PM 4-2 The Savage  

Start Area: Tavnazian Safehold
Related Areas:Misareaux Coast
Monarch Linn
Riverne - Site #B01
Related Mobs:Justinius (J - 6)
Mission:4 - 2
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Giant Scale
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt
Next Mission: PM 4-3 The Secrets of Worship
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Mission Orders

Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.


Check on another Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) Misareaux Coast for another cutscene and you will be able to access to Riverne Site B01 this time from the Spatial Displacement. B01 has a level cap of LV50 this time so make sure you have the right equipment prepared at Safehold first. The navigation pattern for B01 is more or less the same as A01 in Chapter 2, where you'll need 1 Giant Scales from the Pyrodrake wyverns to pass through the Unstable portal. The final spatial displacement at (E-8) will bring you to the BC holding area of Monarch Linn.

BC fight of LV50 against the great dragon of Ouryu. This dragon has the ability to fly, which makes all close range attacks useless.

After the fight, return to the safehold. Go to the top floor and talk to Justinus at (J-6) for a cutscene. This mission is done procede to the next.

Ouryu's Tactics

Mob TP Moves

TP moves on the ground:

  • Absolute Terror: Terrorizes whoever has hate for roughly 30 seconds. Players who are terrorized are frozen in place and cannot do anything.
  • Geotic Breath: Frontal earth-based cone attack. Tank can take roughly 700 damage if standing directly in front of Ouryu. Damage is less if standing slightly off to the sides (on Ouryu's feet).
  • Spike Flail: Devastating AoE attack used if someone behind Ouryu takes hate. Utsusemi shadows will absorb this attack.
  • Horrid Roar: Dispels up to 10 buffs on a single target, including food effects.
  • Typhoon Wing: Frontal AoE attack that does 100-180 damage, as well as blind.

TP moves in the air:

  • Bai Wing: AoE earth damage that does up to 385 dmg unresisted. Also causes the effect of slow.
  • Ochre Blast: AoE earth damage that does around 400 damage.

Other Ouryu attacks and abilities

  • Evasion and spell resistance boost while airborne: Ouryu gains evasion boost which cannot be dispelled, as well as an increased resistance to sleep and other spells.
  • Touchdown: AoE damage of roughly 140 dmg per player when Ouryu lands without the party using a mistmelt.
  • Alternates between walking and flying every 2 minutes.
  • Usually uses invincible when around 70 percent health.
  • Uses a powerful stoneskin at the start of the fight, and he recasts later on.
  • Casts Slowga
  • Casts Stoneaga II
  • Ouryu's attacks on the ground are physical.
  • Ouryu's airborne attacks are elemental and will ignore utsusemi, invincible and other forms of physical damage reduction. His unresisted attacks while flying do 280 dmg.

Other Ouryu Notes

  • When Ouryu takes off, the wyrm can be brought back to earth using a Mistmelt. These items are obtained through the quest Fly High. They can also be bought from the auction house.
    • Don't use mistmelts on Ouryu if he's asleep in the air, as the mistmelt won't work until the wyrm wakes up.
  • Ouryu is resistant all forms of stun.
  • Ouryu can be slept with sleep and repose.
  • Blind, Paralyze and Silence all stick on Ouryu, but resistance builds after a few casts.
  • Slow does not stick on Ouryu.
  • Ouryu will return to his starting position and regen to full if the party is KO'd.

BCNM Strategy for Standard Party Setup

This setup assumes you have a tank, a healer, a support job and three magic or physical damage dealers.

What to bring to the fight

  • Plan on bringing eight mistmelts per fight; that's enough mistmelts to ensure victory despite most of the worst situations, assuming the party remains focussed and doesn't panic.
  • Tanks and melee DDs should bring hi-potions.
  • Paladin tanks (recommended for this fight) should also bring Yagudo drinks and hi-ethers.
  • Mages should also bring ethers and yagudo drinks. A Vile elixir is also helpful.
  • Other regen drinks are also recommended.
  • All party members should also bring reraise.
  • Someone in the party must have dispel or an alternative form of dispel.
  • Someone in the party must have Sleep II.
  • barstonra and repose are extremely helpful.

