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Start Area: Upper Jeuno
Start NPC:Luto Mewrilah (G - 8)
Type:Fellowship Quest
Related Areas:Qu'Bia Arena
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward:Max Fellowship Bond 120; Adventuring Fellow gains skill "Blessed Radiance"
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Save Palometa from her mysterious captors!


Talk to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno to begin this quest. She will send you to a level 50-capped BCNM fight against in Qu'Bia Arena in Fei'Yin. Only you and your NPC are allowed in the BCNM.

You must defeat Vassago, a demon dark knight with a scythe. He uses dark knight attacks and spells such as drain, aspir and absorb spells, and he also uses typical demon TP attacks.

Important info about the fight:

  • Buffs wear off when you enter the BCNM.
  • Vassago uses a powerful attack called "Blighted Gloom." You will know this is coming when the demon says, "Mirror of Blighted Gloom... I command thee." After he says this, you have about 10 seconds before the attack goes off.
  • To negate the Blighted Gloom attack, have your NPC tank by setting its fighting style to Stalwart Shield. Your NPC will counter with "Blessed Radiance" and will not take any damage.
  • If you have hate when Vassago begins to use blighted gloom, either stand behind your NPC or run out of attack range.
  • You are ejected from the battlefield if you or your NPC dies.
  • Your opponent has about 3500 HP

Kill the demon and head back to Upper Jeuno and talk to Luto Mewrilah. Click on the door in Neptune's Spire to complete the quest.

The bonds between you and your adventuring fellow strengthen!

Quest Series

Obtaining Signal Pearl

Fellowship Bond

Level Cap


Final Fantasy XI

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# Nov 26 2006 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
Just did this today as a RDM/BLM. Jesimae was a level 46 set to Stalwart Shield. Pretty scary battle...I had to convert at about 50%...I made sure to keep silence on him which did help out. He got me on the first blighted gloom...missed on the others or didnt do much damage through stoneskin. Clear time of 11 minutes...I only had 20some mp and Jesimae around 10%hp but we won. Would have been a bit easier if I could have actually hit the mob...
3blighted bloom
# Nov 10 2006 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
3 Blighted Bloom = 500damageX3.... --> KO
NPC used cureIV once but.. no use

Not ready at all...
# Nov 09 2006 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Right, first off, I went in to Fei'yin to finally do this quest. Enter the fight with my 70brd.. This is were I should've looked for information 'cause as soon as I saw my HP and MP go down.. I was like "Oh sh*t" and quickly realised this was a lvl50 gap BCNM. So, I had no armor (AF is superior to 50 so yea) however, I had my mp rings, and some other stuff I forgot to put in mog after switching job from mnk. I did the best I could of the situation, sang MinneIII and Ballad. Oh, the only weapon available to me was my warp cudgel, fun *rolls eyes*. Anyways, I healed my npc but I quickly ran out of mp. My npc died and was ejected from battlefield. Well, next time, I'm using Mnk/nin and opening a can of pain on Vassago. I'll just set my npc to soothing healer for haste and cureIV if needed.
Something new
# Oct 25 2006 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished beating Vassago with my sam/nin. Just wear your emp pin for the evasion, then go all out on attack/strength. NPC was soothing healer.
I go in, meditate, use chiefkabob, utsusemi, the works. Then wait til meditate to get ready, put on warding circle, and just go nuts. Got blighted gloom once, and that was around when he had about 10% health left. An easy fight as a sam.

Something new
# Oct 25 2006 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished beating Vassago with my sam/nin. Just wear your emp pin for the evasion, then go all out on attack/strength. NPC was soothing healer.
I go in, meditate, use chiefkabob, utsusemi, the works. Then wait til meditate to get ready, put on warding circle, and just go nuts. Got blighted gloom once, and that was around when he had about 5% health left. An easy fight as a sam.

