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Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Balakaf (I - 5)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Light Cluster
Light Crystal
Title Obtained:Scenic Snapshotter
Items Granted:Imperial Gold Piece
Imperial Silver Piece
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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Take pictures with Balakaf's "image recorder" at the places he specifies.

In-Game Text


Balakaf requests a picture of certain scenery and gives you an "Image Recorder". You must pay strict attention to the descriptions he gives of his memories in order to capture the correct photo.

Picture 1

Your first shot is in Wajaom Woodlands. Balakaf requests a picture of a volcano he once saw while he was on an adventure when he was a youngster. Head to the cliff in (F-6) and at that point you will see a ???. Wait until the weather is foggy and trade a Light Crystal to the ??? when the volcano erupts.

In order for this to work it must be foggy and the volcano must have erupted (lava on both sides of the slopes of the volcano). After taken, it will tell you to choose from 3 different snapshots. Choose the first picture or the one with the best view of the volcano. Go back to Balakaf and hand it in and receive an Imperial Silver Piece. He will have more shots for you to take in, but you will have to wait until the next day (Earth time) to get instructions on the next shot.

Picture 2

The next shot is in Arrapago Reef. He would like a picture of Lovers' Rocks in snowy weather. The ??? is at (G-8) on the first map. Trade a Light Crystal to the ??? during Ice weather. Choose a snapshot and take it back to Balakaf. He will tell you it looks too dark, but will reward you with an Imperial Silver Piece anyway. Come back one Earth day later to try again.

Head back to the same spot but this time take a Light Cluster with you. During Ice weather, trade the cluster to the ??? and take another snapshot. Take this one back to Balakaf and he will give you another Imperial Silver Piece. You must take both shots to proceed to the next one.

Picture 3

Location: Arrapago Reef F8 - G8 Condition: Ice Weather

Same place and condition as #2. When you return picture #2 to the old man he'll say it's crap and ask for another one. This time you need to use a Light Cluster.

Trade Light Cluster and choose Scene #2

Picture 4

Location: Mount Zhayolm C9 Condition: No weather, after 16:00

I don't know what the ending time is, but I got my pic at exactly 16:00. I could see the sun above and there was no Earth storm. Getting there is the hard part for this one, need to go through the Gates of Halvung at J7, then zone to Halvung at G7. In Halvung, cross the bridge and take the first exit on the other side, should take you to E6 in Mount Zhayolm, out on the little Island. Now you can walk around and get to the ???.

Trade Light Crystal and choose Scene #3

Picture 5

Location: Halvung, first map (I-8) Condition: 3:00 - 6:00

Zone to Halvung from Bhaflau Thickets at F8. Easy path from here to the ???. It is located on a bridge over a river of magma, and is camped by 2 Friar's Lanterns (bombs). If you cross the bridge and head north to the end, there is a spot there that the boms never come close to, so you can hide there to wait for time.

Trade Light Crystal and choose Scene #1

Picture 6

Location: Aydeewa Subterrane (G-10) Condition: Wind weather

Zone in from Wajaom Woodlands D9 or E8. From either of those entrances make your way SW to a large room with ruins. This is the same place where you do the quest for the Aydeewa map. Took me 5 hours to get wind this time. All around the ??? are tigers and fleas, aggro to sight. However, there is a spot to the NW of the ??? where you can stand without aggro. It's right up against the wall, directly beneath a blue bug on the wall, slightly raised ground.

Trade Light Cluster and choose Scene #3

Picture 7

Location: Mamook (E-8) Condition: Morning 7:00-???

This is in the last open area before the zone to Bhaflau Thickets; the way to the XP camp. It's down below, on a slight raised area on the north wall of the lower area. The mobs didn't come too close when I was there, but I got it so fast that I didn't have time to monitor their movement patterns. Just find a spot close by for easy recasting if you have to wait, then drop down and hit it fast at 7:00+

Trade Light Crystal and choose Scene #3

Picture 8

Location: Caederva Mire (E-10) Condition: Night 20:00-???

Exit Nashmau from the West exit. Go west a bit and then north, and you'll come into an open area with a graveyard and imps + qiqirn. The ??? is very close, and the mobs around it do not aggro so this one is easy.

Trade Light Cluster and choose Scene #1

Once all 8 pictures are done, go back to Balakaf and he will say something about losing an amount of gold during his travels. Go back to each of the ??? and click on them. At a random location, you will find an Imperial Gold piece. I got mine in Halvung, a friend got it in Arrapago Reef. Go back and trade the gold piece to the old man for some closure. You will get the gold piece back.


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Ice weather, where are you?
# Jul 17 2007 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
147 posts
I'll admit I've been working so I can't just sit here, but I have yet to see Ice weather for the first picture. I've been here for a few days straight, checking off and on for an hour or two at a time. Probably at least 10hours in. This blows. Anyone know who often the weather can change and if Iceday makes Ice weather more likely?
Ice Ice Baby
# Feb 21 2007 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
4 hours so far waiting for this damn weather...missed the new beseiged.
Ice Ice Baby
# Mar 04 2007 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts
Ice has taken literally half a day for my first run. Waiting for my
cluster one now.. it's really annoying as there's no NPC to check the zone.

Would like to point out you can see the weather you want for the Wajoam one in
Aht Urghan Whitegate, The conditions you want look totally different between night and day. Visit FFXIclopedia and Kool-aid linkshell to see the difference.

Found some screenshots comparing the weather for the Wajoam Woodlands picture from Aht Urghan and at the site itself:


Edited, Mar 5th 2007 2:49am by Khakster

Edited, Apr 23rd 2007 3:00am by Khakster

Edited, Apr 23rd 2007 3:01am by Khakster
# Feb 07 2007 at 3:06 PM Rating: Decent
Is this something you can do solo? and if you can, what level do you need? thanks for any response.
# Mar 04 2007 at 10:18 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts
I'm in the process of soloing this.. doesn't seem to be any special requirements though it is rough to get through some areas.
Beginning of guide is wrong
# Oct 28 2006 at 11:20 AM Rating: Good
800 posts
I sent in this guide, but the beginning of it is not mine, and is a bit confusing. The first 2 pictures should look like this:

Picture #1
Location: Wajaom Woodlands E6 - F6
Condition: No Wind, Volcano smoking only (no eruption), Heavy clouds.
Sometimes I noticed that for a few seconds after Wind died down, it looked like there were heavy clouds but they would disperse immediately. This is not the correct condition. Once you see the heavy clouds you'll know, they cover the complete sky, looks like a thunderstorm brewing.
Trade light Crystal and choose Scene #1

Picture #2
Location: Arrapago Reef F8 - G8
Condition: Ice Weather
You need a Lamia Fang Key to access this one. Conditions are much simpler than first one. However, Ice weather can be difficult to find. When I did this picture, I found Ice weather within an hour, but for picture #3 it took me 8 hours.
Trade Light Crystal and choose Scene #2
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