Double Dragonian  

Start Area: Horlais Peak
Start NPC:Shami (H - 8)
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Dragonian Berserker
Dragonian Minstrel
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Clotho Orb
Items Granted:Adaman Ingot
Attila's Earring
Damascene Cloth
Damascus Ingot
Dragon Heart
Dragon Meat
Ebony Log
Heart Snatcher
Hoplites Harpe
Mahogany Log
Minuet Earring
Orichalcum Ingot
Phoenix Feather
Platinum Ingot
Pole Grip
Sorrowful Harp
Spear Strap
Sword Strap
Wyvern Scales
This Quest is Repeatable
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In-Game Text


Trade 30 Kindred Seals to Shami in Port Jeuno and select a Clotho Orb.

Go to the Burning Circle in Horlais Peak, which can be found in Yughott Grotto. You can take in a maximum of 6 people into the battlefield and you have 30 minutes. There is no level restriction. When your party is ready, trade the Clotho Orb to the Burning Circle and select the battle Double Dragonian.

You have to deafeat 2 Undead Dragons, BRD & WAR Type (looks like a shadow dragon) Dragonian Berzerker (WAR) Dragonian Minstrel (BRD)

The Dragonian Minstrel uses a nasty curse that halves your HP, so make sure you get Cursna or have Holy Water to use immediately.

The Berzerker has a body slam attack that can wipe everyone out, so be careful to stay away from him.


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# Oct 18 2005 at 12:25 AM Rating: Excellent
98 posts
i just did this today, going 2/2 on it.

75 nin/war, 75 mnk/nin, 71 rng/nin, 75 rdm/whm, 75 rdm/blm, 75 blm/rdm

our first run was a mess. while rdm/blm slept and managed the brd, we killed war pretty easily. lasted just a little longer than a light SC with MB. but then the brd just was really strong. it double attacks and attacks faster than my 75 nin can utsusemi with haste. there is a degree of luck involved, but it has pretty good accuracy and when it does hit, it hits for 300+ normal. then we had a string of deaths due to attempts to sleep/kite and raise everyone. eventually we got everyone up with enough HP/MP to finish it off, at around 26.5 minutes (just short of the 30 min limit).

run #2 went much much smoother. we decided to save TP for the brd. in doing so, the war used body slam once. (jumps way in the air and drops). it 1-hit our 75 blm who was standing near the dragon for over 1100 dmg. utsusemi absorbed the damage for the rest of us. at which point we used SC and tried to just kill it as soon as possible. after we got blm raised, we all went after the brd. instead of fighting it in typical straight tanking style. i kited it while mnk and rng got TP. when they got enough TP, i stopped moving to straight tank while they pulled off the SC with MB. then we continued kiting it until it finally died.

no big money drops, but destroyers did drop for my monk on 2nd run, which made me very happy. it was the main reason we did the fight in the first place.

here are some notes that you may find useful:
1) as noted by others, killing one dragon makes second much stronger. on first run, our mnk/nin thought this was real easy, after the war went down, but changed his mind when he saw the brd (he's 75 nin too, so he knows that it attacks fast).

2) Chaos Blade is the curse move with dmg. both dragons use it. tank must use holy water. there's not enough time to cast cursna then cure. The effect of the curse becomes stronger with each successive usage. at first i lost maybe 50% HP, but then it became 60, then 70, then 80% HP loss.

3) Voidsong is an AoE dispel. only saw brd use it. it removes all food and buffs. not really worth it to reapply food in my opinion.

4) it's easier to kite the bard than the war. the bard stops to cast songs. either buffs on itself (minne/minuet 4, uncanny etude, march) or some offensive one like elegy or requiem. this song time gives you a few moments to gain seperation, which is time to cure or recast utsusemi. if you kite a war, it only attacks you, doesn't really stop. meaning you're extremely dependent on bind/gravity sticking. the brd became more sleep/gravity resistant with time and i have a feeling the same would be true of the war if it were killed second.
Kill Berserker first
# Oct 13 2005 at 7:24 AM Rating: Decent
237 posts
We have tried both strategies a few times: killing the WAR first, then killing the BRD first.