New Remora Record
# Oct 25 2006 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
I did this BCNM yesterday as 50WAR/25NIN with NPC set to soothing healer. It was real easy for me... I had the gear than i used when i was Lvl 50, 2 Viking axes, long Boomerang, IM armet, spike necklace, 2 beetle earring + 1, brigandine, RK Mufflers, puissance ring +1, Deft Ring +1, Jaguar Mantle, Life Belt, RS Breeches, IM Sabatons. When the fight began i ate my sole sushi, casted utsusemi, and wait 25 secs aprox, for to recast utsusemi when 2 shadows gone;
I ran toward the Vassago and voked, started the fight, almost all vassagos attacks was evaded for me.. i was hitting 50ish, and a few hits by vassago was in 30ish, my NPC was hitting 40 and 50ish, when i lost my 2nd shadow i casted utsusemi again. The NM casted Bligthed gloom, i didnt see the message in my log window, and i got a 450ish of damage, my NPC casted a cure III, i used twice the spinning axe WS, and my NPC used once a GK WS, when the vassago had 30% of HP i used Migthy Strikes. I killed the Vassago in 5 mins 24 Secs, and NEW RECORD in remora server. When i left the BCNM i checked the log and i saw than Vassago casted twice the Bligthed gloom for a 450+ damage and my NPC casted cure III twice too, lol i the fight i only saw 1 bligthed gloom. i finished the figth with 380/959 HP. im really happy my first record in a BCNM alone..

Edited, Oct 25th 2006 at 2:48pm PDT by Hnxtd
The end for Vassago
# Oct 21 2006 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
I just did this as a 50PLD/35WAR with NPC set to stalwart shield. I found that I did not need to hid behind my npc to avoid blighted gloom, but I was behind the mob. I didn't bring any mp drinks, or mp potions, however I ate a rolanberry pie, and started the fight with all mp gear. As the fight progressed I used my two hi-potions first than threw out a cure III here and there. As I used up my mp, I switched to my IM armor and tank gear. All and all, it was pretty easy. A note to the wise, having your npc at 50 really does help. I tried when she was at 44, and she died to fast.
Tough for me.
# Sep 14 2006 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
I did this last night as Taru RDM/BLM. Very HARD fight for me, I dunno why either. I read about how easy this was supposed to be but I lost several times in a row before finally beating it. (I lost cuz I ran out of mp and NPC died)

NPC was set to stalwart shield. Ran in and let him get hate, the problem was NPC was getting hit for too much damage and ran out of mp too fast, I would draw too much hate from cures. What did seem to happen though is the more times the NPC countered with Blessed Radiance, the weaker Vassago got. By the end his attacks were doing like 20 damage to my NPC instead of the 80-100 it started with.

I used paralyze, silence, and bio 2. Capped enfeebling as lvl 50 RDM. He rarely resisted. Paralyze is very good against this guy, he gets paralyzed ALOT.

Fun battle yea, very challenging for me, the win after 7 losses was reward in itself for me.

Edited, Sep 14th 2006 at 8:01pm EDT by Tugor
Whew, not easy.
# Sep 04 2006 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
1,991 posts
I did this fight just now as LVL 50 PLD/WAR with my NPC set to Fierce Attacker. Finding gear was the first problem as 50 caps mean no AF and crummy WS moves. I got myself a average shield, and generally good gear apart from that, despite forgeting to take my Neckpiece out of MH >.<.

The fight itself is easy enough, though the boss does have all the standard and horrid demon moves. He attacks slow but hits between 45-80 on my PLD. He has Bio 2 which really draws things out a bit as well as the ablity to blind and slow you (both of which are very potent). Furthermore as a DRK type mob he has Tier 1 and Tier 2 nukes, which are frankly quite pathetic. Drain can be rather nasty though.

The fight got off to a shakey start when i forgot to protect and shell myself. I ran in with a full stomach but that was about it >.>. Anyway, pulled it back and luckily i had drinks to help. YOU NEED DRINKS! I ended up using both my Yagudo Drinks and my Pamma, and if i didn't have that second drink im sure i would be dead by now. When he casts his Blighted Gloom simply run back out of his range to avoid being hit. Secondly it may be a good idea to let your NPC take a few hits if she/he is set to Fierce Attacker as it may help you conserve MP. You will more than likely need to use your 2 hour in this fight if it is of use to you, so make sure its up.

