Garrison - Kolshushu Region  

Start Area: Buburimu Peninsula
Related Mobs:Goblin Guide
Goblin Thespian
Min Level:30
Max Level:30
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Items Required:Mithra Fangs
Items Granted:Dragon Chronicles
Mannequin Feet
Mannequin Legs
Military Axe
Military Gun
Military Harp
Military Pick
Military Pole
Military Spear
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To begin this quest your entire alliance must belong to the nation controlling the region. Next, you must farm goblins in the Maze of Shakhrami until you acquire a Sack of Mithra Fangs. This garrison will cap you to level 30.

When you are ready, trade the Fangs to the Outpost Sentry in Buburimu Peninsula. Some NPCs will spawn to help you fight. Soon after, Goblins will begin attacking in waves. You will need to fend off 4 waves. You will not win the garrison if all the NPCs die, if you all die, or if time runs out.

Once you are finished, the NPCs will return to the Outpost. Follow them there and heal them up. The person who traded the item should speak to the sentry again to finish the quest. Your rewards will appear in the treasure pool.


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Done this
# May 20 2006 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
My linkshell did 2 runs of this last night with a full alliance of 18 people.
1st run:
Mannequin Feet x4
Dragon Chronicles x2
Military Spear x2
Military Pole
Military Harp

2nd run:
Mannequin Feet x2
Mannequin Legs x4
Dragon Chronicles x2
Military Spear x2
Military Pole
Military Harp

Out of all those, I got mannequin feet, military pole and mannequin legs, so not too bad really. Should be able to make around 500k from them.
My experience
# May 08 2006 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
250 posts
First run: we got 2800something gil
2x drag chronicles

2nd run, my run: we got 3200 gill (i get 200 extra for trading item?)
2x dragon chronicles

3rd run: 3000 gil
2x dragon chronicles

4th run: almost wiped, 1850 gil
chronicles x1
# Mar 27 2006 at 2:25 AM Rating: Decent
71 posts
First off the only person who has to be from the nation that contols the region is simply the person trading. ;/

Did this Garrison today its fairly easy just get a couple of tanks designated have everyone /assist them have 1 healer in every party. Make sure barfira is cast just before waves start. Have a designated kiter get a mob and run with it. This way waves come at your speed. After all gobs are dead have all whm cure the npcs to full then rest. Once whm get back most mp and npcs are at full pull the gob back to the outpost and kill it to start next wave.

The only one diffrent is the 4th wave. On this wave don't have a gob pulled away. Once the NM one spawns have tanks finish their mobs and all take on the NM so it doesn't kill the npcs.

Should be quick and easy. We have done this one 8 times without any death.

Also like to add this was half pickup party and half garrison LS.
# Feb 26 2006 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Did this with Mithrapride (Phoenix) yesterday - 4 perfect runs with a 12-member alliance. Here's some notes I took - as the damage BLM, I had some time to jot down what was going on :P
-The NM, Goblin Guide, is a DRK who uses Blood Weapon at 50% HP.
-The Mithra Fang Sack drop rate is horrible. We were getting roughly 1 sack for every 10-20 keys in Shakrami.
-The gobboes came in "sub-waves", within the usual 4-wave structure. First wave: 2-3 Goblin Swordmakers, 2-3 Goblin Swordmasters, and 2 Goblin Thespians. Second wave was identical (first subwave), then 2-3 Shamans and 2-3 Swordmasters 1:30 after the initial spawn. Third wave added one Gobbo of every type, but kept the same pattern as the second. The fourth wave got too hectic for me to track pops, but it seemed to be 3 sub-waves, with the NM popping as part of the third wave.
-Like all Garrisons, the difficulty is adjusted based on the number of >>PARTIES<< fighting, but the rewards are cut (and possibly raised) to compensate.
-The class of the NPCs is randomly selected.. On the third run, we had two summoners with elemental spirits; on the second, three Mithra dark knights. Pray for an NPC white mage, as they will cure thier fellows, cast Blink, and generally make your life much easier :P
-The kiting strategy is the only way you will survive this garrison.

Notes for taking this with a single party:
-If you blow the kite on the third wave, just run away from the outpost.. come back after the NPCs are dead (the gobboes will despawn) and try again.
-A Rgr/Nin with Sleep bolts is perfectly capable of kiting solo, as is a Blm/rdm or Rdm/Blm (Fast Cast and Elemental Seal are literal lifesavers).