Battle Plan

  1. Split up mistmelts among tank and melee DDs and establish a mistmelt order.
  2. Enter BCNM, buff up and rest.
  3. Begin the fight by running in and sleeping Ouryu. The tank and melee DDs should get in position by standing on Ouryu's front feet. Tank provokes/flashes to grab hate. Mages stand off to the side of Ouryu, BUT NOT BEHIND OURYU, to avoid frontal AoE attacks and spike flail.
  4. Once Ouryu is sleeping, immediately cast dispel on Ouryu to remove his stoneskin.
  5. Tank and melee engage the moment Ouryu's stoneskin is gone. Mages should cast barstonra on melees and paralyze and silence on Ouryu.
  6. Ouryu will take off 2 minutes after being hit with the first sleep. Tank and melees should stay in place and immediately use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down.
  7. Ouryu lands, fighting continues. Watch for Ouryu to recast dispel after landing. Dispel must always be removed immediately.
  8. Continue this cycle until Ouryu uses invincible.
  9. When Ouryu uses invincible, ALL MELEES DISENGAGE. Mage immediately sleeps Ouryu. Take this opportunity to cure melees and rest mp.
  10. Ouryu will most likely fly the moment he wakes up. Immediately bring him down with a mistmelt. Resume fighting, as his invincible has worn off. Watch for stoneskin recast.
  11. Continue until Ouryu's health is around 55 percent. At that point, everyone should unleash two-hour abilities (except ninjas). Be ready to use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down quickly if needed, and watch out for stoneskin recast. The blast of 2-hrs is usually enough to bring Ouryu to 30 percent, when he gives up.

If at any point in the battle things begin to go south, sleep Ouryu and allow mages to rest. Remember that Ouryu usually takes flight after waking up from sleep (because 2 minutes have passed), so have someone ready to use a mistmelt. Ouryu can then be slept again upon landing. This can give your party valuable time to rest mp or unweaken members who had been KO'd. This is where bringing extra mistmelts can be extremely beneficial.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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Just cleared
# Oct 28 2005 at 12:12 AM Rating: Decent
305 posts
Did this bc with the folowing strategy:

PLD/war - tank
DRK/war - stun/absorb
SMN/whm - main heal
RDM/whm - refresh/debuff/2nd heal
2x BLM/whm - DD

Used 0 mistmelts, kited with gravity when in air when it was on. He likes to fly mistmelts seem like a luxury after our experiences.

Lost first time not using 2hr or medicine on purpose, 2nd time both blm's 2hrd but we ended up dying at 31%. We were devastated, all the smn had to do was 2hr or a BP or anything for the win.

So third battle, we have no food, no pld or blm 2hrs, low on medicines. Luckily we get him down to 75% before he lands the first time, second time he's at 60%. We double sleep to rest to near full, and battle to 50%. He seems to resist sleep ALOT once you've slept him a few times. At 50% we did an all out double freeze and astral flow, barely pulling off the win with everyone at ~20% hp and oom.

From a rdm viewpoint the fight was busy but the debuffs landed pretty well for me (hume +18mnd+10int from my cheap gears). Dispel right away to remove stoneskin and try to keep silenced. Most cases the blm sleep resisted and I had to land it, but I was resisted on both sleep 1 and 2 the last time around. Paralyze, Gravity and Silence all stuck but didn't last as long as I would have liked.

For pt setup I highly reccomend blm and smn, it reduced the amount of kiting/fighting by alot.
Completed with Nin tank.
# Oct 23 2005 at 10:26 AM Rating: Excellent
98 posts
Completed this last night with the following pt:
Nin/War (me), Rng/Nin, Rng/Nin, Rdm/Blm, Whm/Blm, Smn/Whm.

We did one dry (intentional death) run and completed it easily on our serious attempt.

We used 4-5 mistmelts to get it down from the air (which must be done). This is probably the single most-important thing you can do for this fight, get mistmelts and a determined order of usage.