Overall i could have made the fight a bit easier for myself but this Boss has some nasty moves, and if he casts slow on you at the start of the fight i can see things going pear shaped. Good luck to you all and enjoy the walk to Fe'yin, i know i did lol.
Easy Fight
# Aug 05 2006 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
295 posts
Wow...I was trying this fight so wrong. I went with my NPC at attacker, and I went NIN/WAR cause was going to do 5-1. I just normally tanked, kept shadows up, and ran away from blighted gloom like the guy under me said. No food, no nothing, I didn't get hit once. Easy.
# Jul 31 2006 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
I have to admit, going into this fight, I was a bit worried. It sounded like a LOT of people had trouble with this, or it took them multiple tries, and many compared it tot he maat fight, only harder in a way, because if your npc dies, it's over...

However, after doing this fight, I have to say it was a COMPLETE joke for anyone who is familiar with soloing with their job. I went in as rdm/nin, which is not my favorite sub to rdm by a long shot, but I felt it was appropriate for a slow atatcking demon with a scythe. I went in with very weak weapons because nothing decent was available on AH at the time. My gear was fairly decent though, considering I was going to tank it like a nin. I wore the following

Elvaan RSE boots and Gloves (44 Extra MP and INT)
Crow Body, head and Pants (great evasion bonuses, only prob is the enmity loss if your npc gets hate)
Garrulous RIng (STR and AGL+3)
Ether RIng
Drone earrings x2 (dodge earrings are WAY overrated)
Spirit Torque
Sword Belt +1
Red Cape +1

I started out by buffing and restign to full (protect, shell, uts, phalanx, stoneskin, enfire). Then, Ran up to Vassago, engaged, and did Para, Blind, slow, Dia II (weak to light), and Poison II (GREAT DoT spell, I REALLY recommend using it on him, stuck great!). PAra was resisted 3x in a row, so I stopped trying to stick it on him. It didnt really matter though... I only had to cast Utsusemei TWICE the ENTIRE FIGHT, and he never made contact with me ONCE! I finished the fight with 100% hp, and about 70% MP, and didnt have to use any food, potions, drinks, etc... The ONLY time things got ugly was when my npc took hate from using BLessed radiance, and vassago hit her HARD. She was set to soothing healer, and i simply ran as far as possible when he used Blighted gloom. He used it 4 times, and my npc only countered once, all the other times it said I was "too far away", so just start running as soon as he readies it. I used ONE cure IV on my npc the entire fight, and that was right before Vassago died.

The key here is, if you are going in as nin, or subbing nin, make sure you bring as much evasion gear as possible, and if you have it, stick as much enfeebling and DoT spells on him as possible, thats really the key to winning. Running away from Blighted gloom is common sense, and has been mentioned many times already. Anyway, if you go in as PLD/NIN, and Dual wield Tactician MAgician's Espadons (dmg 38, attack +12 each), I imagine you can win this fight in 2-3min! lol, as it was, I finished 13 seconds off from the record, attempting to go slow and take my time! lmao! ANyway, TOTAL joke of a fight if you have any clue how to solo. I think I will go back in soon if it will let me try again, and set a crazy record for my server...
# Jul 24 2006 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
so i have to job +50 THF and BST i'm thinking ill use bst but what lvl should my NPC be before i try this quest?
She is lv 42 atm

Edited, Jul 29th 2006 at 12:58am EDT by ICUP
# Jul 20 2006 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
830 posts
I just did this fight first try as RDM/BLM, with Stalwart Shield NPC. I figured with an NPC as Stalwart Shield, her defense would be pretty good against this guy, but I was sort of wrong. His attacks hit her for 100 damage a piece, though he attacks slow. I had to Cure bomb a lot even though she got off two Cure IVs. I tried to enfeeble... Slow and Silence stuck but Paralyze didn't, even though I only tried each about twice during the fight. DoT would probably be a good idea during this fight since it took awhile to take down (my fight was 9 min 41 seconds but the record was ~3 min). I don't know how well I would have tanked as RDM/BLM with casting gear but I don't think it would have been as bad as my NPC, and with her as Fierce Attacker, it would have died faster. Fun fight, take the advice about his Blighted Gloom attack from the other people who posted, he did it about 3 times during the fight and my NPC took 0 damage.
# Jun 19 2006 at 8:14 AM Rating: Decent
320 posts
For the Blighted Gloom ability he uses, just run behind your NPC as you would for a PLD to use "Cover" on you as the quest info says. If I remember correctly, your NPC even says for you to "pull back" or something to that effect when Vassago starts his chanting.