WAR first, then BRD (YES!)
Having experienced both, I definitely recommend killing the WAR first. I easily slept the BRD (as a 73 RDM, capped enfeebling +29) so killing the WAR first isn't a problem. Killing the WAR first causes Body Slam to be so weak with Barstonra up that it's laughable. Simply keep sleeping the BRD til the WAR is dead, then kill the BRD. Once the WAR is dead, have the tank use holy waters for the BRD's Chaos Blade (Curse move), and immediately begin curing the tank as soon as you see them use the holy water. The BRD would use the dispelga move occasionally, but it wasn't crippling.

BRD first, then WAR (NO!)
Killing the BRD first leaves the WAR in an absurdly strong state. His Body Slams then do 1000+ dmg (even with stoneskin up), and criticals insanely fast. People recommend kiting him at this point, which I find very dangerous...it's hard to have mages avoid Body Slam if the mob is constantly being moved around, potentially too close to them or even out of their casting range. Why even bother letting the WAR get this strong and fast?

Kill the WAR first.

EDIT: I kan spell.

Edited, Thu Oct 13 08:42:51 2005
RE: Kill Berserker first
# Oct 13 2005 at 12:09 PM Rating: Good
43 posts
noooooo Rheya i was about to say that ><

well.. in addition i will say :

• Party setup was NIN MNK RDM BLM BRD WHM

• Body Slam is weak if you kill War first and have barstone up (casted with my Blessed Briault > supposed to enhance Bar- spells) BUT mages should STILL stand far.

• DONT DO IT A LIGHTSDAY! Actually we (barely) won 1 run a Lightday.. but we got alot of death due to Sleep resist... we only won because i was subing blm and landed a ES + Sleep 1, allowing our blm to get some mp (after i raised him) and finish the damn Dragon.. this was VERY close.
Next 3 runs were on Darksday and it was cake.. Nin did die once but it was bad luck and we had no problem to keep the brd sleeped while he was weakened.
Last run was firesday and well.. bad luck the nin was killed twice being hit while Cursed (only 200~hp) so we gave up finally most of us being dead.

Finally everyone but me died several times but well.. 4/5 is not THAT bad. Ok if you want to make better money and do it safely just go Desert Swarm.. but well if you need Destroyers ^^

we got 2 Orichalum ingot, 1 dragon heart, 3-4 dragon meat, 2 minuet earrings, 1 attila earring, 2 Destroyers, 1 Dissector, the RareexeGreatsworldidontrememberthename and some junk like platinum ore, phoenix feather... out of 4 victorious runs.

i would add that the perfect setup for this is :
3 naughty tarus
1 sexy hume
2 random elvaans

Have fun doing this.

EDIT: No you kan't.

Edited, Thu Oct 13 13:24:56 2005
Minstrel 1st
# Oct 08 2005 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
Did 8 runs, lost only on 2. General PT setup was:
NINx2 (one NIN can be swapped out), BLMx2, BRD, WHM.

We compared the two dragons and instantly chose to do the Bard dragon last. The thought of 2000+ Body Slams, constant critical hit double attacks, and its super power up after BRD death didn't help the WAR dragon's case.

Berserker went down...fast and hard. The Bard remains normal after Berserker dies till it 2hrs... when it starts doing double damage.

When Bard hits 2hr, have your BLMs cast Stun right after it uses Chaos Blade so your Nin can be healed, recast Utsusemi, and of course be uncursed. Lost 1 time due to Thorn Song doing 100+ damage per hit. Lost 2nd time due to unlucky Horde Lullaby during Soul Voice.

