PM 5-3 Three Paths  

Start Area: Metalworks
Start NPC:Cid (H - 8)
Related Areas:Metalworks
Related Mobs:Cid (H - 8)
Perih Vashai (K - 7)
Mission:5 - 3
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward: 1000 Exp per fight
(Average from 9 ratings)
Items Required:Blackened Muddy Siredon
Title Obtained:Treader of an Icy Past
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 5-2 Desires of Emptiness
Next Mission: PM 6-1 For Whom the Verse is Sung
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Mission Orders

To break the Wyrmking's pact, you must locate the Keeper of the Apocalypse as quickly as possible. To do that you must first learn more of Al'Taieu, as well as find Prishe and the mysterious boy.


Similar to chapter 3's double forks, you can progress on the 3 separate forks simultaneously.

The Pursuit of Paradise, Tenzen Path

PM 5-3A1: Visit the ??? spot at (G-6) in La Theine for cutscene.

PM 5-3A2: Go to the tower closest to Fei-Yin (J-8) to enter the LV50 capped Pso'Xja. As you progress in there, checking the Stone Doors usually will activate the trap which spawns a Gargolye (On a run, every door spawned the Gargolye). If the Gargolye pops, you have to kill it to open the door. The path in here is a long and winding one with many stone doors to open. You will be fighting some tonberries, bats and magic pots along the way. At the end point, cast sneak and take the elevator down to the Avatar Gate for a cutscene.

PM 5-3A3: Go to Upper Jeuno infirmary and talk to Monberaux (G-10). Then go to the armory room in Ru'Lude Palace, and talk to Monberaux again.

PM 5-4A4: Exit through Upper Jeuno to Batallia. Walk out to the stone gates and turn left just beside the gate. You will find a hidden "???" mark on the ground. Check it for a cutscene. After the cutscene, check the ??? mark again to get a Key Item. Next head to Lower Delkfutt's 1st floor and check the Cermet Gate at (H-5) to spawn an NM.

PM 5-3A5: Next head to Beaucedine again and go to the tower nearest to the Battalia exit (H-10) to enter the LV60 capped Pso'Xja for a cutscene. This tower has many one way passages, to get to the Avatar gate follow the right wall until you get to I-8. once in the first room at I-8 head west into the next room and drop into the hole. In the room below head south and around the turn to a room at H-9. Head North in that room to get to the elevator. At the bottom of the elevator there will be some Diremites, one goblin and an elemental if there is a weather condition. At the bottom head to the Avatar gate to get a CS. After this, report back to Cid to end this route.

Where Messengers Gather, Ulmia Path

PM 5-3B1: Go to South San d'Oria (A-6) Trader's Manor and talk to Hinaree.

PM 5-4B2: Enter Port San d'Oria for event.

PM 5-3B3: Go to the Cathedral at North San d'Oria and talk to Chasalvige inside the manuscript room. Then go to Windurst Waters' Rhinostery and talk to Kerutoto. Then go to Windurst Walls and visit Yoran-Oran.

You will be told to go to Attohwa Chasm to find the 3 Tracker Mithras. They are waiting at the Boneyard Gully BC. This is a LV50 capped BC fight with the 3 Shikaree Mithras. Because of their WS spams, your PT might die to it pretty fast if without organized tactics. Together with a dragon call and a rabbit summon, there is a total of 5 mobs attacking. It will be best if you can sleepga them with BLM or lullaby them with a bard but only Shikaree Z has a higher probability being slept. At the beginning of the battle, have a PLD aim at Shikaree Z first and use Invincible (or get a brave tanker) to get hate and let the Summoner use Astral Flow (use avatar according to the elemental day) on the 5 mobs. This should reduce their HP to more than half. If anyone has a Siredon Grill item, this would be the time to use them. It would stop the Mithra you are fighting with to halt TP regen, so it won't keep spamming WS. As for the Summoner, quickly restore MP with HiEthers or Super Ether and use the 2nd Astral Flow. This should kill off Shikaree Z and the 2 pet summons, leaving Shikaree X and Y. If this works, the battle is half won! Concentrate on Y and then X cautiously. If the Summoner can still use Astral Flow, by all means go ahead ^_^. Please get a lot of Hi Potions along.

