PM 6-4 One to be Feared  

Start Area: Sealion's Den
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Mammet-22 Zeta
Mission:6 - 4
Min Level:60
Max Level:60
(From 1 rating)
Items Required:CCB Polymer Pump
Items Granted:Ducal Guard's Ring
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 6-3 More Questions Than Answers
Next Mission: PM 7-1: Chains and Bonds
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Mission Orders

The fifth verse of "Memoria de la S^tona" has been discovered. Now, with the help of Cid, you must fly beyond the sea of clouds and face Bahamut for what may be the final time...


Congratulations! You've made it to the infamous airship battle! Be prepared to bust out every bit of skill you have in this game because it's one rough (and time consuming) ride.

This battle consists of three separate fights and you are given a total of 45 minutes to kill all of your enemies. While you may think this sounds like a lot of time, once you're in there time flies like you wouldn't believe.

Recommended medicines:

Yellow liquids (for mammets) CCB Polymer Pumps Vile Elixir Vile Elixir +1 Hi-Potions Hi-Ethers Yagudo Drinks Reraise items

Due to the time constraint, have everyone zone in and watch the cutscene, then exit back out again. This way you can jump right into the battle and save yourself a few precious minutes. If someone leaves the zone, they must view the cutscene again. Make sure your party members know that you are in a time crunch and that they should just jam through the cutscenes in the middle and view them later.

Once everyone is in, turn around and check the airship door and choose the option to continue the battle. You will first face 5 Mammet-22 Zeta, who cannot be slept. Try as much as you can to kill these guys without using any two hours or medicines and most importantly, without dying. If someone dies you should consider just starting the fight over from the beginning. Make sure to use those yellow liquids to lock them into Dragoon mode. These mobs have a lot of AoE attacks so it's best to keep them spread out. Once you have killed all five, you will be taken to an empty airship fully rested and healed. (thank goodness!!) Check the door to view the next cutscene. Jam through it to save on time.

After the cutscene, you will be on the airship with Omega. Omega has many directional AoE attacks, so make sure that he is facing away from your mages. Your white mage will have to be ready with Paralyna and Stona. The CCB Polymer Pump will stop up his gears and make him a little easier to take on, but they only last for a bit, which is why everyone in your party should have one.

It's important to note that you cannot cast for several seconds after using a pump, so do NOT assign your white mage to use a pump as it can mean the death of your tank. It's not recommended to have a NIN tank use it either because the pump takes a while to use. You can have red or black mages or other melee use them and then trade the ones from tanks and healers for the next fight.

After you defeat Omega, you will be taken to another empty ship fully rested and healed. Check the door to view the next cutscene and you will be transported to the airship with Ultima.

Ultima has multiple AoE attacks that Paralyze, Slow, Petrify, and in general just whoop your ass. Hopefully you still have 3-4 CCB Polymer Pumps left for this bad boy because he can get seriously nasty. Make sure EVERYONE has Reraise on and knows that if you decide to wipe, do so where you came in so that you can rest up and have a go at him again.

Maybe it was my imagination, but Lightning weather seemed to make the fight easier.

Once you defeat Ultima, you will find yourself in Lufaise Meadows. Feel free to rifle through the pockets of those pesky Tarutarus and score yourself a Ducal Guard's Ring! They probably stole it from Wolfgang anyway, so don't feel bad.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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/sigh no one reads these #$%$king subjects>.>
# May 06 2009 at 1:12 AM Rating: Decent
173 posts
Mhmm just did it today with WHM/SMN, SAM/NIN, NIN/WAR, RDM/WHM, BLU/NIN, and RNG/NIN. Only used 2 pumps at the end on Ultima. Broke the record for 21mins 23 seconds.
BLM or COR for CoP 6-4
# Jul 13 2008 at 6:08 PM Rating: Good
48 posts
I am doing this tomorrow and currently the job set up I have is RDM WHM PLD DRK RNG then me. I can be BLM or COR. I have contemplated and still have not made up my mind lol. COR I get that extra slow with earth shot which helps the PLD and mages gain more mp refresh and DD gains more damage while I will prolly be on COR/RNG on meat to do more dmg. I think I might come short of BLM's dmg tho which is where BLM comes in as during the last 25% of each weapon BLM sharp burst of dmg would come in handy. Additional Stun I think is also handy but not sure how important is stun in this fight as we already have 1 DRK. So what should I do? Suggestions?
# Jul 11 2008 at 8:49 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Finally got past this fight after 8 months and 20+ attempts. Final setup was:

DRG/NIN (me)

Mammets were easy enough, NIN super-tanked them with the Bat earrings/Blind Potion combo while I pulled them off one at a time with Jump. Omega was tough as ever, but we made sure to not use too many CCB Pumps. Used one at 30% then another at 10%. Pile Pitch started going off since the last CCB wore off at around 3% and the WHM died before we could finish it off. Waited for the WHM to recover then went after Ultima. WAY easier than Omega. Started using CCBs at 40% and every 10% after that. I Spirit Surge-Jumped at 30% to knock off Ultima's DEF and the MNK used HF. WHM cure-bombed the MNK as best as possible, but couldn't keep him from dying at around 5%. Luckily the BLM started casting Burst at around 10% and it went off right as the MNK died, finishing off Ultima. Final clear time was 33 minutes. Glad to finally get past this fight and will hopefully have my Rajas soon enough ^^

Edited, Jul 11th 2008 12:50pm by Dominico
Fun fight!
# Jul 10 2008 at 12:38 PM Rating: Decent
186 posts
BRD/WHM (me)


Double mambo the melees and then the NIN face aggros the mammets and pulls toward the front of the ship while THF pulls them off. The melees fight near the door but to one side of the ship while the mages stood near the door but on the opposite side. Double ballads on the WHM and SMN, who was doing blood pacts to help quickly kill the mammets. We had no deaths, didn't use any 2hrs nor medicines.


Full rest, and double march on the melee group, who fought near the door but closer to to one side of the ship, and the mages stood near the door and the opposite side of the ship. Elegy and finale helped a lot, as did the WHM's *-na spells. The SMN also helped with healing and *-na spells. We only used 2 pumps (50% and 25%) since we managed to deal lots of damage during the 1-minute duration of each pump. The DRK stunning guided missiles helped. Elegy landed easily, as did slow and paralyze from WHM (I used threnodies so that may have helped). Omega gave us no problems whatsoever with our pumps in effect (basically just physical attacks which the NIN easily blinked). I also used threnodies when the SMN used Ramuh and Shiva's pacts.


The fight starts off easily. At about 75%, the DRK was instructed to ready stun as soon as he saw nuclear waste, since Ultima likes to follow up with a cone move that exploits the weakness caused by nuclear waste. This allowed us to hold off using our pumps until about 50%. With the pumps used, and elegy and slow effect on, it seemed like Ultima had all but shut down. A WHM is key here because Ultima also has its own move that will do both elegy and slow (chemical bomb). We decided to take it the easy route and use all our remaining pumps. Everyone except our NIN and WHM used their 2hr toward the end. We had about 8 minutes left when the battle was over.
My good 2 cents on beating this.
# Jun 18 2008 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
I went 1/2 on this fight. We failed the first one b/c the BLM was a gimpy n00b who was afraid to 2 hour with Ultima left @12% HP, and he got himself killed 3 times, so he contributed hardly anything to the fight. It was an epic failure at the end. So, here's how to beat it.

