The Emissary  

Start Area: Metalworks
Start NPC:Malduc & Naji
Related Areas:Ghelsba Outpost
Northern San d'Oria
Port Windurst
West Sarutabaruta
Windurst Walls
Windurst Woods
Related Mobs:Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker (G - 7)
Gold Skull (F - 6)
Mission:2 - 3
Min Level:10
Max Level:99
Grants Gil:3000
Reward:Rank 3
(Average from 28 ratings)
Title Obtained:Certified Adventurer
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: Wading Beasts
Next Mission: The Four Musketeers
Last Updated: Tue Feb 15 03:44:13 2011

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Mission Orders

Gather information on San d'Oria and Windurst.
The Bastokan consulates in those two countries will provide you with a detailed briefing.


Speak to any Bastokan Gate Guard to accept this mission. The Gate Guard will spend you to speak with Naji at (J-8) in the Metalworks, near the President's Office. A cutscene will play and they will escort you to President Karst. You will then be able to ask him questions about various topics and once you are done he will ask you to head to San d'Oria or Windurst.

Visit San d'Oria First

If you choose to visit the Bastok Consulate in San d'Orian first, head to (K-10) of Northern San d'Oria. Enter the Bastok Consulate and speak to Helaku. He will send you to speak with Halver in the Chateau d'Oraguille, north of the Bastok Consulate.

Halver will then send you to Ghelsba Outpost. To get there, take the northwestern exit of West Ronfaure. Once there, your task is to defeat Warchief Vatgit. The Warchief is at the top of Ghelsba Outpost (H-7). After defeating the Warchief, return to Northern San d'Oria to speak with Helaku again.

Helaku will now send you to the Bastok Consulate at (E-5) in Port Windurst. Once you arrive, speak to Melek, who represents the Bastok Consulate. Melek will send you to Heaven's Tower in Windurst Walls. In Heaven's Tower, you will need to speak to Kupipi to receive the Dark Key Key Item. After obtaining the Dark Key, travel to West Sarutabaruta, where you will find the entrance to the Giddeus. Once inside Giddeus, head to Balga's Dais. Here, you will face two monsters (see the The Emissary Spoilers page for more information).

Note:A full party of level 25s is suggested if this is your first time.

After defeating the monsters, return to Port Windurst and speak to Melek again. He will give you a Kindred report Key Item to take back to Bastok. Return to the Metalworks and speak to Naji again, who will reward you with 3000 gil and Rank 3.

Visit Windurst First

If you choose to visit the Bastok Consulate in Windurst first, head to (E-5) of Port Windurst. Speak to Melek, who will send you to Heaven's Tower in Windurst Walls. Once inside Heaven's Tower, speak to Kupipi. Kupipi will give you a Sword offering Key Item to give to the Yagudo as a peace tribute. Take the Magical Sword back to the Bastok Consulate in Port Windurst and speak with Gold Skull, a Galka, located in the 2nd room to your right. He will exchange the Sword offering for a Dull blade.

The offering to the Yagudo must be taken to the Treasure Room, which is located in the tunnels of Giddeus at (F-7). The Treasure Room is guarded by Uu Zhoumo, a Yagudo. Speak to Uu Zhoumo and he will tell you that you weapon is not a good enough offering, and that he'd rather have the blade used by Eyy Mon the Ironbreaker. Eyy Mon is a Notorious Monster that spawns at (G-7), not far from where you are. Eyy Mon will drop an Aspir Knife 100% of the time. Trade the knife to Eyy Mon to complete this part of the mission, then return to the Bsatok Consulate in Port Windurst and speak to Melek, who will send you to the Bastok Consulate in San d'Oria.

The Bastok Consulate is located at (K-10) of Northern San d'Oria. Speak to Helaku who will send you to speak with Halver in the Chateau d'Oraguille, which is seated north of the Bastok Consulate. Halver will tell you to head to the Yughott Grotto, deep within Ghelsba Outpost. Once inside the grotto, you must head to the Horlais Peak, where you will enter a Burning Circle fight against two monsters (see the The Emissary Spoilers page for more information).

Note: A full party of level 25 players is recommended if this is your first time doing this mission.

After defeating the monsters, return to Northern San d'Oria and speak to Helaku again. He will give you a Kindred report Key Item to take back to Bastok. Return to the Metalworks and speak to Naji again, who will reward you with 3000 gil and Rank 3.

Titles Awarded

  • Warcheif Wrecker - awarded after killing Warcheif Vatghit.
  • Black Dragon Slayer - awarded after killing the Windurstian monster.
  • Dread Dragon Slayer - awarded after killing the San d'Orian monster.
  • Certified Adventurer - awarded after finishing this mission completely and returning to Bastok for Rank 3.

Update Notes

As of February 14th, 2011, there is no longer a level cap restriction on the mission battlefield.


