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Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Luto Mewrilah (G - 8)
Type:Fellowship Quest
Related Areas:Qu'Bia Arena
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward:Max Fellowship Bond 120; Adventuring Fellow gains skill "Blessed Radiance"
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Save Palometa from her mysterious captors!


Talk to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno to begin this quest. She will send you to a level 50-capped BCNM fight against in Qu'Bia Arena in Fei'Yin. Only you and your NPC are allowed in the BCNM.

You must defeat Vassago, a demon dark knight with a scythe. He uses dark knight attacks and spells such as drain, aspir and absorb spells, and he also uses typical demon TP attacks.

Important info about the fight:

  • Buffs wear off when you enter the BCNM.
  • Vassago uses a powerful attack called "Blighted Gloom." You will know this is coming when the demon says, "Mirror of Blighted Gloom... I command thee." After he says this, you have about 10 seconds before the attack goes off.
  • To negate the Blighted Gloom attack, have your NPC tank by setting its fighting style to Stalwart Shield. Your NPC will counter with "Blessed Radiance" and will not take any damage.
  • If you have hate when Vassago begins to use blighted gloom, either stand behind your NPC or run out of attack range.
  • You are ejected from the battlefield if you or your NPC dies.
  • Your opponent has about 3500 HP

Kill the demon and head back to Upper Jeuno and talk to Luto Mewrilah. Click on the door in Neptune's Spire to complete the quest.

The bonds between you and your adventuring fellow strengthen!

Quest Series

Obtaining Signal Pearl

Fellowship Bond

Level Cap


Final Fantasy XI

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not that easy a fight
# Feb 07 2010 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent
People keep saying this is an easy fight, I'm not finding it so. 7/0 on this guy, and still can't get him. I'm going in with THF/NIN, with lvl capped gear and crab sushi. My npc is only lvl 41, soothing healer. My problem is that he burns through large cures when I'm not in the orange yet, and thus runs out of MP very quickly, so he can't cure himself when he gets hate after Blighted Gloom. And I can't find a way of keeping him alive. I can take most of the hate, espically when I can get bloody bolts to land, but by the time Vassago lands Blighted Gloom, my NPC doesn't have the mp to heal himself anymore. I'm going to try and level him up some more, but that'll take a long time since I don't have any other jobs close to 40, nor do I have any ls members wanting to level their NPCs, but I keep reading about people going in with lvl 40-41 NPCs and winning, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. ><
not that easy a fight
# May 01 2010 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
first off. do you have any other jobs you can use? if not then try to level your NPC a little bit more. it's really not that bad especially once you have access to tactics pearl. just run around killing everything you see in a zone with higher level mobs. i usually do crawlers nest beetles/scorps. they are EP to 75 so you get a little exp and level your NPC at the same time. with 5 charges you should easily get to 43 so give that a shot and if that fails then you need a new method for this fight.
# Sep 22 2008 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
My main is normally RNG/, but I like to use my RDM/NIN for these solo type fights. I find RDM more flexible.
I got all my 50 gear together. Outpost warped. Ran all the way to the door and then realized I had forgot to set my NPC as shield. *****Well Soothing Healer... He we go. 1st attempt my NPC was killed. But I noticed that I did not have to get behind her to avoid the Blighted Gloom. I just ran away and came back. She would warn me with, "Here it comes! Get away!" (or something like that). Then I would see, ".. prepares Blighted Gloom". By that time I was across the room.
You can go right back in if you are kicked out. And.. right back in I went. I just kept En-spells, enfeeble spells up and cured my NPC. I think it took about 10-12 minutes to kill it.
No real advice to hand out. This is a straight forward fight. Run like hell when your friend tells you to lol. Above all else... This is a game. Have fun :)
# Sep 22 2008 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
DBL post.. sorry ><

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# Jul 07 2008 at 3:18 PM Rating: Good
3,835 posts
Completed this today as BST/WHM.
I used a Steamed Crab for food, and brought Carries and Zetas (only really needed one zeta), along with 2x Pamama Au Laits and a Yagudo Drink.
For gear I just wore a mix of Crow and Brigandine, used a cheapo mythril pick.