Mammet fight:

Very easy imo. Have the Ninja get 2 bat earrings from the Auction House and a stack of blind potions. All the items are fairly cheap. When Mammet fight starts, have the BRD and mages do w/e buffs are necessary on the Ninja, Ninja uses blind potion with bat earrings and runs into the mammets for VISUAL aggro. Do not have the Ninja attack or voke the mammets. Ninja should go into a corner away from everyone to stand still and stay alive, and mages won't get hate from curing the Ninja b/c it's Visual aggro. War can just voke pull one mammet at a time and take one mammet out at a time away from where the NIN is standing still with the BLM and DRK. WHM maybe can help silence the mammetts the DDs are attacking if it's a BLM caster mammet. Beware of transmortifcation, it heals for physical damage taken and lasts around 20 seconds, so BLM can only do damage during that time. Use yellow liquids when Mammets have polearm equipped. This only applies for the Meleers killing the mammets. NIN shouldn't use yellow liquids as that can destroy the visual aggro effect. You can get Yellow liquids from doing dry runs.
Using CCBs (each lasts one minute):

Have the DRK, WAR, and BRD use everyones CCBs. You can have people trade CCBs to each other in-between fights. You don't want the tank or mages trying to use CCBs b/c they have more important things to be doing, and the tank can be paralyzed during the Ultima fight. Here are the percentages for when to use CCBs for the weapons.

~If you have 6 CCBs... (easiest mode)~


@50% >>> @25% >>> @whenever it starts specials again (You are saving 2 hours for Ultima which is why you probably won't kill this fast enough, but 6 CCBs makes it easy.)


@45% >>> @30% >>> @20%

~If you have 5 CCBs...~


@50% >>> @25%


@45% >>> @30% >>> @20%

~If you have 4 CCBs...~


@50% >>> @25%


@45% >>> @30-20%

~3 CCBs or less is super hard to win~


Weapon Fights:

It's recommended the NIN get items to use their Ninjitsu spells. Whatever the Ninja can use to help them tank, they should use it. When weapons aggro in both fights, they will use their special attack, so have everyone stand away from the tank who gets aggro at the beginning of each fight.

I considered harder than Ultima, probably b/c we only had 5 CCBs, so our easy-mode time was somewhat limited with using 2 CCBs only. When Omega gets under 25%, it will spam a hate losing move that can potentially wipe out the whole party. I don't know exactly how, but we managed to kill it with one or two people reraising themselves and killing it since it had a few percent left. Just be aware that you need to start nuking it when it gets in that 20 percent range. We had around 15-20 minutes to go after we were unweakened for the final and next fight.

My first attempt party with a less efficient hate control setup (BLU instead of WAR and BLM not doing too much) got Ultima down to 12 percent in about 9 minutes, proving 15 minutes or around there is PLENTY of time for the final fight if you don't wipe more than once in the fight. My 2nd attempt party did not have any deaths on Ultima, unlike Omega.

doesn't have any AoE moves till 45%. It's best to use the CCB one percent ahead of time just in case. If you make the same setup I suggested, the last 40-30% of Ultima should be taken out very fast with everyone 2 houring, which can make that CCB @20 percent useless, but it's always best to be safe. That's why I said it's possible it can be done with 4 CCBs. Just be cautious about hate issues. If your one of the close-range combatants and have TP, be afraid of getting aggro by Ultima if there's no CCB active. You don't want to have hate issues and over-healing causing more hate for mages, but it's a DDs job to do deal damage, so to hell with it. Just have your shadows up and use those hi-potions, and be aware of the hate is all I'm saying. It's not much of an issue if you can have an extra CCB to use in the 45+% phase, but not having an extra means dealing more with the debuffs on whoever has hate. I hope your WHM is attentive enough to take out the debuffs fast for best results.

More tips

Don't forget that everyone can die on the other side of the boss spawning area and reraise. The regen health rate for both Omega and Ultima weapons are VERY slow.

So me being the DRK/NIN, I can say my job could have easily been replaced with a long range DD, but it doesn't really matter imo; I was good enough with Vassago and haubergeon, the stuff. I managed to steal aggro and I didn't panic. I used hi-potions and always tried to keep my shadows up. DRK, WAR, and NIN, or everyone need Hi-potions and reraise earrings for best success chance and less time wasted. Don't forget to use your earring again if you died. We had 12 Hi-pots for like every melee, and even more produced in-between fights using Hi-potion tanks. I recommend saving the hi-pots for the weapons, not mammets. All close-range combatants must have /NIN. Try to Utsusemi away from the weapons b/c most of their moves are AoE, but that's what the hi-potions are for in some cases. The WAR/NIN really helps if the NIN loses hate. WAR/NIN should only voke weapons if NIN voke fails or NIN is about to die. WAR/NIN was able to tank Ultima with hi-potions and Utsusemi after NIN lost some hate. WHM is vital b/c their job is to stona, silena, paralyna, etc. the tank in Ultima battle, and they should have refresh drinks always and ether for emergencies. It's vital that you have at least 5 CCBs. Maybe it can be done with 4, 5 is guaranteed to work, and 6 is easy mode. Having less than 4 CCBs = close to failure I would think.

My successful attempt clocked around 35 minutes 31 seconds.

Good look trying to win this! You guys can do it if you aren't cheap.

Edited, Jun 18th 2008 6:05pm by Yevonoi
wining setup
# Mar 18 2008 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
dont listen to the noobs you need 2 x nin = pawnage. setup nin nin brd whm blu blm. The brd blu blm all 2 hour at 50% on ultima withen 30 sec you will win.But 2 x nin is needed for no down time when 1 dies the other takes over but everyone should live till last fight dont ever think you have enough time cause you dont with cs and time between boats your time is limited.Did this fight with 4 pumps cause AH was out. Just be calm and tell your whm its all his or her fault if you lose:) I have done this fight 19 times and untill we started to bring 2 x nin it was such a waste of time. HOPE THIS HELPS
# Feb 17 2008 at 1:04 PM Rating: Default
been doing this fight for 6 hours today

pretty much each time getting ultima down to less then 10%

life sucks

and it never gets better
# Feb 07 2008 at 8:24 AM Rating: Decent
I've tried this mission 10 times with every set up imaginable before finally beating it last night and with an unusual set up. We had a NIN, SAM, BRD, SMN, RDM, and me as BLM. We made sure to Silence the Mammets, and DoT Omega and Ultima. Used 3 CCBs, a few two hours on Ultima, and won with 10 minutes to spare. So don't be afraid to try a different set up then what's recomended. Slow and steady was the key, but some of it is just luck as far as the mobs. Good luck to any trying to beat it!

