Bionic Bug  

Start Area: Mine Shaft #2716
Start NPC:Twinkbrix (E - 13)
Max Party:18
Related Mobs:Bugboy
Max Level:75
(Average from 2 ratings)
Items Granted:Cassia Lumber
Cloud Evoker
Commander's Cape
Dragon Bone
Eltoro Leather
Faerie Hairpin
Gigant Mantle
Martial Knife
Martial Scythe
Scroll of Raise III
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Promathia
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009

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Battle Notes

To begin this quest, talk to Twinkbrix at (E-13) in Oldton Movalpolos. Each member going into the battle must trade him a Sylvan Stone in order to receive the key item: Shaft 2716 Operating Lever. Do NOT use Twinkbrix's warp service as this will take away your key item and you'll have to acquire another Sylvan Stone. Make your way to Mine Shaft #2716 and choose the battle Bionic Bug.

You will fight an NM Bugbear named Bugboy, who must be defeated to win this ENM. He uses Mighty Strikes throughout the fight. You have 30 minutes to defeat him.


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Duo'ed by 75 smns?
# Sep 11 2007 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
At http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/Bionic_Bug it is stated that "this ENM can be done with 2 people, SMN75 and SMN75." Can anyone confirm this? If so, what was the strategy? Were meds used? Which Avatar? Astral Flow? Blood Pacts? etc.
Trio'd, MNK tank
# Jan 30 2007 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
317 posts
First time at this ENM, me and a couple friends decided to trio it.

MNK/nin, BRD/whm and RDM/blm

I tanked in mostly evasion gear, with haste and march, he was very easy to tank. Other song was minuet and I used a meat mithkabob, he is easy to hit. Just slowly took his HP down and it was a pretty easy fight. The RDM didn't do much/any nuking.

I died once near the end, shadows wiped and he used Heavy Blow, while Mighty Strikes was up. The RDM kite/nuked it to death before I unweakened.

Bionic Bug pawned weekly .. but no more
# Aug 08 2006 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
Well our static ENM party has been doing this ENM for about 2 months once a week and last night we decided that it would be our final run. This ENM is sooo easy but it takes patience, communication and time from everyone in the group. If one person doesnt listen or messes up you can put yourself in a world of problems and waste a ton of time for everyone. And since we only had three people in our static and had to pick up three new people every week, it just isnt worth it.

Anyway, a few notes to help people if they do this.
1. Have a thief in your pt to help farm stones.
2. farm stones off both newton zones the top and bottom one and put the thief in the top one (ie split pt into two groups of three) i usually had thief, blm (me), and rdm in top pt and in south pt pld whm and insert dd(we had drg) if you are lucky you can get all 6 stones within an hour.
3. make sure all people trade the sylvan stone to twinkbrix (ud be amazed)and DO NOT gamble with twinkbrix or u will lose your key item.
4. Send three people up to the north zone and have one wait at the gate while the other two pop the furnace and then those two escape.
5. Get everyone in position for the levers , make sure the south person knows the route across the bridge cuz they have the longest run and it a bit tricky.
6. once across the bridge and back into newton go halfway through and stop in the tunnel. kill the moblin engineman there. that will be your safe zone.
7. send the thief and a sleeper just in case up to the top furnace and turn the gate one last time. go back to the safe area in the tunnel and take the whole group into mineshaft.
8. once in the bcnm if u take your time this battle super easy. We always slept the bionic bug to start.pld goes behind it thief satas on it to get hate, then just take your time and kill it. Tier 3 nukes spaced out do good damage but wont get u hate. when it have about 10% left we aga 3d it, and dead bugboy.

We never lost this ENM but hardly got any good drops either. Last night they must have known this was our final run as it dropped a commanders cape,(first one we ever got) and also eltoro leather. so about 400k each. Still alot of work and time and communication. If you dont have people who listen and work together, ie no punks who really arent payin attention, i would NOT do this ENM. Too much can go wrong. Oh one other thing, sneak is NEVER needed in newton movapolis anywhere.