Was incredibly easy, got 1 dissector, and 5 Destroyers. Total funds gathered were like 300k per person split among 8 people on Bahamut.
Manaburn Technique (No brd required)
# Oct 08 2005 at 11:12 AM Rating: Good
140 posts
Having done this last night to obtain Destroyers (refused to hit 73 mnk w/o them), I thought I'd mention the strategy we used.

I recommend 5 BLMs, 2 of which are 75 with capped enfeebling. The sixth job is a pushover. (I went as PLD and stood there to look pretty)

Run in, and have all 5 BLMs run up to the edge of the circle so they are within casting range. The 6th person picks a time (going by game clock) and 4 of the BLMs cast their largest -ga spell on one of the mobs. A few seconds into the -ga, the fifth BLM elemental seal + sleepga II's both mobs. Sleep must go off very quickly after the -ga spells or the mobs will do job abilities/songs that make them seperate.

Very quickly after the first -ga/sleep, the 6th person picks another time and 4 more BLMs do their next highest -ga with one BLM elemental seal + sleepga IIing both of the mobs.

Finally, the 6th person picks another time and all five BLMs do their highest remaining -ga, which should kill both mobs.

Using this method, the only complicated part is timing the sleepga II's and keeping that random sixth person from putting on an ugly silver subligar to distract the BLMs.

Good luck!
Tough fight
# Oct 05 2005 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
BRD refuses to be slept so we had to kill this one first. It was super weak and died very quickly. WAR was much harder though, although I noticed it was super-weak to thunder which leads me to think this BCNM can be raped by a party of BLMs. Gravity sometimes resisted at L75, need L75 RDM with capped enfeebling to land Sleep.
# Sep 19 2005 at 12:34 AM Rating: Default
if ur a pld do u go in /nin or /war for this i mean i guess nin/war would b better but id really like to do this and get destroyers for my mnk.
# Aug 18 2005 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
if any1 on seraph server is doing this /tell azgar 73 blm i need them for mnk and have orb.

also does any1 know if this can be manaburned with 5 blm 1 brd. say we go in brd sleepaga song. blms all thundaga3, then have brd sleepaga again repeat?
RE: help
# Oct 04 2005 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, it can be done. Piggy-backed a group (4 BLM + 1 BRD) last night as 75 MNK, got Destroyers first try. ^^
# Aug 17 2005 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
Could 75war/nin, 75pld(has defending ring and junk like that), 75 rdm, 2x 75 blm, 75 whm do this ks30?
Or is it Nin tank only?
Another one easy for all SMN
# Jul 22 2005 at 3:56 AM Rating: Decent
73 posts
After some thinking I gathered 6 summoners yesterday for this BCNM run. We had few friends and people outside waiting who wanted Destroyers or Dissector.
I explained to people all the plan and we began. All buffed as usually before entering (fight is uncaped). In there we ran to the near-aggro range of Dragons. I summon Fenrir (less mp per tick), everyone else Leviathans (best accuracy). I assault Dragonian Minstrel and start to kite it back there for good 5 minutes. Others kill Dragonian Berzerker and rest. After 5 minutes I come back and we all finish Minstrel. The only risk was Berzerker's Body Slam attack which rarely would kill one of us, when coming in for letting go BP off. 6/6, got 3 destroyers, 2 Dissectors and much other stuff.
RE: Another one easy for all SMN
# Jul 22 2005 at 4:21 AM Rating: Decent
What level were you all?
# Jul 13 2005 at 9:05 PM Rating: Decent
294 posts
Not a difficult BCNM 5/6 with
69blm/whm 70whm/blm 73rdm/blm 75drk/nin 75rng/nin 75nin/war

Meds: As Ninja tank I used 6 Holy Waters per fight and our RNG kite used a bit more.

Our strategy..