PM 5-3B4:

Next you have to go to Ulegerand Range to reach Bearclaw Pinnacle for another BC fight. To go to Bearclaw Pinnacle, go westward thru the first cave and you will reach a wide open area with an upslope with some Buffalo mobs roaming around. Somewhere around (J-10) there is a pithole on the ground. Drop down that hole and walk eastwards initially. You will come to a T-junction and walk Northward.

Bearclaw Pinnacle BC is a LV60 capped fight. This fight involves 1 Snoll Tzar bomb boss. This boss is a bit... well... tricky. You are given 45 seconds (yes...seconds -_-; ) to defeat the bomb, similar to the timb bomb BCNM. The bomb will grow in size 3 times (long time FF fans should find that familiar LOL) before it explodes. And whether you die to that explosion or not, you will be expelled from the BC and the fight fails. Therefore you need to do mucho damage and FAST! When I went, we had a PT config of RNG, SAM, RDM, RDM, RDM, SMN. RNG had a SAM sub, while SAM subbed RNG and both the attackers gained TP to 100% before entering BC. We also brought along Hi-reraiser potion since we don't have a WHM. Once in the BC, do the necessary buffs. At the start, RNG n SAM spams as many Sidewinders as possible, and the 3 RDMs chainspell Fire2, SMN use Ifrit Astral Flow. If anyone has Shu-Meyu Salt item, this would be a good time to use it if you think you can win the battle. The Salt will increase the time limit by 15 seconds.

If (touch wood) in the event, you failed the BC and survive, you will be booted out of the BC. Also you will have a status effect of Slip where you lose 32HP per 3 seconds. If you have very low HP remaining, you may die off. If you already died, dun reraise yourself too quickly.

After the fight, go back to Cid and report to him.

Past Sins, Louverance Path

PM 5-3C1: Go to Tavnazian Safehold and talk with Despachiaire.

PM 5-3C2 - Southern Legend: Go to Windurst Woods and talk to Perih Vashai at (K-7).

PM 5-3C3: Next go to Bibiki Bay and take the ManaClipper to Purgonorgo Isle and go to the south bay (H-11) where you'll find a NPC WarMachine. Check it for a cutscene. After that, visit Yoran Oran in Windurst Walls for another cutscene.

PM 5-3C4: After the next BC each member will need a Gold Key (rare). These drop from several Goblins in Newton Movalpolos, including Goblin Fireman, Goblin Packman, and a few others. Next go back to WinWalls and talk with Yoran-Oran. Then go to Movalpolos Oldton to activate another cutscene. Head to (K-10) where you can see the NPC moblins and the Rusty Levers. If you have a Snow Lily (Rare/Ex) item with you, you can trade it to Tarnotik NPC moblin on the left who will warp you directly to the BC entrance. Beware this only applies to the person using it, not the whole PT. If someone doesn't have a Snow Lily, you have to get 3 person to activate the 3 Levers at the same time to raise the bridge to cross to Movalpolos Newton and use at least 3 Firesand items to activate the Furnace to turn the Turnstile Gates for the PT to reach the BC...very troublesome. Snow Lily can be obtained from Ulegerand Tigers or Cwn Awwn dogs at Ulegerand Range. You can also pay for the solo ENM and be warped there. Any way you can get to Mine Shaft #2716 will work.

