Double Dragonian  

Start Area: Horlais Peak
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Dragonian Berserker
Dragonian Minstrel
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Clotho Orb
Items Granted:Adaman Ingot
Attila's Earring
Damascene Cloth
Damascus Ingot
Dragon Heart
Dragon Meat
Ebony Log
Heart Snatcher
Hoplites Harpe
Mahogany Log
Minuet Earring
Orichalcum Ingot
Phoenix Feather
Platinum Ingot
Pole Grip
Sorrowful Harp
Spear Strap
Sword Strap
Wyvern Scales
This Quest is Repeatable
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In-Game Text


Trade 30 Kindred Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno and select a Clotho Orb.

Go to the Burning Circle in Horlais Peak, which can be found in Yughott Grotto. You can take in a maximum of 6 people into the battlefield and you have 30 minutes. There is no level restriction. When your party is ready, trade the Clotho Orb to the Burning Circle and select the battle Double Dragonian.

You have to deafeat 2 Undead Dragons, BRD & WAR Type (looks like a shadow dragon) Dragonian Berzerker (WAR) Dragonian Minstrel (BRD)

The Dragonian Minstrel uses a nasty curse that halves your HP, so make sure you get Cursna or have Holy Water to use immediately.

The Berzerker has a body slam attack that can wipe everyone out, so be careful to stay away from him.


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destroyers KSNM
# Aug 17 2008 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
Did it 11 eleven times on 2 days on Gilgamesh.
11 wins with the sleeping-the-warrior-1st strategie, lose 1 time when beginning with bard (7th attempt). The warrior seems to awake faster than bard.

Drop 1 Subduer, 3 dissectors, 1 Heart-snatcher and 7 Destroyers.

1st time with : Pld/war (me), Mnk/war (died lot of time from Bodyslam), war/nin, rng/nin, whm/blm, rdm/blm.
Good drops for almost everyone with dragon hearts, ingots and dragon meat. I had got subduer, dissector and destroyers (4 drop this day).

2nd time : pld/war (still me), mnk/war (the same and always dying all the time), war/nin full merit, sam/nin (shikikoyo the war), whm/sch, brd/whm.
Bad drop this day with no ingots on the 5 wins, no dragon heart and still a lot of destroyers (3 drop this day).
Not too bad
# Jun 06 2008 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
457 posts
I did this last night with a half pickup group (it looked like 3 or 4 people were in the same LS).

pld/war, thf/nin, mnk,nin, whm/blm, blm/whm, cor/nin.

We did 4 runs of this. We killed the war first every time, then fought the bard. If the mages needed MP, we kited the brd around for a little while.

the 1 time we lost, I believe the brd was hyped up on something, it spammed Thornsong, and unfortunetly, the Cor couldnt dispel it fast enough (and we melee were not too bright in that we kept hitting it).

The other 3 times were fairly easy. The blm used ES Sleepga II on the bard, and we unleashed on the war. By the time the brd woke up, the war was dead. We slept the brd again and rested for a moment or two for the mages to get a little MP. Once it woke up again, we straight up fought it. I blew through a few pieces of food during the brd fights because of Voidsong.

The first fight was so simple, that I think we underestimated the second fight (which was probably a level or 2 higher), and wiped on the second fight. On the 3rd and 4th fights, we turned away if Thornsong was not dispelled, so that we weren't doing unnecessary damage to ourselves.

We weren't record breaking, but we had plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, the 1st and third fights generated meh drops. I was lucky and got my destroyers on the 4th run.
lolgaxe wrote:
Thinking outside the box is fine, but the owner's manual is on the inside.
Too easy
# Nov 19 2007 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
Take war to 10% sleep then fight bard while keeping war slept..... saves fighting one pumped up dragon from full when you could be fighting it from an easy 10%
# Jun 19 2007 at 11:27 PM Rating: Good
Did this ksnm 2 nights ago with some new friends on Garuda and told them I'd post a video of it. I wanted Destroyers and ofcourse they didn't drop.