My NPC is level 50, I used him as a Healer and did fine: don't lock on, and stand next to your NPC in the fight: you have plenty of time to get behind him before Blighted Gloom goes off. When you see Vassago appear to use a two-hour, watch the chat log (he'll announce himself, lol) and get behind the NPC. No sweat.

If you come with a mage job, I recommend bringing a yagudo drink: I never ran out of MP, but my NPC took a bit of a beating and needed a few Cure IIIs. I got into the yellow once but no lower.

I used one of the au laits, but really could have gotten by without it: I was just saving my MP for the NPC.

It's not a hard fight, just stay focused. ;)
Taru career Beastmaster, Bismarck server

Facekey, local gilseller wrote:

fun fight
# Jun 21 2008 at 2:49 PM Rating: Good
I just did this today as a Mnk/War in ver basic gear (AF weapon, O.kotes, Sandorian ring, and soil Kyahan ) I used 4 hi potions in all, and the tactic of running from blighted gloom worked perfectly. It was a pretty close fight , which I put down to me using fairly poor gear, but it was fun ^^
not too bad
# Jun 20 2008 at 5:48 AM Rating: Good
19 posts
i went into this with my lvl 40 bcnm gear i did take an ANT jug with me took some melon juices went in called beast figrued i was leaving after figth i would use 2hr waited about 2 and a half mins (didnt need to) went in sic pet started to attack kept eye on npc (healer) half way i used a pet food zeta but the fight really wasnt hard i did it in 6min 31sec but i did wait 2mins 30sec b4 attacking mob and did it on first shot
NIN/WAR fight
# Jun 02 2008 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
I just did this with Nin/war, my NPC was set to healer and was lvl 50 at the time of fight. The fight is like fighting an EP or maybe DC- I think I only cast 3 utsusemi:ni's the whole fight and he hits really slow. I just ran away each time he said he was preparing the blighted gloom and NPC took care of it. He got my NPC down to maybe 60% though probably it would be hard to keep him alive if the level of NPC was in the 40's, hope this helps.

Too easy
# May 27 2008 at 9:34 AM Rating: Excellent
151 posts
I ran this last night, and I expected more. I did two attempts, but only cause first I got jipped on.

My job was DRG/BLU, and fellow on healer. I went in, popped a yag drink and a I.wing. Opened up with a Penta and both jumps, that when he started his gloom attack, so I Super Jumped and it hit my fellow. However, he lands two crit shots back to back on my fellow and drops her hp below 10% and kills her with 1 last hit.

I turned right around and went back in, this time no buffs, so I just said heck with it and went head to head. Was going great, no problems, but when ever B. Gloom went off, I tried the behind the NPC trick, but he hit my pet instead. It was ok, my timer was 0. His hp was under 25%, Hit him with 1 more jump, recalled my wyvern, 2 houred, both jumps, and a penta and he dropped. Broke my servers record by 40 seconds.

Bottom line: DRG/BLU owns this punk.
# Jan 15 2008 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
Believe me or not .. I had tried 6 straight runs before finally got this done. wOOT! I was a lv 50 BLU/WHM.

The first few runs:
I had issue in keeping hate. Vassage just attacked my npc and I had to cure 3 her and ended up with no mp left. Vassage killed my npc and I got kicked a few times. I was almost give up. In my 5th run, I even took out my Soultrapper 2000 to capture Vassage. LOL! (the soul plate I got from him: Subjob Dark Knight. FP8. Not bad! =P)

In my finally run
I didn't have any food left. I just simply protect + shell myself and npc. Learning from previous mistakes, I realized I should get more hate right in the beginning. So, my npc could get less hit and focus in healing me ... which in turn would save my mp curing my npc.

I ran straight to Vassage and used Bludegon, Terror Touch (hoping to lower its attack power), sound blast (able to lower its intelligence). This worked really well! Vassage focused hitting me and my npc did her curing job. My Blue magics attacks fed tp to Vassage fast and it used Blighted Gloom much faster than previous runs.