Any specific questions on this ENM feel free to write me as I know this ENM as good as I know ulegurand range. (And that is pretty well:)) I hope that this helps some people.

Squallf from Garuda 75 blm 75 warrior GALKA

# Jun 30 2006 at 7:09 AM Rating: Decent
This is easily duoed by blm/rdm & rdm/blm. The RDM will have to have caped enfeebling magic tho.
# May 25 2006 at 3:10 AM Rating: Good
506 posts
The thing that causes your damage to double is the Counterstance ability that Bugby sometimes uses. My group noticed this the first time we fought him. PLD landed a huge Spirits Within and I got a 1408 Thunder III burst off a light chain. He has a ton of HP, so his using this ability can expidite things considerably. And, its probably necessary if you're soloing, in which case you just have to hope you have the good luck that he uses it. If he doesn't, you need to have a buttload of MP or a bunch of MP pots; otherwise, you'll probably run out of time.
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SMN in this?
# Apr 08 2006 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
303 posts
Anyone used a SMN in this? If so, any estimate on the bloodpact damage, and was it increased during his 2hrs? I watched Avista's soloing video a while back, and I'm thinking an RDM friend and I can duo this, but I've only done the BC as pld, and never seen a SMN in it><.
Trio ENM
# Jan 26 2006 at 2:08 PM Rating: Default
114 posts
This ENM can be easily beaten by 2 NINs and a BRD. It is a bit difficult but it can be done. Plus, the rewards are so worth it.
RE: Trio ENM
# Apr 06 2006 at 8:15 AM Rating: Decent
1,469 posts
Um, so....

Is it easy to beat with 2NIN & BRD?
Is it difficult with 2NIN & BRD?
Or can it be done with 2NIN & BRD if ya get lucky?

Just wondering because you seem to say its all 3 at the same time. Smiley: grin
shafted @ mineshaft
# Jan 23 2006 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
we just did this last night, our first enm as a ls and we won...good job guys....was a good learning experience and im sure will get easier each time...getting there was a challenge, but think we have that figured out now....we went in with blmx2, whm, thf, nin and pld...our nin did die at the end which sucked but we took him down...and yes we did notice the double damage thing... 2500 with a blizz4 spell on a darkness mb and a 2000 thunder4 spell to finish him off, all while he was using mighty strikes...only thing that sucked were the drops, or should i say DROP. all we got was the leater....better luck next time...and yes, we'll be back
magic weaknes
# Jan 10 2006 at 9:27 PM Rating: Decent
can anyone confirm if it is indeed mighty strikes that makes it take 2x magic damage?
magic bonus?
# Nov 17 2005 at 10:18 PM Rating: Good
259 posts

I Did this ENM just now... and right at the end I noticed something...

Omalika casts Thunder III
The bugboy takes 1050 points of damage.

Now, I know to a blackmage 1050 DMG isnt that much, but i'm a redmage. redmages just dont do 1050dmg without maigc burst, without zenith mitts, without uggalepih pendant.

this was the ONLY nuke I used so far and it dealt what seemed like Double the damage.

Is it possible that he takes magic damage x2 during one of his moves? My thunder III was about 30 seconds after he used Mighty Strikes...

Just a possibility...