A very big thank you to LegacyoftheAncients for helping with this mission. :)
My nightmare
# Feb 02 2008 at 5:52 AM Rating: Decent
I am now 0/8 on this mission. Every setup I take to this BC, we usually always wipe at Omega @ 50%. Usually when the tank goes down, everyone else follows after, so my best advice would be have one healer work on the tank and the other work on the melee. I will do this fight until I beat it so, good luck to anyone attempting, if you get any good idea's on this fight please send me a tell and help me out.
# Jan 11 2008 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
Won this fight last week with my LS and left us beeing 1/1!

None, really none of us did this fight before we all needed the win. Our set-up was:
Pld/War, Sam/Rng, Rng/Nin, Whm/Smn, Brd/Whm, Rdm/?

First run was supposed! to be dry run. So yeah now to how we did the undoable lol

Mammets: Pld super-tanked. Sam and Rng picked 1 Mammet each and soloed them. Whm focused on curing Pld while the Rdm and me (Brd) assisted the DDs. Ballad x2 on Mages, Minne and Mambo on Pld, Minuet and March on DDs. Mammets went down quickly.

Omega: Rdm and me kept Slow and Elegy up ALL the time and helped curing. The DDs now used ranged attacks ONRY. Only 1 in AoE range was the Pld and me from time to time when I had to resing Minne x2. Minuet and Prelude on the DDs and of course Ballad x2 on the mages. After his HP dropped down to 50% the fight got a bit rougher. He kept spamming AoE moves and the Pld lost hate here and then. At like 5% the Rdm dropped. But it didnt helped Omega much shortly after he killed our Rdm he was dead too. Not a single CCB used since we wanted to safe them for the real run.....

This was the point now when we dicided to win this and use our CCBs since we still had more then 20 mins and 6 CCBs left. The Pld was in the duty to use them to avoid that any1 else had to run into AoE range. We all Bazaared our CCBs for 1 gil since they are Rare.

Ultima: After the Rdm was unweakend and we had all buffs up we went for Ultima. Just like on Omega before Rdm and me kept up Slow and Elegy at all time. Songs as before. The Rdm also now casted all DoTs he got and kept them up as good as possible. Then at about 50% or a bit less the fight got really hectic. Again the Pld kept loosing hate. The Rng almost dropped at 1 point luckily the Pld regained hate before the Rng got killed. All meeles were popping 1 Pot after another. Pld tried to use the CCBs every 60 secs. The mages had to struggle to keep their HP up here. Pld was the first to use 2 hr when his HP dropped to like 20 >.>
At about 10% the DDs pulled off their 2 hrs to finish this beast off.

Needless to say we all were pretty much stunned cuz NO ONE expected us to win this on first try... But a perfect set-up, luck, very good preperation, well discussed strategy and a little bit of skillz made this possible.

Thx to Savage(Whm), Carny(Pld), Kathel(Rng), Amnasor(Rdm) and Varg(Sam) on the Diabolos Server. You guys are awesome. ^.^v

Edited, Jan 11th 2008 3:38pm by ThiefForLife
# Dec 09 2007 at 12:57 AM Rating: Good
12,232 posts
Just finished in 33 minutes.


Whm, Brd, Sam(me), Mnk, Pld, Blu.
Finally.. but a lot of experience now
# Jan 02 2008 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
487 posts
Including dry runs, etc., I think I was at 0/14 or 0/15 until last night, and finally joined a pickup party that included 2 experienced folks that had done this several times before for their HNMLS. Won it finally at 35'10" -- not a record by far, but a win in any case. A couple of random observations from experience of a brd/whm:

a) Party set up. Helps to have somebody that has done it and won to act as the caller for CCBs, 2 hours, etc. Bard helps a lot (/bow). Whm is far better than rdm or smn, and since Omega has a petrify move, almost mandatory. Nin tank better on Mammets and Omega, pld tank better on Ultima; on the whole, take the nin. Need 2 good, heavy duty DDs -- sam, rng, war types good. Our party: nin x 2, war, sam, whm, brd.

b) Spend the gil on wings for the DDs, at least 5 CCB tanks, and key to our victory (notwithstanding my /whm and our whm/smn) were the hp-pot tanks the DDs and tanks (i.e., 4 sets of hi-pot tanks) purchased; hi-ether tank for whm not bad either. During both the Omega and Ultima fights, fighters were popping hi-pots like M&Ms (which they set up before going in, between fights, when weak, etc.), and this took major burden off whm, who was as a result far more effective in paralyna and stona duty.

c) On mammets, there is a choice of three strategies: kiting, supertanking, or multiple melee (i.e. three DD fighting 3 mammets from the start, with the tank occupying only 2 of them). Supertanking works far better with Pld tank, since on every run I was on, the mammets stayed Blm far too long and tended to cast far too many -aga spells for a nin to supertank. Separate melee has too many chances to ***** up, and spreads your whm's attention. But if you have a good kiter, and he/she kites the entire bunch from one side of the ship to the other (port > starboard > port etc.) at the far end, as the dd's pick them off one by one, it helps a lot in terms of keeping the spells down to a minimum. A 3DD/1 mammet ratio makes each fight fairly quick, and more importantly, fairly secure.

d) If you are the bard, rule #1: double ballad on the whm or main heal 100% of the time. Rule 2, mammets: mambo on the kiter at all times. Rule 3, Ultima and Omega: Elegy on mob at all times (Requiem probably won't stick). Generally, I would start the dd's off with the double mambo I gave to the kiter, and then: double ballad the mage, double min on dds (or if they want, min/march), elegy, mambo the kiter, and repeat. If you are the whm, Rule #1 on Omega and Ultima: keep Dia2 on it at all times, and if you are /blm, any other DoTs you can stick.

e) Omega and Ultima will retreat to the far end of the ship on a party wipe, and will sit there without regen. Several consequences: fight mob near entrance, with mages at the end where mob will sit if wipe. It is the job/duty of any mage to get back to the melee area asap without dying if it looks like a wipe -- do NOT die midships, you will aggro when raising and go down again. Mages should ALWAYS got some kind of decent DoT on mob before a wipe, to reduce mob further. Since time is critical, do not be afraid for the caller to call for a full wipe, and if called, don't Richard around and try to stay alive, last man standing and all that.

f) Don't wipe on mammets, if you do (even a single death), think about starting over. That being said, do not use your precious and expensive rr items until you start the Omega fight. Just have the whm use reraise (or if main heal is smn or rdm etc., just that person uses RR item).

g) Timing is such that if you can get to Omega with 35 minutes left, and Ultima with 14-15 minutes left, you are in fine shape (remember that Omega is far tougher than Ultima, although Ultima can kill quickly if CCBs not used). If you wipe on Omega, full heal. Couple of times, we had that happen when Omega sitting somewhere around 5%, and DDs thought they could take it down weakened. Wrong move. In fact, assuming Omega is below 50% when the party wipes, strongly consider using one of the CCBs on Omega as soon as there is a full recovery and rebuff, etc. You can wipe 2x on Omega if you were very efficient on the mammets, but that puts a really serious time constraint on Ultima fight. One other thing: whm probably should have dedicated heal, stona and paralyna macros for tanks and DDs (rather than the stpc route); more accurate and quicker. DDs and tanks should also have Paralyzed! and Stoned! macro with their name, so whm can see easily in the thick of battle.

h) On Ultima, it is actually kind of fun... you get this evil robotic thing to something less than 50% with careful, forceful (etc.) play, then you start dropping the CCBs, the two hours, everything you got... just go totally nuts. If you have 3 wings with you, that's a total of 9 major moves. That's a lot of healing/buffing/crazy-**** damage. Try to work out (if you can) in advance to see if your DDs can make a light skill chain, so your whm and /whm can burst on it.

i) When Ultima drops, do NOT: cry tears of joy, wet your pants, drink more than a bottle of wine... or a number of other possible things you could do. Instead, take it easy, and work your way thru a long, long CS, absorb the story line, understand what is happening (yeah, sure, right: I went the wine route).

