Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)  

Start Area: Port Bastok
Start NPC:Alib-Mufalib (K - 7)
Related Areas:Bastok Markets
Bastok Mines
Related Mobs:Arawn (J - 10)
Ayame (K - 7)
Deidogg (H - 6)
Echo Hawk (I - 7)
Goraow (I - 6)
Griselda (H - 5)
Harmodios (K - 10)
Hilda (E - 6)
Horatius (I - 9)
Invincible Shield (G - 8)
Kaede (J - 5)
Kaela (I - 8)
Ken (E - 10)
Manilam (G - 7)
Patient Wheel (F - 5)
Paujean (F - 6)
Pavel (E - 11)
Raibaht (G - 8)
Tilian (F - 8)
Vaghron (H - 9)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
(From 1 rating)
Items Required:Blue Sentinel Badge
Items Granted:Blue Invitation Card
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In-Game Text


Talk to Alib-Mufalib and he will pin the Blue Sentinel Badge key item to you and request that you talk to various people in Bastok.

Locations are in Giant Loop from Port Bastok to Bastok Mines. Enter your Mog House at the end of Bastok Mines and exit at Port Bastok to complete the loop.

Port Bastok - After talking with Alib-Mufalib, sorted closest to the NPC
Kaede - J-5
Patient Wheel - F-5
Paujean - F-6
Hilda - E-6
Tilian - F-8

Metalworks (All Upper Level)
Ayame - K-7 (Upper Right Corner of Map)
Kaela - I-8
Manilam - G-7
Invincible Shield - G-8
Raibaht - G-8 (Cid's Lab)

Bastok Markets
Pavel - E-11 (right by S. Gustaberg gate)
Ken - E-10
Harmodio - K-10 (in Harmodio's Music)
Arawn - J-10 (also flashes a badge)
Horatius - I-9 (in the Trader's House)

Bastok Mines
Griselda - H-5 (Upper Level)
Deidogg - H-6 (Lower Level)
Echo Hawk - I-7 (Lower Level)
Goraow - I-6 (Upper Level)
Vaghron - H-9

After talking to each individual, return to Alib-Mufalib and he will take the Badge from you and reward you with a Blue Invitation Card key item.

Also, once you have completed this quest, this NPC will be able to teleport you directly into Whitegate. Simply trade 300gil and off you go!


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# Apr 17 2009 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
Ok So I just completed the Bastok version of this quest. I got the item from Abu and he's not saying anything about warping me to Jeuno. What exactly do you have to do for him to do it? I'm Rank 3, (I've done several missions for Bastok already, I'm on 3-3).
# Mar 09 2009 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
G-7 - Manilam (2nd floor - standing next to elevator, talking to a fat guy)
G-8 - Invincible Shield (2nd floor- outside Cid's room)
K-7 - Ayame (top floor - most upper left corner behind the president's house)
I-8 - Kaela (top floor - in the middle section)
G-8 - Raibaht (2nd floor - inside CID's room)

FYI only. All are on 2nd and top floor. None of them are on the 1st floor. ^_^
# Jan 03 2009 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
okay, i start this quest in basty, sandy and jeuno.. im scared to start it in windy. i get same problem. my badge flashes brightly but npc wont flash there badges back... how can i finish this quest?
# Jan 17 2009 at 3:07 AM Rating: Default
For the most part, they don't have badges to flash back. If your badge flashes, then you're good.
traveling mule
# Jan 28 2008 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
This is a great way for my "mule" to travel to Whitegate.... ehem! use of "high spending AH" and sell some thing ;)
no flashy
# Dec 10 2007 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
108 posts
im having trouble with patient wheel,hilda,amaye,paujean,invincible shield,goraw,and vaghron where they wont flash their badge. i know it isnt fame that is the problem since im hero in bastok. ; ; has anyone have this problem?
H-5 - Griselda
# Oct 28 2007 at 8:54 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
I have done Jueno, and all of Bastok except, H-5 - Griselda, she doesn't respond may be due to the fact she is a fake mob for Holloween at the moment. Anyone else having this problem
Lure of the Wildcat(Bastok)
# Aug 08 2007 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
After you do this quest, you have to do the 1st three missions to be a mercenary, and then speak to the taru in Bastok who gave you the Lure of the Wildcat quest. He tells you that you can warp paying 300 gil after that.
# Jul 23 2007 at 10:16 AM Rating: Decent
so i have done jeuno and san doria and omw to windy and bastok so as a mercenary will i have to be in whitegate to get special missions or are their npcs in the other cities also?
# Jul 01 2007 at 7:29 AM Rating: Decent
I'm having the same problem where the NPC won't port me. I've done Windy and Jeuno. Somewhere I've heard that you need to complete all four cities inorder to port. Is that true?
Tele Trouble
# Jun 27 2007 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
Oops double post ...

Edited, Jun 27th 2007 2:46pm by TidusxXx
Having Trouble Getting NPC to teleport me...
# Jun 27 2007 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
Ok I've done this quest and got the invitation key item, but the NPC won't teleport me... Anyone got ideas? Thx ^^.