Drops for a perfect run (12/12 NPCs surviving) were 4 military weapons, 2 Dragon Chronicles, and 3000 gil.
Total drops cracked 3.25 million, not counting manna parts (Legs and feet only), the "free" gil, and the items kept by sack traders. Not bad for 2 hour's work! >^.^< Thanks, all you cool cats!
this is cake
# Jan 08 2006 at 11:11 PM Rating: Default
I just did this on 4 runs.. with everyone being new to garrison, we had no deaths and were 4/4 and made about 7 million all together

This **** is cake i suggest 6-8 members.. my setup

its just mass chaos the gobs pop and are pretty much decent challeneges and each of the war should be able to solo one easily while the blm's nuke the **** outta the ones that the traders go after.. buy potions and ethers there at the op and have the warriors keep themselves alive with bolts and potions and the whm cures the npcs nonstop.. pretty much the easiest money ive ever made.. each run is about 15 minutes i say or so.. and it was cake just wars pick out there target and solo.. use potions and ethers.. and u CAN BUILD TP BEFORE AND USE IT ON THE FIRST WAVE so do so... because u can clear the first wave with just your ws
# Jun 28 2005 at 3:15 PM Rating: Excellent
722 posts
My LS does this garrison pretty much every Friday. The item needed to start the garrison is a Mithra Fang Sack (/cry so disturbing ; ;). This drops off tier 4 goblins in Maze of Shakhrami (best place to farm these is through the Buburimu entrance to the Maze). If you're unfamiliar with how Garrison works, your nation has to control the region for you to be able to do a garrison there. To start the garrison, you trade the item to the outpost guard, and the NPC fighters will spawn, and then the first wave of beastmen (goblins in this case) will attack. There is a level cap on garrisons. This particular one is level 30. There is also a time limit on them of (I believe) 30 minutes. Your goal in the garrison is to kill several waves (4 I believe) of beastmen, while keeping alive as many of the NPC fighters as possible. If all the NPC fighters die, all your PT/alliance dies, or the time runs out, the garrison ends and you don't get any rewards. Also note that if time runs out, you don't get any sort of warning. All of the mobs and NPCs will just disappear and nothing will be said.

I've heard that you can do these with a single PT, and less mobs spawn, but we always have done it with a full (or near-full) alliance. The way we do it is we have one or two people as NINs go voke a mob right at the start of a wave and kite it around far away from the outpost. The trick to this is that you need to make sure the NPCs don't follow you, or else they will kill the mob. The kiters keep voking when they can, and kiting the mob around until the rest of the alliance has killed the wave off. When they do, the NPCs will chase after the kited mob(s) and kill them, then run back to the outpost. While the NPCs are out doing that, all the mages should be healing. When the NPCs get back, mages should heal them. A few seconds later, the next wave will come and attack. Repeat the same strategy for each wave until the 4th wave comes. In the 4th wave, there will be an NM among the normal beastmen (in this case, the Goblin Guide). My LS has always had the kiters take the NM away in the 4th wave while we fight the rest, but I'm not exactly sure why, since it's the final wave.

After all the mobs are killed, the NPCs will all return to the outpost. Heal them up, then have the person that traded the item to start the garrison talk to the outpost guard again to finish. Everyone will recieve gil (3000 if you kept all the NPCs alive), and the other rewards will appear in your treasure pool. There are usually 1-2 Dragon Chronicle pages, while the rest of it is Military equipment. It's up to you on how to handle distribution of these. The way we do it is the person that traded the item to start the garrison gets to choose one item, and everyone else passes on that item. After that, it is free lot.

As for mannequin legs and feet, these drop throughout the garrison randomly when you kill mobs. We never lot on them, and just let them fall where they fall.
# May 26 2005 at 4:31 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Ok i have some very important questions, what item is needed to start this, which mobs drop the item, where can these mobs be found and does your nation need to control the region to start it?

I ask my fellow players who have done this garrison to post some of this info if you can...Thanks in advance
# Apr 26 2005 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
Saw bunch of NPC Mariners there today by the outpost. This must have something to do with the garrison.
# Apr 26 2005 at 8:15 PM Rating: Default
lol wtf? no description, no monsters to fight, no drops, nothing. please post something slackers!
RE: wtf?
# Apr 27 2005 at 7:56 AM Rating: Excellent
Note: "*" indicates items that have a link.

Kolshushu Region- Outpost Buburimu Peninsul
Item needed:- [Red]Sack of Mithra Fangs*
Drops from:- [orange]Goblin Shaman* & [orange]Smithy*
@ Maze of Shakhrami
Map (1of2)* Map (2of2)*
Mobs you will be fighting-Goblin-NM is-Goblin Guide-

List of Items Dropped on the Level 30 Garrisons
Military Pole*
Military Axe*
Military Spear*
Military Gun*
Military Pick*
Military Harp*
Dragon Chronicles*
Mannequin Legs*Random Dropped from Mobís
Mannequin Feet*Random Dropped from Mobís
RE: wtf?
# Apr 26 2005 at 9:49 PM Rating: Good
Mistress of Gardening
14,661 posts
The only information submitted was the screenshot of the Goblin Guide.
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