We had myself voke the Minstrel while the RNG would Barrage the Berzerker. The RNG and RDM would then kite the berzerker up and down the long ramp with gravity/bind/shadowbind. The rest of us killed the Minstrel with ease. No real trick here just face the mob away from the mages which is already an unwritten rule for tanks. A lot of MP will be used because of the constant cursing so have the kiters kite till full MP after the Minstrel dies. If you're wondering the RNG kite worked really well and he even had dusk trousers.

For the Berzerker, I kited him around the circle with the mages in the middle healing/nuking/gravitying. The DD would follow and attack then they would kite when they had hate.

It is very important that you kite him properly. Stay as close to the outside of the circle as possible. Don't get too close for his WS but don't get too far otherwise the Berzerker will start to run towards the middle if you get too far. It is a MUST to keep the Berzerker away from the mages at all time and if he does go near them the mages must run away. He sometimes uses an AoE WS called Body Slam which will one shot anything with out Utsusemi. It will go through stoneskin and maybe blink.

If a couple of mages go down you can always kite till they are raised and full MP because fighting this thing straight up is not an option unless maybe you have double mambo but I'm not too sure. It hit me for 400 dmg a normal hit and double attacks like crazy.

My orb is always unlucky on every BCNM and we lost on my orb. Reason we lost was because the mob kept wandering towards the middle of the circle and it 1 shotted 2 mages at 40% Berzerker. The DRK d/c'd and the mages opted to wait for R3 instead of reraising and we wiped with the mob at 1% health.

Gil wise the drops are kind of ehhh. We got no D cloth or Ingot.

Rare/ex weapons
Subduer x3 (grrrrr)
Dissector (won lot on it =D)
Destoryers (We were going to give these to a MNK in our LS. He fell asleep by the time we got one. So our RNG walked out with Destroyers >.>)

On Valefor if you have any questions or want to try a run give me a /tell
One dies the other becomes stronger
# Jul 04 2005 at 1:25 PM Rating: Excellent
I believe the "trick" to this BC is that after you kill one Dragon, the other one becomes stronger.

My group (Nin, Rng, Thf, Brd, Rdm, Whm) went in and straight tanked the Berserker Dragon first and it was cake. Berserker had bad accuracy, only stomped once in 6 runs and the one stomp did barely any dmg (even to the whm that got too close), and used the curse move manageably.

After killing the Berserker we moved on to the Minstrel and the Minstrel was crazy O.O! Very good accuracy, spamming the curse move, and seemed to double attack every attack.

From reading message boards and info about this BC everyone said the Minstrel was easy and to stay away from the Berserker. From our runs the Berserker was easy and the Minstrel was crazy. So basically I believe after one dies, the other one becomes stronger.

The best strategy imo is to kill the Beserker first, then kite/kill the Minstrel since the Berserker has a bad AOE stomp. Plus the Minstrel will stop moving to sing some songs, which makes kiting it even easier.

In terms of drops this BC is definitly not worth it for the money drops. Mainly this BC is for normal pt setups that want the rare/ex weapons.

Beat this.
# Jun 19 2005 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
72 Bst/whm
73 Drk/thf
75 Rdm/blm
75 Nin/war
67 Brd/whm
68 Blm/whm

Beat it in 25 minutes, two deaths, used mainly attrition tactics. The thing is, pet attack is BUSTED. While kiting the dragon, the pet (Panzer) was able to hit the berzerker for 60 points of damage a swing, even if the dragon's gravity had worn off.

Flavor country.
# Jun 10 2005 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
185 posts
I saqw another post that says this BCNM drops Durandel. Can anyone confirm?
Double Dragonian Information
# Jun 08 2005 at 6:19 AM Rating: Decent
I did this BCNM last night 6 times. We lost 2 of them (mainly to being caught off guard).

It's semi-difficult. Our PT set-up was:

LV75 (deleveled to 74 ; ;) BLM/RDM (me)
LV 74 (deleveled to 73 >_<) RNG/NIN

A few things to mention. I would STRONGLY recommend having a RDM with capped enfeebling. Prefably LV 75. My enfeebling is capped on BLM (with enhancing gear) at about 250-260.

