about 50% resist, but still doing signifigant damage. Add that I was able to assist in curing when a melee attack got through, and it was no problem. I would think any mage as a third person is a great asset to this fight when going for a first time. /rdm or /whm will assist the main WHM conserve MP if your NIN must let an attach through.

Let an attack through? Yes, it seemed that it was to the NIN's benefit to let some attacks though. Burst had a decent wind-up time. So to guarantee that the NIN had shadows up, it was good to let an extra attack through as needed. Future runs would lead to better timing, and the lack of this effect being beneficial, but it was useful for a first time run.

So again, thank you so much for a write-up that simplifed this fight to something managable. Me and my new -3 Enmity thank you!
RE: Sure-fire way to win
# Aug 22 2005 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
120 posts
Great strategy, NIN WHM RDM won 3 times, took `bout 10mins each fight, penitent`s rope on 3rd orb. Woot woot! rate up on yer already-5.00 score
RE: Sure-fire way to win
# May 18 2005 at 4:44 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
I used this strategy and it rocks. Only problem is that the 15 minutes time limit comes way too quickly in this battle. I tried this battle two time, both times we got the boss down to 1% health when the time limit happened and we were booted from the arena.
RE: Sure-fire way to win
# Apr 28 2005 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Hi there... I'm very interested in this strat... but I don't have any NIN friends ^.^; My question is... how long does it take for it to cast burst, and how long in between bursts? I'm wondering if a PLD could use a blink band to absorb the bursts and otherwise tank normally.
RE: Sure-fire way to win
# Apr 15 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Oh man, you were so right with this strategy. It took a lot of convincing, but after a couple of weeks of begging I got 3 others to go with me to do this BC. NIN, WHM, me as BLM and another BLM.

Your strategy was right on the money. Once it was silenced, he went right to Burst mode.

Oh and the NIN was OWNING him with enfeebles. Paralyze made it so much easier to beat this.

We tried 4 times (one for each member) and your odds were right on too. 2 Ropes!! So now @ 75 I finally got a Penitent's Rope and have my Heierarch Belt for resting.

This belt will come in handy as I plan to lvl all mage jobs sooner or later to 75.

Use this strategy folks! Nice job Pergatory!
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