The key to Nin tanking this is to have good spacing between all pt members (don't let stonega 2 hit more than 2 people in your party), keep moving to reset spacing, and share the hate. People misunderstand the concept of a tank because of exp pts. Solo tanking a mob from start to end is great for exp pts, but bad for hard fights against the majority of HNMs or BCNMs. Just about everyone in the party got hate at some point, but nobody was ever in any real danger of dying.

Straight tanking this the entire fight seems like a very bad idea, even if you're pld; this guy hits very hard or has the potential for slowga. When in the air (before mistmelt kicks in) run away if you have hate. It does 60ish damage while running away, 280ish while standing still at point blank; remember, invincible is useless as is utsusemi against these aerial magic-type attacks. This reminded me of the first 3 Promyvions bosses in that the fight was ugly (all over the place) but still very manageable.

Ninjutsu Elementals did great damage and meleeing wasn't as important (especially as it got stronger later in the fight). We used the mistmelt > sleep > rest strategy, so no DoT spells. If it wakes up earlier than you'd like, kite towards the entrance.

Ninjutsu Blind and Paralyze landed with no problem. I wasn't sure why people said that blind was resisted. Slow was resisted as expected (an earth-based wyrm).

Garuda Aerial Blast was extremely impressive. The rest of us had very consistent damage and whittled away at it. Musketeer Gun (normal not +1 or +2) with silver bullets is best for this fight.

In the end, we were never in danger of dying. I attribute that to a good preparation, strategy, and execution from everyone.
(Too Weak) (Mission)
# Oct 13 2005 at 12:19 PM Rating: Good
This mission was a piece of cake, my opinon that is. Some of my friends from my LS which i got back in, did this mission the day before i did my run. They were BLM BLM BLM BLM RDM RNG. Their record on it was 9min 19s. I said WOW, that must have been easy. Then on my run this was my setup: WHM(me) BLM BLM BLM RDM RNG. We beat my friends record. Well they took their time on mission they can maybe beat our record again. The way to beat this mission. Have your RNG/NIN use Shadowbind at beginning. Have RDM Sleep 2 him. Also have RDM dispel his Stoneskin and Silence him. While he is asleep have 3 BLM cast Freeze right at the same time exact same time. Then have RDM sleep 2 him again. If he flys up have someone use the Mistmelt to bring him down. Have RDM sleep 2 him if he flew up before RDM had the chance to cast it then cast it now. Then have BLM use ether/hi ether or just rest to gain MP 307+ for Freeze again. That should kill him to 30 percent and win mission for you. If you cant get this setup i wish good luck for everyone who has not beaten this mission. BTW our record with my party was 8min 4s.
# Oct 09 2005 at 1:09 AM Rating: Default
Things to note:

While it's in the air it's attacks are magic based. Apparently they're still physical, but they deal magic damage and go through Invincible. Yes I know that makes no sense.

It can instantly cast Stonega 2, and Barstonra greatly decreases the damage.

This thing sleeps like a baby, but it seems like the more you sleep it the more willing it is to fly off and tear people apart. You can easily sleep it and heal to full HP and MP. Do NOT over debuff it while it's asleep because that's a good way to get torn apart when it wakes up.

Mistmelts are required, that's all there is to it. This thing will take off whenever the hell it wants, bring up to ten if you can. They can be farmed in both Riverne A01 and B01 and you'll probably get a few while traveling through B01.

Tanks should be using all the crap they can to tank better. High defense, high defense too, blink band at start, blink band while asleep, curaga earring while asleep, etc. With food, protect 3, and defender this thing was hitting me for 40-70 damage. I used Shallops Tropicale.

Good ******* luck.
If you don't have blm or smn
# Oct 04 2005 at 1:09 AM Rating: Good
3,038 posts
When I came to check this thread, I got a lot of great info, but it seems that most of the strategies discussed here involve BLMs doing Freeze or SMNs doing Astral Flow, but my party had neither of those jobs, nor a PLD tank. So I figured a "no-SMN, no-BLM" method might be helpful here.