We started off by derobing me...it charms the person that trades the orb and tey didn't want uber nin taking them out >.> (I can dream can't I?) We didn't take into cosideration that it would 2 hr on us and all I can say to that is LAWL Migin Gakure...owie :P Quick recovery and won the ksnm, tacked on a prehistoric pigeons too.

heres the vid adx; http://youtube.com/watch?v=91H1s8c43nc

Edit: wrong ksnm...meant to post for copy cat:P

Edited, Jun 20th 2007 12:31am by grindahll
# May 14 2007 at 8:34 AM Rating: Good
103 posts
4/4, easy with this setup:


Elesleep the brd, kill the war before the brd wakes up, then kite the brd up and down the path while nuking and/or kicking the hell out of it.

2 subduers, some dragon meat and hearts, a few minuet earrings, and a bunch of random worthless stuff.
easy stuff
# Mar 11 2007 at 2:15 AM Rating: Decent
My Subduer run
Ran in, Elemental seal + Sleep II BRD, started with Darkness SC, TA into NIN, WAR went down before brd even woke up. unloaded on brd .. done, and got the drop, and set the new record.
our fight
# Mar 02 2007 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
Interesting little BC..

JOB Notes:
-Bard is extremely helpful IMO keeping the Minstrel slept +ballad.
-White Mage = Cure V
-Red Mage assist w/ sleeps later on, DoT on Berserker, kite if needed
-Paladin to eat the powerful hits, possibly survive if Cursed
-*would like to get DRG for Killer Effect?
-*BLM or RNG would be able to stay out of AoE +BLM DoT
-*NIN x2 or NIN & WAR may work? Maybe after we're really good?

STRAT Notes:
-didnt see Curse that much
-seen more Paralyze from Berserker AoE Stomp
-DoT spells very important
-Minstrel kiting is easy because of song casting time + slow movement
-Melee: if MP low, step out of AoE range of Berserker, dont die; rest instead
-Kite if mages low on MP, plenty of time to kill both
-If MP doing well, kill it fast... it's hard to kite 2 dragons at once

anyways, wiped 2/4 times, destroyers dropped but nothing of high value


we actually had the SAM/THF SATA onto PLD for uber hate (lots of healing and melee dmg to kill zerker quickly)

What made our fights difficult were 2 things:

1. Not enough DD (i'll just ES sleep2 next time in place of BRD)
2. If you're doing a BC for the first time, for god's sake Melee bring a Reraise item! Are most melee retarded? bunch of mp sponges i say.

easy win strat
# Jan 14 2007 at 12:44 AM Rating: Decent
you can win this EVERY time. its sooo easy
our set up: pld, brd, blm, mnk, drg, whm
1) brd kites and sleeps (as needed) the brd mob. everyone else kills the war mob.
Just have the tank pull the war mob to the edge of the cicular arena and let the brd have the tunnel for kiting.
2) Once the war is dead have the tank kite the brd around. Everyone else just runs around killing the brd while the tank continues to kite. EASY WIN!!

These are really easy to kite WITHOUT gravity.. but gravity makes it every easier. They are really slow dragons so you should have no problem out running them. This worked every time we did it for us. Good luck with those destroyers
easy win strat
# Jan 14 2007 at 1:14 AM Rating: Decent
Easy, easy win. Anything can kite the brd drg while the others fight the war. It's so very slow... if you have a 37 ninja friend, that would work. Anything at all.
# Dec 14 2006 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
62 posts
After over 2 1/2 yeard I finally got a pair of Destroyers.....4 drops out of 6 LOL so I am selling my Hades Sainti now.....also got the subduer drop and 2 dcloth and some other kewl stuff

Edited, Dec 14th 2006 7:21pm by Tigerelf
# Dec 12 2006 at 7:13 PM Rating: Good
93 posts
Philosopher's Stone also drops from this one.
Be prepared! ^^
# Nov 24 2006 at 12:06 AM Rating: Good
2,448 posts
Just did this since my MNK is coming up to the 70's (69 now). Luckily my PLD is 75 and i've got friends willing to go with me. :D

6 runs, 5/6 wiped once.
Set up was

I main tanked as PLD, sam was /thf and would SATA NIN or myself, but anyway.

Our strategy was for the RDM to ES+Sleep 2 the BRD(minstrel) while I provoked the WAR(berserker) and pulled him down to just past the set of torches at the top of the hill/ramp there. Turn the dragon sideways so your tank's back is against the wall, and have your mages stand on the sides of the dragon as to avoid the cone-area effect curse attack. The NIN ended up tanking the WAR alot, because he has low defense and the NIN's hate through DD caught up pretty easily.