PM 5-4C5: Mine Shaft #2716 BC 60 cap 4 Moblins and one Bugbear. The Bugbear is Bugbby (WAR/MNK) and uses Mighty Strikes. The 4 Moblins are Chekochuk (BLM), Movamuq (WHM), Swipostik (THF), and Trikotrak (RDM). They can not be slept and but they can be silenced, bound, normal debuffs, ect. The 4 Moblins to not hit hard and are not as bad as Bugbby. The main problem in the BC is controlling 5 mobs that can't be slept. It is recomened that you take out the WHM, BLM, RDM, THF, then Bugbby in that order. Make sure to silence the BLM, he likes to cast sleepga and knows AM. All of the mobs talk in /say to each other and request support of eachother, usually resulting in the others going to fight whoever has hate on the one that called. This isn't strong, a voke or flash will usually get their attention back. Our party set up was PLD, WHM, MNK, BLM, RDM, RNG and we did just fine.

After fight return to Cid for CS, then return to #2716. If you the solo ENM to get out to the BC then you just have to pay 2k again to get warped there. Trade your gold key to the BC to get a CS, and then return to Cid to complete the path.

PM 5-3 Three Paths Spoilers

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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# Nov 09 2008 at 5:55 AM Rating: Decent
I touched both avatar gates, defeated the doll NM and returned to Cid to finish Tenzen path. I was under the impression that I would be able to get into the mithra fight next but I can't. I have spoken to Hinaree, got the Port Sandy CS and spoken to Chasalvige. I've spoken to Kerutoto and Yoran-Oran, still no luck getting into the mithra bc. When I went back to double check that I had done the windy CSs, I got a CS for Waking Dreams Diabolos fight at the rhinostery door, Kerutoto will only say something like "hmmm... Pso'Xja." I must have missed something. Any help would be appreciated.
c if you can beat this record
# Nov 02 2008 at 5:14 AM Rating: Decent
lakshmi mithra fight the current record was 8mins 1sec, well wait till u c dis, walked in with a pld, whm, blm, smn x3, pld sentinal and invincible and summoners walked in and astraw flowed, next thing the CoP froze marking the end of it, well i thought my 360 froze so i was yelling like **** only to relize it later, new record was 45seonds lol, pld who did it b4 noticed when he left bcnm you also get 1000exp juss like any other CoP, also set a record for snoll, walk in 2hrd n knocked dude out in 55seconds,he burned to death :D, blm manafont and nuked while pld did same as mithras n smn's astral flawed and took him out, 3smns in CoP's like these is a walk in da park, i had so many salts for snoll and fish for mithra i was soo disapointed when i didnt even get to use 1
Hard Post Update? Naw...
# Sep 14 2008 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
159 posts

Did Mithra fight n Snoll tonight with a pick up PT. Either these are now extremely easy, or we were overpowering... I'm leaning towards it's easier now. No problems either fight, Snoll went down so quick we only had time to use like 3 salts and the Mithra were LOL.

Nobody died either fight.
best party setup EVER
# May 27 2008 at 8:17 AM Rating: Good
561 posts
1/1 mithra

1/2 snoll

1/1 mob

most uncpnventional party setup ever, but it worked great:

2 bst/whm, 2 smn/whm, 2 smn/blm

the smn basically did all the damage, with the bsts there for crowd control on the moblins and mithras. went very smooth, the 1 loss on snoll was a dry run, we didnt use any salts just to get a feel for how it would go.

now we just needa do tenzen path, and we'll be straight ^^
# Jan 26 2008 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
1/1 moblin

1/1 mithra

1/1 snoll

piece of cake
mithra some tough kitties
# Nov 06 2007 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
The mithra fight was easy. I went as smn, we had a brd/whm a rdm/blm a pally a drg and a sam. We decide to use the invincible sight aggro provoke strat. everyone stays back as my astral flow goes off. (garuda for 800 dmg) Meles move in and get to work on the drg. My second astral flow was severly resisted by z. x and y took half damage for some reason. After seeing this i told rdm to use a ga that weakens their defense to wind damge. My third aftral flow hits for full damage on all. (misses the wyvern though) 2 of the mithras die the third is left at 25ish percent. This is were we thought we would lose. I immediatly take hi ethers and (becuase i had one) walahra water and cast garuda again and get her to attack the mithra left. The mithra kills the pld the brd and the sam. All of a sudden i see our drg say **** it and uses his two hour then penta thrust for quite a bit of dmg. Rdm uses the last of her mp on an aero spell (was wind day) the thing takes 30 dmg and dies. Clear time was 8min 42 seconds. And I didnt get touched at all lol.
Nin for the Win!
# Sep 20 2007 at 8:42 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished 5-3, Snoll was the last fight I needed.