Happy hunting!
# Aug 13 2005 at 4:15 PM Rating: Good
901 posts
Just Completed this today. Was invited by a JP friend of mine from DucknofParidise. Setup was 73PLD/WAR(myself) 75WHM/SMN, 75 THF/NIN, 74 WAR/NIN, 73BLM/WHM, 74BLM/WHM. I tanked with Terra Staff (borowed -_-) and Everyone else went to town. He seemed to use Mighty Stikes at aroun 65%, but it wasn't too bad unless combined with Heavy Wisk or his AOE move. The biggest problem comes when he used Bionic Boost (Counterstance). His counter is huge and painful, so no trying to do small melee damage >.< I tanked backwards when this happened. Overall it was pretty easy, though he has HUGE HP, so we struggled towards the end. Beat it in 11 mins, everyone got 3k EXP and some nice Treasure (Martial Scythe, Eltoro Leather and Commander's Cape) Have fun, and go prepared, Au laits and Yag drinks help.
# Jul 19 2005 at 2:55 AM Rating: Excellent
140 posts
A little RDM taru named Avesta has proved that this ENM is soloable. ^_^

(The video is the Bugboy ENM link.)

I've attempted to trio this ENM twice and lost both times.
1) First time, I tried it with WHM7?/???, RDM74/BLM37, and BLM75/RDM37 (myself). We were doing fine until around 40% HP. I died a few times, but I had reraise on. Our WHM died and accidentally went to home point. >.> T_T So we basically wiped/ran out of time at around 35% HP.
2) Second time, I tried it with BLM75/RDM37, RDM75/BLM75, and BLM75/RDM37 (myself.) (Note: Same RDM from last time.) We were doing perfectly fine and I didn't die until around 50% HP. After I was unweakened, the RDM died a few minutes later and accidentally home pointed. (-_-;) Sigh... we got it down to 1% then wiped. If we had casted Bio II or something, we would have won. (I had reraise on.)

Also, having good gear would make this a synch. (Sadly, we're all very poor. ;_;) I'm sure there are other combinations that would make this ENM easy to beat, but trying it with 2 other people makes it so much more fun. ^_^ I believe next attempt will be a victory. >8D

Edited, Tue Jul 19 04:13:22 2005
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 04 2005 at 3:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ***** Pld tank, get Duo War/NIn DD/Tanks and make bugboy look like the little Bich he is. ^^
RE: Pld {No thanks}
# Jan 13 2006 at 2:10 AM Rating: Good
7,106 posts
I struggled to tank Bug straight-up as a NIN, but it's certainly possible. With a second blinker it would have been a joke.
Helpful Info
# Jul 03 2005 at 11:00 PM Rating: Good
1,614 posts
I have done this particular ENM many many times now, so here's the deal:

1. Read Liam's post right below mine. Right on the money with all the info.
2. You CANNOT warp to the Mineshaft #2716. You can use a warp for every Mineshaft ENM except this one. To get to the Mineshaft the hard way you must enter Newton from the SE corner of Oldton. To cross the big gap you must activate all 3 levers in the room at the same time. You then have about 25 seconds to get your entire party across the bridge. To get to the 2 upper levers, follow the instructions in my post about Treasure Chests here.
Before you throw the switches and cross the bridge, make sure all 3 people are in position by the switches, then send someone to pop a Firesand in the Furnace Hatch in Newton, right near the zone to Oldton's southern lever. This will facilitate getting to the Mineshaft once you're in Newton. Otherwise you'd need someone to drop invis and pop a Firesand in a Furnace Hatch surrounded by VT and IT mobs (yay THFs). Head due East once in Newton and it's a fairly straight shot to the Mineshaft. Just don't fall off any ledges.

This guy is pure brute strength. He uses all the strong single target moves, as well as Flying Hip Press and Earthshock (AoE Damage + Stun). A 75 PLD should have absolutely no trouble tanking this guy with a whm or rdm's assistance. He is susceptable to Bind and Gravity, so if you use these when he does Mighty Strikes (which he can use multiple times) you kite him extremely easily. I found that even with my Enfeebling capped, as a BLM I could only land 1 or 2 binds before he started resisting me completely. RDM's are amazingly useful for this fight. Using Fragmentation SCs and a Thunder IV/Thundaga III burst will drop this guy in a few minutes.