Edited, Jan 2nd 2008 5:45pm by CRJR
Zaub of Bastok/Cerberus:
Taru, 17/20@90
Bone 100+3+Sign/Leather 60+1
Alch/Wood/Cook/Cloth/Smith/Goldsmith 60
GS 51/Smith 53/Fishing 29
# Nov 04 2007 at 7:03 AM Rating: Decent
1/2 on this fight first tine lose on %4 with ultima >.> 2nd party we won :D (Omega Cirtical hit me as BLM 415)
# Nov 04 2007 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
1/2 on this fight first tine lose on %4 with ultima >.> 2nd party we won :D (Omega Cirtical hit me as BLM 415)
# Oct 20 2007 at 2:44 AM Rating: Decent
2,626 posts
I been on the airship battle for a long long time, After I had to leave my static at 3paths due to probs in personal life, PM's have been a thorn in my ***.

Anyway, Yesterday I was lucky enough to get an invite to an Airship Group - This is our Sylph setup:

Tank/Leader: MasterJayDub Ninja
Melee1: Warblade Samuri
Melee2: Sandmaster Monk
Healer: Alescover White Mage
Mage1: Aubain Red Mage
Mage2: Nui... Blackmage (Taru)

1st Attempt - wiped at mammets
2nd attempt - wiped at Omega
3rd attempt - wiped at Ultima
4th attempt - Victory

On the final attempt, we killed the Mammets in super quick time, which turned out to be one of our many blessings, Then on Omega, we ended up wiping at about 9%. Everytime our Tank KO'd, it wasnt long b4 we followed. But as we were in good time, we all rr'd (except blm, who was too close to Omega), but Ninja KO'd again @1% then a second later OMega follows him. So before we prepare for final showdown with Ultima, Ninja had to rr agin and wait for Weakness to wear.

WE eventually get up to Ultima with 3 CPP's, a Manafront, Sam2hour, & HF's.

There was 12mins left on the clock, we knew it would be tight, and no time for wipe on this one, but it was 4am in the morning and this was to be our last attempt and probably my last try for months.

The fight went incredibly smoothly to start with, we use the CPP's at relevant times, then at 50% Blm & Sam 2hour'd, I wante to save mine until Focus was up to make every hit count at 25-30%, But Nin KO'd again, and it all starte to go tits up with 5mins left on the clock.

I KO'd mid HF's, and pty wipe Again. Due to Blm 2hour, Ultima was down to about 3-4% now, we all rr'd, I used an ICwing & Howling Fisted it, RDM & BLM casted some DD spells but we wiped again Being double weakend now with Ultima at 1%.

We all rr'd up again and with 3mins left I started charging up a Chi Blast, But the Rdm started casting at 1 1/2 mins left, I thought he a f'd it up for us, But he had Cast Bio & poison. I realeased my Chi, and whm cast banishga on him, we all got off 1 melee round each then KO'd, no1 had rr up, and there was less than 30sec on the clock, with a gutted fealing, but knowing we all gave it our all, we accapted defeat.

But....suddenly, CS - Ultima KO's - The Rdm's Bio & Poison II's had killed him.

So at 44Mins and 58secs we were victorious, In a BCNM fight I will never forget.

# Sep 24 2007 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
WHM RDM RDM NIN SAM BLU, with 40 seconds left on the clock, after 13 straight hours of attempts...<Success>!

We tried with 2 NINs but didn't kill fast enough.

We also tried whm blm rdm instead of whm rdm rdm but rdm proved more useful.

I kited Mammets as RDM while WHM Cure bombed me and NIN voked 1 by 1 as PT killed 'em.

On Omega, just try not to wipe more than once at the most and preferably when hes at low health. I think we used 1 CCB on him. The hate reset move is the biggest pain.

On Ultima, 3-4 CCBs and go ALL OUT near the end...NIN blow urself up RDM cs nuke WHM get ready to bene...our melee had I-wings which was a very good idea.

This feels so good to beat...

UH BLU not 2 sams LOL**

Edited, Sep 24th 2007 10:14pm by Miradj
1/2 -- Fun Fight
# Aug 28 2007 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
313 posts
My static went 1/2 on this fight. We did a dry run the first time to test it out, got omega down to ~20% (was using pile pitch, so somewhere around there). Just RR/food.

PLD/WAR - Agentred
BLU/NIN - Oneiroi
MNK/NIN - Lestate
WAR/NIN - Raikiri
RDM/WHM - Hozu
WHM/BLM - Crimsonclear

1st Run

Our PLD decked himself out in +52 eva (scorp, emp pin, bat earrings, blinding potions, and some other stuff) and we had him supertank the mammetts. He aggroed them all and ran to a corner. I (WHM) was his dedicated healer. Since PLD did nothing but aggro mammets, i could cure bomb. WAR would voke 1 mammet at a time off of him and they would melee it in opposite corner. RDM was enfeeble/healer for melee. Later rinse repeat. Easy prey.


PLD voked from starting point, melee on sides, mages in far back corner. We took to 50% with ease, and the made the mistake of using a CCB pump, then wiping, pretty much wasting it. We RR where PLD was, buff/unweaken, and went at it again. For whatever reasons we had issues with hate this time around, and things didnt go so pretty. Used 2 more CCB pumps around 25% but WHM (me) and RDM got too much hate, both of us wiped and RR'd, but were unable to get RR up again before entire PT wiped. Had to wait for PLD to RR and unweaken to raise me, wasted 10 minutes. Omega was at ~15% on our second wipe. After PT unweak we took him down with ease, even with pile pitch (used no more pumps).


Since we were low on time, we didnt expect to win. Went in and used all available 2 hours (BLU, mighty strikes, chainspell, invinceble) and no CCB pumps. Took omega to 15% and ran out of time.

2nd Run
Went back 2 days later after farming 4 additional pumps (still had 2 left from 1st wet run) We started our 2nd run as a dry run.


