ISNM - Tough Nut to Crack  

Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Shajaf (F-8)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Navukgo Execution Chamber
Related Mobs:Watch Wamoura
Min Level:1
Max Level:60
Items Required:Confidential Imperial Order
Items Granted:Adaman Ore
Agility Potion
Busker's Earring
Chocobo Egg (A Little Warm)
Dark Spirit Pact
Dexterity Potion
Glass Sheet
Gobniu's Ring
Homunculus Nerves
Iyo Scale
Light Spirit Pact
Pirate's Cape
Platinum Ore
Scroll of Aero IV
Scroll of Flare
Scroll of Flood
Scroll of Tornado
Scroll: Carnage Elegy
Scroll: Maiden's Virelai
Strength Potion
Strike Subligar
Vitality Potion
Wamoura Cocoon
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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In-Game Text


The fight is a level 60 cap, with up to 6 members allowed in. Like any ISNM, the first member's Orders are destroyed, but the other's remain intact for further use.

As far as strategies, here are the hard facts: There is one Watch Wamoura. He must be defeated to win. The Wamoura will be in one of two positions throughout the fight: open or closed. He starts closed and takes almost 0 damage from physical and magical attacks.

Chi Blast always does 0 damage when closed, and he has permanent Blaze Spikes (about 100-120 damage with no Fire resistance or weakness).

Open, he has normal resistance to physical damage, but may take lowered damage from hand to hand attacks. He is weak to Ice spells.

Closed he moves slowly and has normal hate levels. He is easily kited.

Open, he moves very quickly, but can be Gravitied. When open, hate does not matter. He will head toward someone and frequently change targets before he gets there.

Hate is not technically reset, as he remembers hate levels for when he is closed (making kiting more difficult the longer the fight goes).

Bind works very well no matter what position he is in.

He will switch between the two if enough time passes (about 1 minute, 20 seconds to open), or if he takes enough damage (about 800 points to close).

He has 4 TP moves, and appears to have TP Regen (frequently uses a TP move shortly after engaging, when only Gravity and Provoke had been used). Cannonball is single target, high damage. ??? is a directional AoE with low damage and Burn effect (-20 HP/tick). ??? is AoE Blind and low damage. ??? is self defense boost. It was said that the defense boost is +50% defense.

He is susceptible to Dispel.

And, my opinions:

I find a Manaburn/Chiburn set up to be most effective. BLM, RDM, SMN can all do great damage. Any job with Provoke can kite well, but MNK has the added bonus of Chi Blast, which can do upwards of 800 damage when fully boosted (55+31 MND at the time).

WHM can Erase his strong Burn, but it will fail if the target is too far away (as will all his TP moves), so just keep out of reach.

Keep DoT spells up.

A RDM, SMN, and MNK could trio this, but it would take quite a while. Adding more and stronger magic damage will speed up the process. 8 minutes is a decent time, since little damage can be done while he is closed.

Submitted by Lecan


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# Jul 25 2008 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
592 posts
Incredibly easy ISNM to duo as RDM/BLM and SCH/RDM. Basically, toss on DoTs while it's curled up in a ball (poison, bio, frost, rasp and drown) and toss aspir where needed. At this point, I (the RDM) have hate and begin running back up the ramp while the SCH gravities it (easier to kite) and positions himself behind it.

After probably a 60-90 seconds or so, he'll uncurl and run at insanely fast speed (practically permaflee). He switches targets often though; he'll usually run to me for half a second or so then run to my ally for half a second or so, then return to me. You can probably stay within casting range of each other and let the wamoura run back and forth between you guys, but I have observed him getting awfully close to one of us at times. Also, slapping gravity on this sucker helps greatly, since he switches targets after a bit of time, not after he travels a certain distance. This means we could close in the space between ourselves.

While he's uncurled, we went nuts. When he's curled up, he takes 0-20 DMG from all nukes and such, so this is a good time to pop DoTs. While he's curled up, I usually have hate (from DoTs), but since MP is rarely an issue with me, my ally can safely rest while I hold it off a bit.

A few things to note:
-He hits hard, at around 200-250 DMG a pop to each of us. Blink is much more valuable than stoneskin in this fight.

-Vitriolic shower induces a powerful burn (20 or 30HP/tick). Erase is immediately if possible. If not, toss on stoneskin, but it won't last too long (both stoneskin and the burn effect). It'll probably last for about 2 stoneskins. This TP move also has a decent charge time, so if your distance is kept between you and it, you can easily outrun this TP move.