So in summary:
-Farming Sylvan Stones are a pain.
-The run to the Mineshaft from Newton is frightening and dangerous (2nd only to Uleguerand Range).
-The battle itself is a PLD and RDM fight. Get 2 people good at those jobs and the rest is cake.
-Great drops possible, but don't expect them to actually drop. :P

Edited, Mon Jul 4 00:05:32 2005
99 BLM / 99 BRD / 99 MNK / 99 WAR / 95 NPC
Missing Lever, and Strategy
# Jul 02 2005 at 4:59 PM Rating: Good
202 posts
You need a Sylvan Stone to access this BCNM. They drop off the Goblin Swordsmen and Bugbear type mobs in Newton. However, if you perform any type of warp to the holding area for Mine Shaft #2716, be it Ahriaman Tears, Snow Lilies, or the solo ENM 2,000 gil warp, you will LOSE your Mine Shaft Lever, which is the entry key item for Bugboy. It's very easy to miss, but you are warned by the NPC.

That being said, I do agree with the OP. Paladin tank is definitely best for this, seeing as its AOE either A) Shred Shadows, B) Ignore shadows and C) will counter you to death if you're dual wielding. It's best straight-up tanked, things get extremely messy if you're kiting it, since people chasing behind it tends to trigger the AOE, which will very likely one shot any mages if it happens to be Flying Elbow Smash. Fight in the center, with the mages on the platform off to the left for best results, and make sure the melees hold back, if they pull hate during Mighty Strikes a one shot due to Heavy Whisk or Heavy Blow is highly possible.

Also, I don't know if this is just my crew or not, but drops for our runs here have been utterly craptastic in terms of drops. Be prepared to be dissapointed by the armory crate.
Totally waste of time!
# Jun 06 2005 at 9:39 PM Rating: Default
107 posts
ok first we heard there's some nice drop from this ENM so we tried it.we gather up 6 people which only 5 of us need the stone.we farmed for 4 hours for everyone's stone and then we trade to this Gob and get the Mine shaft 2716 operating lever stuff,then we though we could just gamble with it and get the the ENM area without all those switching bridge hassel and guess what? it took our key item to for the Uncapped ENM and when we get there there's only the Solo ENM"pulling the String" and "Automation Assault".i think SE gotta fix this,i mean why the hell it asked for a key item (kinda mislead since most of us though in order to warp to the area we gonna need to trade the key item for it,make sense right?) but it just totally waste of time for almost 5 hours of NOTHING!i believe it was asking for a key item for a free warp instead.but this is totally dumb imo.
# Jun 04 2005 at 4:57 AM Rating: Good
63 posts
Is there someone who has done this who can post some actualy facts about how to do start this.
I got a Sylvan stone, traded it to him and got some key item.
Nothing happend...
Then I tried to play his game... first I got another keyitem, then he warped me to Mineshaft. But I could not choose Bionic Bug. Only the 2 others. ?? anyone?
Full drop list
# May 16 2005 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Full list of drops per ffxi.cannotlinkto:

Martial Knife
Martial Scythe
Gigant Mantle
Commander's Cape
Faerie Hairpin
Eltoro Leather
Cassia Lumber
Dragon Bone
Cloud Evoker
Scroll of Raise III
Dragon Bone
# Apr 19 2005 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
This also drops a Dragon Bone. That was unfortunately what we got when we won the fight yesterday.
Some info.
# Apr 18 2005 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
1,055 posts
-Highly recommend a paladin tank. Bugboy (yes thats the name of the mob you fight hehe) like all bugbears is a monk type. And he attacks pretty fast. Bugboy will use mightystrikes throughout the fight (similar to bloodtear/steelfleece). I think he attacks too fast for a nin to keep shadows up. What i do know is that he hits fairly weakly though. Our pld had no trouble with regular attacks. Bugboy has an extremely strong AOE move. He will spam this alot when hes closer to death. Recomend mage sub whm and get ready to toss curagas.

The quest to activate this ENM is easily the most annoying of the 3 uncapped ones. Getting people to farm the stones is painful >_<
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