Beastmen Treasure (Western Altepa)  

Start Area: Western Altepa Desert
Start NPC:Peddlestox (E - 8)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Xhifhut Body
Xhifhut Bow
Xhifhut Head
Xhifhut Strings
Items Granted:Sand Mantle
This Quest requires Zilart
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Peddlestox will only appear in Western Altepa Desert at (L-7) during Earthsday. He will ask you to bring him four parts of a Xhifhut: Xhifhut Head, Xhifhut Strings, Xhifhut Body, and Xhifhut Bow. They can be found:

Get all 4 items and trade to Peddlestox to get the Sand Mantle.

Final Fantasy XI

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??? doesn't "spawn"
# Feb 21 2008 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
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After getting the Xhifhut Head while helping a friend with Savage Blade I decided to farm the rest of these items while skilling up my NPC buddy.

Xhifhut Strings - Antican Aedilis, entered from Western Altepa D12
Xhifhut Bow - Antincan Hoplomachus outside D12 entrance to QSC. Got this 3 minutes after Strings ^^
Xhifhut Body - Antican Signifier, entered from W. Altepa J9

The body dropped last night on Firesday day (around 18:00) so I warped back to Sandy, grabbed the other three items, and tele'd back out. Peddlestox spawned at exactly 00:00 in L-7 and he placed the marker for the Treasure all the way the hell in G-11. Wait a minute, I thought to myself, G-11 in Western Aletpa Desert why does that sound so... oh, bravo Square Enix. The spot where my treasure was buried was in the EXACT MIDDLE of King Vinageroon spawn area >.<

Thankfully he didn't appear, but neither did the ??? 20:00 rolls around, and the ??? doesn't appear. 4:00 on Darksday comes, no ??? but the spot on my map where the treasure is allegedly buried is right in front of me and didn't vanish from the map as some people suggested. I continued to run around the area tabspamming until 9:00 Darksday and decided, in frustration, to check the 'net a bit more closely. Information is spotty on these quests because nobody chooses to do them, but it's my understanding that the ??? DOES NOT "spawn" between 20:00 and 4:00 which makes sense since Peddlestox doesn't mention anything about a specific time. In fact, it doesn't spawn at all. You can't target the ??? as you run near it (like you can with quest & mission ???s) but rather, you have to position yourself directly on top of the marker on your map, hit the target key, and if you're standing in the right spot you'll target (but not see) a ???. With the ??? targeted, but no cursor over it, I used a pickaxe and dug up a "strange, wooden crate" at 14:29 on Darksday- well outside of the 20:00 - 4:00 window

I did get the Sand Mantle, 4 other random items, and 10,000 gil so I'm not reallly complaining... but if you're going to do this quest, please try the method I described above before wasting an hour of your time waiting for the ??? to appear in front of you at a given time. It won't! ^^
My experience
# Jan 25 2008 at 2:29 PM Rating: Good
I just completed this last night after letting the Body sit in my inventory for over two years. First I can say that Leauce's information is absolutely correct. I received the Body from a Signifier during an XP party.

When I decided to finish the quest I wanted to do the hardest one first, so I went for the Aedilis's @D12 entrance. There are only two of them in here, and you don't need to go through the pressure doors to get to them. The first spawns in an area with a war and blm type also, and the second spawns a bit further down the hallway along with a war, blm and pld type, if I remember correctly. Since they link I couldn't see any way to fight more than one at a time at first, which I did by keeping one slept while I killed the other. As 75 rdm/nin, I had no problem sleeping these and fought them all solo with only one death due to three others linking with the one I had. I fought maybe 25 or 30 of them before the Strings dropped, and made a decent amount of gil on drops, as well as around 5k limit points.

