Salvage Set - Skadi's Armor  

Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Ghanraam (K - 10)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Bloodwood Lumber
Freya's Gloves
Freya's Jerkin
Freya's Ledelsens
Freya's Mask
Freya's Trousers
Freyr's Gloves
Freyr's Jerkin
Freyr's Ledelsens
Freyr's Mask
Freyr's Trousers
Imperial Gold Piece
Imperial Wootz Ingot
Marid Leather
Njord's Gloves
Njord's Jerkin
Njord's Ledelsens
Njord's Mask
Njord's Trousers
Orichalcum Ingot
Wamoura Cloth
Items Granted:Skadi's Bazubands
Skadi's Chausses
Skadi's Cuirie
Skadi's Jambeaux
Skadi's Visor
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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Ghanraam at (K-10) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate is looking for exquisite pieces of relic armor found within the remnants of several Aht Urhgan areas. He is willing to re-forge any armor pieces that you recover from these areas. Bring him the appropriate materials and he will provide you with the refurbished piece of armor.

The Rare/EX items can be found within Salvage. The Skadi set is wearable by the Beastmaster, Corsair, Ranger and Thief jobs only.

A complete set provides the following bonuses:

  • Defense +116
  • STR +8
  • DEX +12
  • VIT +3
  • AGI +17
  • CHR +8
  • Accuracy +19
  • Attack +26
  • Ranged Accuracy +19
  • Ranged Attack +26
  • Evasion -15
  • "Store TP" +7
  • Haste +5%
  • Increases movement speed

Set: Increases rate of critical hits

Required Materials

Skadi's Visor

To obtain the Skadi's Visor, collect and trade the following items to Ghanraam.

Skadi's Cuirie

To obtain the Skadi's Cuirie, collect and trade the following items to Ghanraam.

Skadi's Bazubands

To obtain the Skadi's Bazubands, collect and trade the following items to Ghanraam.

Skadi's Chausses

To obtain the Skadi's Chausses, collect and trade the following items to Ghanraam.

Skadi's Jambeaux

To obtain the Skadi's Jambeaux, collect and trade the following items to Ghanraam.

Fashion Shots

The complete Skadi's armor set on females:

The complete Skadi's armor set on males:

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# Apr 23 2007 at 1:34 PM Rating: Default
WTF SE all the great thf gear i have is purple Blau/dusk legs/dusk gloves/Mis+1/Pln. Karuhzaband/Heca everything wtf now this


not to mention you give war/drk/pld/drg the hawtest gear ever??? Our stuff is kinda well thats good i guess i mean thi spiece has this and that piece has that. Aries set is a ZAMG i dont care how hard it is to get. While Skadi is kidding like yeah thats cool but i dont want to go through all tha trouble.


# Apr 05 2007 at 5:35 AM Rating: Decent
WOW is all you can say to that set.
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