Once the WAR was down we took anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes healing MP and prepping to fight the BRD. Here's where it gets tricky. BRD hits HARD. The theory here is that once one dragon is dead, the remaining one becomes stronger. Dead on. This thing is a frikkin' freight train. With 2 pieces of koenig, 301 shield skill, 77+53 VIT, 690 Defense with protectIV, defender, this guy still nailed me for 190-250 unless I could get a shield block in. This is mini-HNM capacity DMG. In some cases, genbu-style. Just less crits and slightly less DMG. barely. The thing that makes this difficult, is that if he ever uses void song, you lose ALL buffs. Taking me from 690+ defense to a mere upper-300's base defense. For all intensive purposes, E-staff is more usefull if you have a PLD tanking the brd. E-staff brought the hits to a comfortable 150-190, steadily.

NIN couldn't tank so easily vs. the BRD because of the increased beefcakeness the BRD gets after the WAR goes down. Mostly he was there for the SC opener for SAM. By our last 2 runs I was low on defense food because void song eats food as well. So I decided to play low on hate and when the NIN could take hate, to let him take it. Well. The second-to-last run the NIN was tanking pretty good, things were sweet. But Curse was hurting alot.

The curse the BRD was putting on us was WAY, WAY more than 50% hp. I have 1500 HP and the NIN has 1100-1200 HP, and he was down to 200 HP with curse...one-shot one-kill. NIN was casting his utsu:Ichi right as he got nailed with curse. Bam nin goes down. ; ; I voked got hate, took a curse and dropped to 500~ HP. double crit 'cause hes lower than 5% HP and in semi-ballistic mode, and I go down. Luckily SAM finishes it off and we pull out the win. :O

The last round The same thing happened, only this time I went down first. No defense food and my late realization that e-staff was more usefull in this situation, I went down fast on the BRD. By the time the NIN went down, the SAM had used 2hr but pulled hate and died before getting off the self-SC. NIN died from the curse + no shadows death shot. Eventually the mages went down, but the SMN got astral flow off, and was just waiting on the timer...BRD was at 2%!!!...alas, the astral flow timer didnt come up fast enough for a second shot, and the SMN got wasted as our last standing PT member. ; ; RDM#1 is only person with RR, so it takes awhile to get up. By the time he has enough MP to raise the SAM, the BRD dragon is already 50% HP, and by the time we're all up 'cep the SMN, he's at full. /sigh. So we give it one last zerg rush. We got him down to 40% again but timed out. We had it on a roll but alas.

In short, NIN tank is best solution for the BRD dragon, but if you do, make sure you have atleast 2 mages that can cursna and cure, and are VERY fast on the draw. BRD preferred for mambo or march, anything. Our nin had maxed evasion merits and some pretty good evasion gear, but never dodged the BRD dragon. Even when I would cast flash. Or, actually, a PLD is a good tank if you make sure he plans ahead, and brings oh...about 2-3 stacks of cheap defense food. Fish mithkabobs or something. I went through 4 of them in one fight, stupid void-song spam.
# Nov 02 2006 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
408 posts
Just did this 5 times, 4 wins...

I wont go into strategy, we basically copied the strat in the below post.

For those who are interested we did this at 0-2% Moon phase and obtained the following drops;



Minuet Earring

Beetle Blood

Phoenix feather

Atillas Earring

Dragon Meat


Dragon Meat


Adaman Ingot

Hoplite Harpe

Petrified log



Lost D: WAR dragon was at 1% or less (absolutely anything would have killed it) and we died in a series of bad events.


Oricalchum ingot

Philosophers stone

Petrified log

Dragon Meat

Hoplites harpe

Heart snatcher


Dragon Meat


Adaman Ingot

Petrified log

Beetle blood

Blu rocks this.
# Oct 04 2006 at 1:28 AM Rating: Decent
502 posts
We did 9 runs. Won 8 out of 9.

What we did.

Me the RDM - First i ran up ES SleepII he BRD, once that happned the WAR came after me i pulled it down to Melees.

Once the WAR died the BRD one normaly Woke up.

The NIN voke and tanks it as normal. RDM and WHM heal Bombed NIN when needed.