Same strat as above. Easy as pie. Finished @11min (due to starting as dry run, we went thru CS's, actual mammet time on my stopwatch was 7m50s)


Still being dry run, we were just planning on using RR and food. We took Omega to 27% without any items/2hours/meds and then we wiped. Since we were doing so well, we decided to change dry run to wet run. RR'd and buffed, and engaged omega with a starting CCB due to his low life. WAR 2hr'd with mighty strikes, and it was over just after the first CCB wore. ( I acutually didnt realize he was almost dead and used my CCB pump as he died...doh)


PLD engaged from spawn point with voke, and WAR still had 2 hour up so ate an I Wing and rampaged. Had hate control issues for a min but our PLD got it under control. Everything thereafter was extremely easy. RDM's paralyze proc'd a ton, which made battle go smooth. @30% we started using our 2 hours, and were a bit late on our first CCB pump so we had to eat an equalizer. Each melee died at one point or another except pld (eva build ftw) but RR'd and ultima was dead with 37 min clear time (damn that opening CS) Battle was a little tough as whm as were alot of status effects, but overall only had to eat one pro-ether the entire time.

So much for the airship, onto bigger and better things ^^ Grats to Broken Chains on Unicorn.
Airship is no match for us!
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So this is only my second time going through Airship, The first time we owned it with a good set up, but this story is about the not so good set up.


Not the best set up by far, many people will swear that SMN is no good, and I am sure that is true for the most part, but this BC gave us no issues.

Each person grabbed a mammet for that part, except the WHM. These things are no problem even should one or two get into mage mode, we smashed through them pretty fast. My rampages hit for 1100+ and I was in some pretty gimpy gear (Tungi, Wise Wizard, Rajas, Pallas, Bastok Sub) Just whatever I had laying around.

Once that was over we had about 38 minutes to go, so it took about 4 min max from the first voke(42 min). We had the SMN hastega and earthen ward before entering. Like I said, quick work, just make sure you help the next guy out when yours is dead and you'll be good.

Omega is easy, just a pain, especially with everyone with /NIN. Keep infront of him next to the tank or he'll spam target analysis which tears through shadows, guided missles only takes about 2 shadows so if that's the case, bring up utsusemi: ichi again, even if you have one shadow left. If the timer isn't up, it might be better to run to the mages side and wait for a second before continuing, even though you're not doing some damage, you're saving yourself the trouble of wasting MP. I grabbed too much hate once and it spelled bad for me, I went down and soon after he was killing another. When the last two were alive I told them to wipe fast so we could get started, no use standing up trying to live because you're just prolonging the death and not doing any damage. Raise up when he's back to the center. Make sure you all have signet; It is very important that you eat food, re-utsusemi, use re-raise items again, THEN sit down. do not get up for anything until everyone is full. This saves time. It's actually better if the mages don't stand up and cure. Once we were ready we had the main tank voke it back to the corner and brought him to his knees.

Utlima is worked the same way, no more, no less. He can be tanked the same way, just does different moves, and he takes a lot less time to kill.

We got Ultima down to 10% on dry run before wiping. On dry run we wiped @Omega42%(28 min left) @Omega10%(23 min left) @Ultima10% (3 min left). On dry run we only used re-raise items and food. Nothing else.

The 'wet' run we wiped to Omega@45%(30min left) got up and CCB@40% then another CCB20%, Omega Dead(17min left). We wiped on Ultima@42%(12 min left) and Used CCB 40% then CCB20%. Both WAR 2HR'd at 20%(wasn't needed) and SMN did at 40% for quick damage. We won with 5 min to spare.
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First off setup is as follows...

NIN/WAR (me)

Have no problems with mammets, they're {Too weak.}

Omega we usually rough up just going straight at him. Use 2 pumps, 1 at about 30%, one when that wears. Normally we can take it down in that time with minimal deaths.

Ultima is the pain in the ***. Our last fight went very well...we straight up fought him down to about 15% when the DRK (next in line for pump use) went down and missed his pump, so I got nailed with an Antimatter for 600-something and went down. MNK did her best taking it down to about 10%ish. Here's where things get screwy.

We are keeping a backup plan if time's running out and it's almost dead. Our BLM and I will both get back up, rest to full w/ weakness, BLM eats a pie for MP, and casts burst. When burst goes off, I Mijin Gakure. That worked wonders on our last fight. We did about 1k damage combined and took about 5%+ off Ultima's life, leaving another 5% or so. We decided to go again, only having the RDM cast Blizzard II and the WHM casting holy along with the BLM casting burst to try to take it down the rest of the way. They get up, get MP, the BLM and RDM cast their respective spells at just about the same time but do ZERO DAMAGE right before we time out.

I know omega has a magic shield move (Discharge iirc) but I had no idea that spells could land for 0 on ultima. Does anyone have any idea why our spells hit for 0 with no magic shield up?
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Your problem is that BLM died while weakened. Double weakened = really weak player.
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I'm not sure about the whole "double weakness" thing, but even were it true, then why would our RDM's and WHM's spells *both* land for 0 on top of our BLM's?

It's a moot issue though. We ended up going 1/4 on it.

EDIT: Asked in my LS about the double weakness thing, and they confirmed it. Guess even though someone's played for a long time, there's still more and more to learn, eh? lol

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I hate this mission, I really do...
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OK, Im 0/4 on this mission now, and Im really starting to hate it...

1st attempt:

Simply enough, no whm for stona, easy to see why that failed.

Replaced the RDM with WHM
Went well, used super tank method for mammets, pulled 2 at a time, easy peasy.
Wiped on omega @ 26%, RR'd, got unweakened, and killed, no problem.
Ultima... First we had no dispel, so it has def+ the entire fight. Did well for most of the fight, used pumps starting at 50%. Then it happened...the antimatter/equalizer spam, tank went down hard, the rest of us followed, wiped at 15% ; ;

3rd: We shoulda won this on

Went very, very well, did super tank on mammets, no problems, barrage and sidewinder were decimating them.

I (RNG) 2hr'd @ 40% doing sidewinder, barrage, ees, sidewinder. Pld used his right after that, so did SMN, after that COR used 2hr so we got all ours back (So we thought) During that time though, pile pitch went off, hate got retarded and somehow pld died, but it was @ 7% at this point, we kept at it, SMN died, I almost did, but only SMN and PLD die, didnt even wipe.

Ultima: I hate Ultima, openly and without regret.

After PLD and SMN became un weakened and got fully healed we went after this turdburgler. Used pumps @ 50% going good, I used mine after that. Now things get crappy... I use my 2hr again, PLD is para'd, but uses his, but all his hate and def abilities were ate by para. We yell use pump, our SMN was the only one with one, she doesnt use it...We wipe. We figure we can RR and kill it, SMN was supposed to have 2hr...well...the SMN moved out of our area when COR 2hrd and she didnt get it...Ultima was @ 5%... We try anyways, weakened...2x Equalizer..gameover, I smash my head on the keyboard...several times...

last fight:

IMO a great setup for this
Too weak, bard buffed me and the other rng, my sidewinders did 2kish to them
they fell really fast.

We did it this time, same way, just taking pot shots at it, SMN used BP's, no one even died. SMN 2hr'd @ 38%.