Our strategy was like most others:

NIN and BLM run in, ES+Sleep II the Berserker and pull the Minstrel down about halfway and kill it fast. BLM stands closest to the arena (away from everyone else) and is ready to Sleep II the Berserker when it wakes up. PHALANX STONESKIN AND BLINK ARE VERY IMPORTANT!! Both Dragons have the curse move. This curse move is called Chaos Blade or something. It is a cone shaped blast so if the tank positions it in a way with his back to the wall no melees/mages should be hit. However, this cone shaped blast has a huge range. The curse only lasts 5-10 seconds so only the tanks/melee should have holy water. It will drain a lot of MP from the WHM due to the Cure Vs he/she will throw out to get the tank(s) up to full HP.

Occasionally I would throw in a Blizzard III/IV on the Minstrel to speed things up. The Minstrel needs to die extremely fast as most have mentioned. Soulvoice isn't that bad but if he does sing any songs on him they need to be dispelled immediately. When the Berserker wakes up when you are fighting the Minstrel simply sleep him again. This is where high level enfeebling magic pays off. The berserker becomes extremely resistant.

After the Minstrel is disposed of you need to: (depending on the situation)

1) If the Berserker is sleeping put as many enfeebles as you can on him before he wakes up. The tank(s) should be provoking him while he's asleep. After enfeebles are landed on him move to the arena.

2) If he is already awake stick Gravity on him and run to the arena.

Now for the Berserker...Mages should stand at the entrance to the arena, moving in only when necessary. It is true, kiting him is the only way to win. Gravity should be stuck on him as soon as it wears off. He becomes extremely resistant. I don't know if it was because I deleveled or the moon phase (it was Dark Day/Fire Day 55% First Quarter ) but the last few runs we did I could not stick Bind/Gravity on him to save my life. However, with 2 tanks it was possible to just kite him without Gravity.

A ranger helps out *quite* a lot since the target will be moving a lot. He does not activate Body Slam unless he is standing still with multiple people around him. That means, if you shadowbind do not stand near him. Other than that it's just a matter of time wearing him down. He doesn't have an excessive amount of HP but it's enough to keep you busy for a good 5~10 minutes.

I found myself finishing the Berserker off a lot, mainly with Blizzaga III/IV. The times we died he either got Body Slam off at a really bad time or the tanks weren't healed fast enough.

Drops were (if I can remember >_<):

2 Damascus Ingots
1 Adaman Ingot
2 Destroyers
1 Disector
2 Subduers
1 Harpe
3 Minuet Earrings
2 Attila Earrings
1 Phoenix Feather
1 Raxa
2 Mahogony Logs
2 Coral
5 Dragon Meats
3 Dragon Hearts
1 Gold Ore
1 Gold Thread
1 Beetle Blood

Hope this helped!
Friend of mine just did it, this is what he had to say
# May 19 2005 at 4:26 PM Rating: Decent
6,947 posts
A Paladin friend of mine (and a very experienced HNM/God tank/kiter) just did this, and wrote up his impressions of the battle.

I will be doing it tomorrow, and I will write up my own.

Here is what he had to say about it:

My party consisted of a BLM, RDM, PLD (me), WHM, RNG, and MNK. During the fight, none of us 2hr'd but that's not to say it wasn't a hard fight. 4 of 6 of us did die once but in any case, lemme start getting to the actual fight.

At the start of the fight, BLM opened with Sleepga II. Both of those dragons slept instantly and we brought the BRD out to play with first. Nothing too special on the bard except he does have an AoE gravity and a single target curse which will lower the hp of anyone drastically. His 2hr + Magic Finale will also kill any buffs on everyone including their food and re-raise (Yes, his is an AoE). But the good thing is that he goes down fairly fast.