Did it easily with Smn, 2xBlm, Whm, Pld, and Nin. They were telling me Nin was useless in this mission. Well, I'm here to say, sub Drk! I have never been so happy with dishing out dmg than with Nin/Drk. THe Pld Invisibled, I Souleater and Last Resort, basically I dished out 3k dmg within the 45 secs of the fight.

Other than that, went 1/2 on the Mithra
1/1 on the Mob
1/1 Snoll
And had a few obnoxious run-ins on Tenzen in Pso'xja. Corsair was awesome for this part. After we killed the Gargoyle NM's on the doors, we immediately ran into the room and go aggro from the mob(s) within. Light Shot took care of them all immediately. No resist at all.

Corsair is so ueber!
Snoll is fun.
# Sep 17 2007 at 3:44 PM Rating: Good
354 posts
Just did the snoll fight yesterday. My macro screwed up, and I only ended up getting 2 shots off. One was an acid (it stuck), the other was slugshot for 2100 on the dot :D

He actually had dia II, acid, and zerk on all at once, and if they all stacked, he was 2.5% off from an anti-cocoon. Lucky for me ^^

Edited, Sep 17th 2007 9:42pm by FenrirTheMagnificent
Snoll is fun.
# Sep 27 2007 at 5:05 AM Rating: Decent
143 posts
Just did the snoll fight myself last night. Battle Clear time was 5min 55sec. That was including watching the cs, and letting our samurai's meditate timer reset.

Drg/sam(me), drk/sam, sam/war, rng/war, thf/nin, whm/?. Enter BC, sam/war used meditate. Drg, drk, thf, and rng use iccy wing. Wait for Meditate timer. Sam runs in, provokes, and uses 1st salt. everyone but rng unloads first ws, sam and /sam use meditate, drg jump +hijump. Snoll Tzar used berserk at this point, and then penta+guilotine+sidewinder = dead snoll tzar. 1st salt never even wore off. 1.3k penta, 700dmg guilotine, 2k sidewinder. I think loudest and longest laugh we've had on TS in a good while.
mithra fight
# Sep 13 2007 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
just won the mithra fight with party setup of: PLD BLMx2 SMN (me) SAM THF

SAM and THF were basically just there for the win cause the hardly had a chance to do anything. Our strategy was to go in, have PLD voke one, one BLM cast diaga to claim them, PLD used sentinel + invincible to get hate from them all. Then everyone went to work. BLM casted Aeroga II, get pets to half life and mithra to about 3/4. I use AF Earthen Fury (earthsday), kill pets and get mithra to 1/4 life. Second round of nukes kill all but the DRK mithra. SAM takes care of that and we win. 3min 30sec, set this weeks record on Alexander.
Thanks to Loriant, Moedee, Jackalboy, Martinii, and Mooglemangler.

This setup is ideal for a quick win.

Kageo - Alexander

Edit: Just redid this for another LS member and beat our time by 10 seconds.
New Record for "Head Wind" on Alexander >> 3min and 20sec

Edited, Sep 14th 2007 3:00am by nickstricks
Batallia ??? ?
# Aug 24 2007 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
86 posts
When I touch the ??? in Batallia all I get is a message "The grass does not seem to grom here" of something to that effect. I have the key item from Monberaux but cannot get the CS or Key Item from the ??? Any ideas?

Nvrm got an answer on the Main page, Allah was missing a step in the CS process.