And our secret Weapon! BLU!

Kept the BLU Hasted, he just spammed stun every 7 seconds, Helped alot >:)

Good luck with this! 7 Desotryers 2 Dissectors.

PS.Bring Holoy water it has a cursed move that leave ya with 200 HP so beware NINs
# Sep 22 2006 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
one dragon deffintly gets alot stronger when other is killed, take the war first. We did BRD first and when on to the WAR at on point his aoe stomp did 1500 (aprox) to eveyone in range.
Fairly easy
# Sep 18 2006 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
172 posts
Just did this a few days ago, went kinda like this...

74 Rng/Nin(me) shoulda subbed war... anyway
75 Rdm/whm (cursna and main heal)
75 Rdm/blm (dedicated sleeper)
75 Nin/war (tank of course, bring holy waters)
75 Mnk/war (gimped damage a bit to let tank keep hate)
75 Blm/whm (nukes and backup cursna)

Pulled WAR Dragon first! Would suggest that anyone else do the same. With a setup similar to mine you shouldnt have to worry about the other dragon waking up. Just happened to be darksday so I dunno, maybe sleep held longer due to that but the runs bled into firesday and we didnt have any problems then either. Fights went as follows...

Rdm/Blm was on sleep duty. All fights started with elemental seal and sleep on the BRD dragon with the ninja pulling hate with kurayami: ni and a provoke right after. The Rdm/blm stayed near the BC area and kept the BRD dragon asleep. Ninja pulled the WAR dragon about halfway down the hill and fought it there. Spammed himself with holy waters after Chaos Blade curse move(I think thats what it was called) Monk gimped his damage a bit to let the tank keep hate. I(rng/nin) kept out of AoE range and did what rangers do. I positioned myself between the two dragons just in case I had to shadowbind a failed sleep. BLM Bio'd and kept burn/choke/shock up at all times and stunned whenever ninja's shadows fell. He nuked mostly toward the end of the mobs hp to finish them off. Rdm/whm cursna when ninja was too busy casting utsusemi to use holy water and main healed.

Never really got in trouble during any of the fights except once when the ninja took some crits while using holy water. RDM was on top of it though and healed him up quick. BRD woke a little early on the third fight so I shadowbound it, but unfortunately I think the rdm/whm was resting a lil too close and took a nasty hit.

I did note that the WAR dragon seemed to go down in about 1/4th the time it took to drop the BRD. All songs were dispelled so I know it wasnt due to minne. I do think they get stronger when the other is killed so thats why I suggest killing the WAR first. I also noticed that the BRD seemed to spam that chaos blade curse move and I believe it was the WAR that used the stomp move, yet another reason to take the BRD first.

Destroyers fell on the 4th and final orb. We also got 2 of the subduers and one dissector, 1 O ingot and a few adaman ingots. Various other pretty worthless stuff I dont really remember like philosopher stones and phoenix feathers. Not the greatest drops from this KSNM but I'd try it again. It was a nice break from the monotony of Operation Desert Swarm.

Still getting the damn points to unlock destroyers... ugh.
Possible strategy for any Monk looking to get Destroyers
# Aug 17 2006 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
699 posts
This is the strategy I am suggesting to my LS. We are going to try this soon because I am sick of not having my Destroyers (0/5). If you have any suggestions, please post or PM me. I know it isn't perfect, but I believe it will get the job done.



The sixth should be a miscellaneous Damage Dealer. This ideally would be a Sam/Thf so that we can skillchain darkness. However, if it is some kind of other DD then the skillchain should be worked out beforehand. However, no matter what the sixth is, it should either be Thf or /Thf. This can be done with a War/Nin too. However, we lose the benefit of Sata (and any type of treasure hunter). Again the Skillchain should be worked out beforehand.

I will write up this guide however granting that we are using a Sam/Thf. But anyone reading it should know how to adjust it if they can’t get this as their sixth.

**1 stacks of Holy Water per melee per fight (this should probably be macro’d for quickest application)
**Whatever Magey things that help the mages with MP recovery (like cookies or some ****)

Buffs: Protect, Shell, Barstonra, Food

Blm goes in, and ES+Sleepga II on the Dragons. Sam/Thf pulls the Warrior Dragon into the tunnel, towards the burning circle (entrance/exit). Rdm then follows Blm to assist sleeping the second Dragon; if that Dragon wakes up, it is now up to the Rdm to re-sleep it.

