PM 3-2 Vessel Without a Captain  

Submitted by:Osarion
Start Area: Lower Jeuno
Prerequisites:PM 3-1 Call of the Wyrmking
Related Areas:Ru'Lude Gardens
Related Mobs:Nag'molada
Mission:3 - 2
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
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This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 3-1 Call of the Wyrmking
Next Mission: PM 3-3 The Road Forks
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009

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Mission Orders

Prishe has left for the Tenshodo in Jeuno to find her acquaintance, Grezzo. A visit to the Grand Duke Palace may also be necessary...


Go to Lower Jeuno's Neptune Spire and check on the door deep inside to get another cut scene. After that go to the Ru'Lude Gardens Palace and click on the palace door.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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Er..This is all mixed up
# Mar 13 2006 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
Alla listed the Missions backwards. So I will clear things up for you. After defeating 2-5, Head to Bastok Port and you will get cutscence by agency. Then head to Metalworks and Talk to cid. After talking to cid, head to to lower jueno and you will get a cs at Spire of Neptunes door. After cs is over Head to Ru'lude gardens and approach palace for another CS. Then you must travel to all 3 nations and talk to 3npc... er forgot names so pay attention when the npc in Ru'lude garden tells you. and then finally you must go back to jueno and go to the Infirmary in upper and get a cutscene. I hope this help anyone who is tottally lost.

75 DRK 72 SAM

New Quests
# Jan 31 2006 at 12:10 PM Rating: Excellent
66 posts
I've Noticed this Mission also opens up new quests.

found 3 in jeuno so far, named:

A Chocobo Tale
Ducal Hospitality
In The Mood For Love
Hook, Line and Sinker

if anyone knows of anymore, reply to here, thanks
# Mar 21 2005 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
41 posts
When you go to Attowha Chasm to defeat the Antlion it might be in best interest to talk to the little tarutaru at the entrance and get a Flaxen pouch, which then you can trade to the Cradle of Graves which you will be going to anyways. Might save a trip up that maze for future.

Edited, Mon Mar 21 22:42:30 2005
Vessel Without a Cpt
# Feb 21 2005 at 2:30 AM Rating: Excellent
100 posts
M 3-2(Vessel Without a Captain): Go to Lower Jeuno's Neptune Spire and check on the door deep inside to get another cutscene. After that go to RuLude Garden Palace and click on the palace door.

M 3-3(Road Forks): After cutscene, the mission divides into 2 parts - SanDoria route and Windurst route. Route details are given below. You are free to go through either route. You can also go through both routes at the same time since there's no need to complete one route to start the next. After completing both routes, head back to Metalworks and talk to Cid.

M 3-3A:SanDoria Route (Emerald Waters)
3-3A1: Enter North Sandoria to start this leg of the mission.

3-3A2(Vicissitudes): Talk to Arnau the priest in the Cathedral. Next talk to Chasalvige in the Manuscript Room on the left.

3-3A3(Descendents of Line Lost): Next go to Carpenter's Guild via the (E-6) Entrance Point in Jugner Forest. Look for a NPC called Guilloud beside a boulder at (H-10). Talking to him will spawn a Malboro mob named Overgrown Ivy. LV75 character with nin or whm sub should be sufficient to defeat it however watch out for it's Hundred Fist ability.

3-3A4(Louverance):After defeating Overgrown Ivy, return to South Sandoria and look for Hinaree at the Manor (B-6). This ends the Sandorian leg.

M 3-3B:Windurst Route (Memories of a Maiden)
3-3B1: Enter Winwaters to start this leg of the mission.

3-3B2(Comedy of Errors): Head to Rhinostery right-hand room (J-9) and talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru. Next go to Winwalls and talk to Yoran-Moran at his house. Then go back to Winwaters to Timbre Timbers Tavern (F-10) and talk to Kyume-Romeh.

3-3B3(Comedy of Errors): Go to the southern portion of Winwaters to the house of Honoi-Gomoi (E-7). Talk to Honoi-Gomoi to receive a key item Mimeo Mirror. Go back to Winwalls again to talk to Yoran-Oran for the method to repair the mirror.
To repair the mirror, you need to go to Attohwa Chasm to find a point marked "Loose Sand" (K-8). Checking the point will spawn a Antlion mob called Lioumere. Try to fight it away from the Loose Sand spawn, if it returns to the base, its HP will be recovered. Defeat it and check the Loose Sand again to get another key item Mimeo Egg. Next, you'll need to climb the intricate mountain of Parrademo Tor to reach the summit within a time limit of 1 hour before the egg disappears and check a point marked "Cradle of Rebirth" to get 3 Mimeo Feathers as key item. If you can't get to the top in time, you'll have to check the Loose Sand again (without any antlion fights) and try again. The starting point for the climb up is located somewhere to the southeast corner of the Tor near the Loose Sand. The path is very narrow with no natural barriers so one wrong step and u fall down. However along the way there are some smog barriers that are either permanent or temporary. If you encounter a permanent smog barrier, it usually indicates that you needa continue by falling one step down to the path below. Try to work your way up the summit in a anti-clockwise direction. Return to Windurst and talk to Yoran-Oran.

3-3B4(Exit Stage Left): Go to Port Windurst and talk to Yujuju (M-6), then Windwaters northern (G-8) and talk to Tosuka-Porika. After the cutscene, talk to Yoran-Oran for the last time in Winwalls to complete this leg.

RE: Vessel Without a Cpt
# Feb 25 2005 at 2:14 PM Rating: Default
575 posts
Edited: False Information. I confused the new-crystal quest with this one {Please forgive me}

Edited, Fri Mar 4 10:47:22 2005
next mission
# Jan 29 2005 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
If my memory serves correct then after this you go to Northern sandoria when you get near the cathedral you get another CS, after that talk to the head sermon leader{forgot his name} then go talk to the one of the the guys in the room down the left hand hall,(from the entrance). Once you get that sc you have to talk to the lady in the mansion in South sandy.

After that you go to windurst.... you talk to alot of ppl here and i cannot remember all the steps.... oh well i know it is vauge but i hope it helps...
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 24 2005 at 5:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) http://www.crashpattern.com/darknight420.html
RE: 1
# Jan 24 2005 at 9:07 AM Rating: Default
21 posts
...What the hell was that?
RE: 1
# Jan 24 2005 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
I agree, I would assume its either spam or at worst trojan :(, otherwise it would have been taken down sooner. (At least I hope so heh)

Edit: I could be wrong but I did a check on the link, and found the Adware.Minibug Trojan :\. More on it here: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/adware.minibug.html
These links should probably be removed asap as they're in almost all of the "January 21 Update" list. :\

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