Our original set-up was:
NIN/WAR (me)

We went at him 3 times, using 6 mistmelts total, and wiped each time at maybe 75%. If you are a NIN tank for this fight, you should know a few things:

1. When he is in the air, Ouryu will hit through shadows.
2. His Stonega cast time is like 1 second, and he can do another move directly after it.
3. Geotic Breath is capable of doing 750+ damage to you.
4. He has a "terrorize" attack that can freeze you for quite a while, maybe 20 sec or so. Erase doesn't take it off.
5. His Slowga must be erased, like spider slow. Haste will not overwrite it or prevent it.

This being said, he is quite hard to solo tank as a ninja. I'm sure it could be done, but there are just too many ways that he can kill you. 2 of our 3 wipes, I got hit with a full Geotic Breath right after a Stonega, then hit again while recasting Ni and killed. Really not much I could do about that. First death I attribute to sheer terror from tanking a mob roughly the size of the Bastok Metalworks.

Anyway, we came back tonight with about 9 mistmelts and changed out our samurai for another ninja tank (same 6 players), so we had NIN, NIN, RNG, RNG, RDM, WHM.

This was MUCH easier. We two NINs shared hate, keeping fairly close together so the melee would always be on the side (Spike Flail, no thanks). Since I wasn't always tanking, I could spend more time casting the Elemental Wheel, which did really nice damage. We did sleep him a couple times, but the final time he was somehow glued to the RDM after he woke up and she went down (we were voking and enfeebling the whole time he was asleep, I'm not sure why hate was stuck on her). We kept on anyway though and won before the RNG even got off EES. He did get off Geotic Breath on the other NIN, but she resisted and took half damage (I'm pretty sure placement has little to do with damage done - I was always to the side at his foot and still got the full damage).

My recommendation if you don't have a BLM or SMN is to bring two ninja tanks, two DD's (I think our RNGs could have come as any other DD job and done just fine), and your basic support mages. It is a very daunting fight, especially if you have never fought (especially tanked!) a giant mob like this, so I would say to definately do a dry run just to get the nerves worked out.

Then after you win, sit back and enjoy the CS. ^^ (Oh, THERE you are, Tenzen! How come you and your uber Phoenix Blade always seem to disappear when a big monster shows up? -.-)

Edited, Tue Oct 4 12:50:42 2005
The key to winning is Mmistmelts
# Oct 02 2005 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
1,546 posts
Alright, we beat this with smn, whm, rdm, nin, rng, and blm.

We died 2x before using astral flow, didn't work as well because we didn't use Mistmelts.

Smn had no 2 hour left, but we decided to do it anyway because we wanted revenge. SO we did it, but this time, we used MISTMELT EVERYTIME it went up in the air, and we won!
Blm didn't even use Freeze, just nuked aeroga. Rdm dispelled, Smn (no 2 hour) just stoneskinned, and standard mob use.

Mistmelts are very important!
# Sep 29 2005 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
this ***** uses spike flail.
"Kudosai evades." ^-^
almost set record
# Sep 14 2005 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
135 posts
run 1:
RNGx1 (i think)

run 2:
RDMx1 (me)

basically, before hand, we figured out who was going to sleep it after which freeze volley. rdm>blm>blm2>blm3
so, we enter bc, buff up, i run in ahead, sleep1 and dispel if he hit stoneskin. mages run up, spread around to avoid limit stonega damage, i slap a sleep2 on him before he wakes up, and they send thier first volley, down to around 75%. sam pops a mistmelt, ouryu comes down, and i ES sleep him. Refresh the mages, and 2nd volley comes, down to 50%, this is where he used his 2hr, mistmelt used, and he slept through it in the air. after he wakes up, he immediately dropped, slept again, 2 more freezes , and hes below 30% easily.
mind you, he did manage to smack around some of the blms, but were able to sleep him in time, except on 2nd run, 1 died i believe.
i have no idea how much damage we were actually doing, since my filters were blocking, i assumed around 9k damage, maybe more maybe less.

very important about the mistmelts: you cannot do anything for 5-10 secs after you use it, so please watch whos sleeping/melting the mists as they wont be able to do both.

1st run missed record by 13 seconds, which was set by pt who had gone just before us, 3 smn or so.