Most important, I ran far away when I saw Vassage was ready using Blighted Gloom. Npc counter attacked with her move. And moved back and attack Vassage to get back my hate. Again, Vassage repeated using Blighted Gloom for 2 more times and npc countered attack him.

At the very end, my own MP and npc's HP run low. Since I didn't carry any potion or exlir with me. I used Divine Seal + Cure3 on my npc. I got hate. And I used 2 hr + Bludegon on it.

Damn. FINALLY KILLED HIM!! I am happy that I didn't give up after my 5th run. I was really considering warp back to Whitegate and come back as DRK/WHM instead.

- Running away is better than staying behind your NPC during Blighted Gloom. I tried stay behind NPC and the move still hurt me about 375HP. Also, running away from the move can make sure your NPC will counterattack with her move.

- Tried to be aggresive and attack hard right in the beginning. It is important to get hate on yourself instead on your npc. Your npc will cure you. And you can save your MP for later emergency.

- If you know you have no way to win, just let it kill your npc. Battle will kick you out. So, you can regroup.

- I think this is still luck base. Sometimes is harder , while other times are easier. So don't give up. Just keep trying and you will finally get it done!

Hope this will help!! GL !!!!

Really easy
# Dec 29 2007 at 7:53 AM Rating: Decent
Just did this as blu/nin with healer npc. only items I used was a unnecessary reraise earring and 1 yag drink. Npc was lvl 47 and unnecessary since I did most if not all the work, probably could've soloed if not for the NM's blighted gloom move. people should know your npc doesn't need to be set to defender mode for it to counter, my healer did just fine, also if you (like I did) stand right behind her to the point your touching your npc, she'll only partially block the dmg (I took around 30%dmg instead of the usual 90%) so back up if you want you life easier.

Even broke the speed record heh heh blue mage forever!


Smudge, Midgardsomr server

Edited, Dec 29th 2007 10:54am by solarsonic
Pretty easy.
# Nov 11 2007 at 11:21 AM Rating: Good
654 posts
I went to check the difficulty level of this BCNM without gear really, as I don't keep capped-level gear. All I had on was an under-levelled NPC (45) in Shield mode, Mithra RSE gear, a couple of astrals, a level 40 axe (Barbaroi), a Warp Cudgel, and a couple of pineapple juices. I was an otherwise naked BST50/WHM25. Most of Sylph's population know me for running around almost naked so I'm not ashamed much anymore.

I fully expected to use the Warp Cudgel when my pet would start to hurt.

Still won. Finished with full HP, my NPC at about half and my beast pet at 10% but with Call Beast ready. I rewarded CourierCarrie once during the fight and spammed Regen / Cure II / Cure III on my NPC. I Blinked before the fight and cowered behind my NPC during Blighted Gloom.

I could not imagine any job having trouble with this BCNM.
Pshh.. easy as pie...
# Sep 16 2007 at 6:50 AM Rating: Default
Hey all. Finally got around to doing this Quest with my NPC. I went as RDM/NIN and took my NPC as stalwart shield. Equiped lvl 50 Armor, went in, Buffed and just owned this. Popped 1 Pineapple juice for good measure. When Mob started Blighted Gloom I just got behind my NPC and it basically nullified it. Finished in a little over 5 min.. Good luck all..
Victory over Vassago
# Aug 08 2007 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
3,959 posts
Beat Vassago three hours or so ago.

Galka DRG50/WHM25 Setup:
Mythril Lance -     Nothing    -     Nothing     -    Happy Egg 
 Walkure Mask - Spike Necklace - Bone Earring +1 - Beetle Earring +1 
  Brigandine  - Battle Gloves  -   Venerer Ring  -   Courage Ring 
Jaguar Mantle -    Swordbelt   -  Magic Cuisses  -  Bastokan Greaves 

So I visibly don't have the best gear.