-It may just be me, but the wamoura seems to have some form of regain while curled up. I've seen it use a TP move after only applying a few DoTs.

-While uncurled, TP moves aren't an issue. The only damaging one I saw (forgot the name, but it induces Blind) only does about 150-200 DMG.

-Aspir works really well in either form; we both would consistently absorb 70-90 MP per shot, with the rare resist. While uncurled, my Blizzard IIs would hit for just under 200DMG a pop, which is about 2%-4% of the monster's HP. Nukes were rarely resisted for me, and I'm assuming the same for my partner.

-30 minutes is plenty of time. In fact, during a run, I messed up and ended up dieing. My ally also died in the process. Forgetting to time the fight, we were kind of worried about how much time we had left, so we tried to DoT it when it regenerated to about 60% HP (so it wouldn't regenerate to full). We ended up dieing again. We then raised, rested and took him on again and defeated him from 100%. While I did use chainspell, we walked out with a good 5 minutes to spare. On the topic of time, our fastest run is about 8 minutes, so a pretty easy and fast fight.

Good luck to anyone trying this BC!
Too Easy Manaburn
# Mar 26 2007 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
This ISNM is probably the easiest one i've done... the only hard part would be getting there...

Typical Setup: BLM x4 BRD RDM.

Enter and buff. RDM gravity/bind/poison/bio the wam. BRD ice threnody wam and ballad the mages. In this time, BLM separate themselves around the BCNM and wait. While waiting, cast freeze, if the wam has not extended itself, interrupt yourself by moving around or /sit or /heal. Wam is also aspirable, a feature not existent in other wams. It is imperative mages keep blink (and stoneskin if possible) and keep hp in the WHITE... Vitrolic Shower has a small AoE range but WILL bring you down if hp is not white. When the wam is entended, cast Freeze( if just extended). if the wam has extended and some time has passed, have the BLMs cast blizzaga II. Have BLMs keep nuking wam when extended and should be easy win.

so far i am 6/6 with a few deaths since ppl forgot to cure themselves/always stood next to wam when it did vitriolic shower.

in my 6 runs i have seen 2 Strike subligar drop (one was mine)
spells that drop were Aero4 (1), Tornado(1), Madiens Virelai(1), Light Pact (2)

guaranteed Egg and wam cocoon.
ive seen the ores and potions drop on all 6 of mine but iono if they are guaranteed.

good luck on this ISNM... too easy
A Good Strat
# Dec 01 2006 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
Been doing this ISNM for awhile now, trying to get Strike Subligar. Finally got them last night. Setup we found best was NIN, BLM/NIN x3, RDM, and then either WHM or BRD. Not too hard to take him down. Just hafta work out how to do it. We found that having the ninja hold it while it's curled works best, not meleeing, just holding. BLM rest when it's curled. As soon as it goes uncurled, it's hateless. Will run around attacking random ppl. Have your RDM cast bind on it. Think we've only had bind resist maybe 2/15 runs. While it's bound, have your 3 BLMs cast either Burst or Quake on a set time. Best if they all hit at once or there's a possibility that it will curl before one hits and will hit for 0 damage. Watch Wamoura does this horrid AOE move, Vitriolic Shower. Does 200-300dmg and has a horrid burn effect that's 20-30hp a tick. Hence the WHM. If no WHM readily available, it can get kinda hairy, but is still possible to do. Vitriolic Shower IS stunnable if one of your BLM's have enough mp to stay up and watch for it tho. Takes about 10mins or so to do this way. Anyways, hope this helps for anyone doing this ISNM. Oh, and btw, drop rate on Strike Subligar sucks bad. ; ;
# Nov 29 2006 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
458 posts
Because of this guys "wild" mode, where he seems to bounce hate to anyone, and runs extremely fast, we decided a dedicated tank is garbage, what we did was have 3RNg, BRD, RDM, SMN.

SMN kep fenrir on it while it was in its fast mode, and released him when it curled up. When he is curled up, almost all dmg will do 0, but he walks slow so its easy to kite.

Our set up looked like this:


We found he would bounce back and forth, and most of the time never even hit us! It takes awhile but you are able to shoot him down. Pretty much any job that can do dmg from a distance would be usable here, but if you need to mele you're going to have problems


Edited, Nov 29th 2006 10:25am by retardattict
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