Mirror, Mirror  

Submitted by:Xagen
Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Luto Mewrilah (G - 8)
Type:Fellowship Quest
Max Party:3
Prerequisites:Girl in the Looking Glass
Related Areas:Ghelsba Outpost
Port San d'Oria
Related Mobs:Carrion Dragon
Portaure (H - 9)
Min Level:1
Max Level:40
Reward:Signal Pearl
(Average from 30 ratings)
Items Granted:Signal Pearl
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009

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Luto has recently discovered that another mirror bearing strange properties exists in the world. It is supposedly somewhere in San d'Oria and she wants you to go look for it.


Part 03 of The Fellowship Quest

Speak with Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno yet again to start this quest. You will now need to go to Cargo Room B in Port San d'Oria and speak with Portaure.

After you are done with this cutscene, proceed to the hut in Ghelsba Outpost (same hut as the one for "Save the Children" San d'Oria Rank Mission, and The Holy Crest.) Once you click on the hut door you will be able to enter the last battle for the Fellowship set of quests. This battle is a BCNM 40 and you are able to take a maximum of 3 people into the battle. Your fellow will jump in about halfway through the battle. You can only bring in players that have not finished the Fellowship quest and require this same BCNM. For each player that enters, an additional Wyvern will spawn.

Once you have completed the battle, return to Upper Jeuno and speak to Luto Mewrilah to finish this quest and get your Signal Pearl to call your fellow.

Quest Series

Obtaining Signal Pearl

Fellowship Bond

Level Cap


Final Fantasy XI

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hmm.. problem
# Jan 12 2006 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
Hmm this guide says min level 40.. but people have been saying on the comments they went on lvl31.. whats that all about?

Anyway.. I did the second part of the quest easy, I partied up with a lvl65whm who was also doing the quest and thanks to him the Gazers were no problem..

But now I have a problem.. this lvl65whm is helping out his friend on this mission.. and it also his first time.. and he logged off.. If he does this mission and I am not there.. I will have to fight the BCNM alone correct? MNK37/WAR17 thats gonna be no match right >.>

THe only other person i know who could help me is a DRG friend.. but he has already completed this quest too.. and it had been said only people who haven't done the quest can fight..

So in the server UNICORN is there anyone looking to do this quest? preferrably a whm and a tank of somekind as I am a DD..

send me a message asap

/tell Priet
RE: hmm.. problem
# Jan 13 2006 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
Ha ha ha.. dunno what i fussed about..

I went in as MNK37/WAR17 solo..

I used dodge, boost and focus.. and set off my 100fists..

It was so easy!! I didnt even have to two hour.. but i did.. really anyone who is worried.. just go.. do it.. have a laugh lol..

Oh make sure you take the hate off your Npc though half way through the fight.. he gets hurt easy..
# Jan 11 2006 at 5:34 AM Rating: Decent
Did this as hume lvl 31mnk/15war and was suprised at how flippin easy it was. I brought a ton of hi-potions and only needed 1!

Had boiled cockatrice for resist petrify, dunno if it was actually needed.

Took 2min 58sec, wasnt tryin for record.

Phoenix Server
RE: Suprised
# Feb 16 2006 at 5:35 PM Rating: Good
Secret Collect.. Homestar reference? :D

Be sure to burninate the countryside.
# Jan 09 2006 at 7:02 PM Rating: Excellent
I went as a half naked whm and won no problem. My npc tanked of course but the dragon was way weak to banish.
whm 38
# Jan 08 2006 at 10:28 PM Rating: Decent
Did this with a whm38/blm19 and it almost owned me in the secound half.

I had to 2hr but I did have pinapple juice and I did use steamed crab, wich helped a lot.

I was left with 32hp and was expecting the next blow to kill me but my npc friend was free from petrefie and voked it of me.
Then it did this attack again and we both got petterfied again me at 72hp and npc now almost dead.
The npc came free from the petrefe again and used her wepon skill and killed it.

This dragon did its spcial attack 4 times.

But just only done it.
for a whm taru, this is a chalange.
solo'd easy
# Jan 08 2006 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
215 posts
i killed this dragon solo as 40rdm/20nin (Elvaan). i dont think i lost a single hp. i don't know if i even need to buff as much as i did, but here's what i did... went in.. protect, shell, stoneskin, aquaveil, phalanx, enblizzard, ice spikes, and utsusemi... and i went in for the kill. i recast utsusemi once before dragon was half dead. i still had not a scratch on me. NPC came in to help after that and we pummled it. didn't have elaborate gear on either, i still had all MP and INT/MND boost gear. dual mithran swords. that's about it. fear not, just solo it.