Edited, Aug 24th 2007 8:50:09am by dustintherrien
Mithra fight notes.
# Aug 23 2007 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
My linkshell and I went on this particular part of the mission (Mithra fight) thinking it would be the hardest.

We went 2 Summoners, 1 Thief, and 3 Black Mages.

The thief went in to provoke one of the Mithras, Perfect Dodge, and basically stand there until something died.

Right before the THF provoked, the Black Mages all casted their highest -aga II spell (I think it was Aeroga II, but I may be mistaken).

When the Black Mages started casting, The other Summoner and I (We already had Titan out [It was the corresponding day]) we used Astral Flow and immediately casted Earthen Fury.

By the time everything was casted (around 30 seconds) all mithras and pets were dead.

We spent more time buffing than the fight took. I'd suggest that setup, or close to it, if you can.
Snoll Tzar ---- Super Nefed
# Aug 20 2007 at 5:47 PM Rating: Decent
313 posts
My static just cleared CoP 5-3 - Snoll Tzar BCNM. Very very easy fight for us.


We had over 3 stacks of cluster cores between everyone in static, so we made an insane amount of salts on the way to the BCNM, however I only had time to use 2 before the fight was over.

We entered, buffed (adding in a barblizzera for good mesaure), and other normal BCNM routines. Had the Paladin provoke the Snoll Tzar, then use invincible. All other jobs except WHM used their 2 hours at that time also. Snoll Tzar was dead ~30 seconds or so later. I (whm) use 1 salt at the start of the fight, then used a second one after the first had wore.

I dont know, maybe we just got lucky (snoll tzar used beserk x2) but this fight was a complete letdown, I didnt even use a cure, nor did anyone go into yellow.

Nerf alert...
Mithra Tracker BCNM
# Aug 15 2007 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
313 posts
My static just cleared the Mithra Tracker BC, second time around went incredibly smooth. (First time we tried the <Astral Flow> <Sleepga> strat w/o a paladin (b/c paladin was only one with smn lvled...))

PLD - Agentred
MNK - Lestate
WAR - Raikiri
BLU - Oneiroi
WHM - Crimsonclear
BLM - Hozu

Standared BC entrace, buff, rr, food, etc.

Paladin went in, aggroed all 5 mobs, and pulled back to the ridge. PLD targeded BST mithra, Used <Invincible>, and MNK/WAR/BLU used <Hundred Fists> + <Mighty Strikes>, and since BLU forgot capped weapon (just nuked instead), had PLD use <Red Lotus Blade> + blu <Chain Affinity> + burst. BST went down insanely fast. Melee then targeted BST pet, while BLM <Freeze>'d the wyvern. We managed to take down both pets before we wiped.

Reraised -- waited for weakness -- buffs/rr/etc again. Went in, Paladin took on the DRG mithra while BLM attempted to <bind/stun/sleep> the DRK (ultimately this failed - bind resist, sleep interrupted). BLM died and we had 2 mobs at once. Managed to take down DRG with relatively little difficulty, then switched over the the DRK. DRK was a little trouble b/c I (whm) went low on MP (used 5x walahara water during fight + refresh drinks), but with a <benedition> and some cures from PLD and BLM, the DRK finally went down.

Overall we used about 15 Blacked Muddy Siredons to keep the mithra TP from being all over the place.

Congratulations to my static {Broken Chains} on Unicorn!!!!!!!!!!
Snoll nerfed hard
# Aug 15 2007 at 2:03 PM Rating: Decent
567 posts
Snoll used to be a legendary fight in the CoP missions. One of those ridiculously hard fights. See, Shu'Meyo salt, which buys you 15 seconds of time, used to take damn near 15 seconds to use. Meaning one guy could maybe get off 4 tops, if you instantly had the salt recasting. Now, salts only take 1 second to use. Plus, they aren't even rare.