Ultima: I think a GM cheated us, let me know what yall think...
We go through the motions, at 40% me and the other rng did slugwinder, barrage, ees sidewinder, get it really low, pld 2hrs, I die...ok np we got time for a wipe. PLD dies, rng dies, whm dies, smn dies...Ultima is @ 9%...
PLD RR'd before we all wiped, and for some reason, Ultima didnt agro him, perfect! We get up, wait for PLD to get full HP and MP, we were a little low on time, so we just said ***** it, well do it weakened, just as long as the pld is good...That is where the anger inside of me almost exploded. SMN brings out shiva, PLD vokes, Shiva uses Double Slap and Blizzard 3 or whatever. Down to 4%
here is where everything was bullcrap. PLD got 3 shotted, Antimatter > Equalizer > antimatter game over 1500hp in 3 attacks... Our intention was to get up, and me and the rng barrage and do as much DD as possible...guess what...barrage missed...both of them...AND SO DID EVERY ONE OF OUR RANGED ATTACKS!!! Screwed up part, the second I unweaken...They start hitting again...I get hate, die, so does other rng, whm follows, SMN pulls out carby and prays...carby gets owned...SMN dies we wipe @ 1%...

RNG's Own this BCNM, they dont take dmg unless they get hate, 2hr is great, great DoT.
WHM is a must!!!
need BRD, COR, BLU or RDM for dispel on Ultima.
Save your pumps for ultima, use four on it, 50%, 40%, 20% 10% 10% is a must, he goes crazy then.
Wait till everyone is unweakened before trying a final hurrah, for some unknown reason me and the other rng could not hit it for the life of us, we didnt have a problem before that...
This mission is hard...very hard, bring meds, and PUMPS ARE A MUST!

Sorry this was soooo long, Im just in a horriblt moob after wiping to ultima @1%...cause both barrages missed cause for some reason, us being weakened actually mattered for the first time ever...
I hate this mission, I really do...
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Ranged Accuracy when weakened is a joke, thats why you missed a lot, double weakened = dont even try. So yeah...thats why you whiffed a lot after Death.
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When I'm bad they never forget
Screw this mission
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Well after a few runs, our group finally beat Omega after wiping at about 40%. We raised and killed him fairly easily after that. Then we get to Ultima. I (pld tank) die on a fluke and we decide to wipe and reraise again. Ultima has about 30% at this point. We raise, whm 2hrs, we go for it with 2hrs blazing. It gets down to 5% and we start to drop. It was less than 1% for a while and then time ran out. Now I want to scream.
Much relief..
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Finally won this BC with my static. Our setup was:

Ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, Dark Knight, Summoner, and Ranger.

After trying several runs with a Paladin tank, I must say that our Ninja could do this mission a lot better, just because of the nature of this BC - the Paladin was a good tank, but after 10 minutes of the WHM and SMN spam curing him, he sucked our MP dry. In an endurance fight, our NIN was key.

The other part of the strategy that worked well was having the RNG stand far away from the NIN and DRK, and straight up ranged attack it the whole time. The strong AOEs that Omega used would only hit 1 or 2 people at a time - helped out the healers a ton.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere - **do NOT stand directly behind Omega**!! It kicks with its back legs and does some serious damage.. didn't find this out until we saw our DRK's HP drop in seconds. Have melee stand at the side of Omega, but never behind. Oh, and his "throat stab" move that takes 90% of your HP can easily be avoided by having the tank turn off auto-lock while fighting, and being ready to run backwards a few steps when the tank sees it being used. It only takes 1 or 2 steps, as i found out as SMN when we were wiping the first time - I avoided 2 of these moves completely by accident :)

Around 30% HP, I used Shiva's Astral Flow on Ultima - that took out a good 10% of his HP. Didn't even have time to use a second AF because we killed him so fast. What really helped was that every person in the party brought Polymer pumps; I highly recommend everyone taking the time to farm these, they helped a ton. We used 2 on Omega and saved 4 for Ultima.

Good luck everyone!! I hope you have as much fun winning this as we did :)
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Finally got this after 4 days and 10 runs.
2 complete wipes (1 planned, 1 unplanned) before CCB use on 2 weapons and still ended up with 40 mins 59 sec on timer.
Good job Savok, Xajan, Xeroh, Dolamike, and Radelife! Spartan Bullets ftw
Just so happy this is over. ^^
Finally won airship
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Well, to start, I would like to say that if you are naked or gimp, you will have issues. This should be common sense, but a lot of people have given up on this fight and have moved on to pimp out their gear. Second of all, people that win without meds and without preparation are the exception. Expect to spend a large bit of gil for every run that you do. This will be lessened if you have a static and you farm chips for your 6 CCB. If your party is good, you should be able to get past mammets without one death. Then as you continue, you should be able to beat Omega with at least one person alive. This gives you a chance to raise up, wait and med/buff back up between ships. I've gone on many runs where we only needed one pump for Omega 15%. If you can pull it off, save most of your pumps for Ultima.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to magic shield and physical shield. Understanding the hula hoop going up and down to indicate it is another thing that takes a while for your party to get used to, especially if someone is new to the fight. Do a few dry runs so that you will be able to beat the mammets without meds, 2hrs, or anyone wiping.

There is a certain spot for the whm to stand (or whoever your curing magic guru is). It is located right about the middle of the ship, perhaps a little bit more towards the door. The idea is that you need to be able to have your cure reach the kiter, yet you need to be as far away possible so that you are not within aoe. I've met many mages that thought getting nailed by aoe was cool. (yo, sarcasm if u missed it) It is not. It drains valuable mp that is needed for a (sometimes long) fight. Your speed of mammet kills will be determined on the following:
A) Your overall ability to DD as a party. If you can't kill mammets quickly and work as a team, you have a serious bit of work on your hands.
B) How many times mammets change into blms. 2/5 blms is easy to handle, even 3/5 if 2 are kited and 1 is the one that you are fighting. However 3 on the kiting tank and more will mean that you have less chances of surviving aga unless you do the (each man tank his own) method that is somewhat difficult to pull off due to low mage skills (i've rarely met a mage that I was impressed with...)as well as a higher bit of coordination (pickup parties are notoriously hated for how hard it is for strangers to want to do what the leader says is necessary for win; or even if they do, doing it with far less enthusiasm) etc. Point being that if the whm stands in the right spot, you will have better chances of your mp pool lasting that much longer.

For this fight, you really only get one full wipe as far as time goes. Most likely you will wipe under omega's 30%, or even 40% if you are unlucky and he unleashes early. Therefore, make a straight line of sight between just in front of the door you enter into (with omega on the opposite side) The tanks/melee hug the wall on the right, with the mages on the left (or vice versa if you prefer), and the tank drags out the omega to that spot. If you make sure no one runs around and everyone stays in their spot, even when they die, you will be able to pull a very easy reraise from your wipe. Otherwise, you will have some silly goof try to reraise five inches from omega's nose and he will aggro and kill that person, thus ending your run. Be smart and die in a safe spot. I thought we had all learned this lesson by now in PM's but apparently not, for I would not have failed on so many occasions if we had wiped correctly like this. Remember to keep it a straight line of sight as close to the door as possible so that you can cure straight across without getting the 'Shannonrunner cannot see the tank' message. Don't make my mistakes.