2nd run was by more than a few on account of someone having to go afk at start ><

all in all, it was a fun BC. very little to worry about if you don't happen to have a tank, just bring enough mp.
# Sep 06 2005 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
809 posts
Fought this today:
Brd/whm(for magic finale to dispel stoneskin)

I was pld, despite my best efforts to minimize hate so that nin could easily voke off, I got stuck with hate. Because of the massive amount of dmg he strike for, and the incredible rate of his attacks, it was the most difficult fight I have ever tanked. I cannot imagine fighting this without Mistmelts, as the dmg gets even worse while he's in flight.

the interesting setup pt1
# Aug 07 2005 at 1:17 AM Rating: Default
white mage = me
black mage
red mage

Well this was a 2 and a half trial event a lot of fun. First time our summoner missed 2 out of the 3 Astral flows. The second time I died, the ninja died, and black mage died, I had reraise on and four of escaped a few minutes later we regrouped.

And the battle plan was set into motion. battle like normal have summoner back up heal have red mage battle and cast aero II but keep the thing silenced. when he uses invincible sleep him oddly enough sleep II from the rdm worked nicely on him. After it wears off fight him normally, sleep him again and then have the summoner AF once the first AF finish desummon and then ninja fights silence him summon have a high ether summon garuda and then AF again and since we thought he was low enough we did freeze and it did the damage and I mean a lot of damage.

To Phoenix: well to those who need more advice send me a tell in game. To those who need help in the earlier missions send me a tell always down for some fun woot and one more thing Knights of the Order 4 life :-).
RE: the interesting setup pt1
# Oct 24 2005 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
232 posts
We followed your plan down to a T, ty. Our only problem was was lack of yagudo drinks. This plans works just have a two or three yagudo drinks, we had to heal and wait making it a very close battle but we won first time trying. thanx again ^.^
Ouryu Fight
# Aug 05 2005 at 3:20 AM Rating: Decent
Linkshell did a Ouryu run today.

Mistmelts were our key to an easy victory.


I missed the first few minutes of the fight but got most of it.
Stoneskin UNdispellable
# Jul 29 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Excellent
292 posts
wanted to clear up a few things we learned after getting trounced a few times:

1) Stoneskin is NOT dispellable. Its not resisted, it just has no effect. I can't explain why all these posts say to have the RDM dispel, but i assure you, it doesnt work.

EDIT: looks like not being able to dispel stoneskin was actually a bug introduced in the last patch, and has been fixed with the August 1st re-patch. I'm hoping/praying i can dispel ouryu now. NO WONDER he was so hard lol.

2) Sleep resistance builds up and he becomes virtually unsleepable without Elemental Seal. Don't oversleep, and save your ES until late in the fight.

3) yes, he does spike flail. ouch.

4) Geotic Breath feels like hes cheating. We were doing great, then BAM one shot.

Edited, Mon Aug 1 16:37:07 2005
RE: Stoneskin UNdispellable
# Aug 01 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Good
234 posts
Yes, the 50 cap Ouryu WILL spike flail.
RE: Stoneskin UNdispellable
# Aug 03 2005 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
Note: Stoneskin is now Dispellable ^^
the Aug.1 update (i believe) is the one that changed this .. hopefully this makes Ouryu easier T.T
5 Man only ^_^;
# Jul 29 2005 at 5:32 AM Rating: Decent
706 posts
We just completed this

Our setup was - RNG,BLM,BLM,NIN,DRK

Our strategy was to go in, duo Freeze, then sleep him, and do another duo freeze but to burst it... That didn't go so well, Ouryu will agro you before you can get in range to cast it, sadly >.<

However, we managed to do it, after 6 Freeze and one Aeroga II, kind of thrilling ^^

I believe, an excellent way to complete this BCNM, is to open with Sleep II, then a party of 6 BLM, use 6 Freeze at once, this should be enough to bring him VERY close to 30%. One or two Aeroga II will bring him down.
Server = Remora - Rank 10 Windurstian

75 BLM (Main)
37 WHM
37 RDM
25 SMN (Future Main ^^)
ZM Complete - CoP Complete - Windurst - Complete
LS - Dragonflies
Another Ouryu trouncing
# Jul 28 2005 at 9:15 AM Rating: Good
212 posts
Our party was: PLD/WAR, RDM/BLM (main heal), BLM/RDM, BLM/WHM, DRG/WHM (barstonra) and DRK/THF.