To read the transcripts for this mission, see The Emissary Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Republic of Bastok Mission series. The entire mission series includes:

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need help
# Jun 07 2007 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
i've been stuck on this mission for quite a while now cuz i can't find a party here in Odin. help please?
My party cant enter the battlefield!
# May 17 2007 at 8:51 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry for the double post, but I'v been at this for a good 3 weeks and I'm starting to get really upset....

Ok well while any help would be nice overe here in Titan still. But I gots me a party and were at the enterence to the battlefield, but only I can enter the fight for some reason. I now lost, confused and annoied, my friends camme all the way out to help me and they can't even enter the damn thing. Do they need the key to get in as well or si there something I'm not getting that they require to enter the fight with me?
I give up I need help
# May 16 2007 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
I figured I could try to take out the dragon on my own, but alas theres only so many times you can tyr before you crack. I need desperate help trying to get rid of the Black Dragon in Windurst. If someone could help me in the Titan server that would be awesome. I'm waiting right at the enterence to the Burning Curcle.
Donde esta Windhurst dragon?
# Apr 23 2007 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
106 posts
I'm ready to fight the Windhurst dragon in Giddeus but can't seem to find any information as where exactly it is in Giddeus. Anyone know?

Thanks a bunch-

And if anyone wants to help, or needs to fight the dragon and wants to join me, I'm on the Siren server, character Sassypants (33 BLM/WHM.

Edit: I'll be on tonight, Monday Apr 23 at about 7pm pacific time.

Edited, Apr 23rd 2007 8:56pm by KAC

EDIT: I got the location!!!! :)

Edited, Apr 24th 2007 12:58am by KAC
Soloing Dragon
# Apr 21 2007 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
Mnk(25)/War(13), good but not great gear, 6 Hi-Potions, 3 Antidotes, 1 Holy Water and 1 Sole Sushi. Soloed in 4 min, 28 Sec.

Of course it took 4 or so tries before I made it thru!

# Apr 16 2007 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
OK change if you start in sandy after you get the ork YOU MUST RETURN TO SANDY. I saw all the posts about not having to return just goto windy, well they are wrong.
# Apr 16 2007 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
if yoy start in sandy after killing the orc you have to return to consul,
if you start in windurst just kill the orc and go do BCNM (in the sandorea place)

note: RDM can solo the dragon, just have a elixir or something to heal MP
Changing Nations
# Apr 15 2007 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
Okay so i just changed from Sandy. I get to Windurst, after visiting the consult in Sandy of course, and I found that I did not receive the Key Item for the offering. Well on a whim I decided hey maybe since I already did it when I was San d'Orian I won't need to do it again. And what do you know I was right! So anyone who is curious, If you've switched from Sandy to Basty then you don't need the offering if you did it the first time, however if you chose the Basty dragon whelp you still gotta do it. ^^ I hope this helps anyone who was curious.
# Apr 15 2007 at 6:38 AM Rating: Decent
What lvl should i be when i take the dragon in Windurst, using the Sandy versjon?
>.< very confused
# Apr 06 2007 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
It took me 3 weeks to do this mission i started it in windy to find out later, That the whole sandy part was a waste of time and energy it should be reposted, that after u kill the warchief in sandy that u dont have to go back to the consulate, THERE IS NO KEY FOR THE SANDY DRAGON IF U START IN WINDY, i spent weeks trying to get one and all i got was a huge run around, i finally finished the mission with some help from my most awesome LS The Decepts!! we killed the sandy dragon in like 1-2 min. That dragon was way easy i think if i would have had a healer alone i could have done it myself!!! anyway if anyone gets stuck cuz they started in windy and u are on SHIVA server /tell Heartablaze i can help ya out!
Help needed
# Mar 16 2007 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, I need help with the San D'Oria dragon on Asura. It would be much appreciated.
half ass mission guide
# Mar 05 2007 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent
ok NVM its not a bug
and for the ppl that are still stuck with this mission because they went with windurst part of the mission first

after you kill the warchief vagiti you dont have to go back to helaku,
get a party just 3 would do (that dragon is super week) just make sure you got a mage to sleep the dragon (saves HP for when you killing the eye)
go to the BCNM is gelshba , i dont remamber the exact name of the place,

its dump that it wasn't posted , got so many ppl stuck :(
any way after you kill vagiti go to gelshba BCNM you should be able to get into the boss fight

let me say this again ahem*
damn i wanted a chaleng!
hi this bug
# Mar 04 2007 at 3:16 PM Rating: Decent
how do you fixed this bug then?
# Feb 27 2007 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
plz reply

to the ppl that had the warchief vagit problem

did any of you ever make it to rank 3

am starting to worry that am never gona get 3 because of this stupid bug
# Feb 21 2007 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
Hey looking for party on Titan Server to kill the Giddeus Dragon /tell Freerunner or pm me on here
Dread Dragon Slayer
# Feb 18 2007 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Ramuh- New Record of 2:50 against old of 2:54!