I'm not too sure exactly what happened while this went on but somehow, the WAR was waking up again, whacked our RDM and he went down. Thank goodness the WAR already had gravity on him or I'm sure our BLM would have also been in trouble. I was focused on keeping the BRD away and all I saw was our RDM go from white HP to red.

Anyways, I tanked the BRD straight up while MNK and RNG unleashed their hell up on him. And as usual, when RNG's go all out, they get hate. The RNG got hit with the Max Hp down curse and died as the BRD went down. Our RDM also went down near the time the BRD died. So right after the BRD was dead, our RDM & RNG were down. The BRD didn't hit me hard, around 100-150 without any buffs, around 60's with buffs.

Promptly after the BRD died, I dragged the WAR down the path leading up to the burning circle. The WAR already had gravity on him so kiting him was easy while gravity was up. Good kiters shouldn't get hit at all while gravity is on the WAR. The pathway is by far the largest area in this arena to kite. The WAR hits a little bit harder than Aura Golems (100-150 normal 270 crits with Defender + Earth Staff + Food, 300-400 normal on non-tanks) and does double attack frequently but the really nice thing is that he has a severe pathing problem (he didn't always follow me in a straight line, perhaps he was too big and had to keep turning cuz he would hit the wall?) and I could out run him even in the open because of my Crimson Cuisses. So kiting the WAR was one of the easiest kites I've done. Gravity and Sleep both stick to the WAR pretty well. I know the RDM was able to keep him slept for quite a while while we were recovering and that WAR + Gravity was slow enuf to kite probably walking. So I kept the WAR occupied while WHM raised RDM and RNG.

Well, once we got everyone back up and healed, we started nuking him again. Aspir does not work even thou he is a Dragon type. MNK was pretty much just boosting and tossing out Chi Blasts. RNG dropped arrows. BLM support healing a bit, tossed out a few stuns to help with the kiting. We kept this up while he just chased me around. Occasionally, he did get close enough to me to try and AoE TP move. He's got like 3-4 different AoE TP moves, all of which can hit mages very hard. On one of the AoE moves, WHM got one shotted with around 1050 damage. I've seen the RDM with his stoneskin up go from max to around 150 hp. And his AoE's hit me for 200-600. So try and stay way from him if possible. One of his TP moves also did paralyze to me although I'm not sure which one it was.

Once we got everyone back up, there wasn't any real difficulty killing the WAR. But he did take around 15 mins to kill. I think we beat the fight at around the 22-23 min mark so time may or may not be an issue depending on how much damage you can dish out. The BLM decided to go crazy nukage when the thing was low at HP and bit it right at the end. (The record was 4 mins... probably 1 RDM, 5 BLM's or something of that sort for a PT).

All of the melee + RNG prior to entering the fight did use sleeping potions to gain TP. So we probably killed the BRD faster than normal. And I do advise killing the BRD asap so the WAR has less time to try and chase down a mage. I would suggest that everyone bring a few holy waters and of course, extra food. WHM needs to watch their re-raise. And RDM or PLD can toss up a Protect IV again on the PLD (I rebuffed myself because RDM was down on the ground after the WAR ate him.)

I would also suggest trying to heal up after the BRD is dead before actually fighting the WAR. Tank can kite the WAR while the mages rest anyone who is weakened can heal up as well. We were able to keep him occupied, either slept, gravity'd, or kited without too much difficulty for the time it took everyone to get healed again and unweakened.

I think for this fight, the RDM has to be lvl 75 or as close as possible to lvl 75. I'm just worried about resists because a friend said that was problem with his PT setup and a lvl 71 RDM. BLM Sleep II also worked occasionally.