So long as you have a bunch of salts, it -almost- doesn't matter what setup you bring to snoll, since you can buy, like, 3 minutes of time easily. Kind of a letdown IMO. I was looking for a tough fight.
NM in tower
# Aug 01 2007 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
it should also be noted, the NM within delkfutt's tower, is not soloable lol, i didn't know the NM name becuase the guide does not say anything other then "pop this NM", the NM is the Disaster Idol, and i want vengeance now lol
nice. ._.
# Jul 08 2007 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
So just as a heads-up, there are more than one CSs that trigger in La Theine Plat. It should prolly be added, cuz i ran up clicked the ??? and got a CS. Unfortunetly, it was for Carbuncle Prime. Even worse, didnt figure this out til all the way through Pso' Xja. <fun> >.>

Good Luck.
# Jun 21 2007 at 9:52 PM Rating: Good
1,056 posts
Raped the moblin fight really really bad.


Each of the DDs solo'd a moblin while the RDM kited the bugbear. I (NIN) had the RDM, the DRK had the WHM, MNK had the BLM, and DRG had the THF.

Went into the BC and buffed, ran in and went to work, taking each moblin to a seperate area while the RDM kited the bugbear up and down the path. WHM and RDM went down at just about the same time and I ran to help the MNK while the DRK helped the DRG. Finished off the BLM just as I got 1 round of attacks in and went to WS on the THF moblin before it went down.

Ran into a snag after the BLM though. Right before death it called for help from the bugbear just as bind/grav wore. BLM cast its highest tier Thundaga before going down and only took a few hits from the bugbear to kill the MNK. WHM raised the MNK just as we started fighting the bugbear, which went down in a minute or two.

All in all the fight lasted under 5 minutes from engage to clear but buff time kept us from breaking the record (I know because I popped zerk when I engaged the RDM and it wasn't back up until after we got out of the BC). *Very* easy fight.

Not sure if this one got nuked by SE or not, but if it did it could actually be turned back up a notch. Only the bugbear was successful in stripping my shadows with anything except spells. The only "hard" part about this fight was the CFH that the moblins do can ***** up kiting. If they didn't do it this fight would be a complete joke.
# Jun 15 2007 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
Here are my results from post-nerf Snoll fight. The actual fight lasted about 20 seconds, barely enough time to get a flare off after the SAM engaged. Setup was SAM, BLM, BLM, PUP, RNG, SMN. Eagle Eye Shot from the RNG did about 1500, and about 500 from attacks. Each BLM's flare did 1000, and a firaga 2 did 500. The puppet and Ifrit each did about 500, I don't believe either were 2hred. The SAM did about 1300 using his 2hr and the PUP didnt do a single point of damage. Adds up to about 6500 with some overkill.

I was worried about this fight, but apparently they nerfed it to the extreme.

Edited, Jun 16th 2007 12:20am by fearthelettuce
# Apr 27 2007 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
come prepared..

our setup NIN, SMM, SMN, RNG, RDM, MNK

bring a few salts, create a salt order.
it went down like this for us;
nin runs in vokes, enfeebs, ninjitsu spam
rng uses salt at the start of the fight, rng deals out as much dmg as possible
rdm dia2, psn2, 2hrs bind/gravity/fire2/cure4s
bomb starts to steam, rdm uses salt
mnk goes down from using 100fists(he got his dmg in so np)
smns astral flowed inferno at the start and geared up for their 2nd shot
few more fire2s from rdm and bomb was dead.
rng didnt even 2hr oO

that was our 3rd try.
we had trouble w/ salt order first 2 attempts.
1st time wasnt sure when to use it, learned we can use salt right from the start, then about 20sec later use another, and 20sec later, another.
2nd time smns were supposed to use their salts 2nd and 3rd but couldnt get astral flow because of
SALT 12sec to use; 9sec of not being able to use any abilites cuz of it.
3rd time have a melee use it then let them go to town.

