PM 7-2 - Flames in the Darkness  

Start Area: Misareaux Coast
Related Areas:Ru'Lude Gardens
Sealion's Den
Upper Jeuno
Mission:7 - 2
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 7-1: Chains and Bonds
Next Mission: PM 7-3 Fire in the Eyes of Men
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Mission Orders

Tenzen is nowhere to be found. You must locate him before returning to Jeuno to meet with Esha'ntarl.


This mission consists of only cutscenes.

In Misareaux Coast, head to the Dilapidated Gate at location (F-7).

Head back to Sealion's Den and talk to Sueleen at the gate.

Approach the palace in Ru'Lude Gardens for the next cutscene.

Finally, head to Upper Jeuno and click on the door to the Marble Bridge tavern at (F-7).

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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