Well, the Destroyers didn't drop for our MNK but he did get over 3 mil in drops for his KS 30 orb alone. I'm sure he wanted the Destroyers a lot but 3 mil in gil drops for him definately helps towards his Dryadic Abjuration: Body =). I think we could probably try this fight just for gil drops.
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    More fun than tough.
    # May 10 2005 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
    98 posts
    did this with my ls afew weeks ago. i read many post on how ppl won this bcnm, i can honestly say kiting the warrior is a must inorder to win. did it with 2xRng, mnk, 2xRdm, and ninja. won 5/5(had no time to do the last run).

    i remember one post somewhere in alla that mentioned the warrior mob has no 2hr but only body slam, well your wrong, the war mob does have body slam(only does it once) but it also use mighty strike.

    we went in with a stragy base on other ppl's win. but it didn't work out for us. our first win was a shock, ninja and rdm(me) died when warrior mob was at 55%-65%. but mnk, rngs, and rdm was able to kill it(no joke, 4ppl killed it damn!). so after that win, our stragy was developed.

    here is the run down:

    1: after buffs, rdm goes with ninja. rdm es+sleep2 and grav on warrior, while ninja vokes brd.

    2: ninja pulls brd down the path a short distance where mnk and rngs awaits it. the trick is to having melee behind the mob and make sure ninja is tanking it facing away from mages. ninja will only be the one getting cursed. rdm/whm took cared of that easily.

    3: if dmg lands well(which it did for us), brd will be at 30% to 35% before warrior wakes up, just have 1 rng Shadowbind warrior. and finish off the brd.

    4: once brd dies, sleep the warrior..during this time mages med to full.

    5: ninja will voke the warrior and kite it down the long path(this gives rng time to do some dmg) then back up to the ring where he will kite it in circle.

    6: everyone else will be at the entrance to ring. rngs will range atk, mnk will setup chi blast, and rdms will cure/grav/erase/sleep(if needed)/etc...

    7: rngs will barrage when possible and yes hate will be pulled off ninja...to stop it just shadowbind it or rngs will kite it back down the path until ninja gets hate or rdm's sleep lands again.

    8: repeat kiting(don't just depend on the ring for kiting, use the long path aswell) and basicly bounce hate off ninja and rangers...body slam will be absorb by blink so no worries if blink is up...mighty strike is easily advoided by sleep2 or shadowbind or just grav and kite it.

    note: shadowbind/barrage/sleep2/grav is very useful in this bcnm with our setup. and yes sleep will be harder to land if u sleep it too much.

    5/5 drops were:

    destroyers (mnk)
    subduer (mine^^)
    2 durandal
    3 minuet earrings
    Damascus Ingot
    Coral Fragment
    Orichalcum Ingot
    phenix feather
    Attila's Earring
    Hoplites Harpe
    2 heart Snatcher
    2 Beetle Blood (yes i said beetle blood^^)
    alot of Dragon Meat!! (2 per win it seems)

    gl, hope this helps.

    Edited, Tue May 10 15:55:09 2005
    # May 01 2005 at 4:00 AM Rating: Decent
    79 posts
    I did this recently with my LS , To get me a Subduer and a Dissector and to get 2 Destroyers for a friend Set up was

    74 Ninja , 75 Mnk , 75 DRK , 75 BLM ,74 RDM , 74 WHM.

    Our intention was to do multiple runs , so we saved our 2 hours.

    Well we knew with this set up would be hard but damn we tried twice and got whiped. In all honesty we couldve doen it if we used our 2 hours. But people were messed up and left. Anyway a tip I dont know if anyone experienced this but the Berzerker builds up Sleep Resistence.

    On the first run while fighting the BRD the Zerker woke up and immediatly Body slammed our Mages. Anyway we Raised and kept it slept , But after doing a couple of sleep on it it just didnt want to stick no more after awhile , or for a verry short time. So we were forced to Kite. Anyway this set up was doeble , we just couldnt do multiple runs. Or one every 2 hour.
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    I did this recently with my ls to get destroyers for mnk friend. As 75rdm/37blm I had little trouble sleeping the WAR (2 resists in ~12+ sleeps, both resists on lightsday). The BRD can use a spell that gives it spikes that deal 100+ dmg /hit so if it does it is important to dispel it as fast as possible.