We beat Ouryu first time last night with a combination of melee, freezing, Aero II nuking and sleeping. We went in armed with 10 mistmelts on a rotation and needed to use 5 of them.

I straight-up tanked Ouryu and used all 20 of my Hi-Potions. He hits like a truck. His non-dispellable enstone was hitting me for 60 additional damage each round, as well.

Some things I'd like to clear up:
- when using a mistmelt he did not do touchdown damage.
- he can be sneak attacked off a flank rather than directly under the tail.
- he did not use dispelling wind.
- geotic breath only hit me for ~200 dmg. I was tanking him at his left leg, although this might just have been barstonra doing its thing.
Watch out..
# Jul 22 2005 at 12:45 AM Rating: Default
This guy spike flails.. watch out. x.x

Edited, Fri Jul 22 01:51:57 2005
This mission is very very easy
# Jul 17 2005 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
659 posts
Our party setup was PLD, RNG, BST (me), RDM, BLM, BLM. I had 6 mistmelts and only needed to use 3, just slept him halfway through and let the blms get full mp again. Then they cast freeze and it was dead, left me sitting there going "thats it"? The entire party was surprised how easily we beat it, still took us 10 minutes, but 5 of that was spent watching cutscenes and getting buffed up and ready to go. All in all a pretty easy fight, having a job that can sleep makes it a bit easier though as long as the tank gets cured constantly its an easy fight in my opinion. Looking forward to the next set of battles hehe.

EDITED: Did this mission again with a group that only had 2 Mistmelts and it wasn't easy... not easy at all (wiped when it used its flying special attack). The key to winning this is making sure you have sufficient Mistmelts... my group had 2-3 for each melee but only 3 were needed (probably because of the 2 blms looking back hah). If you have too many Mistmelts you can always sell to NPC, but if you have too few you will probably wipe.

Edited, Mon Jul 18 10:27:36 2005
# Jul 14 2005 at 10:38 PM Rating: Good
Tired of the "you need this and this job to beat it" crap I read about these missions. I beat this 3 times without a BLM or SMN. Our setups used a WHM, PLD, and RDM on all runs, the rest were DDs. Our setups could've passed off for standard XP PTs.

One major goal is to keep Ouryu on the ground. For that you will need to farm for mistmelts, as many as possible in case something goes wrong (on average, my LS used 4-5 per run). Melees NEED Hi-pots, Mages need juices.

I'm a RDM and I used a Glamor Jupon (one of the JSE pieces gained from the 2nd Byrgid quest) for the fight to make sure I was almost never resisted.

My strat assumes that Ouryu will land every 15% of his HP is knocked off.

The fight: Full buff. WHM cast Barstonra in case Ouryu gets Stonega II off. PLD engages. If RDM in PT, have them immediately Dispel, Ouryu always casts Stoneskin first (YES IT IS DISPELABLE). Once Ouryu goes up in the air, designated person uses mistmelt and RDM (or BLM) immediately casts Sleep II. Everyone disengage and back off. Tank and Melee use Hi-potions while mages rest. Ouryu sleeps real well. If you're a BLM (with capped enfeebling) or RDM assigned to sleep, max up on your INT so sleep lasts as long as possible. Tank should be hate mongering (PLD: Provoke + Flash + Provoke, NIN: Provoke + Ninjutsu) while Ouryu is asleep so when he wakes, he'll be focused on them. After a tick or two of resting, one of the melees uses a job ability + TP. Here are some suggestions:

DRK/THF: SA + Last Resort + Souleater + WS
RNG: Barrage + Sharpshot + WS
SAM/THF: (should be meditating the whole time Ouryu is asleep) SA + WS
WAR/THF: SA + Berserk + Warcry + WS

I hope you get the idea. If you've got other melee jobs, use your imagination, the point is to stack your Job Abilities along with your TP to max damage. Melees are trying to create as much damage as possible so when Ouryu does wake, he won't bother going back up.