give ur self the advantage-
salt order; melee > rdm
get all buffs up, barblizzara, anything and everything.
bring a yag drink, hiethers, icarus wings, reraise
stay spread out so as to not get several ppl taken out from his ice atk.
go in on firesday if u can;

note for rdms:
dont focus only on fire2.
w/chainspell u can cure instantly, bind, w/e.
keep ur melee alive long enough for them to deal out all of the dmg that they can, keep ur tank alive cuz ure gonna die next if he goes down.

it might be possible to trio this bomb.
my team and i discovered that it wont blow if u dont give it any tp.
i.e. use only poison2, and elemental enfeebs.
strat would be, rdm gravity/bind, nin kite, blm dot.
a nin and i lasted 8min before i accidently pulled hate and got owned in a couple shots.
only had it down to 90% which is why blm would prolly be better for DOT.
dont use bio2 or dia2, anything that gives tp.
if u test it out and win, pls post
Snoll Tzar = pwned
# Apr 27 2007 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
91 posts
Blm burn FTW!!!!

Set up(for my run) was blm,blm,blm,blm,blm,drk(me). We went in buffed rested and went for it, Snoll can be slept, and stunned.

How we did it:

1 blm run in and sleeps. He is slept easy.

I drained his mnd int and vit in hopes that AM would stick better.

All blms Flare.

He should be @ half life or a lil lower.

1 person stuns.

1 blm sleeps agian. He does blow up, but if he is asleep, he does not blow. until he wakes up.

all blm. ES burst. I drained mnd int and vit agian.

This guy went down faster than my ex when she is drunk.

Was a VERY easy fight.

PM 5-4 = PWNDED!!

Snoll Tzar = pwned
# Jul 29 2007 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
This guy went down faster than my ex when she is drunk.

# Apr 24 2007 at 6:54 PM Rating: Decent
376 posts
Just did this as nin nin blm blm whm drk. It took us two tries and then on the third, we had it all down and one. X and Y were easily taken down and then we kited Z to recover. There's a tone pillar that is very convenient for this. MP was taking too long to get back and the wyvern proved to be a pain for the blms so me and the other nin just duo'd it easily.
# Apr 24 2007 at 1:39 AM Rating: Default
I"ve seen a good number of people brag about how the snoll tzar was easy, and was too hyped up, but I honestly think that anyone who says that either was EXTREMELY lucky (by him berserking, or just not getting any resists and such), or are just completely full of BS. I"m now finished with PM's, and looking back, snoll was DEFINITELY the hardest, 10x over! I went 1/1 on EVERY bcnm except snoll and Diabolos. Snoll is NOT a test of skill - sure, skill helps, but I dont recall icarus wings, potions, ethers, 2hours abilities, etc being "skill", I think they fall more under the "cheap tricks to win a fight by any means possible" category - think about it, when we solo, and it all depends on our skill, do we pull out any of these rare cheap tricks? Oh well, moving on... Snoll is particularly difficult because of the annoying location, but more-so due to having to farm more cluster cores every time you lose or run out... And ANYONE who has farmed them knows how much of a HORRIBLE pain it is to do so. Additionally, you dont just have a ridiculous time limit, but snoll is also EXTREMELY resistant to most magic, and has INCREDIBLY high defense and evasion - I"ve gone in with melees several times that gave it all they had and did less than 200 dmg the whole fight!! And to top it all off, some peopel say that using a Shu-meyo salt "takes 10-12 seconds", and thats true, btu what NO ONE mentions is, after using a salt, you cannot do ANYTHIGN for about another 8 seconds! No Job abilities, no spell casting, no weapon skills, etc... Which means using a single salt can make any person completely useless for almost the entire fight. Anyway, I will say that with the right setup, this fight CAN be much easier, but it's still never "EASY"... I"ve noticed that RDM's with the right gear seem to do the most total dmg in this fight, followed by BLM's... And despite what anyone says, melees really dont do all that much unless snoll decides to berserk - I"ve gone in with about 15 different melees in all the times it took to win this, and I never saw anythign great - one samurai loaded up with great gear, landed ONE out of 5 weapon skills, for 120 dmg, and missed all the rest! Ideally, a setup something like PLD, BLM, BLM, RDM, RDM, RDM CAN win this fight fairly easily, but all it takes is one minor mistake from one person, or just bad luck, and you can even lose with that setup...
Shikaree this
# Apr 21 2007 at 5:06 AM Rating: Decent
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My CoP static just did all the BC fights but Snoll last night, and...