    We did not experience the WAR's body slam attack but once, which was after a partial wipe and we kited it for a while.

    all lvl 75 decked out in god/abj/hnm gear (cept for me;;)

    Strat: sleep war and take out brd, he went down in 2-3 mins, no biggie >> {soul voice} oh no!
    Full rest, wake war and take it out as fast as humanly possible. Both spam curse breath so all melee need a stack of holy waters and the whm has to be quick as they will constantly be dropping to 200-300 (or if their not so fast) 50 health.

    When we didn't ***** up we were able to take out the WAR before it did its aoe. (full merited blm helped alot >.>)

    From a rdm point of view, these guys are pushovers, slept them no problem, gravity stuck every time, blink and stoneskin kept me safe while I reslept and gravitied.

    They are a huge menace to unprepared melee and unattentive healers.

    Drops in general were not that great, got a dissector and destroyers as weps from it, and a bunch or random things (I don't know their value since I didn't get any of it =p)
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    iv searched around and i wanted to see if anyone can confirm the drops of this BCNM.
    im particularly interested in having the rare/ex sword and greats sword ^^
    Quite Tough
    # Apr 11 2005 at 3:46 AM Rating: Decent
    Hi all, just a quick recap on this BC we did last weekend.

    2/4 and didn't see any damascene cloth or ingot at all. On the other hand, what seems to be the common drop is Minuet Earring, Dragon Heart (800k) @ Pandemonium Server, Dragon Meat, Dissector, some bard harp which is 7.5k, phoenix feather, reraiser.

    This BC is one of the tougher BC that i've tried before. What we did was, RDM ES+SleepII the Berserker and leave him in the ring, while ranger pulls the bard dragon out in the slopes. There's really not much point of eating any food, as the Bard will 2hour and spam dispelga which have a VERY VERY WIDE radius. Reraise, food, everything will be gone. However, have WHM, rebuff tank with protect once in a while and the fight will be easy.

    Now, the toughie. This Berserker hits hard! Takes off mages stoneskin with 1 hit. Hits our lv 75pld with criticals up to 300+. Careful of CurseGa too. And of course, as mentioned from previous post, his Body slam is a killer. There were 4 tarus in the party, ie taru rdm, blm, whm and bst.

    1 body slam = 4 <death> tarus
    Somehow or rather, we all had stoneskin, phalanx, blink, protect IV on, and yet the body slam hits for 700 which is instant death for tarus.

    Fools proof way is to gravity and the PLD kite it while ranger / nukers nuke from far and STAY FAR AWAY from his body slam.

    By the way, after killing the 1st dragon, we had the RDM to continue sleeping the berserker till we recover fully and rebuffed.
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    Did you ever get the Destroyers to drop? I see they arent listed as possible loot.
    RE: Destroyers?
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    Yup we did. In fact, we got 2 of them to drop (subsequent runs), so I can for a fact confirm that Destroyers do drop from this BCNM.
    Somewhat difficult BC
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    double. >_>

    Edited, Wed Apr 6 15:07:21 2005
    Somewhat difficult BC
    # Apr 06 2005 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
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    I've done this BCNM so many times now (helping LS MNK friend get his Destroyers, Rare/EX MNK weapon from this BCNM).

    Strategy we used everytime (and won 10/11 runs with this strategy):

    Run in and ES+Sleep II the Berserker, rest of melee + tank run in and kill the BRD.

    Then, have to kite the Berserker around the circle. However, the idea is, ES+Sleep him and let tank continue to build up hate on him. Then, when he awakes, nuke + do as much damage as possible (melee + RNG) then IMMEDIATELY ES+Sleep him so he doesn't get a chance to Body Slam. Rinse and repeat till he's dead.
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