If you're not sure that melees will do enough damage and you have a RDM or BLM in the PT, have them Aero II in conjunction with the melees attack. (BLM, save ES for when you have to Freeze Ouryu @ 50%)

Keep cycling with whomever has enough TP. I don't suggest using an Icarus Wing because you won't be able to use hi-pots after it.
All melees use 2hr @ 50%.

Ouryu is Earth based, so any wind WS is preferred.

Mages, keep silence, gravity, and non-DoT enfeebs on as much as you can. No Dia or Bio ever. You want Ouryu to sleep after mistmelt.

The day you fight also does make a difference. If you're using a BLM or RDM for sleep, fighting on Lightsday will just not work. And fighting on Iceday isn't great either, Silence and Gravity will be much harder to stick.

If this post isn't clear enough, My LS posted what they did for the fight here. One of our PLDs posted what he did to avoid the brunt of Geotic Breath (which can one shot you if you're unlucky):

Edited, Sat Jul 30 01:58:55 2005
RE: Strat
# Aug 18 2005 at 12:41 PM Rating: Good
379 posts
Keep cycling with whomever has enough TP. I don't suggest using an Icarus Wing because you won't be able to use hi-pots after it.

Not true. You can use Hi-potions after an Icarus Wing. Other medications might not be usable, but Hi-potions most definately are.

I've used Hi-potions in my Maat fight, along with countless others, after using an Icarus Wing.

They are, however, kinda pricey.

Edited, Thu Aug 18 13:40:32 2005
# Jul 14 2005 at 2:04 AM Rating: Default
89 posts
My PM group just did this fight today and won on our first try, our pt set up was

NIN/WAR (me)

Here is was out strat

I ran in and provoked Ouryu and the ranger followed behind me with barrage and shadowbind. (point of barrage is not to damage Ouryu but to damage his stoneskin)

1 BLM uses elemental seal sleep II, then they all time their Feeze at the same time

1 BLM after that uses stun and another uses elemental sleep II, then time their Aeroga II

repeat with stun and sleep, then manafront freeze again. Ouryu was left with about 35% hp after all that and a few hits from melee and eagle eye shot made him give up.

And whoever said freeze does 20% of his hp is over exagerating badly...1 freeze does 5-7% of his hp at most.

Edited, Thu Jul 14 03:05:50 2005
No Real Tank
# Jul 12 2005 at 6:46 PM Rating: Decent
We decided to garuda tank this and went in with 3 mistmelts (we only ended up using one). Set-up was...
Rdm (me)

Basically we went in, buffed up, rested and then all three smns pulled out garuda, astral flowed, used a yaggy drink and assaulted Ouryu.

I ran in and dispeled stoneskin and then moved back out. Smns timed their Arial Blasts together so all 3 hit at the same time. At this point Ouryu took flight and Blm brought him back down with his mistmelt so I could elemental seal + sleep him.

Blm then casted freeze and when it hit the battle was over. Not a very though fight, nowhere near as hard as the mammets.
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We completed this mission yesterday and I thought I'd share the strategy with everyone.


The strategy was to open with Bind while the RDM dispels Onryu's Stoneskin and the RNG uses Barrage. After that, the BRD uses Lullaby and the RDM uses Sleep II. We wait a bit for the timers to run down, then cast Freeze all at the same time. Shortly before Freeze hits, the RDM uses Bind and / or Gravity, then Freeze hits quickly followed by Stun and the BLM's Bind. Sleep again and repeat.

Things to note
- Onryu builds a resistance to Sleep, Bind and Stun. By the third cycle, he's very difficult to sleep so you may want to keep Elemental Seal handy

- Lullaby sticks more easily than Sleep II

- While Onryu sleeps and you are waiting for the timer to run down, you should always cast Blink

- The PT should stay close together to avoid Onryu moving out of range of Freeze

- It took a total of 7 or 8 Freeze to make him give up, each hitting for 700-800

From what I can tell, it's best to go through the Freeze / Sleep cycle only twice then use Manaburn to finish him off if you have 3 BLM.
My notes
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We did 6283 damage before he gave up, almost 40% of which was 3 Aerial Blasts. Our MNK did another 33%; don't assume that melees are useless in this fight. ^^

Aerial Blast after he takes off works very well, just get out of hate range before doing any heavy curing so that you don't pull hate off Garuda.