All DD fight the first dragon by the burning circle (entrance/exit) while the Rdm keeps the remaining Dragon asleep. Whm stands in between the two groups as healer. It is important that the Whm stand far enough away from the group meleeing the War dragon because he can be killed by the AoE.

Once the Blm has slept the Brd Dragon, he comes up to where the Whm is standing in order to MB the skillchain. It is up to the Blm to state when ready to MB.

While melee is working the War Dragon over, he will use his AoE which inflicts Curse. First, the melee should concentrate on making sure the Dragon is NOT facing the mages. If you picture the length of the arena as a “North-South” layout, the melee should have the War Dragon in an “East-West” arrangement so that if the Dragon does turn from one the Nin to the Monk (or vice versa) it is still not in anyway facing the mages.
Second, the melee should immediately pop a Holy Water and the Whm needs to start curing. I would suggest using whatever Cure which won’t grab hate from the melee. Again, it is suggested that you Macro Holy water to make this as quick as possible (/item “Holy Water” <me>)

By this point the Dragon will probably be going back and forth between the Monk and the Nin because of hate. Once the Blm is in position, and states that he is ready for the MB, the Sam/Thf should position himself behind the Nin for SATA.

The skillchain order is Asuran Fists > SATA Tachi: Gekko = Darkness. Blm nuke with whatever spell will do the most damage for this Skillchain. The War Dragon should be just about dead at this point. If he is not, then the Blm must nuke the holy hell out of him because his attacks become stronger at 25% HP.

Once the War Dragon is killed, the mages keep the Brd Dragon asleep so everyone can heal. If the Brd does wake up, and cannot be re-slept, then the Nin will be in charge of kiting him until the mages have recovered MP. The Brd Dragon can be kited because all he really does is pause to sing songs while he is chasing you and his songs are pretty weak. He might try and hit you, but the Nin will have shadows up anyway

If you still need to heal more, try to keep sleeping him so the others can rest. The Rdm will have one more task of dispelling the Brd Dragon too before the melee engage. The Brd Dragon will also use the Curse move, so the melee and the mages should work together to make sure that when it does use this move it is not facing the mages. Again, you should be on top of using Holy Waters if he uses this curse move.

Alternate method: Of course if we have a Sam/Thf in this, then I could always bring an Opo-opo necklace and sleep to 100% TP so we can skillchain right off the bat. This would mean that the Rdm would be in charge of ES+Sleeping the Brd Dragon since the Blm would need to be there to Magic Burst for the quick kill.

To Sum up everyone’s Role:

Blm: Run in ES+Sleepga the Dragons. After the Dragons are slept, one is pulled over to the arena entrance. Once this is done, plant yourself between the Sleeping Bard Dragon (should be next to the Whm by this point). Then let the party know you are ready for the Skillchain. Once skillchain goes of provide Magic Burst. By this time, the War Dragon should be at about 25% - 30% health. Then you just nuke the hell out of him.

After War is dead the Blm then helps the Rdm keep the Brd Dragon asleep. The Blm should also now concentrate on healing MP. Again, once the Brd Dragon is awake and being meleed, the Blm should keep an eye out for a magic burst opportunity. The Blm should also prepare to nuke this dragon to hell once it hits 25% - 30% health as well.

Rdm: The Rdm should follow the Blm into the arena and then stay there. After the Blm sleeps the dragons and runs back for the MB, the Rdm should remain with the sleeping Brd Dragon to keep it asleep while the first one is being killed. Once the first Dragon is killed and the Blm comes back to re-sleep the Brd Dragon, the Rdm should begin tossing out some refresh to the mages to help them recover MP quickly. Again, once the Brd Dragon is being meleed, the Rdm should dispel the dragon. The Rdm should then provide backup healing as necessary.

Whm: Buffs before the fight begins. It is absolutely essential that the Whm keep barstonra up on the melees the entire time. This will negate the Dragon’s “Stomp” move significantly. The Whm should be right at the main arena entrance. Once the curse move is used the melee will apply holy water and the Whm must heal the melee right away. The Whm must take caution so that they do not accidentally grab hate by healing too much. I would suggest healing the Monk last since he can use Chakra.