Wik - WHM36/BLM18 - for who the quest was for, LS friend
Venaxi - DRG30/WAR15 - me :D
Yobisute - BLM31/WHM15 - LS friend
Kenetic - BLU43/NIN21 - LS friend
Shadywolf - MNK71/WAR35 - a very nice person
Meira - MNK32/WAR16 - also a very nice person

Was a cinch :D Have fun fellow Ramuh-ers trying to break our record!
Warchief Wrecker
# Feb 13 2007 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
:@ i have lost count for how manny times i have killed this guy yet i still get no credit for it
i know am suposed to go to the counsult of bastok after i kill him for my next task orders but every time i talk to helaku , all he tells me is to head to the chateau d'oragulle and talk with lord halver , and when i talk to "lord" halvek all he tells me is "when your done with the mission take it up with the consol of bastok" .......
i was thinking maybe i should bring him some sort of item for trade but the thing is the bamn greedy warchief dosent drop anything!

-so plz if have alredy done this mission plz tell me what i should do next and ty in advance

my curent possition is the consolt of bastok in sandy,if you have any intel about this mission plz tell/ cyfix
Win and Record!
# Jan 15 2007 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
Did this an hour or so earlier with LS friends Suddendeasth and Cotphuara (probablly spelled name wrong) also a high lvl WHM named Jahar helped.
We also got record of 5 minutes and 3 sec.

*Here's how it went*

I elemental sealed, casted sleep on Dark Dragon, killed Searcher then killed dragon.

Besides the fact i got drawn in 2 or 3 times and dragon AoE took half all of our HP, went fine
SAM/RNG(or was it WAR?)(Cotphuara)

any1 on quetz who beat our record, tell us, we'll do it again and win.
Lookin to do this mission soon!!
# Dec 19 2006 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
I was hopeing to do this mission soon but dont know if it is possible to do with my lvl 20WAR/10MNK. If anyone on the Bismark server would like to help or just has any info regarding this mission it would be greatly appreciated.
redmage solo this
# Nov 19 2006 at 8:27 PM Rating: Decent
i have solo'd this on hades as 25 rdm/nin key to soloing as rdm for this is sleep the dragon and buff before entering stoneskin phalanx and haste and protect 3 if possible shell and what not cuz i have noticed that buffs dont come off when you enter this bcnm... tried and tested by the way and en-spells help alot and 2 small swords and a jack-o-lantern for accuracy and evasion so yes this can be solod by rdm
want to do this?
# Oct 29 2006 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
anyone on remora want to do this /tell jdubu
# Oct 13 2006 at 4:03 PM Rating: Decent
THF can probably solo this with bloody and sleep bolts.
Melee Duo
# Sep 08 2006 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
Did this a few days ago with a friend. Yes just the two of us and needless to say we feel like total badasses. He was just a 22 WAR/MNK at the time and I broke out my DRG, sub WAR of course, and synthed up some X-Potions.

3 X-Potions each
Meat Jerky
He had damn good gear for being level 22 (Beetle)
I had my top weapon (Spear, Lv24) but was wearing mediocre armor (mix of lizard and conquest items >.<)

We started out by popping jerky and my wyvern, and rushed in with just a basic plan. He voked the Ahriman and used Mighty Strikes for the quick kill (I took hate anyway just before it died) and I voked the dragon while attacking the Ahriman and popping Ancient Circle for that extra intimidate or two. The ahriman went down without a fuss and I had popped an X-Potion because of a few nasty criticals from the dragon between intimidations, and we set to work on the dragon. I used Spirit Surge and Jump to knock it's defense down and slap it around a bit, and about 50-60% I used another potion after Tyrenic used his voke and then later around 30-40% we did the same, he potioned while I took hate back again (I actually should have saved ancient circle for this part). The Dragon only used one TP move that I noticed, the body slam AoE damage, which prompted both of us to use our third and last potion each but it was nearly dead and we finished it off with barely yellow health each.

So yeah, it can be duo'ed by melee's with X-Potions =D its like a Cure III in a can!
Need help with dragons
# Aug 30 2006 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone on Titan server wanna help me finish this mission?
Need help with dragons
# Sep 23 2006 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
jkidd is your havent done the dragon yet i need t do it too. Send tell to Levictius
Valefor Server only
# Aug 29 2006 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
73 posts
Just a little update i realize nobody has posted on this for a while...if you are on Valefor server and you need help with this quest let me know. I love this battle and if you have gate crystals i can help you teleport around (41WHM)(gotta love quick transportation.) so if you need help with the dragon or that other weak NM send a tell to Lilydaca. I'd be happy to help, nowadays i get bored and i just farm all the time, been looking for another dragon to kill lolz.
Can Be Soloed by RDM
# Aug 20 2006 at 12:24 PM Rating: Default
The dragon battle can be soloed by RDM. Here is a video:

Can Be Soloed by RDM
# Nov 15 2006 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
lol this is pretty fake... biggest flaw would be showing the whole chat log, you only have 50 lines of stuff first of all, and i went back to watch that all over again and counted well over 50 lines made, also the red lines in the chat log, there are only 3... and i scroll threw the vid a little and there is well over 3.... your such a fake roflmao
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