The next one I went after ended up actually being the hardest part. The Hastatus XI-XII does spawn at the cross roads in the G-6 entrance. For me it spawned from a Triarius, although some sources claim it's a spawn from any of the Anticans in this area. (It makes sense it'd spawn from the Triarius, since both are war types.) I had no problem getting the guy to spawn, maybe killing 6-7 Triarius's. The main difficulty is there are maybe 15 other Anticans around the crossroads that will link. I had luck fighting on the cracked ground just to the West of the crossroads itself. The ones behind you to the West won't aggro (even though you think they will) and not many others wander over from the East. The NM itself was difficult for me - I died twice trying to solo it, in part due to links. My gear is middle range and it was taking down Stoneskin in 4-5 hits, and doing 150-200 dmg to me per hit without it. I eventually asked some friends from my linkshell to assist and they (75 nin and 75 smn) trounced him. Drop seems to be 100% on the Head.

The Bow item drops from Antican Hoplomachus's, which are pld types around E-6, F-6. These are lower level, so I /thf for them and no problem. I didn't even bother to bring echo drops, so the only downtime I had while fighting them was resting while silenced. Got the drop after around 20 or so kills. I didn't feel like going back through Quicksand Caves to get to them, so I stood up top and pulled them up to me with Dia. They'll come up the walls to you, even though you can't fall down to them. Nothing aggros a lvl 75 here, and links were easily disposed of.

After trading all the items to Peddlestox, I went to the area he marked and used a pickaxe. There will be nothing to target, unlike say, a normal mining point. You just need to use the pickaxe in the area he's marked on your map. It took me a little while to get the position correct, but once I did and opened the chest I was amazed to find....a mythril beastcoin, a kindred seal, a bag of cactus stems and a dark crystal....So no, getting the Sand Mantle is not guaranteed.

Overall it was challenging to solo most of this, but I made far more money from random Antican drops than I did finally getting the treasure. Hope this helps!
Mob Locations/Info
# Aug 25 2006 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Bow - Antican Hops Western Altep, E-6,F-6
Body - Antican Sigs Western Altep/Quicksand Caves, enter @J-9
Strings - Antican Aeds Western Altep/Quicksand Caves, enter @D-12
Head - Hastatus XI-XII Western Altep/Quicksand Caves, enter @G-6

sigs and aeds can be tricky to kill being that there are so many link possibilities.
hastatus is lottery spawn every 2hrs @the crossroads in Quicksand Caves from various ants, (pld, war, rng, blm types)lv65+
note: aeds in hastatus area do not drop strings, rdm can solo all mobs.

also, sand mantle isnt 100%.
you get four items from a crate, i ended up with
platinum b. coin
tree cuttings
kindred seal
green chip

quest is repeatable, good luck.
# Feb 16 2006 at 11:55 PM Rating: Good
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one of those bodies dropped off an antican signifier in Quicksand caves, right where the main helm beetle camp is.
# Oct 01 2005 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
I did this quest while working the latent off of my sapara of trials and skilling up dagger. Antica Aedilis are DC to a lvl 75 so you would have to be 70+ to be able to attempt to solo this GameMasta. Antica Hoplomachus and Veles are PLD and found near Kuftal Tunnel zone or around Revelation Rock and aren't that hard to kill. Antica Lanista are BLM and pretty easy if you just keep them silenced. Make sure to bring lots of echo drops if you're a magic caster, their silence WS can pwn you. Also with the NM I killed it with a group doing Bastok 8-2 but I dont think he was too strong. Sand Mantle really isnt that good but oh well ^^
RE: woot
# Dec 21 2005 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
wich entrance to QC did u go into? so far i'm 0/20 on these guys (Antican Aedilis), maybe i'm in the wrong area.

Edited, Wed Dec 21 08:10:47 2005
# Sep 26 2005 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
im pretty sure NM's or some rare mobs drop the items you need, so its pretty high, plus i think the mobs that drop em are Antican... but im not sure.. kinda like the Sahagan ones with the ring >_>
# Sep 26 2005 at 2:31 PM Rating: Default
=/ soz... what lvl can a person solo this quest?
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