Our experience in Boneyard Gully was just flat-out funny. PT setup was very conventional- WHM, RDM (me), BLM, SMN, SAM, PLD. The BLM kept everything slept and together with Sleepga, and the SMN just wiped everything out with Shiva's Diamond Dust, which he managed to get off 3 times. The first Diamond Dust took the pets down to about 1/8, and the Mithras down to about 2/3. Outside of keeping the Refresh cycle going, I didn't even really get a chance to do much before everything was dead. Bottom line is: Sleepga + SMN's Astral Flow will own this fight.

Mine Shaft #bignumber was a little more difficult, it took us three tries to get it right. Setup was a little different, but still very normal: WHM, RDM, BLM, THF, SAM, PLD. The first two runs, the plan was to have me Gravity and kite the bugbear back to the entrance, where he wouldn't come to the aid of the Moblins. The rest of the DD would each basically solo a Moblin, the PLD taking two. When they were dead, I'd bring Bugbby and we'd pound on him. Well, Gravity will stick on him, and easily, but I wasn't able to stick Bind on him at all and only managed to get him about halfway up the tunnel before he said "Ugh" and went back to beating on the rest of my friends. Even nuking him, I couldn't get his attention back after that. I had decent gear and even some Enfeebling Magic merits, and I couldn't stick that Bind...so I wouldn't count on it.

The strategy that actually won the fight for us was having the PLD just straight tank Bugbby and one moblin from the start. Then, the THF, SAM, and RDM would each kill one, and gang up on the last Moblin, and then Bugbby. I ended up killing the THF Moblin (Swipostix) as RDM, and he was pretty easy. He hit hard, but was easily bound when I needed to reapply Stoneskin. He ended up Bomb-Tossing @ about 1/3 health and blew himself to hell. By the time I finished messing with him, the other Moblins were dead, and we all ganged up on Bugbby and 2-hour'd. Fight over.

Good luck to anyone trying this! Now that SE has changed the BC rules for CoP missions (No exp loss in there!) don't be afraid to try and fail. Yes, it's time consuming, but change your strategy and use your head and you will eventually get it right.
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 28 2007 at 10:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Do the CS at Rhinostery 3 times please
# Feb 02 2007 at 8:53 AM Rating: Decent
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I am on the last CS before i go into oldton, but yoran oran wont give me one. Is he supposed to or do i just need to talk to him??
# Feb 26 2007 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
I had the same problem and my static left me. :(

# Mar 11 2007 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
If you would've kept reading the posts here, you would see some other people had to talk to Yoran-Oran up to 3 times to actually get the right CS. There's 3 total, one where Diabolos is like haunting that taru and he gets freaked out, then a second where he's like sleeping, and then the third CS which is what you actually need. >.< *teaches everyone patience and reading of all the whole post (that's the reason Alla keeps every post together instead of just the most recent ones)*
# Mar 30 2007 at 11:06 AM Rating: Good
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You just need to talk to him, there is no CS at this point. See the wiki for details: http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/Promathia_Mission_5-3-3 (it mentions specifically there is no CS). This is also confirmed by Erecia's guide. The walkthrough here on alla is slightly askew (even has the mission numbering incorrect - Three Forks is actually 5-3).

I think the poster above me has Yoran-Oran confused with Kerutoto, the NPC who is also associated with Waking Dreams, the Diabolos avatar quest.

Hope this helps. ^^

Edited, Mar 30th 2007 2:10pm by midnightjade
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