NPC Setup:

Soothing Healer, level 49
Weapon: Tabar (shows up as Darksteel Axe)
Shield: Targe

I used Steamed Crab for food (cost me 500G, because my LS leader needed the meat and some Bay Leaves, and ended up HQing) and used Pear au Lait to keep my HP up.

First fight was a dry-run that actually might have gone alright if I'd known how to deal with Blighted Gloom. As it so happened my Wyvern died once and came close a second time - then my NPC died.

Second fight was serious. Went in, Protect/Shell/make sure food's there/Blink/rest to full. Considered Aquaveil, but decided that this was just overkill.
Opened with a good Jump and was suddenly very glad I'd put Blink up: Vassago opened with Bio II and achieved no more than stripping one of my shadows with it. I'd recommend some kind of Blink or Utsusemi going up before you go in.

Throughout the whole fight, I don't think I went into orange more than once. Vassago got three Blighted Glooms off - my Wyvern got caught in the second one and I had to Spirit Link, but the other two got soaked up by NPC - who, to her credit, didn't pull as much hate as she did in the first fight.

Penta Thrust took 386 HP off of Vassago - the highest I was being hit for on his normal attacks was just under 120.

Fight ended when I got a second Penta off for 41 damage (XD)

-Blink's GREAT to have up at the start
-Wyverns can intimidate Vassago, and be intimidated in return. During the first run both of them intimidated each other within the space of a second (XD)
-It's possible to get skillups for 150+ ranked weapons on Vassago (XD)
-You really don't need to prepare that hard at all, though preparation is still good. I had twelve Pear au Laits when I went in, for fear of having to do many runs, and came out with eleven.
-Wyverns have an annoying tendency to get in the way of Blighted Gloom...

Edited, Aug 8th 2007 1:42pm by Lucinus
# Jul 19 2007 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
95 posts
I went in as Nin/Whm and just stood behind my NPC which was the Healer type. I kept Utsemi up and enfeebled him with Ninjitsu. I brought Snoll Geleto, Pro Ether and 4 Yag drinks. For equip I wore MP earrings and ether and astral rings along with fortune egg. I had to use all my items since my NPC sucks and never heals me. But I ended up beating him in 7 minutes, 4 minutes shy of the record on Siren Server. Glad to get that out of the way, now maybe I can get the first limit quest for her. Good luck to you all!

Edited, Jul 19th 2007 1:04pm by babbott
OMG, if you can't win this first time
# Jul 08 2007 at 1:43 AM Rating: Decent
there is something wrong

this fight is so easy

went as 50nin/war with NPC54 so that would be capped to 50, I used soothing healer with a polearm lmao, but it works great, cuzz NPC is A+ in all weapons regardless of job.

Debuffed mob at start of fight (usual nin debuffs slow, paralize and blind) and the only thing that hit me were the blessed radiance attacks and my NPC cured me when they hit.

if you fail you must be doing something wrong.

good luck guys and girls :)
Smn Info
# Jun 19 2007 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
This quest was not easy, but not too difficult either.

I have not seen any posts from summoners attempting this quest, so thought would add mine. I followed most of the suggestions above, leveled NPC to 49, set him to shield. Equipped level 50 austere gear and any other MP+ gear I could get my hands on.

Once there, I went in and used Titan / Stoneskin and a marron glace and rested full. I started the battle with Ramuh attacking with chaotic strike and stayed behind my NPC at all times. I soon saw that we were not doing enough damage quick enough so used astral flow / rolling thunder, much better. Used vile elixir +1 to regain mp and cast cure II and III on NPC as needed. Used rolling thunder a second time before astral flow wore off and used hi ether + 3 to regain mp. Then just sat back and watched my NPC and Ramuh beat it down, healing my NPC as needed and used another hi ether. We finished in a little over 9 minutes and I had 79 mp left. Fun Fight.....
2nd time lucky
# May 10 2007 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
i filed the fist one but 2nd timme the npc did the fighting and i broken the record

ether is needed if you plan on doing this with whm
You can also do this as a monk---
# May 06 2007 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
Did this with PureRage the Galka monk [59], NPC Yoli [Mithra]50; did it the first time with relative ease.