After War Dragon is dead, rest and prepare to do the same thing for the Brd Dragon. It is very important that you make sure that at no time the Dragon is facing you. The melee should be working to keep it facing the other directions, but stay on high alert regardless. Also, make sure you fully cure the Nin as soon as the first Dragon is dead in order that he is able to kite if need be.

Nin: Provoke often. Don’t bother with any ninjitsu. Just provoke the Dragon at the beginning, keep hitting him as often as you can, and try to keep hate until the Monk unleashes Asuran Fists. Once he does, the Thf or /thf will SATA hate back onto you. Stay vigilant with your holy waters. Make sure you don’t weaponskill in the middle of the set-up skillchain either. We need to achieve maximum damage with that skillchain.

Again, once the War Dragon is finished, you might be needed to kite the Brd Dragon if it isn’t able to be slept anymore. So prepare yourself for that.

Thf (or /thf DD): You must pull the War Dragon from the main arena to the burning circle. Then you must set up for a SATA onto the Nin with the closing end of the skillchain. Again, be on top of your holy waters if you get cursed. Really not much else for you to do here except that. Just dish out as much damage as you can.

And also remember to turn on Treasure Hunter before the fight :p

Mnk: My job is pretty easy too. Melee, keep shadows up, apply holy water when needed. Open darkness with Asuran Fists. Also, if the Nin ends up having to kite the Brd Dragon, I will then start boosting up for a maximum Chi Blast while he is kiting to eat into him and to possibly give the Nin a little relief.

Edit: Completed 5 runs this weekend and finally got my Destroyers. (Actually we got two pair)


I was cautious about using a Pld on this, but this Paladin friggin rocked. Had a Joytoy if I remember and some pretty nice gear. He really knew his job. We went 5/5 on this. We had a few deaths the first run because:

1. The Dragoon missed on Wheeling Thrust and thus we missed the weaponskill. Therefore, no Magic Burst to nuke a good portion of his life. This dragged out the first fight way too long.

2. We didn't heal between Dragons because it took really long to kill the first one due to the missed Weaponskill.

And the Black Mage died a few times cause of his Magic Burst on Wheeling Thrust>Dragon Kick. (lol@Ratatapa)

It was alot harder to do than with a Thief to help keep hate. Judging how these runs went with the setup that we had makes me confident that my strategy written above is almost foolproof (and now able to be done with either a Ninja or a Paladin.)

I would further suggest to any monks doing it this way that you save your buffs (i.e. Focus, Dodge, and Counterstance) until the 2nd Mob. This is due to the fact that the 2nd one becomes tougher once the first one is killed. He becomes very evasive and you will need a lot of accuracy. The Red Mage will need to debuff the holy hell out of the 2nd Dragon once you start fighting him too.

Also, I would add that you don't need to pull the dragon too far away from the arena as I had stated above. This isn't necessary and will just simply make the fight take longer.

Edited, Sep 5th 2006 at 1:17pm EDT by galapagosiananna
item not found
# Jun 10 2006 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
philosophers stone drops here to, just got one last night
OK My pld tank...
# Jun 09 2006 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Ok heres how it went down... We went 6/6 on this with no a problem.
Party Setup:

So basically the key to it all it to seperate and kill drags one at a time. War drag has a very very nasty Aoe, Heavy Stomp(or something like that). Which can wipe out the mages in one hit. So key here, like everyone has been saying. Have barstona up and have pld keep the war drag in the corner of the bc. All the while the rdm kites/sleeps the brd around. The brd is very easy to kept slept, even after the war drag is dead.
So just have the tank and the DD(which is basically a leach) take there time in killing it, when the war drag gets low on hp. I say around 25-35% it gets stronger and starts hitting harder. And since its a war watch out for Mighty Strike as well. A combo of Flash, paralyze, and stun, helped out a great deal. So, again when the war drag is down on hp have the blms quickly blow it up to finish it off. So that takes care of the war drg.
Now for the Brd drag. After the war is gone, have the rdm keep it slpet/kiting it till all mages mp are back up. At this point i put the Earth staff on and took over kiting when needed. Have the mages do the Nuke/sleep trick to kill it. We did find that as it go low on hp, it did resist sleep a lot, even with Ele+sleep. So just keep gravity on it and kite it around while the mages take care of it.
Drops where:
Drag heartX2
Phil. stoneX2
Adaman ingotX2
Rainbow ClothX3
Heart SnatcherX2
and some random stuff, gold ore and stuff
so all in all about 2mil or so in the end between 6 people... it was all not done on a full moon either mind ya. Hope this helps out in anyway.