Omega "Switch"
"Switch". Here is a technique that has the possibility of being a great help to you not wiping. On omega ship, you will have enough space available so that you can keep mages on one side and tanks on the other. There really is no need to go diagonally as some suggest since you are outside of aoe just going side to side at where u get dumped into when u start. However, sometimes without enmity- merits and the right enmity- gear, you can pull hate. Blm can pull hate with spells, Sam/rng and Rng with WS, etc. Therefore, here is a 'switch' technique to help you out. First of all, your peep has already gotten hate, so if he moves, Omega will move. Just make him stand there and take the brunt of it until the 'switch' is over. Your first line of offense (and if you are lucky..) is voke. Sometimes Omega will just go right back over to the correct tanking spot and outside aoe. Then there is no worries. However, if that voke clearly isnt working (and you dont have another war/nin to assist u), then you can call "SWITCH" to your party and then have the tanks and melee come over to the mage side, and the mages switch over to the tank/melee side. What this does is that PLD especially has enmity+ gear that he/she wears. Hitting the mob with enmity+ will turn the mob away from that person is standing there being attacked and onto the tank. After he sees omega turn, he is able to again run over to the correct side of switch.

Omega Cnt'd
I've done this fight maybe (30+? times) and I've begun to realize that Omega only goes nuts at the last 30 % of health. Save one pump for 30, another for 15%, and even maybe another one for 5%. Using a pump before 30% seems like a waste of time. Watch out for magical shield. At that point, you need to have a pump in motion and one person (melee) 2hr. Hundred fisted monk will make this last 10 percent a cakewalk if that monk can stay alive during it.

So you are pumped because you finally made it to Ultima, and you still have people alive to try to finish off the thing with time to spare. Raise up and fight Ultima to 50% Watch out for poison, paralyze, stona, and all the status. Get every melee to make a macro for each along with a <call>. It makes 100% difference for your whm that is dedicated to making that happen. Upon 50%, Ultima just goes nuts. There is this repeated stun that happens to your nin tank. Everyone heralds the nin tank, but the pld during Ultima can just stand there and take it like a man when he is stunned, he doesnt need shadows to negate more dmg. He might want to use sentinel right before if he can catch it in the log, however..Point is that you need to keep erase on the tank at all times. Every time it comes back up on the timer, spam it out there to the tank.

Ultima gets just down right cheatworthy at about 10% You better hope that you have all your 2hrs saved for 50% and below Ultima (except maybe one person used a 2hr on Omega to finish him off) or you will have a very hard time pumping out enough dmg before Ultima sits on you...forever. Spams missles, statuses, and attacks as if it is doing 100fists of the variety of these things in a row. Here is where a blm will come in handly and I will explain jobs in a sec. Just make sure you have a pump for that last 10% so you can save yourself at least a small bit of grief. Ultima will still be pounding out regular attacks at a great fierce speed.

I'm not trying to be a jobist, and I don't care what jobs really go if you are able to get a win. Perhaps you have the ingenuity, skill, and patience to see your drg, pup, or thf pwn omega/ultima. That is a great and noble deed for which I commend you. However, if you are looking to see what kind of things you will need in your party, let me classify by person.

Person#1: TANK
PLD or NIN. Either one will work great provided they have the gear and skill to work with your team. Personally, I would prefer a SH+1 NIN. That is how I won, but an nq sh nin is only slightly less (and perhaps the +1's difference is negligible if they have not geared up for the possible 70+ evasion you can wear on this fight) PLD has more hate gear, more abilities that are really nice like sentinel and invincible to totally negate dmg, plus voke and flash are two forms of hate that do not cost money. If you PLD is a pure mp sink, then (A) he probably doesnt have shield merits and/or other useful merits, and (B) he probably doesnt have pure evasion 70++ setup, and maybe even (C) he isn't using food (hehe). Nin has :NI by this point for fast casting shadows. In the end, it is gear and skill that make a difference, not the job. Heck, even a PLD/NIN with crazy enmity gear could pull off a win if they had the skill.

Person #2 CURE
SMN or RDM. Preferrably RDM for convert and refresh's sake, this person will primarily just main cure the party during the whole event. This job is far easier if they can cast cures without their hands ever falling to their sides (I call this 'chaincasting' even without the RDM's chainspell 2hr, because you are chaining cure after cure after cure) RDM fast cast is a huge asset as well for a chance to cut out spell casting time. This job will be made far easier if they take Vile Elixir, Vile+1, and Pro ether or pro ether+1 along with an ether tank. If you use vile for omega, vile+1 for ultima, pro ether for emergency use at Ultima's 10%, and ethers for always when u run out of mp, you should be ok to keeping everyone at white health most of the time. There really is no need to conserve mp on omega. Go all out and cure as fast as you can to get the party into white, then rest mp. Then get up and do it again. Standing around mages in this fight is entirely unacceptable. You must be doing SOMETHING, or your are a waste to your party. I do not know how many of my losses were simply because my mages ran out of mp, did not bring meds, and would not rest mp once they saw that the party was in the white for health. It does not take that incredibly long to get up to cure, but make sure other jobs can cover that tank that gets pile pitched. Which leads me to 3

WHM. Whm in this fight should be entirely a status remover job. Only whm gets stona. Having two people cure and do all sorts of things gets confusing. Having the RDM main cure and the WHM do status is a godsend for clarifying pt roles in the party and making it more efficient to create actions when they are needed. Again, for this purpose, the melee create Stona, Paralyna, and stun/erase macros so that the whm can see that sound in party and instantly react.

Asking for a miracle, find a good whm. I am not saying every whm is bad. However, I have yet to meet many skilled whms, or even just fast whms. Speed of your mages casting spells is probably the 100% most important factor in this fight, along with appropriate meds to refill mp. (a nonsucky tank being a second most factor) If I commonly see whms wait till i'm in red mp as my pld as if I was a nin, or haste me first in the cycle as if I was a nin; and even some whms that let me just straight die because they suck (they had a full mp tank...) then it's hard to have faith in many whms. Take someone with you that you know they will have 0 mp in the sidebar once the pt wipes, and do not take the mage that has 300mp+ after you wipe (unless they just used a med seconds ago)

Person #4 THE STUN
BLM DRK BLU RNG(stun bullet) You will want 2 stunners if possible. My run had alternating stuns of blm and drk, and you would not believe how much easier that made things go. Obviously, they had not perfected their techniques of being exactly timed apart or it would have been even that much easier. One stun is acceptable, 2 is awesome. Blu stun is ok, but the real deal of blm and drk is great.

Person #5 THE DD
You will want a melee near the omega/ultima if only to semi tank for a little bit so the tank can recast shadows. War makes a great job for this for voke and /nin purposes, as well as the fact that war can main tank the mammets while the nin runs around and kites the rest. Drk is great for stun. Monk will finish off omega pretty fast after magical shield goes up. Hauby+1 makes 100% of a difference in this fight, provided the rest of their gear is at least decent.