Since it's a 50 cap fight, it seemed *obvious* that I should wait until my NPC was also 50.
[For those that didn't catch onto that blinding flash of the intuitively obvious... if it's capped, it means it's a struggle at the capped level... which means anything less than capped is a recipe for disaster.
Hope that helps.]

The 1st time blighted gloom was being cast I ran as advised above; zero damage.
2nd time though, I was in the midst of 2 hr so I took it full force. Gulped a couple of hi-potions and Yoli [healer mode] cast Cure IV on me so no big deal.
The 3d time, in the real world, I had a real world distraction, so by the time I was looking back at the screen it was too late and took that Blighted Gloom full on, again... gulped a couple more hi potions, and got another Cure IV from Yoli.
The 4th time it was cast as he was going down; I knew it, so I stayed, confident I could finish him off before he did any *real* damage, and yep, took it full on, again. Used my last hi potion, got another Cure IV from Yoli, and finished him off.

Oh - Monk/Blu, BTW. Why?
First, Auto-regen helps immensely;
Second, the bonuses to strength, vitality, and dex, helped overall;
Third, the occassional head butt / stun when waiting on the Cure IV, or before gulping a high potion, bought that extra time for peace of mind and action completion.

About my main character:

WAR 32 WHM 32 RDM 31 PLD 36 BST 21 RNG 25 NIN 37 SMN 23 COR 1
MNK 59 BLM 32 THF 25 DRK 36 BRD 25 SAM 25 DRG 26 BLU 40 PUP 1

Max fame: Sandy, Windy, Basty, Tenshodo, Kazham, Rabao, Selbina, Mhaura

AF 1, 2, 3 complete

G3 complete

Promy Dem, Mea, Holla complete.


My primary motivation for adding this was I saw nothing about monks on this thread, and it made me nervous... so for those of you who are wondering, yes, monks can do this, quite readily.

# Apr 22 2007 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
I can't get this quest for some reason. The last quest I finished was Blessed Radiance, and Luto refuses to give me anymore quests. My NPC says that "We'll start looking for Pamoleta when the Mirror is fixed." Please help me out! Thank you ^-^
# Apr 22 2007 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
I belive all that message means is that you dont yet have the appropriate fellowship bond with your npc to allow you to start the quest, your last quest raised the cap of your fellowship bond so just keep talking to him at a redezvous point once a real life day (or after japanese midnight) and summon him/her with you signal-pearl once a day and you should get the go ahead in no time.

hope this helps ^^

p.s there is a great compilation of adventuring fellow information here


Edited, Apr 22nd 2007 6:34pm by Kuraikazetitan
Great Quest
# Apr 21 2007 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Did this last night as 50 PLD/WAR my npc is level 47 and was set to Fierce Attacker style using H2H, my equipment was pretty good (well pretty good IMO, still need my 50 gear for rank 5.1)

T.M Espadon
T.K sheild
I.M head, body and legs
Rush Gloves
2x Verve rings
2x Drone earrings
Life belt
Earth Mantle
Happy Egg (ftw!)

First off I forgot to bring food (>.<) but I did bring along 3 Hi-Ethers.
I went in used Protect III and Shell II and rested up (needless to say i didnt break any time records).

I tanked the mob for most of the fight i used flash for hate and sentinal (for the damage negation aswell) not using Provoke allowed me to keep a fairly lose hold on the hate which meant my npc would genrally take the hate when I ran (; . ;) from Blighted Gloom then I would take the hate back by flashing Vassago or curing my npc (if needed).

Vassago used Blighted Gloom 3 times during the fight I caught the first one because I was too slow but the tactic worked great for the other 2.

Over the course of the battle I ended up using all 3 Hi-Ethers and I got enough tp use seraph blade three times, the last one killed it, the only time I used Provoke was right near the end after my npc used raging fists and my mp was running low. I ended the fight with just over half hp and very low mp so I'm glad I took the Hi-Ethers, my npc ended with about 3/4 hp.