Ok... there must be a lvl limit on whether or not he will teleport you b\c my 75 WHm could be tele'd but my 34 Rng couldnt... Can anyone confirm\disprove this? (They are different chars, but both have aht urhgan access)

I haven't had time to test this but I've been thinking that you probably already have to be a mercenary (past a certain ToA mission) in order for the tele thing to work out. I'll confirm it soon.

Edited, Jun 27th 2007 2:51pm by TidusxXx

Edited, Jun 29th 2007 11:20am by TidusxXx
# Jun 06 2007 at 3:03 AM Rating: Decent
You don't need this quest to become a mercenary. I've been a merc for ages and never did a single one of these quests. However, with the new update, you need to do these quests if you want to teleport to Aht Urhgan...and..who doesn't?
hilda e-6 bastok
# May 31 2006 at 12:49 AM Rating: Default
hi im having a hard time getting to talk to hilda in port bastok e-6. she is up the stairs in the tavern
and it wont let me up to speak with her. how can i get her to come down?
hilda e-6 bastok
# Jul 07 2006 at 2:35 PM Rating: Decent
You can also wait at the bottom of the stairs in between the rope and the counter. She eventually comes down the stairs close enough to talk to her.
RE: hilda e-6 bastok
# Jun 11 2006 at 8:32 AM Rating: Good
39 posts
Stand just under the edge of the balcony and wait for her to come to the edge. The distance is close enough for you to talk with her. Hope this helps~
# May 19 2006 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
That darn All By Myself quest seems to be in the way... I talk to Ken and all I get is the quest stuff, no flashy badge...

NVM, apparently I had already gotten that one at some point before. :-)

Edited, Fri May 19 23:48:12 2006
Get your invitation reward from:
# Apr 26 2006 at 6:46 PM Rating: Decent
After you get all four cards take them to Naja Salaheem in the Salaheem's Sentinels (I-10) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

You will recieve 1 Imperial Mythril Piece.

I'm guessing if you only trade in one invitation at a time you'll just get 1 Imperial Bronze Piece for each. 2 may get you 5 Imperial Bronze Pieces. 3 maybe 1 Imperial Silver Piece. I don't know for sure because I wanted the best reward which is the Mythril Piece. These are just based off of the currencty extange for credits from Ugrihd (G-9) Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

Good luck.

Edited, Wed Apr 26 19:19:29 2006
Mog Locker
# Apr 06 2006 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
Doing this mission and the one's from the other cities allows you to become employeed by Salaheem's Sentinels. Mercenary is not a job, as in a Warrior or Monk or yada yada yada, but if you work as a mercenary for Salaheem's Sentinels you can be deployed on missions and such and get paid for them. You also get a Mog Locker, which allows you to store 30 items (it might just be weapons and armor. I dunno) and you can increase it to 50 slots. Only players who are employeed by Salaheem's Sentinels can get a Mog Locker.

Square-Enix just posted a whole article on Mog Lockers on the PlayOnline Website.


Just a thought...:P
RE: Mog Locker
# Apr 26 2006 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
986 posts
Just an FYI, but it doesn't seem that doing the 4 Lure of the Wildcat quests is necessary for mercenary status. I need to complete the next mission for sure, but from the way it sounds from Salaheem all I need to do is Aht Urhgan mission 2 to become a mercenary.
RE: Mog Locker
# Apr 06 2006 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
Link Doesnt work >.<
RE: Mog Locker
# Apr 12 2006 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
199 posts
Take the ] off the end of the link. This is posted as a news article on playonline.com.
basty side II
# Apr 06 2006 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
i did the bastok version but the punk taru won't give up the invitation card! anyone know what the deal is?
basty side
# Apr 06 2006 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
Going to do this
# Mar 30 2006 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Ok, I have started this one, only talked to one person as I had no idea where everyone else was, now I do.
Once I have done this, I will do the rest, shouldnt take too long.
# Mar 28 2006 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
Well I did all of them in about a day "not all at once" and I had no problem with anything I got all four badges. I am just curious for what mercenaries do!
RE: Badge
# Mar 28 2006 at 3:56 PM Rating: Good
54 posts
Mercenaries kill ****...lol
RE: Badge
# Mar 29 2006 at 7:09 PM Rating: Decent
Mercenaries kill sh*t...lol

For money! ^_^

Edited, Wed Mar 29 18:06:03 2006
time limit?
# Mar 26 2006 at 4:13 PM Rating: Default
I did the bastok version of this quest and I have verified that I have 'flashed my badge' to all 5 people in each zone, but he wont exchange it. Do you need to wait for a day to pass or something?

EDIT: After running through bastok and talking to everyone AGAIN, I found that you may need to talk to Horatius 2x..

To be safe I would recommend talking to everyone on the list until they revert to what they usually say.

Edited, Sun Mar 26 16:33:15 2006
wow 3 hours of my life later...
# Mar 25 2006 at 3:38 PM Rating: Default
ok, I did this one saturday morning,
Windy Jeuno and Sandoria.

each town will give you a ITEM and tell you to visit (new area).
But.. you must do ALL 4 cities as I understand it.
The good news is I now have the ability (once I visit new area in NEW EXSPANSION) to become a Mercenary.

Yes a Merc.

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