If you can, stack some of your party with ranged attack DD. These jobs allow you to deal damage while not taking dmg. A bit awkward for a ranged DD to ws. First of all, you have to be within distance to ws. If you are not, you will all of you tp uselessly. Second of all, sometimes, being within range of ws usually is dangerously close to aoe area. It IS possible to ranged ws without being within aoe range, but that takes a bit of skill...Again, I would like to point that asking for skill in a pickup pt is risky. Watch the hate of the tank for ws if you still want to 'skill ws'. You can rip hate and end up moving the mob within mage aoe if you are uncareful of when you ws. It is better to ws at 300tp when tank has good hate than to blindly spam at every 100tp. Also, wait a good 30 seconds or so at start before you ws for tank to get hate. Never ws too soon on the very start of ultima or omega or you will be one crispy ffxi player. Ultimately, your choice to ws is your choice. Ranged DD is still a valuable tool (especially with spartan bullets) at the full distance and only regular attacks.

Person #7 THE BUFF
Bring brd or cor so that you are able to buff some mp and evasion into your party. Cor can massively DD as much as rng almost by subbing /rng or (as I did) sub /whm to use that refresh to help heal the party. Brd can double mambo a 70+ evasion'd nin (if they have bought the appropriate gear for the fight) for almost no hits from the mammets when u kite. Cor can 2hr to reset 2hrs at after 50% ultima. Brd can 2hr soul voice at that ultima 10% to help get that last ounce of dmg put out there. Either way, both jobs have a lot to offer a party.

Personally, after doing this so many times, I would take RDM/whm WHM/smn (always), sh+1 NIN or PLD (either if they had gear and skill), BLM (blm does 1k weakened, can't knock that, does distance dmg so they rarely take dmg and always deal it if they are good and know how to control dmg and have enmity- merits and gear, etc) hauby+1 drk, and RNG (for stun + ranged dmg) or BRD. A good cor i would easily take, but that being said, its far easier to be a good rng or brd than a good cor, sooooo......


Show patience for doing many runs
Erecia says that omega tends to spam one move constantly. This means that some of your runs he will spam homing missiles and it will be basically impossible to win. On the other hand, he might spam the attributes drainer, and you could have a cakewalk. Sometimes, the mammets will all be blms and aga the party to death. Other times, they won't even transmorgifry (or w/e spelling) and you will waltz over them. In any case, go with a set of persons that you know will be with you for the long run. If so, you will all learn quickly and beat this mission. If you go pickup like I did, you will have to get very lucky (1/30+ is definitely some gamble of luck there for me) in order to win. As well, each of your pickup members might learn what you know of the fight and win with another group. Can't stress the importance enough of getting people you trust to at least help you afterwards every time you go on a run.

I'll edit more into here if I feel like it and if i forgot something.
EDIT: Added the risk/benefit analysis of ranged ws's.
EDIT: Added the importance of getting a static or at least people that will help you after they win if they are so impatient to not static with you.
EDIT: Added the notice that whm is the highest priority job in this fight, good whm = win; bad whm = horrific loss. Second most important being the tank, and same idea: good tank = win; bad tank = horrific loss. Even mediocre DD and backup cures can deal enough dmg in 45 minutes for a win if there is a really good tank and whm.

PS. Sorry this is long, but after you lose say 15 times in a row, I'm sure you'll be glad to have something, ANYTHING to think about to help your win chances. This is where this (very long) guide will come in handy. If you go in and win 1/1, you'll just want the basics in a short condensed version. But after a few loss, you'll want some more explanation. I hope this helps! :P

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Finally won airship
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I would take RDM/whm WHM/smn (always), sh+1 NIN

it's a fallacy to think that +2 evasion will make any kind of difference.

+3 evasion skill on the other hand, say from an evasion earring, is a different matter.

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We went with:


6 Pumps (used 4 I think)
No meds
Normal food, yag drinks, icarus wing for the RNG (I think)
Reraise (if you wipe you won't have time to raise everyone)

Did a dry run so people could get a feel for things. Didn't use any meds or pumps, etc. Wiped on omega at about 30% I think, and exited. Went back in for a second run. Everyone in the party had a pump, although I think we only ended up using four, two for both ultima and omega.

For the mammets, the PLD went in and agroed all of them into the corner, and then the SAM voked them off one at a time. PLD wore all evasion gear for this part and the SAM tanked them fine. BLM was pretty helpful for when they did transmogrify so we could keep killing at a good pace. Finished them off pretty easily and went onto the next fight. Didn't use any yellow liquids.

Omega went pretty well, used two pumps on him I think. Melee kept to one side of the ship and mages at the other to avoid any aoe. BLM and RDM tier IIed and occasionally tier III nuked and back-up healed, but made sure to keep hate on the tank. Wasn't really a problem with a PLD though, even nuking at about 90%. I can't remember for sure but I don't think anyone died.

Ended up wiping to Ultima at about 30%. Rested to full (make sure you die by the door), used another pump and took him out. Finished with only 3 minutes to spare I think but got it done none the less. The SAM and RDM 2 houred but I don't think anyone else needed to.

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Over-Rated "Zero Deaths and No 2hr"
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My SP beat this 1/2 with the party setup:
Nin, Nin, Brd, Rdm, Blm, Smn.

1st Run Failed.
Used the Super Tank Method on Mammets. (easy)
Used CCB Polymer on Omega at 60% and 25%. (easy)
Used CCB Polymer on Ultima at 60% and 25%.
But when Ultima got to 7% it started going crazy, and hate was everywhere.
Everyone that died reraised right away and did whatever they can.
We wiped at 1% HP.

2nd Run Won. - Zero Deaths and Zero 2hr's used.
1. Used the Super Tank Method on Mammets. (easy)
Mages stood in the corner for 2x Ballad
1st Nin stand in the middle and pull 1 NM at a time.
2nd Super-Tank Nin ran circles around the 1st Nin, that way Brd can hit both with 2x Mambo.

2. Used CCB Polymer on Omega at 60% and 25%. (easy)
Fight like Normal. Petrify really wasn't a problem because it didn't last long.

3. Used CCB Polymer on Ultima at 60%, 25%, and 10%. (easy)
We got to Ultima with 25 minutes left on timer.
Fight like normal.
After Ultima uses Antimatter(ignores Utsusemi), the Nin's drop down to Red 200HP.
We have Blm Stun after that move, then Rdm and Smn Cure 3 the Nin's.

Our 1st fight was easy, but we died to Ultima at the end because we was short on CCB Polymer.
It makes a big difference when it's used.

Our 2nd fight was easy, zero deaths and no 2hr used.

Nin x2 = Tank and DD
Brd = Mambo Nin, Ballad Mages, Elegy, and Finale
Rdm = Refresh, Haste, Debuff, and Heal
Blm = Main Nuker, Stun, and Bio
Smn = Main Healer, Avatar Buff, and Blood Pact

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