NOTE: Thanks to Amedome for helping walk me through this quest. Couldn't have done it without you!

Edited, Mon Jan 9 10:51:20 2006
she's a black magic woman
# Jan 07 2006 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
The dragon was no problem soloing as a taru 30pld/15war. You can "cover" your NPC by voking and standing between the NPC and whatever dragon leg is closest to him: the dragon will go for you and leave the little dude (or dudette) alone.

A few notes: stand by on shield bash/stun WSs and be ready to do some backwards tanking in case he decides to use petrifying-eye on you.

Wound up using Meat Mithkabob, shield bash, sentinel, and a couple of cure IIs. Didn't need any yag potions, didn't need any medicine, didn't need 2hr. This guy is a complete chump in comparison to the skeleton NM if you ask me. >.>
# Jan 07 2006 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
127 posts
Soloed it as a 40BRD/20WHM... really, the main problem I had was keeping my NPC alive. On my fourth try at the damned thing, my NPC, Sieghilde, was petrified, and I won because all the hate was now on me and... well, I'm Elvaan so I'm good at that melee stuff. (. . )
# Jan 07 2006 at 9:58 PM Rating: Good
Pathetic lizard if you ask me.

Went in by myself, capped at 40 as a SMN/WHM. The only piece of equipment I was wearing was a pair of Carbuncle Mitts.

I used Carbuncle. I didn't have to recast him either. I used no Bloodpacts. Nor did I use Astral Flow. It was close though, a few more hits and I would have had to recast Carbuncle.

Carbuncle hit the Dragon for an average of 33 points a hit. The Dragon hit Carbuncle for an average of 7 points per hit. The Dragon hit me once at the very beginning and one more time when my NPC buddy jumped in and I had to give the order for Carbuncle to Assault again. Each time he hit me for 37 points of damage. I'm a Taru SMN/WHM, and that's pathetic damage to me. /laugh

A spiffy note is that because I used Carbuncle, I never actually engaged the monster. As I did not engage the monster, my NPC buddy did not engage either. She stood far away with me and watched the battle, so she was perfectly save from harms way.

Battle took five minutes, 48 seconds. I didn't have to cure myself, use any items, nothing.

Did it on Firesday by the way, with a 2% new moon if that matters to anyone.
# Dec 30 2005 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
Every walkthrough I read on this quest it says I can take a max of 3 people with me, but when we go to fight they can't come in! And in turn I die. Can some one please tell me why they can't enter??
# Dec 31 2005 at 7:18 PM Rating: Decent
the ppl that can come in cant have completed this quest before. a THF/NIN can solo it. I solod it as a THF/NIN but I cant remember my level I was lower then the cap tho I remember that
too easy
# Dec 30 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
i owned this thing just now... rng/nin no food wayy easy
didnt even use eagle eye shot
Weaker than I thought...
# Dec 26 2005 at 11:25 PM Rating: Decent
wow, i read the above posts before taking on the dragon, it seemed pretty difficult from how some pppl had a bit of trouble, but when i tried it was way too easy even for my job

i solo'ed lvl 40 thf/19 nin with all cuir equip xcept for rse boots. no food

started off with SA and fought until npc showed up. kept fighting and using SA and near the end got petrified as i watched my npc kill of the dragon
oh yea, also didnt use ninjutsu and used viper bite once

Edited, Mon Dec 26 23:34:21 2005
I dropped the pearl - how do i restart?
# Dec 24 2005 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Does anyone knw what to do if u dropped the pearl?
Aion-Vaizel~Chyme/Spirit Master 55
Wow~Thrall/Chyme/Gnome/Mage/77~Blackwater Raiders/Dystini/BE/Warlock/59
FFXI~Unicorn Server~ Sywryn - Hume Female - 82-whm, 65-bard, 56-sum, 45-blm
RE: I dropped the pearl - how do i restart?
# Dec 26 2005 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
You call your npc at a rendezvous point and I think you can like... buy another one or something. I'm pretty sure it makes him like you less though. Or you can go to the Mithra who gives the quest, say you want to start over, and get another NPC by doing all 3 quests over again.
# Dec 16 2005 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
It took me three tries to kill the dragon solo as a drk/whm. The first two battles, the dragon petrified me then proceeded to kill my buddy. Petrification came from a job ability called Petro Blast or something like that. For the third battle, I kept my fingers hovering over my Stun macro keys, but the Petro Blast never came, and I defeated him easily. I didn't have to wait between attempts, at least not any longer than I needed to /heal.
How do i give my NPC buddy equipment?
# Dec 15 2005 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
I have tried to give my NPV buddy new EQ but
she wont take it i did this quest 14 december 2005. do i have to w8 a few days??
my NPC buddy is lvl 30 and she's combat style is
plesae tell me how to give eq
How do i give my NPC buddy equipment?
# Dec 15 2005 at 7:02 AM Rating: Decent
How do i give my NPC buddy new Equipment?
# Dec 15 2005 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
New Record on Shiva... what's yours?
# Dec 15 2005 at 4:03 AM Rating: Decent
Just beat the BCNM, beat the old record by 1 second, got 2:04 minutes.. This is on Shiva server..what's your record and which server?
RE: New Record on Shiva... what's yours?
# Dec 30 2005 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
On Ramuh, as of Monday Dec 26th, the record was 2:00 minutes even. I was no where even close to breaking it.. took me around 4 min, 5o somehting seconds...

