Like the Wind  

Start Area: Boneyard Gully
Start NPC:Jakaka (G - 10)
Max Party:3
Related Mobs:Race Runner
Max Level:75
Reward:2000 Experience
(Average from 3 ratings)
Items Granted:Cloud Evoker
Kejusu Satin
Scroll: Army's Paeon V
Viridian Urushi
Wagh Baghnakhs
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Promathia
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Battle Notes

To begin this battle, you must first talk to Jakaka at (G-10) in Attohwa Chasm. She will give you a Flaxen Pouch. Climb up the mountain called Parradamo Tor. Once you have reached the top, trade the pouch to the "Cradle of Rebirth". You should receive a pouch of Parradamo Stones.

Go back to Jakaka and trade her the Parradamo Stones. She will give you a key item: Miasma Filter. Head to Boneyard Gully. The Miasma Filter will allow you to enter one of four ENM battles. You can only do one of these battles every 5 Earth days. Choose the battle Like the Wind.

You will fight the Race Runner, an NM Eft. You must defeat it within 15 minutes and up to 18 people are allowed into the battlefield. Any more then 3 people in the group and the experience points rewarded will be reduced.


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# Aug 23 2005 at 9:05 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
yep, got galatia and paeon 5
# Jul 22 2005 at 7:23 AM Rating: Decent
Has anyone gotten the galateia from this ENM?
Overrated..but with 4 people ;o
# Jul 11 2005 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
153 posts
Just did this with 4 people, didn't have enough for 6 man that we usually do so we did 3 man, DRK/NIN, NIN/WAR, BRD/WHM, and RDM/BLM.

The -plan- was I (RDM) would gravity and silence, though after reading this I figured that probably wouldn't work since he seems to be wind-based. But I figured I could Bind him, since its ice element. No such luck, I didn't stick a single debuff, at all. I didn't try ES which I regret but 0 of my debuffs stuck. The NIN on the other hand did stick Hojo and Kurayami, first try on Kura, second I think on Hojo. The BRD couldn't stick Threnody or Elegy but did stick Requiem.

And after all that trouble (granted we did have 4 people) it wasn't even close. The only time the NIN ever got hit was when it used Numbing Noise followed up by Nimble Snap, which hit him for almost 400, but with Mambo up I don't think he ever got hit.

As far as killing it, the DRK and NIN weren't having too much trouble keeping up. It does run around a lot and its annoying, but there were only a couple times where we'd actually have to chase it, it kind of runs around in circles, except sharp turns. When I heard this thing runs around I was thinking a la Cactrot Rapido, but its nothing like that. Melee attacks were doing pretty well, and he doesn't seem to have a whole lot of HP. My nukes were getting resisted for the most part, hitting for about 100-200 with Fire III, but then near the end I hit him with a Fire III with 625..which I've never seen it do that high without MB..so go figure. That Fire III took a bigger chunk of his health than xp mobs so he definitely doesn't have a whole lot of HP.

With 4 people we got 1500 xp and...Viridian Urushi or whatever...worth a big 1k at AH on Valefor -_-; Was worth it for the experience though, both exp and learning exp :P

Edit: Holy rate down o_O Guess I shouldn't give suggestions on a 3 man ENM when I did it with 4 people :o

Edited, Thu Apr 27 22:53:32 2006
3 BSTs
# Jun 16 2005 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
213 posts
We just did this for the second time as 75BST, 75BST, and 70BST. We all used CCs. 70BST does take more damage from the attacks; he died once. One of the 75 BSTs died after we defeated the Eft because he used Erase to erase Gravity rather than Poisona to cure poison. I was out of MP, so I had to just watch him die. We got the Great Katana which sold for 150k on Pandy. We set the record after server reset - 14:30.

The hardest part of this ENM is the quest to actually do the ENM. It takes me about 2 hours to get up that stupid mountain. I guess we'll keep doing this until we get three Maneaters - which will be foreever. But at least we're not dealing with a camped NM, and we don't have to use any seals. Plus, no XP loss when you die.
Race Runner
# May 16 2005 at 4:08 AM Rating: Good
37 posts
I did this fight today with RNG BLM BLM setup thinking we would knock its health off and it would run away and we could get a chance to rest and beat on it some more.

We threw everything we had at it, but it kicked our asses. After Slug Shot Barrage Slug Shot, and BLMs going crazy we'd barely made a dent in its health. This thing resisted the hell out of my ranged attacks, Slug Shot was doing 80. EIGHTY. I can't say if it's a piercing resistance or ranged or both that he has. It also resisted magic pretty frequently so it seems we had the worst party set up possible for this fight.

We weren't even able to get its HP down enough to make it run away, which was kind of the whole logic behind our pt setup. None of its attacks seemed to be too much trouble, except for aeroga 3 which pretty much did us in when blm weren't able to stun.

At least we didn't lose any xp :D
RE: Race Runner
# Jun 10 2005 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
572 posts
Heard report of 3 bst just kill it with CC, since CC can hit moving target. The bst themself just tries to stay alive. End time was close to 15 min through so a litt risky
Like the Wind ENM
# May 09 2005 at 1:07 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Just completed this ENM with WAR75/NIN37, DRK75/NIN37, and WHM74/BLM37. Our time of completion was 9 minutes 34 seconds without knowing anything of what to expect other than it is an Eft.

First of all, a correction: you CAN enter this battlefield with up to 18 people. However, anything more than a 3 person party will find the xp award penalized after winning. You have 15 minutes to complete the ENM regardless of party size.

The fight involves a fast Eft NM named Race Runner. Like his name implies, he runs around the battlefield waiting for you to catch up to him. When he is enganged, he will stop to fight for a bit, but run off after a short while. He usually starts running away after using his WS Numbing Noise which stuns the target (even through Utsusemi)

Most likely he has Blink active when you first encounter him. He casts wind element spells (Aero IV, Aeroga III, Gravity, and Blink) while meleeing him, and also after he has run away from you for a short time.

It usually takes about 15-20 seconds to catch up to him and get in melee range if you are not using Stun to slow him down. He hits very very fast as well, landing 4-5 hits in one turn. It is almost impossible to keep Utsusemi up for very long so make sure to keep HP high in case he goes wild. Each hit landed from 70-100 damage on the WAR with adaman armor.

After defeating the NM the Armory Crate appeared in the open area behind the stone archway and we received a kejusu satin for our effort.

Good luck and hope this was of some help to any interested in trying this battle.

Edited, Mon May 9 18:29:17 2005
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