Earth Carol+Barstonra works nicely. We usually took 60% damage from his stonegas, and our PLD took a mere 22 damage from Geotic Breath. We never got Ochre Blasted, he wasn't in the air very long except when Garuda was tanking. I would expect earth resist to help if he had used it.

Touchdown seems to be elemental damage, since the three /WHMs (with Magic Defense Bonus) took 10% less damage than the three without MDB. Garuda took a bit more damage (no Shell), so I'm not sure what element it would be.

I thought some of us had resisted Bai Wing, but now I realize that was Earthen Ward absorbing some of the damage. Garuda did resist it (60% damage), which supports it being an air attack.

His Stoneskin is very strong, it ate an entire Freeze before I Finale'd it.

As others have said, he's easy to sleep. I landed Lullaby once, and our BLM landed various sleeps 4 times, with no resists. Curiously, he did resist Silence a couple of times after it landed the first time.

Accuracy doesn't seem to be a big problem; with Madrigal our PLD had 72% acc, our MNK 78% (eating meat). Still low enough that I think Madrigal was the right choice for the melee song after Carol.

(on ground)
Geotic Breath - forward earth-elemental breath attack.
Absolute Terror - freeze target for a few seconds.
Spike Flail - AOE massive physical damage. Only used when someone behind the wyrm has hate.
(in air)
Bai Wing - AOE ~385 air damage. others say +blind, I didn't notice it.
Ochre Blast - AOE huge earth(?) damage.
Touchdown - AOE ~140 ?? damage. Not a TP move, used when landing due to damage. Not used on a Mistmelt landing.

Stoneskin - very strong, dispel/finale ASAP.
Stonega II - highest damage I saw was 144.

Edited, Wed Jul 6 13:04:52 2005
My notes
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[duplicate, allakhazam seems to be having trouble...]

Edited, Wed Jul 6 13:20:49 2005
My notes
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duplicate somehow, odd...
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First time we tried Onryu, we had a NIN tank and we got wiped out pretty fast so we decided to have a PLD for the next time. 2 Months later, I got PLD50 and its time to try again.


Other than dry runs, we tried twice and all I can say is that this battle seems to be almost completely luck. First time I lasted less than a minute because after a few normal attacks Onryu used a breath weapon that killed me in one shot. Just under 700 of dmg when you count that I have under 900 HP and he hits for 75-150 with the occasional Double Attack.

Second time wasn't that much better, I tried staying in movement and he eventually wiped me out with one of his special abilities while my HP was low...

In other words, my CoP static waited 2 months for me to level PLD only to find out he likes eating Mithra for breakfast.
Look out!
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Did this the other day with some folks on Sylph server... most notable moment was during a dry run, while we were getting the hang of timings and such. Our BLM Maccy cast Freeze and pulled hate while he was behind Ouryu...

Ouryu readies Spike Flail.
(Shadida) omg
(Shadida) readies WHAT?
Maccy is too far away.

So yeah... we got lucky. Don't try SATA on this big guy. XD All in all a long and grueling fight, but under control thanks to Sleep and Shadowbind. If you need a minute to regroup, heal, or use meds, then do whatever you can to "pause" the fight. We used all four mistmelts we brought, turned out to work real well. Also, kiting Ouryu around in a circle while our 3 RNGs and BLM took him down worked very nicely.

- Shadida

Edited, Sat Jun 4 01:04:55 2005
# May 16 2005 at 11:16 PM Rating: Default
HAHAHA Pawned, beat it w/ 2x nin, whm, rdm, after the BLM dc right at the start ^^, then beat it a second time w/ the blm right after, easy
# May 16 2005 at 11:16 PM Rating: Default
HAHAHA Pawned, beat it w/ 2x nin, whm, rdm, after the BLM dc right at the start ^^, then beat it a second time w/ the blm right after, easy
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