I know I wasnt very specific with numbers and what-not but hope this helps someone in some way, I really enjoyed this fight it was just right, not too hard but not a cakewalk by any means (IMO).

P.S I really enjoyed the npc storyline and hope there is more to come (in an aht urghan update maybe, afterall the mirror came from the east, plus we know the tenshodo are seeking the mirror) is there anywhere people go to dicuss the different storylines in FFXI?
too WEAK
# Mar 28 2007 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
Went in as RDM/NIN, Fhig lvl50, set as Stalwart Shield. Had my Glamour Jupon n Magna gear on, as well as whatever other crap I could cobble together...

Prot III/Shell II/Haste on me n Fhig, Stoneskin, phalanx, Utsu:ICHI, enfire on me, Silence, Para, Slow, Gravity, BioII and PoisonII on mob. most lasted about 50% of fight. I DO have capped skillz from 75RDM +4 merits in enfeebling... so, that may have helped some, dunno.

Never got touched by any of the special attacks, never got touched even standing next to it when he fired his second Blighted Gloom, had to cure III Fhig once, kept her hasted, kept myself hasted til the end where I got lazy, kept him silenced, let the other stuff drop, took 8 minutes. He died like a <bio>tch. nuff sed.

Got the treasure chest on the way in, lucky me, chest sittin at spawn on the entrance approach, second shadow dropped key, another 9K for me... heheheh

Good luck y'all. Patience and calmness will beat this one easily.
Mirror images
# Feb 04 2007 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
Hi all :o) Well i admit i was a bit nervous going into this battle after reading some posts. My NPC is level 50 & I set style to fierce attacker. I went as rdm/nin. got inside Buffed up..stoneskin,phalanx,haste,enfire,utsusemi,protect III,shell II,. ok then ran in cast paralyze,silence on bad guy then stood behind my npc but still close enough to hit. demon uses blighted gloom 3 times 2 connect & i take fairly heavy damage ? in heat of battle not sure if shadows were down but made sure they were up after i saw hp drop lol. healed npc three times with 2 cure III & i cure II watching the log when silence wore off would re-cast & kep paralyze up also. i did use a Rice dumpling b4 battle fyi but no drinks or potions & after 9min 8 seconds i won npc was about 1/8 hp & i was at about 60%hp & almost no mp but hey i won. Good luck all you can do it if i can lol /bow
Nice fight
# Jan 26 2007 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
I went as RDM/WHM with level 50 gear, and my NPC at level 50 "Fierce attacker" (using level 6 axe (Tabar) and shield (Targe)). I went in as Lightningday changed to Lightsday (I've heard it helps a LOT to go in on Lightsday). I started by using Protect III and Shell II on both of us, resting to full mp, Stoneskin & Blink, resting, Phalanx, Ice Spikes, Enwater (Enfire would have been better), Haste on both of us, resting (again!). Then I used Silence, Slow and meleed. He became paralyzed on my spikes, but I was doing less damage than my NPC. He used Blighted Gloom 3 times and hit me each time (couldn't seem to disengage quickly enough). When Refresh ran out, and my mp got below 100, I disengaged and let my NPC take the hate before retreating to the entrance, where I recast refresh and rested. He got off an Aspir and a couple of Drain-?? spells during the fight, but I only needed to use Cure III once on my NPC before she finished him off.
At 12 minutes 37 Seconds, it wasn't gonna break any records, but hey, I did it!
# Dec 19 2006 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
Pretty easy for a BST/nin, npc lv47 soothing healer, clear time 5:48 and thats with a 1 minute wait for call beat timer to cool down some
# Nov 26 2006 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
Just did this today as a RDM/BLM. Jesimae was a level 46 set to Stalwart Shield. Pretty scary battle...I had to convert at about 50%...I made sure to keep silence on him which did help out. He got me on the first blighted gloom...missed on the others or didnt do much damage through stoneskin. Clear time of 11 minutes...I only had 20some mp and Jesimae around 10%hp but we won. Would have been a bit easier if I could have actually hit the mob...
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