Creepy Crawlies  

Start Area: Windurst Woods
Start NPC:Illu Bohjaa (H - 6)
Related Areas:East Sarutabaruta
West Sarutabaruta
Related Mobs:Illu Bohjaa (H - 6)
Min Level:3
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:600
(Average from 16 ratings)
Items Required:Crawler Calculus
Silk Thread
Title Obtained:Crawler Culler
This Quest is Repeatable
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 06:00:36 2009

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The dhalmel farmer wants you to cull the crawler pests that eat up all the dhalmel food. Bring her three silk threads or three crawler calculi as proof of your efforts in order to gain a reward.


Illu Bohjaa wants you to clear out the crawlers that have been eating up all of her food supplies. She will reward you if you bring her either 3 Silk Thread or 3 Crawler Calculus. They both drop off crawlers in the Sarutabaruta plains.

The value of the silk threads is considerably higher than the crawler calculus, so it's not recommended you turn the silk threads in.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Creepy Crawlies Spoilers page.

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You get no silky silk silk!!!!!
# Jun 13 2008 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
anyone who gives her silk is smoking crack! But giving her the calculus nets a nice profit. Shame I didn't know this before I threw away a few thousand. Shame on me.
nice little gil earner
# Apr 08 2007 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
this is a nice quest to do when farming silk treads, gives you that little extra gil and fame.
# Jan 05 2006 at 12:25 AM Rating: Decent
the other night I tried farming crawlers with 27mnk. Silk thread with first one a stone the second but then nothing at all for next 8. even though I am level 27 can I expect to find silk thread on first few attempts any given day or is it better to use a lower level job?
RE: crawlers
# Feb 08 2006 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
From my understanding your lvl is not suppose to matter when it comes to drops or so i read from a interview with SE, but the lvl of the mob may have a affect, aside from that finding Silk Thread in itself is rare, your best bet is finding a friend who's nation is in first place and has high fame to get you Cornettes (sp?!) and do it that way, I'm not sure what server your on but on Valefor a stack of silk thread goes for around 70-80k, so save them when you get a stack sell them and you've just made your money to max windy fame with cornettes. Its always nice to have a few friends with lvl 3-5 gobbie bags and have them get naked and fill their inventory with them and follow you to the quest npc. Good Luck!!
# Dec 09 2005 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
silk thread is now 60k a stack on kujata, sell the silk and trade calculi
# Dec 01 2005 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
The prices of 10k a stack on silk thread is seriously scaring me. It's two years old for one.

As of December 1st 2005, Silk Thread in Windurst are selling steadily at 45-50k a stack, with an occassional shortly lived jump, and by shortly I mean a dozen sales, on Carbuncle server. This holds to about 30-40 stacks on the AH at any given time. Price goes down with more and up with less. Simple supply and demand.

Edited, Thu Dec 1 16:37:17 2005
# Sep 27 2005 at 2:27 AM Rating: Decent
about how many of the calculi will i need to get at least fame 6 or 7? i no i no this ain the best for fame but on Seraph server bastok is in last again and i cant get corenets so i have to resort to this.
# Feb 07 2005 at 5:09 AM Rating: Decent
y cant u just buy lots of crawler calculi for 200 a piece and do the quest a few times? wont that give u lots of fame for no gil?
reduce fame?
# Nov 03 2004 at 2:53 AM Rating: Decent
I wonder if this quest reduce fame. I am buying distilled water for 11 gil for past week and work on cooking only. 1 day i found crawler calculus selling 200 each at AH, which mean i can get breakeven to do the quest. I repeat it 2 times. The next moment i went to shop and found out the price has increased to 12 gil...

I didnt check my fame lvl b4 quest so i couldnt compare it.
# Sep 26 2004 at 11:39 AM Rating: Default
BaNgBaNgBuNNy, ur cocky idiot bragging about ur gil, bet ur poor, and u can max out windy fame for 20k in another quest, so yes, u are stupid

Edited, Sun Sep 26 12:41:00 2004
# Oct 04 2004 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
86 posts
I tend to agree with you, yes you can max out your fame for 200k, or you could max it for 20k. the path you choose really determins your intelligence.