I soloed the dragon as a level 36 RDM/BLM. It was much easier than I thought, actually.
Stoneskin, Phalanx, Enthunder, Blaze Spikes, and a Sweet Rice Cake when I went in. I used Dia II, Dispel (no effect) Paralyze, Gravity and Slow. Used a Melon Juice and just kept whacking til my NPC came. Then I was focused on Curing her mostly. Had a bit of trouble with lag, which scared me for a bit, but we both came out of it fine :)

# Dec 07 2005 at 2:43 AM Rating: Decent
Holy Crap that was easy as hmmm cake yes cake lol well i was 34 blm/whm used 1 yag didnt even have to but did just in case was piece of cake took xpotion just in case but u dont really nneed i thought everyone was jokin but u where all right \very very easy
easy fight
# Dec 02 2005 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
i just finished this quest, and it was very easy for the item you receive. The dragon was cake, i was sam36/war18 and finished in 3 mins. it was fun fight.
# Nov 30 2005 at 4:54 PM Rating: Decent
I solo'd the dragon as 40drg/20whm. I had Cuir and RSE armor, no food/drink. Needless to say, I went to town on the dragon and beat it in 2min 29sec. Too bad the record was 2min 8sec. ; ;

The main reason the quest was changed to 3 people was because they couldn't beat it in the time limit, not that they got their hats handed to them.

If you're still not sure, go ahead and bring a buddy. However, your friend also needs to have the quest active. Elsewise, they won't be allowed into the battle...and you'll be stuck all alone. (but at least there's that exit door just to the side of the hut)

(edited for some really odd word-useage)

Edited, Wed Nov 30 16:56:30 2005
Job change
# Nov 30 2005 at 6:29 AM Rating: Decent
can anyone tell me how to change the NPC's job?
RE: Job change
# Nov 30 2005 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
You can change its job 3 RL days after you've completed killing the dragon and talking to Luto.
suprised ^^
# Nov 29 2005 at 10:24 PM Rating: Good
92 posts
I just did this as a 33RDM/18WHM.

Cast Phlanx, Protect II and blink, then regenerated my MP. cast enthunder and started whacking away.

about 1/4 of the dragons life down, my npc came in.

I let her start off the fight and get the dragon down a little bit more while I healed her, then tag teamed the dragon til it was dead. no food or drink was needed.

now to have some fun ^^
WHM for teh win!!
# Nov 17 2005 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
So I'm a whm and went with a blm friend... my friend couldn't enter the battlefield so i was on my own... terrified, naturally, as i normally can't do anything on my own as a whm...

I had smn subbed, so summoned carby to tank until the npc showed up, then just hasted and cured the hell out of him until he beat it. Used one yag. drink and had about 1/5 mp to spare at the end. Not bad!! I was excited to say the least...
# Nov 15 2005 at 11:07 PM Rating: Default
just did this as a 50THF/NIN

it capped me at 40, but the only 40+ stuff i use is my Brigandine, Life Belt, and Bone Knife +1.

i missed 1 hit out of the whole 2:33 fight, it hit me like 10 times. popped a few bloody bolts in it, piece of cake. ended fight with more HP then i started it with. i evaded its petrify attack, and most of itsd other attacks as well
Another weapon change?
# Oct 29 2005 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I've lvled my NPC to 40 now, and have yet to be able to change her weapon since the second time it was offered at around lvl 35. Did SE change how a new weapon is given to the NPCs? Originally they were given to Luto who in return would give them to your NPC, but I haven't been given the oppertunity to do so in quite a long time. I just read that you can now trade with your NPC during battle, so is this how new weapons are given to them? Any help would be appreciated.

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