Also, it may or may not be obvious to some, but unless you are planning on tanking, MAKE SURE your NPC is at or close to lv50. I made the mistake of going with my NPC at lv40 (I was RDM/NIN), and she had no chance. Even with me casting CureII on her as fast as I could she would still die out rather quickly, ending the battle.

Edited, Mon Jun 19 08:05:30 2006
# Jan 14 2008 at 5:45 PM Rating: Decent
my npc didn't say anything. Just heard Vassage said 'Darkness etneral!'. Got hit by 450 and with 38 hp left. He poisoned me and I was dead. =*O
Not hard at all
# Jun 14 2006 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
Did this quest about a month ago and wasnt difficult at all, went as a bst and CC did most of the tanking. NPC was a FA and Vass went down like a puss. I would reckomend however, taking about 5hi pots just to be safe.

Mirror Images
# Jun 14 2006 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
This quest is simple as pie.

The walkthrough.

This worked perfectly for me, but whether I just fluked, or was just plain lucky with it, I will leave for you to decide. I was DRK/WHM just so you know.
I HIGHLY recommend you sub WHM or RDM, so you can heal your NPC should things get sticky, though if you follow this then they shouldn't.

Have your NPC set to Soothing Healer or just Healer if you don't have the "advanced" job for Healing.

Enter the BCNM. Eat whatever food you choose (I used Sis Kebabi, Attack + STR), and head into the battle, Make sure to take "Lock on" off, so you are able to turn and run away fast, you will see why). You're NPC and you will pound away at Vassago, and eventually, you will hear him talk. I forget what he says, but I believe it said in the chat log something about "Blighted Gloom".

As soon as you see this, (I think the effect to show he is casting it is a dark Orb shape) you MUST, I repeat MUST!!!!, run as far asway as you can from Vassago. He will be forced to use Blighted Gloom onto your NPC, who will take very little --if any-- damage, and counter for like 200+ with Blessed Radiance.

Keep pounding away at him and healing your NPC and you when neccessary. Remember to run as far as you can when he uses Blighted Gloom, he should be dead soon enough.

Reward: Some Cutscenes involving NPC, and NPC Relationship strengthens... Yep- I was pissed to... (Not really, the fight was fun ^^
A bit more info
# Jun 14 2006 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
125 posts
First of all, OF COURSE the Opo-Opo/sleep pot and RR hairpin methods don't work. This is a capped fight, meaning all buffs and tp will be removed once you actually enter the BC. Second, I would not recommend setting your NPC to Shield/Stalwart Shield unless you have some means of cure-bombing them or keeping hate off them despite vokes and 242 damage Blessed Radiances following the Blighted Gloom. If you really want to avoid Blighted Gloom but don't want to set your NPC to Shield/Stalwart Shield just run away the moment Vassago starts using it.

My only job 50+ when doing this quest was THF. I tried it as THF/NIN twice but failed both times because I was unable to keep hate and therefore unable to keep my NPC alive. My friend suggested THF/WHM as a means to remedy both of those problems, and it worked quite well. For meds, I bought 1 Persikos Au Lait, 2 Yagudo Drinks, and 5 X-Potions, and I used them all. The fight ended up taking about 9 minutes or so, because I had to use a DS-Cure3 early in the fight, and by the time I exited the arena, I had just over a minute left on the DS timer. There are no powerful dagger WS available for this fight, so I used TP for Energy Drain, which was probably the best use of it. I had to use Perfect Dodge very late in the fight because I was low on hp and needed time to regain some mp. If I had brought another X-Potion or 2, that probably wouldn't have been necessary. I believe the only spell I cast all battle was Cure3. This was a very exciting and enjoyable quest, unlike the NPC G1 (I HATE DEIDERIK!).
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