Edited, Fri Jun 9 02:29:36 2006
# May 05 2006 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
2,021 posts
This KSNM is very similar to Desert Swarm as it can either be VERY easy or completely impossible.

Went 3/4 yesterday (not a single destroyers drop ; ;) and did two different strats.

From reading all the strats on here, the biggest problem I found was that when one reached 25% or below, they both increased in power. One of our members suggested taking the BRD to 50%, sleeping it, then killing the WAR. This leaves us with only 50% of a zerged dragon. This was our first 3 fights.

Our pt setup: NIN, THF, MNK(me), BLM/WHM, BLM/RDM, WHM. We had the one BLM sub RDM for dispel purposes as we didn't feel like giving the thing free damage from thorn song was a good idea, especially considering the speed that the DD hit.

So basically, we went in and the first BLM would ES + SleepgaII. The NIN would voke and run up to the BRD. THF would TA and add hate to the NIN. We basically built TP on the first 50% of Minstrels life. Turn it away from mages due to Chaos Blade, tank hits holy water as soon as it goes off and the WHM has a C5 on the way.

At 50%, we all disengaged and the BLM would sleep Minstrel. We then went all out on Berserker with Asuran Fists > SATA Shark Bite and 2x Thunder IV to start (This took 60%ish off him). Problem here is it was thundersday and our BLMs are beasts and pulled too much hate a couple times. LoL. Anyways, this was an ok strat in theory, and it worked for the first 2 runs.

As soon as we dropped berserker, we'd rest MP as needed, debuff Minstrel, and re-engage. The only real tough thing about Minstrel is that stupid Chaos Blade, Horde Lullaby, and Void Song (shudders). Berserker has powerful regular attacks, Mighty Strikes, and ugh.... Heavy Stomp.

Soo.. move forward to run 3. Same strat, things going ok, nothing unusual. We're fighting Berserker (Minstrel already at 50% and sleeping), All of the sudden we see Void Song. All buffs, food, RR, EVERYTHING gone.. Now what's this? Berserker readies Heavy Stomp. Omg... Well let's just say that Void Song with Heavy Stomp 2 seconds later is a VERY bad thing. NIN, BLM, THF all down. I'm kiting Minstrel with 200 hp while the other BLM resleeps.

We get everyone up and the NIN and I voke as the dragons wake up so they can be reslept. Needless to say they built a resistance before we could unweaken and reprep. There's the one loss. :-/

Ok so round 4 a BLM has to leave but a RDM is there that needs the Destroyers also. It's not lightsday and we all know they won't sleep as long as they did before so we changed strat. We're now sleeping BRD and just taking down Berserker. This went insanely smooth, even on lightsday.

I HIGHLY recommend to take this path. Just remember to barstonra while fighting Berserker and turn BOTH dragons away from mages as either one can use Chaos Blade (I originally thought that only Minstrel could but was shown otherwise. ><). Make sure the tank has at LEAST 4 holy water per fight and you should be fine.

Good luck to any monk needing destroyers. 0/4 here. :-/

Total drops:
Dragon Meat x3
Subduer x2
Dissector x1
Durandal x1
A.Ingot x1
O.Ingot x1
Minuet Earring x1
Raxa x1
P.Stone x2
S.Harp x1
P.Feather x1

Edited, Fri May 5 12:36:16 2006
BLM way
# Dec 29 2005 at 9:40 PM Rating: Good
2,878 posts
Simple typical ODS type. Only problem is the sleeper needs to be on the ball for timing. The war ALWAYS moves and the bard USUALLY doesnt and sings a song seperating them far enough for GA to not work. They resist sleep about 20% of the time, so have a backup sleeper too. They are harder to nuke-ga on lightsday, be prepared to do finish up nuking during that day.