It doesnt matter if you earn 200k in an hour.
# Nov 25 2004 at 1:32 AM Rating: Decent
What quest maxes fame for 20k?
trading silks
# Aug 24 2004 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent
Dont trade silks? Thats the whole reason why silks sell for that much is beacause clothcrafters use them and higher skilled players buy silk threads by the stacks to enhance thier fame. Losing 200k or more to max my windy fame using silk threads is well worth the effort. and for me time is money. I dont know if for sure you will gain more fame for turning in silks over threads, but it would make sense that square would make trading in silk worth more fame. Now im sure im gunna get responses by noobs sayin, "200k for fame are u crazy, who the hell would do that", but when u make that much in a few hours it aint that big of a deal.
RE: trading silks
# Dec 12 2004 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
Higher skilled players do not buy silk by the stack to enhance their fame... if they are like me and like almost every other player I know... they already have high fame in windy, and it was probably from doing cornette quest which is considerably cheaper... in fact you only lose about 5 to 10k for max fame. I don't care if you make 200k in 3 hours or 5 min. waisting it on silk to get fame that you should already have is retarded, and for the "n00bs" you refer to... I think they would be right in this instance
silk thread prices
# May 17 2004 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
yeah for us in fenrir sil sells for 700 a piece good cash from them
where in AH?
# May 11 2004 at 9:46 PM Rating: Decent
what is calculi under in AH?
RE: where in AH?
# May 15 2004 at 7:23 PM Rating: Excellent
43 posts
Other > Misc.
# Apr 27 2004 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
how much fame will this give u i need fame so i can do the aspir quest
Easy Money
# Feb 22 2004 at 7:42 PM Rating: Default
Easy Way to get 600 gil while your in Sarutabarta areas
# Dec 18 2003 at 1:33 PM Rating: Default
you get 600 gil for the calculi and silk

not worth doing unless you really really need that fame...
RE: dont
# Dec 18 2003 at 7:33 PM Rating: Default
Calculi sell for ~200 (sometimes less) on my server. Plus you can only list 7 at once and hope to get 200gil at the AH. Here you get 600 for 3 -- yet it does not take valuable AH space (or vault/inventory) and you get it the gil instantly. Moreso you get the fame of completing the quest which is a valuable thing unto itself.

Silks spools should be sold at AH as they are worth more money and can be stacked to 12.
how much...
# Nov 19 2003 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
does she give for the calculi? I'm trying to save up 12 silks to sell for 10,000g on Cerberus. I have 6 now. That's what 12 where going for yesterday when I looked.
# Nov 13 2003 at 3:06 PM Rating: Default
on our server (Valefor) i EASILY get 800 per silk thread
# Nov 07 2003 at 3:16 PM Rating: Default
DO NOT USE SILK THREADS. They are valuble trade skill items that go for at least 500 and are rarer than calculus.
# Nov 07 2003 at 9:14 AM Rating: Default
You have to trade her the items via trade window.
Can't complete the quest
# Nov 04 2003 at 1:09 AM Rating: Default
I now have 6 calculi and 1 silk thread, but when I go talk to the quest giver she just repeats her original statement about culling the heard and bringing her the claculit and silk. Any suggestions on how i fullfill the requirements for the quest, or is it just bugged?
RE: Can't complete the quest
# Nov 04 2003 at 4:46 AM Rating: Decent
469 posts
I'm not understanding your problem. The object of the quest is to find 3 silk or 3 calculi then manually trade the items to her.

To trade, target her, on the main menu click the trade button and insert 3 quest objects into the trade box then click OK.

Edited, Tue Nov 4 04:47:15 2003
# Nov 03 2003 at 12:27 AM Rating: Default
I recommend only turning in the crawler calculi, as (at least on Lakshmi server) silk thread can be sold for 500 each at the Auction House, sells within minutes.
RE: Profit!
# Nov 19 2003 at 8:44 AM Rating: Default
on ifrit crawler calculi sell for at least 200 each... so you would be making about the same amount of money..
# Nov 02 2003 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
This quest can be repeated.
# Oct 31 2003 at 8:52 AM Rating: Excellent
Illu-Bohjaa is in Windurst Woods by Dhalmel Farm in between H-6 and I-6
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