We went 14/15 or so, no problems.
Fun Fight
# Dec 29 2005 at 12:29 PM Rating: Good
70 posts
I've had a lot of fun with this KS battle, was always asked to do Operation Desert Swarm and i've gotten really sick of it, mainly cause i get smacked around a lot and i would turn down manaburn parties cause i didn't have time. We were doing this KS battle for a Monk friend that needed Destroyers. But this KS battle is a fun one...

Our PT setup was:

How we fought:
We didn't want to give WAR Dragon any type of TP that would result in a Body Slam so we didn't melee it, but i'm getting ahead of myself - we first focused our attention on the BRD one while RDM ES+Sleep II'd the Berzerker and halfway through the sleep with plant gravity on it. Ninja and Monk ran in and proceeded to do their thing while SMN would ocassionally summon Leviathan and do Spinning Dive. It's do Chaos Blade once in awhile be nice for all to have holy waters on them but Cursna of course gets rid of it. Only they were fighting inside the arena, i suggest that they turn the dragon so Chaos Blade doesn't hit the mages, crappy to have low MP in beginning. If the WAR one wakes up just re-sleep it or have RDM kite it.

After BRD was down, Ninja would get as much hate on it as possible while its still sleeping/kite while RDM continues to gravity it. So at this point Ninja is kite it around all over the BC, even down the hill. The Monk would Boost up and Chi Blast it while SMN would do level 70 Blood Pacts with Leviathan and Garuda. And BLM would ocassionaly nuke with Blizzard 4 and Thunder 4. I suggest not over nuking, gotta let Ninja have a lot of hate. Also, for BLMs be as far away as possible as its kiting, everyone lived in 3 runs except me (BLM) twice cause i was to close while nuking lol only takes 2 hits as a taru to go down. It was funny though, they would say i was {Tarutaru} {Sacrafical Chamber} which seemed true, the times i did get KO'd good drops.

Anyways, continue the kiting, Blood Pacts, Chi Blast, and nuking till its gone, it's only done the Chaos Blade that we can recover from, BLM stun after wards or whenever Ninja is in trouble with shadows. If you're low on MP have RDM or BLM sleep it and rest up to continue the assult.

We got our Monk friend Destroyers so it paid off plus its a very fun battle with that setup ^^b
# Dec 19 2005 at 2:58 AM Rating: Default
anyone have any video of this bc being done? im a lvl 73 pld and 70 mnk just wondering if im able to do it with any of those jobs aswell
My thoughts
# Dec 09 2005 at 7:10 PM Rating: Good
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Well, heres a few facts for guys.

Once you kill one dragon, the OTHER gets much, much stronger... Accuracy, Strength, defense, everything.

The first one you fight has a stronger curse move. Chaos blade, from the first dragon, usually takes off 75% HP/MP. the second dragon, however, uses chaos blade for only 50% HP/MP.

The second one is probably best kited. I had a LOT of trouble tanking him straight up as ninja. his accuracy is insane, and he was hitting for 325-350.

Hope this helps.
RE: My thoughts
# Jan 18 2006 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Here's a piece of information for people who plan to kill the two dragons at once to bypass the strengthening of the other dragon:

Both dragons become buffed when one hits 25% HP or below.

Not when one dragon dies.

Another thing I noticed in this KBC:

A buffed dragon sleeps only 5 times. I haven't had the chance to test this with Elemental Seal yet though.

# Nov 27 2005 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
100% drop destroyers?
A strategy
# Nov 25 2005 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Just finished this BCNM 6/7.


BLM Elemental Seal and Sleepga II'd the 2 Dragons.
Then WAR provoked the Berzerker (Warrior) and Melee proceed to kill while Minstrel (Bard) is asleep. Minstrel usually awakens before Berzerker is dead so BLM or RDM re-sleep.
Get Berzerker killed then finished off Minstrel with Distortion Skillchains with Blizzaga III and Blizzard III magic bursts.

Other Notes:
There were alot of deaths, particularly with the Minstrel (Bard) doing AOE and Curse attacks. When there were deaths the BLM and RDM kited the Minstrel with Gravity/Sleep/Bind anything available. While the Minstrel was being kited the WHM would Raise III dead members to recooperate and resume. We kept both the Berzerker (Warrior) and the Minstrel (Bard) dispelled at all times. That's pretty much it, our time got better and better.

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